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  • Title: Overview List
    Descriptive info: All Classes.. Packages.. opendap.. dap.. functions.. parser.. Server.. test.. XMLparser.. util.. geturl.. gui..

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  • Title: All Classes
    Descriptive info: AbstractClause.. Alias.. Attribute.. AttributeBadValueException.. AttributeExistsException.. AttributeTable.. BadSemanticsException.. BaseType.. BaseTypeFactory.. BaseTypePrimitiveVector.. BooleanPrimitiveVector.. BoolFunction.. BoolFunctionClause.. BTFunction.. BTFunctionClause.. BytePrimitiveVector.. CEEvaluator.. Clause.. ClauseFactory.. ClientIO.. DAP2Exception.. DAP2ServerSideException.. dap_test.. DapParser.. Lexer.. DArray.. DArrayDimension.. DAS.. DASException.. DASParser.. dasTools.. DataDDS.. DataReadException.. DByte.. DConnect.. DConnect2.. DConstructor.. DDS.. DDSException.. DDSParser.. DDSXMLParser.. ddxTest.. Debug.. DefaultFactory.. DereferenceClause.. DFloat32.. DFloat64.. DGrid.. Diff.. DInt16.. DInt32.. DList.. DSequence.. DString.. DStructure.. DUInt16.. DUInt32.. DURL.. DVector.. error_box.. ErrorParser.. EscapeStrings..  ...   HeaderInputStream.. iniFile.. Int16PrimitiveVector.. Int32PrimitiveVector.. InvalidOperatorException.. InvalidParameterException.. InvalidSwitch.. Length.. Log.. MalformedAliasException.. msg_box.. NoSuchAttributeException.. NoSuchFunctionException.. NoSuchTypeException.. NoSuchVariableException.. OClist.. Operator.. OptSwitch.. ParseException.. PrimitiveVector.. RegExpException.. RelOpClause.. RelOps.. SBHException.. SDArray.. SDByte.. SDFloat32.. SDFloat64.. SDGrid.. SDInt16.. SDInt32.. SDList.. SDSequence.. SDString.. SDStructure.. SDUInt16.. SDUInt32.. SDURL.. ServerArrayMethods.. ServerDDS.. ServerMethods.. ServerSideFunction.. ServerVersion.. SimpleCharStream.. SortedTable.. SSFunctionException.. StatusUI.. StatusWindow.. SubClause.. TestDConnect2.. Token.. TokenMgrError.. Tools.. TopLevelClause.. UInt16PrimitiveVector.. UInt32PrimitiveVector.. UnresolvedAliasException.. ValueClause.. Version.. warning_box.. WrongTypeException.. XmlTest..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions - Server Issues | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: ›.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Server Issues.. Frequently Asked Questions - Server Issues.. How do I test my DODS server(s)?.. There are several ways to test a DODS server.. One of the simplest ways is to use any web browser to look at a dataset.. For a description of how to do this, see our.. description of how to access DODS data with a browser.. You can also test out a server by using the 'geturl' tool.. It should be in your $DODS_ROOT/bin directory.. To use 'geturl', give it the -d, -a, or -D option and the URL of your dataset.. For instance,.. geturl -d.. http://test.. opendap.. org/dap/data/nc/fnoc1.. nc.. Yet another way to test and debug a server is to directly connect to the HTTP server.. Thus bypassing *all* interpretation of the return data stream, both from the DAP and the libcurl (HTTP) library.. Here's the procedure.. Type the following, making the substitutions for the server/URL you want to debug:.. telnet host with server 80 (assuming the server is running on port 80, substitute the correct port otherwise).. GET URL fragment following the hostname HTTP/1.. 1.. Host: hostname.. blank line.. Following the blank line you will see the response from the server, including the response headers.. What's going on here? This technique uses telnet to communicate with the HTTP daemon.. The '80' causes telnet to use port 80 (the port normally used for HTTP).. The first line instructs the HTTP daemon that it should GET the named document (the path used for the second argument is relative to the server's DocumentRoot) and use HTTP/1.. Following the GET line there are one or more HTTP/1.. 1 headers which supply additional information to the server.. HTTP/1.. 1 only.. requires.. that the Host: header be present.. There are other request headers you can use.. Consult the HTTP/1.. 1 specification.. Here is an example.. The matching URL is.. http://dodsdev.. gso.. uri.. edu/dods-test/nph-dods/data/nc/fnoc1.. dds.. [jimg@comet jimg]$ telnet dodsdev.. edu 80 Trying 198.. 116.. 10.. 229.. Connected to dodsdev.. edu.. Escape character is '^]'.. GET /dods-test/nph-dods/data/nc/fnoc1.. dds HTTP/1.. 1 Host: dodsdev.. edu HTTP/1.. 0 200 OK XDODS-Server: DAP/3.. 4.. 2 Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 17:01:59 GMT Last-Modified: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 22:49:39 GMT Content-type: text/plain Content-Description: dods_dds Dataset { Int16 u[time_a = 16][lat = 17][lon = 21]; Int16 v[time_a = 16][lat = 17][lon = 21]; Float32 lat[lat = 17]; Float32 lon[lon = 21]; Float32 time[time = 16]; } fnoc1.. nc; Connection closed by foreign host.. A few things to think about if your server isn't working:.. Check the permissions on your CGI scripts.. They must have execute permission.. If you are using a FreeForm server, see the question.. Why can't I get my FF server to serve my data?.. How do I find the version of the server I m talking to?.. Append `.. ver' to a DODS URL.. Or you can use `version' as the dataset name to get the version of a server without knowing any of the data file names.. returns an XML document that describes the server's software components and their versions in addition to the DAP protocol versions supported by the server.. Older servers return a plain text document with less information.. How do I configure a secure (i.. , password protected) server?.. See our web page.. About Data Security.. page.. How can I determine the usage statistics for my OPeNDAP Server once it is installed?.. OPeNDAP server software resides on the same computer (in general) as the data being served.. The OPeNDAP server will use some lower-level web server software (e.. g.. , Apache Server or Tomcat) to make the actual connection to the Internet.. Most web server software creates and maintains a log file of all the incoming (http, e.. ) requests, and some indication of the success and/or failure mode of the response.. The log files are often in a standardized form but are individually configurable by the system administrator.. Most sites that are interested in the usage of their OPeNDAP server(s) have developed scripts they run, typically once per month, to derive "metrics" of the usage of their server.. These "metrics" might include: number of hits, number of successful hits, number of repeat users, and volume of data delivered.. A few details for Linux or unix machines running an Apache web server.. A typical place to look for the web server logs is.. /usr/local/apache/logs.. but the actual location depends on how and where the server was installed.. Check with your system administrator for the specifics on your machine.. You can find more information on Apache's server software at.. http://www.. apache.. org.. , including more information on log files.. There are also freeware log analysis packages available that could be useful.. For instance, you can check out Analog  ...   computer, type 'which gzip' in a shell.. Why can t I get my FF server to serve my data?.. Here are a few suggestions for troubleshooting your FF server:.. 1) First, test that your format files are defined properly and that it fits your data files by running.. chkform.. on them.. You can also check that your data is being interpreted as you desire by running.. newform.. Both.. and.. are FreeForm tools that come with the DODS FreeForm Server distributions.. (They should be located in the bin/ directory of your distribution.. ).. So that.. can display your data, you will need an 'ASCII_output_data' section in your format description file.. Like this:.. ASCII_input_data "test".. Time 1 10 double 4.. Test 12 33 enote 20.. ASCII_output_data "test".. Test 12 33 enote 16.. 2) If you are serving ASCII data, pay attention to the whitespace in your data files.. FreeForm will gag if whitespace extends beyond the line length determined by the format description.. For instance, if the format descriptor fits.. '34.. 523 1.. 45'.. FF will give an error on.. 45 '.. There needs to be whitespace filler if the data in a line doesn't cover the entire format.. For instance, if the format descriptor fits this data.. 456 234.. 456'.. FF will die on this data.. but will not die on.. The enote type doesn't seem to work quite like that.. For instance, if the format fits.. 456 2.. 34e-2'.. FF will die on.. 3e-2 '.. What is the status of the Matlab OPeNDAP Server?.. As of September 2003.. The Matlab OPeNDAP Server was written when Matlab 4 was current.. The server supports all of the data types Matlab supported at the time.. The server was never updated to handle the newer data types (structures and cell arrays, e.. ) because there was no demand for that capability.. So, when the current server encounters variables of the newer types in a file, it chokes.. The level of interest in adding these capabilities is currently unclear.. If anyone is actively interested in these capabilities, please let us know at.. support@unidata.. ucar.. The best way to move forward with this activity would be to find a champion for the Matlab server who can drive the development effort.. We can provide them with as much help as they need, although experience with C++ would be required.. If no one comes forward we can add it to our schedule but we're booked pretty tight for the next six months.. If you know of someone who might be interested in working to expand the capabilities of the Matlab server, please have them contact us at.. My aggregation server sits behind a firewall.. When I start it I get a message that the catalog is not valid.. When I start my Aggregation Server, I get the following:.. DEBUG: AggServer: CatalogServlet copy /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat/webapps/thredds/initialContent/dodsC/ to /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat-4.. 27-LE-jdk14/content/thredds/dodsC/ (04-04-19 10:57:08 ) DEBUG: AggServer: catalog config /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat-4.. 27-LE-jdk14/content/thredds/dodsC/catalogConfig.. xml is not valid (04-04-19 10:57:09 ).. From: Tony Jolibois tjolibois at cls.. fr.. The error didn't come from the catalog itself, but from the network configuration of my computer.. In the configuration catalog of the AS server, there are some http URLs:.. !DOCTYPE catalog SYSTEM "http://www.. unidata.. edu/projects/THREDDS/xml/AggServerCatalog.. dtd" catalog name="MERCATOR DODS Aggregation Server Catalog" version="0.. 6" xmlns="http://www.. edu/thredds" xmlns:xlink="http://www.. w3.. org/1999/xlink".. My environment was this: I have a firewall, and my computer was not open to Internet, so it could not connect to the two sites.. I tested the local copy of.. AggServerCatalog.. dtd.. InvCatalog.. 0.. 6.. but it didn't work.. After opening the connection to these two URLs at the firewall, all works fine now.. Conclusion: if your computer cannot connect to these sites, you won't be able to run an Aggregating server.. Thanks Tony for tracking this down and providing this FAQ!.. My server doesn t return the ASCII or HTML responses, but all the others (DAS,.. , Info) work fine.. The ASCII and HTML responses are generated by accessing the server using the URL (a future version of the server may use a different design; this is true for version 3.. 4 and may be true for some later versions).. If you are serving data behind a firewall which uses NAT for address traslation, the DNS lookup for the host name can fail.. Greg Miller from the USGS tracked down this problem and came up with a solution:.. I am behind a firewall that uses NAT translation, so if it was relying on DNS to find the address, it would fail.. I checked my host file and discovered that Red Hat maps the server name into the loopback address and not the IP address of the ethernet interface.. I corrected the host file, and everything works fine.. Thanks Greg!..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions - Build and Install | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: Build and Install.. Frequently Asked Questions - Build and Install.. How do I build DODS?.. See our.. Build Procedures?.. web page.. How do I link my application to the netCDF Client Library?.. If your application accesses netCDF data through the standard netCDF library, it should be fairly straight forward to relink it with the OPeNDAP enabled netCDF library.. First off, you will need some OPeNDAP libraries: the third-party-packages libraries; the OPeNDAP core (DAP) libraries; and the OPeNDAP netCDF library (see the.. Note.. below for some comments on library and compiler compatibilities).. Second, you need to link your application with these libraries.. This should involve adding several library flags to your normal compiling/linking commands.. In particular:.. Instead of '-I/usr/local/netcdf/include' use the results of ncdap-config --cflags.. Instead of '-L/usr/local/netcdf/lib' and '-lnetcdf' use the results of ncdap-config --libs.. OPeNDAP libnc-dap 3.. 7.. 4 release.. g++ -c -o sample.. o `ncdap-config --cflags` sample.. c.. g++ -g -o sample sample.. o `ncdap-config --libs`.. Note:.. We have found that using our pre-built binary versions of the libraries for relinking with your application can be problematic.. The reason is that the compiler used to compile your application must match the compiler used to build the OPeNDAP libraries (often the version of compiler is important, too).. For this reason, we generally suggest that you build the OPeNDAP libraries from source using the compiler you use to build your application.. We are using the GNU compilers (GCC 4.. 1 as of 22 Jul 2009).. So, if you are using the same compiler and would like to try linking with our pre-built binaries, please.. let us know.. if you successfully link to our binary releases.. How do I link my Fortran program to the netCDF Client Library?.. There are several possible ways to link your Fortran program with the DODS netCDF library.. The libraries you must specify in the linking step depend on how you compile and link your program.. If linking with g++, you must specify '-lg2c' to make sure you link with the GNU Fortran libraries.. For example,.. g77 -g -c `ncdap-config --fflags` sample.. f.. o `ncdap-config --flibs`.. If you link with g77, use '-lstdc++' to include the C++ library.. If you link with gcc, use '-lstdc++ -lg2c', to link with both the C++ and Fortran libraries.. (You can compile your program with gcc, g++, or g77.. If you are not using the GNU Fortran compiler, you will more than likely have to build the DODS netCDF library yourself.. Also, if you link with g++, you will need to specify the libraries specific to your Fortran compiler.. On the other hand, if you link with your Fortran compiler, you will need to specify the GNU C++ library, i.. , '-lstdc++'.. To build the DODS netCDF library yourself, please take a look at the FAQ ".. How do I build the netCDF Fortran jackets?.. " and look for suggestions on building for your compiler (be sure to look in the non-DODS netCDF.. INSTALL.. file).. As you may have guessed, we stick with the GNU compilers when building our binary releases, generally  ...   environment setups successfully used for a variety of platform/compiler combinations.. Below are the settings we have used with the DODS netCDF client library.. If you need to build it for a different compiler, take a look at the INSTALL file mentioned above.. If you have success with other Fortran compilers, please.. so we can list it here.. GNU Fortran.. Also good when using f2c (or fort77 on Linux).. NAG f90.. FC=f90.. CPPFLAGS=-DNAGf90Fortran.. Now for linking your Fortran code to these libraries, see our FAQ ".. How do I link my Fortran program to the DODS netCDF library?.. ".. How do I build the netCDF Client Library on Mac OS/X ?.. As is standard practice for OS/X, I replaced etc/config.. guess and config.. sub with /usr/libexec/config.. guess and /usr/libexec/config.. sub.. This allows configure to correctly identify the platform as powerpc-apple-darwin5.. 5.. I believe that the latest versions of autoconf come with config.. guess/.. sub files that handle OS/X properly so this should be easy to fix.. The gcc version test in the dap and nc3 configure scripts fails for Apple's modified gcc, because "gcc -v" gives the following output: Reading specs from /usr/libexec/gcc/darwin/ppc/2.. 2/specs Apple Computer, Inc.. version gcc-934.. 3, based on gcc version 2.. 2 19991024 (release) The regexp gets stuck on the ".. " in "Inc.. ", and GCC_VER ends up set to: Apple Computer, I.. 2 19991024 (release) My quick fix for this was to comment out the error message in the case statement and instead set GCC_VER = `gcc --version`, which gives the following output: 2.. 2 I am not knowledgeable enough with autoconf to say how the test should be modified to be portable though.. I commented out the definition of HAVE_APPKIT_APPKIT_H in include/w3c-libwww/wwwconf.. h.. I have no idea why or what this is used for.. I will investigate further if you don't know either.. I commented out line 974 of util.. cc: xdf_destroy(xdr); The compiler was giving a "wrong number of arguments" error".. I couldn't figure it out so I just commented out the line.. I expect this introduced a memory leak so I we will have to figure out a better solution.. ".. Since I was working with the 3.. 2.. 1 release and not the current SVN sources, I commented out various references to libdap++-gui in the dap and nc3/ncdump makefiles.. I had to run ranlib on lib/libwww.. a.. There was a file called "__.. SYMDEF SORTED" which looks like it was supposed to be the symbol table for libwww sitting in the lib/ directory, so perhaps the ranlib command line didn't work quite right the first time.. At this point libdap++.. a and libnc-dods.. a both built successfully.. The linker reported unresolved symbols for add_connect(NCConnect), del_connect(NCConnect), and a few other members of the Connections template.. According to some messages on the web, there are template instantiation bugs in Apple's gcc, and the best fix they had found was to include the instantation as a separate object file.. So I added ".. /inst.. o" to the link line for dncdump and lo and behold, it worked..

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  • Title: OPeNDAP | OPeNDAP
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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions - Platforms & Portability | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: Platforms Portability.. Frequently Asked Questions - Platforms Portability.. What does DODS run on?.. DODS Supported Platforms.. Is DODS available for Windows 95/98 or Windows NT?.. Yes, we have ported several of the DODS clients to Windows and they are available as a beta release.. Please take a look at our.. Windows Port.. What are the issues involved in building and running DODS on SGI?.. See the.. notes on SGI issues.. How do I build the Matlab server and client on SGI?.. To build the Matlab server, your entire DODS build (actually, just dap, packages, and ml-dods) must be in the same architecture as the Matlab libraries (o32/mips2 or 64/mips4).. We haven't yet succeeded at building all of DODS in either of these architectures.. Here are our main problems:.. currently, gcc does not support o32 and.. we've run into some trouble linking 64 bit objects (problem with linker  ...   fail.. Because loaddods.. mex* is the only piece of the Matlab client that links to the Matlab libraries and it does not link to the DODS libraries, it can be built in the architecture of the Matlab libraries even though the rest of DODS is not.. To build loaddods as either o32/mips2 or 64/mips4:.. Note: gcc does not support '-mabi=o32' but will build '-mabi=64'.. However, SGIs cc supports both '-o32' and '-64'.. edit Makefile.. if using cc, add '-o32' or '-64' to CFLAGS;.. if using gcc, add '-mabi=64' to CFLAGS;.. remove '-gstab' from CFLAGS; and.. change CC to 'cc' or leave as 'gcc';.. make sure LDFLAGS points to the correct Matlab library (in case you have both architectures installed on your machine).. remove (or rename) loaddods.. o, variable.. o, queue.. o, extend.. o, error.. o, MLVars.. o (new as of 3.. 4), and process_values.. x);.. run '$MAKE loaddods'..

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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-3.4/binary/sparc-sun-solaris2.6
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-3.. 4/binary/sparc-sun-solaris2.. Name.. Last modified.. Size.. Description.. Parent Directory.. -.. DODS-client-tools-3.. 7-sparc-sun-solaris2.. tar.. gz.. 23-May-2008 16:21.. 669K.. DODS-dap-library-3.. 2.. 5M.. DODS-ff-server-3.. 2-sparc-sun-solaris2.. 4M.. DODS-hdf-server-3.. 810K.. DODS-jg-server-3.. 1.. 6M.. DODS-ml-server-3.. 1M.. DODS-nc-client-3.. 6-sparc-sun-solaris2.. DODS-nc-library-3.. 936K.. DODS-nc-server-3.. DODS-packages-3.. 3-sparc-sun-solaris2.. 9M.. DODS-server-tools-3.. 8M.. Apache/2.. 3 (CentOS) Server at opendap.. org Port 80..

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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-3.4/binary/i686-pc-linuxRH7.3
    Descriptive info: 4/binary/i686-pc-linuxRH7.. 3.. 7-i686-pc-linux-gnu.. 2M.. 3.. 2-i686-pc-linux-gnu.. 4.. 7M.. 3M.. DODS-ml-cmdln-3.. 3-i686-pc-linux-gnu.. DODS-ml-structs-3.. 6-i686-pc-linux-gnu.. 0M..

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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-3.4/binary/i686-pc-linuxRH8.0
    Descriptive info: 4/binary/i686-pc-linuxRH8.. 23-May-2008 16:22.. 1-i686-pc-linux-gnu.. 899K..

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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-3.4/binary/i686-pc-linuxRH9.0
    Descriptive info: 4/binary/i686-pc-linuxRH9.. 5-i686-pc-linux-gnu.. 578K.. 688K.. 964K.. 889K..

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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-3.4/binary/alphaev5-dec-osf4.0f
    Descriptive info: 4/binary/alphaev5-dec-osf4.. 0f..

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