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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-3.4/binary/mips-sgi-irix6.5n32-mips3
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-3.. 4/binary/mips-sgi-irix6.. 5n32-mips3.. Name.. Last modified.. Size.. Description.. Parent Directory.. -.. DODS-client-tools-3.. 4.. 7-mips-sgi-irix6.. 5.. tar.. gz.. 23-May-2008 16:22.. 1.. 3M.. DODS-dap-library-3.. 906K.. DODS-ff-server-3.. 2-mips-sgi-irix6.. 3.. 9M.. DODS-hdf-server-3.. 6M.. DODS-jg-server-3.. 4.. 0M.. DODS-ml-cmdln-3.. 3-mips-sgi-irix6.. 2.. DODS-ml-server-3.. DODS-nc-client-3.. 6-mips-sgi-irix6.. DODS-nc-library-3.. 252K.. DODS-nc-server-3.. 1M.. DODS-packages-3.. 5M.. DODS-server-tools-3.. Apache/2.. 2.. 3 (CentOS) Server at opendap.. org Port 80..

    Original link path: /pub/dods/DODS-3.4/binary/mips-sgi-irix6.5n32-mips3/
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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-3.4/win32
    Descriptive info: 4/win32.. DODSwin32All.. zip.. 23-May-2008 16:23.. 93M.. DodsW32.. exe.. 13M..

    Original link path: /pub/dods/DODS-3.4/win32/
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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions - Client Issues | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: ›.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Client Issues.. Frequently Asked Questions - Client Issues.. The Matlab GUI can t find writeval.. Make sure your DODS_ROOT environment variable is set properly.. It should points towards the DODS top level directory.. For instance, if you expanded the DODS binary release tar file in  ...   GUI from within the $DODS_ROOT/bin/matlab-gui directory, make sure PATH includes the current working directory (i.. , '.. ').. The Matlab GUI can t find inputdlg.. m.. If you get a message in Matlab that the function/file 'inputdlg' cannot be found, go to $DODS_ROOT/bin/matlab-gui/ and copy inputdlg.. tpl to inputdlg..

    Original link path: /faq/12
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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions - API | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: API.. Frequently Asked Questions - API.. What APIs are available for developing OPeNDAP servers?.. The OPeNDAP C++ implementation contains a DAP API/library and CGI dispatch framework.. The OPeNDAP Java implementation contains a DAP API and servlet framework.. The GrADS DODS Server (GDS) includes a Java servlet framework for developing OPeNDAP servers.. What APIs are available for developing OPeNDAP clients?.. The  ...   The OPeNDAP Java implementations DAP API can be used to develop OPeNDAP clients.. The OPeNDAP C++ implementations netCDF client library is an OPeNDAP enabled version of the netCDF interface.. The Unidata netCDF Java library is OPeNDAP enabled "out of the box" and includes OPeNDAP specific extensions for dealing with OPeNDAP data types that don't fit in the netCDF data model..

    Original link path: /faq/13
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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions - Problems & Bugs | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: Problems Bugs.. Frequently Asked Questions - Problems Bugs.. The URLs for all the datasets I serve stopped working when I upgraded my server software to 3.. What is going on and how do I fix the broken URLs?.. OR.. What is the problem?.. As of DODS (C++) version 3.. 2, the DODS servers are accessed through "nph-dods" instead of "nph-nc", "nph-hdf", etc.. (For more details on why this change was made, see.. below.. ) This means that, once a pre-3.. 2 server is upgraded to 3.. 2, all the old DODS URLs no longer work.. That is, unless there is a fix put in place.. Some Possible Fixes.. copy nph-dods to old locations, e.. g.. , 'cp nph-dods nph-nc'.. symbolic links, e.. , 'ln -s.. /nph-dods nph-nc'.. if using apache server, add some ScriptAlias directives to the configuation of web server.. E.. , currently, you probably have a line in your configuration file like: 'ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/'.. Add another line something like 'ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/dods/nph-nc /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/dods/nph-dods'.. Support in the install scripts (i.. , 'installServers').. The 'installServers' script will make copies of nph-dods in the old locations if the installer desires.. It isn't pretty but it will do for a temporary solution.. Once version 3.. 3 comes out, the install scripts will stop supporting this behavior.. Copying nph-dods (or any of the solutions mentioned above) will still work; it is only the install scripts that will stop supporting these patches.. Recommendation.. We recommend that all server sites that are upgrading from pre-3.. 2 servers use one of the above mentioned patches (while planning on dropping support for the old form of URLs at some point in the future).. NOTE this doesn't apply to new servers just starting with DODS 3.. 2.. When DODS 3.. 3 comes out, its server installation scripts will no longer support these patches.. So, we recommend that server sites use 3.. 3  ...   the CGI script "nph-dods" automatically (with the help of a dods.. ini file) routes requests to the appropriate server software.. It seems that something has changed about the handling of deflate in vesion 3.. 4, which is preventing my client from reading station data off the GDS.. Using geturl, a 3.. 2 client can read compressed responses from both 3.. 2 and 3.. 4 client can read compressed responses from 3.. 4 but not 3.. Uncompressed responses work without any problems.. The problem is that 3.. 2 servers return garbled compressed responses.. The 3.. 2 clients, due to a separate problem, don't ever ask a server for a compressed response, so the problem with the responses didn't show up.. When a 3.. 2 server sends a compressed response, the compressed body winds up preceding the response headers.. This results in a response that is too garbled for libcurl to understand.. The fix for the 3.. 2 servers (introduced in 3.. 0) is to call flush() after the headers, but before the body data, are written.. Why the problem exists: I think this problem shows up because compression is handled by having the body data filtered through a sub-process.. The headers are written to a FILE* and then the output of the sub-process is tied to that same FILE*.. However, it may be that by using dup2() what is actually happening is that two FILE* are accessing oe underlying file descriptor.. By using a flush() call we can synchronize the two writes; without it the xdr calls seem to write data that 'wins the race' (maybe because they are calling flush()?).. What to do about reading from the 3.. 2 servers?.. 1) Compression is off by default; warn users about the problem.. Tell them how to ask a server its version.. 2) Encourage people to upgrade their servers.. Explain that a bug will prevent optimal use..

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  • Title: jimg | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: jimg.. › jimg.. View.. Track.. Type.. Post.. Author.. Replies.. Last updated.. Workshops presentation.. 0.. 1 day 16 hours ago.. 3 weeks 5 days ago.. Blog entry.. Matlab 2012a Includes OPeNDAP Support.. 11 weeks 4 days ago.. Story.. 12 weeks 2 days ago.. Page.. The DAP++ SDK.. 14 weeks 4 days ago.. 14 weeks 5 days ago.. The OPeNDAP IDL Client.. 15 weeks 6 days ago.. OPeNDAP in the Cloud.. 28 weeks 4 days ago.. 8 release.. 30 weeks 2 days ago.. netCDF Client Library.. 37 weeks 2 days ago.. All Software.. Extending OPeNDAP to Offer Remapping Services.. 37 weeks 5 days ago..  ...   days ago.. How do I checkout code from subversion?.. 42 weeks 2 days ago.. About Software Downloads.. How do I undelete a file?.. How do you know which version number to use when undeleting?.. How do I make a new project under /trunk?.. Available OPeNDAP Client Software.. 45 weeks 1 day ago.. OPeNDAP Current and Future Directions.. 45 weeks 3 days ago.. Using OPeNDAP Clients - eResearch 2011 1/2 day workshop.. 46 weeks 5 days ago.. Java-DAP2: A pure Java implementation of the DAP2 Protocol.. 1 year 17 weeks ago.. OPULS Town Hall meeting.. 1 year 24 weeks ago.. next ›.. last »..

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  • Title: jimg's blog | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › My blog.. jimg's blog.. 8.. 3 - A major rewrite of the HDF5 handler.. Thu, 06/14/2012 - 14:20 —.. Release 1.. 3 of Hyrax is for the HDF5 handler rewrite.. The HDF Group, under a grant from NASA, have completed a major rewrite of the HDF5 handler for Hyrax.. The new software no longer uses compile-time switches; instead it now uses a small set of run-time options.. This means one binary distribution is all anyone needs and everyone can experiment with the new features.. In short, the new features enable the software to read many more HDF5 files than before and to render them as CF-compliant data.. 8 1.. 3 HDF5.. Read more.. Matlab command update.. Thu, 05/31/2012 - 12:35 —.. We have released an updated version of the.. loaddap.. command.. This update fixes a few problems with recent versions of Matlab and includes tests that work without an extra, third-party, testing framework.. Go to.. to get the new release or.. download.. to see all of our software downloads.. 2 Update.. Fri, 03/02/2012 - 16:28 —.. We have pushed out an update for the Hyrax 1.. 8 release with fixes for the front end component of the server.. All you need  ...   1.. 2 library with OPeNDAP support turned on! This means that any OPeNDAP-served dataset that can be read with common netcdf applications (Panoply, Ferret, GrADS, IDV, ) can now be read using Matlab.. HDF5 handler 1.. 1 Released.. Wed, 02/01/2012 - 13:57 —.. I have released a bug fix update for the HDF5 Handler.. This update includes fixes for the new H5.. IgnoreUnknowTypes option and some (rare) uses of the varying length string type.. 0.. Fixing broken URLs.. Thu, 09/08/2011 - 11:28 —.. Since moving from the old web site to this one we often get messages from people that say link X is now broken.. In almost all cases link X looks like.. www.. opendap.. org/someplace/page.. html.. and you ve probably noticed that Drupal pages don t end in.. For example, I got a message that.. org/download/hyrax.. was broken.. The fix for this is to alias the broken URL to the correct Drupal node.. Making an alias.. Additions to the Drupal site.. Tue, 07/19/2011 - 16:16 —.. I've made a number of additions to the web site, particularly by adding modules that provide custom behavior.. At the same time, I'd like to try using a blog to document the new features..

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  • Title: pwest | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: pwest.. › pwest.. Requested Page Not Found.. 35 weeks 5 days ago.. Access Denied.. Patrick s Sandbox.. 3 years 13 weeks ago..

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  • Title: pwest's blog | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: pwest's blog.. has not created any blog entries..

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  • Title: BES Software | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › BES Software.. BES Software.. BES is a high-performance back-end server software framework that allows data providers more flexibility in providing end users views of their data.. The current OPeNDAP data objects (DAS, DDS, and DataDDS) are still supported, but now data providers can add new data views, provide new functionality, and new features to their end users through the BES modular design.. Providers can add new data handlers, new data objects/views, the ability to define views with constraints and aggregation, the ability to add reporting mechanisms, initialization hooks, and more.. OPeNDAP provides the tools to build these new modules that can then be dynamically loaded into the BES.. As an example, the.. CedarWEB.. project at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) provides four new data views (info, tab, flat, and stream), authentication, a reporting class to keep track of user data access, MySQL database access of file information (data containers), and more.. OPeNDAP also has available ready to load modules for netcdf, cdf, fits, freeform, hdf4, hdf5 and jgofs.. Only a few of these are supported and/or in the current source-only release.. If you are looking for the OPeNDAP 4 Data Server (aka Hyrax) software, the.. Hyrax.. page provides a single place where each of the components of Hyrax can be downloaded and also provides information about which versions work together to properly support Hyrax's various features.. Our software distributions are signed using a public/private key pair.. See.. Public Key.. for more information.. BES Software 3.. 0 (14 Sept 2010).. Moved BES.. Catalog.. catalog.. RootDirectory parameter to.. bes.. conf.. so users have to edit only one.. conf.. file for initial configuration.. The.. files may include required module configuration files, which makes it simpler to get the server's configuration correct.. For example, if the NCML module requires the dap module, then the NCML module can include the dap module so that it gets loaded and configured first.. This change also takes care of a problem where a configuration file included multiple times was mistakenly causing an error.. Error message have been improved to be less generic and more informative.. Binaries.. Linux (x86_64).. CentOS 5.. 2 RPMs.. (gcc 4.. 1).. Linux (i386).. Source code.. tar.. ,.. gpg signature.. Required:.. libdap 3.. 11.. Contributed builds.. Contributed:.. Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here.. 4 (04 June 2010).. Fixed problem in logging where the actual command being executed wasn't being logged to the log file.. Fixed bug in BESKeys where = was adding to a definition instead of replacing.. Logging the received requests to the BESLog log file.. Was just saying [xml document].. Fixed potential bug in BES Uncompression Cache code when failure to uncompress a file and checking size of current cache.. 10.. 2 (6 April 2010).. Changed the way BES configuration is modified for the different handlers.. Before, changes were made using either a target to make (make bes-conf), or running a script (bes-x-data.. sh), or making changes directly to bes.. This is no longer the case.. The file bes.. conf will have miner modifications (administrator email address, user and group BES should run as, etc.. ) and that's it.. All module configuration will be in their own files in the etc/bes/modules directory.. The bes.. conf file will include module configurations in the directory that end in.. Any files that end with.. conf in that directory will be loaded.. This way, bes.. conf will never need to be modified after installation.. conf files that are already out there will still work.. This is the new, preferred method of configuration and we recommend that you move to this format.. Added a new besd script that can be used to run the BES at boot/reboot using chkconfig on linux systems.. Please see besd script for more information and ask your system administrator about gettig this installed in the proper location.. Added a new command to test error handling by clients.. , where x is 1-5 and represents the following: 1.. Internal Error - the error is internal to the BES Server 2.. Internal Fatal Error - error is fatal, can not continue 3.. Syntax User Error - the requester has a syntax error in request or config 4.. Forbidden Error - the requester is forbidden to see the resource 5.. Not Found Error - the resource can not be found.. Removed all old OPeNDAP CGI server 3 references and files..  ...   DMG.. ).. 3 (3 December 2007).. New feature added to the bes for the binary distributions:.. The besdaemon process now takes an option which controls where run-time files are located.. This simplifies building the RPM distributions and helps make the BES function as people expect.. Fedora Core 6 RPMs (gcc 4.. ) , PPC DMG.. 3.. 2 (14 November 2007).. This version of the BES include many bug fixes and new features:.. Processing of data file compressed using the Unix compress command (file with the '.. Z' extension) is now fully supported.. New features to support debugging modules.. Multiple catalogs are now supported.. The BES now tests the full pathname of a file to determine which handler should be used.. In the past it only used the filename's extension.. The besctl script has new options and a new script to start Hyrax (hyraxctl) is also included.. The 'hyraxctl' script will start both the BES and OLFS (and Tomcat) with one command.. 1 (21 May 2007).. This version of the BES fixes a problem where some large 32-bit floating point arrays could trigger an early end to data transmission.. Fedora Core 4 RPMs (gcc 4.. 0).. Solaris.. Solaris 5.. 8 (gcc 3.. 3).. 0 (14 May 2007).. This version of the BES fixes several security vulnerabilities.. The previous release patched these by disabling support for compressed data.. In this release we have completely reimplemented data file decompression.. The BES includes support for files compresses using gz and bz2 (support for Z - Unix compress - will be released soon).. Also included is an improved cache for the decompressed files.. If you're updating an existing copy of Hyrax, be sure to update all of your handlers since this version of the BES is not binary-compatible with older versions.. No binaries were made for this release.. 2 (3 May 2007).. This is part of the first official release of.. (aka Server4).. See the Hyrax page to download the complete data server.. This version contains bug fixes.. 1 (12 Mar 2007).. This version contains bug fixes from the beta release (version 3.. 0, below).. Mac.. 0 (12 Feb.. 2007).. This is part of the second beta release of.. This version contains bug fixes from the alpha release (version 3.. 1, below).. 1 (3 Jan 2007).. For the current alpha release, binaries will be added when they are available.. Optional (but highly recommended):.. dap-server 3.. Data Handlers.. These data handlers work with this version of the BES:.. netcdf_handler-3.. freeform_handler-3.. hdf4_handler-3.. 0 (18 Sept 2006).. This release of the BES is the second source release for use with OPeNDAP's Server4 and is a source-only alpha release.. New Features in the BES include:.. A control script (besctl) that can be used for for starting, stopping, restarting, and checking the status of the bes daemon and listener processes.. Executables are again in $prefix/bin instead of sbin and have been renamed besdaemon and beslistener.. The bescmdln is also in $prefix/bin.. Modules dynamically loaded by the bes should now be built with the -avoid-version and -module flags in LDFLAGS.. This will not put version information in the module names themselves.. All modules should be of the form xxx_module.. dap-server now has bes support for getting ascii, info, and html responses from the bes.. Check the README for both bes and dap-server for these updates.. To use these modules, simply add ascii_module, usage_module and www_module to the list of modules for bes to load.. This means that the BES now builds these responses; it is possible to build front ends for the BES that have no DAP-specific code in them!.. Modules are now named using the name from the configuration file.. The data types are also named using the name in the BES.. modules list.. For example, for the hdf4_module if you use BES.. modules=dap,cmd,h4 then the handler will handle data of type h4.. For example:.. set container values c,hdf/test01.. hdf,h4;.. BES will then look for the data handler h4 to be loaded.. Transmitter code (derived classes of BESTransmitter) only handle BESInfo objects.. For additional types of response objects, such as the OpeNDAP responses das, dds, data, etc.. developers will register functions with the different transmitters to handle those types.. See BESDapTransmit for examples.. 1 (1 July 2006, updated 20 July 2006).. This release of the BES is the first source release for use with OPeNDAP's Server4 and is a source-only alpha release..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: In this release, we greatly have enhanced the support of the access of NASA HDF-EOS2 and HDF4 products.. To take advantage of this feature, the software MUST be built using the HDF-EOS2 library and with the following configure options:.. /configure --with-hdf4=.. \ --with-hdfeos2=.. \ --prefix=.. Since some HDF4 variable paths are pretty long.. To follow COARDS conventions, build the software using:.. --enable-short-name The following NASA HDF-EOS2 products are tested with IDV and Panoply, check the Limitation section for the limitations: 1).. NASA GES DISC AIRS/MERRA/TOMS 2).. NASA LAADS/LP DAAC/NSIDC Many MODIS products 3).. NASA NSIDC AMSR_E/NISE products 4).. NASA  ...   NASA GES DISC TRMM Level 1B, Level 2B Swath TRMM Level 3 Grid 42B and 43B 2).. OBPG(Ocean Color) SeaWiFS/MODIST/MODISA/CZCS/OCTS level 2 and level 3m(l3m) 3).. Some LaRC CERES products CER_AVG_Aqua-FM3-MODIS,CER_AVG_Terra-FM1-MODIS CER_ES4_Aqua-FM3_Edition1-CV or similar ones CER_ISCCP-D2like-Day_Aqua-FM3-MODIS or similar ones CER_ISCCP-D2like-GEO_ or similar ones CER_SRBAVG3_Aqua or similar ones CER_SYN_Aqua or similar ones CER_ZAVG or similar ones There are some limitations in the current HDF-EOS2 module.. For the details of limitations and others, please read README under the directory of the HDF4 handler code.. To take advange of the above features with RPMS, one MUST use the RPMS built with EOS options..

    Original link path: /pub/source/README_hdf4_build_2010.09.01.txt
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