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  • Title: Index of /pub/binary/libnc-dap/fc8/3.7.3_i386
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/binary/libnc-dap/fc8/3.. 7.. 3_i386.. Name.. Last modified.. Size.. Description.. Parent Directory.. -.. libnc-dap-3.. 3-1.. i386.. rpm.. 08-Sep-2008 13:24.. 245K.. sig.. 65.. libnc-dap-debuginfo-3.. 921K.. libnc-dap-devel-3.. 18K.. Apache/2.. 2.. 3 (CentOS) Server at opendap.. org Port 80..

    Original link path: /pub/binary/libnc-dap/fc8/3.7.3_i386/
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  • Title: Index of /pub/binary/libnc-dap/fc8/3.7.2_i386
    Descriptive info: 2_i386.. 2-1.. 01-Aug-2008 15:11.. 244K.. 01-Aug-2008 15:12..

    Original link path: /pub/binary/libnc-dap/fc8/3.7.2_i386/
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  • Title: Index of /pub/binary/libnc-dap/fc4
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/binary/libnc-dap/fc4.. 0-1.. fc4.. 23-May-2008 16:14.. 236K.. x86_64.. 238K.. 868K.. 967K.. 278K.. 336K.. old/..

    Original link path: /pub/binary/libnc-dap/fc4/
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  • Title: Index of /pub/binary/libnc-dap/rhel3
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/binary/libnc-dap/rhel3.. 219K.. 641K.. 227K..

    Original link path: /pub/binary/libnc-dap/rhel3/
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  • Title: Index of /pub/binary/libnc-dap/irix6.5
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/binary/libnc-dap/irix6.. 5.. 6.. 0.. sgi.. irix6.. tar.. gz.. 1.. 9M.. 4.. 2M..

    Original link path: /pub/binary/libnc-dap/irix6.5/
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  • Title: Index of /pub/binary/libnc-dap/macosx
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/binary/libnc-dap/macosx.. dmg.. 3.. 1M.. 2.. 5M..

    Original link path: /pub/binary/libnc-dap/macosx/
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  • Title: Index of /pub/binary/libnc-dap/fc4/old
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/binary/libnc-dap/fc4/old.. SHA1SUM.. libnc-dap.. 235.. 2-3.. 197K.. 206K.. 212K.. 1-1.. 211K.. 217K.. 1.. 732K.. 763K.. 766K.. 844K.. 780K.. 6M.. 253K.. 256K.. 260K.. 316K..

    Original link path: /pub/binary/libnc-dap/fc4/old/
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  • Title: ndp | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › ndp.. ndp.. View.. Track.. History.. Member for.. 2 years 51 weeks.. Blog.. View recent blog entries..

    Original link path: /user/23
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  • Title: Software Developer's Workshop (BOM, October 2007) | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Software Developer s Workshop (BOM, October 2007).. Software Developer s Workshop (BOM, October 2007).. Australian Bureau of Meteorology.. Software Developer s Workshop.. Wednesday 17 October to Thursday 18 October.. This workshop will target developers and focus on building custom modules, adding support for new data formats and new service protocols to, as well as extending the server to support server-side functions and other protocols.. Developers will learn how to enable client applications to access OPeNDAP data servers using several different client libraries.. 9:00am Wednesday - Start of Software Developer s workshop.. Architecture and Design of Hyrax.. (lecture).. 10:30am Wednesday.. Extending the OLFS: Writing Custom DispatchHandlers.. 12:30pm Wednesday - Lunch.. 1:30pm Wednesday.. Examination and verification of a working Hyrax server.. (hands-on).. 2:00pm Wednesday.. Extending The BES: Commands, Response Objects, Handlers, and more.. (lecture).. New commands  ...   min.. presentation on Thursday).. 5:00pm Wednesday - Retire until Thursday morning at 9:00am.. 9:00am Thursday Start of 2nd day of workshop.. Presentations of Use-Case for developer s project.. 10:30am Thursday.. OPeNDAP development and security policies.. Logging from Hyrax modules (hands-on).. OPeNDAP client libraries for custom application design.. 12:30pm Thursday Lunch.. 1:30pm Thursday.. OPeNDAP working groups.. 2:30pm Thursday.. Development activities: (open discussion, user projects).. 5:00pm End of Software Developer s Workshop.. All attendees are asked to bring a PC laptop and will be given a Linux virtual machine.. If people want to use a Mac, they will have to be able to roll with the punches when it comes to building code in that environment.. We will provide attendees with a binder for the lecture and hands-on info.. More information about the.. OPeNDAP workshops is available..

    Original link path: /support/BOM_SDW_2007
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  • Title: System Administrator's Workshop (BOM, October 2007) | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › System Administrator s Workshop (BOM, October 2007).. System Administrator s Workshop (BOM, October 2007).. System Administrator s Workshop.. Monday 15 October to Tuesday 16 October.. This workshop targets the system administrator whose task is to setup a data service for interactive users, batch processes, and high level web services, that will access netcdf, hdf, or freeform data in a file system or SQL data in a database.. The workshop will provide them with the information they need to install and configure Hyrax along with some background on available clients so they can test their servers and give basic advice to users.. 9:00am Monday - Start of System Administrator s  ...   Lunch.. 1:30pm Monday.. Hand-on to installation and setup of Hyrax.. 2:30pm Monday.. Testing the server installation.. 3:00pm Monday.. Commonly used clients and their different characteristics.. 4:00pm Monday.. Use-Case for operational services (10 min.. presentation on Tuesday).. 5:00pm Monday - Retire until Tuesday morning at 9:00am.. Workshop dinner.. 9:00am Tuesday - start of 2nd day of workshop.. Presentations of Use-Case for operational services.. [not yet complete].. 10:30am Tuesday.. Configuration of the data handlers.. 12:30pm Tuesday - Lunch.. 1:30pm Tuesday.. Installation Advanced issues.. 2:00pm Tuesday.. Use-Case presentations.. 3:00pm Tuesday.. Other services hosted within Hyrax.. Future Development Plans.. 4:00pm Tuesday.. Hands-on advanced topics and issues.. 5:00pm Tuesday - End of System Administrator s Workshop..

    Original link path: /support/BOM_SAW_2007
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  • Title: Previous Releases | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: About Software Downloads.. All Software.. Hyrax.. WCS.. Matlab - loaddap.. IDL Client.. libdap.. Java Library.. OC.. ODC.. Software from other groups.. › Previous Releases.. Previous Releases.. Sat, 01/15/2011 - 14:36 —.. jimg.. 2(15 September 2010).. 2!.. New Feature Summary:.. Hyrax Directory Page (Index) Upgrades:.. Webstart Viewer Links:.. Webstart column now contains links to external viewers for the dataset and supports the ability to add new ones.. Server Context Customization:.. Renaming the.. opendap.. war.. file to.. foobar.. results in the server context (root URL) becoming foobar --- for example,.. http://test.. opendap.. org/opendap/.. becomes.. org/foobar/.. THREDDS Catalogs.. : Static THREDDS catalogs support inherited metadata for datasetScan elements.. RDF.. : Hyrax now supports transformations from the DDX response to RDF for semantic processing.. Geogrid Function Additions.. Multiple calls to.. geogrid().. function are now supported in the constraint expression.. Supports optional arguments to designate coordinate dimensions on which to operate.. NcML Module.. :.. Initial support for.. joinExisting.. aggregations on granules with explicitly listed join dimension sizes (i.. ncoords.. attribute is required).. This allows aggregations to be specified two ways:.. Explicit lists of.. netcdf.. elements with.. attribute.. Hyrax Extension:.. scan.. element allows specification of.. for the case where all granules have the same dimension size.. [Please also see:.. Wiki documentation for the NcML Module].. HDF4 Handler.. Improved support for HDF-EOS and common visualization tools such as IDV and Panoply (aka support for the COARDS conventions).. See.. the README.. for more complete information.. Maintenance bug fixes and minor updates in other handlers.. Please see individual handler pages for specifics.. Required External Dependencies.. In order to get the basic Hyrax 1.. 2 server running, you will need:.. Java 1.. Tomcat 6.. x.. Individual handlers may have their own external dependencies as well --- please see the individual handler pages for specifics.. What To Get Here.. To run the Hyrax server, you will need to download and install the following (from source or binary):.. OLFS (which is a Java binary and runs on any computer with Java 1.. 6).. BES.. General Purpose Handlers (aka dap-server).. One or more data handlers depending on which data you wish to serve.. Binaries.. Java.. OLFS 1.. 1 Web Archive File.. (.. gpg signature.. ) Unpack using tar -xvf filename and follow the instructions in the README file.. (Requires.. Built using Java 6 (java version 1.. 0_17 ).. Tested against.. ).. If you are updating from an older version of Hyrax (older than Hyrax 1.. 0) you will need to update your olfs.. xml file!.. $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/opendap/initialContent/olfs.. xml.. for the default olfs.. xml for Hyrax 1.. For more detailed information see the.. Hyrax Configuration Documentation.. Linux (CentOS 5.. 2) x86_64 RPMs.. libdap-3.. 11.. BES-3.. General purpose handlers-4.. (aka dap-server).. Netcdf Data Handler-3.. HDF4 Data Handler-3.. (See.. Readme.. txt.. for information about the special HDF-EOS RPMs).. HDF5 Data Handler-1.. 4.. 3.. - requires the hdf5 1.. 8.. x rpm, which can be found at.. rpmfind.. FreeForm Data Handler-3.. Fileout for netCDF Handler 1.. NcML Module 1.. 2) i386 RPMs.. Source code.. Our software distributions are signed using a public/private key pair.. Public Key.. for more information.. ,.. bes.. General purpose handlers (aka dap-server).. NetCDF Handler.. ,.. FreeForm Handler.. HDF4 Handler (with enhancments for HDF-EOS).. HDF5 Handler.. Fileout NetCDF Handler.. NcML Module.. OLFS (requires Java 1.. 6).. 1 source.. (.. 1 documentation.. Version 1.. Contributed builds.. Contributed.. : Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here.. 1(Updated 04 June 2010).. The 1.. 1 release:.. : Hyrax now supports a significant portion of the.. NcML 2.. 2 language.. with the new.. With this module, a data provider can augment datasets served on their local Hyrax server in the following ways:.. Add, modify, or remove both attributes and variables.. Combine multiple datasets into a single data set using union or joinNew aggregations.. (Other NcML aggregation types are in progress).. Please also see:.. Wiki documentation for the NcML Module.. Automatically generated THREDDS catalogs now have a file service.. Improvements to the netCDF file response (Hyrax 1.. 5 introduced netCDF as a return type for Hyrax).. HDF5 now has support for HDF EOS and a special mode for CF 1.. 0 compliant files.. HDF4 Bug fixes for HDF EOS.. Bug fixes and feature additions (Beta Release).. What to get: You will need the OLFS (which is a Java binary and runs on any computer with Java 1.. 5) and one set of the BES, dap-server and one or more data handlers.. We re including libdap here as well to cut down on the amount of hunting around you need to do; libdap is required for all of our software written in C++ (which includes the BES and the handlers).. If you re interested in the new HDF-EOS features added to the HDF4 handler, please see the.. HDF4 handler.. page.. OLFS web archive file.. 10.. - requires hdf5 and hdf5-devel 1.. Note: All of our software downloads are signed using GPG.. Ask us for the public key if you want to verify the signatures.. General purpose handlers.. HDF4 Handler.. OLFS.. 2 source.. 2 documentation.. 0.. beta.. (Updated 08 Feb 2010).. release:.. This is a beta release; binary builds will be made available soon.. NCML: Hyrax now suports NcML.. Wit the NcML handler you can add new attributes and variables to any of data sets served with Hyrax.. The initial version of the NcML handler also supports aggregations of multiple files into a single data set.. Individual Binaries will be added when they are available.. bes.. General purpose handlers.. NetCDF Handler.. FreeForm Handler.. HDF5 Handler.. Fileout NetCDF Handler.. Wcs Gateway Handler.. NcML Handler.. OLFS.. 0 source.. 0 documentation.. HDF4 and HDF5 with new HDF-EOS and HDF-EOS2 Support (Updated October 14; October 6 2009).. October 14, 2009.. : Added missing header file HDFEOS.. h to source distribution for the hdf4 handler.. This is a special source-only release of the HDF4 and HDF5 handlers including new features implemented by The HDF Group.. This version of the HDF4/5 handlers presents information stored in HDF-EOS and HDF-EOS2 files in a far more friendly way than the previous handlers.. The resulting data sets are much easier for client to process and users to understand and, well, use.. Because this source code requires the HDF-EOS2 libraries and because those are not available in RPM form, we are releasing this software as a source-only release.. In the future, the features will be part of every release, but data providers will still need to use the source releases and build the code, to get these features.. Here s some more information about the modifications compiled by developers at The HDF Group:.. A helpful.. installation guide.. Technical notes and demos related to the HDF-EOS data support under:.. CF.. ;.. Limits.. ; and.. OPeNDAP 4 Demo.. 2.. final.. (Updated 15 June 2009).. This update from 1.. 1 includes fixes for the attribute values shown in the DDX response - extraneous double quotes are that were added for the DAS print representation are no longer included in the  ...   source or binary distribution and use either of those with the other Hyrax components you have already installed.. If this is not corrected you will receive the error:.. BES: unable to start properly because can not determine memory keys.. Linux (Fedora Core 6) i386 RPMs.. 1 source jar.. 1 documentation jar.. 1 (3 December 2007).. 1 release is a bug fix release:.. The memory footprint has been reduced to address issues on small or medium sized machines.. Binaries installed from the RPM packages now store run-time files where most system administrators expect them to be stored.. Tomcat 5.. libdap:.. Intel DMG.. BES:.. General purpose handlers:.. Netcdf Data Handler:.. HDF4 Data Handler:.. FreeForm Data Handler:.. Netcdf Data Handler.. HDF4 Data Handler.. FreeForm Data Handler.. 0 (14 November 2007).. This 1.. 0 release features:.. Bug fixes.. Hyrax control script.. : Simplifies starting and stopping Hyrax when running the BES and the OLFS on the same machine.. Compression support.. : Unix compress (.. Z) is now supported.. Signed distributions.. : Our software distributions are now signed using a public/private key pair.. Linux (Fedora Core 6) x64_86 RPMs.. 0 source jar.. 0 documentation jar.. 1 (14 May, updated 21 May 2007).. 1 release features:.. Improved support for compressed files.. : The support for compressed data files has been completely revamped to be more efficient and safer.. The cache used for the decompressed files has also be completely re-implemented.. These fixes address important security issues which were found in the BES software.. Sites running Hyrax should upgrade as soon as practical.. Updated (21 May) the BES and OLFS (to versions 3.. 1 and 1.. 3, resp.. ) to include a fix for a transmission problem that affects some large 32 bit floating point arrays.. Unpack using jar -xvf filename and follow the instructions in the README file.. Note: Because of changes in the BES binary interface, you will need to rebuild not only the BES itself, but also all of the handlers.. You can use the existing libdap and OFLS binaries.. 3 source jar.. 3 documentation jar.. It provides an example for people that wish to try the SOAP interface to have an example of how to use it.. ; and binary:.. 2 (23 April 2007, updated on 3 May 2007).. 2 release features:.. Support for multiple BES s.. : Data providers may configure a single Hyrax installation to work with multiple BES s.. The OLFS dispatch code has been refactored to allow 3rd party dispatch handlers to be added simply by modifying the configuration and adding the java class files to the Tomcat library directory.. An update on the 27th to include a fix for a concurrency problem we found in the OLFS.. An update on May 3rd to include bug fixes for the BES.. ATTENTION.. : For those of you that already have Hyrax this change will render your current.. olfs.. obsolete.. You have two options, either:.. Remove the directory.. $CATALINA_HOME/content/opendap.. Restarting Tomcat will cause it to be recreated with a new compatible.. file.. --OR--.. Copy the file from the web application:.. cp $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/opendap/initialContent/olfs.. xml $CATALINA_HOME/content/opendap.. You will want (need?) to read the.. new configuration documents.. to localize your new installation:.. Linux (Fedora Core 4) i386 RPMs.. Hyrax documentation is now available here.. 1 (14 March 2007).. Lots of Bug fixes (see.. closed Hyrax 1.. 1 tickets.. A new install for the handlers (general purpose, hdf4, netcdf and freeform) that installs sample data and updates the bes.. conf file so that Hyrax runs out of the box.. Linux (Fedora Core 5) x86_64 RPMs.. 2 (beta) (14 Feb.. 2007).. 2 is a beta release of the software.. As of this release the name of the server is changed from Server4 to.. Bug fixes (Tickets:.. 767.. 784.. 789.. 793.. , and others).. Partial implementation of logging (Ticket.. 785.. Improved documentation regarding shared libraries.. (Ticket.. 780.. The BES and the data handlers come with test data and will work and serve data immediately after an install using the default configuration.. 764.. Note 5 March 2008: We are no longer listing the binaries for any of the beta releases.. The packages are still on our site, however, if you need them.. 5 source jar.. 5 documentation jar.. SoapTestClient-0.. 4-src.. Server4 Software 1.. 1 (beta) ( 3 Jan 2007).. is a beta release of the software.. 1 release adds support for:.. HTTP/1.. 1 persistent connections.. Improved OPeNDAP directory response.. Prototype SOAP Interface.. Server UUID on top level directory for improved web searchability.. Persistent content (configurations, user supplied documents/web pages, etc.. Improved internal efficiency via BES client connection pooling.. For the current beta release, binaries will be added when they are available.. You need the Java Web Archive file unless you plan to build the OLFS from the Java source:.. (Requires Java 1.. Tested against Tomcat 5.. 5).. You will also need:.. bes-3.. netcdf_handler-3.. freeform_handler-3.. hdf4_handler-3.. OLFS 0.. 4 source jar.. Required:.. libdap 3.. ; Optional (but highly desired):.. dap-server 3.. Contributed:.. Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here.. Server4 Software 0.. 1 (alpha) (18 Sept 2006).. Version 0.. This is a source-only alpha release of the software, which means that a significant set of features are complete, but we think that other features should be added to server before it s ready for everyone.. We re making this alpha release for those who want to experiment with the new server and for those who want to help us with its development.. What s been added to the server.. First, the server now supports fancier THREDDS catalogs.. The catalogs can now be customized with hand written catalogs superseding the automatically generated ones.. The catalogs also now support inheritance so THREDDS attributes added to parent catalogs will show up also in child catalogs, even the automatically generated ones.. Other features include a lighter front end, generation of the ASCII, HTML form and Info responses in the back end (where access to data can be exploited to optimize that activity; this also means that front ends can be built without any DAP-aware code, making them much lighter ) and support for HTTP/1.. 1 client-side caching.. All of the software components have other fixes and improvements; see their pages or NEWS/README/INSTALL files.. There are no binaries yet; the current release is a source-only alpha release.. OLFS jar file Unpack using jar -xvf filename and follow the instructions in the README file.. Note: the OLFS jar file was corrupted; we will have a rebuilt copy early in the week of 6 Nov.. Until then you ll need to build the OLFS from source (see the links below).. (11.. 5 MB),.. (216 KB).. 0 (alpha) (17 July 2006).. 0 is the first public release of the Server4 software.. OLFS Web Archive file.. (6.. 4 MB).. OLFS source jar.. OLFS documentation jar.. release.. to post comments.. Hyrax Releases.. 8 release.. February 13, 2012, 2:00 am.. 0 release.. January 23, 2012, 8:00 pm.. 1 Release.. August 21, 2011, 4:39 pm..

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