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  • Title: Hyrax 1.7.0 Release | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: About Software Downloads.. All Software.. Hyrax.. WCS.. Matlab - loaddap.. IDL Client.. libdap.. Java Library.. OC.. ODC.. Software from other groups.. ›.. › Hyrax 1.. 7.. 0.. 0 Release.. Sat, 07/16/2011 - 09:25 —.. jimg.. 0!.. Released on 27 April 2011, updated with new rpm packages on 8 June 2011.. New Feature Summary:.. This release includes three new handlers:.. A Gateway handler that can be used to serve data accessible from remote services.. A Comma Separated Values handler that can be used to serve data stored in CSV formatted files.. The NetCDF handler now reads NetCDF4 files that use the classic NetCDF data model.. This includes NetCDF files that employ chunking and compression.. Note that you must provide/use the NetCDF4 library for this to work.. beta.. A handler that returns ISO 19115 metadata documents for CF compliant data files and can return a rubric noting how closely files come to meeting the criteria for complete 19115 metadata records.. Note: This is also know as.. ncISO.. To use this, you need to edit the URLs by hand for now.. To get the ISO19115 response for a given dataset, replace a DAP suffix like.. dods with.. iso.. To get the ncISO rubric, use the extension.. rubric.. In a future release these will be links on the directory pages.. Fixes:.. Compressed file caching problem where the cache size set in the configuration file was not honored.. Required External Dependencies.. In order to get the basic Hyrax 1.. 0 server running, you  ...   11.. 1.. BES-3.. General purpose handlers-4.. (aka dap-server).. Netcdf Data Handler-3.. 3.. HDF4 Data Handler-3.. 2.. ,.. with hdfeos2 featrues.. (Thanks to THG, inc.. for these binaries.. ).. HDF5 Data Handler-1.. 4.. - - uses the stock hdf5 rpm (version 1.. 10).. FreeForm Data Handler-3.. Fileout for netCDF Handler 1.. NcML Module 1.. Gateway Module 1.. CSV Handler 1.. 3) i386 RPMs.. Note that this RPM does not include HDFEOS2 support.. - uses the stock hdf5 rpm (version 1.. OS-X (10.. 5.. x or higher) Package Installer.. The OS/X package for Hyrax 1.. 0 contains a complete copy of the data server - including tomcat and all of the libraries not included on a stock OS/X 10.. 5 or higher computer.. For more information about how the package was built see the.. page on our documentation wiki.. describing the build.. hyrax-1.. pkg.. Source code.. Our software distributions are signed using a public/private key pair.. See.. Public Key.. for more information.. libdap.. 3.. bes.. General purpose handlers (aka dap-server).. 4.. NetCDF Handler.. FreeForm Handler.. HDF4 Handler (with enhancments for HDF-EOS).. HDF5 Handler.. 1.. Fileout NetCDF Handler.. NcML Module.. CSV (Comma-Separated Values) Handler.. Gateway Module.. OLFS (requires Java 1.. 6).. 0 source.. (.. 0 documentation.. Version 1.. :.. Contributed builds.. Contributed.. : Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here.. release.. to post comments.. Hyrax Releases.. 8 release.. February 13, 2012, 2:00 am.. 0 release.. January 23, 2012, 8:00 pm.. 1 Release.. August 21, 2011, 4:39 pm..

    Original link path: /download/hyrax/1.7.0
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  • Title: Contact Information | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Contact Information.. Contact Information.. Corporate Officers.. President.. : David Fulker.. Vice President.. : James Gallagher.. Treasurer.. : Dan Holloway.. Offices.. In Rhode Island: OPeNDAP, Inc 165 Dean Knauss Dr.. Narragansett, RI 02882 Voice: 401.. 284.. 1304 Fax: 401.. 1305.. In Montana: OPeNDAP, Inc 125 W.. Granite St.. , Suite 202 Butte, MT 59701  ...   Saunderstown, RI 02874.. Technical Support.. In addition to technical support services at: support at opendap.. org, we also have several mail lists where the OPeNDAP user community can help.. You can find information about the mailing lists and other good stuff at.. Other Problems with or comments about the web site? Contact the.. Web Master..

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  • Title: Help for the OPeNDAP WWW query builder | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Help for the OPeNDAP WWW query builder.. Help for the OPeNDAP WWW query builder.. Help for the OPeNDAP World Wide Web Query Builder.. General Help.. This form displays information from the dataset whose URL is shown in the.. DataURL.. box.. Each variable in this dataset is shown below in the section labeled.. Variables.. To select a variable, click on the checkbox to its left.. To constrain a variable that you ve selected, edit the information that appears in the text boxes below the variable.. When entering values for selections on String variables, you may need to quote those values.. To get data in ASCII, various common formats or DODS binary objects, click on one of the buttons labeled.. Get.. The.. Get ASCII.. and.. Get DODS Data Object.. buttons will always be present.. Other buttons may be present providing access other types of return formats such as NetCDF, HDF, et cetera.. Note that in order to use the DODS Data Objects, you ll need to download software from the.. OPeNDAP web site.. to decode them.. The  ...   may edit this by hand adding a DAP constraint expression to the end of the URL (see the.. OPeNDAP User's Guide.. for information on constraint expressions) or by clicking on one or more of the variables listed under `Data variables'.. Disposition.. button retrieves data encoded in ASCII from the server.. These data are displayed in a new browser window; use the File menu of that window to save the data.. The presentation format is designed to be simple to import into a spreadsheet program.. Global attributes.. contain information about the dataset as a whole.. Most datasets contain this type of information, but some do not.. Variable attributes.. contain specific information about each variable in the dataset.. Dataset Variables.. This list shows each variable contained in this data.. clicking the checkbox to the left of one or more of these variables causes it/them to be added to the current projection of this dataset.. When you click on one of the `Disposition' button, data in those variables will be retrieved.. You may email user support at.. support@opendap.. org..

    Original link path: /online_help_files/opendap_form_help.html
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  • Title: Updated DAP 2.0 Specification | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Updated DAP 2.. 0 Specification.. Updated DAP 2.. Sat, 08/06/2011 - 15:31 —.. An error was found in version 004v1.. 1 and earlier of the DAP 2.. 0 specifcation.. The specification incorrectly stated that the DAP 2.. 0.. DataDDS.. response used a cariage-return linefeed pair to bracket the Data: separator when linefeeds are actually used.. A corrected version of the.. specification.. is available on this web site and on the.. NASA/ESE SPG.. web site.. We apologize for any inconvenice this error may have caused..

    Original link path: /node/238
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  • Title: Release howto | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Release howto.. Release howto.. Thu, 07/14/2011 - 14:44 —.. ===Make the release page=== ;Make a story : This sets the process in motion ;Set the story's Hyrax taxonomy to 'release' : This is how the story is selected for in the ''Hyrax Releases'' block that appears on the right side of the Hyrax page ;Set the link for the story to ''download/hyrax/_version_'' : This makes it easier to refer to the story in other places which in turn makes it easier to maintain the site ;Content : Get content  ...   of the download/hyrax/previous story.. ===Make the release story behave consistently WRT other download pages=== ;Make the 'Hyrax Releases' block appear on this page : Goto Administer › Site building › Blocks and configure (.. http://demo.. opendap.. org/admin/build/block/configure/views/recent_hyrax_s.. ) the recent_hyrax_stories block.. In the ''Pages'' text box, add the path to the new release page (e.. g.. , ''download/hyrax/1.. 2'') ;Make the 'Software' Menu appear on the left using the same trick.. ===Limited visibility=== This ''story'' has limited visibility because of the 'Access Control' settings which limit it to authenticated users only..

    Original link path: /download/hyrax/release_howto
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  • Title: Taxonomy structure and function | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: Forums.. Drupal.. Taxonomy structure and function.. Tue, 07/19/2011 - 23:30 —.. I've been thinking about how we can use Drupal's features to organize content and it seems that that the ''taxonomy'' feature/module is pretty useful.. However, it also seems like we might need to revisit how we currently have the taxonomies defined.. ==Current Taxonomies== The [[http://www.. org/admin/content/taxonomy|Taxonomy]] page shows our current taxonomies.. These are: * Forum: This is pretty much empty and I don't think its used, although it might be used to make the ''secured'' forum.. * FAQ: This is the most extensively used.. Nehal set this up and it's how all the FAQ content is divided up.. * Hyrax: This is used primarily for the Hyrax Release block - any ''story'' that has the ''term''  ...   think that Hyrax and Protocol should be made components of two new taxonomies: ** Software: In this we would have Hyrax, MLClient, IDLClient, ODC,.. , and within that we would have things like we now have just for Hyrax (release, documentation, defect).. ** Documentation * I don't really know how the Forum taxonomy is used.. The Taxonomies can be hierarchical, so we can have a structure like:.. Software > Hyrax ODC.. Also, I think we should drop the free tagging feature and limit the taxonomies to controlled vocabularies.. I think the tagging idea it no so useful in practice while the controlled vocabulary part is what the site needs to use this information to determine what is displayed where and to whom.. Taxonomy structure and function ›..

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  • Title: Page not found | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Page not found.. Page not found.. Sorry, no content was found at the requested path - it's possible that you've requested this page in error.. Try going to the.. home page.. and searching..

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  • Title: What is OPeNDAP software? | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › What is OPeNDAP software?.. What is OPeNDAP software?.. OPeNDAP has developed a software framework.. that simplifies all aspects of scientific data networking, allowing simple access to remote data.. Local data can be made accessible to remote locations regardless of local storage format by using.. servers.. Existing, familiar data analysis and visualization applications can be transformed into.. clients.. (i.. , applications able to access remote served data).. Take a look at our answer to the question.. "What Will OPeNDAP Do For Me?".. The OPeNDAP Data Access Protocol (DAP) is a protocol.. for requesting and transporting data across the web.. DAP 2.. 0 uses HTTP to frame the requests and responses.. For details on DAP, see.. Data Access Protocol (DAP), version 2.. which is a technical description of the Data Access Protocol.. This was submitted to NASA's Earth Science Data Systems Standards Process Group and has been accepted as a Recommended Standard (submitted on 8/8/2004, accepted 10/8/2007).. The official.. NASA ESE/RFC distribution point for DAP2.. may provide a more up to date version and also has additional documentation regarding NASA/ESE's adoption of DAP2 as a community standard.. OPeNDAP supports.. a community of users.. working together to use, improve, and extend the DAP protocol and software.. Design  ...   use scientific data.. OPeNDAP has already developed:.. a flexible data model.. a transport protocol.. software frameworks.. C++ and Java implementations of the data model and transport protocol.. a set of DODS servers.. a set of DODS clients.. Not Just Oceanography.. Although the OPeNDAP software was originally designed and developed by oceanographers and computer scientists for oceanographic data (as part of the DODS and NVODS projects), there is nothing in the design of the OPeNDAP software that constrains its use to oceanography.. Indeed, it has been adopted by the High Altitude Observatory community and is being considered by segments of the meteorological and space science communities.. User Application -- DAP Client.. Once a user's data analysis application (or API) is made network-savvy with the OPeNDAP tools, the scope of an application's search for data is extended because remote data becomes as accessible as local data.. A DAP-enabled application can:.. Get any data anywhere on the Internet that is served by a DAP server.. Use data from any DAP server, pretty much regardless of its native format.. Still perform all its original functions for accessing data locally.. The truly remarkable part:.. you don't have to rewrite the code.. to enable many applications to work as a DAP clients..

    Original link path: /what_is_OPeNDAP_software
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  • Title: Using the SVN trunk, branches and tags to manage releases. | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Using the SVN trunk, branches and tags to manage releases.. Using the SVN trunk, branches and tags to manage releases.. == Requirements ==.. # Our group needs to be able to work on the software, including doing things that 'break' it to a certain degree.. # Other groups need access to stable versions of the current development software.. # Releases of the software need to be stable WRT features.. # A full release should be something like a quarterly event because it requires binaries and those are complex to make.. # We need to differentiate between beta versions, release candidates and releases.. == Parts ==.. # Modules: One of the components of hyrax.. # Hyrax project: A SVN thing that contains pointers to various versions of Modules.. # Trunk: Development takes place here.. # Trunk Tags: Places on the trunk that are ''stable'' (can be checked out as a set and will build).. # Trunk tags look like European dates (year.. month.. day).. # Branch: Releases are each on their own branch.. Each release of Hyrax is denoted by ''major''.. ''minor'' and for any release we might have several beta versions, several release candidates and then several final versions.. Ideally, there would be just one version, but reality often has other ideas.. # Branch tags: Places on the branch that mark beta versions, release candidates and the final version(s).. # Branch tags look like software version numbers of the form ''major''.. ''minor''.. ''change'' ''[modifier]'' where ''modifier'' is ''b'' for beta or ''rc'' for a release candidate.. == Process ==.. === The Hyrax/shrew project ===.. For each of the tagged trunk versions and branches, we will tag the individual components of shrew and then assemble them into a shrew project using svn links.. This way we can check out 'shrew' for a given trunk tag, branch, or one of the branch versions instead of making individual check outs for the different components.. The README file in the shrew project contains an explanation of just how to create the ''svn:externals'' needed for a particular instantiation of the shrew project.. === The BES and libdap: Special cases ===.. Because all of server's modules depends on the BES and libdap, these two pieces of software are singled out for special attention.. The following development rules apply to them:.. * A change in libdap or BES should be tested against the complete 'hyrax' build.. * No changes should be checked in unless the compilation succeeds.. * Changes that break tests should be checked in only if the new feature is expected to  ...   the latest set of features.. To facilitate this we will tag the trunk approximately every two weeks at places where all of the modules that currently make up Hyrax are thought to build together as a unit.. These tags will be given the date as the name of the tag, for example ''2009.. 09.. 02''.. These should use this form of the date since it sorts well in listings.. Groups that want a stable version of Hyrax without either using the most recent release branch or waiting for the next release should use one of these trunk tags.. === Release management ===.. When a certain feature set is complete, the software is ready for release.. A branch should be formed by tagging the software under the svn ''branch'' directory.. Each branch for a particular release should be named ''major''.. ''minor'' using the major and minor release numbers.. We will use tickets in Trac to sort out when the features for release are complete.. Each release will have a milestone (e.. g, Hyrax 1.. 6) and tickets for features that are to be part of that release will be added and marked as ''task'', ''enhancement'' or ''feature''.. When there are no more of those types of tickets left for a particular release milestone, we are likely ready for the first of several ''beta'' versions.. Beta versions are denoted by the suffix ''b''.. Once the number of ''defect'' tickets is low, we should start the ''release candidate'' versions.. Release candidate versions are denoted by the suffix ''rc1'', ''rc2'', et cetera.. Finally, once there are no known defects (or the known defects are truly obscure), we move on to ''final'' versions.. Each of versions (beta, release candidate and final) are marked by a tag of the same name as the version identifier.. === Updates to a single module in Hyrax After a Release is 'final' ===.. When we are working on Hyrax, it's often the case that the server is ready except for some lingering issue in one module.. We can make a final version of the release and get that out and then make a subsequent final version (1.. 2, 1.. 3,.. ) for just the updated handler.. Thus, when any component of the server changes and we feel those are important enough to send out to people, a new final version needs to be made for Hyrax (which means that a new entry in the /tags/hyrax directory needs to be made and then the various versions of components that make up that version need to be linked in there..

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  • Title: Security Messages | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Security Messages.. Security Messages.. 14 May 2007.. The 1.. 1 release of Hyrax - and BES 3.. 0 in particular - addresses some potential security issues.. We decided to replace the problematic software with a completely new implementation instead of issuing a patch.. 27 April 2007, updated 3 May 2007.. We learned of a security vulnerability in our Server3 data server (also know as our 'CGI-Based Server') and have released a patch for Server3 which you can get below.. Versions 3.. 10 to 3.. 4 are affected by this vulnerability (these versions correspond to 12/31/2002 to 4/25/2007).. The security vulnerability allows remote people to run arbitrary commands on a computer running the server.. You can determine if you have been affected by this vulnerability by looking at you web server access logs (often found in /etc/httpd/logs/) for lines which contain evidence of people running commands..  ...   patching your server and do not find the get_url() function in DODS_Dispatch.. pm, then your server is not affected by the vulnerability - you're safe - and there's no need to patch.. Please contact us directly with any questions you have about the patch at.. security-help at opendap.. This address is not a list; it will get your message directly to a developer.. If you would like general help in upgrading your server, or if you have more questions, you can contact the opendap-tech email list (you must subscribe first, see the.. mailing lists.. page) or our user support (.. support at opendap.. Once we have addressed the short-term issues presented by this problem, OPeNDAP will form a Security Working Group to develop a set of policies concerning general security issues and responses to problems.. Working Groups.. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you..

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  • Title: NcML Handler | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › NcML Handler.. NcML Handler.. The NcML Hyrax Module extends a Hyrax 1.. 6 server by implementing a subset of the.. NcML 2.. 2 XML language.. from.. Unidata.. With this module, a data provider can augment datasets served on their local Hyrax server in the following ways:.. Add, modify, or remove both attributes and variables.. Combine multiple datasets into a single "virtual" data set using "union", "joinNew", or "joinExisting" aggregations.. Note.. : Since this module is used to manipulate existing datasets in other formats, you will also need to download and install the Hyrax 1.. 6 handlers for.. all.. the data formats you wish to process with NcML.. Documentation.. The Wiki documentation for the handler can be found at.. NcML Wiki Documentation.. Requirement: International Components for Unicode (ICU).. The Hyrax NcML Module requires that the International Components for Unicode (ICU) libraries (version 3.. 6 or higher) be installed.. Many Linux distributions come with this as a default now (this is true of CentOS 5.. 2, for which we provide Hyrax RPMs), so you may not need to install it by hand.. You have several options for getting ICU if you need to install it.. In Linux, you can commonly find ICU libraries and headers as RPM's.. On other platforms, you may need to install ICU from source, although there are also binary distributions available for some platforms.. The NcML Module 1.. 0 has been compiled and tested with ICU version 3.. 6 through 4.. ICU Linux RPM's.. On Linux you may install ICU from commonly available RPM's using yum or other package managers.. For a binary installation of the NcML Handler (from RPM), you will only need the.. libicu.. RPM (3.. 6 or higher).. If you wish to build the handler from source, you will also need to install the.. libicu-devel.. RPM.. ICU Source (and some binary) Installations.. The source distribution and several binaries can be  ...   the.. attribute specifying the size of the join dimension within that file.. Granule sets with uniform join dimension sizes (all granule datasets have the same size for the join dimension) may alternatively be specified with a.. scan.. element which contains the.. attribute to be inherited by all matching granule datasets.. [.. This is a Hyrax-only extension of NcML currently.. ].. tar.. gz.. Required:.. libdap 3.. bes 3.. , ICU 3.. 6+ (see Requirement above).. Linux (x86_64).. CentOS 5.. 2 x86_64 RPM.. (gcc 4.. 1).. Linux (i386).. 2 i386 RPM.. 3 (9 July 2010).. This release of the handler includes a bug fix and optimization for the joinNew aggregation where the specified aggregation variables are represented as a DAP Array rather than Grid.. 10.. 2 (13 May 2010).. This release fixes outdated test baselines after changes to hdf4_handler's handling of shared dimension attributes.. This release also makes changes to allow for automatic RPM building and other minor configure issues.. 1 (8 April 2010).. There are three main features in this version of NCML module.. Ability to add, remove and modify metadata (attributes) to another dataset being served by the Hyrax 1.. 6 server.. Our module also extends NcML 2.. 2 to allow for common nested "attribute containers" as well.. Attributes also can be DAP2 types as well as the NcML types.. Attributes can be the special "OtherXML" type for injecting arbitrary XML into a DDX reponse.. 2.. Ability to create new data (variables).. These can add to an existing dataset and also allow for purely "virtual" data.. Variables can also be removed from an underlying dataset.. Aggregations: joinNew and union.. JoinNew aggregations allow multiple datasets to be "joined" by creating a new outer dimension for the desired variables.. The aggregation members datasets can be listed explicitly or can be joined "automatically" by scanning a directory for files matching certain criteria, such as a suffix or regular expression..

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