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  • Title: Instructions : Options | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Instructions : Options.. Instructions : Options.. Tue, 05/03/2011 - 09:54 —.. nehal bathani.. There are a number of options possible in the ODC.. The options are listed in a text box in the "Options" tab.. It looks like this:.. return to ODC gallery.. Step-By-Step.. Select the option you want to modify in the list  ...   text box below].. Modify the contents of the text box to the value you want.. Click the "update".. button.. or press enter to.. complete.. the change.. Tip: entering "y" or "n" is good enough for the yes/no values.. return to OPeNDAP home.. OPeNDAP Data Connector Plot Gallery Revised 25 January 2004 ·.. to post comments..

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  • Title: Instructions : Generating the Plot | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Instructions : Generating the Plot.. Instructions : Generating the Plot.. Tue, 05/03/2011 - 09:46 —.. Generating the plot is as easy as clicking the blue plot button.. The plotter is designed so that in nearly all cases you will always get some sort of plot when you press the plot button no matter what the.. data.. set  ...   are some important options, though, such as the output target.. The area of the screen with the controls for generating the plot is shown below:.. * If you have data loaded and selection.. click.. the plot.. and the plot will be drawn and sent to the output specified.. OPeNDAP Data Connector Plot Gallery Revised 5 January 2004 ·..

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  • Title: Web Guide: Search | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Web Guide: Search.. Web Guide: Search.. Mon, 05/02/2011 - 19:56 —.. There are four main kinds of search:.. Dataset List.. A unified list of known data sources maintained at UCAR.. GCMD.. NASA's Global Change Master Directory.. Favorites.. Datasets that you have asked to be in your favorite's list.. Recent.. Datasets you have recently used.. Using a Search Interface.. The basic idea is the same for all four of the search panels.. You search for a dataset you are interested in, select it and then click the red "To Retrieve" button.. The button is red with a network icon to indicate that when you click it you will be doing a network.. access.. A shortcut in all the search panels is to double-click the desired dataset.. This has the same effect as clicking the "To Retrieve" button.. Using the Dataset List.. The dataset list search interface looks like this:.. On the left side is a directory tree showing various.. organizations.. and their data.. On the right is an information pane.. When you select a given dataset information about will appear in the information pane.. The "To Retrieve"  ...   tree will be unchanged and a message will appear in the.. status.. bar at the bottom of the screen announcing that there were no matches.. To return to the entire tree make the text box blank and click the search button.. There is also a button "Refresh Dataset List".. This will go out onto the network and retrieve the most recent version of the dataset list available from UCAR.. Using the GCMD.. The GCMD search interface looks like this:.. It has two tabs: Free Text and Keyword search.. In the screen shot the user has done a free text search on the word "aerosol" and the results that were returned are shown in the list in the middle.. When a result is selected you can click the "Get Summary" button to get further textual information about the dataset which appears in the lower pane of the screen.. In addition to using search text you can constrain the results geospatially and temporally.. To get information about doing this see the web guide on the.. Geospatial Panel.. OPeNDAP Data Connector Web Guide - Search Revised 28 May 2004 ·..

    Original link path: /ODC_Webguide_search
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  • Title: Web Guide : Geospatial Constraint | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Web Guide : Geospatial Constraint.. Web Guide : Geospatial Constraint.. Tue, 05/03/2011 - 08:50 —.. The geospatial constraint panel allows you to interactively specify a geographic and/or a time constraint for your search.. It includes a user-editable gazetteer.. Using the Geospatial Panel.. The geo-temporal contraint panel looks like this:.. If you want to include the entire world you can click the global button or the clear button (in which case no geographic constraint will be applied).. To select a region by.. hand.. drag the mouse over the area of the world you wish to do the search in.. Note that you can use the border buttons marked " " and " " to scroll the entire map left and right.. For an exact latitude/longitude area enter the coordinates in the four boxes to the right.. The map will update to show the region you  ...   feature type will appear in the list next to it.. When you select one of these the map and coordinates will be updated to reflect your selection.. The third list allows you to add your own regions.. When you have defined a region in the map above you can click the "Add" button to add the region to the gazetteer.. You will be prompted for a title for the region.. (Unix users note that the write permissions on the gazetteer.. txt file must be ok).. You can also edit the gazetteer.. txt file directly.. It has been deliberately designed in a human-readable format so you can edit it and.. create your own.. entries.. This file is located in the ODC home directory (the same place odc.. jar is located).. return to Webguide Home.. OPeNDAP.. Data.. Connector Web Guide - Search Revised 28 May 2004 ·..

    Original link path: /ODC_Webguide_geospatial
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  • Title: ODC Web Guide : Retrieval Panel | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › ODC Web Guide : Retrieval Panel.. ODC Web Guide : Retrieval Panel.. Mon, 05/02/2011 - 20:13 —.. The retrieval panel allows the user to navigate server directories, see the structure of the data, constrain the data query and output the data to one of various output options.. Using the Retrieval Panel.. The retrieve panel looks like this:.. When you click "To Retrieve" in one of the search panes (or double-click) the selected dataset will appear in the "Datasets" area of this screen (upper left).. You can also add an URL manually by typing it in the "Location" bar at the top of the screen and pressing the "Add to List" button.. If the URL points to a directory, the directory browser will become active in the lower left.. In the screen shot above the user has selected a NASA MODIS directory and has drilled down into by double-clicking in the directory navigator.. Note that many of the entries in the navigator have an ellipsis (".. ") after them.. That means that the directory has not been visited so the ODC does not know what they contain.. The user must explicitly double-click a directory to see its contents.. This action does a web hit.. When a directory has been retrieved  ...   you want out of a given dataset.. A dataset may have only one or many variables.. The structure of OPeNDAP data is hierarchical, but the view shown in this panel lists each variable in a flat list.. For example, in the screen above the variable "band_0" is inside a structure called "band" which itself is inside a structure called "Calibration".. Here the user has selected two variables "Grid" and "Grid.. Data Fields.. sst_mean".. Note that the space in "Data Fields" shows as a "%20".. This is an escape mechanism that will allow the request to be sent over the internet without the space interrupting request.. The user has also sub-sampled the grid by picking a step of 5.. This will return only every fifth value in each dimension (or every 25th value overall).. By doing this the.. download.. has been made significantly smaller.. You can see the size of download for grid and array variables after them in brackets.. For example, in the screen shot above the download will be 5 megabytes.. When the user is ready to output the data (here the output is set to the plotter) the "Output" button will be pressed.. The View / Plotter panel will then automatically be activated and the data will be downloaded..

    Original link path: /ODC_Webguide_retrivalpanel
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  • Title: Wcs Gateway Handler | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Wcs Gateway Handler.. Wcs Gateway Handler.. Our software distributions are signed using a public/private key pair.. See.. Public Key.. for more information.. WCS Gateway handler 1.. 1.. 0 (8 February 2010).. This handler provides a gateway between DAP clients and data that are only available using WCS.. To uses the handler, you may have to write osome custom Java software for the front end of Hyrax.. We're very interested in promoting this  ...   people use this, we may be able to generalize the handler so that it rarely needs customization.. This release addresses some compatibility issues with BES 3.. 8.. 0 and includes some bug fixes as well.. This release has no new features.. Source code.. Version 1.. 0.. tar.. gz.. ,.. gpg signature.. Required:.. libdap 3.. 10.. bes 3.. Binaries.. Contributed builds.. Contributed.. : Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here..

    Original link path: /WCS_Gateway_Handler
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  • Title: OPeNDAP C API (Ocapi) SDK | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › OPeNDAP C API (Ocapi) SDK.. OPeNDAP C API (Ocapi) SDK.. The OPeNDAP C API (OCAPI) is an OPeNDAP DAP 2.. 0 client implementation written in generic C.. The package includes a library which can be linked statically or dynamically.. Included is a optional command line interface which allows interactive access to the API.. There are four main ways you can use the OCAPI:.. Pre-Compiled Binary - You run a program from the command line, enter commands and get text responses.. User-Compiled Binary - You compile the source code provided in the API resource kit.. You can then run the program from the command line, enter commands and get a text responses.. Dynamic Library - The OCAPI shared library, a single file, is dynamically linked with a program you have written, at run time.. You must distribute the library file with your program.. The shared library allows you to access OPeNDAP servers programmatically and retrieve live data structures your program can use.. Static Library - The OCAPI code base is statically linked with a program you have written when it is compiled.. There is no separate file--the OPeNDAP functionality is compiled directly into your program.. You include the ocapi.. h header file from the OCAPI code base and can use the functions defined there to access OPeNDAP servers programmatically and retrieve live data structures your program  ...   need libcurl and xdr to be available on your system.. See our.. Third-party software.. page for links to these packages.. You will also need the pthreads package which is required by libcurl.. Most Linux and OS/X systems have these packages.. Other versions of Unix probably do not.. 2 (03 December 2008).. 2 in a tar file.. 2.. 1 (22 August 2008).. If you would like a binary for a Mac OS/X please email.. support@opendap.. org.. 1 in a tar file.. 0 (22 July 2008).. This version of the Ocapi is a source-only release.. It contains updated parsers for the wire representation of DAP 2.. 0 response objects and it contains many fixes for memory errors (leaks, buffer overflows, et c.. ).. Also included is a new test driver and updated test suite based on autotest.. This version of the Ocapi library is stable and passes all of its tests, however, it should be used for client-side software only.. 0 in a tar file.. 33 (2 October 2006).. Fedora Core 4.. Mac Power PC.. Mac i386.. 33 in a tar file.. 33.. Required: You will need libcurl and xdr to be available on your system.. 25 (17 April 2006).. Mac build.. Win32 command-line executable build.. Red Hat Enterprose Linux 3.. 25 in a tar file.. 25.. Contributed:.. Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here..

    Original link path: /ocapi
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  • Title: General Purpose Handlers | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › General Purpose Handlers.. General Purpose Handlers.. These are the general purpose handlers used by.. Hyrax.. These handlers are responsible for:.. The ASCII data response.. The HTML form interface.. The Info meta-data response.. This software is also the base package for the original OPeNDAP Data Server (which is also referred to as the 'CGI-based' server on this web site).. Note.. : This page lists our 'full releases' of the handlers.. Sometimes we make source-only releases or internal releases and don't bother to include them here.. That is why the version numbers you see here may have 'gaps.. '.. General purpose handlers 4.. 0 / Hyrax 1.. 6.. 2 (15 September 2010).. Note:.. This version is part of the Hyrax 1.. 2 release.. This release contains fixes for several annoying issues:.. Grids have a more clear representation in the HTML form.. The ASCII response now supports constraints with multiple function calls.. Linux (x86_64).. CentOS 5.. 2, RPMs.. (gcc 4.. 1).. Linux (i386).. Version 4.. Signed using GPG; Ask us for the public key.. 11.. 0 (09 February 2010).. This release includes DAP Macro changes, changes for libdap, removes Server 3 code and files and functions that use FILE pointers.. The calls that request a DAS were removed and  ...   2008).. This binary release works with the new API changes in libdap 3.. 2 and bes 3.. The handler source code is unchanged.. Fedora Core 8, RPMs.. 5.. (for Hyrax, this is required to build the BES modules).. Note this software will build with libdap 3.. 0 and bes 3.. 0 but required the newer binary distributions to run.. 5 (6 March 2008).. This release includes modifications for the BES 3.. 0 changes, updated pkg-config support and modernized headers.. This version of the handlers is needed for BES 3.. Fedora Core 6, RPMs.. Intel DMG.. ),.. PPC DMG.. ).. (for Hyrax –this is required to build the BES modules).. 4 (4 December 2007).. This release of the handlers includes bug fixes, some new internal plumbing and support for pkg-config.. Fedora Core 6, RPMs (gcc 4.. ) , PPC DMG.. 3 (14 November 2007).. 2 (3 July 2007).. This is a source-only release specifically for the version 3.. 2 release of the CGI-server software.. We will make binaries available if there is a large demand for them.. 4 (13 March 2007).. Fedora Core 5, RPMs.. Fedora Core 4, RPMs (gcc 4.. 0).. Disk Image.. SPARC/Solaris.. Solaris 5.. 8.. 3 (13 Feb 2007).. Fedora Core 4, RPMs.. SGI/IRIX.. IRIX 6..

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  • Title: HDF5 Handler | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: About Software Downloads.. All Software.. WCS.. Matlab - loaddap.. IDL Client.. libdap.. Java Library.. OC.. ODC.. Software from other groups.. ›.. › HDF5 Handler.. HDF5 Handler.. This is the HDF5 file module for.. , developed by THG, Inc.. in cooperation with OPeNDAP.. HDF5 handler 1.. 3 / Hyrax 1.. : This version is part of the Hyrax 1.. 2 Release and requires this version of the server to function properly.. This version is a compatibility upgrade for Hyrax 1.. 2 and also includes numerous bug fixes, including:.. A bug in the Grid lat/lon calculation logic is fixed.. Added XDim and YDim to the name conversion map.. Rare memory overwrite bug fixed.. Please see the ChangeLog for the full listing.. 1 (13 May 2010).. This release contains performance improvements when using HDF5 1.. 0(9 February 2010).. This release can handle HDF-EOS5 Swath products with more robustness than the previous version so more visualization clients can display them.. Other fixes:.. Source release and cent0S 5.. 2 i386 and x86_64 binary release of the HDF5 handler.. The coordinates attribute for 2D-swath case and  ...   information stored in HDF-EOS and HDF-EOS2 files in a far more friendly way than the previous handlers.. The resulting data sets are much easier for client to process and users to understand and use.. This release fixes build problems with gcc 4.. 1, requires hdf5 and hdf5-devel rpm packages version 1.. 0 or higher, which can be found at.. rpmfind.. Intel DMG (gpg signature), PPC DMG (gpg signature).. Fixes and updates for the new BES features.. 3 (23 July 2008).. This release fixes a problem with the CF conventions support when also using the short-names option.. 2 (27 June 2008).. 2 (18 March 2008).. 0 (18 January 2008).. This is a source-only release and is classed as 'beta' level.. until we can complete a security review.. of the software.. Our current policy is to only provide beta releases of software until we have completed a security review.. If you require this review before you can run the software, please let us know!.. 7 Feb 2008: This handler works with the CGI-based server and with the lastest (source/subversion) version of Hyrax..

    Original link path: /HDF5_Handler
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  • Title: netCDF Client Library | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › netCDF Client Library.. netCDF Client Library.. The netCDF client library has moved!!.. As part of a two year effort funded by the National Science Foundation, the software originally included here as 'libnc-dap' has been moved into the source code maintained by Unidata and distributed as 'libnetcdf.. ' At the same time the software was rewritten to use the C programming language - a feature change that means it is no longer necessary to use a C++ compiler/linker when building software that uses netCDF to access a DAP server.. Because DAP access is now part of the netCDF library, you no longer need to get any special software to build a netCDF library that includes support for DAP.. Getting the netCDF library.. While Unidata completes the final stages of beta testing, you will need to get a recent beta version of the netCDF library and make sure to run configure with the '--enable-dap' option.. Once the beta period is over, you will not need to use this option in most cases since DAP support will be built whenever the libcurl HTTP library is present (virtually all Linux and OS/X versions still in use).. At that time binaries will be available, too.. We.. recommend.. that you get the.. netCDF 4.. 1 beta 2.. distribution.. which can be found at.. ftp://ftp.. unidata.. ucar.. edu/pub/netcdf/netcdf-4.. 1-beta2.. instead of the nightly snapshot builds.. The.. 4.. release is contains the most complete version of DAP support while newer snapshots are likely to contain unrelated features that might not be as completely tested as would be the case with a beta release.. The main.. netCDF software distribution page.. contains a link to the above.. source distribution and a short note about DAP protocol support.. In the future, this will be the place to get new releases of netCDF with DAP support.. What is the.. The netCDF.. Client Library.. is/was an alternative implementation of.. Unidata's.. netCDF.. 3.. 6 API.. It has now been superseded by a project to move the functionality back into the official netCDF software distribution.. Both implementations of the netCDF API have the capability to dereference OPeNDAP URLs.. You can substitute our version of the library when linking your application and then simply pass an OPeNDAP URL in where you would normally use a file name.. Note: The new version of the library being distributed by Unidata is completely self contained and no longer depends on or uses C++.. You do not need to get any other software library from us to make it work.. However, to use our old version of the API, you must also get the.. DAP++.. SDK binary since the netCDF Client Library uses that software.. We are maintaining this page and the links to the older version of the API for those that depend on it..  ...   will be added as we have time to make them available.. This was a source-only release.. 0 (28 Nov 2006).. 0 release includes the upgraded to Unidata's 3.. 2 netCDF beta 4 library code.. This means that we now support the 'big file' stuff when our library is used to read/write local files.. Use the --enable-64bit flag with configure to turn this feature on.. Note that the binaries we provide are not built with this flag; to get 64bit file support you'll need to build from source yourself.. Win32-3.. 0 Zip.. Linux (x86_64/i386).. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, RPMs.. (gcc 3.. 3).. Solaris.. Solaris5.. SGI/Irix.. Irix 6.. Mac OS/X.. 0 (01 Mar 2006).. This is an updated release so that it builds with libdap 3.. It includes a bug fixed where nc_inq_att(.. ) did not function as documented.. 2 (24 Aug 2005).. This is an update to the 3.. 1 beta release of early June.. It includes fixes for build issues on a number of platforms.. A problem with HDF data sources when accessed with Ferret using the library still remains.. See NEWS, README and.. the Release 3.. 2 milestone in Trac.. This version of the library will not build with libdap 3.. 4; you must use libdap 3.. 2 or newer.. (~750 KB).. (1.. 7 MB).. 1 beta (9 June 2005).. 0 beta release of mid May.. The fixes include problems with nco 3.. 0, memory leak checks and a new build process which uses automake.. The source tarball is now significantly smaller.. Testing using the Unidata regression tests now defaults to test.. opendap.. See NEWS and README for more information.. 1 or newer.. This is release is for source code only.. (423 KB).. 4 MB).. 0 beta (13 May 2005).. This version of the netCDF Client Library can read from data sources which use the Structure and Sequence types.. In addition, it translates DAP2 strings into character arrays in the virtual netCDF file.. To learn more about these new features, see the file README.. translation in the source code.. (737 KB).. 7 (9 July 2004 updated 1 Nov for Win32).. Win32 InstallShield.. (23 MB).. OS/X 10.. 3 (Panther), tar.. gz format.. (251 KB).. Build: dynamically linked.. Linux (x86).. Red Hat 7.. 3, tar.. 1 MB).. Build: gcc 3.. 0, glibc 2.. 5, Kernel 2.. 20, statically linked.. Red Hat 8.. 0, tar.. (0.. 9 MB).. 2, glibc 2.. 2, kernel 2.. Fedora Core 1, tar.. 22, dynamically linked.. Solaris 2.. 2, dynamically linked.. (348 KB).. Build: gcc 2.. 95.. Alpha/OSF1.. OSF1, v5.. (533 KB).. 3, dynamically linked.. (479 KB).. libdap++ 3.. (2.. 7 MB) and.. packages 3.. (4.. 8 MB).. 6 (17 March 2004).. Installer.. (13.. 4 MB).. Linux (i686).. (897 KB).. Red Hat 9.. gz format.. Comming soon.. (252 KB).. 4 MB) and.. (6..

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  • Title: Loaddap 3.6.2 for WinXP | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Loaddap 3.. 2 for WinXP.. Loaddap 3.. Fri, 07/09/2010 - 10:13 —.. jimg.. The loaddap (Matlab) client version 3.. 2 is a special release of the client that contains an important fix for Windows XP and Vista users.. Linux and OS/X users are unaffected by the problem and do not need this update.. In fact the update is only in the WinXP software.. See the.. Loaddap.. page for information and to download..

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  • Archived pages: 580