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  • Title: Get Involved | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: ›.. › Get Involved.. Get Involved.. There are lots of ways you can help out with OPeNDAP development.. You don't have to delve into code or protocol details to help.. Feedback and bug reports are just as important for maintaining and advancing the OPeNDAP project.. However you choose to get involved, the first step is to subscribe to one or more of the.. OPeNDAP email lists.. Users (i.. , Testers and Bug Reporters).. Users are the core of the OPeNDAP.. You let us know how we are doing and whether OPeNDAP is making your life easier.. So, please use the OPeNDAP and let us know what's working for you and what is not.. Download binary releases from our.. Software download page.. Read the appropriate.. OPeNDAP documentation.. Provide feedback.. Post questions and problems to the.. email lists.. Get an  ...   Discuss changes, bug fixes, and other issues on the.. Work on code changes and bug fixes.. If you are developing code that uses the OPeNDAP protocol, we want to hear from you as well.. Take a look at the appropriate.. and discuss it on the.. Testing.. The source code comes with unit tests.. If your are developing OPeNDAP servers, you might want to take a look at our test clients (C++ geturl, Java getURL, etc).. If your are developing OPeNDAP clients, you might want to try our test server.. The DODS Test Server (DTS) comes as part of the.. Java code.. We are also developing a suite of test servers (and datasets) for each version of the servers (including the current development branch).. For more information on the test servers, email the opendap-tech list (you must be.. subscribed.. first..

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  • Title: OPeNDAP Software Wish List | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: Developer Blogs.. Forums.. Software from other groups.. OPeNDAP Trac.. Developer s TWiki.. › OPeNDAP Software Wish List.. OPeNDAP Software Wish List.. The DODS and NVODS OPeNDAP projects have long been Open Source.. Members of the user community are encouraged to support them.. One way to do this is to contribute to the development of the software (other ways include spreading the word about the projects and their goals and/or serving data).. Here is a list of changes and additions to our software that we have identified as desirable.. This is is not meant to be exclusive! If you have an idea for a new feature, or would like to see an existing feature changed, please jump right in --- we will be happy to work with you to ensure that your work will become part of the project.. Changes/Additions to the DAP itself:.. Remove the dependency on libxdr.. We could adopt the netCDF xdr-replacement code, for example.. This change would simplify building the DAP on non-Unix platforms.. Integrate transmission of compressed responses  ...   be broken into several steps and each will yield significant improvements in server performance or robustness.. Complete the netCDF file output tool.. Write HDF4, HDF5, Matlab and IDL file output tools.. Extend the current statistics-gathering code.. We'd like to switch to a DODS-only log file to simplify analysis of server usage data.. Servers:.. Write tests for the HDF5 server.. Our servers use a hodge-podge of testing schemes.. Typically a server must be completely installed before the tests can be run.. End-to-end tests are needed, but it's possible to use the geturl tool bundled with the DAP to test servers without installing them.. It would be a boon to the project if the tests were modified to uniformly use this in-place testing of the servers.. Write a Perl interface to the C++ DAP.. This could be done using SWIG (a suggestion from Steve Hankin) or by creating a C interface and gluing Perl to that or.. No matter how it is done, a Perl interface to the DAP would be a huge plus..

    Original link path: /devcenter?q=OPeNDAP_Software_Wish_List
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  • Title: Bug Fixes and Main Branches | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Bug Fixes and Main Branches.. Bug Fixes and Main Branches.. It is useful to understand the structure of the DODS code archives before using CVS to get part of it.. The DODS code evolves along a main trunk (we like the tree metaphor).. When it is deemed ready for a new release, the evolution is halted, and the new revision of the code is released.. However unlikely it seems, there are occasionally bugs in the released code.. Evolution of new features continues apace, however, often rendering the development versions of the code incompatible with the released code.. As bugs are found, therefore, the bug fixes create a new side branch from the main trunk.. When a new release is ready, the bug fixes applied to the side branches are reviewed to see whether they are relevant to the new code.. That is, it  ...   useless for the next revision.. Here's what it looks like:.. The revision numbers contain clues to the sort of release they are.. Releases along the main branch are numbered 2.. 20, 2.. 21, 2.. 22, 3.. 0 and so on.. The bug-fix releases are numbered starting at the point of departure: 2.. 21.. 1, 2.. 2, 2.. 3, and so on.. When bugs are fixed for the released software, the third part of the version number is incremented.. If features are added to the released software, the first or second part is incremented, depending on the scale of the changes.. So Version 2.. 3 turns into 2.. 4 if a bug fix is added, but might turn into 2.. 22 (or 2.. 22.. 0) if features are added as well.. It might also turn into version 3.. 0 if enough new features are added..

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  • Title: Using the SVN trunk, branches and tags to manage releases. | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Using the SVN trunk, branches and tags to manage releases.. Using the SVN trunk, branches and tags to manage releases.. == Requirements ==.. # Our group needs to be able to work on the software, including doing things that 'break' it to a certain degree.. # Other groups need access to stable versions of the current development software.. # Releases of the software need to be stable WRT features.. # A full release should be something like a quarterly event because it requires binaries and those are complex to make.. # We need to differentiate between beta versions, release candidates and releases.. == Parts ==.. # Modules: One of the components of hyrax.. # Hyrax project: A SVN thing that contains pointers to various versions of Modules.. # Trunk: Development takes place here.. # Trunk Tags: Places on the trunk that are ''stable'' (can be checked out as a set and will build).. # Trunk tags look like European dates (year.. month.. day).. # Branch: Releases are each on their own branch.. Each release of Hyrax is denoted by ''major''.. ''minor'' and for any release we might have several beta versions, several release candidates and then several final versions.. Ideally, there would be just one version, but reality often has other ideas.. # Branch tags: Places on the branch that mark beta versions, release candidates and the final version(s).. # Branch tags look like software version numbers of the form ''major''.. ''minor''.. ''change'' ''[modifier]'' where ''modifier'' is ''b'' for beta or ''rc'' for a release candidate.. == Process ==.. === The Hyrax/shrew project ===.. For each of the tagged trunk versions and branches, we will tag the individual components of shrew and then assemble them into a shrew project using svn links.. This way we can check out 'shrew' for a given trunk tag, branch, or one of the branch versions instead of making individual check outs for the different components.. The README file in the shrew project contains an explanation of just how to create the ''svn:externals'' needed for a particular instantiation of the shrew project.. === The BES and libdap: Special cases ===.. Because all of server's modules depends on the BES and libdap, these two pieces of software are singled out for special attention.. The following development rules apply to them:.. * A change in libdap or BES should be tested against the complete 'hyrax' build.. * No changes should be checked in unless the compilation succeeds.. * Changes that break tests should be checked in only if the new feature is expected to  ...   the latest set of features.. To facilitate this we will tag the trunk approximately every two weeks at places where all of the modules that currently make up Hyrax are thought to build together as a unit.. These tags will be given the date as the name of the tag, for example ''2009.. 09.. 02''.. These should use this form of the date since it sorts well in listings.. Groups that want a stable version of Hyrax without either using the most recent release branch or waiting for the next release should use one of these trunk tags.. === Release management ===.. When a certain feature set is complete, the software is ready for release.. A branch should be formed by tagging the software under the svn ''branch'' directory.. Each branch for a particular release should be named ''major''.. ''minor'' using the major and minor release numbers.. We will use tickets in Trac to sort out when the features for release are complete.. Each release will have a milestone (e.. g, Hyrax 1.. 6) and tickets for features that are to be part of that release will be added and marked as ''task'', ''enhancement'' or ''feature''.. When there are no more of those types of tickets left for a particular release milestone, we are likely ready for the first of several ''beta'' versions.. Beta versions are denoted by the suffix ''b''.. Once the number of ''defect'' tickets is low, we should start the ''release candidate'' versions.. Release candidate versions are denoted by the suffix ''rc1'', ''rc2'', et cetera.. Finally, once there are no known defects (or the known defects are truly obscure), we move on to ''final'' versions.. Each of versions (beta, release candidate and final) are marked by a tag of the same name as the version identifier.. === Updates to a single module in Hyrax After a Release is 'final' ===.. When we are working on Hyrax, it's often the case that the server is ready except for some lingering issue in one module.. We can make a final version of the release and get that out and then make a subsequent final version (1.. 5.. 2, 1.. 3,.. ) for just the updated handler.. Thus, when any component of the server changes and we feel those are important enough to send out to people, a new final version needs to be made for Hyrax (which means that a new entry in the /tags/hyrax directory needs to be made and then the various versions of components that make up that version need to be linked in there..

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  • Title: OPeNDAP Mailing Lists | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: QuickStart.. Support.. Documentation.. User Documentation.. Design Documentation.. Movies.. Project Documentation.. Available Clients.. Available Servers.. Workshops Presentations.. Sources of Data.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Mail Lists.. OPeNDAP Wiki.. › Mail Lists.. OPeNDAP Mailing Lists.. OPeNDAP encourages users to get involved.. Please feel free to join the lists below and learn about and contribute to OPeNDAP as much as you desire.. NOTE.. : At the start of December 2010 we switched from a mailman server to Google Groups.. Until we move the mailman archives into the Groups, we will have links to both on this page.. For information prior to Dec 2010, you wil have to search the old mailman Archives.. We apologize for the inconvenience.. The OPeNDAP support archive.. [.. Email OPeNDAP Support support at opendap.. org.. ] [.. Support rchive (before Dec 2010).. ][.. Group (Dec 2010 onward).. ].. This is an archive  ...   The OPeNDAP Announcements list.. ( opendap-announce at opendap.. Very Low Traffic [.. Announce Archives.. This list provides a way for us to contact users, and those who run our servers.. This is a very low-traffic list, only OPeNDAP can post to it and we will limit our posts to only those that contain very important time-sensitive information.. We are making these limits because we want everyone who uses our software to subscribe.. The other lists will carry the day-to-day traffic.. The OPeNDAP mailing list.. ( OPeNDAP at opendap.. Low Traffic [.. OPeNDAP Archives.. ] This list is for discussions of all things OPeNDAP: Data; Policy; and Community efforts.. It s fine to use this list to ask questions, but the.. support@opendap.. org.. email address is more appropriate for detailed questions and the.. opendap-tech.. list (below) is probably a better place for technical discussions..

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  • Title: I'm working on software checked out of SVN, how do I commit my changes to a new branch? | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: I m working on software checked out of SVN, how do I commit my changes to a new branch?.. Thu, 04/11/2013 - 14:22 —.. jimg.. Short answer: Use copy and then switch.. In the code you have - a local working copy - use svn copy to put  ...   new URL:.. svn copy.. new URL.. Then, still in the working directory, use svn switch :.. svn switch new URL.. This will create new URL in the repository, dump you stuff there and then switch the local copy so that subsequent svn commands use new URL.. to post comments..

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  • Title: How do I build the HDF4 library so that it will link with the Hyrax HDF4 handler? | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: How do I build the HDF4 library so that it will link with the Hyrax HDF4 handler?.. Fri, 06/08/2012 - 11:06 —.. To build hdf4 so that it will link with our handler you have to do several things just a little differently than a normal build.. Build the jpeg library specially.. Build the HDF4 library specially.. Optionally, build hdf-eos2.. Here s how:.. Assumption: $prefix is the root of a shrew source checkout.. If you re not using the shrew SVN project, then you should read the explanation.. The short version, without explanation:.. For jpeg-6b:.. /configure CFLAGS= -O2 -fPIC --prefix=$prefix/deps/jpeg-6b; make; make install.. For HDF4:.. /configure --disable-fortran --enable-production --enable-shared --disable-netcdf --with-jpeg=$prefix/src/dependencies/src/jpeg-6b,$prefix/src/dependencies/src/jpeg-6b --prefix=$prefix/deps/hdf-4.. 2.. 5; make; make install.. For hdf-eos2:.. /configure CC=/$prefix/deps/hdf-4.. 5/bin/h4cc --disable-fortran --enable-production --enable-install-include --with-pic --with-hdf4=$prefix/deps/hdf-4.. 5 --prefix=$prefix/deps/hdf-eos2; make; make install.. Now with more words:.. To build the jpeg library, get a fresh source distribution of the jpeg-6b source (later versions might work).. When you configure the jpeg source, set the environment variable CFLAGS like this CFLAGS= -O2 -fPIC.. You can do that all on one command line by running configure  ...   have; the others are simpley a good idea.. Again, this is for a copy of HDF4 that will be used only by the Hyrax server.. The configure command looks like:.. /configure --disable-fortran --enable-production --enable-shared --disable-netcdf --with-jpeg=/the/jpeg-6b/source/dir,/the/jpeg-6b/source/dir --prefix=$prefix.. Pay special attention to the --with-jpeg option s value: It is the path to the source directory, listed twice (if instead you list just one directory, hdf4 expects to find the lib in /path/lib and the includes in /path/include, so you ll have to make those dirs and copy the library and includes by hand).. Note that we don t recommend using the --with-szip option because few files use that and it will break linking with hdf-eos.. Once built, install the library and you re ready to build the handler or.. Build the hdf-eos2 library.. For this build you will need to tell configure to use a non-standard compiler and provide a fair number of other options.. You change compilers using a special value for the CC environment variable.. Here s how you run configure:.. /configure CC=/home/jimg/src/hyrax_1.. 8_release/deps/hdf-4.. 5/bin/h4cc --disable-fortran --enable-production --enable-install-include --with-pic --with-hdf4=/path/to/hdf4 --prefix=/path/for/hdf-eos2..

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  • Title: I tried autoreconf and it didn't work. What now? | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: I tried autoreconf and it didn t work.. What now?.. Thu, 03/08/2012 - 00:42 —.. You need very recent version of the auto tools.. Here s what I m using:.. [jimg@zoey libdap]$ autoconf --version autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.. 68 Written by David J.. MacKenzie and Akim Demaille.. [jimg@zoey libdap]$ automake --version automake (GNU automake) 1.. 11.. 1 Written by Tom Tromey tromey@redhat.. com.. [jimg@zoey libdap]$ libtool --version  ...   present, but generally the versions are old and in the way; update to new versions.. By default, the source packages build very easily and install into /usr/local/{bin,lib,.. } and will not break other things.. Make sure to add.. /usr/local/bin.. to $PATH in your shell startup script (likely.. ~/.. bashrc.. and also in environment.. plist if you want these to be accessible to programs started by/in the Finder..

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  • Title: I just checked code out of svn, but there's no configure script. How do I get one? | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: I just checked code out of svn, but there s no configure script.. How do I get one?.. Thu, 03/08/2012 - 00:41 —.. Short answer: build it from configure.. ac.. Useful answer: You ll need to use.. autoreconf.. (which is part of the.. autoconf.. package) to create the configure script.. The autoreconf tool will also run all the other auto tools like.. automake.. ,.. aclocal.. , et c.. , and do so in the correct order.. So the  ...   often useful.. Once you ve run autoreconf, you should have a.. configure.. script and.. Makefile.. in.. files.. Each project that uses autoconf has one configure/.. ac script in the top directory.. There will be one Makefile/.. am/.. in set for each directory.. Once you ve run autoreconf and configure once, the Makefiles that are created know how to run the auto tools when various things like a Makefile.. am changes.. Resit the temptation to check generated files into svn..

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  • Title: How do you know which version number to use when undeleting? | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: How do you know which version number to use when undeleting?.. The easiest way is to look at the log.. However, if you ask for the log of an item just deleted, svn will tell you the item is no longer under version control.. Instead of using the  ...   so does not exist), use the full URL to that file in svn (where all of its previous version still exist).. Here s what to do:.. [jimg@zoey libdap]$ svn log.. https://scm.. opendap.. org/svn/trunk/libdap/NEWS.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r11906 | root | 2005-08-08 13:51:43 -0600 (Mon, 08 Aug 2005) | 1 line..

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  • Title: How do I undelete a file? | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: How do I undelete a file?.. Thu, 03/08/2012 - 00:40 —.. If you delete a file using.. svn rm.. , then use the copy command to ressurect it.. Note that after using.. you need to use.. svn ci.. to commit that change.. Until then, the file is  ...   have no affect.. So first, complete the deletion and then use.. copy.. as follows:.. [jimg@zoey libdap]$ svn rm NEWS D NEWS [jimg@zoey libdap]$ svn ci NEWS Deleting NEWS [jimg@zoey libdap]$ svn copy -r 11906.. NEWS A NEWS [jimg@zoey libdap]$ svn ci NEWS Adding NEWS Committed revision 11934..

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