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  • Title: POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network | Investigating the polar regions from the inside out
    Descriptive info: .. POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network | Investigating the polar regions from the inside out.. Go to Top.. Investigating the polar regions from the inside out.. Home.. About.. Projects.. Sites.. Photos.. Data.. Technology.. Links.. Blog.. In the News.. Contact.. POLENET GPS monument at Bennett Nunatak, Antarctica (Photo Credit: David Saddler, 2012).. POLENET is a global network dedicated to observing the polar regions in a changing world.. The project focuses on collecting GPS and seismic data from autonomous systems deployed at remote sites spanning much of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets.. GPS and seismic measurements together provide a means to answer critical questions about ice sheet behavior in a warming world.. The unprecedented scale of the POLENET sensor network will allow investigation of systems-scale interactions of the solid earth, the cryosphere, the oceans and the atmosphere.. POLENET data  ...   of the day.. IRIS Intern.. July 7, 2014.. 0 Comments.. 1 Like.. I’m happy to report that our IRIS Intern Emma Myers has now arrived in Colorado from Western Washington U.. and is already off to a great start on the Antarctic POLENET seismicity project.. We are making good progress with the USGS NEIC so far on Antarctic seismic data queuing and software development.. Nicole is working.. Read More.. Heading South to head home by Eric Kendrick.. March 5, 2014.. 5 Likes.. Eric at South Pole on 24 Jan 2014.. Amundsen-Scott station is in the background.. The photo of me standing on my head doing my Atlas impersonation didn t turn out, so I need to go back.. It was relatively warm, -18 F, only a few degrees colder than Columbus, which was -11 F last night.. © POLENET..

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  • Title: Projects | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network
    Descriptive info: Projects | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network.. Projects.. POLENET scientists loading a Twin Otter plane in front of Patriot Hills, Antarctica (Photo Credit: Stephanie Sherman, 2008).. A-NET.. G-NET.. GAMSEIS.. LAP-NET.. Long-Term Network.. POLENET aims to drastically improve the coverage of geophysical observatons in our polar regions.. The label 'geophysical observation' can be applied to large multi-instrument or single-sensor sites, consisting of a variety of instrumentation suites designed to probe the terrestrial and space environments.. Global Positioning Systems  ...   as part of POLENET.. However, the POLENET umbrella also includes data acquired at magnetic observatories for earth applications, gravity and absolute gravity stations, tide-gauge sites, and other types of geodetic observations.. Use the links to the left to browse the projects that together make up the POLENET consortium.. Quick Facts.. Planning Legacy.. Expected Outcomes.. Media.. Logos.. Presentation Slides.. Media Guide.. Posters.. Education Outreach.. Meet the Researchers.. Video Podcasts.. Isostatic Rebound Activity.. Interactive Exploration.. Science Support.. Publications.. Equipment.. Meetings Events..

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  • Title: Sites | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network
    Descriptive info: Sites | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network.. Sites.. Enjoying the view atop the Transantarctic Mountains at Mt Coates (Photo Credit: David Saddler, 2012).. ANET GPS and Seismic Site Map.. Download high-res.. [PDF].. For additional information and photos of each site, click on the.. Site Name.. below.. Site ID.. latitude.. longitude.. Station Type.. Backer Island.. BACK.. -74.. 4304.. -102.. 4779.. GPS only.. Bear Peninsula.. BERP/BEAR.. 5459.. -111.. 8846.. co-located.. Bennett Nunatak.. BENN.. -84.. 7865.. -116.. 4598.. Brimstone Peak.. BRIP.. -75.. 7957.. 158.. 4691.. Butcher Ridge.. BURI.. -79.. 1474.. 155.. 8942.. BYRD/ST05.. BYRD.. -80.. 0169.. -119.. 4732.. seismic only.. Cape Roberts.. ROB4.. -77.. 0344.. 163.. 1901.. Cape Surprise.. SURP.. 7199.. -171.. 2021.. Clark Mountains.. CLRK.. 3401.. -141.. 8738.. Cordiner Peak.. CRDI/DUFK.. -82.. 8615.. -53.. 1991.. Deverall Island.. DEVI/DEVL.. -81.. 4767.. 161.. 9771.. Fallone Nunataks.. FALL.. -85.. 3064.. -143.. 6317.. Fishtail Point.. FTP4/FISH.. -78.. 9277.. 162.. 5647.. Franklin Island.. FIE0.. -76.. 1643.. 168.. 3817.. Haag Nunatak.. HAAG.. 038.. 2871.. Howard Nunatak.. HOWN/HOWD.. 528.. -86.. 7673.. Iggy Ridge.. IGGY/MILR.. -83.. 3072.. 156.. 2498.. Inman Nunatak.. INMN.. 8209.. -98.. 8805.. Kohler Glacier.. KHLR/KOLR.. 1546.. -120.. 7287.. Lepley Nunatak.. LPLY.. -73.. 1111.. -90.. 2992.. Lonewolf Nunatak.. LWN0/LONW.. 3459.. 152.. 7316.. Lower Thwaites Glacier.. LTHW/DNTW.. 4583.. -107.. 782.. Minna Bluff.. MIN0.. 6503.. 167.. 1637.. Mt Bumstead.. BUMS.. 961..  ...   SIPL.. 6405.. -148.. 9554.. Stewart Hills.. STEW.. 187.. 2473.. Thurston Island.. THUR.. 5301.. -97.. 5596.. Toney Mountain.. TOMO.. 8019.. -114.. 6618.. Union Glacier.. UNGL.. 774667.. 524.. Upper Thwaites Glacier.. UTHW/UPTW.. 5821.. -109.. 0439.. WAIS Divide.. WAIS.. 4181.. 7777.. Westhaven Nunatak.. WHN0.. 8457.. 154.. 2201.. Whichaway Nunataks.. WWAY/WAWA.. 577.. -28.. 4027.. Whitmore Mountains.. WHTM/WHIT.. 6832.. -104.. 3932.. Wilson Nunatak.. WILN.. 0398.. 5579.. N140.. 0086.. 96.. 7692.. ALYS.. 3549.. -23.. 7342.. P061.. 4996.. 77.. 2238.. SWEI.. 9858.. 129.. 3603.. AGO1.. 8596.. 6121.. AGO3.. 75.. 28.. 58.. CAPGIA/iSTAR-D Networks.. Mt Johns.. MTJN.. 627016.. -91.. 281283.. Mt Woolard.. WLRD.. 54413.. -96.. 63765.. MELM.. 19085.. 49973.. BREN.. 69.. -61.. 33.. ROTB.. -67.. 571.. 126.. Traverse Mountains.. TRVE.. -69.. 989.. 555.. Welch Mountains.. WLCH.. -70.. 729.. -63.. 82.. Jensen Nunataks.. JNSN.. 076.. 102.. Hutton Mountains.. HTTN.. 08.. 731.. Gomez Nunatak.. GOMZ.. 885.. 536.. Mt McKibben.. MCKB.. 276.. -65.. 603.. HNKL.. 835.. 903.. Bean Peaks.. BEAN.. 956.. 302.. LARISSA Network.. Cape Framnes.. CAPF.. 0121.. -60.. 5584.. Duthiers Point.. DUPT.. -64.. 805.. -62.. 817.. Flask Glacier.. FLSK.. 7534.. 882.. Foyn Point.. FONP.. 245.. 647.. Hugo Island.. HUGO.. 963.. 668.. Leppard Glacier.. LPRD.. 9528.. 8851.. Palmer Station.. PALM.. 775.. 051.. Robertson Island.. ROBI.. 247.. -59.. 445.. Spring Point.. SPGT.. 294975.. 0537.. Vernadsky Station.. VNAD.. 246.. 254.. Prospect Point.. PSPT.. 016667.. 35..

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  • Title: Photos | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network
    Descriptive info: Photos | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network.. Photos.. Twin Otter and GPS station at Cordiner Peak (Photo Credit: Jeremy Miner, 2011).. Field Sites.. People.. In the Field.. Scenery.. POLENET Field Sites.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4..

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  • Title: Data | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network
    Descriptive info: Data | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network.. Data.. LINKS WITHIN THIS PAGE DO NOT NECESSAIRILY LINK TO DATA COLLECTED UNDER POLENET.. GPS.. Data may be searched and accessed using the.. UNAVCO Data Archive Interface.. Seismic.. IRIS DMC MetaData Aggregator.. Gravity.. Data may be searched and accessed through the.. International Gravimetric Bureau..

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  • Title: Technology | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network
    Descriptive info: Technology | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network.. Technology.. GNET GPS monument in southeast Greenland (Photo Credit: Jeremy Miner).. A Historical Perspective.. Early remote instrument deployments in the polar regions were limited by the necessity for a power grid source.. Using technology for self-powered instruments is dramatically expanding the scale of territory that can be measured.. For example, current A-NET deployments for the 2009-2010 season span a region that is roughly equivalent to the area of the United States east of the Mississippi River.. Autonomous  ...   months when sunlight is abundant.. In the winter months, however, when the poles are covered in constant darkness, wind power becomes important and the solar energy previously stored in battery banks is used to power the stations.. Communication satellites are used to transmit GPS data from the remote sites to the scientists.. The voluminous seismic data, however, must still be collected by returning to the stations.. Think you can build your own polar power system? Play our game to find out!.. Launch game now »..

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  • Title: Links | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network
    Descriptive info: Links | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network.. Links.. Sleeping tent at ALE's Union Glacier Camp, nestled in the Ellsworth Mountains (Photo Credit: Jeremy Miner, 2011).. POLENET Blogs:.. http://www.. polarfield.. com/blog/friends/ ».. http://skonfal.. blogspot.. com/ ».. General:.. International Polar Year, IPY 2007-2008 ».. U.. S Government's Web Portal for IPY ».. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) ».. Byrd Polar Research Center ».. Related Field Programs:.. TransAntarctic Mountains Seismic Experiment - TAMSEIS ».. Seismic Structure of the Continent Under Antarctica - SSCUA ».. GPS Links:.. IAG, International Association of Geodesy ».. UNAVCO ».. Seismology:.. PASSCAL ».. International Project Websites:.. Argentina.. Antarctic Seismographic Argentinean Italian Network (ASAIN).. dna.. gov.. ar.. ogs.. trieste.. it..  ...   in Antarctica).. http://homepage.. oma.. be/lombardi/.. Canada.. HuBLE – Hudson Bay Lithospheric Experiment.. http://www1.. gly.. bris.. ac.. uk/~jmk/HuBLE/home.. North American Reference Frame (NAREF), Arctic tide gauge network, and Northern Energy Development/Mackenzie Valley Pipeline.. naref.. org/.. France.. Concordia, Antarctica, Seismic Experiment for the International Polar Year (CASE-IPY).. http://case.. u-strasbg.. fr.. Italy.. Permanent seismic observatories in Antarctica.. http://antartica.. bo.. ingv.. it/.. Japan.. Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition: JARE.. http://polaris.. nipr.. jp/~pseis/.. jp/~pseis/garnet/.. The Antarctica`s GAmburtsev Province.. http://epsc.. wustl.. edu/seismology/GAMSEIS/index.. GAmburtsev Mountain SEISmic experiment (AGAP / GAMSEIS; IPY # 147).. ldeo.. columbia.. edu/~mstuding/AGAP/.. Related:.. United States Antarctic Program (USAP) ».. Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) ».. The Ohio State University ».. The Nest Check Project »..

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  • Title: Blog | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network | Investigating the polar regions from the inside out
    Descriptive info: Blog | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network | Investigating the polar regions from the inside out.. POLENET Blog.. Wind scoop at Lonewolf Nunatak, Antarctica (Photo Credit: David Saddler, 2012).. Wilson Nunatak maintenance vist by Eric Kendrick.. 3 Likes.. Wilson Nunatak GPS station maintenance, 01 Jan 2014.. We stopped by here on the way back to Union Glacier after finishing work at Howard Nunataks earlier in the day.. Howard Nunatak vist by Eric Kendrick.. Howard Nunataks GPS and seismic station maintenance, 01 Jan 2014.. Pirrit Hills Install by Eric Kendrick.. 2 Likes.. The new GPS station installed at Pirrit Hills Antarctica on 30 Dec 2013.. Crevasse rescue training 24 Dec 2013 by Eric Kendrick.. We spent the day training how to rescue ourselves or someone else if they fall into a crevasse especially important to brush up on this since we intend to install six new GPS stations this year and so will be exploring some new territory, not just visiting sites where we ve been before.. Mt.. Coates 23 Dec 2013 by Eric Kendrick.. Trip to upgrade equipment at the Mt.. Coates GPS station on 23 Dec 2013..  ...   our fuel from McMurdo to Union Camp by dog sled (By the way, we have used dog sleds to reach a GPS station in Greenland).. We have 22,000.. 2013-2014 Season work by Eric Kendrick.. Map showing our project s GPS and seismic stations.. I ve drawn a red line around the area where we will be working in the next few weeks.. Union Glacier Camp is shown by a red star over on the left.. McMurdo Station, where I am now, is marked by a gray star at the bottom right.. 2011-2012 Field Season Photos collected by Rachel Gesserman.. December 28, 2011.. The 2011-2012 POLENET season is underway and off to a great start.. This year the team will be working out of McMurdo Station, Byrd Camp, and ALE Union Glacier Camp in order to install 4 GPS sites, remove 13 seismic stations, and maintenance 31 GPS and 22 seismic sites throughout the West Antarctic ice sheet.. Older posts.. Search for:.. Recent Posts.. Recent Comments.. Archives.. July 2014.. March 2014.. December 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. November 2010.. October 2010.. Categories.. Uncategorized.. Meta.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress.. org..

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  • Title: In the News | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network
    Descriptive info: In the News | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network.. In the News.. Basler and GPS station at Lepley Nunatak (Photo Credit: Jeremy Miner, 2011).. Active Volcano Discovered Under Ice Sheet in West Antarctica.. 18 November 2013.. S.. seismologists have made a surprising discovery near Mount Sidley in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica – an active volcano smoldering under 1.. 2 km thick ice.. sci-news.. com/othersciences/geophysics/science-active-volcano-west-antarctica-01555.. Volcano under Antarctic ice may erupt, accelerate melting.. 17 November 2013.. A newly discovered volcano rumbling beneath nearly a mile of ice in Antarctica will almost certainly erupt at some point in the future, according to a new study.. Such an event could accelerate the flow of ice into the sea and push up the already rising global sea levels.. nbcnews.. com/science/science-news/volcano-under-antarctic-ice-may-erupt-accelerate-melting-f2D11603371.. Ice loss pushing Antarctica side-wards half an inch per year, according to GPS recordings.. 13 December 2013.. Heavy ice loss in West Antarctica has weakened it mantle underneath, allowing the stronger East Antarctica mantle to push it around, according to Ohio State University researchers.. The discovery was made after recording GPS measurements, which clearly showed that the West Antarctic bedrock is being pushed at an alarming rate of half an inch per year.. http://en.. mercopress.. com/2013/12/13/ice-loss-pushing-antarctica-side-wards-half-an-inch-per-year-according-to-gps-recordings.. East Antarctica is sliding sideways: Ice loss on West Antarctica affecting mantle flow below.. 11 December 2013.. It's official: East Antarctica is pushing West Antarctica around.. Now that West Antarctica is losing weight—that is, billions of tons of.. ice.. per year—its softer mantle rock is being nudged westward by the harder mantle beneath East Antarctica.. Read more at:.. http://phys.. org/news/2013-12-east-antarctica-sideways-ice-loss.. html#jCp.. The Battle for the North Pole: Melting Ice Brings Competition for Resources.. Spiegel Online.. 19 September 2008.. Climate change is freeing the Arctic of ice -- and spurring a global competition for the natural resources stored beneath.. Countries that border the sea are staking new territorial claims and oil giants are dispatching geologists.. But what will the tug-of-war mean for the indigenous people and wildlife?.. spiegel.. de/international/world/0,1518,579265,00.. Researchers brave Antarctica's wind, chill, to track climate change at the bottom of the world.. The Columbus Dispatch.. 12 January 2008..  ...   against months of unrelenting darkness to install sites that will monitor the West Antarctic Ice Sheet in a study that could prove integral to the understanding of the melting ice caps.. So far the team has coped with everything from freezing temperatures to heavy gear and time constraints.. As Ice Melts, Antarctic Bedrock is On the Move.. COLUMBUS, Ohio -- As ice melts away from Antarctica, parts of the continental bedrock are rising in response -- and other parts are sinking, scientists have discovered.. The finding will give much needed perspective to satellite instruments that measure ice loss on the continent, and help improve estimates of future sea level rise.. These results are being derived from the building of POLENET, a growing network of Global positioning system (GPS) trackers and seismic sensors implanted in the bedrock beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS), reoccupying sites previously measured by the West Antarctic GPS Network (WAGN) and the Transantarctic Mountains Deformation (TAMDEF) network.. As Alaska Glaciers Melt, It's Land That's Rising.. 16 May 2009.. JUNEAU, Alaska - Global warming conjures images of rising seas that threaten coastal areas.. But in Juneau, as almost nowhere else in the world, climate change is having the opposite effect: As the glaciers here melt, the land is rising, causing the sea to retreat.. POLENET featured on radio program 'Earth and Sky'.. 9 March 2009.. Listen to POLENET's lead scientist on this weeks radio short program 'Earth and Sky'.. Earth and Sky is heard 14 million times a day.. Listen now ».. ICE STORIES: Pulse of the Poles.. The vast ice fields of Antarctica and Greenland cloak many mysteries of how the underlying bedrock has responded to the growth and retreat of crushing ice sheets.. Up to now, scientists have gleaned slivers of insight by collecting seasonal data from exposed mountain ranges and isolated rocky outcroppings, called nunataks.. During the International Polar Year, scientists and engineers from 28 countries are instrumenting the length and breadth of Antarctica and Greenland to form a network of sensors, called POLENET (Polar Earth Observing Network) that will continuously monitor the earth beneath the ice..

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  • Title: Contact | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network
    Descriptive info: Contact | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network.. Contact.. Field team at the Howard Nunatak GPS site in Antarctica (Photo Credit: Jeremy Miner, 2011).. Contact Us.. Your Name:.. Your Email Address:.. Your Message:..

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  • Title: Photo of the Day | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network
    Descriptive info: Photo of the Day | POLENET: The Polar Earth Observing Network.. Photo of the Day.. Emma Myers, Dr.. Rick Aster and graduate student Nicole Hoffman working on POLENET/ANET seismic data.. POLENET team members participate in field training at the UNAVCO facility in Boulder, CO.. Jeremy Minor enjoys a calm day in Antarctica.. 2013 GNET helicopter..

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