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  • Title: Philip Kerr
    Descriptive info: .. Philip Kerr.. biography.. news.. Tour.. Prayer.. now available.. Amazon.. Barnes Noble.. Books-A-Million.. IndieBound.. iBook.. Welcome.. Philip Kerr is the author of more than 20 books, including seven Bernie Gunther novels, several standalone thrillers, and six books in the young-adult series Children of the Lamp under the pen name of P.. B.. Kerr.. In 2009, he won the British Crime Writers' Association Ellis Peters Historical Fiction Award and Spain's RBA International Prize for Crime Writing for his Bernie Gunther series.. A former advertising copywriter who released his first book in 1989 and in 1993 was named one of.. Granta.. magazine's Best Young British Novelists, he now divides his time between London and Cornwall.. Mailing List.. Prewar Berlin Inspires Crime Novelist's Dark Side.. by Eric Westervelt August 13, 2009.. NPR's "Crime in the City" series on.. Morning Edition.. Eric Westervelt and Philip Kerr Vist Berlin's New Synagogue.. by Eric Westervelt August 13, 2009.. About Bernie Gunther.. He's sardonic, tough-talking, and cynical, but he does have a rough sense of humor and a rougher sense of right and wrong.. Partly that's because he is a true Berliner.. Partly it's the result of life experiences.. He was a sergeant in the Great War (like Hitler,  ...   saw just about every form of deviance, corruption, and gratuitous violence before he jumped ship in '33, when the National Socialists took over and began purging the force of all non-party members.. He was a Kriminalinspektor with a serious reputation before he quit, and he never lost the contacts he made.. They have been useful in his new, private role.. He's Bernie Gunther.. He drinks too much, smokes excessively, and is somewhat overweight (but a Russian prisoner of war camp will take care of those bad habits).. He's a hero for our time just as he was in these thrillers.. Beginning in Germany in the thirties, the seven Gunther novels have reached beyond the horrors of the Nazi regime, when the lunatics were running the asylum, through the viciousness of the Eastern Front, to the postwar world of starvation and exploitation, and on to the Cold War's double dealing and ruthless disregard for morality or human life.. Bernie is an equal-opportunity hater: the Ivans, the Frogs, the Brits, the Amis, and certainly the Krauts-because he's seen them all in action and knows the blackness of their souls.. He's also a brave man, because when there is nothing left to lose, honor rules..

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  • Title: Biography
    Descriptive info: Biography.. photo The Scotsman.. Philip Kerr was born in Edinburgh and read Law at university.. Having learned nothing as an undergraduate lawyer he stayed on as postgraduate and read Law and Philosophy, most of this German, which was when and where he first became interested in German twentieth century history and, in particular, the Nazis.. Following university he worked as a copywriter at a number of advertising agencies, including Saatchi & Saatchi, during which time he wrote no advertising slogans of any note.. He spent most of his time in advertising researching an idea he'd had for a novel about a Berlin-based policeman, in 1936.. And following several trips to Germany - and a great deal of walking around mean streets of Berlin - his first novel, March Violets, was published in 1989 and introduced the world to Bernie Gunther.. "I loved Berlin before the wall came down; I'm pretty fond of the place now, but back then it was perhaps the most atmospheric city on earth.. Having a dark, not to say black sense of humour myself, it's always been somewhere I  ...   Gunther after a gap of sixteen years, with The One from the Other (2007).. Says Kerr, "I never intended to leave such a large gap between Book 3 and Book 4; a lot of other stuff just got in the way; and I feel kind of lucky that people are still as interested in this guy as I am.. If anything I'm more interested in him now than I was back in the day.. " Two more novels followed, A Quiet Flame (2008) and If the Dead Rise Not (2009).. Field Gray is perhaps his most ambitious novel yet that features Bernie Gunther.. Crossing a span of more than twenty years, it takes Bernie from Cuba, to New York, to Landsberg Prison in Germany where he vividly describes a story that covers his time in Paris, Toulouse, Minsk, Konigsberg, and his life as a German POW in Soviet Russia.. Kerr is already working on an eighth title in the series.. "I don't know how long I can keep doing them; I'll probably write one too many; but I don't feel that's happened yet.. "..

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  • Title: News
    Descriptive info: News.. Ft.. Worth Star Telegram interview with Philip Kerr.. http://www.. star-telegram.. com/2013/04/10/4765185/a-man-without-breath-puts-bernie.. html.. Mystery Scene Magazine interviews Philip Kerr.. mysteryscenemag.. com/index.. php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3083:philip-kerr-wwii-an.. Philip Kerr appears on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.. Segment begins at 29:30 mark.. youtube.. com/watch?v=Unak1w62FOE.. Prague Fatale featured on NPR's Weekend Edition.. Philip Kerr's latest novel, Prague Fatale, was featured on NPR's Weekend Edition.. Listen to the story here:..  ...   of 2011.. theedgars.. com/nominees.. html#best.. FIELD GRAY selected as one of Publishers Weekly's Best Books of 2011 (Mystery/Thriller).. publishersweekly.. com/pw/best-books/2011/mystery#book/book-6.. FIELD GRAY named one of The Washington Post's 50 Notable Fiction Books of 2011.. washingtonpost.. com/entertainment/books/notable-fiction-of-2011/2011/11/02/gIQAMzLfiO_stor.. Wall Street Journal Feature.. Read the outstanding feature on Philip Kerr in the Wall Street Journal.. http://online.. wsj.. com/article/SB10001424052748703806304576243254215369460.. Book Page's Meet The Writers Q A.. http://bookpage.. com/sites/default/files/March172011252pmMTAphilipkerr.. jpg..

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  • Title: Tour
    Descriptive info: Schedule.. Philip will be appearing at the following venues to promote the launch of the new book..

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  • Title: PRAYER
    Descriptive info: PRAYER.. From New York Times-bestselling author Philip Kerr comes an amazing departure: an intense psychological thriller, sure to garner even more acclaim for this powerhouse author on the rise.. Gil Martins, an agent with the FBI s Domestic Terrorism Unit in Houston, confronts the violence generated by extremism within our nation s borders every day.. He sees hatred and destruction wrought by every kind of ism there is, and the zealots who kill in their names.. Until now, he has always been a part of the solution however imperfect a part of justice.. But when Gil discovers he played a key role in wrongly condemning an innocent man to death row, it shakes his faith in  ...   cope with his ever-growing, ever-creeping doubts.. His problems become more than personal as things heat up in Houston.. A serial killer terrorizing the morally righteous turns out to have religious motivations, upping the case from homicide to domestic terrorism.. A number of prominent secular icons die or are grievously injured abruptly and under suspicious circumstances, the latest of which is a New Atheist writer who s fallen into an inexplicable coma.. Left and right, it seems Gil can t escape the power of God and murder.. As Gil investigates both cases, he realizes that there may be a connection answering his prayers in a most terrifying way.. Buy the book.. Barns Noble.. Books a Million.. Indie Bound..

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  • Title: A Man Without Breath
    Descriptive info: A Man Without Breath.. From the national bestselling author of Prague Fatale, a powerful new thriller that returns Bernie Gunther, our sardonic Berlin cop, to the Eastern Front.. Berlin, March 1943.. A month has passed since the stunning defeat at Stalingrad.. Though Hitler insists Germany is winning the war, commanders on the ground know better.. Morale is low, discipline at risk.. Now word has reached Berlin of a Red massacre of Polish officers in the Katyn Forest near Smolensk.. If true, the message it would send to the troops is clear: Fight on or risk certain death.. For once, both the Wehrmacht and Propaganda Minister Goebbels want the same thing: irrefutable evidence of this Russian atrocity.. To the Wehrmacht, such proof will soften the reality of its own war crimes in the eyes of the victors.. For Goebbels, such proof could turn the tide of war by destroying the Alliance, cutting Russia off from its western supply lines.. Both parties agree that the ensuing investigation must be overseen by a professional trained in sifting evidence and interrogating witnesses.. Anything that smells of incompetence or tampering will defeat their purposes.. And so Bernie Gunther is dispatched to Smolensk, where truth is as much a victim of war as those  ...   in this mix is a cunning and savage killer who has left a trail of bloody victims.. This is no psycho case.. This is a man with motive enough to kill and skills enough to leave no trace of himself.. Bad luck that in this war zone, such skills are two-a-penny.. Somehow Bernie must put a face to this killer before he puts an end to Bernie.. Reviews.. Kerr's sardonic vision always encompasses wry humor, even amid the horrors of war.. Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review.. This is the most intelligent brand of crime fiction, and there is moral complexity here in spades.. The Daily Beast.. A MAN WITHOUT BREATH is a masterful accomplishment that delivers a gripping mystery wrapped around meticulously researched history.. It brings the deadly past to life.. AZ Central.. Kerr just keeps raising the ante with this series.. And this is the best book yet.. Dayton Daily News.. (Kerr) is absolute master of the genre; no one writing in English beats him, not even Alan Furst.. Shepherd Express.. Kerr masterfully explores morality's shadowy gray edge.. Kirkus Reviews.. Kerr makes everything look easy, from blending history with a clever and intricate whodunit plot to powerful descriptions of cruelty.. Publishers Weekly (starred review)..

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  • Title: Prague Fatale
    Descriptive info: Prague Fatale.. September 1941: Reinhard Heydrich is hosting a gathering to celebrate his appointment as Reichsprotector of Czechoslovakia.. He has chosen his guests with care.. All are high-ranking Party members and each is a suspect in a crime as yet to be committed: the murder of Heydrich himself.. Indeed, a murder does occur, but the victim is a young adjutant on Heydrich s staff, found dead in his room, the door and windows bolted from the inside.. Anticipating foul play, Heydrich had already ordered Bernie Gunther to Prague.. After more than a decade in Berlin's Kripo, Bernie had jumped ship as the Nazis came to power, setting himself up as a private detective.. But Heydrich, who managed to subsume Kripo into his own SS operations, has forced Bernie back to police work.. Now, searching for the killer, Gunther must pick through the lives of some of the Reich s most odious officials.. A perfect locked-room mystery.. But because Philip Kerr is a master of the sleight of hand, Prague Fatale is also a tense political thriller: a complex tale of spies, partisan terrorists, vicious infighting, and a turncoat traitor situated in the upper reaches of the Third Reich.. kindle.. nook.. Kerr elevates Prague Fatale from a standard  ...   Poirot might have encountered.. After an initially playful approach, Kerr steers his country house mystery into the darker territory of a political thriller - the kind of locked room from which there really is no way out.. Rather than a cup of tea, reach for a stiff single malt as Kerr's haunting and disturbing images evoke the darkest moments of Nazi terror in this trenchant, melancholy thriller, the eighth in the Bernie Gunther series.. Kansas City Star.. [Kerr] is absolute master of the genre; no one writing in English bests him, not David Downing or Jonathan Rabb, not even Alan Furst.. Lovers of literature should learn to love Bernie.. Louisville Courier-Journal.. One of the finest entries yet in Kerr's series of Bernie Gunther historical thrillers.. Stellar.. Kerr effectively works dark humor into Gunther's weary narration, and the ending packs the wicked bite his readers have come to anticipate.. Publishers Weekly.. Kerr has written close to a dozen novels featuring Gunther and has yet to write a bad one.. His latest is a grim, gripping, and almost overwhelmingly dark and brooding tale of life in the decaying Reich as Nazi Germany lurches toward its ultimate destruction.. Although part of a series, Prague Fatale stands alone quite well.. Library Journal..

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  • Title: Field Gray
    Descriptive info: Field Gray.. Read an excerpt.. Meet one of the great protagonists in thriller literature.. Bernie is a tough-talking cop who spent eleven years as a homicide detective in Berlin s Kripo, where he witnessed just about every form of deviance, corruption, and gratuitous violence known to man.. In 1933, as the National Socialists took power and began purging non party members from the force, he jumped ship and set himself up as a private detective.. He d had a wife but lost her to the influenza pandemic, and he s had a roving eye ever since, but not much luck in long-term relationships.. It s hard to have long-term relationships in Nazi Germany when so many people keep disappearing.. Still, that s been good for business.. But in 1940, Heydrich dragoons him into the SS, and garbed in its field gray uniform, Bernie soon finds himself deep in the bloodbath that is the Eastern Front.. Spanning twenty-five tumultuous years encompassing street riots in Berlin in 1931 and Germany s invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, the fall of France in 1940 and the German defeat at Stalingrad Field Gray strides across the killing fields of Europe, ultimately arriving at a divided Germany, where former allies are now at one another s throats.. It is the height of the Cold War: nothing is what it purports to be, and no one is to be trusted.. Because Bernie knows uncomfortable things, secret things, he has become a marked man.. He has also become cunning in the arts of deception.. Maybe his time in a Russian POW camp taught him that.. As Bernie plays his enemies off one against another, he enters a tournament of wits in which nothing less than life is the prize.. Bernie is still cracking wise, but the jokes are more mordant in this brave new world, in which the ends justify the means and expediency trumps everything.. Google books.. Sony.. kobo.. FIELD GRAY is a finalist for the Edgar Award for Best Novel of 2011.. Mystery Writers of America.. The Washington Post.. FIELD GRAY named one of the Best Books of 2011 (Mystery/Thriller) by Publishers Weekly.. Bernie Gunther is a wise-cracking homicide detective, but in his world, the bad guys he moves among aren't a gumshoe's ordinary adversaries.. In Philip Kerr's history-based crime thrillers, the setting is Nazi Germany [and] Gunther-s adversaries--whom he must not just battle but also accommodate in order to survive--include the likes of SS Reichfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, architect of the Holocaust, [and] the evil is not consigned to the back of the stage.. It's everywhere, and Gunther's moments of heroism are unavoidably tinged with moral ambiguity.. Steve Dougherty, The Wall Street Journal.. Field Gray is the best of a brilliant and beautifully written series, but don't start it first.. Start at the beginning with the Berlin Noir trilogy and stay for the full course.. Margaret Cannon, Toronto Globe Mail.. Gunther has a conscience that forces him to make some morally ambiguous decisions.. And that's mainly what Field Gray is all about: where we draw the line on good versus evil when our own safety looks shaky.. Watching Gunther draw those lines is especially interesting because, on the surface, he's a cynical, wise-cracking cop.. But underneath, he lives by strict moral standards---except when circumstances dictate otherwise.. Time and again, Gunther will make readers sit up with surprise.. Harry Levins, St.. Louis Post-Dispatch.. Field Gray is the darkest and most disturbing of Philip Kerr's novels featuring Bernie Gunther.. The Bernie Gunther who evolves through the double-crosses and derring-do of Field Gray is heroic and deeply conflicted.. Shades of the moral ambiguity of some of Graham Greene's or John le Carre's more memorable characters are here, as is the spirit of Raymond Chandler's knight-errant, Philip Marlowe.. Kerr's ability to blend the elements of mystery and spy thriller into one satisfying package means Field Gray the best in a long line of great entries in the series, one that should lift its author to new levels of popular and critical acclaim even as it ushers its flawed knight-errant into the Cold War.. Los Angeles Times.. The great strength of the novel is Kerr's overpowering portrait of the war's horrors.. The glue holding it all together is Bernie himself, our battered, defiant German Everyman.. Bernie's a-plague-on-all-your-houses mind-set  ...   wrote Mein Kampf, conversing with the Fuhrer s ghost).. Though there is no shortage of crimes in this book, it all but leaves the conventions of crime writing behind to do something more complex and perhaps more satisfying.. The Scotsman.. This is the seventh outing for Kerr s laconic, skeptical German policeman Bernie Gunther whose life in Germany before, during and after World War II has exquisitely illuminated the first six novels.. Kerr s attention to detail and command of the intricacies of German history has made Gunther one of the great creations of modern thriller writing.. Every book is rich, compelling, beautifully written and with a central character that it s impossible not to admire.. Daily Mail.. With great audacity, Kerr junks all the usual suspense techniques in a narrative that is less to do with a body count than with the protagonist s collusion with his corrupt society.. What is more, in FIELD GREY the reader is asked to draw his or her own conclusions.. It is a daring (perhaps foolhardy) move, but Kerr has shown that he is not averse to such risk-taking.. The new book may downplay the tension of earlier Gunther offerings, but its aspirations are markedly higher.. The novel deals with his hero s military service in the SS.. Kerr has not revealed this side of Gunther before perhaps because it would risk alienating readers.. There is a price to pay for revealing this part of Gunther s career.. It would be safer to distance the protagonist from his monstrous bosses but Kerr eschews the easy option and invites us to make up our own minds about Gunther s compromised actions.. Bernie is a member of the SS and kills partisans but we are reminded that the partisans were killing German soldiers.. It is a brave tactic, but a measure of Kerr s skill that such ambiguity makes FIELD GREY so challenging a novel.. The Independent.. In FIELD GREY, Kerr finally fills in Gunther s war years by letting him get caught by the Americans in a smuggling operation off the coast of pre-Castro cuba.. Gunther s interrogation provides a plot that melds Nazism, the Stasi and the CIA in a brilliantly crafted challenge to the stereotypical received history of the Second World War: a thriller that will challenge preconceptions and stimulate the little grey cells.. The Times (London), selecting FIELD GRAY as a Thriller of the Year.. Bernie Gunther is the most anti-heroic of anti-heroes in this gripping, off-beat thriller.. It s the story of his struggle to preserve what s left of his humanity, and his life, in a world where the moral bandwidth is narrow, Satanic evil at one end, cynical expediency at the other.. Philip Caputo.. Far too many detective novel series run out of steam after the first few books but Kerr s Bernie Gunther stories are a happy exception to the rule they just get better.. A richly detailed portrait of a decent man fighting his way through a series of impossible situations.. The Mail on Sunday (London).. That is the particular strength of Philip Kerr: these are books which could be entered plausibly for the Man Booker Prize, and yet have been saluted by crimes writers, most recently the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Crime Award.. Antonia Fraser, The Lady (UK).. The flashbacks are easily followed, from pre-war Berlin to the murderous hell of the 1941 Eastern Front to postwar slave-labor camps behind the Iron Curtain.. Those dealing with Gunther s search for a German communist in 1940 France are truly revealing, especially the descriptions of historical places like the concentration camps in Vichy France.. While some might quibble over occasional long sequences of dialogue that would be better served with tags, Kerr writes Gunther as he should be world-weary, sardonic and as independent as an introspective man might be as he ricochets between murderous criminals, hell-bent Nazis or revenge-minded communists.. The double-double cross denouement suggests Gunther will live to fight another day.. An accomplished thriller.. Bernie Gunther s past catches up with him in Kerr s outstanding seventh novel featuring the tough anti-Nazi Berlin PI who survived the Nazi regime (after If the Dead Rise Not).. Series aficionados and new readers alike will take comfort knowing that Kerr is hard at work on the next instalment..

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  • Title: If The Dead Rise Not
    Descriptive info: If The Dead Rise Not.. Berlin, 1934: Bernie Gunther, now a hotel detective, finds himself caught between warring factions of the Nazi apparatus as Hitler and Avery Brundage, the head of the U.. S.. Olympic Committee, connive to soft-pedal Nazi anti-Semitism before the 1936 Olympiad.. Havana, 1954: Batista, aided by the CIA, has just seized power; Castro is in prison; and the American Mafia is gaining a stranglehold on Cuba s exploding gaming and prostitution industries.. Bernie, after being kicked out of Buenos Aires, has resurfaced with a relatively peaceful new life.. But he discovers that he truly cannot outrun his past when he collides with an old lover and a vicious killer from his Berlin days.. The book recently won the Ellis Peters Award for historical crime fiction, and it s not hard to see why.. Bernie with his Humphrey Bogart-like blend of sardonic humour and sombre integrity is among the most winning of current sleuths.. The Sunday Times (London).. Earlier this year the Scottish writer Philip Kerr picked up the world s most lucrative award for a work of crime fiction Spain s RBA International Prize, worth 125,000 (£113,840), and followed it with the financially far more modest, but highly regarded, Ellis Peters Dagger for the best historical crime fiction.. The winning book was If the Dead Rise Not, the sixth in the series featuring Bernie Gunther, ex-cop-turned-private-eye in the Berlin of the Thirties.. In 1934, Hitler is Chancellor and the National Socialists are increasingly taking action against Jews.. The Olympic Games are near and there are those hoping to prevent them.. Gunther, anxious about his one-quarter Jewishness, has to deal with dead bodies, assorted conspiracies, being beaten up and falling in love.. Kerr has a terrific feel for the scary, uneasy mood of the period.. Marcel Berlins, The Times (London).. One of the greatest series of crime novels in the world.. El Pais (Spain).. we should all be taking (and reading) him and the best of his genre more seriously.. London Evening Standard.. Kerr is great at capturing the feel of the time but never forgets to entertain and doesn t ram home political points.. PIs and Nazis a lot of writers would kill for an idea like that.. The Sun (London).. Kerr's period detail is utterly convincing.. The way he captures a lost Berlin on the brink of cataclysmic change is in turns poignant and gritty.. [T]he city and its citizens are caught insect-like in the amber of Kerr's words.. A sophisticated thriller.. The Independent (London).. Something special.. The Daily Telegraph (London).. The pace is cracking, the dialogue crisply Chandleresque, the mise-en-scene and characterisation refreshingly stereotype free.. Bernie Gunther is an iconic creation and each new book a treat to look forward to.. The Times (London).. Both newcomers and established fans will appreciate Kerr s outstanding sixth Bernie Gunther novel.. The case provides ample opportunities for Gunther, whom Sam Spade would have found a kindred spirit, to make difficult moral choices.. Once again the author smoothly integrates a noir crime  ...   the novel occurs 12 years later in Cuba.. That same American gangster now owns a luxury hotel there.. Kerr does a splendid job portraying moral ambiguity.. Bernie Gunther is a deeply conflicted character he can commit evil while attempting to do good.. Then he must live with the outcomes of his deeds.. Gunther is smart, tough, and muscularly unillusioned.. Yet so much of the appeal of these books has to do with Kerr s ability to communicate a rich sense of time and place.. They re like Alan Furst s World War II espionage novels that way, only with beer and wurst instead of champagne and oysters.. It s not just a Germanic heft that gives the Gunther books more weight than Furst s.. Thanks to the series settings, it has a moral gravity rarely seen in the detective genre.. The mean streets Gunther walks down don t come any meaner, world-historically speaking.. Kerr is a virtuoso plotter.. Gunther, it turns out, isn t the only one to have relocated from Berlin to Havana.. There s a massive switcheroo, the nature of which would have warmed Ross Macdonald s heart.. Things get resolved bloodily, though not so conclusively as to rule out a return engagement.. Boston Globe.. Its blend of history and entertainment make it ideal summer reading.. Terrific.. Part of the allure of these novels is that Bernie is such an interesting creation, a Chandleresque knight errant caught in insane historical surroundings.. Bernie walks down streets so mean that nobody can stay alive and remain truly clean.. Of course, with its trademark blend of madness and murder, the Nazi era makes a compelling backdrop for any thriller, but Kerr doesn't belabor the obvious.. He gives you the texture of Hitler's Berlin and takes you inside events that are often forgotten.. What happened in Nazi Germany didn't end with Hitler's fall.. It sent shock waves through the next decades, and what's great about this series is the way that Kerr has expanded his vision beyond the conventional crime novel.. Bernie isn't one of those detectives who gets to solve crimes and put things right.. Instead, he just tries to behave decently in a world where the serial killers run governments and history itself may be the biggest crime of all.. John Powers, Fresh Air /NPR.. As a writer of historical thrillers, Kerr is simply a phenomenon at incorporating the reality of the past into his fiction of it.. Roger K.. Miller, Tampa Tribune.. How much longer can Bernie Gunther go on? I almost hope Kerr doesn t answer that question, because the way he s extended his urbane, sardonic Berlin-born sleuth s life has been masterful, again (as in A QUIET FLAME) contrasting a 1930s-era case - and the ramifications of one quick decision - with the pre-Castro Havana of the mid-1950s.. Kerr has a complicated story to tell, but his juggling is expert and culminates in one of the best ending confessions I ve read in ages.. Sarah Weinman, Off on a Tangent blog..

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  • Title: A Quiet Flame
    Descriptive info: A Quiet Flame.. Buenos Aires, 1950: After being falsely accused of war crimes, Bernie Gunther like the Nazis he has always despised has been offered a new life and a clean passport by the Péron government.. But the tough, fast-talking ex-Berlin detective doesn t have the luxury of laying low.. The local police pressure Bernie into taking on a case in which a girl has turned up gruesomely mutilated.. What s more, her murder just might be linked to a missing German banker s daughter and a long-unsolved case Bernie worked back in Berlin before the war.. After all, the scum of the earth has been washing up on Argentine shores state-licensed murderers and torturers so why couldn t a serial killer be among them?.. One of the Best Mystery Books of 2009.. Philip Kerr gets an enthusiastic thumbs-up for A Quiet Flame, the fifth book featuring his cynical Berlin P.. I.. Bernie Gunther, this time set in early 1950s Argentina, when Eva Perón glittered brightly and Nazis hid in plain sight.. Sarah Weinman, LATimes.. com.. The Bernie Gunther novels are first-class, as stylish as Chandler and as emotionally resonant as the best of Ross Macdonald.. A Quiet Flame is a strong, haunting entry in the series.. George Pelecanos.. Warts and all Kerr makes little attempt to hide them Bernie Gunther remains endearing, entertaining and eminently forgivable.. Authentic period detail, biting wit, sparkling metaphors, and an engaging character whose moral  ...   historical data about what Nazi sympathizers there may have been up to and finishing with a rhetorical flourish that evokes both Casablanca and Matthew Arnold s Dover Beach.. A bit bifurcated, maybe, but a treat through either lens.. Booklist (starred review, upfront).. The series' crowning achievement to date, and, quite possibly, the book Kerr has been working toward for two decades.. Eschewing the didactic in favor of embedding the lessons of this monstrous time in history through the prism of the classic entertainment trope of a wisecracking, archly ironic private detective has served British author Philip Kerr extremely well since the three novels that constitute his "Berlin Noir" trilogy first appeared, between 1989 and 1991.. In roughly the same number of pages, "Berlin Noir" does exactly the opposite of "The Kindly Ones" examining the Holocaust through the prism of what transpired before and after and, as a result, the trilogy (and two subsequent sequels) stands a better chance of literary permanence.. But Kerr doesn't drown in the crud of mass evil and never forgets he has a smaller, more accessible story to tell.. Nor, however, does he forget that careful balance of entertainment and education strikes notes that are dissonant but decay with long-lasting resonance.. A superb post-WWII investigative thriller.. Harriet Klausner, Mystery-Gazette (online).. Every time we re afraid we ve seen the last of Bernie Gunther, Philip Kerr comes through with another unnerving adventure for his morally conflicted hero..

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  • Title: The One From The Other
    Descriptive info: The One From The Other.. Germany, 1949: Amid the chaos of defeat, it's a place of dirty deals, rampant greed, fleeing Nazis, and all the intrigue and deceit readers have come to expect from this immensely talented thriller writer.. In.. The One from the Other.. , Hitler's legacy lives on.. For Bernie Gunther, Berlin has become too dangerous, and he now works as a private detective in Munich.. Business is slow and his funds are dwindling when a woman hires him to investigate her husband's disappearance.. No, she doesn't want him back-he's a war criminal.. She merely wants confirmation that he is dead.. It's a simple job, but in postwar Germany, nothing is simple-nothing is what it appears to be.. Accepting the case,Bernie takes on far more than he'd bargained for, and before long, he is on the run, facing enemies from every side.. It is a highly entertaining book, imaginatively conceived and smartly executed.. Although it stands as a remarkable work of historical fiction, fans of hard-boiled detective stories will not be disappointed.. Historical Novels Review.. A welcome return [of Bernie Gunther].. A somber, melancholy, compelling work, The One from the Other stretches the notion of entertaining fiction to breaking point.. Philip Kerr impressively sustains the novel s parched, opportunistic, bottomlessly comprised world.. Where next for Bernie Gunther?.. Times Literary Supplement (London).. Kerr s expertly plotted tale glistens with period detail and punchily cynical asides.. A-.. Entertainment Weekly.. Once more, Kerr demonstrates his mastery of a time well-mined in fiction but still rife for exploration.. Sarah Weinman, Baltimore Sun.. Grim and gripping, with the author s customary sure-handedness in evidence.. Kirkus Reviews, starred review.. Kerr s stylish noir writing makes every page a joy to read.. Publishers Weekly, starred review.. Bernie s wicked wit is a delight, the plot is gripping, and the historical settings are masterfully developed.. [His] dazzling touch will sweep readers away.. Ron Terpening, Library Journal.. Kerr s book is his spectacular follow-up to his extraordinarily brilliant Berlin Noir trilogy.. Kerr is the only bona fide heir to Raymond Chandler that I have ever come across; his German private detective Bernie Gunther would have been respected by Philip Marlowe and the two of them would have enjoyed sitting down at a bar and talking.. One of the things that is so amazing about Kerr s four Bernie Gunther novels, to me, is that while the books are ostensibly hard-boiled mysteries, they gave me a glimpse into the incomprehensible horrors of the Second World War and  ...   Kerr s bleak tale of the dirty deals made by victors and vanquished alike.. Having learned that there s no way to distinguish the one from the other, the cynical P.. has the moral clarity to see through the deceit and hypocrisy of both friend and foe.. He s the right kind of hero for his time and ours.. Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review.. Several elements account for the excellence of the Gunther books.. First, Kerr is a fine novelist; in terms of narrative, plot, pace and characterizations, he s in a league with John le Carré and Alan Furst.. Moreover, he has done prodigious research into an era that ended well before he was born.. The political, historical, military and cultural details feel absolutely authentic.. If you want a sense of what Nazi Germany was like, day to day, not many novels equal these.. Finally Kerr, was truly inspired to place a detective-turned-private eye at work in Nazi Germany.. Private eyes investigate crimes, and where in human history can we find more cosmic crimes than those of the Hitler era? The question was whether Kerr would be equal to the challenge he set for himself.. He has been.. One of the bright spots in this always readable, often troubling novel is the suggestion, near the end, that Kerr s good German will return again.. Patrick Anderson, Washington Post.. Philip Kerr is the contemporary master of the morally complex thriller.. [A German Requeim], set mainly in postwar Vienna, has an affinity with Graham Greene s The Third Man but dare I say it? equals or surpasses Greene (and the Carol Reed film featuring Orson Welles), because it doesn t shy away from the Nazi-saturated substratum of the Viennese milieu.. And then I discovered and devoured Mr.. Kerr s new noir, The One From the Other.. It crystallized my dissatisfaction with recent le Carré novels (clumsily didactic) and made me rethink my addiction to Alan Furst s oeuvre (brilliant but a bit too thickly varnished with romantic glamour.. ).. The achievement of Philip Kerr s novels is that he takes his Chandler/Hammett-style detective, that lone figure in the (largely ahistorical) mean streets of the urban jungle, into the midst of a far more highly charged historical backdrop, a different, more profoundly mean indeed, evil sort of mean-street neighborhood, the crossroads of history and tragedy.. Mr.. Kerr has set his detective on an Inferno-like trajectory that takes us deep into the heart of darkness.. Ron Rosenbaum, New York Observer..

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