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  • Title: Preferred Futures Institute
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  • Title: Profile
    Descriptive info: Preferred Futures is a company concerned with developing visions and.. strategies to assist nations, companies, communities, and.. individuals to achieve thrival and thrivability, sustainable.. prosperity, in an interconnected interdependent 21st century, the.. century of the planet.. In a world being transformed by the combined.. juggernaut of globalisation, tribalisation and technolgoical change ,.. we need new tools and mindsets to plan for success..  ...   have the choice of being a.. change maker or a change taker.. Whether we thrive ,survive or become.. a victim of the transforming processes about us will depend on how.. we plan for the future and on how deep is our understanding of the.. change process itself.. To take of these strategic directions and to benefit your organisation or community, please.. Contact Us..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: Executive Director, Preferred Futures.. Adjunct Professor of Intergenerational Strategies.. University of Queensland.. Chairman, Universal Greening Group, MyPlanet Foundation.. PO.. Box 12843 A'beckett St.. Melbourne 3000.. Australia.. Tel: 61 3 9820 8245.. Fax: 61 3 9820 8248.. Mobile: 61 418 393 447.. email :.. peter@preferredfutures.. org.. hannah@preferredfutures..

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  • Title: Services
    Descriptive info: The services provided by Preferred Futures.. While it specialises in long term strategic planning and envisioning,.. bringing everything together, Preferred Futures has expertise in a.. range of related matters.. These include:.. * education and learning for 21st century thrival and thrivability.. * industrial futures and restructuring,.. * sustainable production ,consumption and development,.. * intergenerational equity and justice.. * technological change and management,.. * globalisation and tribalisation,.. * health and wellbeing,.. * community development ,.. * social justice, initiation and empowerment for young people,.. * successful ageing and elderhood ,.. * conservation and bioversity protection.. * cultural development and resilience.. * innovation and enterprise development.. You share in the knowledge and gain from the specialist insights of Preferred Futures through workshops and motivational speeches which.. are customised for clients in all of these areas.. Preferred Futures offers its clients a number of services.. These are.. a consequence of Peter Ellyard's wide experience  ...   who wish to participate in the envisioning.. programs of the MyPlanet Foundation.. Inquiries can be made by pressing the.. Links button and connecting with the MyPlanet Foundation Website.. 2.. Workshops in Preferred Futures Envisioning/Strategic Planning and.. Leadership and Management , which are customised for clients.. Inquiries can be directed to the.. management.. agent of Preferred Futures , by pressing the Links button and connecting with the.. Saxton Management Group's website.. 3.. Public addresses/Motivational speeches by Peter Ellyard.. Peter is.. a highly regarded public speaker.. Enquiries about these services.. can be made via the links button and connecting with the.. 4.. Papers written by Peter Ellyard can be down loaded from the Papers available though pressing the links button and choosing a paper to download.. 5.. Copies of Peter Ellyard's book 'Ideas for the New Millennium' can be.. ordered by pressing the Links button and going to the.. Melbourne University Press website..

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  • Title: Background
    Descriptive info: Preferred Futures was established in 1991 by Peter Ellyard, a.. futurist and strategist.. It has developed its own theoretical base.. and methodology to assist organisations to thrive in this rapidly.. changing world.. It's clients include national governments, large.. transnational corporations , small companies, government.. organisations, educational systems, trade unions, and international.. and national NGOs such as churches, environment organisations and.. those concerned with justice and equity.. It has advised the United.. Nations system and other International organisations for 25 years,.. including the UNDP,UNEP,UNESCO, the Commonwealth Foundation and OECD.. The new thinking and intellectual property which underpins work of.. Preferred Futures can be found in Peter Ellyard's best selling book.. Ideas for the New Millennium (1998,2001).. This can be purchased by pressing the Links button and ordering the book through the Melbourne University Press website.. Peter established Preferred Futures because he was concerned that.. traditional futurist methodologies were flawed.. Traditional futurism focuses on such alternative scenarios which are.. then evaluated.. Some of these will assume a business-as-usual.. approach, extrapolating from present trends, while  ...   to combine them into a single.. likely future.. The task is to decide which mix of these prospective.. future scenarios is most likely or most probable.. There are limitations to this process.. Most people will rarely find.. different aspects of different scenarios equally appealing and will.. want to combine pieces of each of them into one which is closest to.. their own views of what the future is likely to bring.. It is also.. true that because all of them are created through the intellect there.. is a sense of remoteness and lack of involvement.. By concentrating on.. a set of prospective futures, none of which are related to the.. personal preferences of the strategic planner, the planner is.. asserting that he or she has very little power-is impotent-to shape.. the future.. The future is part chance and part choice.. To downgrade.. the issue of choice relative to chance is imprudent and accentuates.. the 'responding to change' role of the manager, rather than the.. 'creating and shaping change' role of the leader..

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  • Title: Vision
    Descriptive info: Preferred Futures sets the Vision.. A more useful approach is to consider two basic questions.. The first question is: 'What will be the future if we do not change direction or make a new choice about the future?' This is the question about the probable-future.. The probable future is the natural vision of the manager: it is a vision of the intellect.. It does not engender inspiration or hope.. People only change their behaviour because of two feelings: fear and hope, and their more extreme kindred spirits desperation and inspiration.. If a probable future scenario indicates that potential crisis or disaster is ahead it will generate fear-which becomes the catalyst of change.. Managers often utilise fear to drive change.. The hope creating manager is a rarity.. However, even if we do not make a choice and are content to journey towards a probable-future in a business-as-usual fashion, fate, or the unforseen, can still intervene and force a change in destination, to create any one of a number of prospective-futures.. The way of the Manager is usually dominated by considerations of probable and  ...   lacks is heart.. It ignores the fact that humans yearn, have aspirations, that emotions are involved in futurism.. As a result, in my own work I set out to develop a scenario and strategic development process which recognises that heart and hope both play a critical role in determining one's destiny, and in developing effective strategies for achieving success in the future.. Therefore many when they consider future possibilities ask the question: 'What should happen? What is my (our) dream? What is my (our) preferred-future?.. This recognises that, in real life, people have aspirations and commitment.. All us have dreams about the future.. The important issue is whether we take these dreams seriously or whether we regard them only as blue sky reveries to be ignored in the interests of pragmatism and reality.. This is the form of vision which is most natural to the leader.. The respective ways of the manager and the leader are encapsulated by George Bernard Shaw: Some people see things as they are and ask why.. Others see things as they could be and ask why not'..

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  • Title: Strategic Planning
    Descriptive info: Preferred Futures Strategic Planning.. Peter considers that successful strategic planning should :.. Examine long term possibilities and opportunities as part of the.. process of strategic planning , for 70% of the products services and.. technologies of the year 2020 have yet to be invented.. Successful.. organisations will be those who first and best innovate these.. products and services, thereby getting to the future first.. Avoid being too problem-centred, focussing primarily on the.. removal of undesirable elements from the future, and not being.. mission-directed enough, seeking the realisation of desirable.. elements; that most organisations and nations are over-managed and.. under-led: leadership spends too much time in the engine room and not.. enough on the bridge, too much time on the urgent and not enough on.. the important.. 3 Be informed by heart knowledge as well as head knowledge.. Accompany an investment  ...   planned for.. The values of 2020 define what will become valuable in 2020, and.. therefore inform the innovation of products and services, to supply.. the markets of 2020.. Encourage organisations to market their becoming instead of their.. being: what they want to become rather than what they currently are,.. so that they can nurture long term loyal and mutually beneficial.. relationships with potential customers , suppliers and shareholders.. who share their aspirations.. 6.. Avoid planning which is too influenced by trend analysis and not.. sufficiently by scenarios of the future, and particularly preferred.. future scenarios which directed towards the creation of sustainable.. prosperity for future generations.. 7.. Assess performance by the quadruple bottom line.. Prosperity exists.. in four forms : economic, ecological, social and cultural, and the.. creation of sustainable prosperity involves simultaneous.. maximisation of prosperity in all these four forms..

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  • Title: Greening & MyPlanet
    Descriptive info: Universal Greening MyPlanet Foundation.. The work of Preferred Futures has led to the formation of two other.. organisations, The Universal Greening Group of companies (UGG), and.. the MyPlanet Foundation (MPF).. The UGG is concerned with the.. innovation of ecologically sustainable production, consumption and.. development, The MPF is concerned with assisting  ...   failing to.. benefit significantly from globalisation, to thrive in a globalising.. 21st century.. Peter Ellyard is Chairman of both organisations.. If you.. would like to know more about Preferred Futures, UGG or the MPF, connect with the UGG and the MyPlanet Foundation and MyTown International websites by pressing the Links button..

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  • Title: Innovation
    Descriptive info: Preferred Futures Innovatiion.. Preferred Futures also is vitally involved in the innovation of new products and.. services for emerging 21st markets, which will shape future.. industrial and enterprise development in each of these areas.. It is also interested in how emerging generic technologies will shape.. these core areas.. The four core technologies which will shape the.. development of new innovations are ;.. * Cybertechnologies, including information technology (IT), knowledge.. technology (KT) and wisdom technology (WT).. * Biotechnologies.. * Nanotechnologies, and.. * New Materials technologies.. In its consultation work and envisioning, Preferred Futures uses a.. state of the art collaborative computing system called a Collaborator.. which is an Australian  ...   simultaneously input ideas and opinions to questions which would.. be developed by the project team in consultation with the client and.. other interested parties.. Because the PC screen is projected into a.. large screen or wall, all participants can see the contributions of.. others, thereby maximising the stimulation which comes from intensive.. interaction.. All ideas and comments are recorded in a data base,.. which will be made available to the client.. A data base interrogation.. software program called InfoSelect is then used to collect all ideas.. of similar content or containing core keywords into single frames,.. where they can be used to drew conclusions or to write scenarios..

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  • Title: Directors
    Descriptive info: The Directors of Preferred Futures are Peter Ellyard and Hannah Ellyard.. Peter Ellyard.. Peter Ellyard is a futurist and strategist who lives in Melbourne.. A.. graduate of the University of Sydney (BSc.. Agr) and Cornell University.. (MS, Ph.. D), he is a Executive Director of Preferred Futures which he.. founded in 1991.. A former Executive Director for the Australian.. Commission for the Future (1988-1991), he held CEO positions in a.. number of public sector organisations for 15 years, including two.. Environment Departments and an Industry and Technology Department.. He.. was Chief of Staff of the Office of the Minister for the Environment.. in Canberra.. He has been a Senior Adviser to the United Nations.. system for more than 25 years, including the UNDP,UNEP and UNESCO,.. and was a Special Adviser to the 1992 Earth Summit.. He has worked.. extensively in developing countries Peter was a consultant to the.. Malaysia 2020 program for 5 years.. During 1998 he completed.. KUMUL2020, a UNDP funded strategic vision for the future of Papua.. New Guinea, which was launched by the PNG Government in August 1999.. Peter is Chairman of the Universal Greening Group, a group of.. companies involved in environmenal innovations , ecological.. sustainability and the creation of a sustainable society, and which.. includes a Green  ...   written a.. best selling book.. Ideas for the New Millennium.. , which was published.. in September 1998 by the Melbourne University Press.. A second edition.. of the book was released in January 2001.. He is a Fellow of the.. Australian College of Education, the Environment Institute of.. Australia and the Australian Institute of Management.. He has.. practiced and taught Iyengar yoga for 20 years and is a practising.. Esperantist.. His other passions include music, theatre and supporting.. the Brisbane Lions.. Hannah Ellyard.. Hannah Ellyard has a background in natural resource and environmetal management.. A graduate of the University of Adelaide, she has a Bachelor of Science, majoring in biological sciences and a Masters of Science in Ecological Management.. She has worked as an ecologist and natural resource planner in both public and private sector organisations.. Her experience has been primarily in integrated catchment and water resource management, particularly developing plans that integrate effective environmental management with productive land uses.. Hannah has a thorough understanding of the integration of environmental management and community development/futures in rural areas, having worked and lived in the South Australian Riverland for a number of years.. Hannah also has experience in strategic planning and policy development, environmental assessment, community education and consultation and the development of sustainability indicators..

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  • Title: Links
    Descriptive info: LINKS.. Preferred Futures regular spot on ABC Melbourne Radio.. http://local.. abc.. net.. au/melbourne/radio/faq/default.. htm.. http://www.. onkaparingacity.. com/news/presentation_ellyard_e2803.. Example as keynote speaker at a conference.. www.. ingenium.. nz/conference/PDFFiles/Welcome.. pdf.. ' Ideas for the Millennium Book' by Peter Ellyard.. mup.. unimelb.. edu.. au/catalogue/0_522_84975_X.. html.. The Futures Foundation - with Peter Ellyard as a Board member Speaker.. futurists.. au/speakers.. Australasian Urban Regional Information Systems Association, Inc - Paper by Peter Ellyard.. aurisa.. asn.. au/aurisa98/ellyard5.. Peter  ...   gsm.. uq.. au/people/adjunct.. and in the School of Natural and Rural Systems Managment.. nrsm.. Peter Ellyard's services as a public speaker and as a workshop facilator can be engaged by connecting with the website of the Saxton Managment Group:.. saxton.. com.. au.. Peter Ellyard's public addresses and papers are available at many websitesand can be downloaded.. Please use a search engine, such as Google, and select from the many which are available..

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