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  • Title: APOPS
    Descriptive info: .. HOME.. WHISPERS FROM OUR FOUNDER.. MISSION & GOALS.. LEADERSHIP.. INTERNATIONAL ENERGY.. EUROPE ACTIVITY.. NEPAL ACTIVITY.. CHINA ACTIVITY.. WHEN PROGRAM.. EVENTS.. PRIVACY POLICY.. BUILDING BRIDGES.. POP AWARENESS MONTH.. APOPS POP APP.. PELVIC ORGAN PROLAPSE: HELP AND HOPE.. POP RISK FACTOR QUESTIONNAIRE.. POP SYMPTOMS AND CAUSES QUICKSHEET.. CYSTOCELE QUICKSHEET.. RECTOCELE QUICKSHEET.. ENTEROCELE QUICKSHEET.. UTERINE PROLAPSE QUICKSHEET.. VAGINAL VAULT QUICKSHEET.. DIAGNOSTIC TESTS.. MESH QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR PHYSICIAN.. MESH UPDATES.. COLPOCLEISIS.. JUST FOR MEN.. POP INFO CHINESE.. ABDOMINAL COMPARTMENT DIAGRAM.. IUGA MULTI-LANGUAGE PATIENT INFORMATION.. CHATROOM.. BLOG.. VIDEO.. STIGMA*STRIDE.. MAKE A DONATION.. HOST A FUNDRAISER.. PLANNED GIVING.. ARTICLES & BOOKS.. SHERRIE PALM ARTICLES.. PRACTITIONER LOCATOR.. CONTACT.. Menu.. 8225 State Rd 83.. Mukwonago, WI 53149.. 262 642-4338.. Your Custom Text Here.. ABOUT.. POP INFO.. SUPPORT APOPS.. LIBRARY.. PLEASE.. DONATE.. TODAY!.. Sherrie Palm presenting POP insights to Coloplast management and staff in Minneapolis, MN.. POP basics to increase awareness and provide guidance for women navigating pelvic organ prolapse.. Sherrie Palm presenting to healthcare practitioners at Spirit of Women Conference in Denver, CO.. Sherrie Palm, APOPS Founder.. PBS Second Opinion Show; dissecting aspects of pelvic organ prolapse.. J.. OIN..  ...   of each page.. View APOPS participation in conference, educational, and legislative.. Download APOPS.. Need info on.. mesh.. ? Check out our.. APOPS.. INITIATIVES.. + Guidance and Support.. + Generating Awareness.. + WHEN program.. HOPE HEALS.. Your generous donations enable APOPS to help women around the world navigating POP.. Please Support APOPS.. GLOBAL.. EVOLUTION.. +.. Nepal Activity.. Europe Activity.. China Activity.. CONNECT TO APOPS SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS FOR.. POP TIPS, RESEARCH UPDATES, AND GUIDANCE.. CONTACT APOPS.. Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support.. USA.. 262-642-4338.. DISCLAIMER.. The contents of pelvicorganprolapsesupport.. org is intended to provide beneficial health and support information for women who suspect they have or have been diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse.. All materials including text, graphics, images, and audio provided in this site are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for guidance by a healthcare practitioner.. All visitors to this site should seek advice from a healthcare practitioner for their individual health concerns.. Neither pelvicorganprolapsesupport.. org nor.. recommends any particular test or procedure.. encourages women to take all educational information about POP to their personal physicians for further evaluation..

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    Descriptive info: “Pelvic organ prolapse is not an American women’s health concern,.. it is a global women’s health pandemic.. ”.. ~Sherrie Palm.. LETTER FROM OUR FOUNDER.. September 8, 2010.. From the beginning of this journey, I knew I wanted to connect with women on a deeper level about the impact POP has on all of our lives.. Those of us who have already been diagnosed and treated for POP understand the distress women who are newly diagnosed are going through.. In the beginning it can be frustrating to dissect the information available; is the data we have access to accurate, which information applies to us personally, are treatments or surgery the best path.. It  ...   we will find the information that will assist our paths.. Together we will guide, support, and nurture.. Together we will shift the awareness curve by passing the information we gain on to the younger generation.. I have no doubt that with the strength and determination women bring to the table, we will change the mindset of the world at large regarding pelvic organ prolapse from a common female health concern that gets little acknowledgement to a widely recognized condition that is addressed in terms of prevention, early recognition for less aggressive treatment, and maintenance for continuing quality of life.. With your help, we can change the world.. My continuing gratitude to you all!..

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    Descriptive info: MISSION AND GOALS.. "Millions of women worldwide suffer in silence from the physical, emotional, social, and sexual ramifications of POP; awareness of pelvic organ prolapse will only occur when we share what we know with others.. As we continue to nurture, guide, and network with women navigating pelvic organ prolapse, POP will soon become common knowledge.. ~Sherrie Palm~.. ABOUT APOPS.. Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support is a US based international 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in September 2010 by Sherrie Palm in Mukwonago, Wisconsin.. APOPS is a global initiative to generate awareness of pelvic organ prolapse and provide support and guidance to women navigating the  ...   to assist, support, and empower women in any stage or type of POP with compassion, and to encourage support and health guidance for women within both developing and developed regions of the world.. VISION STATEMENT.. vision is to shift global awareness of pelvic organ prolapse to enable women to better understand and optimize pelvic health.. APOPS GOALS.. Immediate Goals.. Establish pelvic organ prolapse awareness.. Provide global guidance and support for women with POP.. Bridge build with key stakeholders and organizations in the POP arena to evolve understanding of women's needs.. Long Term Goals.. Routine POP screening.. Accurate statistical data capture.. Address developing zone POP needs..

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  • Title: LEADERSHIP —
    Descriptive info: APOPS History.. Like most women, Sherrie Palm was a member of the "discovery upon diagnosis" demographic; she recognized within two weeks of her diagnosis that pelvic organ prolapse was the biggest secret in women's health and that millions of other women were suffering in silence.. Sherrie's journey began when she wrote the book, Pelvic Organ Prolapse:.. The Silent Epidemic.. , and shortly after the book's publication, she founded.. , a grassroots movement to shift awareness and provide guidance and support to women navigating POP.. Sherrie recognized the need for evolution of awareness, screening, education, support, and research for POP and is.. Founder and Executive Director.. Sherrie Palm.. Founder/Executive Director.. Women's Pelvic Floor Health Advocate, Author, Speaker.. Sherrie Palm is.. Founder/Executive Director, the award winning author of Pelvic Organ Prolapse:.. , and a public speaker, and educator on the topic of pelvic organ prolapse.. As a grassroots women's pelvic floor health advocate, Sherrie dedicates her time to multiple avenues of international POP awareness, guidance, education, and support.. Download.. Curriculum Vitae.. APOPS Board of Directors.. Board of Directors (governing body) recognizes the value in a balance of representation between health care professionals from various disciplines, non-medical professionals from legal and business avenues, and most importantly, representation from women in both developed and developing areas of the world who have experienced pelvic organ prolapse.. Margaret Gonzales-Charles PT, APOPS Vice President.. Peggy is a bilingual, licensed physical therapist who specializes in women's health.. Numerous years of experience at an inner city hospital assisting people from multiple countries of origin, her respect for cultural diversity enables her to bring key insights to the sensitive nature of treating a condition as private as pelvic organ prolapse.. She currently runs a private practice, A Step Ahead Physical Therapy Services, in Milwaukee, WI.. Wendy Vear-Hanson, Secretary-Treasurer.. Wendy Vear-Hanson has an diverse administrative background within the business community as well as running her business, Noproblemo.. Wendy also has extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, dedicating time as secretary of Walworth County 4-H Senior Leaders Association, as a member of the Walworth County 4-H Executive Board, as the General Leader of Lake Beulah 4-H, and as County Leader for the Projects of Wildlife and Adventure Education.. In her spare time, she fundraises for Breast Cancer and Cystic Fibrosis using multiple tools to achieve her goals.. Director Ruth Campos,  ...   RML Corporation, a strategic business consulting firm with over 30 years serving public, private, and governmental market sectors.. He has an extensive background refocusing clients on their core principles thereby enhancing efficiencies, resetting goals and objectives, and establishing effective management and personnel direction.. His commitment is to educate through alternatives, realistic choices, and work directly in the attainment of measurable performance.. Such a “strategic” approach involves the multiple disciplines of management, operation, finance, marketing and sales, and there connective relationships.. Mr.. Lawn brings forth an extensive background and commercial expertise with many Fortune 500 organizations plus business degrees from Duquesne and Marquette.. In the governmental sector, he completed advanced studies at the Naval War College and National Defense University, the latter of which he is a Senior Fellow, and retired as Captain, US Navy, having extensive experience in Naval Aviation.. His blend of commercial and governmental insight has led to service with the Executive Branch and many congressional offices on Capitol Hill.. Deeply committed to community, Mr.. Lawn has also served for many years as an elected official of the Town Board, Town of Mukwonago, WI.. Director Susanne Vella, Organization and Program Development.. Susanne Vella has spent the bulk of her career engaged in the work of Milwaukee’s nonprofit sector.. With more than twenty years of experience providing organization development and training services to hundreds of nonprofit and public sector organizations, Susanne understands the importance of building organizational capacity through training programs which equip staff with the knowledge, skills and abilities to maximize performance and to contribute significantly to successful work teams.. She is the Training Coordinator at the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee, providing leadership and direction to program design that meets the unique needs of the sector.. She previously served as the Organization Development and Training Specialist for the Social Development Commission and Director of Admissions Recruitment for St.. Joan Antida High School.. Susanne has provided cultural competency training since the late 1980’s - equipping staff to value, embrace and appreciate diversity - when diversity was a “buzz “ word, and organizations were just beginning to recognize the value and importance of recruiting, maintaining and managing an increasingly diverse workforce.. Targeted Focus Committees.. To learn more about our committee members, click on the links below.. Medical Advisory.. Research Development.. Global Development.. Nepal WHEN Initative.. POP Lay Advisory..

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    Descriptive info: Pelvic organ impacts the lives of millions of women in every country around the world.. Women of all ages from childbirth through end of life.. Women of all nationalities.. Women from every financial and employment demographic.. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, friends, every woman likely knows someone suffering in silence with POP.. As we generate awareness and remove the wall of stigma and silence pelvic organ prolapse hides behind, women will recognize symptoms, talk about POP out loud, and seek guidance from practitioners..

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    Descriptive info: APOPS EUROPE.. Pelvic organ prolapse is a global women's health concern.. Although the needs of women differ from country to country, APOPS most significant campaign is shifting POP awareness and sharing educational insights with women navigating this common, cryptic condition.. Gaynor Morgan, APOPS Medical Advisory Commission Member, is also APOPS liaison in Europe.. Ms.. Morgan developed and markets Incostress, an award winning medical device for treatment of urinary incontinence.. Morgan has won multiple international awards for her invention, Welsh Woman of the Year-Science and Technology, MediWales Innovator of the Year Award, British Invention Award-Best Medical Device, BFllN Innovator of the Year, Geneva International Invention Gold Medal.. Gaynor's dedication  ...   floor health to explore the multiple tools APOPS has available.. Our Facebook Chatoom provides a secure environment to post questions about pelvic organ prolapse.. POP tips, insights, and research info is posted to social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.. SherriePalm YouTube videos are posted on multiple aspects of POP impact.. APOPS Library and POP Basics pages have multiple resources, and check out our POP Risk Factor Questionnaire.. Healthcare practitioners and women with POP based in Europe who would like to communicate with Ms.. Morgan about incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse concerns can contact her at:.. info@candgmedicare.. com.. Telephone: 0871 218 1233 from UK only..

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    Descriptive info: APOPS/HCN WHEN PROGRAM-NEPAL.. WHEN program (Women's Health and Empowerment Network) is APOPS global initiative to address POP in developing zones.. APOPS is partnering with Hamro Chahana Nepal (HCN) to evolve a sustainable program to address UP along with multiple additional village needs.. The APOPS/HCN WHEN Pilot program will address uterine prolapse (UP) concerns in the Gadakot VDC, Nepal.. Sherrie Palm, APOPS Founder/Executive Director, and Deepali Thapa, Hamro Chahana Nepal Founder/Executive Chair, traveled to Lumbini Medical College, the Gadakot VDC Health Post, and the village of Bhalayatar in April 2014 to touch the hands and hearts of communities which will be participating in the WHEN program.. The types and severity of pelvic organ prolapse vary from area to area around the globe; in developing zones women suffering with severe POP are often ostracized from their communities while they navigate the physical pain or discomfort of pelvic organ prolapse.. Uterine prolapse is one of the leading causes of ill health and social  ...   women from domestic violence, condemnation, and discrimination.. UP impacts the lives of 600,000 women in Nepal.. Over 200,000 women currently are in need of immediate surgical intervention for advanced UP including procidentia (uterus has shifted completely outside the vaginal canal); hundreds of thousands more are in need of pessary fittings or maintenance.. Heavy lifting, return to work soon after giving birth, malnutrition, and the practice of applying pressure to the abdomen prior to and post delivery are cultural norms in Nepal that result in a high rate of uterine prolapse.. Additional information about the WHEN-Nepal project is available on the.. WHEN Program.. page and in Sherrie Palm's academic paper:.. The Value of Sustainable Protocol to Address Uterine Prolapse in Nepal: Health Camp, Awareness, and Employment Strategy.. More information on HCN is available at:.. http://hamrochahananepal.. org.. np/index.. php.. RESEARCH AND ARTICLES.. Uterine Prolapse, Mobile Camp Approach and Body Politics in Nepal; Madhusudan Subedi.. The Silent Pain of Fallen Womb; Anna Adhikari..

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    Descriptive info: APOPS CHINA.. China has a large population and faces the challenge of addressing an aging society, a young generation with a modern lifestyle, and an increased ratio of large birth-weight babies which present significant risk factors for pelvic organ prolapse.. In areas of Beijing and Guangzhou it has been reported that the ratio of incontinence in women is 18.. 1% to 57.. 5%, however only one third of the women in these zones can access physicians.. As is common in most countries, women in China are typically unfamiliar with POP or urinary incontinence concerns and often consider the symptoms they experience signs of aging rather than health concerns that need to be addressed.. Others are too shy to seek counsel with a physician.. The backdrop for women in most countries around the world is very familiar.. Few physicians in China have necessary pelvic organ prolapse knowledge or skills  ...   China, she has dedicated considerable time to guiding women in China experiencing POP.. Joy is a scientist at a multi-national company in her country; her personal experience with pelvic organ prolapse enables her to understand the needs of women navigating POP.. Joy's difficult forceps delivery in mid-2011 left her with a cystocele and rectocele along with a healthy baby boy.. Relying on her professional skills to search for answers, she established a online community to share information with other women experiencing the same health concerns.. As APOPS builds it's legion of Ambassadors in countries around the world, women will stand side by side, sharing insights and guiding and nurturing each other.. Click on the links below for Chinese versions of:.. POP Basics.. 盆底器官脱垂基础知识.. Cystocele.. 膀胱膨出.. Rectocele.. 直肠膨出.. Enterocele.. 肠疝.. Uterine.. 子宫脱垂.. Vaginal Vault.. 阴道穹窿脱垂.. Women with POP and healthcare practitioners can contact Joy at:.. joy@pendi-care.. http://www.. pendi-care.. org..

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  • Title: WHEN PROGRAM —
    Descriptive info: Bhalayatar Village.. Gadakot VDC Health Post.. Sherrie Palm HCN Founder Deepali Thapa.. Lumbini Medical College meeting.. WHEN Committee meeting.. Deepali Thapa Sherrie Palm at Gadakot VDC Health Post.. WHEN (Women's Health and Empowerment Network) is APOPS international initiative to address POP concerns in developing zones.. In order for WHEN to be successful and sustainable long term, prolapse screening and treatment, health education, socio-cultural norms, women's income generation, and water/sanitation  ...   targeting uterine prolapse in the Gandakot VDC, Nepal.. Gandakot is a village development committee in Palpa District in the Lumbini Zone of southern Nepal.. At the time of the 2011 Nepal census Gandakot VDC had a population of 5127 people living in 1177 individual households.. More information about WHEN is available in Sherrie Palm's academic paper:.. Additional information about APOPS Nepal initiative is available on the.. APOPS Nepal.. page..

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  • Title: EVENTS —
    Descriptive info: APOPS EVENTS.. JUNE IS POP AWARENESS MONTH.. Throughout the year,.. attends and hosts events of interest to the women we serve and the healthcare professionals who treat them.. Educational seminars and lectures establish awareness of pelvic organ prolapse and provide much needed guidance for women navigating the POP maze.. Additionally they bridge the gap for healthcare professionals between what is known about POP and what needs to be understood from the woman's perspective.. APOPS.. events increase recognition of POP while they raise funds pivotal to further our cause.. This page will be continually updated to provide event locations and dates.. Individuals, companies, and medical organizations with an interest in furthering women's pelvic health by sponsoring or posting an event can contact.. here.. 2015.. AUGS Annual Scientific Meeting, Seattle, Washington.. American Urogynecologic Society.. October 13-17, 2015.. ICS Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada.. International Continence Society.. October 5-9, 2015.. For more info,.. click here.. IUGA Annual Meeting, Nice, France.. International Urogynecological Association..  ...   July 22-26, 2014.. PFD Registry Stakeholder Advisory Board Meeting, Washington, DC.. July 21, 2014.. AAAS Meeting, Washington, DC.. Evidence for New Medical Products; Implications for Patients and Health Policy.. June 12-13, 2014.. AUA Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL.. May 16-21, 2014.. ICS/NESOG Educational Conference, Katmandu, Nepal.. Networking with Hamro Chahana Nepal, USAID, UNFPA, Lumbini Medical College, Bhalayatar village.. March 31-April 8, 2014.. Ladies Nights-Fundraisers; Mukwonago, WI.. March 27, 2014, February 27, 2014, January 30, 2013.. For more info.. Wisconsin Women's Health Policy Summit, Milwaukee, WI.. March 11, 2014.. 2013.. HPRC Himalayan Policy Research Conference Presentation, Abstract/Paper: nbsp;The Value of Sustainable Protocol to Address Uterine Prolapse in Nepal: Healthcamp, Education, and Employment Strategy.. Madison, WI.. October 17, 2013.. Bridging the Gap: The Reality of POP; Coloplast Presentation, Minneapolis, MN July 17, 2013.. Simon Foundation Innovating for Continence Conference, APOPS Poster Presentation.. Chicago, IL.. April 11-13, 2013.. Spirit of Women Steps to Success in Pelvic Health Programming, Denver, CO March 14-15, 2013..

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    Descriptive info: APOPS (Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support) places a high priority on protecting your privacy.. What Personally Identifiable Information is Collected.. National Council members that register for memberships and individuals that sign up to receive APOPS Newsletters and e-communications voluntarily provide us with contact information (such as name and e-mail address).. We may use this information for tracking location demographics such as state, province, and country.. You may "opt out," either now or at any time in the future, if you do not wish to receive our communications.. Email Privacy.. The National Council does not provide, sell,  ...   external websites.. These links do not fall under the www,pelvicorganprolapsesupport.. org domain, and APOPS is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of external websites.. Your use of any linked website is solely at your own risk.. Modifications.. We may amend this privacy policy from time to time; please review it periodically.. We maintain the option to modify this privacy at any time by electronic notice posted on our website.. Your continued use of our website after the date that such notices are posted will be deemed to be your agreement to the changed terms..

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