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  • Title: Quality Placements Network
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    Descriptive info: Home.. Reference centers.. Students.. Host organisation.. Documents.. Contact..

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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: What is Q-PlaNet?.. Q-PlaNet, the.. Q.. uality.. Pla.. cements.. Net.. work is network of Quality Reference Centres (QRC) for student placements.. QRCs are offices acting at regional level for checking placement quality and promoting the mobility of students in practical training.. Q-PlaNet sets up concrete standards and structures for quality assurance in order to provide students, host organisations and universities a solid an secured basis for European wide comparable placements.. What we do:.. We check host organisations according to the Q-PlaNet quality standard and widen the network with new regional QRCs;.. We maintain links to QRC websites where regional placement offers are published;.. o We continously maintain and improve the quality standards according to the stakeholder`s re-quirements in order to secure the best learning outcomes from the educational point of view and best results from the enterprises` point of view..  ...   in-stitutions and students, and which are assessing the quality f placements by labelling host organi-sations.. The aim is to improve the quality of placements.. A European wide network of Quality Reference Centres realises the concept of regional contact points for quality assurance of place-ments.. The concept behind: EUE-Net and EU projects.. Q-PlaNet was initially a project funded by the EU from 2008 to 2010.. It was born as sub-project of EUE-Net, the European University Enterprise network trying to boost cooperation between industry and the education sector (see.. www.. eue-net.. org.. ).. Q-PlaNet project was run by a consortium of 10 partners from Romania, Germany, Estonia, Luxembourg and Belgium - building a mixed con-sortium of universities, enterprises, networks and associations.. EUE-Net also still exists and stays the mother organisation of Q-PlaNet, by e.. g.. recognising officially new QRCs in the network..

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  • Title: Menu
    Descriptive info: News.. June 2012.. - Article.. May 2011.. - CareerCon.. April 2011.. - ERACON 2011.. more.. Usefull links.. Q-Planet old version.. European Commision.. DG EAC.. EACEA.. European University Association.. European University Continuing Education Network.. EAIE.. EUE-Net.. EAEC.. Euronet PBL..

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    Descriptive info: Copyright (c) 2009 All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Reference centers
    Descriptive info: Q-PlaNet works on the basis of Quality Reference Centres which check the local host organisations for placements, in a region which is fixed to them when they become member of the network.. Each QRC has its on webspace, in general on the website of their higher education institution, providing  ...   and more.. Students searching for high quality placements find a list of all currently existing QRC`s here, providing the link and adress to each QRC`s website.. Higher education institutions interested in becoming member of Q-PlaNet find all information under new QRCs.. Founding QRC`s.. Existing QRC`s.. New QRC`s: info for applicants..

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  • Title: Students
    Descriptive info: You are a student searching for a placement abroad?.. Q-Planet can help you : it tries to gather different higher education institutions all over Europe to have one in each region of the EU.. This institution could become a Quality Reference Centre, which means that it has contacts to local industry, research organisations and companies which offer placements for students.. Tasks of this regional QRC is to visit the host organisations in the region and to give them a "quality label" if they fulfill the Q-PlaNet quality criteria (you can  ...   also offer placement positions directly on the QRC website.. You can apply individually to those job offers if you wish to - and at the same time you can be sure that it is a placement where you will learn something instead of doing copies and making coffee.. Have a look at the existing QRC's on this website and choose the one in the region you want to move to for your placement.. Click on the link leading to the QRC and you will find what it has to offer!..

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  • Title: Host organisation
    Descriptive info: You are a body offering placements for students? You have difficulties to find appropriate students - national and international ones - for you vacant training positions?.. Q-PlaNet tries to improve exactly this: the matching between students and placement offers, on a European scale, but without one-to-one-mediation.. Via this central websites, it gives students, teachers, professors and the higher education sector the possibility to find quality checked placements in any region of Europe.. The network tries to build up Quality Reference Centres (QRCs) in all regions of the EU, which are awarding the Q-PlaNet label to high quality host organisations.. One host organisation is assigned exactly to one QRC.. This QRC could contact the host organisation, or the other way round,  ...   website.. Your QRC gives you furthermore the pos-siblity to post your student job offers directly on its website.. In this way it is visible not only to students of one university, but to all students in Europe searching for a placement in your region!.. If you want to know more about the initiative, the Q-PlaNet label, and how to become "quality checked" you can contact your regional Quality Reference Centre.. You can find it in the QRC section of this website; simply search for the one located geographically the closest to you.. If you don’t find a suitable QRC, you can write to.. q-planet@mac-team.. eu.. The quality standard and criteria for labelling are published in the Documents section of this website..

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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: Q-PlaNet quality standard.. Establishment of 3 regional Quality Reference Centres for student placements.. Study: Establishment of the European Network of Quality Reference Centres and a network of networks.. Guidelines for organisation of student placements.. European Quality charter for mobility..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: For questions about the content of this website, e.. how to become member of the network, about the labeling procedure, about the next QRC in your region etc.. you can write an e-mail to.. You may also find interesting information on.. Webmaster.. The webmaster of this site is:.. University Transilvania of Brasov.. Butila Eugen.. B-dul.. Eroilor nr.. 29.. 500036, Brasov.. Romania.. E-mail:.. butila@unitbv.. ro.. Telephone: + 40268 418 967..

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