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  • Title: www.qlew.org
    Descriptive info: .. www.. qlew.. org.. Qlew News, Articles, Health and other.. Home.. Subscribe to Feed.. Start Making Sense Let’s Use Prevention, Part 4.. Posted on October 29, 2012, 5:45 am, by Edward, under.. Healthy Life.. Another part of reinventing medical and health care would be to provide continuing medical education that is preventive in nature to physicians and other health care providers, as well as foundational preventive medical education to physicians in training, in medical school and in residency programs.. Read the rest of this entry.. Tags:.. disease.. ,.. education.. medicine.. Comments Off.. Start Making Sense Let’s Use Prevention, Part 3.. Posted on October 22, 2012, 8:57 am, by Edward, under.. Many times patients and their families are under much stress and are poorly informed about the disease and can only give themselves over to the medical system, too ill, stressed and insecure to question it, but hope that they can trust that the best thing is being done.. Patients and families need to be given much more counsel and advice about end-of-life decisions well in advance of terminal situations so they can make more rational decisions about treatments which do not relieve suffering or improve quality of life, and those decisions made by the patient and family need to be respected when the situation rises.. Medical treatments that have proven benefit need to have continued financial reimbursement, but a large investment needs to be made for preventive measures.. This latter can be seen as an investment in the future, as they will give much greater financial return after the medical costs have come down due to less demand for medical treatment because of healthier people.. Systematic, organized educational and training programs that are adaptable to various regions, age groups, and other sub-population group s can be designed and implemented to facilitate healthful changes in lifestyle.. This would be part of what truly could be called a health care system.. This could be paid for by insurance for people who choose this program of prevention.. These programs would be implemented in conventional doctors offices, clinics, and alternative medicine clinics.. Another part of revamping the financial incentives would be to offer discounted health insurance premiums to those subscribers who participate in the training and education programs.. People who have clearly hereditary risks for disease would not be penalized with higher premiums, but people with high-risk diseases could be charged higher premiums but concurrently would be given a discount related to that disease if the person was participating in preventive programs intensely focused on that particular disease or problem.. There seems to be an attitude in the medical profession that people are just stubborn, that only a small % of people will actually change their health habits and lifestyle.. People do change their eating habits and activities if given half a chance.. If people are shown the practical ways of making healthy changes more easily and if given an informed choice, they will often choose to reduce long-term risks.. Especially if they can feel the difference in just 2 weeks, a sense of aliveness, well-being, better function, fewer pains, and more energy, this is the best motivating factor of all.. Many times people will be willing to participate in a short 2 week introductory program long enough to feel the benefits, and will get hooked on feeling better, which they didn t realize was possible.. Suppose people are presented with this  ...   neighborhoods, communities, service organizations, businesses, and governments that could affect air and water quality, neighborhood and traffic safety, workplace safety, social connections, job satisfaction, and education about wise use of medical resources.. chemotherapy.. subscribers.. terminal.. Start Making Sense Let’s Use Prevention, Part 1.. Posted on October 4, 2012, 9:20 am, by Edward, under.. Common sense (which often isn t common) teaches us that prevention is more rational, effective, and efficient than trying to fix a problem or to pick up the pieces after a catastrophe.. Then why has this not been applied in health care, and what could we do to bring this about?.. challenges.. optimistic.. supplementation.. ACSM Calls for Cessation of Tobacco.. Posted on October 2, 2012, 2:42 pm, by Edward, under.. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) took a stand against tobacco advertising in conjunction with women s sports events at its 48th Annual Meeting.. It recommended that women s sporting events begin to separate from tobacco advertising, and gradually end tobacco support completely.. national sports.. sports medicine.. tobacco-free.. Exercise Even During the Golden Years.. Posted on September 26, 2012, 10:06 am, by Edward, under.. Fitness.. Are you over 60? Could you be healthier, more energetic, and even stronger? No matter what your age is, it s never too late to start exercising.. illustrations.. postmenopausal.. strength training.. Ask The Expert Chiropractor.. Posted on September 17, 2012, 9:07 am, by Edward, under.. Yes.. From my own personal experiences with stress headaches, cervical adjustments help tremendously.. My practice is geared more towards athletic injuries, so I only treat about 5 to 10 patients a week for headaches.. Compared to other Chiropractors, that is a drop in the bucket.. I get mixed results, and have a success rate of treating certain types of headaches, at around 70% with my patients.. chiropractic.. stress headaches.. trapezius muscle.. Types of Inhaler Delivery Systems.. Posted on September 14, 2012, 10:00 am, by Edward, under.. Wellness.. Inhaled medications can be taken through a metered-dose inhaler, dry-powder inhaler or a nebulizer, which is a device that generates a mist of medication similar to a humidifier.. Some medications are available in only a single delivery system.. Other medications are available in all three delivery systems.. humidifier.. inhaled medications.. metered-dose inhaler.. Spinals Stretches.. Posted on September 7, 2012, 10:18 am, by Edward, under.. Waist Twist Stretch: Sit straddling a flat or abdominal bench with one leg on each side of the bench.. Sit upright with shoulders perpendicular to the bench.. Older Entries.. Tags.. bleach cleaning solution.. buy cheap antibiotics.. buy hgh.. cheap drugs.. Cialis online.. detoxification.. Erection pills online.. flagyl metronidazole.. generic medication.. human growth hormone.. human pheromones.. Ibuprofen.. Levitra online.. medications.. medicines.. metronidazole bacterial vaginosis.. metronidazole sore throat.. metronidazole vaginal infections.. no prescription needed.. online pharmacy.. over-the counter medications.. pain.. pain relief.. pheromones.. prescription drug Fluconazole.. prescription drugs.. prescriptions.. sex attractants.. spasms.. teeth whitening trays.. tooth bleaching.. tooth bleaching kits.. tramadol chronic pain.. tramadol pain relief.. treatment.. Viagra no prescription.. whitening gel.. whitening pen.. whiten teeth.. whiten tooth.. whiter tooth.. without a prescription.. yeast infection.. Blogroll.. Erectile dysfunction.. Health, Pharmacy Articles.. Online drugstore.. Pain relievers info.. Teeth whitening.. Recent Posts.. Categories.. Alternative Medicine.. Anti-Infective Medication.. Aromatherapy.. Children s Health.. Communication.. Dental.. Disease.. Hair Loss.. Healthy Cooking.. Heart Disease.. Infection.. Martial Arts.. Men s Health.. Pain Management.. Pain remedys.. Relationships.. Shopping.. Sports.. Sports Performance.. Uncategorized.. Weapons Training.. Women s Health.. Powered by.. WordPress.. and.. plainscape.. theme..

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  • Title: www.qlew.org » Blog Archive » Start Making Sense Let’s Use Prevention, Part 4
    Descriptive info: This medical education would be focused on prevention and would include more natural methods of health care so that fewer toxic drugs would be needed.. Health insurance companies, government agencies (health departments), could sponsor this.. Our current system of medical education (and research) is heavily funded and influenced in a lopsided way by pharmaceutical industries that currently have a vested interest in disease.. This medical education would emphasize the enormous body of research and evidence documented in quality mainstream medical journals that have been overlooked, ignored, or forgotten by medical education programs because of the strong bias toward drug and hospital based medicine.. This body of evidence and information would include nutritional medicine, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and many other so called alternative treatments.. A more intensive training for physicians  ...   can be accomplished with nutrition, lifestyle changes, and natural, methods of treatments.. This functional medicine is truly preventive medicine.. This kind of medicine could save lives just by avoiding having to use prescription drugs, which would be used as a last resort.. Conventional medicine, as it is known today, would then be called alternative, because it would be used truly as an alternative, when the more natural methods have failed, or in emergencies when time does not allow the slower, more natural, treatments to work.. The third part of this discussion will describe a more descriptive details of what preventive educational programs would look like, and what types of testing and information gathering functional medicine can do to provide a basis for safe, relatively nontoxic interventions to restore health and to prevent disease..

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  • Title: www.qlew.org » Healthy Life
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Healthy Life Category.. |.. Patients and families need to be given [ ].. PART II STRATEGIES FOR PREVENTION, COLLECTIVE AND INDIVIDUAL The environmental factors that affect health and longevity can be largely remedied by individual and community action and public policy measures.. There is much to be done by neighborhoods, communities, service organizations, businesses, and governments that could affect air and water quality, neighborhood and traffic safety, [ ].. Then why has this not been applied in health care, and what could we do to bring this about?.. I get mixed results, and have a success rate of [ ].. The Puzzle of IBD.. Posted on June 19, 2012, 8:10 am, by Edward, under.. Scientific observations over the years have revealed tantalizing connections between IBD and other factors.. In Sweden, Crohn s disease was three times more common in  ...   So, before leaving your doctor s office, be sure of the following:what to do once you get home that you have the right prescriptions for medicines and know how to take them how to handle any side effectsmwhat changes to make in [ ].. activities.. clarify.. points.. Parkinson s Disease.. Posted on April 12, 2012, 12:15 pm, by Edward, under.. Parkinson s disease results when nerve cells in the area of the brain that controls body movement begin to deteriorate.. It usually occurs in people who are over 60.. balance.. examination.. trigger.. Plastic Surgery for Teen-agers?.. Posted on April 4, 2012, 8:33 am, by Edward, under.. For some, it s a controversial trend: teen-agers getting plastic surgery.. Young girls are going under the knife to chisel their faces; others are getting breast implants while they re still minors.. breast implants.. self-esteem.. teenagers..

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    Descriptive info: Posts Tagged disease.. Parkinson s Risk Lower in Smokers.. Posted on June 13, 2011, 9:41 am, by Edward, under.. A new study supports previous research that found that smokers may be at lower risk of developing Parkinson s disease.. Dr.. Jay M.. Gorell, of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and colleagues compared the smoking and alcohol drinking habits of 144 Parkinson s disease patients with 464 people the same age that did not have the [ ].. parkinson.. smoking..

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    Descriptive info: Posts Tagged medicine.. Redefining Health Redefines Clubs.. Posted on July 5, 2012, 10:55 am, by Edward, under.. Everyone knows that if you stand still the world will pass you by.. Yet some successful entrepreneurs have not needed to run to keep up with the world; just a shrewd sidestep into a main current positioned them to be swept on to success.. profession.. psychological..

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  • Title: www.qlew.org » Blog Archive » Start Making Sense Let’s Use Prevention, Part 3
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  • Title: www.qlew.org » Blog Archive » Yo yo Dieting
    Descriptive info: Thanks,.. Thanks for your question.. The best thing I can recommend for you is to move away from crash-dieting (or yo-yo dieting) and really develop some healthy eating behaviors that you can stick to for life.. Did you know that yo-yo dieters actually have a harder time losing and maintaining their weight than non-dieters? That s because a continuous cycle of going on and off diets will actually slow down your metabolism.. Every time you go on a low calorie diet (such as the water and popcorn you mentioned) your body thinks you are starving.. So instead of cooperating with you, it stores what you eat as fat in preparation of further starvation.. Additionally, crash diets deprive your body of the nutrients it needs to function properly.. Take a look at our weight loss plans in the diets section.. You ll notice that the menu for each day is composed of balanced meals and snacks.. The key is limiting portion sizes.. Our plans provide a wide variety of foods so  ...   is to lose more weight the only way to do this is to burn more calories than you take in.. Are you currently exercising? Besides being good for your health and helping to reduce your risk of various chronic diseases, regular exercise can help you lose weight and maintain your goal weight once you get there.. Aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity on most days of the week.. If you’re looking for some new exercises to do take a look at our Virtual Trainer in the workouts section – it will help you target specific muscle groups.. And try to change your exercise routine every 6 weeks or so, to keep your muscles from becoming lazy.. If you have further questions feel free to chat with me live M-F 9-5 PST.. Just go to the diets section and click on Dietitian chat.. Prepared from a different organic compounds and minerals,.. detox pads.. are meant to work during the night to boosting your metabolism, blood circulation, energy levels..

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