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    Archived pages: 8 . Archive date: 2014-06.

  • Title: Collaborative technological watch
    Descriptive info: .. QSOS.. Method.. Tools.. Community.. News.. drakkr.. Collaborative technological watch.. Qualification and Selection of Opensource Software.. Impatient?.. Jump directly to the.. Open Source Selection Software.. portal (O3S):.. Master.. : official instance (validated by the QSOS community).. Incoming.. : sandbox instance (everybody can contribute evaluations).. Recent news.. 02 Jun 2013.. QSOS 2.. 0 is out.. 27 Mar 2013.. Migration started!.. 25 Mar 2013.. Soon.. But what is QSOS anyway?..  ...   source components and projects.. It is part of the.. framework for open source governance.. It is composed of:.. A formal.. method.. describing a workflow to evaluate open source components and related projects.. A set of.. tools.. to help apply the QSOS workflow on templates, evaluations and comparisons.. A.. community.. developping and maintaining these templates, evaluations and tools.. 2013 QSOS core team with help from.. Jekyll Bootstrap.. and.. Twitter Bootstrap..

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  • Title: Method
    Descriptive info: Method.. Learn!.. Neat and free.. QSOS proposes a method, designed to qualify, select and compare open source solutions in an objective, traceable and argued way.. This method is distributed the terms of the.. GNU Free Documentation License.. If you actually want to read the method, you can:.. Consult.. it online in the Drakkr edoc repository.. Download in PDF export format:.. English.. ,.. French.. Proposed process.. The QSOS method describes a formal process to evaluate, compare and select open source solutions.. This process is made up of four interdependent and iterative steps:.. Define.. evaluation.. templates..  ...   QSOS whatever software family is considered.. Software.. s functional coverage: criteria depending on the considered software family.. Evaluate.. open source solutions against templates by scoring the criteria.. Qualify.. specific usage contexts by weighting the criteria.. Select.. most relevant solutions identified through.. comparisons.. based on scored and weighted criteria.. This step by step approach, the multi criteria analysis and the scoring model defined by QSOS allow objective and traceable evaluation and selection of open source solutions.. This proves relevant when studying migration opportunity or when selecting the best open source solution in a given context..

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  • Title: Tools
    Descriptive info: Tools.. Use!.. Detailed tutorial.. QSOS provides a detailed tutorial that you can:.. online in the Drakkr edoc repository.. Brief overview.. QSOS templates and evaluations are formatted in XML.. The following tools are available to manipulate these XML documents.. Freemind.. : the famous minmapping tool is used to design evaluation templates.. QSOS Editor.. : to evaluate an open source solution as soon as a template is available.. QSOS Repositories and Backend.. : a Web Git-based application to host, manage and share both templates and evaluations.. O3S (Open Source Selection Software).. : a Web application to manipulate evaluations, create comparisons and export them in several formats.. Freemind for.. Since.. file format is XML based and it wonderfully helps designing trees, QSOS adopted it to create its own templates.. In order to be compliant with QSOS evaluations, this.. mm.. format is overloaded just a little bit.. Check the.. QSOS tutorial.. for more details.. QSOS Editor for.. evaluations.. Although you can edit.. qsos.. XML  ...   standalone.. application.. Furthermore this tool is connected to the QSOS backend and thus allows transparent bootstrap, download, update and upload of evaluations.. QSOS Backend for both.. The backend manages the two QSOS repositories:.. : templates and evaluations formally validated by the QSOS community.. : templates and evaluations contributed by anybody.. Everybody can send a template or an evaluation into the.. repository, wheter trough the backend s Web interface or directly via the QSOS Editor.. It is available here:.. http://backend.. org.. Only allowed members of the QSOS community can then move templates and evaluations from the.. repository to the.. repository.. O3S for.. The.. connects on both QSOS repositories to allow creation of personalized comparisons:.. Official instance:.. http://master.. o3s.. Sandbox instance:.. http://incoming.. Once a comparison has been created it can be exported in several formats:.. Graphics: QSOS quadrants (Maturity versus Fonctional coverage), radar graphs.. Documents:.. * Dynamic comparative spreadsheets (.. ods.. ).. * Reports skeletons (.. odt.. * Slideshows skeletons (.. odp..

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  • Title: Community
    Descriptive info: Community.. Share!.. QSOS is a community-based project:.. the more we are, the better we are watching.. !.. So.. join us.. in our effort to help people adopt open source software.. You can contribute in many different ways, for instance:.. Update.. an existing evaluation or template (check the.. QSOS Tutorial.. to see how to so so in French ;)).. Create.. a brand new template and/or evaluation  ...   ll be granted.. commit.. right in the QSOS.. backend (.. this one.. Help on.. code.. or.. edoc.. (fork the GitHub repository:.. https://github.. com/drakkr/qsos/.. Advocate.. QSOS to people you know (padawans, coworkers, customers, friends ) or not (blog readers, conference attendees, magazine buyers, @followers !).. Any other creative way you ll find (sell/give T-shirts, make QSOS tatoos, have QSOS parties, mix all this in one event )..

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  • Title: News
    Descriptive info: News.. Stay tuned!.. 2013.. June.. June 2, 2013.. March.. March 27, 2013.. March 25, 2013..

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  • Title: QSOS 2.0 is out
    Descriptive info: 0 is out.. 02 June 2013.. The new major version of QSOS is at last available!.. We worked a lot towards this very moment.. The 2.. 0 release comes with many changes.. QSOS Formats.. XSD for QSOS format (available.. here.. Freemind XSD for templates (available.. QSOS backend.. QSOS backend is now split in two repositories:.. +.. : community sandbox opened to any registered user.. : QSOS certified evaluations and templates.. Templates and evaluations can be uploaded to the backends, this requires authentication.. Connect to the.. backend.. and create an account today.. XulEditor.. Remote Templates can be downloaded from the QSOS repositories and used to create a new evaluation.. Remote evaluations can be downloaded from the QSOS repositories and opened by the editor.. Evaluations can be send and saved in the remote QSOS repositories, this requires authentication.. Evaluations  ...   a QSOS Quadrant and also be exported to OpenDocument formats (ODS, ODP and ODT).. Connect to one of the two O3S instances:.. : evaluations and templates validates by the QSOS community.. : sandbox where anybody can propose contributions.. We will reinject former templates and evaluations in the coming days.. Documentation.. New format and mechanism adopted.. + QSOS documentation is now written in.. Markdown/Pandoc.. syntax.. + Two export format are used: PDF and Gitit wiki pages (to be available soon).. + Export documents are built with.. make.. QSOS Method migrated to Markdown/Pandoc: download the PDF export in.. english.. or in.. french.. New document: QSOS Tutorial (for now available in.. , english version is coming ).. Source Control.. All QSOS sources (code, edoc and this very website) are now hosted on.. GitHub.. So fork us and contribute!.. Previous.. Archive.. Next..

    Original link path: /2013/06/02/qsos-20-is-out/
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  • Title: Migration started!
    Descriptive info: Migration started!.. 27 March 2013.. We are currently in the process of migrating QSOS infrastructure.. Please do not shout if some links are dead for a few days.. The result will prove worth of your patience!..

    Original link path: /2013/03/27/migrating/
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  • Title: Soon...
    Descriptive info: 25 March 2013.. 0 is almost ready!.. Just a few last fixes and we can rollout.. You know it s all about getting rid of these.. TODO.. s and.. FIXME.. s that we always tend to let to root or even rot sometimes.. ;)..

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