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    Archived pages: 282 . Archive date: 2014-06.

  • Title: qmail mirror selection
    Descriptive info: .. qmail mirror selection : choose one close to you !.. USA.. ASIA/OCEANIA.. EUROPE.. WORLD.. This site.. California-Geto.. ; UUNET BBN AT T.. Florida-Orlando.. Kansas-Pandakc.. Michigan-Auchnet.. ; UUNET.. New York-qmail.. org.. ; Sprint.. Pennsylvania Pair.. ; AT T, GLBX, Sprint, Level 3.. Australia-Glasswings.. AustraliaIlisys.. Australia-II.. net.. Australia-Sydney.. Hong Kong-Ibase.. Indonesia.. (timestamp.. html bad).. Iran-Morva.. Japan-Teraren.. Korea.. , CDNetworks.. Malaysia.. Singapore.. Belgium-Hebergeur.. Bosnia and Herzegovina-BLIC.. Bulgaria-Online.. Bulgaria-CBox.. Czech  ...   ie.. Italy-Hypergrid.. Poland-LU-MEDIA.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. , Omnis.. Turkey.. United Kingdom.. London, UK.. UK, London, IPv4, IPv6.. Argentina-Localhost.. ar.. Brazil-USP.. Canada-qmail.. ca.. Canada - compevo communications.. Canada - Gundari.. (last updated Mar 1).. Israel-Abramov.. (last updated Apr 1).. Israel.. South Africa.. Russell Nelson.. Do you want to.. mirror.. qmail.. org? Curious about the red bar or how the.. mirror manager.. works?.. Last modified: Fri Oct 4 00:02:59 EDT 2013..

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  • Title: qmail: Second most popular MTA on the Internet
    Descriptive info: qmail francophone.. Please note that this site is a reference for qmail users.. It's not designed to be easy to use -- it's designed to be comprehensive.. There are things in here which have sharp edges! If you're looking for a tutorial site, visit Dave Sill's excellent.. Life With Qmail.. site.. qmail is a.. modern SMTP server.. which makes sendmail.. obsolete.. , written by.. Dan Bernstein.. , who also has a.. web page for qmail.. qmail is a secure package.. You can.. download netqmail 1.. 06.. (Redhat.. RPMs.. , and Debian.. debs.. ,.. HP-UX.. Gentoo.. , and OpenBSD.. ports.. ) and.. redistribute.. qmail for free.. You can get the.. "big picture".. of how qmail is organized.. You should read.. Life with qmail.. There is a.. discussion list.. and an.. announcements list.. for qmail users, maintained by Dan Bernstein using qmail,.. of course.. There's also an.. archive.. search it.. It's also archived at.. The Aims Group.. , at.. Gossamer Threads.. , and in.. Mailbox-format archives.. Charles Cazabon has written some guidelines for.. posting to the list.. There is also an FAQ, providing.. answers to frequently-asked questions.. qmail is.. now.. open source.. Dan's updated FAQ is also available in.. other file formats.. Spanish.. A number of large Internet sites are using qmail: USA.. net's outgoing email, Address.. com, Rediffmail.. com, Colonize.. com, Yahoo! mail, Network Solutions, Verio, MessageLabs (searching 100M emails/week for malware), listserv.. acsu.. buffalo.. edu (a big listserv hub, using qmail since 1996), Ohio State (biggest US University), Yahoo! Groups, Listbot, USWest.. net (Western US ISP), Telenordia, gmx.. de (German ISP), NetZero (free ISP), Critical Path (email outsourcing service w/ 15M mailboxes), PayPal/Confinity, Hypermart.. net, Casema, Pair Networks, Topica, MyNet.. com.. tr, FSmail.. net, Mycom.. com, and vuurwerk.. nl.. Charles Cazabon, Dave Sill, Henning Brauer, Peter Samuel, and Russell Nelson have put together a.. netqmail-1.. distribution of qmail.. It is comprised of qmail-1.. 03 plus the.. recommended patches.. and some documentation.. Table of Contents:.. [addons].. [author's software].. [books].. [commercial support].. [checkpassword].. [ezmlm].. [high-volume servers].. [maildir].. [Microsoft virus prevention].. [news].. qmail news is also available as a.. news channel.. , and a.. Slashdot.. slashbox.. [Recommended patches].. [spam prevention].. [tips].. [user software].. [user documentation].. Commercial Support.. Commercial support is available for qmail.. Crynwr Software.. Support is available on-site, by phone, or over the Internet.. 1-315-323-1241 or FWD# 404529.. James Craig Burley, Software Craftsperson.. , offers assessment, installation, support, training, and documentation for qmail and related software, specializing in low-maintenance, rock-solid anti-spam, anti-virus solutions for small- and medium-size organizations.. Saffron Solutions.. is a customer-focused IT services company offering computer.. system.. network.. , and.. security.. consulting and systems integration.. Based in Boston, MA, Saffron Solutions provides.. and other open source software support to customers in the US and Canada.. bettercom.. (located in Hamburg, Germany) provides support, installation and administration services for qmail and open-source software in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.. Andrew Richards.. is a qmail solutions specialist: Straightforward support, consultancy, maintenance and troubleshooting services for qmail and related systems.. Design and installation.. of new qmail-based systems - any size, any location.. Tel.. +44 1142 789 884.. G-Tech Consulting.. offers high-quality services and support contracts at the lowest prices.. We offer support for Qmail, Webmail, Courier-Imap, djbdns, etc and a wide variety of open-source software such as Apache, ProFTPD, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD.. David Harris.. , author of open source qmail addons, provides expert qmail support and installation through his firm.. DRH Internet.. Call toll free at 866-374-4678; internationally 410-461-5316.. Inter7.. provides qmail support world-wide: remote access or at your location.. Call toll free in the U.. S.. at 866.. 528.. 3530, Internationally at 815.. 776.. 9465 or via Voip at sip:support@inter7.. com.. Quist Consulting.. provides support for qmail in Canada, the USA and elsewhere over the Internet.. AiDA Systems.. offers Qmail, Webmail AntiVirus, AntiSpam, and djbdns support.. We also offer high-availability, clustering, redundancy, load balancing (layer 4 switching, round-robin dns) and failover services for medium/large ISP's.. We also support migration from Windows/Unix platforms to any Unix platform (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Solaris, others) Call 209.. 639.. 2989.. BlackMesh.. provides a full range of qmail services, from consulting to shared qmail servers and dedicated qmail servers.. In addition to qmail support, BlackMesh provides a full range of consulting and hosting--from shared to dedicated--services.. 888.. 473.. 0854.. iBase Technologies.. from Hong Kong offers qmail based corporate email solutions for the Asian region.. Solutions include corporate email solutions, anti-spam/anti-virus, high-volume servers, consultancy and system administration services.. Ross Cooney.. from.. Rozmic.. provide support for qmail to European based organisations and ISP's.. Rozmic also provide a managed spam filtration service called.. EmailCloud.. which is built upon qmail.. RIEGER - Consulting Management.. offers consulting, installaton and adminstrative services for qmail, djbdns and other software including help with general server tasks to customers located in Germany and nearby countries.. LinuxIS Consulting.. provides consulting, installation, and support services for qmail, djbdns, and most other DJB-ware and Open Source software.. Accepts Visa, M/C, American Express and Paypal.. Clearly Connected.. provides contractual and by-the-hour support for qmail and other MTAs.. We have a great deal of expertise in qmail on Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris.. Excello.. provides support for wide range of qmail applications for SMB & Enterprise customers in the Germany and Czech republic.. They also run excellent high performance antispam and antivirus solution on qmail platform known as.. Virusfree.. cz.. LinuxMagic Inc.. Offers high volume mail server support for ISP's and Enterprise throughout the world.. They have published free qmail support tools.. Also specializing in Anti-Spam solutions, Integration, High Performance Tuning.. Located in Canada, 24/7 support contracts also available.. Advanced Consulting Group.. - Los Angeles based Qmail installation and support.. Support for spam filtering, large deployments, and 24/7 support.. Support all unix platforms.. Call toll free (888) 595-9775.. Disch Services GmbH.. (located near Nuremberg, Germany) is providing professional services for open source software.. The company is running also e-mail servers with qmail for her german customers.. User-Contributed Documentation.. Documentation contributed by users.. qmail manual pages converted to HTML.. as a tarball.. individually.. Michael Samuel collected some documentation for qmail.. It is no longer accessible and is not being maintained.. Arjen van Drie has a.. Paul Gregg has written instructions on how to configure qmail to handle many mail users (multiple email addresses) with separate POP3 accounts -.. without using system accounts.. Djalil Chafaï.. has written.. «Introduction à qmail».. , an introduction to qmail for french speaking users.. Chris Johnson wrote something called ".. The qmail newbie's guide to relaying.. ", which is supposed to answer most of the relaying questions that come across the qmail list.. Adam D.. McKenna has written a.. qmail HOWTO.. Dave Sill has written.. Erwin Hoffmann was supposed to give a.. German-language QMAIL presentation.. at a congress of the German Unix User Group (GUUG) (http://www.. guug.. de).. However, the whole congress was canceled thus the presentation is more or less "virtual".. Dave Kitabjian has some diagnostic suggestions for various qmail problems.. on his.. Q-Cards.. page.. Philip Jacob wrote up some.. instructions.. on using checkpoppasswd.. to create virtual users on virtual hosts, accessing their mail via pop3.. Davide Giunchi has written an.. Italian qmail HOWTO.. , this Italian language document explains how to install, configure and run qmail.. This isn't a translation of the English "qmail howto" but is written from scratch.. Oliver Lehmann has written a.. German FreeBSD qmail-howto.. Steven Fettig has translated Chapters 1-4 into.. English.. Patrick contributes an.. xinetd.. configuration for qmail-pop3d.. Ismail Yenigul has written a.. Turkish qmail-howto.. Qmail-VmailMgr-Courier-SquirrelMail installation guide.. , written by Konstantin Riabitsev.. Martin Östlund has written a.. Swedish qmail-howto.. Rene Schleicher has written a.. qmail/vpopmail-Installation.. HOWTO in German.. Looking for information on how to.. add a disclaimer.. to your outgoing email?.. Daniele Ripanti and Marco Rocchetti have written a.. HOWTO in Italian.. describing a qmail installation on FreeBSD with POP3, IMAP, Mailing list, Antivirus, Antispam support and webmail.. Reza Gamal has written a qmail guide in.. Indonesian.. Michel Morelli is running an.. Italian-language list.. Paul Niewiadomski has translated.. man pages into Polish.. Actually, he's Pawe Niewiadomski, but you need an 8859-2 character set to properly render his name.. I can't wait for UTF-8 to be supported everywhere.. Marco Tizzoni has translated.. Life With Qmail into Italian.. Mário Gamito has some.. Portuguese documentation.. Asfihani has written Installing Qmail With.. vmailmgr.. and.. vpopmail.. in Indonesian language.. He also covers omail admin, courier-imap and squirrelmail.. Ciprian has.. three benchmark articles.. comparing sendmail, qmail, and PostFix.. Andrew St.. Jean describes his.. qmail configuration.. and using qmail's null client, Courier IMAP, and TMDA.. John M.. Simpson is running.. courier-imap under daemontools.. Kris Kelley has.. Gentoo installation instructions.. Frank Niedermann has written a HowTo install qmail on.. Debian in German.. language.. Jeffrey Clement wrote up a.. Debian HOWTO.. on setting up qmail, Vmailmgr, CourierIMAP, SpamAssassin, and ezmlm.. Sylvestre Ledru wrote some bits on using.. spam assassin with qmail.. Roberto Lacava has Italian installation instructions for.. qmail on Red Hat 9.. Erwin Hoffmann has compiled a tutorial about.. SMTP Authentication.. (as part of my canceled Qmail Book) which is available in english language.. Readers will find an updated version of Krysztof Dabrowski's SMTP Auth patch which should cleanly interface with eg.. 04.. Larry M.. Smith has written instructions for using.. qmail as a honeypot.. Sumanth NS has a.. qmail + UUCP how-to.. Bill Shupp has installation instructions for a.. qmail toaster.. No, not to make crispy bread, but instead to put together qmail, patches, and ancillary software into one installation.. Lukas Feiler has instructions for installing.. qmail with TLS and SMTP auth.. ,.. Courier-IMAP/POP3, MySQL, Clam AV, SpamAssassin - all with virtual domain support.. Mark Steele wrote up some notes on.. Setting up a Qmail front-end for M$ Exchange server.. Roberto Puzzanghera has written an English/Italian HOWTO, which explains how to.. put together the latest versions of netqmail.. , vpopmail, dovecot, roundcube webmail, spamassassin, clamav, simscan and some and related software.. [index].. Author's Enhancement Software for qmail.. Enhancements and additions to qmail by its author, Dan Bernstein.. ezmlm has its.. own section.. The.. serialmail.. package delivers mail from a Maildir to an SMTP server.. Unix Client-Server TCP.. package makes ordinary Unix programs into TCP/IP servers and/or clients.. In particular its tcpserver program should be used with qmail instead of inetd.. This package now includes Dan's.. rblsmtpd.. package for blocking spam using the RBL.. Gerrit Pape has written man pages for.. ucspi-tcp-0.. 88.. daemontools-0.. 70.. 76.. to complement Dan's online HTML documentation.. Interestingly, William Baxter announced.. ucspi-ipc.. and Bruce Guenter announced.. ucspi-unix.. within two days of each other.. Same idea, different implementations.. Bruce Guenter also has written.. ucspi-proxy.. It passes data back and forth between two connections set up by a UCSPI server and a UCSPI client.. William Baxter wrote.. ucspi-ssl.. which uses OpenSSL to encrypt connections.. Scott Gifford.. has written an implementation of.. UCSPI-TLS.. for qmail.. , which adds STARTTLS (RFC 2487) support to qmail-smtpd and STLS (RFC 2595) support to qmail-pop3d while isolating the encryption in a low-privilege process for security.. You can get.. UCSPI-TLS patches for qmail, sslserver, and mailfront.. , along with a detailed.. UCSPI-TLS on qmail HOWTO.. Levent Serinol wrote a simple patch which adds.. mysql support to tcpserver.. daemontools.. package monitors, controls, and logs the execution and output of long-running programs, often called daemons.. Tetsu Ushijima wrote.. qmail-conf.. , which creates an appropriate set of files to use daemontools to start up qmail services.. qmailanalog.. package analyzes qmail log files in various ways.. Russ Allbery has written.. tai64nfrac.. , which converts the tai64n that daemontools-0.. 63 produces into the fractional seconds that qmailanalog expects.. Peter Samuel has implemented the same idea as a.. patch to daemontools.. using Dan's coding style (Jay Soffian also wrote one substantially similar to Peter's).. Finally (hopefully) John Levine went ahead and fixed qmailanalog to.. accept tai64n dates.. Georg Lehner has made.. qmailanalog better integrated with multilog.. dot-forward.. package emulates sendmail's.. forward file processing.. fastforward.. package supports forwarding tables under qmail.. Mirko Zeibig has.. an RPM.. with fastforward with a.. qmail-default and a "standard" /etc/aliases-file in it.. checkpassword.. package authenticates users using a generic interface.. It is required by qmail's included POP3 server.. Dan has a checklist for users.. converting from sendmail to qmail.. Dan has written a.. reference manual for SMTP.. You can't find a more secure DNS server than.. djbdns.. If you thought the DNS was hard to understand, you're wrong.. It's not the DNS that's difficult -- it's just BIND.. If you just want to publish information via the web or ftp and you don't want to worry about security holes, consider using.. publicfile.. ezmlm-showctl.. prints out the ezmlm configuration in a readable manner.. User-Contributed Software for Qmail.. General software contributed by users and supporters of qmail.. Harald Hanche-Olsen has written some code to do.. dot-locking.. Dot-locking is slightly unreliable, so Dan doesn't support it in qmail.. Seth Alves.. hacked on maildir.. module-970707 until it.. worked.. (mostly) with imap-4.. 1.. BETA.. Mattias Larsson wrote a preliminary.. patch.. to IMAP4rev1 which lets it work with Maildirs.. David Harris has.. improved.. that patch to make a production quality UW-imap server with Maildir support.. And in his turn,.. Herbie has updated the Maildir patch for the latest.. UW IMAP.. server.. David Summers has a.. qmail-imap Linux RPM.. This is a version of the IMAP/POP server that works with QMAIL, using Mattias's patches.. The three differences are:.. Mail is delivered and picked up from ~user/Mailbox.. Mail can be delivered and picked up from ~user/Maildir/ (see README.. maildir).. CRAM-MD5 authentication has been added to the IMAP server.. Sam Varshavchik wrote a.. Maildir-only IMAP server.. called Courier IMAP.. Ali Lomonaco.. has a.. patch for finger.. so it knows to look in $HOME for a Mailbox.. It was written for the finger from FreeBSD 2.. 2.. 2, which is probably the standard BSD finger.. Giles Lean didn't like the idea of patching majordomo, so following a suggestion from J.. T.. Conklin that he found in the list archives he wrote a.. majordomo-inject script.. and some documentation on how to use it.. Needs Perl 5.. 004.. Nathan J.. Mehl.. has thrown together a bourne shell script to automagically.. create all of the necessary aliases.. for a majordomo list with digests in a Qmail environment that uses Giles majordomo-inject.. Julie Baumler.. is using UIUC's ph to redirect mail on her mail hub.. She wrote a note on how to.. configure qmail to use ph.. 's.. checkhomeownership.. script will report on users who don't own their home directories or Maildirs.. This is important to run before starting up qmail, because sendmail doesn't care a whit whether the user owns their home directory, but home directory ownership is how qmail decides if the user exists or not.. If you have a mail hub, and you've botched the home directory ownership, the users will never be logging into it, so they won't notice.. And you won't notice either, until they run screaming to you that they haven't gotten the important mail they wanted, and their correspondent noted that the mail bounced.. David Summers.. has some.. perl scripts.. that work with maildir2smtp.. Now uses APOP-style authentication.. newbox.. script to create new maildrops for users who don't have login accounts on their mail server.. Chris Garrigues wrote a program to.. pretty-print Received: lines.. Brian T.. Wightman.. has written a.. delayed-mail notifier.. Mark Delany.. rmail.. for people receiving ! addresses via UUCP.. It parses ! addresses, applies a number of simple pattern matching rules to convert them to FQDN addresses and injects them into qmail.. has a program to.. eliminate duplicate messages.. It has two modes of operation -- strict and loose.. Strict only eliminates perfect duplicates, whose only difference is in the Received: lines.. Loose eliminates duplicates that have identical From: Date:, Message-Id: and body parts.. Peter Samuel.. has expanded on Russell's program and written a.. duplicate eliminator.. that uses dbm hash file(s) instead of a text file.. It also has improved exception handling and provisions for sites without the MD5 perl module.. Russ Allbery.. uses Majordomo with qmail.. He has a.. FAQ.. on the subject.. David Harris has a system to only allow hosts who have.. authenticated via the POP3 server to relay.. mail using qmail.. This does not require patching the POP or SMTP servers, but is implemented by two programs which cleanly interface into the system, and can work with most any POP or IMAP server.. Petr Novotny.. wrote an alternative to Russell Nelson's Open-SMTP patch for checkpassword.. His code is a.. PAM module.. which calls external program to log $TCPREMOTEIP.. It requires a PAM-enabled checkpassword.. Mark Willcox wrote.. postpop.. , which is a simpler SMTP after POP solution.. Michele Beltrame.. has a tool to.. view the qmail queue.. (with colored display), view messages in it and delete messages.. It's very simple and written in Perl.. Jeremy Kister wrote a.. qmail-queue manipulation tool.. Keith Burdis has written.. several qmail programs.. , including dotqmail2alias, alias2dot, deliver, and compactor/exploder.. Eric Huss has released.. queue-fix 1.. 4.. It repairs or generates a qmail queue structure.. You can use this to help move your queue location, or if you regenerate the file system and the inode numbering changes.. It will also fix permissions and ownerships of the files.. Eric reports that Matthew Harrell wrote a.. patch to queue-fix.. which makes it work with Russ Nelson's.. big-todo.. Patches upon patches!.. Harald Hanche-Olsen has a shell/awk/gnu-find script which.. renames a queue.. so that it has the right filenames (corresponding to inodes).. Charles Cazabon wrote.. queue_repair.. queue-repair is a qmail queue diagnostic and repair tool, written in Python, and licensed under the GPL.. Peter Samuel has a qmail-compatible.. vacation.. program.. Jason van Zyl has a patch to the cyrus imap server so that it.. authenticates out of a cdb.. (the same hash format that users/assign uses) instead of kerberos or /etc/passwd.. And he has a perl script that allow you to enter users into the system and it takes care of updating the users/assign file, and the cdb file that cyrus is using to authenticate from.. Bruce Guenter wrote.. qlogtools.. , a set of tools useful in analyzing or producing logs from qmail and other packages.. Monte Mitzelfelt has a program which.. sorts a qmail log.. file by message delivery.. Ismail Yenigul has a qmail log analyzer tool.. called.. IsoQlog.. Bruce Guenter wrote his own implementation of the mini-qmail idea.. , only his (.. nullmailer.. ) has a queue for more reliablity.. It supports SMTP and QMQP, so it's a drop-in replacement for qmail-qmqpc.. Eric Hess needed.. longer timeouts for qmqpc.. The timeouts are hard coded in qmail-qmqpc.. They tend to be on the low side (10 seconds to connect, 60 seconds to read/write).. He uses some automated systems with qmqp and sometimes the servers are overloaded and can't respond in that timeframe.. Jay Austad has his qmqpc.. rotating the server list.. by a random amount.. This distributes the load over multiple qmqp servers.. There are a number of web interfaces for reading mailboxes:.. Sam Varshavchik's.. sqwebmail.. horde.. org's.. IMP.. Requires PHP and an IMAP/POP3 server.. @.. Twig.. No frames, no javascript.. oMail-webmail.. is a simple Webmail solution for mail servers.. based on qmail and optionally vmailmgr.. This a GPL project, maintained by.. Olivier Müller.. The mails are read directly from Maildirs on the harddisk, which is much quicker than using protocols like POP3 or IMAP.. Other features includes multiple language support (currently English, French, German and Italian), folders and addressbook support.. oMail is programmed in Perl.. Developers and translators are welcome to subscribe to the.. devel mailing list.. iGENUS.. is a chinese webmail system.. for perl + qmail + vpopmail + mysql.. Atmail.. is a complete Webmail client.. for qmail supporting POP3/IMAP accounts.. Streamlined interface supporting Ajax and multiple Webmail templates and themes.. VisualOffice.. supports Maildir++.. Several autoresponders are available:.. Eric Huss has written a rate-limited.. autoresponder.. Bruce Guenter updated his.. based on Eric's design.. Vyacheslav Ignatyuk wrote an alpha version of a.. qmail manager module.. for.. webmin.. It's a first alpha version, so may be unstable.. Peter Green has some code to.. Archive and process log files.. generated by qmail-send and qmail-smtpd.. William E.. Baxter has released.. qtools.. , a suite of utilities for use in.. qmail files.. The tools support applying a filter to a message body, message head, or entire message; conditional delivery of a message to a Maildir; and configuration of simple autorepliers.. Sam Varshavchik has a local delivery agent.. Maildrop.. that has a custom filtering language more readable than procmail's.. Russell Nelson has a program called.. no-alternative.. , which picks the text/plain part out.. of a MIME multipart/alternative message, and forwards it to $USER-alternative.. Russell Nelson and Magnus Bodin have conspired to write some scripts and documentation to throw information about.. qmail into mrtg.. Inter7 has their own.. MRTG.. configuration.. Chris Dent wrote.. Qmail::Queue.. pm.. oMail-admin.. is a PHP4-based Web-administration solution.. for mail servers based on Dan Bernstein's qmail and Bruce Guenter's vmailmgr.. Dru Nelson has an.. incoming message filter.. Dru Nelson has an administrator's program to.. remove queued mail.. that has a certain string in it.. LinuxMagic.. qmail-remove.. to remove emails from the queue.. If they match a string, they are moved to a temporary directory.. Mail2DB -- Store incoming mail in a PostgreSQL database.. Mail2DB.. is suitable for putting in a.. qmail/.. forward file and will archive e-mail to a SQL database.. Currently, there is only the storage component.. This was written because somone on a LUG list expressed interest in such a system, but he only knew PHP (which isn't an ideal language for calling from a.. qmail file ;-).. Hopefully a user interface will be forthcoming.. Russ Nelson has a.. qmtpd tarball.. for people using 0.. 70 or later.. with qmail.. Just drop it into your /service directory, and five seconds later, you're running qmtpd.. Don't forget to set your lowest MX priority to 12801, or all your deliveries will occur using SMTP.. This is a companion to his.. qmail-remote patch.. Vmailadmin.. is a web application that allow your client to administer the pop accounts in his domain.. , easily and with security, without the need to contact ISP staff.. Alex Kramarov has created.. qmail-print-queue.. to print the qmail queue contents.. - it runs on all messages and displayes the from:, to: and date: headers; can also dump the full header of the message if ran with "-h" switch (if mess822 is properly installed).. It is useful in conjunction with monitoring tools like qmail-mrtg and others.. Andrew Richards has written a set of tools for managing multiple virtual domains using hashing to distribute maildirs called.. qmail-hashdir.. Mahlon Smith has written a general.. new mail checker.. , useful if you use the mutt MUA and procmail to filter incoming mail to Maildirs, since there isn't a built in mechanism for doing this from within mutt.. qmail-qsanity-0.. 52.. checks your queue data structures for internal consistency.. If it finds any problems, it prints a warning to stderr.. Plans are to change it to generate shell commands which will correct the problems.. qmail-lint-0.. 55.. checks your qmail configuration.. for common problems.. Prints warning or error messages to stdout.. Davide Giunchi wrote.. qmail-masq.. [uerade].. It will masquerade the internal address with an external one when sending email from local network users to the external internet users.. Todd A.. Jacobs has a program to generate.. random extension.. addresses.. Wolfgang Pichler wanted graphs from logs, so he wrote.. qmailalizer.. mailfront.. , a package containing customizeable network front-ends for mail servers; specifically SMTP and POP3.. Supports SMTP auth and POP3 AUTH PLAIN and LOGIN.. Mark Delany wrote.. set_supplementary_groups.. , which lets you gain group permissions for the groups you are in in  ...   which authenticates via a.. pop3 connection.. While this may seem counter-productive, you can use it for smtp-auth where the smtp server does not have direct access to the user database.. Plácido Revilla wrote a checkpassword that authentifies against a.. PHPNuke.. users database.. This allows administrators of these kind of portals to automatize the creation of pop3 accounts in their system.. Courierpasswd.. allows users to to check and change their passwords using Courier authentication modules.. It can optionally read authentication tokens from stdin and send logging information to syslog or stderr.. Adam Aube's.. chkpass.. authenticates using a Squid auth helper program.. Oliver Hitz.. authenticates against a CDB file.. and works for SMTP-AUTH.. as well as for Courier POP and IMAP.. Tino Reichardt has a.. qpasswd.. Ted Fines wrote a.. perl LDAP.. Thomas Mangin's.. qmail-ldap-multi-auth.. patch allows you to run a mix of qmail-ldap and vmailmgr domains on the same machine.. Cristiano Venturini has developed.. Qmailsuite.. to manage accounts of QMail Ldap Server written in Python (command line) and Php5 (web application).. Yet More Qmail Addons.. Still need something more from qmail? The chances are good that you can find it here, contributed by users and supporters of qmail.. Paul Fox has created a.. getpwnam() patch.. for qmail which causes it to use getpwname() to get the uids of its usernames.. Evan Champion has a.. patch to condredirect.. It allows condredirect to handle the case where the child has a permanent delivery error -- for example, when the program condredirect is asked to run doesn't exist.. John Saunders has a.. patch to date822fmt.. which causes it to emit dates in the local timezone.. Chuck Foster implemented code (which Bill Nugent updated it to qmail 1.. 03) to.. bind the local address.. for smtp client sessions to an address which is mapped using the remote address as a key.. This can be useful to bypass a firewall, or if you've got split routing, or if you have a better non-publicized route to the destination host.. qmail-popbull.. lets you create bulletins which get added to a user's mailbox as they log in.. Equivalent to an all-customers mailing list, but takes up much less resources, and lets you withdraw bulletins.. qmail RPM.. which automatically applies a number of patches found here and which comes with some scripts.. Markus Stumpf.. pair of qmail patches.. , one to cause qmail-smtpd to log its disposition of mail, and another to convince qmail-remote to use a fixed IP address other than the one you get without binding to an address.. Andy Repton has ported the.. fixed IP address.. patch to qmail 1.. 03.. Damir Cifer has better instructions for his.. port.. Chuck Foster originally wrote a patch for tcpcontrol.. That functionality got subsumed into tcpserver.. John Levine has updated it to the current version (.. 0.. 84.. ).. It allows you to:.. deny services based on domain names instead of IP addresses.. distinguish between no PTR and wrong PTR DNS records.. deny service to hosts whose forward and reverse DNS do not agree.. Christopher K.. Davis has a patch to accept.. oversize DNS packets.. which works on both qmail's dns.. c and tcpserver's dns.. If you don't want to patch qmail, you can ameliorate the problem somewhat using.. , which returns only the records you ask for, making for a smaller ANSWER section.. has a patch which causes qmail programs to.. get their userids.. , not compiled in via auto_uids.. c, but instead by looking at files in /var/qmail/owners.. has RPMs of.. supervise-scripts.. , to help him start and stop supervise-managed programs in a more controlled manner.. Nick Leverton wrote a patch to qmail-send to cause it to.. suspend remote delivery.. without needing to restart qmail.. Ximenes Zalteca improved Dave's patch so that broken versions of.. Eudora which emit a CAPA command.. can still work with qmail's POP3 server.. Fred Lindberg has a patch which causes qmail-send to preserving the MIME-ness when.. bouncing MIME messages.. It requires and includes a patch to ezmlm, since it breaks.. QSBMF.. Jose Luis Painceira's patch.. deletes the body.. on big bouncing messages.. It's based on Fred Lindberg's patch (see previous item).. Note that if you use ezmlm, you may need Fred's patch for ezmlm-return, which is not included here.. Klaus-Uwe R.. Ittner wrote a patch to make serialmail enclose the.. bounced message as a MIME part.. , in analogy with qmail-mime.. tar.. gz.. Useful for all those unfortunate people who use character sets other than us-ascii and want to be able to decipher what bounced.. There's also the.. qmail-verh patch.. This allows substitution of the recipient local/host parts into the message.. Useful for inserting a customized mailto: URL for list-unsubscribe into the body of the message.. Bernhard Graf has a fix for.. input buffer boundary problems.. Mrs.. Brisby.. has written a user/password based.. mechanism for qmail-smtpd.. This lets your microsoft's outlook express supports (outgoing mail server user name) and netscape 4.. 5 (and above-betas) users securely roam.. Users can use a slightly modified version of their own checkpassword.. c program as outlined in my own.. vchkpw.. that I use.. Also, two very simple perl scripts to perform.. pop3-based authentication.. Krzysztof Dabrowski has made some improvements to Mrs.. Brisby's SMTP-AUTH.. , to let it work with.. CRAM-MD5 and PLAIN.. Traian Zvirid has.. additional restrictions.. on top of Krzysztof's SMTP-AUTH patch.. Eric M.. Johnston's.. YAQSAP (Yet Another qmail SMTP AUTH Patch).. Frederik Vermeulen has written a patch implementing.. RFC2487.. (starttls).. in qmail (qmail-smtpd as server, qmail-remote as client).. This means you can get SSL or TLS encrypted.. and authenticated.. SMTP between the MTAs and between MTA and an MUA like Netscape4.. Oliver Hitz wrote a small tool to.. manually test SMTP-AUTH CRAM-MD5 authentication.. Petri Kaukasoina wrote a little shared library which should help qmail.. reliability on Linux.. Linux does not automagically fsync metadata (information necessary tomake a file appear in the filesystem).. It only fsyncs metadata when the the directory is fsynced.. Bruce Guenter's.. syncdir.. gives qmail bsd fsync semantics on a Linux filesystem.. Scott Moorhouse rewrote a patch (which someone had written earlier and which I failed to publish here) to work around a Netscape bug, the symptoms of which are that it does not know how big a message is, so.. Netscape's download indicator doesn't progress.. Frank DENIS wrote a patch to.. truncate bounce messages.. (.. local copy.. , by author's request), on the off chance that the user may have kept a copy of the email.. takeshi@SoftAgency.. co.. jp wrote.. MySQL + QMAIL.. , including qmail-getpw-mysql and checkpassword-mysql, to look up users in a mysql database.. Iain Patterson has improved on.. sql-gpw and sql-cpw.. Michael Devogelaere's.. qmail-sql.. now includes ODBC support.. The prolific Bruce Guenter has written.. qmail-qfilter.. , which is a front end for qmail-queue.. that can send the body of the message through one or more filters, such as qmail-inject or new-inject.. Matthias Andree has a patch to allow qmail's sendmail wrapper to.. ignore the -N dsn option.. that sendmail has, for compatibility with MUAs that use the -N dsn switch (mutt can do).. Russ Nelson updated his changes to qmail-remote to.. send using QMTP.. If you wish to receive mail via qmtp,.. run qmtpd.. Gerrit Pape has.. Debian packages.. Klaus Reimer has code to change the.. appearance of bounce messages.. Note that this has the potential to break.. Scott Woods has qmail running on a Cray.. It took some.. patching.. to make it run on UNICOS, but it's running.. Scott Gifford's.. moreipme patch.. is available.. This solves the problem seen when a host has more IP addresses than it knows about.. This happens in particular when you have an IP masquerading load balancer in front of a host.. Mark Delaney noted that he was getting spam with a null envelope sender.. That by itself is insufficient reason to reject the email.. However, when the spam has multiple envelope recipients, it cannot be a bounce message.. So,.. Charles Cazabon wrote a patch to enforce.. single recipients on bounces.. André Oppermann updated his.. ext-todo patch.. , which solves the 'silly qmail syndrome'.. That's where qmail spends more time processing incoming email than scheduling deliveries.. You can get it with.. big-todo integrated.. as big-ext-todo.. Dr.. Erwin Hoffmann has written his own.. SMTP Auth.. Bjoern Kalkbrenner has improved the.. smtp-auth client patch.. alternate location.. ) so it works with multiple users.. This is of most use for a desktop qmail installation which needs to relay mail through a server that requires authentication.. The original author was Jay Soffian (.. documentation.. Last person to touch that patch was.. Robert Sanders.. Giacomo Cariello used to have OpenBSD Qmail Ports.. Adrian Ho has increased.. qmail-remote's compliance.. with RFC2821.. Some smtp servers are now emitting 5XX responses from the get-go, and mere RFC821 behavior doesn't deal well with them.. James Raftery wants the.. canonicalized hostname in the logfile.. , so he can see the real envelope recipients of messages after host name canonicalization.. If you send a mail to me at lecter@www.. redbroock.. dcu.. ie, your logs will show 'to remote lecter@www.. redbrook.. ie' but qmail-remote will actually use 'lecter@prodigy.. ie' in the RCPT TO command.. Miguel Beccari has.. QmailToaster.. RPM packages.. Features: Mail Server (pop3, pop3-ssl, imap4, imap-ssl, smtp, smtp-ssl), Web Administration Tools (vpopmail, vqadmin), Web Mail Client (horde), Mailing lists(ezmlm), Autoresponder, Antispam.. Ingo Rohloff has added.. SMTP authentication support to serialsmtp.. Jan Knepper has a qmail virtual.. domain outgoing IP address patch.. , based on IP adddress.. Alberto Brealey-Guzman also has an.. outgoing IP address patch.. , but his uses a control file to do the mapping.. Will Harris has a patch to make qmail.. fully RFC 1870 compliant.. , i.. to support the ESMTP SIZE command.. Erwin Hoffman has some.. corrections.. Andreas Mueller has compiled.. qmail for HP-UX.. J.. de Boyne Pollard suggests that you.. remove the bodge.. that works around a BIND version 4 problem.. David Phillips noticed that qmail's.. sendmail's -f emulation.. doesn't set the default for the username as sendmail does.. Insist that your local users use.. only certain domain names.. on their outgoing email.. Balazs Nagy has a.. concurrent IP connection limiter.. for ucspi-tcp.. Tomislav Randjic has ported that patch to both.. ucspi-tls.. Joshua Megerman wrote a patch to implement.. hashed per-IP connection limiting.. in qmail-send and qmail-remote.. Matthew Trout checks SMTP clients to see if they.. are open relays.. before he will accept email from them.. John R Levine has written a.. SMTP AUTH patch for ofmipd.. in mess822-0.. Various people have created patches centered around the SMTP conversation's MAIL FROM: and RCPT TO: verbs.. Johan Almqvist.. logs badmailfrom hits.. Ward Vandewege wrote a patch to implement.. badrcptto.. , in the same vein as badmailfrom.. John Levine wrote a.. badrcptto patch.. which uses CDB and logging.. Oliver Neubauer has a.. validrcptto.. , which rejects invalid addresses in the SMTP dialog.. Note that you cannot use this if you have any.. qmail files ending in -default, e.. any ezmlm lists.. Dion Sasmito wrote a.. goodmailfrom.. matching badmailfrom's functionality.. Paul Jarc's.. realrcptto patch.. changes qmail-smtpd so it uses the same tests as qmail-send to choose a.. The email might still be bounced by the.. qmail file, but if it would bounce because there is no applicable.. qmail file, then the email is rejected in the smtp dialog.. qmail-remote-user-verification.. patch performs user verification against both qmail-ldap and vmailmgr to bounce mail.. It does not bounce mail during conversation but at qmail-queue (changing this is trivial tho), so it will not save you bandwidth but only cpu if you scan emails.. Andrew Richards has modified Paul Jarc's realrcptto into.. qmail-verify.. It now uses UDP for privilege separation which also allows an incoming mail server to query a separate mailstore for larger installations.. John Simpson has a.. cdb.. Frederik Vermeulen got tired of his users sending oversize attachments, so he wrote an experimental patch that provides a qmail-queue replacement that.. detaches large attachments.. from an email.. and replaces them by an URL where the attached files can be downloaded (to avoid large attachments being sent over the internet via email).. Lukas Feiler has merged several patches into his.. bigqmail.. 05-tls-smtpauth-20060105.. patch.. cdb patch.. big-concurrency.. doublebounce-trim.. big-ext-todo (EXTTODO patch & big-todo patch).. Alberto Brealey-Guzman's outgoingips patch.. Davis' DNS patch.. John Simpson's.. combined patch.. Kazinori Fujiwara has an.. IPv6 patch.. Animesh Bansriyar needed to limit some users to.. receiving only local email.. Microsoft virus prevention.. Microsoft products are susceptible to a large variety of viruses, worms, and other fauna.. The best solution is to not use them.. A secondary solution is to use anti-virus software to keep viruses away from Microsoft products.. Jason Haar wrote.. Qmail-Scanner.. (also known as scan4virus), which scans all gatewayed Email.. for certain characteristics.. It is typically used for its anti-virus protection functions, in which case it is used in conjunction with commercial virus scanners.. but also enables a site to react to Email (at a server/site level) that contains specific strings in particular headers, or particular attachment filenames or types (e.. *.. VBS attachments).. AMaViS.. is A Mail Virus Scanner.. Kaspersky Lab includes qmail support for their.. AVP.. anti-virus program.. Jozef Hitzinger wrote ".. How to filter ms e-mail worms.. ".. OdeiaVir.. integrates virus scanning into qmail.. Central Command's.. Vexira Antivirus For Mail Servers.. (aka VAMS+I for the Integrated version) has qmail support.. Russell Nelson has an.. antivirus patch for qmail-smtpd.. , with some contributions from Charles Cazabon.. F-Prot supports use of the.. Anomy sanitizer.. rejects HELO commands whose parameter has no dot.. block_file.. rejects messages using file name and/or MIME type patterns.. qscanq.. , by Len Budney.. Qscanq provides a virus-scanning wrapper for qmail.. Qscanq scans every email message submitted to qmail before allowing it to be added to qmail's mail queue.. Infected emails are rejected, not bounced, so you won't have to deal with double-bounces during virus outbreaks.. BitDefender antivirus/antispam for qmail.. Patches for high-volume servers.. Dave Smith of XOOM.. com has updated Russell Nelson's.. big-todo patch.. for qmail 1.. Bruce Guenter added a fix for qmail-qstat.. Big-todo is only useful if you need to inject email into the queue when qmail-send is not running.. This is not the usual case.. Johannes Erdfelt of S.. u.. E wrote a patch to allow qmail to use a.. concurrency greater.. than 240.. If your queue gets larger than about 23,000 separate messages you'll need to change conf-split and recompile.. Different Unix filesystems will affect that 23,000 figure, but not by more than a factor of two.. This will ruin your queue, however.. The best way to make this change is to run two copies of qmail like this:.. stop qmail.. rename /var/qmail to /var/qmail2.. change conf-qmail to /var/qmail2.. make setup.. change conf-split to a prime number which reflects your requirements.. change conf-qmail back to /var/qmail.. restart qmail.. run /var/qmail2/rc.. In a week you'll be deleting this copy, so don't worry about setting it up under daemontools.. Russ Nelson discards doublebounces without queuing them.. with his.. Pawel Foremski has a.. qmail-smtpd plugin.. Nikola Vladov has devised a way to.. link qmail against djbdns.. 's resolver library.. vmailmgr proxy.. allows vmailmgr-tcp users to use multiple backend transparently.. Anti-spam techniques and code.. Chris Hardie has updated his qmail.. anti-spam howto.. Dan's.. blocks spam using the RBL.. and other DNS-based lists.. Because of the size of the RSS zone, they have removed the necessary TXT records that rblsmtpd relies on.. Alan Curry has a patch to.. rblsmtpd to make it work with A records.. David Jonas has a patch to rblsmtpd to let you.. ignore certain A record.. responses from the bl lookup.. has a pair of programs to help.. keep spam out of your mailbox.. Jason R.. Mastaler has improved.. TMDA.. , an anti-spam system.. Lionel Widdifield.. wrote an anti-spam patch.. Someone made some improvements to Lionel's patch, which Lindsay Haisley has.. ported to qmail 1.. qregex.. provides full regexp matching on envelope addresses.. With REs (Regular Expresions) it becomes quite easy to filter out email addresses that contain invalid characters or simply aren't a real address.. Jean has.. added.. case insensitive pattern matching and logging when a match is found.. has a patch to implement.. tarpitting.. in qmail-smtpd.. If you don't know what tarpitting is, it's the practice of inserting a small sleep in an SMTP session for each RCPT TO after some set number of RCPT TOs.. The idea is to thwart spammers who would hand your SMTP server a single message with a long list of RCPT TOs.. Nagy Balazs wrote a patch to ensure that the domain name on the.. envelope sender is a valid DNS name.. This is not terribly effective against spammers, but I list it here because some people want it.. Jon Rust wrote.. qrblcheck.. , which reads a message on stdin, grabs the IP address from the Received lines and checks it against five different DNS-based spamlists.. Jay Soffian has a qmail-queue replacement to.. filter against DNS spamlists.. It uses Bruce Guenter's.. QMAILQUEUE.. Matching email is not rejected, but instead an X-RBL: header is added, for filtering at the delivery layer.. O'Shaughnessy Evans has a set of shell scripts that comprise a spam-filtering system called ".. spamrule.. Ask Bjørn Hansen wrote.. qpsmtpd.. , a smtp server with filtering tools.. It's written in perl.. Rolf Eike Beer has implemented.. replacements for qmail-smtpd and qmail-remote.. which add features like IPv6, STARTTLS, AUTH, CHUNKING, and PIPELINING.. Erwin Hoffman's.. SPAMCONTROL.. combines many spam control features.. Includes SMTP Auth with CRAM-MD5 support.. EnderUNIX Team wrote.. spamGuard.. , which scans your log files for "too much" email from a particular user, and adds them to badmailfrom.. Russell Nelson has a patch to.. reject relay probes.. generated by so-called anti-spammers.. These relay probes have '!', '%' and '@' in the local (username) part of the address.. Dale Woolridge, James Law, and Moto Kawasaki's.. spam throttle.. patch provides a method to rate limit/stutter spam (message throughput) via a highly parameterized control interface.. As of release 2.. 01, tcpserver is no longer a strict requirement.. James Grinter has instructions on.. using SpamAssassin.. It's a script that runs from a.. Chris Kennedy has written the.. BlackHole.. spam/virus filter.. Noel Mistula wrote.. checkhab.. , which checks for HTML, attachments, and binaries in email, and blocks them.. Gerrit Pape wrote.. qconfirm.. , a delivery confirmation process for a mail address.. Chris Johnson wrote.. qdated.. to create and verify timestamped e-mail addresses.. These addresses expire after a user-configurable period of time; any mail sent to an expired address will bounce.. Roger Merchberger has some techniques to deal with.. double-bouncing email.. q-sorter.. sorts your email into separate inboxes.. Net::QMTP.. - This perl module implements an object oriented interface to a Quick Mail Transfer Protocol (QMTP) client.. which enables a perl program to send email by QMTP.. Georg Lehner tells how to configure.. Qmail with Spamassassin.. Jeffrey Clement wrote a time-limited email-address program called.. datedmail.. Luca Morettoni wrote.. qmail-rblchk.. , which checks the IP address in the Received: line of an email message on stdin against named DNSBLs.. Jean-Eudes ONFRAY wrote a.. rhsbl patch.. for tcpserver.. This lets you block or whitelist email based on the reverse-DNS hostname rather than IP.. Philip Gladstone wrote a delivery-time.. SPF checker.. More on.. SPF.. Christophe Saout wrote a.. that runs inside qmail-smtpd and is written using the native dns and string functions that come with qmail.. Marcelo Coelho has written a.. patch for SRS.. More info on.. SRS.. SRS and.. work together.. Markus Stumpf has a patch for qmail-smtpd that.. rejects W32/Sober-G.. at the SMTP level.. Jay Soffian has modified qmail-smtpd to.. fork/exec $RCPTCHECK.. at the RCPT TO:.. $RCPTCHECK is run in the same environment as qmail-smtpd.. Additionally $SENDER is set to the envelope from and $RECIPIENT is set to the envelope recipient (for the current rcpt to:).. Based on the return code (exit value) of $RCPTCHECK, the rcpt to: address will either be accepted or rejected.. Niek Baakman has made a small page regarding.. recipient checking.. if qmail is in front of a exchange server.. Thomas Mangin has a.. greylisting solution.. in Python.. Jon Lewis has an.. SMTP banner delay.. This causes SMTP clients which give up early, or start pipelining too soon, to have their connections rejected.. Typically these clients are sources of spam.. Russ Nelson wrote the.. selfhelo.. , which causes qmail-smtpd to reject email sent using a HELO hostname equal to your IP address, your hostname, or any hostname without dots.. Sam Clippinger has written a filter for qmail that blocks spam at connection-time, called.. spamdyke.. It's similar to DJB's rblsmtpd but it provides a lot more features than rblsmtpd, including blacklisting, graylisting, limiting numbers of recipients, checking rDNS entries, checking DNS RBLs, vastly superior logging and more.. spamdyke supports SMTP AUTH and TLS, and will even provide SMTP AUTH to unpatched qmail installations! Recompiling qmail is not necessary to use spamdyke.. Andrew Richards has written.. NORCPTHOSTS.. , which mandates authentication for relaying hosts.. The sender must authenticate before sending _any_ mail (including to rcpthosts listed domains), regardless of the content of control/rcpthosts[.. cdb].. It's enabled by an environment variable.. Jan Mojzis uses.. the postgrey daemon.. Andrew Richards.. traps early talkers.. in the SMTP dialog.. Building on the work of Erwin Hoffmann and John Simpson, Andrew has a patch to netqmail-1.. 06 (with qmail-errmsg logging patch) to catch and disconnect connections that try to send SMTP commands before the SMTP greeting has been issued by the server.. Qmail books.. John Levine has written the O'Reilly Associates "owl" book on qmail (.. owls.. eat.. bats.. More information on the book is available on.. John's page.. The qmail Handbook.. You can buy it at.. Amazon.. Erwin Hoffmann is writing a book in German on qmail, called.. Qmail co.. Unfortunately, the book has been cancelled by the publisher.. Samuel Prakoso and Tomy and Onno Purbo have written a.. qmail book in Indonesian.. Florian Schiessl points out his Qmail, vpopmail, qmailadmin,.. Howto for.. Debian woody.. Ricardo Oliveira and Mario Gamito have written a qmail book in Portuguese entitled.. "Como instalar um servidor completo de email".. Baris Simsek, Ismail Yenigul and Huzeyfe Onal have written a new.. Qmail Book in Turkish.. Rodrigo P.. Telles has written.. Qmail - Guia de consulta.. It is available online under a Creative Commons License.. Krzysztof Marciniak has written a qmail book in Polish entitled ".. Szybki i wydajny serwer pocztowy.. Felipe Costa has written a book for.. qmail in Brazil-Portuguese.. Recommended patches.. The definitions of errno in qmail (and tcpserver) do not work with the newest glibc (2.. 3.. 1).. Debian and redhat are updating to this glibc.. Executables compiled with older glibc's (2.. 3) abort on startup, and recompilation with 2.. 1 is not possible.. Mate Wierdl has.. patches.. for all of djb's software.. Erwin Hoffmann points out that a one-line sed script will fix most of DJB's software.. Look in the.. Tips.. section.. Erik Sjölund pointed out.. this bug.. in qmail-local.. qmail ought to recognize 0.. 0 as a local IP address.. This patch.. from Scott Gifford implements that change.. David Phillips noticed that sendmail's -f option sets a default From: header, and so.. should.. qmail's emulation.. has written a patch which causes any program that would run qmail-queue to look for an environment variable.. If it is present, it is used in place of the string "bin/qmail-queue" when running qmail-queue.. This could be used, for example, to add a program into the qmail-smtpd->qmail-queue pipeline that could do filtering, rewrite broken headers, etc.. Send kudos/brickbats/contributions to.. Some design contributed by.. Steve Cole.. and Olivier Mueller.. Some lint'ing by Paul Theodoropoulos.. Last modified: Wed Dec 18 21:57:13 EST 2013.. Gratuitious blank lines added so that top.. html#link works..

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  • Title: Mirroring qmail.org
    Descriptive info: Mirroring qmail.. Please use one of the following:.. wget -m --relative http://mirror.. rsync -rtzp ftp.. org::qmail /path/to/your/mirror/directory.. Mirror it once a day.. Tell me the URL if you want your mirror added to the list.. I also need a contact email address to which I can email reports of mirror failure.. Send me the entry in this form:.. a mail="CONTACT" href="SITE/top.. html" LOCATION /a br.. Make sure that it also responds to http://qmail.. org/ by using.. ServerAlias NameVirtualServer your-server's-ip-here VirtualHost your-server's-ip-here ServerName qmail.. whateversubdomain.. tld ServerAlias qmail.. org DocumentRoot /asusual.. Last modified: Fri May 21 16:40:02 EDT 2004..

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  • Title: Mirror Manager
    Descriptive info: Mirror Manager.. org has many mirrors.. To let people know which mirrors are well-maintained, I check every mirror every day using a script.. The script fetches http://qmail.. example.. com/timestamp.. html, and compares it to the one on mirror.. If that file is unavailable for any reason, or is badly formatted, a note is inserted into the listing of mirrors.. Also, if the mirror has been unavailable in the past two weeks, and they've been unavailable for more than four times in the past several months, they get a red bar next to their name, indicating the number of  ...   the mirroring site.. I call this the Auto-Annoy feature.. If that email bounces (yes, you'd think that qmail mirror admins would have well-administered email systems, but no), then that adds two days to the red bar.. That's how it currently works.. In the future, I'm going to modify it to also check each site to see if the site also responds to qmail.. org as the name of the server.. If it does, then the site will be added into a round-robin record for qmail.. Here's the.. mirroring software.. itself.. Last modified: Mon Jan 31 10:10:46 EST 2005..

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  • Title: qmail: a modern MTA
    Descriptive info: qmail is a secure, reliable, efficient, simple message transfer agent.. It is meant as a replacement for the entire sendmail-binmail system on typical Internet-connected UNIX hosts.. Secure.. : Security isn't just a goal, but an absolute requirement.. Mail delivery is critical for users; it cannot be turned off, so it must be completely secure.. (This is why I started writing qmail: I was sick of the security holes in sendmail and other MTAs.. ).. Reliable.. : qmail's straight-paper-path philosophy guarantees that a message, once accepted into the system, will never be lost.. qmail also supports maildir, a new, super-reliable user mailbox format.. Maildirs, unlike mbox files and mh folders, won't be corrupted if the system crashes during delivery.. Even better, not only can a user safely read his mail over NFS, but any number of NFS clients can deliver mail to him at the same time.. Efficient.. : On a Pentium under BSD/OS, qmail can easily sustain 200000 local messages per day---that's separate messages injected and  ...   other Internet MTA.. Some reasons why: (1) Other MTAs have separate forwarding, aliasing, and mailing list mechanisms.. qmail has one simple forwarding mechanism that lets users handle their own mailing lists.. (2) Other MTAs offer a spectrum of delivery modes, from fast+unsafe to slow+queued.. qmail-send is instantly triggered by new items in the queue, so the qmail system has just one delivery mode: fast+queued.. (3) Other MTAs include, in effect, a specialized version of inetd that watches the load average.. qmail's design inherently limits the machine load, so qmail-smtpd can safely run from your system's inetd.. Replacement for sendmail.. : qmail supports host and user masquerading, full host hiding, virtual domains, null clients, list-owner rewriting, relay control, double-bounce recording, arbitrary RFC 822 address lists, cross-host mailing list loop detection, per-recipient checkpointing, downed host backoffs, independent message retry schedules, etc.. In short, it's up to speed on modern MTA features.. qmail also includes a drop-in ``sendmail'' wrapper so that it will be used transparently by your current UAs..

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  • Title: Listing: djbware.csi.hu
    Descriptive info: Listing: djbware.. csi.. hu.. Parent directory.. Last modified Size File 2005-10-26 14:59:35 4096 bytes.. RPMS/.. 2004-10-23 05:08:42 4096 bytes.. SOURCES/.. 2005-10-26 15:18:01 4096 bytes.. SPECS/.. 2005-10-26 14:56:34 4096 bytes.. SRPMS/.. 2004-10-24 16:36:30 4096 bytes.. apt/.. 2005-10-26 15:06:38 340 bytes.. 2005-10-26 15:07:32 545 bytes.. clockspeed.. 2004-10-23 02:59:37 373 bytes.. create_html.. sh.. 2005-10-26 15:08:15 332 bytes.. 2005-10-26 15:30:21 688 bytes.. 2005-10-26 15:11:36 1127  ...   2005-10-26 15:25:31 564 bytes.. mess822.. 2005-10-26 14:49:47 544 bytes.. mini-qmail.. patches/.. 2005-10-26 15:26:05 597 bytes.. 2005-10-26 14:38:00 1610 bytes.. 2005-10-26 15:27:06 628 bytes.. 2005-10-26 15:32:21 4096 bytes.. repodata/.. 2005-10-26 15:29:01 4160 bytes.. run.. 2004-10-23 03:09:01 116 bytes.. services_list.. 2005-10-26 15:29:42 320 bytes.. 2004-10-23 02:40:52 227 bytes.. template.. 2005-10-26 15:32:15 4096 bytes.. tools/.. 2004-10-23 04:28:04 280 bytes.. tree.. 2005-10-26 15:30:10 324 bytes.. ucspi-tcp..

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  • Title: qmail is now open source
    Descriptive info: qmail is now open source.. In case you're wondering, qmail is now open source, and qualifies for use of the.. OSI-Certified.. trademark.. Other programs which Dan Bernstein licenses similarly, including djbdns, ucspi-tcp, and daemontools, are.. also open source.. For a program to be "open source", you must be able to, among other things,.. change the source and redistribute it.. DJB used to prohibit distribution of modified code.. DJB has promised that all his code will be placed into the public domain.. Public domain code is unlicensed, and it qualifies for use of the OSI-certified trademark..

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  • Title: netqmail
    Descriptive info: netqmail.. A motley krewe of qmail contributors (see the README) has put together a netqmail-1.. 06 distribution of qmail.. It is derived from Daniel Bernstein's qmail-1.. 03 plus bug fixes, a few feature enhancements, and some documentation.. We have done this because in our opinion, too many new users are confused by the out-of-date INSTALL file, and too much time is spent arguing on the mailing list over bugs.. We  ...   only those things which are out-and-out wrong, or which have been approved by djb (specifically QMAILQUEUE).. download.. netqmail 1.. The MD5SUM for this file is c922f776140b2c83043a6195901c67d3.. Older issues are still.. available.. Bill Shupp has put together a.. TLS + SMTP Auth patch.. specifically for netqmail-1.. 05 (should work fine for netqmail-1.. 06).. Ted Fines has a.. patch which combines.. this with.. viruscan.. Last modified: Wed Feb 2 23:37:31 EST 2005..

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  • Title: qmail news
    Descriptive info: qmail news.. 2013/06/30.. 2010/11/05.. 2010/05/15.. 2008/09/24.. 2008/07/30.. 2008/01/14.. 2007/11/11.. 2007/11/10.. 2007/11/05.. 2007/08/24.. 2007/08/03.. 2007/06/20.. 2007/05/30.. 2007/05/07.. 2007/05/04.. 2007/04/23.. 2007/04/21.. 2007/02/27.. 2007/02/15.. 2007/02/08.. 2006/12/22.. 2006/12/17.. 2006/12/15.. 2006/12/11.. 2006/11/08.. 2006/10/23.. 2006/09/30.. 2006/09/02.. 2006/09/01.. 2006/06/06.. 2006/05/26.. 2006/05/24.. 2006/04/24.. 2006/04/06.. 2006/02/15.. 2005/07/13.. 2005/04/27.. 2004/11/07.. 2004/10/28.. 2004/10/18.. 2004/10/11.. 2004/10/10.. 2004/09/13.. 2004/09/12.. 2004/09/06.. 2004/07/12.. 2004/06/30.. 2004/06/27.. 2004/06/07.. 2004/06/01.. 2004/05/28.. 2004/05/10.. 2004/04/11.. 2004/03/29.. 2004/03/28.. 2004/03/27.. 2004/03/16.. 2004/03/05.. 2004/02/04.. 2004/02/02.. 2004/01/28.. 2004/01/27.. 2004/01/13.. 2004/01/09.. 2004/01/02.. 2003/12/20.. 2003/12/09.. 2003/12/03.. 2003/11/05.. 2003/11/02.. 2003/10/28.. 2003/10/17.. 2003/10/10.. 2003/10/09.. 2003/10/07.. 2003/10/06.. 2003/09/19.. 2003/09/05.. 2003/09/03.. 2003/09/01.. 2003/08/26.. 2003/07/24.. 2003/07/08.. 2003/06/12.. 2003/05/29.. 2003/05/28.. 2003/05/17.. 2003/05/16.. 2003/05/13.. 2003/05/07.. 2003/05/02.. 2003/05/01.. 2003/04/10.. 2003/04/09.. 2003/04/08.. 2003/04/07.. 2003/03/23..  ...   2002/10/09.. 2002/09/25.. 2002/09/24.. 2002/09/23.. 2002/08/05.. 2002/07/29.. 2002/07/16.. 2002/07/10.. 2002/07/09.. 2002/06/21.. 2002/06/18.. 2002/06/04.. 2002/05/27.. 2002/05/25.. 2003/02/22.. 2002/05/01.. 2002/04/23.. 2002/04/11.. 2002/03/25.. 2002/03/18.. 2002/02/09.. 2002/02/06.. 2002/02/05.. 2002/01/23.. 2002/01/11.. 2002/01/08.. 2001/12/20.. 2001/12/14.. 2001/12/09.. 2001/11/24.. 2001/11/16.. 2001/11/13.. 2001/11/06.. 2001/06/25.. 2001/05/31.. 2001/05/29.. 2001/05/22.. 2001/05/06.. 2001/04/27.. 2001/04/08.. 2001/04/06.. 2001/02/26.. 2001/02/09.. 2001/02/06.. 2001/02/05.. 2001/01/22.. 2001/01/20.. 2001/01/19.. 2001/01/18.. 2001/01/17.. 2001/01/15.. 2001/01/14.. 2001/01/10.. 2001/01/07.. 2001/01/05.. 2000/12/28.. 2000/12/23.. 2002/03/31.. 2001/03/17.. 2000/12/30.. 2000/12/27.. 2000/12/14.. 2000/12/03.. 2000/11/08.. 2000/10/12.. 2000/09/30.. 2000/09/17.. 2000/09/15.. 2000/09/14.. 2000/08/27.. 2000/08/12.. 2000/08/10.. 2000/07/28.. 2000/07/26.. 2000/07/21.. 2000/07/20.. 2000/07/18.. 2000/06/22.. 2000/06/21.. 2000/06/19.. 2000/06/14.. 2000/05/19.. 2000/04/18.. 2000/04/13.. 2000/04/11.. 2003/02/16.. 2000/02/23.. 2000/01/25.. 2000/01/14.. 2000/01/10.. 2000/01/09.. 2000/01/08.. 1999/12/26.. 1999/12/21.. 1999/12/09.. 1999/12/08.. 1999/12/01.. 1999/11/19.. 1999/11/17..

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  • Title: MAN PAGES FOR QMAIL 1.03
    Descriptive info: MAN PAGES FOR QMAIL 1.. 03.. Section 1.. bouncesaying.. (1).. condredirect.. except.. forward.. maildir2mbox.. maildirmake.. maildirwatch.. mailsubj.. qbiff.. qreceipt.. tcp-env.. Section 3.. alloc.. (3).. case.. cdb.. coe.. datetime.. direntry.. env.. error.. error_str.. error_temp.. fd_copy.. fd_move.. fifo_make.. getln.. getln2.. sgetopt.. stralloc.. subgetopt.. wait.. Section 5.. (5).. dot-qmail.. envelopes.. maildir.. mbox.. qmail-control.. qmail-header.. qmail-log.. qmail-users.. tcp-environ.. Section 7.. forgeries.. (7).. qmail-limits.. Section 8.. qmail-clean..  ...   qmail-qmqpd.. qmail-qmtpd.. qmail-qread.. qmail-qstat.. qmail-queue.. qmail-remote.. qmail-rspawn.. qmail-send.. qmail-showctl.. qmail-smtpd.. qmail-start.. qmail-tcpok.. qmail-tcpto.. splogger.. Section 9.. (9).. misc.. BIN.. Makefile.. README.. BLURB.. BLURB2.. BLURB3.. BLURB4.. CHANGES.. FILES.. INSTALL.. alias.. ctl.. ids.. maildir.. mbox.. vsm.. INTERNALS.. PIC.. local2alias.. local2ext.. local2local.. local2rem.. local2virt.. nullclient.. relaybad.. relaygood.. rem2local.. README.. jbuce.. wildmat.. REMOVE.. binmail.. sendmail.. SECURITY.. SENDMAIL.. SYSDEPS.. TARGETS.. TEST.. deliver.. receive.. THANKS.. THOUGHTS.. TODO.. UPGRADE.. VERSION..

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