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  • Title: QuakeNet IRC Network
    Descriptive info: .. עברית.. Français.. Nederlands.. Suomi.. Deutsch.. Svenska.. Create an account on IRC to log in.. Log in.. Contact Us.. Staff.. Servers.. Webchat.. Help.. News.. About QuakeNet.. QuakeNet.. IRC Network.. Latest News.. E3 Gaming Expo.. Today, June 10th, the annual E3 gaming expo kicks off at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) in Los Angeles.. Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), is an annual trade fair for the computer and video games industry.. The E3 expo is.. Read the rest.. 0 comments.. 2014 FIFA World Cup.. After four long years, it’s finally here! Time to call in sick, fill up the fridge, and buy that TV you always wanted or spend the money on an iPad for your neglected family members to play with for the.. UEFA Champions League Final.. The 2014 UEFA Champions League final is the 59th season of Europe's premier club football tournament organised by UEFA and you're invited to come and chat with fellow football fans fans in #Football on IRC.. The final will be played.. QuakeNet Internet Relay Chat network.. QuakeNet is a large IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network.. People from all over the world connect to QuakeNet to communicate, organise and hang out and you can use any common IRC client to join in  ...   QuakeNet please read some of the guides below:.. How to register an account with QuakeNet.. What are the official channels on QuakeNet?.. Staff Article.. PRESS RELEASE: IRC NETWORKS UNDER SYSTEMATIC ATTACK FROM GOVERNMENTS.. IRC networks have hosted hundreds of thousands of users discussing every topic imaginable for over two decades.. QuakeNet has grown to be one of the largest and we have a diverse base of users connecting from all corners of the globe.. Despite the relatively recent dominance of the large social networks IRC maintains its position as a highly relevant and popular platform for free communication, free idea sharing and free expression.. Many of our users.. QuakeNet on Vimeo.. QuakeNet on facebook.. QuakeNet on youtube.. QuakeNet on twitter.. QuakeNet on reddit.. Search QuakeNet.. Events Calendar.. See all upcoming events.. More QuakeNet.. QuakeNet Events.. QuakeNet Repository.. Staff Articles.. Terms Conditions.. Privacy Policy.. Sponsors.. m group.. DreamHack.. XS4ALL.. ServerCentral.. Jubii.. Portlane.. Availo.. Underworld.. Black Lotus.. Bahnhof.. Warp13.. Live Statistics.. Users: 36540.. Channels: 28686.. See more statistics.. Status.. Services.. Website.. See full network status.. QuakeNet and the QuakeNet logo are trademarks of the QuakeNet organisation, a non-profit international group.. Branding and website were designed and built as a gift from the.. , all rights retained by the QuakeNet organisation..

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  • Title: QuakeNet IRC Network - Help
    Descriptive info: Beginners.. D.. General Help.. Help from IRC operators.. Q Commands.. Q.. QuakeNet's Rules.. Security.. S.. Trusts.. How to register an account with Q?.. Before you can use our services (Q) you will need an account, here's how to get one:.. Saying 'Hello' to Q.. This will create a Q account with the name of the nick you are using at the moment.. You do this by using the following command:.. /msg Q HELLO youremail@address youremail@address.. If the account creation is successful a link where you can obtain your password will be sent to the email address you supplied, you will be required to read and reenter a series of characters before you are given your password.. If account creation failed then Q will inform you of the reason, usually the problem is either the account already exists or your nickname has special characters in, in both cases change your nickname to a more suitable one.. Once you have this password you can then use the AUTH command:.. /msg.. [email protected]..  ...   AUTH'd correctly.. Change your Q password.. When you say HELLO to Q, you will be assigned a default password.. We strongly suggest that you change it.. Change your password by using the NEWPASS command:.. NEWPASS oldpassword newpassword newpassword (for example, /msg.. NEWPASS john notjohn notjohn).. Q will acknowledge a successful password change by displaying:.. )- OK, password changed.. Note that Q will warn you if the robustness of your password is considered low.. Read more about it at.. How to choose a secure password.. You are now ready to use our services.. q.. This help article's short URL is.. http://quakenet.. org/help/19.. Other help articles under Q.. Can I move Q to another channel?.. How do I remove Q from a channel?.. How do I request Q?.. Managing your Q account.. My Q account has been compromised and accessed! What do I do?.. My Q account is suspended!.. Q has left my channel, why?.. Setting the contact e-mail address.. Why don't you make Q accounts more secure?.. Users: 35956.. Channels: 28519..

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  • Title: QuakeNet IRC Network - Contact QuakeNet
    Descriptive info: Contact QuakeNet.. Being an IRC network almost all of QuakeNet's user support happens on QuakeNet itself and not through our website.. If you have any issues using QuakeNet such as you need help with using our IRC server, managing your channel, your QuakeNet account or any other network related issues please connect to QuakeNet and join.. #help.. and ask your question.. Any available staff member will assist you with your problem.. Alternatively you can click the following link and connect to the help channel through your browser using our webchat client:.. Connect to #help on QuakeNet.. If you need  ...   our website help section:.. Go to the QuakeNet help section.. If you are a representative from a large organisation or company and you want to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement with QuakeNet (such as you're a game development studio and you want to talk to us about managing your channel or running a joint event with QuakeNet) then please contact our Public Relations team at the following email address:.. Please note that this email address will only be answered for public relations enquiries, all other emails will be ignored.. For user support you must join.. or use our.. help guides..

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  • Title: QuakeNet IRC Network - Staff
    Descriptive info: QuakeNet Staff.. QuakeNet is run by a group of volunteers who give their time freely to make the network run smoothly and to ensure that it kept abuse free.. There are three tiers of staff:.. Staff, these are individuals who have applied to join the QuakeNet staff to help run various parts of the network.. Operators, these are staff who have been granted access to QuakeNet to perform network and user management tasks.. Administrators, these are the people who provide and run the physical systems that QuakeNet uses to host its network.. This list of staff comprises all staff who have elected to have their status made public.. Name.. Country.. Languages.. Abdul.. Development, Network Support, Operator Support, Opers, Public Relations, Staff, Wormsquad.. Operator.. Ahnberg.. Opers, Staff.. Albertrud.. Network  ...   Flusher.. GanjaMan.. Geo.. Henrik.. iolaire.. jasen.. jmh.. Kryt.. Lanmate.. meeb.. Development, Operations, Opers, Public Relations, Staff, Wormsquad.. MH.. Development, Opers, Staff.. Microbe.. Network Support, Opers, Staff, Wormsquad.. Mikey.. mofo.. Monsited.. MrQip.. Network Support, Operator Support, Opers, Public Relations, Staff.. Nalle.. NaNg.. Development, Network Support, Staff.. navi.. nemesys.. Development, Network Support, Opers, Staff.. Nomad.. paul.. Development, Network Support, Operations, Opers, Staff, Wormsquad.. Pilsner.. Development, Operations, Opers, Staff.. Pumpkin.. qoreQ.. Ragnar.. ReD.. salt.. Network Support, Opers, Staff.. saturn.. selirc.. Shadow.. shroud.. SirHardy.. slug.. Operations, Opers, Staff, Wormsquad.. Sorcerer.. Network Support, Opers, Public Relations, Staff.. Spike.. Development, Operations, Opers.. stevoo.. Network Support, Operations, Operator Support, Opers, Staff.. Grandmaster Pimp.. suoaami.. thommey.. Development, Staff.. Vield.. Vliedel.. Voronoi.. Development, Network Support, Operator Support, Opers, Staff.. Wiebe.. Yoh.. Zyberdog.. Total publicly listed staff.. 62..

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  • Title: QuakeNet IRC Network - Servers
    Descriptive info: QuakeNet Servers.. Your closest server is probably.. dreamhack.. se.. quakenet.. org.. which is roughly.. 760.. 11.. kilometers away from you.. QuakeNet consists of many, many servers spread out all over the world and provided by our sponsors.. We automatically distribute people who connect to the network to these different servers based on the number of people connected to each server and their geographic location.. If you wish you can also connect to your favourite specific server by using the server name rather than the generic host of irc.. org or your regional country  ...   you.. Sponsor.. Users.. blacklotus.. ca.. us.. 6925.. 43 km.. 3381 (10 ).. 11 km.. Dreamhack.. 3869 (11 ).. euroserv.. fr.. 1703.. 08 km.. Euroserv.. 939 (3 ).. irc.. ipv6.. 567 (2 ).. jubii2.. dk.. 871.. 03 km.. 403 (1 ).. port80a.. 3409 (10 ).. port80b.. 2896 (8 ).. port80c.. 3303 (9 ).. portlane.. 1273.. 41 km.. 3877 (11 ).. protectglobal.. uk.. 1677.. 16 km.. Protect Global.. 2093 (6 ).. servercentral.. il.. 7323.. 91 km.. 2517 (7 ).. underworld1.. no.. 971.. 46 km.. 3819 (11 ).. underworld2.. 3861 (11 ).. Total public servers.. 13..

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  • Title: QuakeNet IRC Network - News
    Descriptive info: News posted in 2014.. News posted in 2013.. News posted in 2012.. News posted in 2011.. News posted in 2010.. News posted in 2009.. News posted in 2008.. News posted in 2007.. News posted in 2006.. News posted in 2005.. News posted in 2004.. News posted in 2003.. News posted in 2002.. News posted in 2001.. News posted in 2000.. News posted in 1999.. Posted by QuakeNet on Tuesday 10 June 2014.. Posted by Nascimento on Thursday 05 June 2014.. Posted by Nascimento on Saturday 24  ...   All-Star 2014.. Posted by Nascimento on Thursday 08 May 2014.. Eurovision Song Contest.. Posted by Demp on Monday 05 May 2014.. D - a new network service for channel statistics.. Posted by Nascimento on Sunday 27 April 2014.. GDC 2014 - Game Developers Conference.. Posted by Nascimento on Monday 17 March 2014.. F1 - The Australian Grand Prix.. Posted by Nascimento on Thursday 13 March 2014.. Server upgrade.. Posted by Nascimento on Thursday 20 February 2014.. Sochi Winter #Olympics.. Posted by Nascimento on Friday 07 February 2014..

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  • Title: QuakeNet IRC Network - About QuakeNet
    Descriptive info: QuakeNet was founded in 1997 by Garfield and Oli as an IRC network for Quakeworld players who wanted their own 'haven' from other networks.. It quickly attracted players of both Quakeworld and other games and had a few hundred users before long.. Mag and Madhacker introduced an early version of the service bot 'Q' around this time.. Around the early 2000's IRC become extremely popular and QuakeNet exploded in size alone with several other networks collectively known as the 'big four' comprising of QuakeNet, EFnet, IRCnet and UnderNet (Dalnet had a brief rise during this period too).. Before long QuakeNet was one of the biggest IRC networks in the world  ...   a strong and popular communications platform for a myriad of social and work groups.. No service has eclipsed IRC as a multi-user text based communications platform so far, the rise of instant messaging does not compare to the features offered by an IRC network.. No one individual or company runs or controls a large IRC network, they consist of groups of administrators who vote on issues and provide a balanced and fair oversight of the network.. This website is built using a great many awesome technologies, including:.. Newserv (QuakeNet's modular network service).. nterfacer (interactive external interface to Newserv).. Python Django.. Apache nginx.. Memcached python-memcache.. Lucene, solr solrpy.. Postgres psycopg2.. OpenSSL pyOpenSSL..

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  • Title: QuakeNet IRC Network - News - E3 Gaming Expo
    Descriptive info: Posted by.. on.. Tuesday 10 June 2014.. The E3 expo is used by many video game publishers and accessory manufacturers to show off their upcoming games and game-related merchandise.. What games are you most excited about from this years show?.. The.. show hours.. are found at..  ...   Come discuss the event with us in.. #E3.. , For those of you that don't have an IRC client, you can join us using our webchat client here.. http://webchat.. org/?channels=e3.. e3.. event.. gaming.. Please log in to post comments.. There aren't any comments for this news post..

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  • Title: QuakeNet IRC Network - News - 2014 FIFA World Cup
    Descriptive info: Nascimento.. Thursday 05 June 2014.. After four long years, it’s finally here! Time to call in sick, fill up the fridge, and buy that TV you always wanted or spend the money on an iPad for your neglected family members to play with for the next month.. To get everyone in the spirit, we are pleased to announce a World Cup give away competition in partnership with.. WorldSoccerTalk.. that will be held in.. #WorldCup.. The competition will take the form of a fantasy football league-style game, with points awarded to each participant for correctly predicting the results of games.. The competition will run throughout the tournament (June 12th-July 13th) and the prize will be awarded after the final.. The league will be controlled by the QuakeNet World Cup competition service bot, called W.. Instructions for using the bot are given below.. The winner can pick any World Cup jersey from.. with a retail price of $90 or less.. If  ...   typing the following command:.. /msg W listgames.. The channel bot (W) will send you a private message with the available games to predict.. New games are added a day or two in advance, so make sure you follow the channel for updates.. You can predict game results by typing the following command:.. /msg W guess #game id winner.. You will receive a reply from the bot with confirmation of your prediction.. Each correct prediction is worth 6 points and every incorrect one is worth -2 points.. You can see your current ranking by typing:.. /msg W score.. Knockout stages:.. During the knockout stages (1/16 Finals-Final) and in case of extra time with or without penalty shootout, the result of the match is determined by the result of the game after regular time.. The competition starts on June 12th.. In the meantime you can join.. and participate in our warmup.. So what are you waiting for? join.. NOW!.. events.. giveaway.. worldcup..

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  • Title: QuakeNet IRC Network - News - UEFA Champions League Final
    Descriptive info: Saturday 24 May 2014.. The 2014 UEFA Champions League final is the 59th season of Europe's premier club football tournament organised by UEFA and you're invited to come and chat with fellow football fans fans in.. #Football.. on IRC.. The final will be played at the Estádio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal, tonight at 20:45 CEST between Spanish sides Real Madrid and Atlético  ...   the same city.. For a timezone converter from 20:45 CEST to your local timezone, use this.. link.. For those who are not used to using an IRC client, you can use our web chat client: go.. here.. , pick a nickname and connect!.. For IRC clients, join #Football or use this.. More information about the UEFA Champions League final can be found.. football..

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  • Title: QuakeNet IRC Network - Help
    Descriptive info: What are the official channels?.. QuakeNet has 3 official support channels.. These three and their functions are explained below.. This is the number 1 channel for your questions.. #help supports users with their IRC and QuakeNet related problems.. Subjects outside these areas are guided to other semi-official (such as #advice) or unofficial channels.. Here you can ask, for example, about problems with our services or channel management issues.. This is also the only channel where you can get a ticket to the IRC operator channel #feds.. #feds.. You can only join this channel if you have been granted a ticket for #feds in #help.. This is QuakeNet's IRC operator channel, which deals mainly with trust issues, takeovers and other sort of abuse.. More information can be found at the #feds FAQ.. script.. This is a support channel for the IRC client mIRC.. The channel deals with all sort of mIRC-related problems, such as scripting and configuring the client.. More information can be found at their official Website.. NOTE: QuakeNet staff don't get paid for their work.. They are all doing everything voluntarily, they have real lives, jobs, families, mortgages etc.. Therefore it might take some time to get help in their channel.. Don't expect the staff to get fired from  ...   I've banned a user, but he keeps on rejoining.. What to do?.. I've lost my password!.. I want a channel but there is already someone in it.. What can I do?.. My channel is G-lined, what can I do?.. My #channel is suspended/G-lined!.. Nobody has ops in my channel, what can I do?.. People are flooding me, what can I do?.. People are join/part flooding my channel, help!.. Someone has taken my nick.. Someone is abusive towards me, what should I do?.. Someone took over our channel!.. There is only Q/someone on a channel, can I have that channel?.. What are IRC Operators?.. What channel modes are available on QuakeNet?.. What do those G-line reasons mean?.. What do those quit messages mean?.. What do those symbols before channels in a WHOIS mean?.. What is a g/k-line?.. What is a 'mask'?.. What is a QuakeNet account?.. What is IRC? What is an IRC Network?.. What services does QuakeNet have for its users?.. What user modes are available on QuakeNet?.. Why can't I remove channel mode +d?.. Why can't I see people joining my channel?.. Why do I get error 'bad username' when I try to connect to QuakeNet?.. Why do I receive "Cannot send to channel"?.. Why should I use QuakeNet?..

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