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  • Title: QRator
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Join the Conversation.. The Grant Museum.. Museum of Brands.. About the Project.. What is QRator?.. QRator at the Grant.. QRator at the Museum of Brands.. The Team.. The iPads.. Publications and Awards.. Contact Us.. Site Map.. /files/2013/02/Victorian.. jpg.. Plain Truth.. What do you think?.. /files/2013/02/Branding.. Brand Britain.. /files/2013/02/1950stunnel.. Shopper’s Choice.. /files/2011/03/skulls.. Taboo Topics.. /files/2011/03/skulls-again.. Humans or Animals.. /files/2011/03/ipads.. Find out more..  ...   Bulldogs or brown hares.. /files/2011/03/tootesting.. Too Testing.. /files/2011/03/realvsfake.. Real or fake.. Welcome.. With QRator, you become the curator: add your own interpretations to museum objects; share your stories; find out what people really think about museum objects; and.. join the conversation.. © 2011 - QRator Project.. A joint project with UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis and UCL Museums..

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  • Title: Join the Conversation | QRator
    Descriptive info: We currently have 2 deployments of QRator running at the Grant Museum and the Museum of Brands.. Please select which Museum questions you would like to contribute to:..

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  • Title: Museum of Brands | QRator
    Descriptive info: Current Questions.. Below are the current questions and topics at the Museum of Brands.. You can leave your thoughts on QRator site or visit the Museum of Brands to leave your interpretations on one of the six iPads.. BRANDS.. What does ‘brand’ mean to you?.. Shopper's Choice.. Do you think about  ...   do we balance the needs of our collection and the desires of our visitors?.. Brand Britain.. Are brands any less ‘British’ if they are owned by a foreign company?.. Show or Hide?.. Should museums remove objects from display that have the potential to cause offense?.. Will plain packaging on cigarettes reduce smoking?..

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  • Title: About the Project | QRator
    Descriptive info: QRator is a collaborative project between the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities (UCLDH), UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), and UCL Museums and Collections, to develop new kinds of content, co-curated by the public, museum curators, and academic researchers, to enhance museum interpretation, community engagement and establish  ...   Public Engagement Unit.. under the Beacons for Public Engagement programme funded by the UK funding councils, Research Councils UK and the Wellcome Trust.. To learn more about QRator click one of the options below:.. Want more information about QRator? Interested in working with the QRator team? Please.. contact us..

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  • Title: What is QRator? | QRator
    Descriptive info: QRator allows visitors to type in their thoughts and.. interpretations of museum objects and click ‘send’.. Their interpretation becomes part of the object s history and ultimately the display itself via the interactive label system to allow the display of comments and information directly next to the artefacts.. The project is powered by.. Tales of Things.. technology developed at UCL’s Centre for Advanced  ...   which could make museums and galleries a more interactive experience.. QRator takes the technology a step further bringing the opportunity to move the discussion of objects direct to the museum label and onto a digital collaborative interpretation label, users’ mobile phones, and online allowing the creation of a sustainable, world-leading model for two-way public interaction in museum spaces.. Back to About the Project..

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  • Title: QRator at the Grant | QRator
    Descriptive info: The.. Grant Museum of Zoology.. is one of the oldest natural history collections in England, dating back to 1827.. Covering the whole of the animal kingdom, the collection comprises of over 68,000 skeletal, taxidermy and wet specimens.. Many of the species are now endangered or extinct including the Tasmanian tiger or thylacine, the quagga and the dodo.. The Grant Museum is the only remaining university zoology museum in London.. You can visit the Grant Museum and experience QRator at 21 University Street, London WC1E 6DE.. The Museum is open to the public.. free.. of charge Monday – Saturday 1-5pm.. Since QRator  ...   total visitors.. have chosen to contribute on one of the QRator iPads;.. And over.. 80%.. of the contributions were either on topic to the question posed or about the museum itself.. The Grant Museum will offer a continual programme of.. current questions.. for visitors to engage in while archiving.. past questions.. for continuous discussion on the site.. UCL is taking the opportunity to rethink what a university museum can be: a place not simply for a passive experience but for conversation – a cultural laboratory for the meeting of minds.. Positioning the Museum as a place of experimentation, dialogue and debate..

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  • Title: QRator at the Museum of Brands | QRator
    Descriptive info: Featuring over 12,000 original items from the Robert Opie Collection, the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising reveals how well-loved brands evolved through their creative use of packaging and advertising – and how we evolved with them.. The history of consumer culture is presented decade by decade, from the naïve charm of the Victorian era to the sophistication of today.. From 1984 to 2001, the collection was housed in the Museum of Advertising and Packaging in Gloucester.. The Museum reopened in London in 2005 and is a UK registered charity.. We are independent and self-funding through admissions, events and sponsored activities.. Experience QRator at the  ...   11am to 5pm on Sundays and closed Mondays (apart from bank holidays).. For visitor information see our website.. www.. museumofbrands.. com.. or call 020 7908 0880.. The Museum of Brands joins the Grant Museum of Zoology in offering a range of questions to museum visitors via the QRator iPads and website.. This project has been developed through the Share Academy Project by University College London’s.. Centre for Digital Humanities.. ,.. Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis.. and.. UCL Museums.. QRator aims to help us rethink museums as a place not simply for a passive experience but for conversation – a cultural laboratory for the meeting of minds..

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  • Title: The Team | QRator
    Descriptive info: QRator is a collaborative project between the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities (UCLDH), UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), UCL Museums and Collections, and the Public Engagement Unit.. Principal Investigator: Prof.. Claire Warwick.. Co-Director/Professor, UCL Centre for Digital Humanities; Head of Department of Information Studies.. Co-Investigator: Dr.. Andrew Hudson-Smith.. Director/Head of Department, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis.. Melissa Terras.. Co-Director of  ...   Steven Gray.. Research Associate and Software Developer, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis.. Researcher: Claire Ross.. Research Assistant and Doctoral student, UCL Centre for Digital Humanities.. Affiliated Team members:.. Sally MacDonald, Jack Ashby, Mark Carnall, Rachel Kasbohm (ToTem), Anna Terry (Museum of Brands), Natasha McEnroe, Tonya Nelson, Debbie Chalis, Susie Chan, Hilary Jackson with acknowledgement to ToT Team and UCL Museums and Public Engagement..

    Original link path: /about-the-project/the-team/
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  • Title: Publications and Awards | QRator
    Descriptive info: Awards and Nominations.. Won:.. 2012 Museums and Heritage Award for Excellence in the Innovation Category.. Nominated:.. 2012 Museums and the Web Best of the Web Award.. Current and Future Publications.. Conference Papers.. Ashby, J.. 2011.. Ask not what your university can do for you Displaying research and sharing museum experience.. University Museums in Scotland Conference.. Universities and Museums: New Rules of Engagement? Glasgow.. 2012.. QRator: Visitor engagement through social interpretation.. Visitor Studies Group Conference.. Audiences and Participation: What is the value of collaboration?.. How Museums can Support Higher Education: Engaging Universities with Museums.. Natural Sciences Collections Association Conference.. Use it or Lose it.. Carnall, M.. A.. The QRator Project.. AMA Training Day.. London.. Gray, S.. , Ross, C.. , Hudson-Smith, A.. , Warwick, C.. Enhancing Museum Narratives with the QRator Project: a Tasmanian devil, a Platypus and a Dead Man in a Box.. Museums and the Web 2012, April 2012, San Diego.. Read it here.. Ross, C.. , Speed,C.. , Gray, S.. Smart Objects for Direct and Transient Public Engagement in Museum Spaces and Social Networks.. Museum Next 2012, May 2012, Barcelona.. , and Terras, M.. Engaging the Museum Space: Mobilising Visitor Engagement with Digital Content Creation.. Digitial Humanities 2012, July 2012, Hamburg.. Terras, M.. Keynote: Digital Humanities and the Crowd: the potential for digital engagement and outreach.. University of Gent, Exploring Digital Humanities, October 2012.. Keynote: Digital Humanities and the Crowd: using technology for outreach and engagement.. Digital  ...   Tales of Things and UCL s Grant Museum.. In Farman, J.. (Ed).. Mobile Media Narratives, University of Minnesota Press.. Online Coverage.. 20 Word Stories: The tale of an exhibition developer.. - NewScientist.. Introducing QRator iPad and Web Based Living Labels for Museums.. Digital Urban.. Home of dodo pelvises and quagga bones spreads its wings.. – New Scientist.. – Nature.. Pickled Moles And iPads: Grant Museum Set To Reopen.. – Londonist.. UCL’s Grant Museum of Zoology to reopen.. – Wired.. Dodo bones discovery adds life to museum’s opening.. – The Evening Standard.. Half a dodo found in museum drawer.. – The Guardian.. In Pictures: University College London’s Grant Museum of Zoology gets ready for reopening.. – Culture24.. Appeasing Ethical Karma: A Look at the new home of the Grant Museum of Zoology.. - Culture 24.. Extinct creatures on display at Grant Museum of Zoology.. – BBC Science.. Museum of codes.. Museum Cultures.. QR Codes in Museums.. - the mobilists.. Digital and mobile labels.. – Museum Practice.. iPads and a Jar of Moles: Digital Technology in the Grant Museum.. –Digital Learning Network.. The Museum and the iPad: how the Grant Museum is using social media to make us all curators.. –London Blog.. A day at London’s Grant Museum of Zoology.. –Scientific American.. –Great Little Places.. Friday Focus: Animal Art and the Grant Museum.. iPads Already in Museums?.. –Technologies of Text.. The QRator – iPad and Web Based Living Labels for Museums.. -Mapsys..

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  • Title: Site Map | QRator
    Descriptive info: Past Questions (Grant Museum)..

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  • Title: Plain Truth | QRator
    Descriptive info: Join the Conversation via Twitter.. 1.. Add your thoughts.. 2.. Enter these 2 words.. Conversation.. Twitter.. Loading tales.. Loading data.. Comments are closed..

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