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  • Title: QLF
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Mission.. Values.. Services.. Practitioners.. Contact.. Member Login.. Quality Leadership Foundation.. The QLF works with partner organisations that specialise in organisational development to:.. • Research best known approaches to organisational development (OD) and high performance working (HPW).. • Help promote and establish sustainable HPW disciplines with Practitioners and client organisations.. • Support client organisations to develop their internal capability to sustain HPW.. © 2012 Quality Leadership Foundation.. Remember Me.. Forgot your password?.. Forgot your username?..

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  • Title: Mission
    Descriptive info: Mission.. The QLF is a not-for-profit organisation, our mission is to:.. Support organisational development (OD) Practitioners who work with organisations to achieve sustainable high performance working and quality of work life.. We provide the support by:.. Continually researching the most effective approaches to OD.. Integrating and modelling OD approaches to help manage complexity.. Developing insight to raise levels of conscious engagement and leadership capability.. Developing OD approaches to enable continual learning and performance improvement..

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  • Title: Values
    Descriptive info: Transformation.. Cohesion.. Service.. Values.. Organisational development values are at the core of our HPW model, framework and implementation methodology.. Inherent in the values is an enduring respect for people, as creative human beings.. Our values are demonstrated by our inclusive and challenging approaches to facilitate higher levels of conscious engagement.. High levels of conscious engagement are required to help clients observe, orientate, make decisions, and take the right action to meet changes, opportunities and challenges in their environment.. Our core values are:.. Transformation.. ,.. Cohesion.. and.. Service..

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  • Title: Services
    Descriptive info: HPW Orientation.. HPW Planning.. HPW Diagnosis.. HPW Implementation.. Leadership Development.. Services.. We offer an organisational development and high performance working (HPW) methodology for organisational development Practitioners.. The methodology helps Practitioners to support their employer, or client organisations, to transition towards sustainable HPW.. The methodology covers five stages:.. Internal Promotions of HPW.. Planning for organisational development and HPW.. Diagnosing organisational development and HPW.. Implementation and Development of an Internal HPW and Excellence Framework.. Leadership Development and Consolidation..

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  • Title: Practitioners
    Descriptive info: Accreditation.. Development.. Practitioners.. We are currently growing our network of Practitioners.. Key capabilities required of Practitioners include:.. Ability to conceptualise to see the big picture.. Ability to work to values to help organisations develop during demanding and uncertain times and retain integrity.. Knowledge of change and transition management to plan change and manage transitions.. Knowledge of OD theory and technical application, which includes, group, systems and change theory.. Self-awareness to self-develop and be an instrument for positive change whilst remaining detached..

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  • Title: Contact QLF
    Descriptive info: Contact QLF.. Barnett House.. 53 Fountain Street.. Manchester M2 2AN.. United Kingdom.. Tel:.. +44 (0)161 247 8474.. Send a Message.. id.. date.. Your Email Address.. Subject.. Message.. Enter the characters you see below..

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  • Title: Forgot your Password?
    Descriptive info: Please enter the e-mail address for your account.. A verification token will be sent to you.. Once you have received the token, you will be able to choose a new password for your account.. Reset your Password.. E-mail Address:.. Submit..

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  • Title: QLF
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  • Title: Transformation
    Descriptive info: We develop approaches to integrate internal capabilities and initiatives required to meet the needs of the ever-changing internal and external environment.. We encourage Practitioners to help organisations scan the environment for valid information to identify the need for change, inform choices and clarify their vision.. Fundamentally, strong working relationships and continuous improvement disciplines are required to continually transform organisations to enable sustainable success..

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  • Title: Cohesion
    Descriptive info: We support democratic, collaborative and cohesive working within and across teams and organisational boundaries.. We support Practitioners to facilitate OD processes that enhance and reinforce the wholeness and systemic nature of the organisation.. Fundamentally, true cohesive working is based on mutual benefit, shared values and the integration of knowledge, skills and working practices..

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