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  • Title: The Quaker Parakeet Society
    Descriptive info: .. The Quaker Parakeet Society.. Skip to content.. About.. Quaker Parakeet Society Bylaws.. Education.. Rescue.. Wild Quakers.. The Sentinel.. QPList.. QPList Guidelines.. Join QPS.. Join or renew online.. Join or renew by mail.. Give a gift of QPS membership.. Fundraising.. Buy Quaker Gear.. QPS CafePress Green Quaker Store.. QPS CafePress Blue Quaker Store.. Shopping Cart.. EVote.. The 2014 QPS Official Unofficial Calendar.. QPS is a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization for by Quaker Parakeet owners, breeders and conservationists committed to promoting national interest and understanding of Quakers.. QPS strives to provide factual, detailed information on Quakers as companion parrots through education, encourages legalization of Quakers in states where they are currently banned, and strives to prevent further restriction of ownership, promotes protection and preservation of Quaker natural habitats, and supports and encourages veterinary and avicultural research  ...   Hungarian.. Icelandic.. Indonesian.. Irish.. Italian.. Japanese.. Korean.. Latvian.. Lithuanian.. Macedonian.. Malay.. Maltese.. Norwegian.. Persian.. Polish.. Portuguese.. Romanian.. Russian.. Serbian.. Slovak.. Slovenian.. Spanish.. Swahili.. Swedish.. Thai.. Turkish.. Ukrainian.. Urdu.. Vietnamese.. Welsh.. Yiddish.. Pages.. Financial Summary.. Donations.. Quaker Labels.. Quaker Magnets.. Quaker Notecards.. Recipes For The Birds.. Thank you!.. Join or renew QPS membership by mail.. Recent Posts.. QPS Raffle items.. Excuse the dust.. Categories.. News.. Archives.. July 2014.. January 2012.. P.. O.. Box 15374.. St.. Petersburg, FL 33733.. Make.. Custom Gifts.. at CafePress.. My CafePress Products.. Black Cap.. 16.. 99.. Mug.. 12.. Magnet.. 3.. 73.. Ornament (Round).. 6.. 50.. Postcards (Package of 8).. 7.. Mousepad.. Keepsake Box.. 22.. Tile Coaster.. Journal.. 11.. White T-Shirt.. 20.. Tote Bag.. 15.. Wall Clock.. CafePress.. com.. SHOPSHOP.. Help pay the cost of this site.. Proudly powered by WordPress.. Theme: Coraline by.. WordPress..

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  • Title: Quaker Parakeet Society Bylaws | The Quaker Parakeet Society
    Descriptive info: ARTICLE I.. The name of the Society shall be Quaker Parakeet Society.. ARTICLE II.. OBJECT- The object of this society shall be:.. To support the responsible keeping and breeding of Quaker Parakeets.. To educate on the care and habits of Quaker Parakeets in the home, aviary, and in the wild.. To promote the survival and humane treatment of Quaker Parakeets in all environments and habitats.. ARTICLE III.. MEMBERSHIP Section 1.. -The membership of this society shall be open to any individual who has not been convicted of any law concerning inhumane treatment of or importation of birds, and who is current with required dues.. ARTICLE IV.. OFFICERS-.. Section 1.. -The Officers of the Society shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and must be members in good standing.. Section 2.. -Duties of Officers The duties of the officers shall be described in the parliamentary authority described by the Society.. ARTICLE V.. Board of Directors.. -The Board of Directors shall be made up of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.. This Board shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Society.. The presiding QPSRAPP Chairperson, (a BOD appointed position), shall hold a limited seat on the Board of Directors, partaking in issues as the BOD deem fit, and on those issues, the QPSRAPP Chairperson will hold one vote.. Clause A.. The presiding Sentinel Editor, (a BOD appointed position), shall hold a limited seat on the Board of Directors, partaking in issues as the BOD seem fit, and on those issues, the Sentinel Editor will hold one vote.. -Term of office All members of the board shall serve for two years starting at the annual meeting.. The President and Treasurer shall be elected in odd years and the Vice President and Secretary shall be elected in even years.. Vacancies By unanimous vote of the remaining board may appoint an acting officer for the remainder of that officer s term.. Section 3.. -The Board of Directors shall strive to meet in person annually at a site determined by the Board.. Section 4.. All other business shall be conducted by the Board by use of teleconference, E-mail, fax, or postal service providing that all members of the board be provided with equal opportunity to submit opinion and vote.. All business of the Board may also be conducted by use of an on-line Chat Room.. ARTICLE VI.. ELECTIONS.. -Nominations.. An Election committee consisting of three members shall be appointed by the Board in February to nominate officers and directors.. Nominations from the committee will be printed in the April (first quarterly) publication.. Additional nominations may be made in writing by any member if received prior to March 1.. Due to the Sentinel deadlines, and the time needed  ...   The Board of Directors may form committees as needed.. The Chairmen of those committees will be voted in by a majority of the Board and the members of said committee, should the committee already exist.. All committee members must be members in good standing.. -The Committee Chairman will be responsible to the Board.. ARTICLE VIII.. Termination of Positions.. -Resignation.. Any person may resign from office with written notice and becomes effective upon receipt by a majority of the board if no date has been given.. -Termination.. Termination from any office must be with cause.. The Board of Directors may terminate any appointee with a 2/3 majority in favor of termination.. ARTICLE IX.. Parliamentary Authority.. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Society in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Society may adopt.. -The bylaws of QPS can be amended by the addition of CLAUSES, by a majority vote of the BOD, along with the majority vote of the committee persons when applicable, when said RESOLUTIONS are made in writing to the BOD, discussed and voted upon in a session selected by the BOD with the majority of the BOD and committee persons in attendance as stated in the current bylaws under Article V, section 4, when the conditions of Article V, Section 3, cannot be met.. Clause B.. That all CLAUSES to the bylaws will be made known to the members of QPS in good standing through one of moreof the following methods: Email drafted and signed by a BOD member Publication in the Sentinel.. ARTICLE X.. Dissolution of Quaker Parakeet Society.. In the event of the dissolution of the Quaker Parakeet Society all funds will be turned over to the American Federation of Aviculture (A.. F.. A.. ).. It has been amended that, in the event of dissolution of the Quaker Parakeet Society, all funds will be turned over to another non-profit Avian Society to be selected and approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.. ARTICLE XI.. Use of Materials by QPS.. - Any person, BOD official, committee person, member in good standing,or non-member,volunteering their time, money or talent to QPS, will consider their time, money and talent a donation to QPS.. This will include written materials, graphic design, and donated items for publicity and promotion of QPS and its committees, which will then be considered the property of QPS and/or for fundraising purposes, unless other arrangements have been made following a majority of BOD and committee chair decision, or materials were submitted under First North American Rights.. Original 4-03-1999.. Changed 12-04-2000.. Changed 3-02-2001.. Changed 12-30-2001.. Changed 3-5-2003.. Changed 02-17-2009..

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  • Title: QPS Education and Research | Bird School in session!
    Descriptive info: QPS Education and Research.. Bird School in session!.. Home.. Bird Care.. Bathing.. Body Beautiful.. Feather Facts.. Leg Bands Micro chipping.. Nails.. Paging Doctor Quackenfeather.. PELLET BRANDS MANUFACTURERS.. Pellets, Diets, and FLD.. Picking Your Quaker.. QP-Edu.. Sleep.. SPECIAL QUAKERS.. Specialbirds.. THE ART OF QUAKER CONVERSATION.. The Beak.. Water.. Wings.. Yet More Special Quakers.. Holdmedstext.. The Otis ONE fund.. The species Myiopsitta monachus monk parakeet as listed under Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) and the U.. S.. Wild Bird Conservation Act (WBCA).. ARE YOU PREPARED FOR AN EMERGENCY?.. AVIAN EMERGENCY CARD.. Blood Feathers.. CANDLES AND AROMATICS.. Cleaning Products.. Food, Lodging, and Entertainment.. More Special Quakers.. NON STICK COATING A Real Present Danger.. PAINT, LEAD ZINC.. Pesky Pests.. Safe and Toxic Plant Listings.. SAFE HOUSEHOLD AND OUTDOOR PLANTS.. Safeplants.. Stain Resistant Carpeting.. TOXIC HOUSEHOLD AND OUTDOOR PLANTS.. Feathered fun safety first.. Flip Your Quaker (conclusion).. Flip your Quaker (no towel).. Flip Your Quaker (no towel, part two).. Flip Your  ...   basic care and behavior of Quaker Parakeets in the home and in the wild.. QPS hopes, that by offering basic information and solutions, members and non members will be encouraged to continue their research beyond this site, offering their companion Quaker, or future companion Quaker, as healthful and happy an environment as possible.. Always double check information offered, check resources and links, and make good, positive choices which work best for you and your Quaker.. Information presented on the QPSerc pages is gathered from avian articles, books, reference materials, and the result of extensive discussion with Quaker owners, breeders, researchers, behaviorists, and avian veterinarians.. It is not intended to replace the valuable information which your personal avian veterinarian shares with you.. Did you know that in non domestic settings, Quakers are hardy and resourceful birds?.. There are states where Quakers are illegal to own, and some states where restrictions apply to ownership.. Visit the.. WILD QUAKERS LEGISLATION.. site to lean more.. Search for:.. Uncategorized..

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  • Title: QPS Rescue and Placement Program | Just another The Quaker Parakeet Society site
    Descriptive info: QPS Rescue and Placement Program.. Just another The Quaker Parakeet Society site.. QPS Rescue And Placement Program.. Not Found.. Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive.. Perhaps searching will help find a related post.. No categories.. Meta.. Log in..

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  • Title: QPS: Wild Quakers and Legislation
    Descriptive info: QPS: Wild Quakers and Legislation.. QPS Home.. Carolina Parakeet.. Wild Quakers and Legislation.. Why?.. In non domestic settings Quakers are hardy and resourceful birds.. In the 1970 s, when feral Quaker populations became apparent in the United States, lawmakers became concerned that these populations would pose an agricultural threat as well as a threat to native avian species.. To date, it cannot be substantiated that wild Quaker colonies are a threat to argriculture nor has it been proven that they are invasive to native avian species but rather have been recorded sharing their nesting areas with native species such as owls.. Quakers are the only parrot which construct nests.. The nests, depending on colony size, can be very large hosting several families with 3 chambers per family unit built into each nest.. In urban settings Quakers may choose to construct their nests in places which they know will provide warmth such as on or near eletrical power transformers and lights.. What s Being Done?.. Favoring an urban setting, visiting local bird feeders en flock and constructing their nests on power lines or lighting fixtures does not endear wild Quaker populations to all but in several states, such as Texas, Florida, and New York, individuals, avian programs and organizations and some power companies work cooperatively to safely remove wild Quaker nests from places inconvenient to the human populace.. Efforts to invent non harmful deterrents to discourage wild Quaker colonies from constructing nests  ...   The process of proposing and enacting laws, or modifying them, is not a simple or inexpensive process.. In a state where Quakers are illegal to own, Quaker enthusiasts would be a minority voice.. Convincing the larger voice that its laws regarding Quakers are antiquated and the reasoning behind the origin of the laws is unfounded is difficult.. What Can I Do?.. Know the laws regarding Quaker ownership in your state.. Make sure potenial Quaker owners, breeders, pet stores and any individuals who sell Quakers know the laws in their state and are informing their customers of those laws in their entirety.. Each time a Quaker is detained or seized within the borders of an illegal or restricted state authorities might view a Quaker owner as irresponsible which could lessen the chances of the law being lifted or modified.. Know the laws regarding Quakers in all states so that you can be fully prepared should you need to travel with your bird or relocate.. Knowledge of the laws regarding Quakers allows a Quaker owner to make sensible and responsible decisions.. Gather accurate and current information about Quakers in the wild and their behavior in wild colonies to help dispel inaccurate information.. A compilation of facts about wild Quakers are available in a handout sheet upon written request.. Please specify if you would like to receive this information in MS Word or PDF format.. Write to:.. QPSERC.. Recent Comments.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. org..

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  • Title: The Sentinel | The Journal of the Quaker Parakeet Society
    Descriptive info: The Journal of the Quaker Parakeet Society.. 2013 Calendar.. Latest Issue Preview.. Editor s Message.. President s Message.. One of the best things about being a member of the Quaker Parakeet Society is receiving THE SENTINEL, QPS quarterly journal.. Included with yearly membership dues, THE SENTINEL averages 60 pages per issue.. THE SENTINEL is the only publication devoted exclusively  ...   avian behaviorists, Quaker breeders, enthusiasts and owners.. Each issue of the SENTINEL shares with its readers the joy of living with a companion Quaker, the latest information available on Quaker health, care, and behavior, as well as updates on Quakers in the wild and legislation.. To join QPS and begin receiving THE SENTINEL.. visit the.. QPS Membership page.. Menu..

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  • Title: QPList | The Quaker Parakeet Society
    Descriptive info: The Quaker Parakeet Discussion list is one of the oldest and largest avian discussion lists on the internet.. There is no better place to discuss Quakers.. Members include behaviorists, Quaker breeders, owners, enthusiasts, and people wanting to learn more about Quakers to see if a Quaker is the right bird for them.. QPList members support fellow members, sharing Quaker experiences,  ...   are ordinarily sent the.. Right now things are a little chaotic after moving our listserv, and the quidelines have not yet been updated to include the new addresses and contact information.. Click on QPList Guidelines above, to see a copy of the old version.. An updated version, which will be a part of what new members receive, will be coming shortly..

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  • Title: QPList Guidelines | The Quaker Parakeet Society
    Descriptive info: Welcome to the Quaker Parakeet Mailing List!.. A gathering place to discuss Quakers, offer support to fellow Quaker owners, share information about Quakers and Quaker educational resources.. The basics of the List Guidelines have been in place since the List was created.. They work.. Whether you are researching to find out if a Quaker is the right bird for you, are a new Quaker owner, or are an old hand at Quaker ownership, do not hesitate to make your first post or to ask questions.. Access to the QPList archives and your personal QPList settings is not automatic.. Go to the QPList webpage at: http://lists.. webhelps.. com/archives/qplist.. html (The QPList website can also be accessed via the QPS website).. Once you are at the QPList website, click on SUBSCRIBERS CORNER.. You will be prompted to register.. When you are registered, you will have access to the QPList archives each time you sign in.. You can also change or update your personal settings, such as receiving your mail in individual or digest form, go temporarily no-mail, update your email address, unsubscribe, etc.. If you do not care to register or you have difficulties accessing the archives, updating or changing your settings, or need help with any thing to do with the QPList, write to the.. list moderators.. at: qpsadmin@whathelps.. com Posting commands or asking for list help to the List itself does not assure that the moderators will see it.. Write to the above address for help.. The help address is listed on each and every QPList email.. Do s and Don t s.. -.. The Quaker Parakeet Society pays a fee annually to a hosting service to keep the QPList.. There is no charge to members.. Members are expected to pay their way with kindness, courtesy, honesty and willingness to help others in their quest to be responsible and happy Quaker owners.. This is not a democracy, and it s not a typical club.. The QPList  ...   read through our posts carefully before we send them and will choose our written words carefully.. If you read a post that you consider flaming or off topic, IGNORE IT! The moderators will handle it.. Do not bring member off line disputes to the QPList.. Posts are limited to 5 per day per member to allow the hundreds of members on the list to post to the list reasonably without the host becoming overloaded.. ADVERTISING POLICY- As the owner of the QPList, the Quaker Parakeet Society does not endorse products other than its own to supplement the society.. A member advertising signature may contain (2) lines: your name, business name website address, and/or email address.. You may post directly to the List to notify members of SPECIAL MEMBER DISCOUNTS ONLY, ONCE A MONTH.. Avian related business owners may respond to posts requesting information about their product(s) with a brief: yes, I do sell them and directions how to contact.. ALL other advertising, particularly non-avian related, is prohibited.. Members responding to advertising are not to post directly to the List, but TO THE ADVERTISER DIRECTLY.. Classified advertising is available in THE SENTINEL, QPS quarterly publication.. Contact.. QPS.. at qpsociety@hotmail.. com for further information.. Resources: The Quaker Parakeet Mailing List is just one of several committees which make up the Quaker Parakeet Society (QPS).. QPS membership is not required for List subscription, but joining is one more way for you to receive support and Quaker related information.. Information about QPS and all its committees, can be found on the.. QPS website.. at: http://www.. quakerparakeetsociety.. org/.. Questions about.. can be addressed to:.. qpsociety@hotmail.. We know that your membership on the QPList will supply you with a great source of information about Quakers, as well as a place to make friends with a common interest in our favorite bird, the Quaker Parakeet.. We hope you will enjoy your stay and we look forward to your becoming a long time list member..

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  • Title: Join QPS | The Quaker Parakeet Society
    Descriptive info: Membership Dues:.. In the US $15us.. In Canada $17us.. Student $15us.. Other International $27us.. When you join QPS, you also join with hundreds of others who love Quakers.. QPS membership opens the door to closer contact with other Quaker owners at the Quaker Parakeet Discussion List.. QPS members have the power to make a difference, by supporting QPSRAPP, QPS Rescue and Placement Program, and members enjoy and benefit from receiving The Sentinel,  ...   includes:.. Membership Card.. Complimentary Past Issue of The Sentinel.. Surprises your Quaker will love.. Tax deductible yearly dues include 4 issues of.. , QPS quarterly journal, devoted exclusively to Quakers and all things Quaker! Contributing writers include avian hobbyists, behaviorists, breeders and owners.. Each issue averages 60 pages.. The positive comments QPS receives from new members tell us that the packets are great and made better by the membership kit donations we receive..

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  • Title: Join or renew online | The Quaker Parakeet Society
    Descriptive info: Join or renew your QPS membership (US Residents 15.. 00USD).. Type :.. new.. renewal.. Join or renew your QPS membership.. (Canadian Residents 17.. Join or renew your QPS membership (Student rate 15.. (Other international residents $27..

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  • Title: Join or renew QPS membership by mail | The Quaker Parakeet Society
    Descriptive info: QPS Membership Form.. Please print and complete the form below only if you will be mailing a check or money order.. Go here.. if you want to join or renew online.. First name _____________________________________.. Last name: ______________________________________.. (Pick one).. I am joining for the first time: ___.. I am renewing and my membership ID number is ____________________.. Address: ________________________________________________City: __________________________________________________State or Province: _________________________________________Postal code: _______________________.. Email: ________________________________________________.. Phone: _______________________________.. Membership dues are in.. US currency for One (1) Year.. US $15us.. Canada $17us.. Mail this form and your dues to:.. Quaker Parakeet Society.. St Petersburg FL 33733..

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  • Archived pages: 95