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  • Title: QCancer 2014
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome to QCancer.. -2014.. Welcome to the QCancer.. -2014 site.. This website is primarily intended for doctors and nurses working in general practice and for academics who are interest in the underlying research.. Patients are welcome to read this information and use the calculator together with their doctor so that any symptoms or concerns can be addressed within a health care setting.. All medical decisions need to be taken by a patient in consultation with their doctor.. The authors and the sponsors accept no responsibility for clinical use or misuse of this score.. QCancer.. works out the risk of a patient having a current but as yet undiagnosed cancer taking account of their risk factors and current symptoms.. It does not give a diagnosis cancer, but a risk.. The QCancer.. algorithms have been developed by Julia Hippisley-Cox and Carol Coupland and are based on routinely collected data from many thousands of GPs across the country who have freely contributed data to the QResearch database for medical research.. has been developed for the UK population, and is intended for use in the UK.. The science underpinning the new QCancer.. -2013  ...   tool implemented by BMJ Informatica.. For background to this product, please see.. Macmillan's web site.. scores within this BMJ-Informatica product have been calculated using ClinRisk's QCancer.. software development kit.. However, the initial Macmillan pilot for which this software was developed centred on particular tumour sites.. For each of those sites, the BMJ-Informatica product uses symptoms particularly correlated with those sites, rather than the full set of symptoms used by ClinRisk's qcancer.. org web site, which takes a whole person, multi-tumour site approach.. This explains any difference between the scores presented here, and those on qcancer.. org, which has the patient's true QCancer.. score.. Please note that the Macmillan CDS tool is primarily based around the subset of the tumour sites available in QCancer.. which is shares with Willie Hamilton's eRAT risk tools.. We understand that the tool now incorporates a "whole patient" screen similar to that provided here at qcancer.. org, but that the other tumour sites do not feature in the decision support section of the main software.. We hope that a future release of this Macmillan CDS tool will support all of the QCancer.. tumour sites in due course..

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  • Title: QCancer-2013-male
    Descriptive info: -2013 risk calculator for men: http://qcancer.. org/male.. This site is designed to work with javascript enabled.. Please enable it in your browser.. About you.. Age (25-89):.. UK postcode: leave blank if unknown.. Postcode:.. Clinical information.. Smoking status:.. non-smoker.. ex-smoker.. light smoker (less than 10).. moderate smoker (10 to 19).. heavy smoker (20 or over).. Alcohol status:.. non-drinker.. 1-2 units per day.. 3+ units per day.. Do you have.. a family history of gastrointestinal cancer?.. a family history of prostate cancer?.. type 2 diabetes?.. chronic pancreatitis?.. chronic obstructive airways disease (COPD)?.. Do you currently have.. loss of appetite?.. unintentional weight loss?.. abdominal pain?.. abdominal swelling?.. difficulty swallowing?.. heartburn or indigestion:.. neither.. heartburn.. indigestion.. rectal bleeding?.. blood when you vomit?.. blood when you cough?.. blood in your urine?.. a testicular lump?.. testicular pain?.. a lump in your neck?.. night sweats?.. a venous thromboembolism?.. In the last year have you seen your GP with.. change in bowel habit?.. constipation?.. cough?.. unexplained bruising?.. anaemia (Haemoglobin.. urinary retention?.. urinary frequency?.. nocturia (passing urine at night)?.. impotence?.. Leave blank if unknown.. Body  ...   across the country who have freely contributed data to the QResearch database for medical research.. -2013 has been developed for the UK population, and is intended for use in the UK.. Copyright 2012 ClinRisk Ltd.. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.. Materials on this web site are protected by copyright law.. Access to the materials on this web site for the sole purpose of personal educational and research use only.. Where appropriate a single print out of a reasonable proportion of these materials may be made for personal education, research and private study.. Materials should not be further copied, photocopied or reproduced, or distributed in electronic form.. Any unauthorised use or distribution for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden.. Any other unauthorised use or distribution of the materials may constitute an infringement of ClinRisk Ltd.. 's copyright and may lead to legal action.. In particular, use of this website as a web service, or to develop or test software, is expressly forbidden.. "QCancer" is a registered trademark of ClinRisk Ltd.. BMI predictor algorithm 2009-12 ClinRisk Ltd.. Website design 2008-12 ClinRisk Ltd..

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  • Title: QCancer-2013-female
    Descriptive info: -2013 risk calculator for women: http://qcancer.. org/female.. a family history of breast cancer?.. a family history of ovarian cancer?.. endometrial hyperplasia or polyp?.. postmenopausal bleeding?.. irregular menstrual bleeding?.. vaginal bleeding after sex?.. a breast lump?.. breast skin tethering or nipple discharge?.. breast pain?..

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