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  • Title: Official QuickSFV Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Official QuickSFV Homepage.. Totally Useful Software.. QuickSFV.. Home.. Overview.. History.. Download.. This is the official home page for QuickSFV.. Please use the links on the left for more information regarding QuickSFV.. Please read: If you value QuickSFV and wish to show your appreciation, please visit.. PayPal.. com.. and make a contribution to.. quicksfv@hotmail.. Alternatively, visit my.. secure site.. at Kagi.. com and make a donation without having to sign up for anything.. Thanks!.. July 5, 2010.. - Where does the time go?! Ok, I'm trying something new, there is a new build of QuickSFV on the download page.. It is the rewritten version 3.. 0 of QuickSFV for Windows XP and up, 32 and 64 bit.. I'm also adding a Linux version (Intel platforms only so far).. This is only a console version right now to test the new code.. I don't have any supporting documentation for this version yet, just use the --help option to see the options.. It only supports.. sfv and.. md5 at the moment but the other file types will be added eventually.. The source is still closed but I'm debating on whether to open it.. March 13, 2008.. - QuickSFV 2.. 36 is released.. Fixed a bug that could cause QuickSFV to run slowly in some cases.. (!).. March 12, 2008.. - 64-bit XP/Vista still required a few tweaks to the installer.. A new version has been posted that should finally take care of all installation issues on 64-bit Windows.. February 20, 2008.. - 64-bit Vista posed a few challenges for the installer.. I had to update the 64-bit version to require Administrator privileges in order to write to the Program Files directory.. (sigh!) A new 64-bit installer is available to download.. I did not bump the version number since QuivkSFV itself did not change.. I DID change the installer filename to hopefully avoid some confusion.. February 10, 2008.. - Wow, where does the time go! I've finally gotten around to doing some work on QuickSFV.. Unfortunately not enough time as I would like.. I still plan to do a version 3 of QuickSFV.. I want to write a cross-platform version for Linux and Mac users.. Until then, I'm releasing 2.. 35.. The good news is that this fixes a long standing bug that would crash explorer when using Verify Individual File and.. md5 files.. This version also comes with a 64-bit version for the XP64 and Vista 64 users out there.. April 25, 2007.. - Website is restored.. The site went down for a little while but is (obviously) back up.. I only lost a few pieces of news.. Version 2.. 34 is the latest version available which fixes some minor buffer overrun issues.. March 7, 2006.. 33a is released.. Fixed a bug in sorting on status.. February 21, 2006.. 33 is released.. See.. history.. for details of fixes.. Yes, I'm still alive and still working on QuickSFV.. I've had several good feature requests come in and still a few bugs that I try to squash every now and then.. I really appreciate all of you who use and support QuickSFV.. I still plan to release a 64-bit version as well as a Unicode version.. I'm also trying to get a Linux version created.. No release dates planned yet, but I  ...   adding most of the requested features that I've been collecting from all of the users who have written in.. Also, I need to change the about screen to point to this new location.. I'm going to be releasing an interim version in the next few days.. It has a fix or two and some speed improvements so its not a total waste of time to download.. Also, a plea: Since I've been out of the scene for so long, I ask that any users of QuickSFV help to distribute the new URL for QuickSFV.. I don't think the about screen will be enough to let everyone know where to find it.. July 2, 2002.. - (Finally) Signed up for Kagi.. For those who have expressed a desire to donate but (understandably) refuse to use PayPal, click.. here.. to use Kagi.. com instead.. It does not require signup of any kind, and I'm told they accept cash, checks, money orders and credit cards.. For those without credit cards, Kagi.. com will give you an address of where to send the donations.. June 10, 2002.. - QuickSFV version 2.. 22 released.. April 25, 2002.. 21 released.. March 24, 2002.. 2 released.. The.. has not changed since 2.. 2 beta.. March 17, 2002.. 2 beta released.. for details of additions/fixes.. Depending on the feedback of bugs, I will release 2.. 2 on or around March 24th.. There is a working Guestbook up so if you wish to sign it, feel free.. January 13, 2002.. 1 released.. I also realize that the Guestbook is "full.. " You are more than welcome to leave a note via email to.. while I consider alternative methods for pure anonymous messages.. August 25, 2001.. 0a released.. August 24, 2001.. -.. QuickSFV version 2.. 00 released.. Please read the history.. txt file included in the download for new features.. July 20, 2001.. It seems Yahoo! has been changing things around again.. Now they've taken away the message board.. (sigh) In case you didn't see it, I'm working on version 2 of QuickSFV.. It is very close to release.. Only a few more items to touch up.. I would like to find a way to accept donations which would be easy for the user to do, yet retain some anonymity for both the user and myself.. QuickSFV will still be free, but a small donation would be a nice gesture if you feel QuickSFV is worth it.. If you have any suggestions, please email me at.. August 3, 2000.. Replaced qsfv171.. zip with a different version created with a different archiving tool.. I hope this one works for everyone.. My apologies for the other version, it seemed to work fine on my systems.. August 2, 2000.. - QuickSFV version 1.. 71 released.. July 16, 2000.. 70 released.. May 11, 2000.. - Added a Message Board for users to discuss new features or enhancements to QuickSFV.. April 7, 2000 -.. QuickSFV version 1.. 61 released.. March 5, 2000 -.. 60 released.. March 2, 2000.. - Created new email account for bug reports:.. Not all emails will be replied to.. Use only to report bugs.. For general comments, continue to use the Guestbook.. November 22, 1999.. 51 released.. This page has been accessed.. times since February 2004.. johanne@jschmidt.. hopto.. org..

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  • Title: QuickSFV Overview
    Descriptive info: QuickSFV Overview.. Quick Verification.. QuickSFV was designed with one goal.. to be quick! Existing SFV file verification programs were slow and cumbersome to use.. Most users need to verify files and the quicker, the better.. QuickSFV integrates into the Windows Explorer shell and makes it very easy to verify files.. Just double-click on the.. SFV file and QuickSFV does the rest.. QuickSFV also understands several other file verification formats including.. CRC,.. CSV and.. CKZ.. For even quicker verification of.. SFV files, QuickSFV.. remembers.. which files have been previously verified and will skip them in future checks.. You can always tell QuickSFV to go back and verify all files again  ...   just select the files you wish to include in the.. SFV files, right-click on them and select Create.. SFV File.. Quick Features.. QuickSFV has many other features to help minimize the work in verifying files.. From the line-by-line analysis, to the ending summary information, to hitting ESC to close the window, QuickSFV was designed to eliminate all of the bottlenecks in verifying files so you can get to the important stuff.. Quick Download.. QuickSFV is small.. At approximately 340,000 bytes, it is one of the smallest, yet most useful utilities you may ever see on the Internet.. Use the download link to the left and try it for yourself..

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  • Title: QuickSFV History
    Descriptive info: QuickSFV History.. v2.. 36 changes:.. Fixed some cases where zero byte files and verifying individual files in Explorer would crash Explorer.. 35 changes:.. Fixed a problem with QuickSFV crashing Explorer.. exe when Verify Individual File is selected and the file(s) is found in a.. md5 file.. Initial release of the 64-bit version for 64-bit Windows.. 34 changes:.. Various security vulnerability fixes.. 33 changes:.. Slight speedup on files less than 1GB in size.. Slight speedup on.. sfv files with more than approximately 1000 files.. Also sped up sorting the result columns.. 32 changes:.. Fixed a bug when an '=' character existed in the path or filename.. Added ability to create.. 31 changes:.. Fixed creating/verifying files over 1GB in size on Win9x platforms.. 3 changes:.. Fixed a buffer overflow in creating.. sfv files when the path.. was longer than allowable under Windows.. Improved file reading speed which improves both creation.. and verification speeds.. Added CRC in feedback window.. Changed about screen to reflect new URL for QuickSFV.. 22 changes:.. Relaxed the character matching logic when searching for missing filenames during verification.. Fixed a bug when reading.. sfv files that wrapped filenames with a double quote.. Fixed a bug relating to compatibility with Windows XP's Start Menu.. Made the OUTPUT:filename.. ext function deny requests to other apps that attempt to open the file for reading to help signal to other apps when QuickSFV has finished verifying.. 21 changes:.. Fixed saved window position on multiple monitor systems.. Fixed verifying individual files within any files other than.. PAR files.. 2 changes:.. Removed Maximize box from main window.. Fixed moving of files where.. sfv name and new directory used older 8.. 3 file naming conventions.. (Thanks Windows for giving me the 8.. 3 names instead of the REAL ones!).. Allow for reparenting during the verification process instead of having to wait for the current process to finish.. Added preliminary support for.. QuickSFV can verify files that have been protected using the PAR mechanism.. With support from the PAR file specification, QuickSFV can use the same Previously Checked Database to skip files that have previously been verified.. This version only supports verifying files.. It does not recover bad or missing files.. This is planned for a future release as well as the initial creation of.. 1 changes:.. Added support for reading.. CSV files.. Added a right-click menu option for "reparenting" a.. sfv file.. This will allow you to open a.. sfv file, but verify files that are located in a different subdirectory, such as a CD-ROM.. Added a right-click menu option for moving all good files into a subdirectory.. The subdirectory will be named after the.. sfv filename and all good files as well as the actual.. sfv file will be moved into the new subdirectory.. Any existing failed files will be left in the original subdirectory.. This option is not available when the.. sfv file has been reparented to a different subdirectory.. Added the option to select which files to associate QuickSFV with during installation.. Fixed the UI sorting routines.. Having a large number of files would cause the sort routines to overrun the stack.. New methods were written to sort faster and be able to handle near unlimited number of files.. 0a changes:.. Fixed: JPEGSheriff file reading.. In an effort to count the number of items in the file, it was not repositioning the file pointer correctly for JPEGSheriff crc files.. Fixed: Opening files under Windows 9x.. In an effort to open more shared files, I used a flag only supported by Windows NT which failed under Windows 9x.. 00 changes:.. Updated GUI to include graphics representing good and bad files.. Also displays current totals while processing.. QuickSFV now uses sortable columns so you can resize them to see the information you need.. Increased processing speed by up to 2x.. New disk access routines and other optimizations produced almost double the processing speed.. Increases are for both creating.. SFV files and verifying them.. Added a Menu to allow opening of other.. SFV files from the main window.. For those who like the clean look, you can specify ShowMenu=FALSE in the.. INI file to hide the menu.. Added an expiration function for the Previous Verified DB.. This is an.. INI setting allowing you to specify the maximum date of the DB before assuming it is old and reverifying all of the files.. It defaults to no expiration, but you can specify it in days, hours minutes and seconds.. e.. g.. ExpireTime=1d 3h 15m 20s would expire the DB in 1 day 3 hours, 15 minutes and 20 seconds.. You can enter something as simple as ExpireTime=30d to specify 30 days.. The Last Verified Time is always written to the.. SFV.. This means that your expire time needs to elapse from the LAST time you verified it.. Not the first time.. If your expire time is set to 5 days, but you verify the.. SFV every day, your DB will never expire.. 5 days would have to pass without verifying the.. SFV before the DB would be considered expired.. Added ability to add subdirectories into the.. SFV file.. This will include all files in  ...   created by the current user or a different user.. This will help when SFV file creators verify the files and leave the Previously Checked Files database in place when uploading the SFV file.. This signature is simply a random number and contains no specific information to the machine it is running on.. It is generated during install or if the corresponding INI setting is missing.. Upgrading will maintain this signature as long as you install to the same folder as the existing version of QuickSFV.. Installing to a new folder will reset this signature causing QuickSFV to ignore the Previously Checked Files database when verifying.. Uninstalling QuickSFV will erase the signature.. QuickSFV now has a command-line option for sending the results of the verify process to a text file.. The option's format is:.. OUTPUT: filename.. where filename is the name of the file you wish to send the results to.. If this file already exists, it will be overwritten without warning.. You can enclose the filename in quotes if you have spaces in your filename.. i.. e.. OUTPUT:"My Results.. txt".. To verify an SFV and send the results to a text file, you can use something like:.. exe thefile.. sfv OUTPUT:results.. txt.. When sending the results to a file, the QuickSFV window will not appear on the screen.. QuickSFV now supports CRC files generated by JPEG Sheriff.. This code is new and may not work with EVERY CRC file generated by JPEG Sheriff.. It also will NOT recurse subdirectories searching for the files unlike JPEG Sheriff with the 'Recurse subdirectories' option on.. 51 changes:.. Added an UpdateDB configuration option.. From the Window menu of the QuickSFV verify window, you can check or uncheck the 'Update DB' option.. When Update DB is not checked, QuickSFV will not keep track of which files it has previously verified.. The option is stored in QuickSFV.. ini in the same directory as the QuickSFV.. exe file.. If an SFV file already has an existing DB embedded in it, QuickSFV will use it but not update it or remove it.. Added a new installation dialog allowing users to not install the Shell Extension or not update the Previously Checked database during install.. To install the Shell Extension at a later time, the user will have to reinstall QuickSFV.. 50b changes:.. After verifying files, you can now select lines in the QuickSFV window and use CTRL-C to copy the filenames to the clipboard as text to be pasted into other applications.. QuickSFV will now handle text files that use only a CR at the end of each line instead of a LF or CRLF.. A small bug was fixed when the last line of an.. SFV file did not end with a CR or LF.. The "Previously Checked Files" database would be tacked on to the end of that line instead of on a line by itself.. The "Create.. SFV File" menu option does not appear now when you right- click on an.. This was done to keep the menu clutter down.. 50a changes:.. Fixed a stack overflow bug in shell extension under Windows 98.. Pressing the Escape key now aborts and/or closes the QuickSFV window.. Installation now checks for newer versions of the files already installed in the selected destination directory and asks if you want to keep them or install over them.. 50 changes:.. QuickSFV now allows you to create.. SFV files by integrating into the Windows Explorer Shell interface.. Just select the files you wish to include in the.. SFV file, right-click on them and choose 'Create.. SFV File'.. It will ask you for the.. The default name will be the first file name but with the extension switched to.. QuickSFV now remembers which files in an.. SFV file have been successfully verified and does not check them on subsequent checks.. You can override this functionality by right-clicking on the.. SFV file in Explorer and choosing the 'Verify All' option.. This functionality only works with.. (Not.. CRC or.. CKZ).. QuickSFV now supports the.. CKZ v2 format.. QuickSFV Installation now gives the end user a choice of installation directories.. It defaults to your current Windows Program Files directory.. 02 changes:.. Previous versions were reporting missing files as 'bad' instead of 'missing'.. 01 changes:.. Now reports version number at the top of the list.. Fixed spaces in filenames.. It now assumes the last space on each line is the separating space.. It will ignore all whitespace between this point and the last non-whitespace character before it.. Tries to resolve filenames with odd characters.. If a file does not exist in the folder under the given name, every character other than alphanumerics, dashes, and periods are converted to '?' and a list of all matching files is obtained.. If only 1 matching file is found, it uses that file.. If more than 1 or no files are found, it reports an error.. Binary CRC files are now supported.. It was my assumption and mistake that.. CRC files were the same as.. I'm not certain that I have the format supported completely but it works with the two CRC files I currently have.. 00:.. Initial release..

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  • Title: QuickSFV Download
    Descriptive info: QuickSFV Download.. Developmental versions:.. For testing purposes only! Not fully feature complete.. quicksfv-setup32.. msi.. - QuickSFV version 3.. 00 for Windows.. (For 32-bit versions of Windows).. quicksfv-setup64.. (For 64-bit versions of Windows).. quicksfv32.. tar.. bz2.. 00 for x86 Linux.. quicksfv64.. 00 for amd64 Linux.. Current version:.. qsfv236.. 36 for Windows9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2003.. qsfv236x64.. 36 for 64-bit Windows XP/Vista.. Previous versions:.. qsfv235.. 35 for Windows9x/NT/2000/XP/2003.. qsfv235cx64.. 35c for 64-bit Windows XP/Vista.. QSFV234.. EXE.. 34 for Windows9x/NT/2000/XP/2003.. ZIP.. 34 for Windows9x/NT/2000/XP/2003.. QSFV233a.. 33a for Windows9x/NT/2000/XP/2003.. QSFV232.. 32 for Windows9x/NT/2000/XP.. QSFV231.. 31 for Windows9x/NT/2000/XP.. QSFV230..  ...   fashion.. Think of it this way: Calculate how much your time is worth.. Say $60/hour.. Now, consider how much time QuickSFV saves you while verifying files.. Easily 5 minutes when verifying a few CDs worth of files.. 5 minutes of your time is worth $5 that QuickSFV saved you.. Why not donate half of that? I'm not looking to get rich off of QuickSFV.. But if you consider what QuickSFV is worth to you, I only ask that you share a little.. -Mercedes.. Visitors to this page since February 2004:..

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