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    Archived pages: 159 . Archive date: 2014-01.

  • Title: Radiant CMS
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. |.. Demo.. Download.. Documentation.. Extensions.. Development.. Mailing List.. Weblog.. Podcast.. Radiant is a no-fluff, open source content management system designed for small teams.. Radiant features:.. An elegant user interface.. Flexible templating with layouts, snippets, page parts, and a custom tagging language.. A first-class extension/plugin system.. Simple user management and permissions.. More Features.. Current Version: 1.. 1.. 3.. This version includes a powerful extension system so developers can  ...   get started.. Radiant.. CMS.. was created by.. John W.. Long.. , extended by.. Sean Cribbs.. , and has been continuously improved by a.. team of core committers.. with dozens of additional contributions from the Radiant community.. This site is made with.. Rub.. y.. and powered by Radiant.. Hosting is graciously provided by the kind folks at.. AVLUX.. Web Site Design, Logo, Etc.. Copyright 2006 2014, John W.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Demo
    Descriptive info: Log in to the.. admin section.. of the demo site with the following username and password:.. Username:.. admin.. Password:.. radiant.. The demo database is recreated on the.. top of the hour.. Please note that the Radiant admin interface looks best in.. Safari.. or.. Firefox..

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  • Title: Download
    Descriptive info: The recommended way to download and install Radiant is to use.. Ruby Gems.. :.. % gem install radiant.. Once you have the gem installed, use the radiant command to create a new project:.. % radiant --database [mysql|postgresql|sqlite3|sqlserver|db2] path/to/project.. Now follow the.. INSTALL.. instructions to configure Radiant for your database and get it up and running on your server.. Additional helps for setup and installation can be found in the.. Installation.. section of the.. Radiant Wiki.. The Bleeding Edge.. If you are an advanced user and would like to be on the bleeding edge, install via gem as directed above and execute the following in your project directory:.. % rake radiant:freeze:edge % rake radiant:update % rake db:migrate.. See the.. Developer  ...   3.. Restart the server.. 6.. 0 0.. 7.. Backup your database and config/database.. yml.. Run the radiant command on top of your existing project replace the.. old configuration.. % radiant path/to/my_project.. 4.. Verify that config/database.. yml is correct or restore the backup.. 5.. Run migrations:.. % rake production db:migrate.. 6.. 5.. It is recommended that you back up your database, static assets, and generate a new project.. Then, follow the directions for upgrading from 0.. 0+.. One Last Thing!.. Once you ve got it up and running on your website, be sure to add your name the list of.. Radiant Users.. For old releases or to install using the Tarball or Zip file, see the.. Ruby Forge project release page..

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  • Title: Mailing List
    Descriptive info: Subscribe.. The main.. Radiant mailing.. list is a great place to learn about how to get the most out of Radiant.. The mailing list is hosted by Google Groups.. To subscribe, you can send an email to.. radiantcms+subscribe@googlegroups.. com.. Or, fill in the following form:.. Subscribe to Radiant CMS:.. Email:.. If you have a Google account, or are willing to sign-up for one, you can also subscribe to the mailing list via the.. web interface.. Search  ...   archives.. Preferences / Unsubscribe.. If you have a Google account, you can unsubscribe or edit your mailing list preferences by clicking the Preferences button below.. If you do not have a Google account, you can unsubscribe from the list by sending an email to.. radiantcms+unsubscribe@googlegroups.. Other Mailing Lists.. In addition to the main Radiant mailing list, there are two other lists that you should be aware of:.. Radiant-Dev.. Where discussion about Radiant s Development takes place..

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  • Title: Weblog
    Descriptive info: How to enable Travis CI for an extension.. John Muhl.. Friday, January 06, 2012 |.. This information is also available on the.. wiki.. where it will receive updates as needed.. Travis CI.. is a flexible and easy to use continuous integration server; see the.. Getting Started page.. for more details.. The flexibility means that there are any number of ways to setup and test your extensions.. Here is one way.. First you need to add a.. travis.. file to the root of your repository.. rvm: - 1.. 7 - 1.. 9.. 2 - 1.. 3 before_script: ".. /spec/ci/before_script" script: ".. /spec/ci/script" env: - RADIANT_VERSION=0.. 1 DB=mysql - RADIANT_VERSION=0.. 1 DB=postgres - RADIANT_VERSION=1.. 0.. 0 DB=mysql - RADIANT_VERSION=1.. 0 DB=postgres notifications: recipients: - you@example.. com.. The.. rvm.. array shows the Ruby versions you want to test against; since Radiant 1.. 0 supports the three latest Ruby releases your extension should too.. Likewise the.. env.. array list Radiant version/database combinations to test against; the Radiant version can be any.. tagged version of Radiant.. Next up we need to create the.. before_script.. referenced above.. is run before your tests and sets up a complete Radiant environment within which your tests will be run.. cd ~ git clone git://github.. com/radiant/radiant.. git cd ~/radiant if [[ $RADIANT_VERSION != "master" ]] then git checkout -b $RADIANT_VERSION $RADIANT_VERSION fi cp -r ~/builds/*/YOUR_REPOSITORY_NAME vendor/extensions/YOUR_EXTENSION_NAME gem install bundler --pre bundle install case $DB in "mysql" ) mysql -e 'create database radiant_test;' cp spec/ci/database.. mysql.. yml config/database.. yml;; "postgres" ) psql -c 'create database radiant_test;' -U postgres cp spec/ci/database.. postgresql.. yml;; esac bundle exec rake db:migrate bundle exec rake db:migrate:extensions.. Replace.. YOUR_REPOSITORY_NAME.. and.. YOUR_EXTENSION_NAME.. in the.. with the actual name of your repo and extension; e.. g.. radiant-sheets-extension.. sheets.. respectively.. Don t forget to make this script executable before committing it to your repository.. Finally we need to create the.. script.. file.. This is the script that actually executes your tests.. cd ~/radiant bundle exec rake spec:extensions EXT=YOUR_EXTENSION_NAME.. Again you need to replace.. with the real thing and.. make the script executable.. All that s left to do is login to.. Travis.. , enable the commit-hook for you repository and push.. Head over to.. http://travis-ci.. org/.. and click the Sign in with GitHub link.. Once you ve authorized through GitHub visit your profile page on Travis, find the extension to enable and flick the switch to on.. Now you re ready to commit and push the.. ,.. files and let Travis handle the rest.. If you want to know more about all the options you have with Travis the.. documentation.. is very good.. You can see an example of this setup in action on the.. Sheets.. extension or check out what it looks like to have your specs run by Travis by visiting the Travis page for.. Once setup Travis will run your tests after every commit unless you add.. [ci skip].. to the commit message (which is good practice when pushing documentation or other commits that don t affect functionality).. Radiant 1.. 0 Release Candidate 4.. Jim Gay.. 0 is almost here.. Release Candidate 4 has been pushed to.. rubygems.. Thank you to everyone that s been helping out with this release.. If you ve got a site or extension, please begin testing against this release.. As always, report any problems or feature requests at.. https://github.. com/radiant/radiant/issues.. gem install radiant --pre.. and you re on you way!.. The installation instructions are at the.. with a link to a gist where I ve been recording a.. step by step process for upgrading from Radiant 0.. Additionally, John Muhl has been doing a fantastic effort in documenting the installation from scratch for.. Ubuntu.. Mac OS X.. and we ll be updating instructions for Windows and Gentoo.. There s a lot thats new, too much to cover here, so look for more blog posts about the new features.. 0 Release Candidate 2.. Wednesday, June 01, 2011 |.. Benny Degezelle is on the Radiant Core Team.. Wednesday, May 25, 2011 |.. Please reach out to Benny Degezelle and say thanks.. Benny Degezelle is a member of the Radiant Core Team.. He s been a long time supporter of Radiant and has created or contributed to.. many extensions.. and has even more hot code at.. github.. com/jomz.. Send him some thank you s on Twitter at.. @jomz.. 0 Release Candidate 1.. Tuesday, May 24, 2011 |.. Announcing the first release candidate of Radiant 1.. The final 1.. 0 release will be the last on Rails 2.. After that we ll be focusing on moving forward with the rails framework.. There are a couple of changes that are worth mentioning, but see the.. CHANGELOG.. for the full details.. What are some big changes?.. You can manage multiple page fields.. You have a default asset manager based on paperclipped.. You have a default stylesheet and javascript manager with support for Sass.. Radiant has moved to Rails 2.. 11.. If you are an extension developer, begin upgrading now.. The official release of 1.. 0 is just around the corner.. As always we welcome your feedback and contributions.. Download Install.. You can download the gem here http://github.. com/radiant/radiant/downloads.. Install it with the gem command:.. $ gem install radiant --prerelease.. This will install the gem as radiant-1.. rc1.. How to Upgrade an Existing Project or Site.. Update the Radiant assets from in your project:.. rake radiant:update.. Migrate the database:.. rake production db:migrate.. Restart the web server.. RadiantCasts episode 25 - Radiant As A Blog - Part 3 - Adding Tags.. Cristi Duma.. Thursday, November 18, 2010 |.. In part three of Radiant As A Blog, you'll see how to use and configure the Tags Extension, to add tagging functionality to Radiant.. Content.. Installing and configuring the Tags extension;.. Adding tags to a post;.. Tag clouds and tag lists;.. Related posts;.. Resources.. Radiant Tags Extension -.. github repository.. Radiant Taggable Extension -.. Github repository for episode 25.. is a software engineer at.. Aissac.. Radiant 0.. 2 - Engravings Retro Release (bugfix).. Andrew vonderLuft.. Monday, November  ...   aware that if you don t want this feature, you can simply prevent it from being loaded with:.. config.. extensions -= [:sheets].. What is Sheets?.. Sheets is a way to manage stylesheets and scripts from your existing page tree.. With Sheets, you ll create new types of pages: JavascriptPage and StylesheetPage.. Pages of these types are Sheets.. The basic features:.. provide a separate interface for editing.. CSS.. and Javascript content.. set a longer expire time for Sheet content with.. sheet_cache_timeout.. (similar to the typical.. cache_timeout.. set for pages).. hide the JavascriptPage and StylesheetPage nodes from the standard Page index view.. provide Radius tags to output content as it is, as a link to content, and as an.. HTML.. element containing the content.. append a timestamp to sheet content URLs so that the cache need not be cleared with the same frequency for updates to typical pages.. Differences with other solutions and the benefit of using Sheets.. Some standard site templates provided by Radiant include stylesheet content in a typical page.. This requires a custom layout merely to set the content type, and displays content unintended for editing by typical users.. This makes for a cluttered page index view and cluttered layout index view.. A popular solution to these problems is the.. SNS.. extension.. separates the editing interfaces for these types of content, but the problem is that it makes too much of a separation.. With.. , stylesheet and javascript content is stored in a separate table and is generated by models completely unrelated to the Page model.. This means that other extensions are.. required.. to do extra work to provide features and Radius tags to.. content, and as a result many extensions do not do this work.. This situation makes for a confusing introduction to Radiant for new users and developers alike.. You can get around this.. limitation by using the.. Page Hook extension.. but even this solution will lead to unpredictable results because it merely copies modules from the Page model to the TextAsset model and tricks the included methods into believing they are operating on a Page.. But this is not a good long-term solution.. Sheets keeps this content in the same location as all other content: Pages.. Doing it this way allows any chosen.. or Page slug to be protected properly with newly created pages.. Even more importantly, this allows user and developer expectations about the behavior of Radius tags to make sense.. With Sheets, extensions which add Radius tags to the Page model add them to stylesheets and javascripts too; there is no extra work to be done.. Not only does it do all this, but the standard Page model provides a.. headers.. method which Sheets overrides to alter the mime-type for the returned content.. Sheets uses the built-in ways to serve content, rather than generating yet another way to serve content like.. Extra features.. By default Sheets has a SassFilter for text and since Radiant depends on (and includes) Sass, you ll always have that available.. But the SassFilter is just a regular TextFilter like the ones used on pages so I had to do some work to ensure that you wouldn t be able to filter your typical Page content with Sass.. The SheetsExtension has 2 accessors:.. stylesheet_filters.. javascript_filters.. You may manipulate the contents of these variables with your added text filters.. You could write an extension to provide a Less filter:.. SheetsExtension.. stylesheet_filters LessFilter.. In the future, it will probably be a good idea to move these accessors off of the SheetsExtension itself and onto the ApplicationController so that you don t need to worry about extension load order to add a text filter.. Currently, there is no interface element to alter the path from where your site will pull content.. is pulled from.. /css.. and Javascripts are pulled from.. /js.. was standardizing this approach because changing this setting required running rake tasks and not merely changing a simple setting.. With Sheets, the path is determined by a page slug so in the future we ll have a way to change that location to.. /whatever-you-want.. (but if you really want to do it now just jump in the console find the.. css.. js.. pages and change their slugs).. I will be providing the ability to migrate your content from.. to the page tree in some way (be it in the Sheets extension itself, in.. , or some other migrator extension).. I still need to write some specs and cucumber features but I wanted to get this out in the wild to get feedback, so please leave your complaints or praise here.. Reasons for the change from.. Aside from the reasons I ve listed above I could only see more difficulty down the road in getting TextAssets to behave the way you d expect.. I ve been committing a lot of changes to.. and recently.. wrote the.. Page Hook.. extension to deal with these problems.. In previous versions of.. and Radiant, the.. approach made sense.. It setup a separate ResponseCache to serve stylesheet content and javascript content from separate locations.. And it completely separated those TextAssets from your page tree which makes a lot of sense for users, but developers who have worked with.. have expected to be able to use any radius tag in the system and they couldn t.. If you re a user of.. , I really think you ll like the change to Sheets.. RadiantCasts episode 21 - Radiant 0.. 9 Refraction Release.. Thursday, July 29, 2010 |.. A few weeks ago Radiant 0.. 9 was released.. I'm sure you saw it, and if you watch Radiantcasts, you saw Radiant 0.. 9 in action.. This episode outlines some of the best features this release brings.. A few minor updates.. Future publishing feature.. Aggregate child pages feature.. Paginate lists of pages feature.. Support for packaging extensions as gems.. I18N.. The Blade interface.. 9.. changelog.. RadiantCasts episode 18.. - Packaging extensions as gems.. Github repository for episode 21.. RSS Feed.. Weblog Archives.. | Comments powered by.. HaloScan..

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  • Title: Podcast
    Descriptive info: Episode 4 - Jim Gay.. Saturday, August 23, 2008 | 19:15 |.. Download (MP4).. Sean interviews Jim Gay, founder and partner of Saturn Flyer, core contributor, and creator of the help, header_authorize, and other extensions.. Notes and Links.. Apologies for messing up the date it s the 23rd today!.. This episode s music: Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity from.. The Planets.. by Gustav Holst.. 9 Release.. SummerReboot.. SaturnFlyer.. PracticeGreenHealth.. org.. Bright Yellow Jacket.. header_authorize extension.. help extension.. help_use_cases extension.. portfolio extension.. tags extension.. Episode 3 - Keith Bingman.. Monday, May 12, 2008 | 18:38 |.. Sean interviews Keith Bingman, a long-time community member, creator of the asset_manager and metatags extensions,  ...   better.. This episode s music:.. String Quartet.. movement 2 by Maurice Ravel.. asset_manager.. Bitch Kitty Racing.. Revver.. Jargon branch and i18n.. Gibberish plugin.. Episode 2 - Shopify.. Tuesday, April 29, 2008 | 19:01 |.. Sean interviews Tobias Luetke and James MacAulay of shopify.. 6 release.. Radiant on GitHub.. shopify.. Liquid.. Typo.. ActiveMerchant.. Episode 1 - Digital Pulp.. Tuesday, April 15, 2008 | 23:48 |.. Sean speaks with John Bachir and Josh French of Digital Pulp, developers of redken.. com and redkensalon.. Digital Pulp is an interactive media firm from New York City that specializes in big websites.. Lyceum.. Redken.. RedkenSalon.. Plone.. ezPublish.. Drupal.. Radiant on github.. Subscribe to the podcast..

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  • Title: Radiant Overview
    Descriptive info: Radiant Overview.. Simple Admin Interface.. Built from the ground up to be as simple as possible, Radiant features an elegant administrative interface that centers around three key components:.. pages.. snippets.. , and.. layouts.. Pages.. Pages contain the meat of the content for a Web site and may use.. Markdown.. Textile.. , or plain.. Pages are composed of.. multiple parts.. such as a body and sidebar.. Snippets.. Content that is used in multiple places can be stored in a snippet.. Snippets are very similar to.. PHP.. includes.. or Rails.. partials.. Layouts.. Layouts generally contain most of the.. for a page s design.. Layouts can render pages parts in any way they choose.. One layout could choose to render the body and sidebar of a page, while another layout (a print layout) could render only the body.. Flexible Site Structure.. Unlike many other blogging engines Radiant allows you to arrange pages according to any hierarchy.. A  ...   Custom Text Filters.. Radiant ships with support for Markdown and Textile, but developers can easily create text filters for any markup language such as RDoc, BBCode, or Structured Text.. Intelligent Page Caching.. Radiant includes an intelligent caching mechanism which allows content to be cached for a maximum of.. 5 minutes.. This ensures that content is always fresh and provides an optimal level of performance.. Built with Ruby on Rails.. Radiant is built using.. Ruby on Rails.. This means it s easy for developers to extend Radiant because it s built on a widely accepted (and understood) Web application development platform.. Licensed Under the.. MIT.. License.. Radiant is licensed under the.. This means that Radiant is.. free.. for.. commercial and non-profit.. use.. It also means that you are free to modify and distribute Radiant as long as you don t remove the appropriate notices from the source code.. Not impressed yet?.. Try the.. live demo..

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  • Title: Development Mailing List
    Descriptive info: Development Mailing List.. The main Radiant.. development mailing list.. is the place to discuss your ideas for improving Radiant.. E-mail:..

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  • Title: How to enable Travis CI for an extension
    Descriptive info: Posted by John Muhl on Friday, January 06, 2012 |..

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  • Title: Radiant 1.0.0 Release Candidate 4
    Descriptive info: Posted by Jim Gay on Friday, January 06, 2012 |..

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  • Title: Radiant 1.0.0 Release Candidate 2
    Descriptive info: Posted by Jim Gay on Wednesday, June 01, 2011 |..

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