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  • Title: Advert Cycling
    Descriptive info: .. ADVERT CYCLING.. created by race-ncca.. org.. Cycling.. Indoor Cycling.. Track Cycling.. Spinning Cycling.. Adventure Cycling.. Cycling Holiday.. Cycling Training.. Cycling Gear.. Bicycle.. Mountain Bicycle.. Road Bicycle.. Racing Bicycle.. Touring Bicycle.. Utility Bicycle.. Cycling Clothing.. Cycling Helmet.. Cycling Shorts.. Cycling Shoes.. Cycling Socks.. Cycling Gloves.. People cycle of various reasons.. Once you have made the very first turns of the pedal, you will soon begin to appreciate the huge range of possibilities that can exist.. Let's have a closer look at some of these:.. Recreational ride either alone or with friends or family.. A way to commute to work and shopping.. A method of transport..  ...   destination, or a cross-country tour.. For health reasons one of the best way of taking exercise.. For environmental reason.. For competition purposes.. Regardless of the reason why you like cycling, it is a sport for the young and the old to enjoy.. It can open up a whole new world of experiences and opportunities that you have never experienced.. before.. So are you eager to find out more? Here is the place to start.. Our aim is to offer you and others a better prospective on cycling.. So get set, START:.. Cycling.. Indoor Cycling.. Cycling Holiday.. Cycling Training.. 2006.. race-ncca.. org.. All Rights Reserved.. Disclaimer..

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  • Title: Cycling
    Descriptive info: Cycling is a recreation, a sport and also a mean of transport to assist people across the land.. It involves riding bicycles, unicycles, tricycles, and other human powered vehicles.. Many people either cycle for exercise or fitness purposes, competing or a mean of transports from point A to B.. It is not a very expensive sport.. So depending on the use, weight, and  ...   different types of bicycles which serves different functions.. These are:.. Utility Bicycle.. (Randooeur or Audax Bicycles).. Other then the different types of bicycles there are also various.. cycling gear and equipment.. available.. These may include.. cycling helmet.. ,.. cycling clothing.. cycling shorts.. cycling gloves.. cycling shoes.. , and.. cycling socks.. Each of these is there for safety reasons, comfort, and/or competing purposes.. Home..

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  • Title: Indoor Cycling
    Descriptive info: Indo.. or Cycling.. Indoor cycling can be distinguished into two different categories:.. Competitive cycling on an indoor track, better known as.. track cycling.. ; and.. As a form of group exercise and fitness purposes on stationary bicycles, is known to be.. spinning cycling..

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  • Title: Indoor Cycling – Track Cycling
    Descriptive info: Indoor Cycling Track Cycling.. Indoor cycling on a cycling track is a bicycle racing sport usually held on a specially built banked tracks or velodromes using a track bicycle.. Bikes used in indoor cycling on a track are specially designed to reduce aerodynamic dray caused by the bikes itself and the rider s racing position.. The handlebars also differ from the  ...   allow the rider to extend their arm in front of their body which leans forward almost to a horizontal position to allow for minimal frontal area and thus reducing drag.. This sport is particularly popular in the European country and it is often seen in the summer Olympics Games as well as other world championships held throughout the year.. For information on:..

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  • Title: Indoor Cycling – Spinning Cycling
    Descriptive info: Indoor Cycling Spinning Cycling.. Spinning cycling is another very popular form of indoor cycling among gym clubs and homes all around the world.. Spinning bikes are often use in gym and at home by many as a form of fitness.. exercise and training.. It is also used in medical studies to monitor rider s heart rate and physical well being.. These indoor bikes are just like our normal bicycle with the only different being it is stationary.. Other features include mechanical devices to modify the difficulty of pedaling, specially-shaped handlebars and multiple adjustment points  ...   hold the foot to the pedal, to enable powerful stokes.. Some of these bikes will have electronic features such an electronic gauge which shows your speed, distance, timer, kilojoules, and calories counts.. In a typical indoor cycling training class it involves an instructor leading participants to do a number of different types of cycling routines.. Each routine are designed to follow terrain and situations encountered in actual bicycle riding.. It includes hill.. climbs, sprints, and interval training.. Cycling training classes also uses music and enthusiastic coaching to motivate participate to work harder.. Track Cycling..

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  • Title: Adventure Cycling
    Descriptive info: Adventure Cycling.. Adventure cycling includes bicycle tour, cross country, and organized trips from just a weekend away to fortnightly holiday adventures with a club, with family, a group of your.. own friends or just by yourself.. Adventure cycling inspires people of all ages to travel by bicycle for fun, fitness, and self-discovery.. The average of age of cycling adventure participants are typically around the 45 years old.. There are also participants in there early to mid  ...   distances.. The type of bikes use on cycling tour varies depending on the participants and so is the skill level.. Most people who go on adventures come to see new things, meet new people, and challenge themselves.. Many cycling clubs around the world organizes adventures with each adventure being unique to the route they travel, but most adventure will.. tend to avoid high traffic and metropolitan areas for safety reasons.. For more adventures cycling check out:..

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  • Title: Cycling Holiday
    Descriptive info: Cycling holiday is a great way to spend a vacation.. It is suitable for everyone; young, old and families who enjoy riding and spending time in the great outdoors.. Cycling holidays are not just.. restricted to places around the home.. There are many other cycling holiday destinations all around the world.. For those cycling around home there are cross country tours that are available for the weekend break away, weekly and even fortnightly tours.. Prices will depend on the route of the tour and duration.. For an adult fortnightly cross country tour say from Los Angeles to Boston prices range from US$7500 up to US$10,000.. Tours  ...   workshops, and many more.. And for those who prefer to their cycling holiday away from home.. You can chose from any destination from Europe, Canada, Australia, and Asia.. The duration of most cycling holiday's are either weekly or fortnightly.. Tour routes and itinerary can vary depending on the season, but there is always one happening.. We suggest the internet as one of your fastest and easiest way to find a cycling holiday to suit you.. Most will provide you with all the information you need including touring routes, itinerary, prices and all the answers to the questions you have regarding the holiday.. For other information also see:..

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  • Title: Cycling Training
    Descriptive info: Whatever your age, ability or background is cycling training offers something for everyone whether can you ride a bike or not, returning to cycling after a break or are a regular cyclist who wants to develop their skills further.. Cycling training is for you.. Most cycling training is available at local cycling clubs which are available for both adults and children of all ages.. Cycling training is lead by high quality bicycle.. trainer, who is fully qualified and usually accredited by cycling associations.. Cycling training classes are not expensive.. A normal session will set you back at around US$50-US$100.. You need not require any specific standard to join a  ...   while private lessons are available, but will be more expensive.. The aim of cycling training is to assist and help you to develop the competent and confident cyclist skills.. Basis classes will provide you the fundamentals in starting and pedaling, stopping, maneuvering, signaling and.. using the gears of a bicycle.. When you have the confident you will slowly learn the safety of riding on roads and traffic conditions.. Lastly, you would learn to ridein different road conditions and how to deal with hazards, making risk assessments and planning routes for safer cycling.. Cycling training can also help you to achieve your cycling goal, and to achieve your satisfactory fitness level..

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  • Title: Cycling Gear
    Descriptive info: Cycling Gear.. There are many different cycling gear, cycling equipment, and cycling apparel that is required when it comes to cycling.. Some are essential as it protects you between live and death situations while other are there.. to assist you and for your comfort while riding.. Let's have a look at them:.. Cycling Gloves.. Other then  ...   money for other cycling gears.. Cycling gears that some consider.. helpful includes a lock, mudguards/fenders, lights, luggage racks and pannier bags, pump, slips to hold wide trousers/slacks/jeans, spare inner tubes, CO2 cartridges as a possible replacement for a tyre pump, water bottle and water bottle cage, a puncture repair kit, tyre levers and lights for night riding..

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  • Title: Bicycle
    Descriptive info: Bicycle.. A bicycle is a piece of fundamental cycling equipment required for cycling.. Bicycle comes in different makes, features and specifications.. There prices.. can ranges from around US$50 up to the thousands depending on the quality and purpose of your bicycle.. Let s have a look at the different types of bicycles available:..

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  • Title: Bicycle - Mountain Bicycle
    Descriptive info: Bicycle - Mountain Bicycle.. Mountain bicycles are especially designed for off-road cycling meaning on rugged terrain or dirt tracks.. Therefore, they are fitted with wider gauge treaded tires to suit such conditions.. Mountain bikes are relatively light in weight with durability to allow for ease of movement during riding.. To further assist riders from resisting sudden jolts they are also fitted with cross-wise handlebars and/or coiled-spring suspension systems.. For other bicycle types:.. :..

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