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  • Title: RaceBlind.Org
    Descriptive info: .. RaceBlind.. Org.. All about Super Tuesday 2008 for Equality and More! A service of Adversity.. Net.. Welcome to RaceBlind.. March 24th, 2007.. The general topic of this blog is the elimination of racial preferences.. A more specific purpose of the blog is to discuss, document and share news about the Super Tuesday for Equality 2008 campaign.. New users should also read the article on.. Registering and Logging In.. By way of orientation and background, please also read the accompanying article.. Perfect Storm for Equality.. SOME TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION:.. Corporate America strongly supports racial quotas and preferences.. What can we do to encourage them to embrace equal treatment under the law? Boycotts? Lawsuits?.. Voters in the state of Michigan recently approved the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) by a 58% majority.. The MCRI bans consideration of race and gender in public education, public contracting, and public employment.. Yet the University of Michigan continues to publish strategies to defeat voter initiatives against racial quotas and preferences.. How do we counter these misguided efforts to circumvent the will of the voters?.. Both Republican and Democrat voters have resoundingly voted in favor of the California, the Washington State, and recently the Michigan bans on racial preferences.. Yet all of their elected representatives of both major parties strongly opposed those state initiatives.. How can we convince our elected representatives that they are NOT representing their constituents interests and should therefore support bans against racial preferences?.. Why are conservatives and Republicans so afraid to promote the just cause of equal treatment under the law? What can we do as voters to encourage them to represent our interests on this issue?.. Sincerely,.. Tim Fay, Moderator.. Adversity.. Net, Inc.. Posted in.. Uncategorized.. |.. 2 Comments.. Corporate Use of Quotas.. March 26th, 2007.. Corporate America s use of quotas and preferences is insidious and it is pervasive.. The following links provide a starting point for this discussion.. These represent only a tiny handful of such cases.. Each link will open a new window in your browser:.. Kodak.. - Photo giant s heavy-handed, oppressive enforcement of its so-called.. winning and inclusive.. culture.. Boeing.. - Billions paid in racial extortion.. Fed s Office of Federal Contract Compliance refused to allow Boeing to take employee evaluations and seniority into account in determining pay scales.. Big Three Automakers.. - Government pressure to contract with preferred races and ethnicities.. Being certified as a.. woman owned small business.. was not enough for this small firm.. Coca Cola.. - After this case of racial extortion, Linda Chavez brilliantly dubbed the soft drink maker.. Quota Cola.. Tim Fay.. Corporate Preferences.. Grade and High School use of Racial Preferences.. Of course, the infamous.. Louisville and Seattle.. cases are pending before the Supreme Court right now.. For the historical background of this case see Seattle and Jefferson County.. (.. NEWS UPDATE.. 05/03/07.. Jessica Haak.. was accepted into Rochester s school transfer program, but then school administrators discovered she was white.. Then the shucking and jiving really began.. The.. Boston Latin School.. case is really old, but it is a classic of this genre.. K-12 Preferences.. 1 Comment.. Police, Fire and Municipal Preferences.. March 27th, 2007.. Our public service employees suffer greatly at the hand of racial quotas and preferences.. This category is concerned with the oppressive racial hiring requirements that are imposed upon police and fire departments and upon municipal employees generally.. Here are a few links to provide you with background on this discussion.. New Haven Firefighters.. : New Haven refuses to promote the mostly white top scoring firefighters on the unbiased, race-neutral promotional exams for Captain and Lieutenant.. City is being sued for reverse discrimination.. (12-11-06).. Pontiac Firefighters.. :.. The City of Pontiac, Michigan has been forced by the U.. S.. Justice Department to give white firefighters a fair and equal chance for employment within the department.. Philadelphia Fire Dept.. : If you are white then this fire department cannot hire you! Quotas at the Philadelphia Fire Department trump ability.. Add your own horror story, news, or personal experience regarding reverse discrimination against Police, Fire and Municipal employees.. 3 Comments.. May 14 Hearing Set for Colorado Initiative.. May 15th, 2007.. HEADLINE: Hearing reset for affirmative action ballot measure.. By David Montero, Rocky Mountain News.. May 3, 2007.. A hearing scheduled last week for a 2008 ballot measure challenging affirmative action in Colorado was rescheduled to give sponsors time to review questions posed by the Legislative Council.. Sponsors of the Prohibition on Discrimination and Preferential Treatment by Colorado Governments ballot measure said they got only 24 hours notice about the Legislative Council s questions because of an e-mail problem.. The questions were actually sent 48 hours in advance.. Valery Pech Orr, executive director of the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative, said sponsors wanted their allies and lawyers to have a chance to review what the council was asking.. The hearing, originally was slated for April 26, has been rescheduled for May 14.. Legislative Council officials said the hearing is designed to help sponsors look at how the measure interacts with current laws and if there might be any problems with its wording.. Pech Orr said the questions were standard and technical in nature, though officials with the Legislative Council said such inquires can be substantive as well.. Neither would disclose the exact nature of the questions.. The measure is similar to ones passed recently in Michigan, California and other states.. It seeks to restrict government from using race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education or public contracting.. Opponents claim it would roll back gains made by minorities disenfranchised by legal discrimination for decades.. Proponents say that once they clear the Legislative Council hearing, they will take the ballot measure to the Secretary of State s Office.. Assuming it is approved for the November 2008 ballot, sponsors can begin collecting signatures.. They will need about 76,000 valid signatures to qualify for the ballot.. -30-.. Last Known Link to.. Original Article.. Colorado Civil Rights Initiative.. Opposition to AZ CRI based on preserving diversity.. May 19th, 2007.. Here s a hint of the opposition strategy for 2008: We must keep racial quotas so that we can have appropriate levels of.. diversity.. Note also that in this article the opposition put the AZ CRI into the same category with people who oppose same sex marriage.. They also are clinging to a classic faux defense of quotas: Race is not the.. only.. factor we consider.. tjf.. [Excerpted from Arizona Capitol Times April 27, 2007.. Emphasis added.. ].. HEAD: Affirmative action targeted.. By Christian Palmer,.. christian.. palmer@azcapitoltimes.. com.. A California activist and Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas announced on April 26 they will be initiating a ballot initiative effort to ban race and gender based affirmative action programs and policies in Arizona.. Democrats already lined up in opposition:.. Several Democratic state representatives in opposition to the yet-to-be-launched initiative banning race and gender preferences for public employment, public education and  ...   days to gather the 138,970 signatures needed to qualify for a statewide vote.. Resides said he doesn t want the measure to be labeled an anti-affirmative-action effort.. It is an anti-preference initiative, he said.. If approved, the measure would add a new section to the state constitution.. The new section prohibits discriminating against or granting preferences to any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in public employment, public education, and public contacting by the state or any of its agencies, institutions, or political subdivisions, the proposed ballot title says, adding that it would not bar actions necessary for the state to obtain federal funding.. Affirmative-action policies are generally designed to promote access to education and jobs for historically disadvantaged segments of the population.. Supporters say they redress past discrimination and level the playing field for minorities and women.. Resides said Jennifer Gratz of the American Civil Rights Institute in California contacted him about the issue.. California passed a similar measure.. Gratz did not return a phone call seeking comment.. Some people say that it is supposed to get Republicans excited to come out and vote in the November election, Shelton said of the proposal.. I think that is a bizarre way to get people out to vote.. But I think it paints a clear picture on the disappointing direction of the Republican effort.. Here is the last known.. LINK.. to the KJRH-TV report.. Oklahoma Civil Rights Initiative.. Colorado Supremes Try to Prevent Vote on Civil Rights Initiative.. September 22nd, 2007.. It is business as usual among the advocates of the peculiar form of official racial discrimination that we call affirmative action.. The Colorado Supreme Court last week used convoluted, politically motivated reasoning and not legal precedent to try to prevent the citizens of Colorado from deciding whether that state s voters will be allowed to decide whether racial quotas, er, affirmative action, should be allowed to continue.. Here is a Sept.. 19, 2007 article from the Rocky Mountain News on that story:.. HEADLINE:.. Carroll: High court, low politics.. DATE: Wednesday, September 19 at 12:29 AM.. STORY TEXT:.. Love or loathe the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative, it’s straightforward, simple and easy to understand.. No hidden agendas or confusing language.. Just a stark ban on government discrimination based on race, sex or the other familiar categories.. So why did three state Supreme Court justices try to sabotage the amendment last week, claiming it violated the rule barring a ballot measure from having more than one subject?.. Crass politics is one possible explanation.. Given the record of several justices in recent years, crass politics may even be the only plausible explanation.. One summer ago, you may remember, the court invoked the same all-purpose excuse to kill an initiative that would have barred governmental benefits for illegal immigrants.. The proposed ballot measure may have been a blunt instrument deserving defeat at the polls — in my view, at least — but it clearly stuck to a single subject.. The Civil Rights Initiative, which in all likelihood will be on next year’s ballot, is even more tightly focused than the immigration measure.. The language approved by the state title board says “the state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.. ”.. It then permits exceptions related to federal law and court decrees, while defining “state” to include higher education and local government.. Yet despite its clarity, the measure survived a legal challenge only because the court knotted in a tie.. Three justices (Nancy Rice, Nathan Coats and Alison Eid) agreed it was a single subject, while three others (Mary Mullarkey, Greg Hobbs and Alex Martinez) said it wasn’t.. Justice Michael Bender did not participate.. Justices don’t have to explain themselves when the court upholds a title board decision, but it’s no mystery what Chief Justice Mullarkey and her two colleagues were probably thinking given the legal briefs in the case.. The amendment’s opponents claim its language implies that preferential treatment “is simply a subcategory of ‘discrimination,’ ” and they dispute whether that’s the case.. Preferential treatment “can certainly involve forms of ‘discrimination,’ ” the litigants concede, but it also “involves a good bit more than that.. ” In fact, they say, some forms of preferential treatment “disadvantage no one.. The short answer to this argument is that the measure’s sponsors obviously disagree.. They believe “preferential treatment” is a subcategory of discrimination.. That’s why they want it on the ballot — to end practices they consider wrong.. Nor are the measure’s sponsors unusual in mentioning discrimination and preferential treatment in the same breath.. As the title board’s brief points out, “The United States Supreme Court has long acknowledged the close relationship between laws or actions that discriminate against an individual or a group based upon race, gender, nationality or ethnicity, and those that grant preferential treatment toward an individual or group.. Every statute or amendment contains unanswered questions regarding its application, and the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative is no exception.. But given the amendment’s overall clarity and narrow focus, it’s nothing less than scandalous that three justices of the state’s highest court were prepared to prevent voters from ever ruling on it.. If you want to understand their high-handed attitude, you could do worse than consult Squealer, the propagandist in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.. “Do not imagine, comrades, that leadership is a pleasure,” Squealer explains at one point.. “On the contrary, it is a deep and heavy responsibility.. No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal.. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves.. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?” -30-.. Vincent Carroll is editor of the editorial pages.. Reach him at carrollv@RockyMountain.. News.. to the original Rocky Mountain News story.. Previous Entries.. Pages.. About RaceBlind.. Archives.. January 2008.. December 2007.. October 2007.. September 2007.. August 2007.. May 2007.. March 2007.. Categories.. (2).. (4).. (1).. (3).. FRIENDS.. Net HOME.. American Civil Rights Coalition.. American Civil Rights Institute.. Center for Equal Opportunity.. Center for Individual Rights.. Chetly Zarko.. Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley.. Discriminations.. Us.. Equality Talk Blog.. Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.. Super Tuesday for Equal Rights 2008.. SUPER TUESDAY Official Web Sites.. ARIZONA Civil Rights Initiative.. UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Official web site of the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative.. COLORADO Civil Rights Initiative.. Official web site of the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative.. MISSOURI Civil Rights Initiative.. Official web site of the Missouri Civil Rights Iniative.. OKLAHOMA Civil Rights Initiative.. UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Official web site of the Oklahoma Civil Rights Initiative.. SUPER TUESDAY for Equal Rights 2008.. Official web site of the Super Tuesday for Equal Rights campaign.. Meta.. Login.. Valid.. XHTML.. XFN.. WordPress.. Org is proudly powered by.. Entries (RSS).. and.. Comments (RSS)..

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  • Title: RaceBlind.Org » Blog Archive » Welcome to RaceBlind.Org
    Descriptive info: This entry was posted on Saturday, March 24th, 2007 at 2:20 pm and is filed under.. You can follow any responses to this entry through the.. RSS 2.. 0.. feed.. You can.. leave a response.. , or.. trackback.. from your own site.. 2 Responses to Welcome to RaceBlind.. Org.. luvzakben.. Says:.. April 12th, 2007 at 8:13 am.. Does anyone else feel Imus was treated unfairly by firing him from his MSNBC radio talk show? His remarks were degrading and terrible.. Yet I have heard much worse from comedians, both black and white, both men and women, also from rap artists , (for example Eminem ).. Also, Jesse Jackson has been known to call New York Hymietown , and other slurs.. I could go on and  ...   (firing him), and MSNBC caves in almost immediately.. Why do others get away with this, and a well known white talk show host must take the fall for saying something so many others also say? Imus is sorry, and has apologized.. This is more than anyone else has done who uses racial/sexist slurs.. REVERSE DISCRIMINATION HERE!.. April 25th, 2007 at 9:12 pm.. If U-M is publishing strategies on how to defeat voter initiatives, I d say, let s encourage them to keep publishing them.. They re not very good.. That is, unless you mean strategies to thwart the law once voted up on.. Then I say it means investigation, FOIA, whistleblowing, and activism.. Leave a Reply.. You must be.. logged in.. to post a comment..

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  • Title: RaceBlind.Org » Registering and Logging In
    Descriptive info: You don t need to register or log in to read existing posts and comments.. You also don t have to register or log in to submit a comment on an existing post, but your comment will not appear in the blog until the moderator reviews and approves it.. Only registered  ...   existing posts.. Click.. here.. to register for this blog.. Your password will be automatically emailed to you.. Later you can change your password if you desire.. to log in (if you are already registered).. Once you are registered you only have to log in if you want to create a new post..

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  • Title: RaceBlind.Org » Perfect Storm for Equality
    Descriptive info: Ward Connerly, the godfather of successful anti-quota voter initiatives in California, Washington State, and Michigan made a speech at the Heritage Foundation on March 2 regarding his plans to achieve a ban on racial preferences across the land in 2008.. Connerly spoke about his concept of a 2008 Super Tuesday for Equality.. During the general elections in November 2008 he hopes to have ballot initiatives banning racial preferences and quotas on the ballot in up to five states.. Most recently the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative passed by a solid majority of 58% Michigan voters.. On the ground in Michigan,.. Jennifer Gratz.. led the state effort and she is again joining forces with Connerly for Super Tuesday 2008.. (Gratz was the named plaintiff in.. Gratz v.. Bollinger.. , the infamous 2003 Supreme Court case regarding the University of Michigan s undergraduate school s use of racial quotas.. Read the Supreme Court opinion.. ).. Keep in mind that Michigan is among the bluest of states during a very blue election year.. Democrats there outnumber Republicans by a huge margin.. Just about everyone in Michigan, including (metaphorically speaking) Father Flannigan, Boys Town, and almost all Michigan Republicans, not to mention General Motors and many other major corporations, spent LOTS of money to oppose Connerly s and Gratz s effort ban quotas and preferences.. Michigan supporters of racial quotas outspent Connerly and Gratz s Michigan Civil Rights Initiative by something like 3 to 1.. But on election day 2006 Michigan s voters did what voters do, and they ended racial preferences in Michigan by a wide margin: 58% to 42% in spite of the extremely well-funded opposition.. During his March 2, 2007 speech at Heritage, Connerly declined to identify any specific state which is to be targeted in November 2008, but he did list the nine states which he thinks are prime candidates for an anti-preference ballot initiative, and from which the five Super Tuesday states will be selected: Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Utah.. Connerly stated that the final list of up to five targeted states would be selected from this group by April 2007.. During his speech Connerly indicated that Colorado and Oklahoma seemed to be on his short list for targeted states in 2008.. He also indicated that the overwhelming success of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative in November 2006 could make future efforts to ban racial preferences in other states a lot easier.. He hinted that even racially sensitive Republicans in the targeted Super Tuesday states might be willing to publicly support a ban against racial quotas and preferences.. Conditions Ripe for the Perfect Storm:.. The movie The Perfect Storm dramatized  ...   to less-qualified groups who happen to be the right, or preferred, skin color.. Reverse discrimination lawsuits by non-preferred groups (nominally white, but also including Asians and Hispanics) are currently won every week.. That rate will increase as Super Tuesday 2008 approaches.. Sooner or later, and probably sooner, an Anti-Jesse Jackson Wall Street Project will be born.. This might take the form of a socially-aware investment fund the sole purpose of which will be oppose corporate use of racial preferences and to buy a seat at the table of Fortune 500 companies who support this form of discrimination.. Boards of directors will be flooded with demands that the firms start treating all employees equally, according to ability, regardless of skin color.. Employees of racially preferential corporations and institutions will increasingly demand equal treatment, will increase their filing of lawsuits for reverse discrimination, and through their sheer numbers will cause their employers to question the wisdom of preferring and promoting certain skin colors.. The human capital upon which these employers depend will become the corporations opponents on this issue.. Kind of a Trojan Horse thing.. It could even come to pass that stock prices of the pro-preference corporations will plunge every time a member of a non-preferred group wins a reverse discrimination lawsuit against them.. Highly qualified employees of all colors will seek employment with organizations who value merit and achievement above skin color.. Productivity within pro-preference, pro-quota corporations will continue to plummet.. Initially the cheerleaders for preferences (such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, major universities, and virtually all government employers) will attack the Super Tuesday campaign, as they have always done (with very little success) in the past.. But as public support for banning preferences mounts, as legal costs for defending quota policies mount, as publicity against racial quotas mounts, and as the affected employees become more vocal in their demands for equal treatment, employers will quietly drop their public opposition.. Thus in November 2008 voters will effectively end racial preferences across the land.. Five more states will have banned racial preferences making it much more difficult for the feds or for any government or private entity to support the use of skin color as a means of granting privileges and opportunities.. In the muddled June 2003 U.. Supreme Court decision allowing some subtle racial quotas at the University of Michigan, then Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O Connor wrote We expect that 25 years from now the use of racial preferences will no longer be necessary to further the interest approved today.. Super Tuesday 2008 will shorten O Connor s.. 25 years.. to a mere.. 5 years.. , Inc.. [.. Return to Blog.. ]..

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    Descriptive info: Archive for the 'Uncategorized' Category.. Wednesday, August 29th, 2007.. Saturday, March 24th, 2007.. You are currently browsing the archives for the Uncategorized category..

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  • Title: RaceBlind.Org » Blog Archive » Corporate Use of Quotas
    Descriptive info: This entry was posted on Monday, March 26th, 2007 at 2:03 am and is filed under.. 2 Responses to Corporate Use of Quotas.. daviddag.. April 11th, 2007 at 9:02 pm.. I work in a hospital in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and you don t even have to name any one specific hospital.. All have been hiring african-americans over whites  ...   Philadelphia all you have to do it get on a bus every day to see the preferences in drivers.. or look at employees coming out of the main Post Office go near the Veterans administration.. Ethan.. June 22nd, 2007 at 3:50 pm.. People can have the Model T in any colour so long as it s black..

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  • Title: RaceBlind.Org » Corporate Preferences
    Descriptive info: Archive for the 'Corporate Preferences' Category.. Monday, March 26th, 2007.. You are currently browsing the archives for the Corporate Preferences category..

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  • Title: RaceBlind.Org » Blog Archive » Grade and High School use of Racial Preferences
    Descriptive info: This entry was posted on Monday, March 26th, 2007 at 2:31 am and is filed under.. One Response to Grade and High School use of Racial Preferences.. May 14th, 2007 at 1:33 pm.. NEWS ARTICLE ON THE SEATTLE AND LOUISVILLE CASES 5/3/07:.. LINK:.. http://wilmingtonjournal.. blackpressusa.. com/news/Article/Article.. asp?NewsID=13062 sID=3.. HEADLINE: High Court to Rule on Affirmative Action - Again.. Originally posted 5/3/2007.. WASHINGTON (NNPA) – The decision in a U.. S.. Supreme Court case that could weaken or overturn the favorable ruling for affirmative action in the University of Michigan Law School case three years ago and Brown v.. Board of Education in 1954, will likely be announced in coming weeks.. Civil rights advocates are bracing for the worse.. “I think that it will unsettle plans by conscientious school districts, surveyors and educators,” says Harvard University law professor Charles Ogletree, who was in  ...   v.. Jefferson County Board of Education (Kentucky), could end voluntary programs that use race in order to maintain racial integration in public schools.. If it happens, activists, scholars and civil rights experts say they would turn to the Democratically-controlled Congress to enact legislation that could offset the roll back.. “Blacks have the power right now to help determine the agenda of the U.. Congress.. We’ve never had that power before,” says the Rev.. Jesse Jackson Sr.. He was referring to Black influence in the Democratic Party and the escalated level of Congressional Black Caucus power in Congress.. John Conyers (D-Mich.. ) now chairs the House Judiciary Committee, which could push for passage of measures to compensate for blows to affirmative action.. Says Jackson, “We were completely locked out of power Now, our point of view matters because we can alter legislation.. ” -30-..

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  • Title: RaceBlind.Org » K-12 Preferences
    Descriptive info: Archive for the 'K-12 Preferences' Category.. You are currently browsing the archives for the K-12 Preferences category..

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  • Title: RaceBlind.Org » Blog Archive » Police, Fire and Municipal Preferences
    Descriptive info: This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 at 2:02 pm and is filed under.. 3 Responses to Police, Fire and Municipal Preferences.. joseph carroll.. June 5th, 2007 at 3:24 pm.. as a caucasion firefighter in a lower ny city i feel that i am wrongly being discriminated against because of my race.. because of a decree that was put into place back in the early 80s to hire minority firefighters the testing system is wrong.. If minorities (4/5ths) of them get a question wrong the question is deleted from the test.. On the past exam 37 out of 105 questions were thrown off or deleted from the test.. Is  ...   its firefighter and police exams to disqualify white male applicants and to favor certain other racial and ethnic groups.. YES, this is definitely a form of discrimination! For depressing facts about New York s discrimination against white male firefighters, see particularly.. Suffolk County, New York.. Tim Fay.. C.. B.. August 2nd, 2007 at 1:14 pm.. The same thing is going on with the Philadelphia Police Department.. Someone needs to look into this! I don t know about anyone else, but I don t want someone protecting me in a fire or from crime just because of the color of their skin or racial background.. I want them because they are qualified!..

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  • Title: RaceBlind.Org » Police, Fire and Municipal Preferences
    Descriptive info: Archive for the 'Police, Fire and Municipal Preferences' Category.. Tuesday, March 27th, 2007.. You are currently browsing the archives for the Police, Fire and Municipal Preferences category..

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