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  • Title: Right to Know Nigeria
    Descriptive info: .. Login.. |.. Register.. Home.. About R2K.. Who We Are.. Management.. Campaigns.. Asset Declaration Campaign.. FOI Campaign.. Inquiry On Jos Crises.. Dredging of the River Niger.. Air Crash Investigations in Nigeria.. Media.. Gallery.. Blog.. News and Developments.. News Letters.. Press Release.. News Archive.. Publications.. R2K Publications.. The Freedom of Information Act and IEC.. English.. Pidgin English.. Hausa.. Igbo.. Yoruba.. Ijaw.. Tiv.. Inquiry on Jos Crises.. FOI Assessments & Reports.. Downloads.. Legislation.. Laws that allow access.. Laws that limit access.. Policies.. FAQs.. Contact Us.. Join Our Blog |.. Share your FOI Request Experience.. 1.. The 1999 Constitution holds that “Sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom government through this Constitution derives all its powers and authority.. ” Government is held in trust for all Nigerians.. The public has a right to be kept fully informed of government’s activities, policies and programmes, to enable them exercise their right to inclusionary governance, and to evaluate government’s performance.. The fundamental right to information is operationalized by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2011.. Click here to Access the FOIA 2011.. 2.. UNDERSTANDING THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT 2011.. What is Nigeria’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2011 all about? The FOIA transforms the dynamics of how government and the public relate, promoting a balance between open and inclusionary governance, with adequate and legitimate administrative protections.. “Understanding the FOIA 2011” gives insight about the FOIA’s salient features and how the law works.. Discover the truth about the underlying principles and the evolution of freedom of information in Nigeria, including myth-busting and correction of some misconceptions about the FOIA.. Read more.. 3.. 23 REASONS FOR THE FOIA.. The Nigerian Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)  ...   new comment.. Right To Know (R2k) Launches Foi Implementation Case Tracker To Mark Over 1 Million Hits.. Monday, 16 September 2013 00:00.. Abuja; Monday, 16 September 2013: To mark the attainment of more than one million hits on its web platform, The Right to Information Initiative (R2K) today launches a platform for tracking cases and decision on FoI implementation in Nigeria.. R2k Releases Translations Of Foi Act, Supports Implementation Of Law As Is.. Saturday, 17 August 2013 00:00.. The Right to Know Initiative (R2K) pledges to raise awareness and skills in utilising the Freedom of Information Act 2011 to meet Nigeria’s developmental ideals.. The National Coordinator of R2K, Mrs Ene Enonche-Nwankpa, made this known on July 30, 2013 while thanking participants at the end of organisation’s convening of a National Conference on “Nigeria’s Freedom of Information Act 2011, 2 Years After: Challenges Prospects” supported by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA).. Comments (1).. Join.. Our Mailing List.. Subscribe.. Quick.. Links.. FOI Standards and Principles.. Events.. FOI: State Adoption.. R2k Blog.. Latest.. News.. FOI Act - CNPP Sues Allison-Madueke – 26/05/2014.. Musdapher Accuses National Assembly of Sitting On Bills – 23/05/2014.. No Press Freedom Guaranteed By Nigeria Constitution – Iredia-01/04/2014.. Monitoring.. FOI Request In Nigeria.. FOI.. Case Tracker.. Featured.. Access To The Reports of Air Crash Investigations in Nigeria.. Voluntary Asset Declaration Campaign.. 2014 Right to Know Nigeria.. Joomla!.. is Free Software released under the GNU General Public License.. Today.. 286.. All days.. 1426311.. Login.. Username.. Password.. Remember Me.. Forgot your password?.. Forgot your username?.. Create an account.. Register.. Name:.. *.. Username:.. E-mail:.. Password:.. Verify Password:.. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.. windows live messenger.. limewire indir..

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  • Title: About Right to Know Nigeria
    Descriptive info: About Right to Know Nigeria.. Thursday, 25 August 2011 07:36.. The Right To Know (R2K), Nigeria is a dynamic organisation established in 2007 to champion the right to access officially held information at all levels of government public institutions and establishing legal standards for these rights in Nigeria.. The legal affirmation of this right is a necessary pre-condition for the establishment of open and democratic government in Nigeria.. Acknowledging that sovereignty everywhere belongs to the people, R2K advocates for the transformation of the existing culture of secrecy in government to one of openness because the people have a right to know what their government does.. R2K seeks to build a movement in support of open and democratic government in  ...   the advocacy for the adoption of Nigeria’s Freedom of Information Act.. And has remained committed to promoting open and democratic government in Nigeria through advocacy for full implementation of the Act and building effective partnerships with diverse constituencies to make this possible.. Mission:.. To promote open and democratic government in Nigeria through advocacy for public access to information, participation in governance and vocal partnership with divers constituency, grassroots, civil society groups and government institutions.. Vision.. An enlightened society where citizens are alive to their responsibility to constitute government and hold it accountable and aware of their right to access information held by government and participate in governance, in an environment of openness.. Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 March 2014 06:29..

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  • Title: About Right to Know Nigeria
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  • Title: Management team
    Descriptive info: Management team.. Thursday, 25 August 2011 08:01.. Right To Know Nigeria has a governing body, which is made up of the following people;.. Dr.. Mairo Mandara (MBBS) -.. Country Representative Bill Melinda Gates Foundation.. www.. gatesfoundation.. org.. Tunde Fagbohunlu, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN); Litigation Partner, Aluko Oyebode;.. aluko-oyebode.. com/lawyers/babatunde_fagbohunlu.. asp.. Mr.. Eze Anaba: A trained journalist and  ...   interactive organisation RISE Interactive Rise Networks;.. risenetworks.. org/people.. htm.. Hon.. Uche Onyeagocha: lawyer and former member of the House of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;.. Gbenga Aruleba: trained Journalist and Director of News, African Independent Television (AIT);.. Ms Ene Enonche - Journalist and National Co-ordinator, R2K Nigeria.. facebook.. com/people/Ene-Enonche/1324925100.. Last Updated on Monday, 20 January 2014 10:33..

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  • Title: Voluntary Asset Declaration Campaign
    Descriptive info: Voluntary Asset Declaration Campaign.. Thursday, 29 December 2011 00:00.. Public officers have an obligation under the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act (Cap C15 LFN 2004) to declare their assets and those of their spouses and dependent minors.. These declarations are made by both elected and appointed public officials and deposited with the Code of Conduct Bureau.. Specifically, Paragraph 3, Part 1 of the 3rd Schedule to the 1999 Constitution and Paragraph 11, Part 1 of the 5th Schedule to the same Constitution requires the Code of Conduct Bureau to collect, verify and make available to the public the duly filled assets declaration forms of these public office holders.. These forms have never been disclosed.. With the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) in place the Bureau has as an obligation under Section 1 to allow for public access to this information.. 12 years after the onset of elective civilian government in Nigeria and with the passage of the Freedom  ...   mandates it to receive, examine, retain in its custody and allow for public access to these asset declaration forms.. The Bureau has consistently excused its ineptitude to allow for public access by stating that the National Assembly has not prescribed the terms and conditions to allow for public access, even with the FoIA in place.. This action by the Bureau demonstrates that it is institutionally complicit in the plunder of Nigeria’s resources by corrupt public officials.. Right To Know Initiative (R2K), Nigeria has commenced a campaign on the voluntary declaration of assets by public officials who believe in transparency and are willing to publicly declare the content of their asset declaration forms held in the custody of the Code of Conduct.. The objective of this campaign is to create a body of good practice, allow for public verification of the assets declared by public officials and promote public accountability.. Click to view assets of public officials who have signed up to this campaign.. Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 January 2012 08:37..

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  • Title: Campaign for FOI Adoption
    Descriptive info: Campaign for FOI Adoption.. Thursday, 25 August 2011 08:12.. After having been on the Order Paper of both Chambers of the National Assembly through three Parliamentary Sessions and over 11 years, the Freedom of Information Bill once again stands on the verge of being passed by the current Parliament.. The House of Representatives unanimously passed the Freedom of Information Bill on February 24, 2011 while the Senate passed it on March 16, 2011.. However, there are material differences in the versions of the Bill that were passed.. Towards resolving the variance, a Conference Committee was constituted, in order to produce a harmonized version of the Bill to be adopted by both chambers of the National Assembly.. The goal is to ensure that the Bill will be passed and assented to by President Jonathan before the current Parliament is dissolved at the end  ...   the Freedom on Information Bill 2011 has been made, which addresses the most significant differences between the House of Representatives and the Senate versions of the Bill in order to produce a harmonized Bill that meets the minimum standards of globally accepted best practice requirements for a Freedom of Information Legislation.. CLICK HERE TO VIEW RECOMMENDATIONS.. The following Senators were appointed as members to the Conference Committee on March 16, 2011, before the National Assembly went on recess: Sen.. Ayogu Eze; Sen.. Egba Victor Ndoma (SAN); Sen.. Anthony Manzo George; Sen.. Otaro Ohize; Sen.. Adekunle Adedibu; and Sen.. Talba Adamu Garba.. Following the resumption of the National Assembly from its recess, the House of Representatives is expected to promptly follow suit and appoint members to the Conference Committee on the Freedom of Information Bill.. Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 August 2011 10:04..

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  • Title: Access To The Reports of Judicial Commissions of Inquiry On Jos Crises
    Descriptive info: Access To The Reports of Judicial Commissions of Inquiry On Jos Crises.. Written by Administrator.. Wednesday, 31 August 2011 09:33.. Since 1994, and successively in 2001, 2004, 2008, and 2010 Jos the capital of Plateau State in north-central Nigeria has experienced repeated crises which have eroded the peace and tranquillity which the State was known for.. This crises has been characterised by incidents of wide spread violence, in which residents from different communities in the city systematically attacked one another with a range of dangerous weapons.. The violence assumed identity-based dimensions with mass atrocity crimes, resulting in the killing of hundreds and the displacement of tens of thousands.. Over this period the Federal and the Plateau State government has established 6 Commissions of Inquiry into the various crises.. The reports of these Commissions of Inquiry remain unpublished and inaccessible and its recommendations never implemented.. So far the Plateau State government has established the following Commissions:.. 1.. Justice J.. Aribiton Fiberesima Commission of 1994.. Set up by Lt.. Col.. Mohammed Maina- Military Administrator of Plateau State.. Composition of Panel: Hon.. Aribiton Fiberesima (Rtd) – Chairman, Major D.. J.. M.. Igah - Member, Squadron Leader  ...   Dung (Late), Hon.. Mrs.. V.. K.. Umaru and Mr.. John G.. Gobak who was secretary.. 3.. Justice Bola Ajibola (SAN) Commission of 2009.. Set up Governor Jonah Jang.. Composition of Panel: Justice Bola Ajibola(SAN),KBE,CFR- Chairman, Professor M.. T.. Yahy - Member, Barrister (Mrs.. ) Virginia Abang-Member, Barrister Daniel Gopep-Member, Mr.. Sale Fale –Member, Chief D.. G.. Fompun-Secretary.. The following Commissions have also been setup by the Federal government:.. Justice Suleiman Galadima Commission 2001.. Emmanuel Abisoye Presidential Panel 2009.. Composition of Panel: Major General Emmanuel Abisoye (rtd) Chairman, Barr.. Festus Okoye, Ambassador Preware, Prof.. Kharisu Shukkai, Lawal Daura, DIG Yusuf Haruna, Air Commodore Abiagom, Ambassador Fati Abubakar and Alhaji Musa Shafi'I (secretary).. Chief Solomon D.. Lar and Amb Yahaya Kwande 2010.. Composition of Panel: Co-chaired by Chief Solomon D.. Lar and Amb.. Yahya Kwande, other members include; Mrs.. Hannatu Chollom, Mr.. John Samci, Prof.. N.. Gomwalk, Ibrahim Dasuki Nakande, Ambassador Fidelis Tapgun, Senator John Shagaya, Sen.. Ibrahim Mantu, Hon.. Leo Dilkon, Most Rev.. I.. A Kaigama, Sheikh Dawud Balarabe, Mrs.. Fati Kyri, AVM U Abbas and Alhaji Saleh Hassan.. Click here to view Reports.. Prev.. Next.. Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 August 2011 10:03..

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  • Title: Access to the Environmental Impact Assessment report on the dredging of the River Niger
    Descriptive info: Access to the Environmental Impact Assessment report on the dredging of the River Niger.. Wednesday, 31 August 2011 09:19.. The Nigerian government in September 2009 commenced the dredging of the lower River Niger, without respect or compliance with the requirements of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Act, 1992.. The EIA for the project was done in 1999, approved in 2007, project commenced in 2009, ten years after.. The dredging project will cover 3 geo-political zones - South-South, South-East, and North Central.. 8 States - Anambra, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Imo, Kogi, Niger, and Rivers States.. 4.. 31 Local Government Areas.. 5.. 152 Communities.. 6.. 572 Kilometres.. 7.. N36 Billion naira.. 8.. Zero Environmental Impact Assessment.. 9.. The dredging of the river according to government would help to facilitate the movement of goods through the waterways, Nigerians have only been told of the positive benefits of the dredging, even though the EIA  ...   the report as been the most probable and has the potentials of being the most devastating to the communities on the bank of the river.. 11.. Other adverse impact according to the report include, air pollution caused by the high rate of industrialisation and increased water traffic and the negative impact on the poor socio economic status of the communities through the loss of wetland for fishing and wildlife, migration of fish species and reduction of the soil left by the river.. 13.. The government has been advised to put in place strategies for mitigation in other to address these adverse negative impacts on the 152 communities that would be affected by the dredging.. The question is has this been done?.. Are you from any of these.. or know anyone from there? If you do please.. contact us.. your life or their lives may depend on this.. Environmental Impact Assessment Report..

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  • Title: Downloads | Access To The Reports of Air Crash Investigations
    Descriptive info: Downloads Home.. Search Document.. Access To The Reports of Air Crash Investigations.. Documents.. Date added.. Order by :.. Name.. |.. Date.. Hits.. [ Descendent ].. AIRBUS A-310.. hot!.. 06/14/2012.. Hits: 1762.. Download.. View.. Details.. CHANCHANGI AIRLINES'S BOEING 737-200.. Hits: 1365.. DASSAULT AVION FALCON 20F.. Hits: 1327.. SOSOLISO AIRLINES DC 9-32.. Hits: 1393.. OKADA AIR BAC 1-11.. Hits: 1657.. Bristow Helicopter.. Hits: 1682.. BOEING 737 AIRCRAFT.. Hits: 1617.. SKY EXECUTIVE AVIATION SERVICES.. Hits: 1921.. NIG Airways  ...   1536.. BELL 206B JET RANGER III HELICOPTER.. Hits: 1521.. Summary Report of Air Crash Investigations in Nigeria.. 07/03/2012.. Hits: 1947.. Interim Report on DANA air flight 992.. 09/08/2012.. Hits: 1277.. Report on the Accident to AERO CONTRACTORS NIGERIA LIMITED AS 365 N2 Registration 5N-BJF at Bonny.. 01/30/2014.. Hits: 241.. Report On The Accident Involving TAMPICO Club 9 Registration No.. 5N-CAV.. Hits: 248.. PRELIMINARY REPORT ON ACCIDENT INVOLVING ASSOCIATED AIRLINE EMBRAER 120 AIRCRAFT REGISTERED 5N-BJY.. Hits: 300..

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  • Title: Gallery
    Descriptive info: Categories.. Nigerian Prison Service ( Middle Cadre Training 9 January, 2013).. (12 Pictures).. Nigerian Prison Service (Senior cadre training) (Nov, 2013).. (9 Pictures).. CPC Senior Cadre Training (16 June, 2013).. (6 Pictures).. CPC Middle Cadre ( 15 June, 2013) Training.. (11 Pictures).. FOI National Conference 2013.. (149 Pictures).. DatsoGallery By Datso.. fr..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Our Right to Information: the Missing Link in the Asset Declaration Process.. September 28, 2011 - Posted by.. Administrator.. in.. Bloggies.. 28 September 2011 marked the International Right to Know Day, commemorating the universal Right to Information, which is also enshrined in Nigeria’s laws.. 28 September 2011 was also the day that the Nation newspaper carried the front page headline, “Why some ex-governors won’t face trial, by CCB”.. The story reported that the justification given by Mr Sam Saba, Chairman of the Code of Conduct Bureau for prosecuting some former governors accused of breach of their oath of office and the code of conduct, while excluding many others from prosecution, was that the latter had made a “plea bargain” by refunding some money.. To  ...   to accept at face value inconsistent and insufficient excuses as measures for accountability.. 0.. Comments.. Welcome!.. On September 28 every year, the world celebrates International Right to Information Day.. This year, R2K participates in the celebrations with the launch of the R2K blog with our maiden post,”.. ”.. The R2K blog will reflect on contemporary happenings, interesting stories, and potentially influential developments in Nigeria and beyond, and their interrelations with the Freedom of Information.. Our hopes are that this blog will help to firmly establish the consciousness that the right to information is as fundamental as the right to life and touches on every aspect of our lives, including social, economic and political and personal.. Knowledge is Power.. You have the Right to Know!!!..

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