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  • Title: R | contemporary-art, graphic design, design, music and photography.
    Descriptive info: .. Contemporary art.. Graphic design.. Photography.. Design.. Music.. Gallery.. Hot New !.. Books.. Shop.. Hugo Sigaud.. Yesway.. Elodie Lesourd.. The Rodina.. Heman Chong.. Christina Villamor.. Slanted Magazine #23 Swiss Issue.. Saison d été Le Village a 20 ans #2.. INFOS.. http://t.. co/Cs5T98Gttf.. about 12 hours ago.. from.. Facebook.. Reply.. Retweet.. Favorite.. I just liked "hologram machine for the modern cyber femme" on Vimeo:.. co/qxfN4e9a82.. about 1 day ago.. Vimeo.. co/nH2fARrX11.. Saison d’été “Le Village a 20 ans.. #2.. ″: Saison d’été “Le Village a 20 ans.. ″, expositions d’art co.. co/nZ3ImDuM5e.. twitterfeed.. ″, expositions d’art See more at:.. co/gF3kgS4hKM..  ...   is called Christina Villamor and she is a photographer based in Los Angeles.. Her photographs explore,.. co/oIQ0gI26Hi.. @heyheyitsok.. Overhead.. 21.. 00.. In Our Face.. Dur Dur.. 22.. 50.. To Be A Live Wire.. LIKE SHARE.. JOIN US.. advertisement.. WE LOVE IT.. CONTEMPORARY ART.. DESIGN.. GRAPHIC DESIGN.. PHOTOGRAPHY.. MUSIC.. WE LOVE IT TOO.. GALLERY.. BOOKS.. EVENTS.. ABOUT US.. WELCOME.. CONTACT.. HEY HEY IT'S OK.. PARTNERS.. SHOP.. MEN T-SHIRT.. WOMEN T-SHIRT.. BAGS.. FACEBOOK.. MYSPACE.. TWITTER.. YOUTUBE.. GOOGLE +.. TUMBLR.. VIMEO.. FLICKR.. 2012 - RMag.. All Rights Reserved.. R Mag.. -.. www.. r-mag.. org.. Contemporary Art, Graphic Design, Design, Photography and Music Magazine..

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  • Title: Contemporary art | R
    Descriptive info: Like a fanatical researcher, or an obsessive collector, Elodie Lesourd collects images of exhibitions of fellow artists who used here and there a Fender guitar, a Marshall amplifier, Tama drums, or even less direct references to the world of rock (without style preference).. In the middle of the 2000s, she invented a term that explains both her style and her subject : hyperrockalisme, mixing rock’n’roll pictures and pictorial hyper-realism.. « Official » exhibitions views published in catalogues and magazines are painted by the artist with the approval of the original author and in such a way that objects in the image are represented full-scale.. Elodie Lesourd, who compares herself to a necrophagous person, allows those who look at her paintings to be physically confronted with a dead exhibition, no longer existing.. For these original views, she only chooses photographs where human presence is not detectable.. Only beautiful objects, like gleaming guitars, are in the front of the silent stage.. The artist is interested in the reception of rock in contemporary art, but also in the way it is documented and published.. Her paintings on wood, a deliberately poor material that brings her closer to a certain rock culture of DIY, are perfectly faithful to the original image, and give a second life to installations which had ceased to exist since the last day of their exhibition.. Gradually, Elodie Lesourd produces a real anthology (she uses the word « ontology » with pleasure) of the history of rock in contemporary art.. A curator’s job ?.. Art my Religion, Thibaut de Ruyter dans le catalogue d exposition de La belle peinture est derrière nous , Instut français de Turquie et Culturesfrance, décembre 2010.. MORE WORKS.. Damir Radović.. Damir Radović, *1976, a Sarajevo born sculptor, currently living and working in Lyon, France.. His work is both a question of balance and a tool for understanding reality.. A very delicate balance, silently worked by the interplay of contradictory forces, at the point of dispersal.. Everything is a question of immersion within his scheme ; an alliance between visual matter and subtle moods.. Images of the everyday set into space like so many motifs of a monumental composition.. His drawings are haunted by all these elements that disrupt the senses, plunge them into experience, carress and play with disapearance to cede their position.. Through installation, drawing and video, his work consists in capturing the real, in its cultural and social aspects, in archetypal, generic or carnivalesque form that examine the modes of historical and contemporary representation.. Michael E.. Smith.. Smith was born in 1977 in Detroit, MI, USA.. His objects and pictures as well as his videos seem like physical reconstructions of emotional disfigurement, his exhibitions like an archeology of humanity.. He counters the ecological and economic disaster of our era with a materialism of basic needs, displayed as a layout of ruined bodies.. Smith studies at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit from 2004 until 2006.. In 2008 he graduates from Jessica Stockholders class at the Department for Sculpture at Yale University, New Haven.. His latest exhibitions include the Whitney Biennial (2012), Culturgest Lisbon (2012), Les Ateliers de Rennes Biennale D Art Contemporain (2012), Ludwig Forum Aachen (2013) and CAPC musée d’art contemporain, Bordeaux (2013).. Smith lives and works in New Hampshire.. Julien Carreyn.. Julien Carreyn s images (born in 1973 in Angers, live and works in Paris) evoke a past disappeared, gobbled up in the vagueness of the memories.. The artist photographs models which he makes restpose in inside saturated by objects with high cultural and symbolic value.. Jérémy Gobé.. French artist been born in Bent in 1986, Jérémy Gobé works in Paris.. From the beginning of the development  ...   order.. Alexandra Kawiak.. The work of Alexandra Kawiak carries a technical and material eclectism she assumes and, even more, claims, juggling with video, photography as well as installations and sewing.. Most of the time she doesn’t work alone, she collaborates with people she meets and who help her give shape to her projects.. The artist states : “The eclectism of my shapes reflects the complexity of the ideas I deal with”.. Her brainstorming always turned towards the Other, conveys three essential themes : words, women and links between North and South.. Kawiak subtly pinpoints the mistakes and injustices of our society.. Part of her work lies on the words she easily plays with in order to make us aware of the contemporary uneasiness.. While exploring our society either in a humoristic or in a more cynical way, she offers an accurate critic of the absurdity of our world.. With this in mind, Alexandra Kawiak uses subtlety, irony and humor as weapons.. ( ).. Julie Crenn.. Etienne Bardelli.. Etienne Bardelli (aka Akroe) is a French artist and graphic designer.. He is born in 1977 and lives and works in Paris.. His approach is focused on industrial design and its production, as he is inspired by its mechanisms and illusions.. He was formed in applied art and he uses this knowledge in his personal productions: his installations, paintings and photographs.. His work, made in situ and/or its desertion, interacts with both the space and all the connotations intrinsic in the premises.. Through his music and fashion s collaborations he has developed a singular, meticulous graphic vocabulary.. Bardelli s work has been exhibited in France and abroad.. He recently produced monumental installations and works for National cultural institutes: “Nuit Blanche” 2010 and 2011 in Metz, “Musée des Arts Décoratifs” in Paris and “Centre Pompidou-Metz”.. Blaise Parmentier.. Blaise Parmentier is a french artist.. He lives and works in Paris.. David Ancelin.. David Ancelin was born in France in 1978 in Rennes.. Graduated from the Villa Arson in Nice where he obtained his DNSEP in 2005.. He lives and works in Paris and teaches silkscreen printing in the school of Fine Arts in Toulouse.. He has exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo and Monnaie de Paris.. His work is in the collection of Mamco in Geneva and in private collections.. The convergences that take place in David Ancelin’s works have the charm of the unexpected and the accuracy of the obvious.. It is these impossible mechanics that offer them to the viewer like so many staggered objects or environments.. However fastidious the artist is when he realizes his works, the majesty of the sculpture doesn’t matter much to him.. Combining his expertise and a relaxed practice, he sets up elegant works that often scott their own status.. Hybridity as a means of ironc distance.. The works of David Ancelin handle equilibrium and distortion, and the techniques he uses (silk screen printing on paper, mirrors, aluminum, photographs, drawings ) seem to respond to his desire constantly repeated to question the order of things.. The industrial elements he chooses (motorbike, pinball, tiller, deckchair ) are reinterpreted and playfully deliver a harmonically discordant universe.. Guillaume Mansart 2008.. Newsletter.. T-shirt of the Week.. We are here.. Waow !.. We love this Music.. Juin 2014 by Espace B.. Slanted Magazine #23 – Swiss Issue.. (MAGMA Brand Design).. Hidden Persuasion.. (Bis Publishers).. Romka #8.. (Joscha Bruckert).. Hello Mr.. – Issue 02.. (Ryan Fitzgibbon).. Around the World-The Atlas for Today.. (Gestalten).. Events.. INSIGHTLIGHT- Jérôme Poret (La Station).. Graphisme en France 2014.. Our partners.. 50° NORD.. CLICKCLK.. DOCUMENTS D’ARTISTES BRETAGNE.. FRANCK VALAYER.. GALERIE BERTRAND GRIMONT.. INTERFACE.. LA STATION.. LE BON ACCUEIL.. LE PORTIQUE.. LE VILLAGE.. LES BAINS DOUCHES.. SLANTED.. UPSILON.. VECTEUR INTERFACE..

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  • Title: Graphic design | R
    Descriptive info: The Rodina (*2010), a graphic design studio of intimacy, love and trust where individuals may escape the competition of dehumanizing forces in post-postmodern society! The Rodina is self educational process taking form of Visual communication studio, based in The Hague (NL).. The project was set up in Czech republic by Tereza and Vit Ruller as a reaction to their previous architectural, psychological and artistic practice.. Currently interested in social and educational relations of design.. Trying to define meaningful connections between culture, technology and aesthetic.. Willem Henri Lucas.. Willem Henri Lucas studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Arnhem in the Netherlands and did his post academic studies at the Sandberg institute (Rietveld Academy) in Amsterdam.. From 1990 to 2002 he served as a professor and chair of the Utrecht School of the Arts’ Graphic Design department.. He works for clients mostly based in the field of Culture and Art.. In 1998 he designed holiday postage stamps for the PTT (Dutch Post and telecom company).. He won several book design awards in the Netherlands and the US.. Primarily a book designer (exploring sensibility of printed matter; in material as well as content), Lucas is interested in addressing social issues and bringing design back ‘to the street,’ and ‘humanity’ back into design, encouraging future designers to be a valuable part of their communities.. His body of work deals with issues of ‘war’ and ‘love’, and ‘the human condition.. ’.. Vincent Gebel.. Vincent Gebel creates tailored visual for print, identity and web.. He elaborates conceptual and playful design solutions.. He likes working in partnership, and sharing ideas.. His works accords as much importance to the process of the making as to the end result.. Antinomia.. It’s dark.. Darkness makes you feel as if you were waiting for something.. Black offers opportunities of strangeness.. Everything is hidden and anything can happen.. Suddenly, a bright, saturated color, as strong and dense as black, appears from the darkness and drips.. It pours from an unexpected receptacle, it dazzles the composition and suddenly takes the main part.. It’s captivating, seducing and confusing.. These experiences of everyday objects are produced in tangible but enigmatic contexts, which amaze and suggest a narrative pattern.. A piece of scenery, body, a suggested action, a light, may be suggestive of a world , and trace halos of potentialities around our subjects.. If these images tell stories, we don’t name any of  ...   a strong interest in processive.. The result of their production rarely embodies an endpoint, but rather is characterized by thought processes and developments.. Ephemeral thoughts and production lines are therefore reflected in the content and form.. Designbolaget.. Designbolaget is a Copenhagen based design studio working at the intersections of art, fashion and culture.. We strongly believe in conceptual thinking and original ideas to design bespoke solutions for every assignment, regardless of the actual project scale.. A constant dialogue with their clients is as essential to them as the physical act of designing.. They focus mostly on printed matter, with great attention to detail and tactile finishing.. Designbolaget was founded in 2002 by Claus Due and has been recognized with numerous international awards.. Tom Henni.. Designer and illustrator , Tom Henni lives and works in Lyon, alone or in collaboration with designers , photographers, illustrators, webmasters , authors, publishers, booksellers, companies , institutions, associations , clients, friends, family.. Bac Applied Arts ( Antibes ) BTS visual communication Martinère Soils (Lyon) then ÉSAD Strasbourg , graphic communication and illustration.. Fascinated by the book , letter, text, comics , printing techniques, crafts, gesture, expression of culture , image, language, practice drawing as a muscle, uses methods ranging from strict typography editorial in freehand drawing , post it in the poster, Book to the public space, draft to tutorial , natural to built, intuitive to calculated questions sign and its expressions,exploring systems and spontaneity rules and errors.. Jimbo Barbu.. Jimbo Barbu is Art Director Graphic Designer based in Paris.. Jimbo also works as art director at M C Saatchi Corporate, an agency wich is recognized for its editorial design.. He always tries to make more and more hard-hitting creations.. Currently available for freelances opportunities or others collaborations….. Sang Mun.. Mun has already had experiences far beyond his 25 years.. From growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia and Seoul, Korea to a two-year stint in the Korean army working with the US National Security Agency, his experiences have forced him to confront multiple identities and cultures, which he incorporates into his work.. What characterizes Mun most, however, is his strong belief in graphic design as a catalyst for social change.. “I believe that graphic design is not only a discipline where we create aesthetically pleasing commodities, but challenge the norms,” he says.. “We should never stop imagining an unimagined way of life.. ”.. (source : our risd)..

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  • Title: Photography | R
    Descriptive info: Her photographs explore, represent, and dismantle Cuban traditions, rituals and ceremonies, as assimilated by Miami s exile community.. Intrigued by the immigrant s translation and evolution of customs in a new country, she examines and dissects idiosyncratic practices that lead to social gatherings, specifically Miami s youth culture, Ventanita Culture, Quinceañera parties and Santeria rituals.. Jordi Colomer.. Jordi Colomer was born in Barcelona in 1962.. He presently lives and works between Barcelona and Paris.. Enjoying a gifted and marked sculptural sense, his work spans many mediums, centring on photography, video and the staging of both in exhibition areas.. Often the creation of situations -befitting a kind of expanded theatre - allows the spectator to assess his/her relationship with the productions and his/her role in and before these.. The variety of mediums called forth by Jordi Colomer s work and the transversality of his judgement undoubtedly are linked to his fragmentary education as architect, artist and art historian in progressive 1980s Barcelona.. Beginning with the Alta Comèdia (High Comedy) exhibition, performed in Tarragona in 1993, Colomer began to fuse his sculptural work, elements of theatre staging and architectural references.. From those years on (in particular after he discovered the German avant-garde cinema of the thirties), video started to stand out as the main mediator in the relationship the artist had with performance art, theatre and sculpture.. In 1997 he showed his first video work at a site-specific projection room built inside the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA).. This strategy enabled Colomer to superimpose theatrical space, the installation as an inhabitable sculpture and cinematographic micro-narration.. That was how he produced pieces such as Pianito (The Little Piano, 1999), Les Jumelles (The Twins, 2000) or Le Dortoir (The Dormitory, 2001), which would complete a period marked by work in extreme film set constructions, where the set entirely determines the characters behaviour.. From 2001, Jordi Colomer s staging investigation extends to urban space and an exploration of the different scenes of social life (neighbourhoods, streets, deserts, rooftops…).. This phase of his work is determined by journeys -maybe because they allow him to keep a foreigner s viewpoint of the different urban sets he is seeking or rediscovering.. This is what led to works such as Anarchitekton (2002-2004), a travelling project involving four large global cities (Barcelona, Bucharest, Brasilia, Osaka), No? Future! (filmed in Le Havre, 2004) or Cinecito (Little Cinema, Havana, 2006), among many others.. It is also behind his most recent works En la Pampa (In the Pampa, made in the Atacama desert, Chile, 2008), Avenida Ixtapaluca (houses for mexico) (Mexico, 2009) or The Istanbul Map (Istanbul, 2010).. These are journey-works where the issue of movement keeps coming back, and where the isolated actions of a character condenses reflection (but not without a degree of absurd humour) on the possibilities of poetic survival offered by the contemporary metropolis.. Jp Carvalho.. jp carvalho is a photographer.. He sees landscape photography as a personal genre of self-expression with a simple desire to record the world and to make sense of what’s going on.. Attracted to sublime mountains, he loves the romantic aspect of walking where every idea is a project, every project is a journey.. Alessandro Teoldi.. Alessandro Teoldi is a New York-based artist born in Milan, Italy in 1987.. His work explores the failure of translation and the perceptions of the familiar by using the kaleidoscopic possibilities of photographic technologies.. He can best describe my work as a neat accumulation of unfinished fragments.. By taking apart a photograph in multiple fragments and then rearranging them, he wants to push my viewers to do a private exercise of re-composition.. How we perceive images is one of my core concerns.. He is interested in the shift that happens when we realize that what we look at has become something very different from its initial appearance.. He is obsessed with analyzing the space between the original impulse and its physical materialization.. It’s a linear process, a timeless transformation that takes place from my brain to his mouth, from a memory to a photograph, from a negative to a piece of paper.. The results are shreds he obstinately tries to combine together in order to find the true picture he once had in his  ...   Is it a person, an object, a feeling or only a form of power? The artist’s power.. The artist’s power in relation to the dull, incessant noise of the media.. The great reservoir of images.. Silos, vats, abysses.. The artist no longer controls the making of images.. However, he does still control the differentiation of reading, deconstruction and laceration.. Making media fragments disappear.. Covering them with saliva or juice.. Assimilating them to another body.. Dissolving textures and combinations.. Swallowing up spatio-temporal indicators.. Spewing original arrangements.. It is the great metabolism of contemporary artistic activity.. Emile Soulier.. Excerpt from Text(e)s, Loevenbruck editions, Paris, 2009.. Todd Fisher.. Todd Fisher has been around since early on, taking funny, weird, sometimes poignant pictures of people (and sometimes animals) doing things.. We haven t heard from him in a long time, but we re glad he s back in our collective lives.. He sent us some new pictures, which you can see above.. The beach ones make us miss the summer, and the others make us love the winter.. Check more of his work out here.. (Source Vice Written by: Christian Storm).. Joachim Koester.. Starting in the mid-1990s, Joachim Koester (born 1962 in Copenhagen, lives and works in Copenhagen and New York) developed an oeuvre that could be described as a complex web in which journalistic and historical research fuses with personal and fictive narratives.. He belongs to an artists generation whose practices are based on what Hal Foster once described as the “archival approach.. ” Balancing the thin line between documentary and fiction, Koester s films, photos, and installations reexamine and activate forgotten histories, failed utopias, and the obsolete.. In his work, bygone counter-cultural movements reemerge in the same way that geographical and spiritual journeys are retraced.. Melissa Catanese.. Working with a common 35mm point-and-shoot camera, Melissa Catanese makes photographs that are not so much about the everyday objects and events in front of her lens as how using a camera structures the photographer’s interaction with those things.. The uneven illumination of a harsh flash at night, for instance, aptly demonstrates the photograph as a particular type of response, the record of a reaction.. Catanese makes the pictures as personal documents, and they retain a sense of casual discovery.. Drawing on the vernacular of snapshots, there is something understandably familiar in her pictures of a dog with redeye or sunlight filtered through tree branches, a familiarity that underscores the curious fact that certain things continually compel us to make pictures of them.. Melissa Catanese was born in Cleveland, Ohio.. She holds a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design (2001) and an MFAfrom Cranbrook Academy of Art (2006).. Exhibitions featuring her pictures include RaiseUp2 (at C.. Emmerson Fine Arts, St.. Petersburg, FL; ADM Gallery, Los Angeles; and Omy Gallery, Toronto); Keep it in the Family, En Rounte, Relics, and Cul de Sac(all at Forum Gallery, Bloomfield Hills, MI); and Interface (at the Cleveland Institute of Art).. Her work has been published in tiny vices, From Here on Out, RaiseUp Volumes I and 2, and as the monograph Stardust.. Akzidenz.. Akzidenz currently living and working between Düsseldorf, Paris and Zürich.. His education focused around art and communication studies in Paris and New York, where he lived and worked for many years before returning to Paris.. He presently works as an art director for some of the mosthigh-end luxury brands worldwide.. Akzidenz was never professionally trained as a photographer; he is an art director and a designer.. This background has a rooted presence in his work in that is he is less interested in the representational qualities of the photograph, focusing more on the exploration of the fringes of each terrain.. This focus stems from the will to not use photography as a traditional means of representation of reality but creating a platform for discourse and thought.. In order to achieve this dais, he tries to invent his own visual language, using multi-exposures, superposition, juxtaposition and ‘sequentiality’ to interpret, rewrite.. Jacinta Moore.. Jacinta is a freelance photographer from Melbourne, Australia.. She has a cute puppy and, sometimes, a cat too.. She likes to take photographs cook garden make things travel talk about dogs so she guesses that’s probably what her portfolio is about..

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  • Title: Design | R
    Descriptive info: “Hugo Sigaud, a young talent with a ‘cool’ vision about brazilian design, without exotic accent” – Beto Cocenza, BoomSPdesign curator.. ”The brazilian who charges the youngest designer of the country status has already studied Industrial Design and now faces Architecture Urbanism at Belas Artes school, at Sao Paulo.. A legitimate representative of the Y generation.. ” – Kaza magazine, Brazil, 2013.. “How old is required for a designer to become a designer? Review your concepts if you thought of some number to answer this question.. Hugo Sigaud, brazilian, is already in the market.. Intricacy in discribing the method of production comes from a (good) custom of this designer: the affinity of putting their hands dirty.. ‘I like to go to the factory and have contact with suppliers’, he says.. With Sigaud there is no crisis at an early age about what to do with the future.. ‘It’s all very recent’, referring to the success he already has, ‘but creating is a necessity of mine.. Besides living with people and processes and fit it all in my own words.. ’ We support.. ” – Construir Magazine, Brazil, 2013.. Christian Juhl.. Christian Juhl is a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, where he is studying Furniture and Spatial design.. He has previously worked as a cabinetmaker, and working with wood is his preferred material, but he is continuously trying to develop himself in use of other materials.. He has a strong interest in furniture design aesthetic combined with ergonomy and trying to find solutions within this area in his work.. Pablo Llanquin.. Pablo Llanquin is renowned industrial designer experience with products currently being sold in various retail of their country.. His early work was in the packaging industry especially for export fruit packaging and worked for major companies developing national and Chimolsa and UPC.. At this stage acquire powerful knowledge achievement cad-cam technology and tooling.. Later work advising companies among which Ilko-Virutex where incorporated into the development process, CNC prototyping and 3D modeling.. He has worked in various design offices among which Crab Diseño Industrial and Walker Design , from where he took part in various projects including the design of Toothbrushes, Packaging and appliances.. Alongside his professional work has been developed as an academic at several universities among which Universidad Mayor and U.. Tecnológica Metropolitana, and has conducted workshops and given talks entrepreneurship at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico.. (Year 2008).. In 2006 along with Alejandra Mustakis created a company dedicated to Core design and develop furniture and home solutions.. Since then he has worked directly in charge of the design team of the company developing products for the home that are currently retails most of Chile.. He has also participated in various design Exhibitions among which Stgo Diseño since 2007 and Design Biennial 2013.. Currently working in parallel and performs Medular own projects and consultancy firms.. Redo Design Studio.. Redo Design Studio is imaginary and brought to life project by designer Radek Nowakowski.. Studio was founded in 2011 and based in Lublin, POLAND.. RDS specialized in industrial design, particularly in creative fields like: product design, interior design, furniture design, lighting, homeware, packaging design.. They are also developing a concept design, product and brand strategy.. They designed and implemented a sets of furniture for children s furniture manufacturer Timoore (http://timoore.. eu ).. They built a new brand of modular furniture for young people  ...   open-minded way.. Her band, laurapapp is specialized on accessories, bags and shoes.. during the planning phase it aims for innovative ideas, new and stimulating solutions in terms of forms and materials.. Loves experimenting.. Likes pushing the edge and trying new things.. Above all the brand supports co-operation with other fields of design and to benefit from it uses this experience and technological knowledge in the planning process.. considers each and every task a challenge and looks for solutions which are not determined by the ordinary perception.. The forms are usually statuesque, dynamic and asymmetrical.. The applied colours are moderate rather it lays more stress on the different types of materials (such as leather, porcelain, plastic ), their facture and the form itself.. It also deals with concepts such as transparency or forming a single piece of material.. Atelier à Quatre.. Atelier à Quatre are two plastic designers stemming from the School of Fine Arts of Rennes.. Their multiple formations and their curiosity bring them to develop objects of the everyday life such as desks, consoles, bedside lamps, translating their formal searches on multiple materials.. According to the desires and the available space, they imagine custom-made furniture and lamps.. They appreciate the challenges and are interested in the discovery of new materials.. These diverse projects enrich their knowledge and know how to meet the needs of customers individual as professionals.. Debbie Wijskamp.. Since she was a little girl, Dutch designer Debbie Wijskamp (1984) is interested in interiors and creating things.. After her graduation in 2009, she has been operating her design practice in her studio in Arnhem.. Now she is designing and producing her own collection of (interior) products and other objects,and is open for collaboration with companies and other designers.. Wijskamp gets inspired by everyday objects and materials we are surrounded with.. She likes to investigate the boundaries of various materials and techniques to find out what possibilities they offer to create new objects like furniture and interior products.. Vjem.. VJEM is a design-architectural studio brothers Adam and Samuel Cigler and Svetlana Kozhenova founded in 2013.. To us our products are the medium to write in our thoughts, feelings, moods.. Their goal is to make a person read these perceptions, experience them, so the product becomes a part of his world.. They focus on innovative processing and deap knowledge of the material.. They find beauty in both in chaos and in order.. Doug Johnston.. Born in 1979 in the west Texas desert and raised in Tulsa, OK, Doug Johnston lives and works in New York City.. Doug Johnston s work includes art, design, architecture and music, utilizing and exploring a variety of mediums and methods such as installation, fiber art, sculpture, photography, and collaborative performance.. Since 2010 he has focused on a process of coiling and stitching rope into a variety of functional and sculptural objects.. His work has been presented in numerous exhibitions around the United States and in online and print journals; an ongoing line of coiled and stitched rope pieces is available in boutiques and galeries around the world.. After graduating from Drury University with undergraduate degrees in Architecture and Studio Art, Doug later earned a Master of Architecture Degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art.. He has served as a guest critic and lecturer at several universities.. His professional experience includes architecture, teaching, and architectural metal fabrication.. Currently Doug works with his wife, Tomoe Matsuoka, in their Brooklyn studio..

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  • Title: Music | R
    Descriptive info: Yesway is the creation of best friends Emily Ritz and Kacey Johansing.. In a live setting, their voices melt together and the performances are intimate yet expansive.. They are often backed by Vibraphone player Andrew Maguire, who also plays with Will Sprott, Thao, and Mirah.. Although their instrumentation is centered around vocal harmonies and two guitars, “folk” seems like a inaccurate description as many of their songs are in odd time signatures and do not follow a traditional song form.. The result are songs that are truly celestial, shapeshifting across different moods using their creative styles.. Emily and Kacey first crossed paths in the San Francisco music scene in 2006.. They became close friends and admirers of each others’ music from the start.. Kacey has a budding solo career while Emily is an active member of the band DRMS.. Four years ago, the two began playing music together in the experimental folk ensemble Honeycomb, which initiated their path toward growing and weaving their creative songwriting and soulful expression into a power duo.. The name “Yesway” is itself a variation on the country that really sparked their collaboration, Norway.. Yesway is also the name of their debut full length album, set for release on June 3rd.. While the Bay Area has proven to become their home after many years in Oakland and San Francisco, city living no longer satisfies.. Now the two inhabit sleepy beach towns on the coast north of San Francisco, soaking up the beauty and drawing inspiration directly from their surroundings.. Both Emily and Kacey have always felt close to nature, whose colors bleed through into their sound and lyrics.. Having grown up in upstate New York and Colorado respectively, the wilderness provides a familiar backdrop and acts as a canvas for their creativity.. With Yesway, their creative process happens as naturally as the ebb and flow of the tide or the growth of the forest.. Their sisterly bond and creative intuition make for an exquisite illustration of a rare and powerful connection shared by two potent songwriters.. Woahcean by Yesway.. Yesway by Yesway.. Dog Bite.. First making music at the end of his high school days, 23-year-old Phil Jones began Dog Bite after dropping out of the Savannah College of Art and Design.. Influenced by the work of J Dilla, Portishead, Caribou, Panda Bear and The Roots, Jones began self-releasing tracks, followed-by a 7-inch and CD on Young Turks.. While later touring as the keyboardist to Washed Out he picked up an acoustic guitar and composed his debut-full length, Velvet Changes, released on Carpark in early 2013.. In support of Velvet Changes, Dog Bite embarked on an extensive North American winter tour with labelmate Toro Y Moi.. The two marked the occasion with a split 7″.. Jones returns with his newest release on Carpark, the LA EP.. In addition to his time with Washed Out, Jones has appeared on a matthewdavid release and produced for Mood Rings and Bosco.. As one half of Acid Flashback, he’s crafted tunes for the voice of Karen Jacobs (of Toronto’s Free Kisses).. Dog Bite performs live as a four-piece, featuring Jones’ friend Woody Shortridge formerly of defunct Atlanta band Balkans.. Marnie Stern.. There’s little doubt that Marnie Stern lives up to her reputation as “the lady who shreds,” but for Marnie, shredding is not enough.. After putting out three critically-acclaimed albums, Marnie could have gotten away with putting out another album filled with her richly layered sound, singular frenetic finger tapping and almost philosophical lyrics.. However, as anyone who has given her last few albums a good listen can tell, Marnie is not one to stand still.. Instead she attacks her musical evolution with full frontal bravado, reveling in musical risk instead of relaxing in the comforts of the known.. For Marnie, musical possibility drives her ambition.. Her new album, The Chronicles of Marnia, finds Marnie not only working with a new drummer (Oneida’s Kid Millions), but also passionately subtracting from her normally dense song structures to craft a sound that is both familiar and wholly original.. “I always gravitate towards interweaving and a more abrasive sound,” Marnie said about working on the new album.. “I was working with Nicholas Vernhes from Rare Book Room Recording in Brooklyn, and he was the producer.. He wanted my voice clearer and fewer guitar parts.. I tried it because I wanted to try something different.. Her trademark exuberant guitar work is still present, in fact, absent a few layers of grit, it’s even more evident.. “We stripped away a lot of the layers and a lot of unnecessary interweaving guitar parts.. There’s less clutter and more of staying on a part without adding too much instrumentation.. ” Through the subtractive production process, Marnie’s voice became more prominent, a fact that kind of concerns Marnie, “I get worried that I am coming across as someone who thinks they are a ‘singer,’ as opposed to my usual mishmash of voices that aren’t always in key,” she said about the album’s more pronounced vocals.. “I grapple with  ...   three chords, Kleenexwowed the local crowds with their simple, child-like rock ditties, filled with joyful chants and nonsense words in the tradition of Little Richard s Tutti Frutti but musically more in the noisy, exuberant spirit of their British comradesthe Sex Pistols.. Kleenex had local friends who decided to start up a label (Sunrise) where the band put out their first (self-financed) EP in 1978, which included the same four songs from their live sets ( Beri-Beri, Ain t You, Hedi s Head, Nice ).. The response was such that the first pressing sold out in weeks.. A copy of the EP managed to get toJohn Peel, the famous English DJ, who fell in love with it and played it over and over for his radio listeners.. Rough Trade got wind of their strange, wonderful music and signed the group to a record contract.. Their first single ( Ain t You and Hedi s Head from the EP) made a splash with the UK press and led the label to organize a group of dates around Europe with label-mates Scritti Politti and Red Krayola.. Not even a year after their formation, the group was already an international sensation even though, at the time, they still held various clerical jobs back in Zurich.. Coming to England, they were unimaginatively dubbed the Swiss Slits by the press and made their next single ( You / U , 1979) with Krayola leader/Rough Trade producer Mayo Thompson.. Soon, they were off headlining an English package tourí with local favorites like the Raincoats, Swell Maps, Subway Sect and Spizz Energi.. After the tour ended in late 79, Sing left the group to be replaced by Chrigle Freund, a recent high school dropout, much younger than the rest of the group.. With the loss of their original singer and threats to destroy all their records by the tissue company, which they took their name from, the group rechristened itself as Liliput in 1980, soon adding saxist Angie Barrack to their ranks.. This five-piece line up recorded their next single Die Matrosen/Split with its famous nonsense cheers/shouts ( Hotch-potch, Hugger-mugger, Bow-wow, Hara-kiri! ), making a splash on the UK indie/alternative charts.. Despite their success, Ha and Barrack left the group, reducing them to a trio.. Their next single, 1981 s politically-motivated Eisiger Wind (with its Hugo Ball parody sleeve) caught the attention of noted American rock criticsRobert Christgau and Greil Marcus, who praised the innovative trio.. By the time the single was released, the band was in the middle of another personnel crisis with Freund now leaving the group.. Marder and Schiff closed ranks and assembled a new band with singer Astrid Spirit, drummer Beat Schlatter and saxist Christoph Herzog.. After a successful German tour, the later two left the band (though Schlatter continued to help on drums) and the group was a trio again.. After four years, the group finally released a full-length album ( Liliput ) for Rough Trade in 1982, leading into another tour.. After another single ( The Jatz /'You Did It , 1983), Marder and Schiff were tired, not having fun anymore and ready to quit.. Spirit rallied them to do another record with an advance from Rough TradeGermany.. Their second album (Some Songs, which Marder thinks is some of their best work), with various guests helping out and Spirit now playing violin, turned out to be their swan song.. Spirit decided that she wanted to raise a family instead of being in a band, spelling the end of the group in late 83.. Marder had her own record shop, worked at a jazz club and had a band in the late 80 s called Danger Mice.. Schiff returned to painting, which she had done for many flyers and sleeves for the band.. Ten years later, Marder (now working for the World Wildlife Federation) and the same people behind the originalKleenex releases put out the 2-CD LiLiPut retrospective on the local Off Course label, including all of the material that the.. band had released.. Though it received rave reviews (including a A from Christgau and a spot on his year-end top 10 list), it was soon out-of-print.. Collectors were paying hundreds of dollars in auctions for this material.. (Source : killrockstars).. Cherry Glazerr.. Cherry Glazerr is an LA based band.. Cherry Glazerr “Haxel Princess” out on Burger Records!!! High school teeny bopper rockers debut album of super amazing pure pop gems about cats, dogs, birds, bees, grilled cheese and everything in between!!! Don’t sleep on this amazing album and band!!!.. Haxel Princess by Cherry Glazerr.. Slime Girls.. Slime Girls is the secret shoujo chiptune life of Pedro Invader.. From the wastelands of central California comes a distorted pulsewave assault of Nintendo gameboys, guitars and energetic drums.. Sometimes fast, lush and loud punk rock, other times melancholy surf jams, sometimes ever danceable ska, yet always tied together with an electronic wash of melodic chip music.. Alternatively: just some sorta loud chiptune punk anime junk.. Vacation Wasteland EP by Slime Girls.. MORE INFOS.. Sydney Valette..

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    Descriptive info: Manuel Graf.. David Maljković.. Morgane Le Guillan.. Justin Kemp.. Bernadette Corporation.. Marc Hamandjian.. Jimmie Durham.. Aris Zenone.. Laurent Kropf..

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    Descriptive info: Saison d été Le Village a 20 ans #2 , expositions d art contemporain dans les trois galeries de l association Le Village, site d expérimentation artistique.. Galerie Laizé.. Bruno Elisabeth.. “La route de la Voie de la Liberté”.. En partenariat avec le PHAKT, Centre Culturel Colombier, le Musée de la Libération de Cherbourg, les Archives Départementales d’Ille-et-Vilaine et quatre collèges du territoire.. “La route de la Voie de la Liberté” est un projet artistique, culturel et éducatif du photographe Bruno Elisabeth soutenu par Antrain Communauté et le Conseil Général d’Ille-et-Vilaine dans le cadre du dispositif résidence mission mis en place par le département.. Ce projet photographique traite de la guerre 39-45, et plus particulièrement du parcours emprunté par les alliés lors du débarquement.. L’objectif de cette résidence est d’apporter un point de vue contemporain sur la voie de la Liberté matérialisée par les bornes kilométriques.. Entre travail documentaire émaillé de témoignages et démarche plasticienne, le corpus photographique de l’artiste rend compte des événements commémoratifs liés à la libération et des traces engendrées par le passage dans la région des armées américaines et allemandes.. Après le Musée de la Libération de Cherbourg et le Phakt, Centre Culturel Colombier à rennes, Le Village accueille le dernier volet d expositions restituant la résidence de l artiste.. À la galerie Laizé, trois nouvelles séries complémentaires soulignent la présence et l’intégration d’édifices militaires dans les paysages actuels du parcours.. Visionner le portrait d artiste sur Bruno Elisabeth : http://vimeo.. com/93422079.. Projet artistique homologué par l’Office National des Anciens Combattants et Victimes de Guerre dans le cadre du 70ème anniversaire de la libération.. DR Bruno Elisabeth, La route de la Voie de la Liberté, Tank muséum ancien aérodrome US A-10, Catz, juillet 2013.. DR Bruno Elisabeth, La route de la Voie de la Liberté, N175, aout 2013.. Vitrine de la galerie Laizé.. Micro-sillons.. Ruralité.. Chapitre II : les traditions, les patrimoines.. Fondé en octobre 2012 à Rennes, Micro-sillons est un collectif de création sonore et radiophonique qui partage l envie de révéler la vitalité de la création sonore dans toute sa pluralité.. Pour accompagner les 20 ans du Village, Micro-sillons imagine à chaque saison un montage d extraits de documentaires, reportages ou chroniques, qui sont autant de manières de capter et de révéler l univers de la « Ruralité ».. Les installations sonores ont lieu dans le tunnel de l’aire de jeux du jardin de la Motte réalisée entre 2009 et 2012 par un architecte et une centaine d’élèves des écoles privée et publique de Bazouges.. DR Collectif Micro-sillons.. Galerie Rapinel.. Sophie Laly.. “Constellation circompolaire”.. En partenariat avec Extension Sauvage.. Une constellation circompolaire est une constellation visible à l’œil nu telle que la Petite-Ours.. Sophie Laly évoque ce principe astronomique dans une proposition artistique où ses différentes interventions plastiques forment un astérisme virtuel, une cartographie céleste du territoire.. “La constellation circompolaire se déroule en deux phases : une phase longue et protéiforme à la galerie Rapinel et une phase courte et singulière durant Extension Sauvage, Festival et ateliers de danse contemporaine.. Elle n est pas constituée d’étoiles à proprement parlé mais de pièces autonomes et interdépendantes.. Il s’agit de photographies, de dessins, et de films visibles de jour comme de nuit.. Chaque “étoile” est un paysage.. Un paysage imaginaire ou réel.. Chaque “étoile” est un indice fictionnel, et les différentes combinaisons qui s’opèrent par associations donnent lieu à une histoire, des histoires ou des fragments d’histoires.. Il s’agit contamment pour moi d’une rencontre avec un paysage.. Dans mon travail, le paysage a toujours le rôle de l’acteur principal ; il est à la fois le personnage, le sujet et le moteur d’un récit ou d’une réflexion ”.. DR Sophie Laly.. Galerie Thébault.. Pascal Jounier Trémelo.. Par des processus de fabrication simples ou sophistiqués, Pascal Jounier Trémelo réalise des sculptures à partir d’outils et de matériaux utilisés dans le bâtiment.. Il compose au fil du temps un répertoire de formes proche du cabinet de curiosités.. Créées à partir de moules ou de contenants, les œuvres semblent être issues d’expériences menées en laboratoire.. Constituées de plâtre, de ciment et de pigments colorés, elles sont comparables à des artefacts, des traces d’activités humaines fossilisées.. Questionnant l’urbanisation des campagnes par l’étalement urbain, l’artiste présente au rez-de-chaussée de la galerie une œuvre qui recouvre la totalité du sol de l espace d exposition suivant la trame du carrelage existant.. Cette installation composée de 279 moulages en béton reconstitue l empreinte de la surface d un champ agricole.. Au premier étage, l’artiste expose une sculpture réalisée à partir d une chambre à air de tracteur, véhicule emblématique du monde rural.. DR Pascal Jounier Trémelo.. Fête anniversaire  ...   of November riot through a series of commissioned artworks, such the series on FEMEN activists for Dazeed Confused.. Naturally occurring, their first solo show in Italy, combines their two recent photographic series – Reverie sleep e Animalism, Naturalism – whose main focus is the dimension of dream and the relationship with natural world respectively.. In both art projects the location is an uncontaminated landscape, while the subject – rigorously feminine and often Tania herself – tries to hide or draws apart thanks to artificial tricks: tight overalls, layers over bare skin, colourful dust.. In occasion of their solo show, Spazio Punch hosts a selection of books by Éditions du LIC, an independent publishing house founded by the Swedish art collective lifeiscarbon and specialized in photography publications.. Among the others, Byzantine, artist book by Synchrodogs, limited to 460 numbered copies.. Supported by.. 32 Via Dei Birrai.. Lamba Gallery Padova.. APPEL À CANDIDATURES OPEN CALL Biennale Jeune Création Réseau 50° nord.. Watch This Space.. is a biennial organized by the 50° nord Network around emerging artists.. It takes place in the Nord-Pas de Calais region and the cross-border territory (Southern England and Belgium) and consists in coordinated projects and solo exhibitions that members of the Network set up with artists from the euroregional territory.. The 8th edition will be held over the November 2015 to January 2016 period.. It will comprise about twenty exhibitions, talks, special nights, artist s trainings and visits for the public, and will be devoted to : Resistance.. An Award is given to one artist participate at Watch This Space #8 by a jury composed of art professionals.. The winner will have the opportunity to realize a research residency (studio and accommodation) to Fugitif, Leipzig (DE).. He will receive a research grant to the amount of 1000€ at least and will be accompanied on site by Fugitif s team.. Fugitif is a French-German program of residencies, designed to generating links between artistic, scientific and cultural practices.. Each artist selected to participate in the Biennial will be ipso facto a candidate for the Award.. M.. I.. A.. The Partysquad Double Bubble Trouble.. 1994-2014 : TWENTY YEARS OF CREATIVITY Frédéric Sofia.. « Welcome your differences, for therein lies your true worth ».. Diana Vreeland.. He swings between design and art, interconnecting them and highlighting their links.. He cannot imagine design without considering its history or function and he approaches each project with a fresh and open perspective.. Frédéric Sofia now celebrates in 2014 twenty years of creativity.. Since the establishment in 1994 of his first company which specialized in self-publishing, Wombat, up until the RedDot Award he won in 2014 for his couch Ultra Sofa, this designer/artist has never ceased to reconcile his disciplines as well as their differences.. With all due respect to his favorite quotation by Diana Vreeland, his career boasts an absolute consistency in his approach to every project.. From his objects conceived with industry and the economy in mind to works of art designed in partnership with Catherine Sofia, this fun-loving rationalist has received critical acclaim and commercial success in both the worlds of design and contemporary art.. Never looking back, his work has expressed itself for two decades through a galaxy of projects that are certainly provocative but always sensitive and realistic.. With a sharp eye focused on modern society and an inventive ability to find new uses, his love of customization, diversion and reinvention come together to underline the richness of his recombinatory and trans-disciplinary approach.. From the Luxembourg chair designed for Fermob, whose sales exceed nearly 500,000 worldwide through to the Domestic series exhibited in galleries around the world, twenty years of Frédéric Sofia s creativity prove more than ever that the work of the designer and the artist enrich and complement each other.. To celebrate his twenty years in the creative industries, Frédéric Sofia is launching a new website.. A website where art and design coexist unashamedly and on an equal basis.. Designed as a testimony to his pluralist views and to his multidisciplinary approach, this new gateway features the differences and meeting-points between these two worlds, his sources of inspiration and the familiarity demonstrated by a galaxy of diverse projects.. Told in pictures and words, each piece s particularities are described to one and all.. CIG Chaumont.. Le 25e Chaumont design graphique ça commence aujourd hui.. Le Festival se tiendra du 17 mai au 09 juin et sera ponctué de nombreux temps forts.. Parmi ceux-ci le week-end des 24 et 25 mai rythmé par la cérémonie de remise des prix, des conférences, la Bookroom et le salon des fabricants.. Designer s Days Studio Constance Guisset 2014..

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    Descriptive info: Title:.. Editors:.. MAGMA Brand Design.. On Sale:.. May 2014.. Format:.. 16 x 24 cm.. Pages:.. 336.. Price:.. EUR 18.. The Editors of Slanted magazine embarked on a two week Tour de Suisse and talked to some of the most innovative and interesting Swiss designers about tradition, transgression and progression.. The resulting photos, text and video interviews with the 23 designers and studios give insight to contemporary design work in Switzerland and a glance behind the scenes.. The 23rd issue of Slanted magazine contains numerous essays reflecting Swiss graphic design, an illustrated section “Helvetica Illustrated”, a photo series of the former Bond-girl, Ursula Andress, interviews and a Carte Blanche in cooperation with form magazine.. Also, included is a special “work and life” of typographer and graphic designer Hans Rudolf Lutz, edited and designed by students of the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design under the Direction of Prof.. Urs Lehni.. Furthermore, this 336-page issue utilizes materials to interpreted the opposing sides of Switzerland: A very shiny and structured surface against the raw and rough.. This juxtaposition is represented in this issue with the use of the Chromolux-material.. On the high glossy side, readers can follow the Tour de Suisse and the uncoated side features content of the Suisse Issue.. Thanks to Augmented Reality and the Junaio app, readers can easily watch embedded videos of the Tour de Suisse on mobile devices.. Tour de Suisse: Eric Andersen, Ludovic Balland, Angela Thomas (über Max Bill), Jacques Borel, Bringolf Irion Vögeli, Büro Destruct, Claudiabasel, Heyday, Hi, Hochparterre, Jost Hochuli, Matthias Hofmann, IDPURE, Komet, Matrix, Norm, Feixen, François Rappo, Rawcut, Aurèle Sack, Niklaus Troxler, Von B und C, Wolfgang Weingart.. Suisse Issue: Essays, Helvetica Illustrated, Ursi National, Interviews, Carte Blanche / form, Lutz Special / HfG KA.. The booklet “Contemporary Typefaces” presents fourteen recently published typefaces we think are important and interesting: Allegra (Jost Hochuli / abc litera), Apeloig Type Library (Philippe Apeloig / Nouvelle Noire), Austin Text (Paul Barnes / Commercial Type), Balto (Tal Leming / Type Supply), Camingo Mono (Jan Fromm), Coperto (Alexander Colby / Milieu Grotesque), DF Riga (Ko Sliggers / Dutchfonts), Duplicate Collection (Christian Schwartz, Miguel Reyes / Commercial Type), FS Maja (Jason Smith / Fontsmith), Karloff (Peter Bi’lak, Pieter van Rosmalen / Typotheque), Lalola (Laura Meseguer / Type-Ø-Tones), Odesta (Ondrej Jób / Urtd), Shameless (Neil Summerour / Positype), Voyage (Emil Bertell / Fenotype).. BUY NOW.. Issue 02.. Publisher, editor creative editor:.. Ryan Fitzgibbon.. 2013.. 17x 24cm.. : 160.. : $20.. 00 USD.. Everything you loved about issue 01 and more is back in this second issue of Hello Mr.. Our cover story is a conversation with Grizzly Bear s Ed Droste about travel, instagram, and breaking away from distractions to find creative clarity and inspiration.. We also hear stories of ex-loves or ex-could-have-beens and how their absence helps us reflect on where that leaves us now, and we are reassured that the mistakes we make/made in our 20s are/were just character-building exercises on the road to adulthood.. Meditation on manhood and the pressure to be more or less of something continues an ever-going dialogue in gay culture.. And to truly understand what defines us as a community, we round out the issue with a Gay Livability Index (and a healthy dose of satire, of course).. is a magazine about men who date men.. Published twice annually, each issue chronicles everyday life and the narratives which define it through a diverse collection of essays, interviews, short stories, illustrations, and photography.. More than just a magazine, Hello Mr.. is a global community of men who seek relevant material for their evolved range of interests by starting new conversations about their values, their aspirations, and their fears.. It s the coy introduction to a new generation, and it’s something we can all relate to.. By:.. Joscha Bruckert.. Design:.. Lysanne Bellemare, Benedikt Bock.. Published ine:.. 20×25cm.. 78.. Features:.. edition of 2,000.. EUR 11.. 5 free shipping worldwide.. romka is a collective photo album in which people from all over the world share the stories behind their favorite photographs.. romka #8 features photos and stories by Aaron McElroy, Alex Thebez, Anna Walker, Bradley Peters, Brian St.. Denis, Christian Patterson, Darja Nagel, Dragana Damjanovic-Schachner, Elisabeth Jayot, Hans-Christian Schink, Harry Griffin, Jan Adriaans, Jason Fulford, Jason Lazarus, Juan Pablo Garza, Lena Guimont, Lindsay Varvari, Marcel Casado, Mariken Wessels, Matt Colquhoun, Mikal Strøm, Nathanael Turner, Peter Watkins, Robert Häusser, Robin Schwartz, Roxana Azar, Ruth van Beek, Shauna Greyerbiehl, Stine Sampers, Thomas Hauser, and Zachary Norman.. Hidden Persuasion 33 psychological influence techniques in  ...   some of the greatest pop songs can provide genuine comfort to make it through the pain.. The great thing about advice songs is that you can listen to someone else coach you through a tough situation while rocking out at the same time.. This wonderful book lists 250 of the best pop songs for those times that solid life advice is needed.. The songs represent all popular music styles from the last 50 years, from rock to folk and from punk to hip hop.. There are many times, for example, in which the three words ‘Let it be’ are words of wisdom.. Although the lyrics may have originally been written in reference to interpersonal difficulties within the Beatles, the song does possess a universality that makes ‘Let it be’ one of the great advice pop songs of all time.. Other famous pop music mottos to live by are: You Can’t Always Get What You Want Rolling Stones, If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free Sting and Don’t Worry, Be Happy Bobby McFerrin.. Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow (Frank Zappa) is a collection of all the famous advice songs and many surprises as well.. It gives the reader the song titles, painted by hand by the designer, and a striking quote from the song lyrics, as well as indexes on artist and themes.. This well-produced, iconic album of words of advice from musicians is the perfect gift for music lovers of all ages.. Marcus Kraft is a graphic designer and art director based in Zurich, Switzerland.. From his studio, he realizes commissioned projects for renown clients as well as self-initiated projects.. His focus is on elaborate design concepts, editorial projects and typographical quality.. He has been awarded several international prizes for his work.. In his spare time, he plays the drums in a rock band.. Odiseo Vol N°2.. Folch Studio.. The Flames.. 16,5 x 24 cm.. 128.. EUR 10.. Odiseo is a publication for adult entertainment.. It includes a selection of photographic stories with an erotic point of view, accompanied by cutting-edge ideas by contemporary thinkers.. Volume 2 features Lina Scheynius self portrait, Jo Schwab s Habitual Grace , and Amy Hood as seen by the lens of Jonathan Leder.. It also includes a critical study on hipsterism today by Eugenia Lpteva, a long-distance call with Yuri Suzuki, and Timo Mashiyi-Veikkola s view on collective identity in mass culture.. More infos.. First Cuts Harald F.. Müller.. Lars Müller Publishers GmbH.. Designed by:.. büro uebele.. Edited by:.. Gerd Blum and Johan F.. Hartle.. 18 × 24 cm, 7 × 9 ½ in.. 180.. EUR 32.. Independent and reflective, this artist book is a new take on the design principles of First Cuts by the artist Harald F.. It presents 15 photographic appropriations by Müller that have been installed at Zurich s Prime Tower, the tallest building in Switzerland, realized by the architects Gigon/Guyer.. The photographs deal with pioneering technical, sporting and cultural achievements that created new realities.. Not only do they point retrospectively to Modernism s euphoria of progress, but they also include the latest scientific research and timeless modernity, with motifs such as CERN or constructivist works.. Printed onto sound-absorbent sheets of metal with hole matrix on the interior walls of the building, the works refuse a passive decorative function and instead make an architectural proposition relating to abstraction and atomism.. Detailed texts by the editors Gerd Blum and Johan Frederik Hartle elucidate First Cuts in relation to Harald F.. Müller s artistic practice and their cultural-historical context.. The book translates First Cuts design principles into the framework of a unique book object.. Paye ta Shnek.. Editor:.. Anaïs Bourdet.. 11x 18cm.. : 126.. : 14 euros.. Paye Ta Shnek est un blog participatif qui recueille les meilleures et pires tentatives de séduction en milieu urbain.. Créé suite au débat sur le harcèlement de rue, il a pour buts de dénoncer avec humour le sexisme ordinaire, et démontrer que ce phénomène se produit partout, dans toutes les couches de la société, à tous les âges.. Depuis sa création en août 2012, le blog a reçu près de 3000 témoignages anonymes, publiés des quatre coins de la France, mais aussi de Belgique, Suisse, Angleterre, Espagne, Argentine et Mexique.. Tout le monde peut publier sur le blog, sans exception.. Le résultat de ce recueil témoigne de la variété des techniques d approche, de l humour à la brutalité, en passant par l improvisation maladroite.. PTS est un blog personnel, administré par Anaïs Bourdet, jeune graphiste marseillaise.. Plus d infos..

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