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  • Title: Radical Wales
    Descriptive info: .. skip to main.. |.. skip to sidebar.. Byline.. Radical political analysis, commentary and discussion in Wales.. Dadansoddiad a thrafodaeth radicalaidd o wleidyddiaeth yng Nghymru.. Buttons.. About / Ynglŷn â.. Archive / Archif.. Contact / Cyswllt.. Contribute / Cyfrannu.. NATO in Newport 2014.. By.. Heledd Melangell Williams.. On 4th and 5th September 2014 the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport will be hosting this year s North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (.. NATO.. ) summit.. A military alliance that consists of 28 member states across North America and Europe, NATO was originally established in 1949 as a Western counter power to the Soviet Union, ostensibly due to anxieties about the spread of communism.. Since the collapse of the USSR it has found meaning in its existence through humanitarian intervention.. Humanitarian intervention by NATO doesn t mean, food, water and safer spaces for vulnerable people around the world.. Instead, humanitarian intervention means military acts of war.. Supposedly bombing, displacement and violence is to quash conflicts, and result in peace.. Despite history repeatedly showing us that such actions only exacerbates conflict, creating more victims and escalating suffering.. Read More >>.. View Comments.. Published on.. 11.. 2.. 14.. After the Snowden leaks: opposing internet surveillance.. Arne Hintz.. Since early June 2013, the revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden have changed our understanding of online communication.. The leaks, published in the Guardian and a few other newspapers, have provided evidence of mass surveillance of our social media uses; interception and monitoring of most online and phone communication; state-sponsored hacking into telecommunications services; and the compromising of internet infrastructure.. Moreover, the leaks have documented how security agencies - including those in the UK - have operated with hardly any oversight and often in breach of the law.. Organisations like the.. Open Rights Group.. (ORG) have been campaigning against Internet surveillance.. On Thursday 12th December, members of the Group.. spoke in Cardiff.. about surveillance practices and how to stop them.. Currently ORG and two other privacy groups are taking the UK government to the European Court of Human Rights.. The group alleges the government acted illegally by breaching the privacy of millions of British and EU citizens, and that it broke Article 8 of the European Human Rights Act.. Daniel Carey, solicitor at Deighton Pierce Glynn, reported on the legal challenge and its potential outcomes.. Jim Killock, ORG Executive Director, discussed the broader context of digital surveillance and explained what each of us can do to challenge mass surveillance in the UK.. 7.. 12.. 13.. A talk on Black Power by former Black Panther activists.. On the 13th of October, for Black History Month, two former Black Panther activists; Lorenzo and JoNina, will be speaking in Butetown Community Centre, Cardiff.. The Black Power movement, from which the Black Panther party grew, was one of the most influential and important movements in social history.. They took a bold, militant and confrontational stand against racism, exploitation and police brutality.. The Panthers fought the notoriously violent Klu Klux Klan, but also established feeding programmes for children, giving out up to ten thousand free breakfasts every day.. J Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI called them the greatest threat to the internal security of the country.. Lorenzo and JoNina were part of that movement, and members of the Black Panthers party.. They will be in Cardiff to speak of their experience of the Black Power movement, and the on-going struggle against racism and the Klu Klux Klan.. This is a unique chance to hear about an extraordinary period in American history;.. As inheritors of the discipline, pride, and calm self-assurance preached by Malcolm X, the Panthers became national heroes in black communities by infusing abstract nationalism with street toughness by joining the rhythms of black working-class youth culture to the interracial élan and effervescence of Bay Area New Left politics.. In 1966, the Panthers defined Oakland s ghetto as a territory, the police as interlopers, and the Panther mission as the defence of community.. The Panthers famous policing the police drew attention to the spatial remove that White Americans enjoyed from the police brutality that had come to characterise life in black urban communities.. - Jama Lazerow.. 28.. 9.. >> Older Articles.. Search.. Loading.. Calendar.. Calendar.. add event.. Comments.. Recent comments.. Recent Comments.. Top tags.. Labels.. protest.. austerity.. Occupy.. police.. councils.. media.. strike.. Bradley Manning.. ConDems.. anarchism.. climate change.. energy.. military.. WikiLeaks.. ecology.. Plaid Cymru.. UK Uncut.. coal.. education.. history.. housing.. social centre.. squatting.. unions.. war.. Social Media.. Social media.. Tweets by @radicalwales.. Blog list.. Bridgend Green Party.. Dear Olivia (Bridgend Christian School pupil).. -.. REPLY Hi Olivia, Thank you for taking the trouble to contact me and invite me to your school.. There is a lot of mis-information in what you have written ab.. 5 hours ago.. Borthlas.. Open doors.. Yesterday s Sunday Times carried a story about Labour s shadow work and pensions secretary, Rachel Reeves, expressing her concerns about Labour losing vote.. 11 hours ago.. Democracy and Class Struggle.. D-Day Set the Stage for the Rebirth and Reorganization of Global Capitalism.. Leo Panitch: Planning for the assimilation of post war Europe into US managed capitalism began in the late 1930's See Also : http://democracyandclasstruggle.. 15 hours ago.. Turning Caerau Green.. Cardiff Labour outsourcing day New Theatre St Davids Hall.. Cardiff labour council to go out to the market to explore new ways of running two of its cultural venues so we have Cardiff Labour outsourcing : Facilities.. 1 day ago.. Green Granny.. Political Economy Research.. Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Piketty.. "There is, however, a central difficulty with Piketty s argument.. It rests on a mistaken definition of capital.. Capital is a process not a thing.. It is a.. 2 days ago.. WSSAG Wales.. Honour Based Violence Workshop.. WSSAG Wales has invited Joanne Payton, IKWRO s Information and Research officer, to host an hour long workshop on Honour Based Violence (HBV) on Saturday 1.. 3 days ago.. Carmarthenshire Planning Problems and more.. News in Brief.. *Carmarthenshire Council's* planning committee found its way into the national press (Independent) the other day as they approved a 45m wind turbine on f.. Socialist Party Wales.. Rhydyfelin library court victory.. RCT council forced to hold back closure.. 4 days ago.. Undercurrents.. Is Google on the wrong side of history?.. My article about how Google is wiping Marijuana off their platforms has been published in Weed World this month.. But my readers can read it here.. *Is Googl.. Wales Green Party News RSS.. Fracking Under Your Home - Queen's Speech.. [image: http://www.. uswateralliance.. org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Hydro-Fracking-Field.. jpg] In todayâ s Queenâ s Speech, it was announced that the West.. 5 days ago.. Caredig I Natur (CIN).. Cheese review (no palm oil, no-dairy).. We sometimes review products (as we did with Fry's).. This time we decided to look at three new dairy-free cheeses made by Bute Island Foods which they info.. 1 week ago.. Dicmortimer's Blog.. The game s afoot.. This week the Queen s Baton Relay is proceeding through the Welsh stage of its 118,000 mile journey from London to the opening ceremony of the 20th Commo.. Communist Party, Wales.. MORNING STAR AGM JOIN THE CARDIFF MEETING.. CHECK OUT THIS IMPORTANT CIRCULAR: Please note that the Cardiff leg of the 69th Annual General Meeting of the People's Press Printing Society Limited will.. South Wales Anarchists.. Next South Wales Anarchists meeting in Newport.. The next of our weekly meetings will take place in Newport.. The venue of the Newport Rising week long event where this meeting will take place will be anno.. 2 weeks ago.. Cael y system allan o'm system.. Rhaglen Safaiad Casnewydd 26 Mai -1af o Fehefin.. Dyma r rhaglen ar gyfer yr wythnos, mwy i w gadarnhau! 26 Mai 1 Mehefin Wythnos gyfa o ddigwyddiadau mewn lleoliad yng Nghasnewydd Llun 26fed: 11:00 -17:.. Freedom for Tooting!!!.. New album VOTE NOBODY available now as Digipak CD.. Anyone in the UK voting this Thursday? It s our last line of defence, but there are a whole load of other.. Continue reading.. 3 weeks ago.. Red and black umbrella.. ANTIFA SUMMER AT THE RBU! Atterkop, Dead City Riot, Chewed Up and Public Order Act! 5th June.. We welcome back Bristol Antifa skacore punks Atterkop back through our doors with special guests, Dead City Riot- Hardcore ska all the way from the USA, on.. Amy Hall.. Beyond burnout: the mental health costs of activism.. This article was originally published in the May 2014 issue of New Internationalist magazine.. In 2009, the Iranian Green Movement became headline news as m.. 4 weeks ago.. wiseupforbradleymanning.. Dublin 5 8 May: More Irish Solidarity with Chelsea Manning Family.. Originally posted on Pvt.. Manning Family Fund: by Genny Bove Members of Chelsea Manning s Welsh-Irish ( English) family made a second trip from Wales to Ir.. Friends of the Earth Cymru press releases.. Governments "totally clueless" about fracking impact on jobs.. Concerns raised about the impact of fracking on jobs in other sectors.. 5 weeks ago.. BEPJ.. Radio for Activists.. Radio Activist is a new online radio station set up as a result of a conversation about the Facebook group Tony Benn Encouraged Me.. Earth First! Action Reports - Wales.. Karadere beach Bulgaria.. Karadere beach is one of the last stretches of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast not yet covered in concrete, and free camping is still permitted there.. A pl.. 1 month ago.. No Borders South Wales.. Visiting Caerphilly.. Caerphilly is located at the southern end of the Rhymney Valley and is a commuter town populated by people who travel frequently to the neighbouring citi.. Green Cardiff - Pedestrians First.. Cardiff needs a vision for pedestrians and cyclists.. Canton bridge where the council have narrowed the pavement to squeeze cyclists of the road to make room for more traffic rather than have a sustainable vi.. Working's Blues.. It's been a long time since my last blog.. Many reasons, including loss of cat Her name is Kiki: if you are living around Queen's Rd, Sketty, Swansea, keep.. Welsh Republic.. Hosted PBX | Best VOIP Service for small business.. It s no surprise for most organizations that one of biggest reasons to choose Hosted Voip for their Business Phone Service is cost Reduction.. Hosted VoIP.. 2 months ago.. Wales | libcom.. org.. The NHS pay freeze and the end of Agenda for Change.. [image: image/jpeg icon]NHS.. jpg This article looks at these changes and the ways in which successive years of 0% or 1% pay rises in the NHS have under.. Angry Mob.. The reports of Angry Mob s demise have been greatly exaggerated.. As you may or may not have noticed Angry Mob has been defunct for a little while now.. This was due to me using a very old custom blog template that I made.. 3 months ago.. Greg Lewis, Freelance Journalist.. Do Not Go Gentle.. I don t know if you fight cancer, battle it, learn to live with it, cope with it, rage against it, deal with it, or a combination of them all.. Cardiff Feminist Network.. We Do Not Support Sexism - Anywhere!!.. Reblogged from.. :: El-Jay ::.. : As a UK based, small business which progressed from a hobby to our full time jobs (yes I did say "our" - husband and wife.. 4 months ago.. COEXIST respect : action : harmony.. Is this how we will greet the New Year.. Is this how we will greet a New Year, to the raucous sound of racism, inequality and poverty, and the mindless applause which spurs them on? Or can we  ...   of one of th.. Rebecca Television.. The No 1 Corrupt Detective Agency.. Cardiff Folk Against Fascism.. No.. 9!.. The High Priest The bastard son of Bob Dylan, Eminem and Bill Hicks.. (Mojo Magazine).. A guitar-toting, rapping priest, hectoring his audience about capit.. Cardiff Revolution.. Road to World revolution.. road to world rev.. World Social Forum Activists News Agency/Forum.. A Model Maximum-Minimum Programme For The Transition To Socialism ?? :.. PROGRAMME OF THE RUSSIAN SOCIAL-DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY : (Summer 1917 : Between the Bourgeois Revolution the October Socialist Revolution) : The develop.. Amnesty Blogs: WALES: HUMAN RIGHTS - HAWLIAU DYNOL.. Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Ogwr show support for victims of forced evictions in Nigeria.. Years 5 and 6 from Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Ogwr have taken part in Amnesty's Junior Urgent Action, Stop Forced Evictions, by making cards to express solidarity w.. Pippa Bartolotti.. 12th July - and yes, still in prison.. img src= .. Wrexham Socialist Party.. Wrexham Socialists.. Still Here !.. Yes.. We are still here, despite a few set-backs and tech-probs, we are back and stronger than ever ! We still meet weekly, at the usualtime/place and.. Welsh Antifa.. This is Welsh Antifa.. Welsh Antifa is a direct action group whose aim is to tackle the rise of the far right in and around Wales.. This group is here to unite Anti-fascists and t.. 3 years ago.. Political Landscaping.. Political Landscaping has Moved.. After a long break from blogging Political Landscaping has moved here to http://politicallandscaping.. com/ We really hope to see you there.. The Polemical Report.. Libyan intervention: Venal leaders exploit good intentions and prop-up bloody regimes.. [image: LIBYA] *Image Courtesy of B.. R.. Q* The humanitarian case for intervening in Libya is well-stated Libyan rebels faced an inevitable massacre.. Yet,.. Proper Tidy.. Filed under: Music.. North Wales Against Cuts.. Welsh Assembly Candidates Question Time.. On Wednesday, 20th April, North Wales Against Cuts in conjunction with the PCS Make Your Vote Count campaign will be hosting a Welsh Assembly Candidates Qu.. WARN.. BNP flop in Wrexham.. The BNP launched their Welsh Assembly election campaign in Wrexham yesterday morning, with five of their candidates, a security team, a handful of their su.. North Wales Shop Stewards Network.. Hundreds march against cuts in Bangor.. From North Wales Against Cuts: Hundreds of trade unionists, workers, students and service users attended a demonstration in Bangor today where a march an.. supertrampadventures | Rhyddid !.. There is an alternative London, March 26th 2011.. More than quarter of a million people marched in London yesterday, in protest against the ConDem government s cuts.. The BBC are focusing on expressing the.. Splott dad rants.. TUC March for an alternative.. I am looking forward to a pleasant day with many old, and some new, friends tomorrow.. I intend to peacefully exercise MY democratic right, to participate.. Aber Is Occupied.. Reasons for Supporting the UCU.. *Aber Students Against Cuts* *Statement in support of the UCU strike* Lecturers make up the main component of our education.. We support their fight for ad.. Everyones Favourite Comrade.. Outrage at the council revelations.. Originally written for the Socialism in RCT blog SP member of the ponty anti-cuts demoOn March 17th an article appeared on the WalesOnline website explainin.. Youth Fight for Jobs North Wales.. Youth Fight for Jobs to recreate Jarrow March.. Youth recreate Jarrow March for Jobs on 75th anniversary No return to the 1930s! This October will mark the 75th anniversary of the Jarrow March.. The Mabiblogion.. How I learned to stop worrying and love the Welsh referendum.. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.. Well, fear and a large inflatable pig that is.. Read the full article here.. Adamsdown Green Party | Plaid Werdd Adamsdown.. Elections are coming.. We are currently actively working to getting our first AM elected in the Welsh elections: http://wales.. greenparty.. org.. uk/index.. php?id=3325 If you can of.. Sustain Wales By Blog.. Yn dilyn lansiad llwyddiannus Emergence - Eginiad yn Chapter, Caerdydd, mis Hydref 2010, mae r ail ddigwyddiad yn cael ei gynnal yn Taliesin, Abertawe a.. ANTI-METRIX.. Batty Ieuan Wyn Jones.. One year after the 5million St Athan Public Inquiry, the groups critical of the plans are demanding Ieuan Wyn Jones - the Minister responsible for the dev.. Welsh Green Dragon.. City Car Club Launches in Cardiff.. There s a new, greener way to travel in Cardiff and it still involves the car.. It s called the City Car Club.. Based in Leeds, the City Car Club lets you hi.. Cardiff Occupation.. After the Student Protests What next in the Battle against Cuts.. After the Student Protests What next in the Battle against Cuts (Cardiff) Monday, December 13 7:30pm 9 pm Shandon Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Car.. Bangor Socialist Party.. S4C/anti-cuts demo Caernarfon tomorrow.. Demonstration tomorrow in Caernarfon in Gwynedd, organised by Cymdeithas.. Assemble at eleven.. Below is Wrexham Socialist s english-language leaflet for the.. John Jones, Llanfair T.. G.. Empire by Accident.. We live at the end of Britain's imperial period.. Since you see more of recent history than any other period of history, we are surrounded by a lot of Imper.. Roath Green Party.. LDP: Will the Council ignore residents again ?.. I just came across the news that Cardiff Council is to hold lots of public meetings between now and the end of the process of creating the new Local Deve.. Cardiff Central Greens - Fair is worth fighting for!.. I just came across the news that Cardiff Council is to hold lots of public meetings between now and the end of the process of creating the new Local Develo.. Pippa Bartolotti's Greenblog.. So many gods, so many creeds, so many paths that wind and wind, While just the art of being kind is all the sad world needs.. - Edith Wheeler Wilcox.. Climate Camp Cymru.. Climate Camp Cymru activists occupy Nant Helen open-cast coal mine.. Activists from Climate Camp Cymru invaded Nant Helen open cast coal mine in south Wales earlier today.. Despite disproportionate policing at the 2010 camp,.. South Wales to Gaza 2010.. Leaflet Draft for Meeting - jpeg as blogger won't accept pdfs.. Newport Green Party | Plaid Werdd Casnewydd.. Welcome to the Newport Green Party.. [image: Caroline Lucas and Pippa Bartolotti]The Green Party of England and Wales is a growing political movement promoting social and environmental justi.. Vote Ross 2010.. EDL Run Out of Town.. The English Defence League Double Demo turned out to be a double failure today.. Their boasts about having enough support in Wales to hold two demonstra.. 4 years ago.. Rob Williams - TUSC Candidate for Swansea West.. From Alec Thraves (election agent) - Firstly, thanks to all our members, supporters voters for their help in the campaign.. As expected, our TUSC resul.. Leftwing Criminologist.. 20 years ago: the Strangeways prison riot.. *from this weeks issue of the Socialist* On 1 April it was 20 years since the start of the Strangeways prison 'riot'.. The riot was a protest by prisoners.. Signed Yours Truly, with Love and Rage.. Popular Culture No Longer Applies To Me.. "MTV makes me want to smoke crack" -Beck It's not that I hate music.. It's not that all, I'm just extremely specific about what music I like.. I'm specific.. And Now For Something Completely Sectarian.. First Casualty of the Year.. After only a short period of existence, I regretfully inform people that I won't be updating this blog anymore.. I have just moved house and changed by job.. Heart Of A Nation.. Uganda Homophobia Must Be Stopped.. I wish to express my moral outrage at the piece of proposed legislation under consideration in Uganda.. It was proposed on 13 October 2009 by Member of Parl.. rotten methods.. Yesterday's News (lost in the wind).. This multimedia piece was performed at RWCMD in September 2009.. We live in a time of complete media saturation, of instant and constant news coverage.. There.. Newid means change.. Demarchy - can the people rule?.. *This article was first published on 23rd November 2009 in openDemocracy* In a small nation on the Western margin of the British Isles, amidst sheep and ro.. anarchol.. Armed But Not In The Old Way: Arguments for Welsh Syndicalism Past and Future.. by Ted Parry 1999 Introduction.. It has become fashionable for socialist and social-democratic elites, representatives and thinkers to deride emphatically.. Occupied Cardiff - Disarm Cardiff University!.. Setbacks and Campaign Building.. Over the summer a motion for an ethical investment policy was rejected by the University Council on the grounds that it was 'impractical', and our good fri.. Abergavenny Left.. Upcoming national event: Fighting For Marxism On Campus.. Saturday October 17 2009 Manchester Details TBC.. Capitalism is in its deepest crisis since the 1930s.. The world is at an historic turning point.. The crisis.. cymuned.. net.. Cymuned in Llangefni town centre as second step in Jobs For Locals campaign CyngorNi.. com.. Members of the community and language pressure group Cymuned will be running an exhibition stand in the centre of Llangefni from 2pm this Saturday (28/03/0.. 5 years ago.. CARDIFF ANARCHIST BLACK CROSS.. Benefit Gig For Edo Decommissioners and Greek Prisoner.. On April 11th we will be hosting a gig to benefit the EDO/ITT decommissioners and Greek prisoners involved in the riots in December.. Bands include AXIS OF.. The LEFT Alternative - Formerly Cardiff RESPECT.. MARCH ON THE ISRAELI EMBASSY ON SATURDAY.. *MARCH ON THE ISRAELI EMBASSYSTOP THE WAR ON GAZASTOP THE MASSACRE* *Saturday 10 January, Central LondonCoaches leave at 8 am, Museum Steps Cardiff an.. No Military Academy.. Welsh Campaigners Welcome St Athan Standstill.. Those working to halt the building of the proposed Military Academy at St Athan have welcomed this week s announcement by defence minister Bob Ainsworth th.. Luther ap Blissett.. Babi Badalov Campaign Video.. Video of a Demonstration in solidarity with Babi, 17 Sept from No Borders South Wales on Vimeo.. A demonstration took place outside the UK Border Agency.. Stop Ffos-y-Fran Opencast Mine.. Another break for the residents.. Since the demise of the old guard in Merthyr Tydfil Council, things have, on the whole, been quite different for the residents living near the mine.. The.. MalFunction's blog.. Forthcomin Attractions September - November 2008.. A selection of titles being distributed in the UK by Turnaround, due to be published between September - November 2008 plus a couple of other recent re.. Calan Mai.. Location for Calan Mai 2009.. The original call out for a marking of International Workers Day in Wales centered on a large event in Cardiff, there was a number of obvious reasons for t.. 6 years ago.. The PAD social centre.. PAD- looking for a new home.. The PAD at 118 Clifton Street is no more after having to move out last Sunday 10th February.. So what happens next? The search is on for another suitable ve.. Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign.. The real cost of the cruise industry.. One of the main sources of jobs for people on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua is the cruise line industry.. Many families are dependent on the remittances.. WHAT THE F.. A.. Q.. IS ANARCHY?.. SOUTH WALES ANARCHISTS: Who the f@ck are they then?.. South Wales Anarchists is not really a group, organisation or club of any sort, it is an umbrella under which lots of anarchists from South Wales come to.. 7 years ago.. welsh anarchos in russia 2006.. G8 2006 , What it was, was.. Whilst we were away them what didn't cross Offa's Dyke were busy wioth stuff at home, here's a run down.. we'll post photos l.. Bradley Manning Cymru.. Show 10.. Show All..

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  • Title: About / Ynglŷn â ~ Radical Wales
    Descriptive info: About / Ynglŷn â.. Loss of heart and burnout ends many people's contact with radicalism in Wales, as elsewhere.. Many of those who don't completely turn their back on politics end up compromising and accepting mainstream 'realities'.. This is partly because our respective movements suffer from visibility and image problems: the limited coverage given to protests and campaigns by the mainstream media fails to address the core reasons for discontent, and much of what's left of the radical media suffers from an inward looking culture that only preaches to the choir.. Radical Wales exists as an independent platform for considered radical political analysis, commentary and discussion.. Providing a space for the extra-parliamentary left of anarchists, communists, greens, left-republicans and socialists outside of the major political parties to explore issues important to them.. Inspired by the long line of rebels and revolutionaries who have stood outside and against the political process of the ruling class in Wales, we publish original articles that continue that tradition.. Check out our.. archive of articles.. by over 40.. contributors.. and feel free to leave a comment (.. comments policy.. ).. If you are interested in writing for us, please read our.. style guide.. and.. submit an article.. As well as a platform for original articles, we aims to be a hub for radical politics and an activist resource:.. Aggregator.. Directory.. Gallery.. Video.. Help keep the site up-to-date and relevant by.. telling us.. about any new campaigns, websites, events or anything else we should know about.. To be the first to hear  ...   i r côr' ac yn methu a chyrraedd pobol newydd.. Mae Radical Wales yn bodoli fel platfform annibynnol i sylwebaeth, ddadansoddiad a thrafodaeth radicalaidd o wleidyddiaeth yng Nghymru.. Gobeithiwn atynnu amrediad eang o erthyglau gan sbectrwm eang o anarchwyr, comiwnyddion, gwyrddiaid, gweriniaethwyr asgell chwith a sosialwyr.. Wedi eu hysbrydoli gan linach hir o chwyldroadwyr sydd wedi sefyll tŷ allan ac yn erbyn proses wleidyddol y dosbarth breintiedig mewn grym yng Nghymru, mi fyddwn yn cyhoeddi erthyglau gwreiddiol a fydd yn parhau gyda r traddodiad yma.. Cymerwch gip ar ein.. archif.. o erthyglau.. gan dros 40 o.. gyfrannwyr.. a gadewch sylw (.. polisi sylwadau.. Oes gennych chi ddiddordeb mewn ysgrifennu erthygl neu ddod yn gyfrannwr cyson? Darllenwch ein.. canllaw arddull.. a.. gyrrwch erthygl atom ni.. Yn ogystal â bod yn blatfform ar gyfer erthyglau gwreiddiol, yr ydym eisiau bod yn hwb i wleidyddiaeth radicalaidd ag yn ffynhonnell i ymgyrchwyr:.. Agreadur.. Calendr.. Cyfeiriadur.. Oriel.. Fideo.. Cyfryngau cymdeithasol.. Helpwch i ddiweddaru'r safle a'i gadw'n berthnasol drwy.. ddweud wrthym.. am unrhyw ymgyrchoedd newydd, gwefannau, digwyddiadau neu unrhyw beth arall y dylem wybod amdano.. Byddwch y cyntaf i glywed popeth sy n digwydd ar y wefan a rhagor, os gwelwch yn dda ymunwch ag ein rhestr e-byst.. Ni fyddwn yn gyrru neges atoch amlach nag unwaith y mis a ni fyddwn yn rhannu eich manylion gydag unrhyw un arall.. Gwadiad.. : Bydd holl gyfraniadau i r wefan yma yn cynrychioli'r person a sydd yn ei hysgrifennu ac nid yw o reidrwydd wedi yn farn i unrhyw un arall.. 16 hours ago..

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  • Title: Archive / Archif ~ Radical Wales
    Descriptive info: Archive / Archif.. Please enable JavaScript to view the.. comments powered by Disqus..

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  • Title: Contact / Cyswllt ~ Radical Wales
    Descriptive info: Contact / Cyswllt.. Name / Enw:*.. Email / Ebost:*.. Website / Gwefan:.. Subject / Pwnc:.. Message / Neges:*.. Upload / Uwchlwytho:..

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  • Title: Submit an article / Cyfrannwch erthygl ~ Radical Wales
    Descriptive info: Submit an article / Cyfrannwch erthygl.. As an independent platform for radical political analysis, commentary and discussion in Wales, we only publish original articles from certain perspectives and on certain topics.. Get in touch.. to discuss your ideas if you are unsure.. Though politics in Wales is often to the left of the rest of the UK, and there are even 'good comrades' in both the Labour Party and Plaid Cymru, this is not a platform for any of the major political parties.. Most of our contributors come from alternative radical political groups and individuals that are active in Wales (you can find them in.. the Directory.. We use 'radical' as a collective term for.. anarchist.. ,.. communist.. green.. left republican.. socialist.. politics.. Clumsy it may be,  ...   ongoing and retrospective.. Reports and reflection on radical action and protest.. Interviews, previews and reviews.. Organising and tactics.. Please read our.. before submitting.. Once registered as an author, contributors post directly to the site.. You can submit your first article for consideration here:.. Title:.. Illustration:.. I have read the.. Article (HTML disabled, put links in brackets):.. All copyright remains with the author.. To assure articles gain as much exposure as possible all.. articles.. on.. Radical Wales.. are licensed under a.. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.. 0 Unported License.. As such all articles can be reproduced with attribution without needing any further permission providing it isn't for commercial purposes.. I agree.. Name:.. Email:.. Biography (write in first person and include whatever you feel is relevant,.. like these.. ):.. Profile photo:..

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  • Title: NATO in Newport 2014 ~ Radical Wales
    Descriptive info: On 4th and 5th September 2014 the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport will be hosting this year's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (.. The selection of where these humanitarian interventions are prioritised points to.. an imperialist agenda.. , as they are directly linked to the strategic, economic and political benefit of the elite of NATO member countries.. Opportunistically using conflicts with the purported intention of ending them as a mask to further their interests.. This selective interventionism has led to criticism of failure to intervene in places of less importance, often where vastly greater atrocities are being committed.. Sometimes these inconvenient atrocities are not just being ignored, but have NATO complicity, if not by members themselves such as Turkey's.. atrocities against the Kurds in the 1990 s.. , then their client states like.. Indonesia's invasion of East Timor.. The most recent intervention was in.. Libya, where numerous war crimes were committed.. ; from bombing built up areas included.. media outlets.. civilian homes.. to supporting rebels that delivered collective punishment to whole villages for supposedly "supporting the Gaddafi regime".. Libya is the country with the most oil in Africa; low in sulphur and close to European markets.. After the invasion, NATO countries took oil from Libya as payment for their services.. NATO's role in the world is to.. serve the interest of the same elite that has caused and is profiteering from the  ...   two decades since the summit was last held in the UK, Gwent police have already.. started the hype.. , preparing for crowds of over 15,000 and.. scaremongering about cyber attacks.. , dubbing the summit as:.. "the biggest security event the UK has ever hosted".. that might explain why they have been staging an.. overblown terror attack training exercise.. approaching people in the street.. In these austere times, which disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in our society the hardest, government funding to NATO is grotesque, and the costs of this summit is alarming.. Food poverty is a public health crisis.. with many people going hungry, cuts in basic services a local level are staggering, Newport itself is set for.. 34 million in cuts by 2017.. CND have stated they will be protesting.. , as have.. Stop the War.. , a large group of people from across the political spectrum of Socialists, Greens, Anarchists, Welsh Nationalists, all kinds of anti-Militarists and many others have begun organising as NO NATO Newport and holding regular open organising.. meetings.. There have already been.. actions opposing the NATO summit.. in Newport.. A group known as Stop NATO Cymru, part of the.. Anarchist Action Network.. has launched their.. statement.. and are holding open meetings in south Wales and in locations across the UK, with a.. convergence in London on 22nd and 23rd February.. Tweet.. Tags:.. enviroment.. NATO.. Newport..

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  • Title: Contributors / Cyfrannwyr ~ Radical Wales
    Descriptive info: Contributors / Cyfrannwyr..

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  • Title: After the Snowden leaks: opposing internet surveillance ~ Radical Wales
    Descriptive info: Even though many internet activists and scholars had already foreseen a lot of what Snowden revealed and what journalists like Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras published over the past few months, the leaks have provided detailed proof of comprehensive surveillance and spy programmes that target all internet users (rather than just 'terrorists') and encompass even the sabotage of security tools and infrastructure.. If anything, they have made it impossible for governments as well as every-day Facebook users to pretend that such extreme interventions and blanket surveillance do not occur in democratic states and by trendy new-economy companies (remember Google's motto: 'Don't Be Evil').. Beyond detailed information about surveillance practices, the revelations also tell us something about broader trends in online communication, state security, and journalism.. As for internet communication, they remind us once more of the challenges to (or, potentially, the end of) the free borderless cyberspace.. Similar to the increasingly wide-spread filtering and blocking of content, surveillance points to fundamental restrictions of free online communication by governments and state institutions.. Further, the leaks highlight the problematic role of internet companies like Google and Facebook that are at the centre of programmes such as PRISM and work closely with state authorities.. They show us the  ...   the leaks, this was officially done under anti-terrorism legislation.. And the Guardian itself has been accused by the government as well as other media organisations of 'helping the terrorists'.. The raid by members of the security agencies of the Guardian offices back in summer and the destruction of Guardian computers that supposedly contained the Snowden files were just some of the worrying occurrences of the past months that seriously put press freedom in this country into question.. Opposition against state surveillance has taken different forms.. Many people have started to use anonymization tools such as.. Tor.. , have become interested in encryption tools such as.. PGP.. , or have started to use non-profit activist-based internet services such as.. Riseup.. net.. Aktivix.. Street protests have started as part of the campaign.. Stop Watching Us.. A global petition, supported by the leading digital rights organisations worldwide, is currently collecting signatures to.. demand an end to mass surveillance.. And organisations such as the.. are campaigning at the national level and putting pressure on the UK government.. A.. Cardiff chapter.. of the Open Rights Group is currently forming and will meet again in January.. Further events and meetings will be announced.. here.. digital rights.. internet.. privacy.. surveillance.. Newer Articles..

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  • Title: A talk on Black Power by former Black Panther activists. ~ Radical Wales
    Descriptive info: "As inheritors of the discipline, pride, and calm self-assurance preached by Malcolm X, the Panthers became national heroes in black communities by infusing abstract nationalism with street toughness by joining the rhythms of black working-class youth culture to the interracial élan and effervescence of Bay Area New Left politics.. In 1966, the Panthers defined Oakland's ghetto as a territory, the police as interlopers, and the Panther mission as the defence of community.. The Panthers' famous "policing the police" drew attention to the spatial remove that White Americans enjoyed from the police brutality that had come to characterise life in black urban communities.. " - Jama Lazerow.. The Black Panthers highlighted education as one of their demands stating; We want decent education for our people that exposes the true  ...   knowledge of yourself and your position in the society and in the world, then you will have little chance to know anything else.. As a product of the Welsh education system, I have been taught nothing about the Black Power movement and think it is great this talk is coming to Cardiff to educate and inspire us.. The Black Panthers fought against oppression; this talk, as well as informing us of past struggles could help us look at current struggles in our communities and the part we have to play in them.. Part of BLACK HISTORY MONTH.. Butetown Community Centre.. Sunday 6pm 13th October.. Refrences: Lazerow, Jama; Yohuru R.. Williams (2006).. In Search of the Black Panther Party: New Perspectives on a Revolutionary Movement.. Duke University: Duke University Press..

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  • Title: Submit an event / Cyfrannwch ddigwyddiad ~ Radical Wales
    Descriptive info: Submit an event / Cyfrannwch ddigwyddiad.. As well as being a platform for original articles, this site aims to be a hub for radical politics and an activist resource.. Please let us know about any protests, meetings or other radical events happening anywhere in Wales.. Date:.. Start Time:.. End Time:.. Place:.. Description:.. Please note: all submissions are reviewed before being added to the calendar..

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  • Title: Comments policy / Polisi sylwadau ~ Radical Wales
    Descriptive info: Comments policy / Polisi sylwadau.. We welcome comments, encourage debate and want to see discussion about all the articles on this site, but we do not commit to publish everything submitted.. We moderate all comments from new users, regular identified users have their login 'whitelisted'.. We will not publish:.. Flamming.. or abusive language.. Ad hominem.. or defamatory attacks.. Racism, sexism or any other bigotry.. Repetition or anything off-topic.. Relevant links are very welcome, please embed them in the relevant text.. If your going to write a long comment please properly format into paragraphs.. Don't cut and paste huge amounts of text from elsewhere, just provide the link.. If you've got a lot to say, why not consider.. submitting an article.. in response?.. We avoid doing any editing of comments but we may clean up bad grammer or mis-spellings and remove references to subsequent corrections  ...   holl sylwadau gan ddefnyddwyr sy n newydd i r wefan, bydd mewngofnod defnyddwyr cyson yn cael ei gwynrestru.. Ni fyddwn yn cyhoeddi.. Edliw neu iaith fygythiol.. Ymosodiadau ad hominem neu difriol.. Hiliaeth, rhywiaeth na unrhyw ffurf arall o ragfarn.. Yr ailadroddus neu unrhyw beth nad yw n berthnasol.. Croesawn ddolenni perthnasol, gosodwch hwy yn y testun perthnasol.. Os yr ych am ysgrifennu sylw hirfaith os gwelwch yn dda defnyddiwch baragraffau yn eich fformat.. Peidiwch dda chi a thorri a gludo darnau mawr o destun oddi ar rywle arall, rhowch ddolen.. Os oes gennych lawer i w ddweud, pam ddim ysgrifennu erthygl fel ymateb?.. Yr ym yn osgoi golygu sylw a adewir ond efallai mi fyddwn yn cywiro sillafu neu gamsillafu a dileu cyfeiradauyn son am y newidiadau yma (er enghraifft, sylw ynglŷn â gwall iaith).. Ni fyddwn yn newid ystyr nac yn cam-gynrychioli unrhyw sylw..

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