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  • Title: Race2Zero - Richmond students tackling carbon footprint in schools
    Descriptive info: .. Go to the main content.. About.. The story so far.. In the summer of 2010, we decided we were going to take charge of energy wastage in our school.. We wanted to do it our way: smart, focused and with tangible results.. We decided a competition would be the best way to get people to actually do things in an organised way to reduce energy wastage, and so came up with.. Race2Zero.. But we wanted this to be a communal thing as well, and worked together with other sixth-formers in the Richmond area to get support for.. , work out the mechanics of the competition and develop the brand.. We did pretty well, getting the support of local MP and leading environmentalist, Zac Goldsmith, head teachers, industry experts and, most importantly, sponsors prepared to stump up worthwhile incentives and prizes.. The.. steering committee is made up of the founding students only, and all decisions are made by us.. brand is all about students taking charge of energy wastage in their local space, and giving other students a results-oriented plan to do this.. James, Josh, Ollie, Cara, Chloe James.. Our.. sponsors.. Competition.. How it works.. Rules.. Tips.. Bonuses.. Rewards.. £5k Eco Makeover from nPower.. Ollie.. The Hampton Boys give a background of the project and some of its benefits.. James.. Josh.. Presentation 1.. Presentation 2.. Presentation 3.. Presentation 4.. Presentation 5.. Presentation 6.. Presentation 7.. Presentation 8.. Presentation 9.. Presentation 10.. Select a video.. Latest News.. Articles from Race2Zero about the schools involved and related news.. Check out our link on the AEA website.. 6th June 2011.. http://www.. aeat.. co.. uk/cms/race2zero-2/.. News stories for a Break time Magazine.. 27th March 2011.. We need your input for an article that Break Time Magazine (a leading teachers magazine) has asked  ...   and his team at Carbon Clear, and we will produce a league table very shortly.. Contact.. Talk to us, we want to hear from you! Please fill in the required (*) fields below, thank you.. Name*.. Business/School.. (not required).. Email*.. Telephone*.. Message*.. Useful.. downloads.. Sponsors Resources.. Some description about these downloads.. Race2Zero Sponsor Pack.. [.. download resource.. ].. Info Pack On Race2Zero.. Competitor Resources.. Race2Zero Energy Assembly Pack.. Race2Zero Resource Pack.. Heads Pack.. Carbon Footprint Template.. Carbon Management Leaderboard.. School.. Baseline footprint calculation (100).. Bonus for baseline footprint quality (50).. Measures school business travel (e.. g school trips) (50).. Total (200).. Notes.. 90.. 15.. 0.. 105.. b, e, f, g.. 85.. 10.. 95.. b, c, e, g.. b, g, h.. 80.. g, h, i.. Waldegrave School.. a, b, g, h.. Christ s School.. 65.. b, c, d, g, h.. a.. 10 points.. deduction.. due to a less quality of footprint calculation such as too high electricity consumption or waste disposal, not to include certain consumption data.. b.. due to entering the commuting mileage only for one day should have been (daily mileage * 4 months).. c.. 5 points.. if the data hasn t been entered for the each month.. d.. 20 points.. due to a footprint calculation for the wrong period such as Feb 2011 instead of Feb 2010.. e.. bonus.. due to filling up the bonus tab.. f.. due to filling up the bonus tab for the each month.. g.. 0 point not to include in school trips measures school business travel (e.. g.. school trips).. h.. 0 point for bonuses part due to the duplicating the data or not to entering any data.. i.. not to entering the commuting data.. All text copyright 2014 Race2Zero.. Email:.. e r er.. o.. Website design Nottingham.. by WOW Design Solutions..

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  • Title: Race2Zero - Richmond students tackling carbon footprint in schools
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