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  • Title: Pick your friend < Radacadabra
    Descriptive info: .. Jump to:.. Main content.. Main site navigation.. Home page.. Radacadabra.. Dancing around the world.. Utilities:.. Home.. Site map.. Contact.. Main sections:.. Audience.. Behind the Scenes.. Tour Bus.. Music Room.. Stage.. Dressing Rooms.. The Dance Studio.. Teachers.. Parents.. Pick your friend.. Hi, welcome to Radacadabra.. Wow, is this your first visit to Radacadabra? Well before you begin to explore our great website you can set up a few things first.. Step 1.. First tell us who you are.. Tell us  ...   a friend.. Choose Cruz.. Choose Jake.. Choose Jasmine.. Choose Occy.. Choose Polly.. Choose Tutti.. Choose Zhu-ting.. Choose Mam Bouffant.. All done, now just push this button!.. Useful links:.. Our parents are Royal Academy of Dance.. Design by Dotcog the cool web design company based in Greenwich, London, UK.. Radacadabra – Dancing around the World.. 36 Battersea Square.. London.. SW11 3RA.. United Kingdom.. postmaster@radacadabra.. org.. Terms Conditions.. Privacy policy.. More about RAD.. Copyright Royal Academy of Dance 2007-2014.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Find-a-fish challenge < The dance studio < Radacadabra
    Descriptive info: Would you like to have a go at June’s challenge?.. Subsections:.. Ask the team.. Find-a-fish.. Games.. Jokes.. Links.. Postcards.. Reviews.. Join our mailing list.. Find-the-fish challenge.. Hi, Zhu-ting here.. Someone is forever hiding my fish Turkish and Delight around the Radacadabra theatre! Can you help me find them and return them to their home? Once you’ve found them, click on them and you’ll see them appear in the Radacadabra fish bowl above.. Hint:.. They look like this…..

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  • Title: Site map < Radacadabra
    Descriptive info: Site map.. About the Royal Academy of Dance.. Contact Us.. RAD s Privacy policy.. Terms and conditions.. Click each title to expand or contract each item.. Radacadobe.. Review.. Gallery.. Behind the scenes.. Competitions.. Sign up.. Example postcard.. Jake.. Jasmine.. Past tours.. Tour Bus Competition.. Your letters to Jake Jasmine.. About Radacadabra.. Privacy  ...   Ask the Team.. Enews Bulletin.. Child Protection Policy.. Internet Safety Tips.. The future of Radacadabra.. Child Protection Policy.. Music box.. Understage.. International Summer events.. ABC of dance.. UK courses.. About RAD.. Did you know?.. Taking exams.. Parts of the stage.. Performances.. Dressing Room.. Team biographies.. Dress the dancer.. The Royal Academy of Dance..

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  • Title: Contact us < About < Radacadabra
    Descriptive info: Contact us.. Please tell us your thoughts, comments and queries.. Send us a message.. Main contact details.. Royal Academy of Dance.. Radacadabra, 36 Battersea Square.. Telephone:.. +44 (0)20 7326 8002.. Royal Academy of Dance is a Charity Registered in England No.. 312826.. VAT Registration No.. GB 603 176371.. Credits.. Editorial Management..  ...   the Marketing, Communications and Membership team.. Design Programming.. Cog design –.. www.. cogdesign.. com.. Original Concept and Design (1999 - 2007).. Mytton Williams, Kathryn Cullen, Mia Romanus, Bruce Marriott, Richard Bevan, Rachel Boden, Kathryn Cullen Louise Hammond, Bruce Marriott, Katie Wall, GravityWell , Peter Okwesia Jonathan Still.. Music Composition.. Jonathan Still..

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  • Title: Audience < Radacadabra
    Descriptive info: Welcome to the Radacadabra Theatre – take your seat….. The Auditorium is where the audience take their seats before the performance begins.. You know when the performance is about to start because the audience hushes, the music begins, and the curtains rise … and the dancers are ready to perform in front of your very own eyes.. Have you got a question for a member of the Radacadabra team? Click on ‘Ask the Team’ to get your question answered by your Radacadabra specialist!’..

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  • Title: Behind the scences < Radacadabra
    Descriptive info: Find out what happens back stage with our cheeky team Tutti Cruz.. They've had some exciting adventures – have you signed-up for their free email?.. Back stage there is a lot of action; dancers prepare to go on stage, the wardrobe supervisor makes sure all the costumes look perfect and the stage manager directs the crew and cast.. Here, cast and crew can also take the opportunity to relax between performances.. Why not check out the Radacadabra games, read our jokes, or ask the team a question.. Start exploring..

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  • Title: Tour bus < Radacadabra
    Descriptive info: Tour Bus.. Hello dancers! Jake and Jasmine are back on the open road again and are performing on different stages all over the world!.. Hey, Jake Jasmine here! We're currently on tour! You can find out where we are and what we're up to by signing up to our postcards! Use the menu on the left to find out more..

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  • Title: Music room < Radacadabra
    Descriptive info: Hello, I’m Octavius but you can call me Occy.. The Music Room is a place where people from the orchestra keep their instruments and practise for performance.. Hover over the instruments to hear how our theme tune sounds when played by different instruments….. Occy is a 12 year old male octopus from the North Pacific Ocean and he can always be found  ...   to further his musical abilities.. He enjoys drumming, playing the keyboard and the piano.. Occy has a rather annoying habit of drumming his tentacles.. His ability to play instruments with his 8 tentacles makes him a unique musician.. He would like a zubraphone for Christmas (the latest in underwater musical technology!).. Have you met Occy yet?.. Click here to read more about Occy..

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  • Title: Stage < Radacadabra
    Descriptive info: Welcome to the Radacadabra Stage! If you are ever looking for Zhu-ting you will often find him here! Zhu-ting used to love performing on a stage but focuses mainly on choreography now.. The stage is an area that a performance takes place on where actors and dancers perform a play or a dance in front of an audience.. Did you know that there are actually different types of stage including:.. Proscenium Stage:.. In a theatre with a Proscenium Arch, the audience sit  ...   : Thrust stages are similar to proscenium stages but part of the stage extends out into the auditorium so that the audiences sit all around it.. Theatre in the Round:.. At a theatre in the round, the audience sit all the way around the stage (on all sides of the stage) and the dancers or actors dance and act in the centre.. The main difference between the types of stage are what they are used for and exactly where the audience sit..

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  • Title: Dressing room < Radacadabra
    Descriptive info: Dressing room.. Bonjour my dear!.. I am Madam Bouffant and welcome to the Radacadabra Wardrobe! This is where we make and keep all the costumes and where the dancers get ready to go on stage.. Making costumes.. Did you know that designing and making costumes is a very important part of a production?.. At the start of every production I meet up with the director or  ...   study the script and research the time that the production is set so as to understand the style that the costume should be designed in.. After sketching the costume designs I work with a team of costume makers who turn my sketches into real costumes! I am always looking for inspiration for new costumes so you will often see me with my note pad and camera..

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  • Title: The dance studio < Radacadabra
    Descriptive info: Studio Time.. Cruz Polly love perfecting their moves, and their teacher Zhu-ting is just the person to help.. Come in to find out more….. Welcome to the Radacadabra dance studio.. This is where Cruz and Polly come to perfect their moves.. If you click on an item above, you’ll be able to find out a little more about the item or one of our Radacadabra characters.. You can also use the menu on the left to find out about summer events, courses, exams and much more..

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  • Archived pages: 236