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  • Title: Welcome to Rabbit Rescue & Rehab
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Vets.. Adoptions.. Donations.. Join.. Articles on Care and Behavio.. r.. Nail Trimming and.. Handling Video.. Online Videos.. Sources for Good Hay.. Newsletters.. HRS National Website.. Online Rabbit Groups.. Placing Your Rabbit.. Wish List.. Recommended Reading.. Site Map.. Contact Us.. Rabbit rescue and Rehab is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization whose primary.. goals are to:.. Rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent indoor homes for them.. Educate the public and assist humane societies through publications on rabbit care, phone consulation, and educational sessions upon request.. Volunteer Appreciation Day.. Sunday, September 14, 3-8pm.. Nine Reasons for Keeping Your Bunny Indoors.. Ten Tips on Coping With Pet Loss.. From a rabbit's point of view: how they see us.. Video:.. See what it's like to live with a companion rabbit.. Wild Rabbits' Nests.. Articles.. on rabbit care and behavior.. NYC Metro Rabbit  ...   Claire has a splattering of fawn-biege speckles running down her back.. Both are spayed/neutered, and both are young Alex is around 5 months old, and Claire is probably a year, if that.. Both are extremely friendly and gentle, and enjoy being stroked and loved especially right between the eyes by humans.. Claire is a bit more relaxed about handling than Alex, but both are ultimately cooperative.. Alex and Claire are looking for a home where they can stay together and snuggle with each other for the rest of their lives.. Our current bi-monthly newsletter.. THUMP.. is available for pdf file download.. VIDEOS:.. How to Take Care.. of a Pet Rabbit.. Learn how to take care of a pet rabbit from bunny lover Amy Sedaris and rabbit expert Mary E.. Cotter, Ed.. D.. , LVT, in.. these 49 Howcast videos..

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  • Title: Rabbit Resue & Rehab — Veterinarians
    Descriptive info: Here's our recommended vet list for the New York metropolitan area.. Please note.. that many clinics have multiple veterinarians, and our recommendations are for specific veterinarians in those clinics.. If you cannot get an appointment with a recommended vet at one clinic, do not assume (no matter what you are told by the clinic) that other vets in the same clinic can help your rabbit.. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the vets on this list, please contact.. Mary Cotter.. at (914) 337-6146.. When you make an appointment with any of these vets, please tell them you were referred by us.. WESTCHESTER COUNTY:.. Gil Stanzione, DVM.. 381 Dobbs Ferry Road.. White Plains.. (914) 421-0020.. Click to view map.. Laurie Hess, DVM.. Veterinary Center for Birds and Exotics.. 709 Bedford Road.. Bedford Hills, NY 10507.. Tel: (914) 864-1414.. Email: info@avianexoticsvet.. com.. LONG  ...   Hospital.. 606 Patchogue Rd.. (Rte 112).. Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776.. (631) 473-0415.. MANHATTAN:.. Becky Campbell, DVM.. Debora Levison, DVM.. Symphony Veterinary Center.. 170 West 96th Street.. New York, NY 10025.. (212) 866-8000.. Katherine Quesenberry, DVM.. The Animal Medical Center.. (see her hours below).. 510 East 62 Street.. New York, NY 10021.. (212) 838-7053, (212) 329-8622.. Mon.. , Tues.. , Thurs.. 9:30- 2:30.. Friday 9:30-9:30.. Wednesday 3:30-6:00.. Alex Wilson, DVM.. Anthony Pilny, DVM.. The Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine.. 568 Columbus Avenue.. New York, NY 10024.. (212) 501-8750.. Shachar Malka, DVM.. Humane Society of New York.. 306 East 59th Street.. New York, NY 10022.. (Between First and Second Avenues).. (212) 752-4842.. Rabbit Rescue Rehab is a nonprofit rescue and education group.. We welcome your.. feedback.. and appreciate your.. donations.. Please.. join.. today!.. Articles on Care and Behavior.. Nail Trimming and Handling Video.. Rabbit-Savvy Vets.. Placing Your Rabbit..

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  • Title: Rabbit Rescue and Rehab Adoptable Rabbits
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  • Title: Rabbit Resue & Rehab — Donations
    Descriptive info: Rabbit Rescue Rehab is a not-for-profit corporation in New York State.. Donations to Rabbit Rescue Rehab are tax-deductible.. MAIL.. your check (made out to.. Rabbit Rescue Rehab.. ) to:.. Gabrielle Lamanna, Carriage Lane 7, New Fairfield, CT 06812-2564.. OR.. you can make a donation though Paypal by clicking the button below:.. YOUR DONATIONS ARE USED FOR:.. spaying and neutering all rescued rabbits.. providing veterinary care for needy rabbits..  ...   supplies.. puppy exercise pens.. food and water bowls.. commercial garbage bags.. towels.. toys,.. carrying cases.. litterboxes.. carpet strips.. washable cotton rugs.. synthetic sheepskin.. pill crushers, feeding syringes, etc.. prescription (and other) drugs and subcutaneous fluids for foster rabbits.. creating and distributing educational materials.. is a nonprofit rescue and education group.. Our Newsletters.. Want to Adopt a Rabbit?.. Need a Home for Your Rabbit?.. Membership.. Online Rabbit Care Groups..

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  • Title: Rabbit Resue & Rehab — Membership
    Descriptive info: How to join the House Rabbit Society.. Please support our rescue work by becoming a member of House Rabbit Society.. You can join your local NYC HRS chapter, as well as national HRS by writing a check or by paying with a credit card through Paypal.. 1.. LOCAL MEMBERSHIP.. Membership in NYC HRS  ...   newsletter.. ), along with the downloadable.. membership form.. to:.. pay the $18 membership fee to Rabbit Rescue Rehab through Paypal.. 2.. NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP.. Membership in national House Rabbit Society.. $18 per year.. includes.. House Rabbit Journal.. House Rabbit Society.. ), along with the.. downloadable.. to:.. pay the $18 national HRS membership fee through Paypal..

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  • Title: Rabbit Resue & Rehab — Articles on Care & Behavior
    Descriptive info: Here are our collected links to articles on care and behavior of house rabbits.. Those that take you off our site will be marked with an asterisk [*] next to the link.. articles.. are now available online.. Rabbits Revisited.. (in.. Adobe Acrobat.. 's PDF format).. The cover story from ASPCA.. Animal Watch.. , Spring 2001.. Nine Common Rabbit Myths.. 's PDF format).. Your  ...   Over a Shy Bunny.. Spay or Neuter My Rabbit?.. HELP! My Bunny's Sick and I Can't Reach My Vet!.. Gastrointestinal Stasis: The Silent Killer.. (for owners).. Ileus in Domestic Rabbits.. (for veterinarians).. This article appeared in the August/September 2000 issue of.. Exotic D.. V.. M.. Magazine.. 10-Point Primer for New Bunny Families.. For a text version of this Primer, please contact.. mec@cloud9.. net..

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  • Title: Rabbit Resue & Rehab — Video
    Descriptive info: If you have trouble cutting your rabbit's nails, now you can get some help.. This 38-minute video will show you a technique that's gentle and non-traumatic for both you and your bunny.. This technique is simple and straightforward, and does not involve trancing or any special restraining equipment (such as bags, bunny burritos, etc.. ).. To order, make out your check to.. Rabbit Rescue Rehab, and mail it to:.. c/o Mary Cotter, #5C.. 56 West Pondfield Road.. Bronxville, NY 10708.. The video is $20, and postage is $4.. 60.. (.. total $24.. ).. Please write nail video somewhere on your check.. For nail cutting video inquiries, please contact.. RAVE REVIEWS OF THE VIDEO:.. You need, need, need to get the nail clipping/bunny handling video.. from NYC HRS!! It's well worth the money.. I did four sets of bunny feet in less than two hours, mostly by myself.. The fact that I can clip any bunny's nails even unknown quantities, such as foster bunnies is a testament to how easy the technique makes it.. Amanda Lenz,.. I just got mine a few days ago, and I was truly amazed by the method.. I tried it on my Lily, who's the absolute worst bun I have when it comes  ...   of our adoption days on different buns this past weekend and it worked like a charm once again.. I'm hooked on this technique.. I even showed one of the ladies that brought her bunny in how to do it at home.. Jennifer Schissler.. I just wanted to say I got my nail cutting and handling video from New York House Rabbit Society;.. tried it last night and it worked!!.. We trimmed our two buns nails last night.. no fuss!!! My husband put Maddy up on the table and I left the room for a minute.. When I came right back, he was done with her nails and she is our hardest one to do!!.. Sarah Anderson.. Check out the New York City HRS web site for an excellent video which shows an amazing,.. much less stressful and much better way to handle and trim nails.. I've actually had rabbits flop down and relax when I'm trimming their nails using this technique.. Kirk Lowis.. Check out the nail-cutting video.. The technique shown for picking up rabbits is terrific.. Using the method shown, I can pick up any rabbit, even those who are scared and aggressive.. I work at a shelter, and this video is a godsend.. Kathy Spalding..

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  • Title: Companion rabbit video
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  • Title: Rabbit Resue & Rehab — Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Catnip Carrots.. (Dr.. Jennifer Saver).. (516) 877-7080 (sells several brands).. American Pet Diner.. www.. americanpetdiner.. 1-800-656-2691.. Oxbow Hay.. oxbowhay.. 1-800-249-0366.. Sweet Meadow Hay.. (mostly in the northeast).. sweetmeadowfarm.. (508) 574-6925 ask for Al..

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  • Title: Rabbit Resue & Rehab — Newsletters
    Descriptive info: Read all about what's happening in our area chapter and get current rabbit care and health information.. 2014:.. Fe.. bruar.. y.. |.. April.. June.. 2013:.. December.. October.. August.. |.. February.. 2012:.. February.. 2011:.. | J.. une.. Apri.. l.. 2010:.. August.. 2009:.. October.. Download Back Issues:.. 2004.. 2003.. 2002.. 2001.. Adobe.. pdf format).. Comments or ideas for stories, contact.. net.. Many of our articles are now available for reading online.. Index to.. ThumpApril18,2012.. 2011..

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  • Title: Rabbit Resue & Rehab — Online Rabbit Groups
    Descriptive info: Online Rabbit Groups.. Etherbun:.. An unmoderated forum for exchanges on the health, care, behavior, and biology of pet rabbits.. Although this list is unmoderated, it is monitored i.. e.. , an advisory committee carefully enforces topic restrictions, in order to prevent unwanted volume.. Petbunny:.. An unmoderated forum for people primarily interested in rabbits as pets, although many other topics are also discussed.. Off-topic discussion is often high, and list volume, therefore, tends to be quite high.. NYCbuns:.. A list for local (NYC area) bunny owners..

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