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  • Title: R4All :: Getting started with R | An Introduction for Biologists :: Book & Courses
    Descriptive info: .. R4All :: Getting started with R.. An Introduction for Biologists :: Book Courses.. Menu.. Skip to content.. Home.. Our Philosophy.. The Book.. Datasets.. Corrections.. Scripts.. The Courses.. Booster.. Bespoke.. Who are we?.. Testimonials.. Updates / News.. Contact us.. We specialise in teaching R to those who ve never used it before.. Just as good is if you ve used it, or are using it, but want  ...   helps you up the initially steep learning curve, while providing an efficient, reliable, and simple method for using R.. Our book: Getting Started with R, An Introduction for Biologists, was written from the course.. Find out more here.. Tweets from @GSwithR.. Tweets by @GSwithR.. Share.. Recent Posts.. Maximum likelihood 1.. Adjusted r-squared demo.. A second edition?.. Meta.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress.. org.. Proudly powered by WordPress..

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  • Title: Our Philosophy | R4All :: Getting started with R
    Descriptive info: For the uninitiated, R has a rather steep learning curve.. We ve developed a functional, example based approach to boosting you up the steepest part of the curve.. We also focus on teaching you how to use R in a way that maximises your efficiency, productivity, and sanity.. We start with that often elusive step of how to get your data into R.. We pay special attention to equipping you to learn.. We equip you with  ...   skills as and when you need them.. The core functional portion of our courses is a module on importing data, exploring data and visualising data.. This module provides the foundation on which we build all other components and provides a consistent approach to all methods in R.. We use informative, interactive lectures with directed and self-directed practicals.. We are also a bit geeky and love to talk about R after work (at the pub, etc.. )!..

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  • Title: The Book | R4All :: Getting started with R
    Descriptive info: Getting Started with R An Introduction for Biologists.. “.. Blowing away any feeling of intimidation is what this book is about.. ” Graeme Ruxton,.. Trends in Ecology Evolution.. Designed for undergraduates, grad students and staff, we show you how to.. import, explore, graph, and start analysing your data,.. keeping you focused on your ultimate goals.. A.. simple.. , easy, and engaging introduction to R for biologists.. Walks readers through the fundamentals of using R, from that.. first  ...   Delivers an efficient, accurate,.. reliable, and reproducible workflow.. We provide a simple, efficient, reliable, accurate, and reproducible workflow for you in an engaging and sometimes humorous format.. Getting Started with R its the book you and your students want to read before all the others.. Available in hardcover or paperback.. OUP UK.. ::.. OUP USA.. Amazon UK.. Amazon USA.. Visit us at :.. www.. oup.. com.. Beckerman Lab.. Petchey Lab.. Follow us and the book on Twitter: @GSwithR..

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  • Title: Datasets | R4All :: Getting started with R
    Descriptive info: Datasets used in the book.. The datasets we use are listed below (our names for them in brackets).. DOWNLOAD ALL OF THEM IN ONE ZIP FILE:.. GSWR_datasets.. Three via Mick Crawley from his “.. The R Book.. ” and from.. Statistics An Introduction Using R.. ”.. Root-Shoot Biomass Data (compensation.. csv).. Garden Ozone Data (ozone.. Growth Data (growth.. One via Quinn and Keough’s “.. Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Biologists.. Limpet Data (limpet.. One via Phil Warren.. Ladybird (its made up; thanks Phil!; its 4 numbers so no need to download)..

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  • Title: Corrections | R4All :: Getting started with R
    Descriptive info: OK, so we re not perfect corrections for the first and second impressions are in this pdf:.. If you spot any other things that need correcting, please email us.. Thanks!..

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  • Title: Scripts | R4All :: Getting started with R
    Descriptive info: The Script for figure 4.. 6, referred to on Page 49, is here:.. Fig-4.. 6-Script.. R..

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  • Title: The Courses | R4All :: Getting started with R
    Descriptive info: We offer two types of course, most charged at a fixed rate for up to 30 participants ideal for departmental training grants.. Booster Course.. This is to designed to quickly boost you up to being productive using R.. Bespoke Course.. This is up to you boost your use of R up to wherever you like.. We’ve run our courses at:.. Oxford University (Zoology); Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) Wallingford;.. Univeristy of East Anglia; Stirling University;  ...   Stokholm Resilience Centre; McGill University; University of Concepcion (Chile);.. Durham University; University of Hull; Plymouth University.. Our typical 4 day Syllabus:.. Import, Explore, Graph.. Translating Basic Statistics to R.. Generalised Linear Models and Linear Mixed-Effects Models.. Graphics/Multivariate Methods/Bring Your Own Data.. For more details, check out the course specific pages (.. ,.. ).. To Book, please contact us @.. a.. beckerman(at)sheffield.. ac(dot)uk.. o.. petchey(at).. ieu.. uzh(dot)cz.. Spaces and Times are limited.. Now considering courses for 2013/2014..

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  • Title: Bespoke | R4All :: Getting started with R
    Descriptive info: We offer a range of modules that you can combine to make your and your staff s optimal course.. These modules concern implementing more advanced statistical analyses in R, such as mixed effect modelling, survival analysis, programming, and advanced visualisation.. Typical course length depends on experience.. With limited knowledge of R, we recommend 4-5 days; days 1-3 are the Booster course, followed by bespoke modules and often a clinic afternoon (or more) of BYOD: Bring your own data.. For a full list of available modules and further details,.. contact us..

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  • Title: Who are we? | R4All :: Getting started with R
    Descriptive info: Dr.. Andrew Beckerman.. (left).. Senior Lecturer in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield.. Andrew s research centres on phenotypic plasticity, food webs, and the many processes that link behaviour, population dynamics, and community structure.. His phenotypic plasticity research extends from the genetic and endocrine basis of plasticity through to the community consequences of it (mostly of Daphnia).. His work on food webs aims to reveal how foraging behaviour constrains the complexity and structure of large food webs.. He also dabbles in parrot conservation.. Andrew has used R for about 12 years, with particular expertise in general and generalised linear models, survival analysis, mixed effects models and programming.. Owen Petchey.. (right).. Associate Professor, Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Zurich.. Owen s research focuses on the causes and consequences  ...   expertise in multivariate statistics, spatial data, programming, maximum likelihood estimation, and advanced visualisation (i.. e.. , nice graphs!).. Dylan Childs.. (top).. NERC Research Fellow and Lecturer.. in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield.. Dylan is a population biologist with pure and applied research interests.. He uses models to understand population dynamics and natural selection in laboratory and free-living populations, with a particular emphasis on how demographic and ecological processes interact to shape selection in changing environments.. Dylan has been using R for over 10 years, and has extensive experience using C and WinBugs.. Owen, Dylan and Andrew have experience with Windows and OS X and are at least familiar with Mathematica, C variants, Matlab, Octave, Excel, Minitab, Systat, Sigmaplot, SAS, and GLIM.. However, they use only R (and some C variants)..

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  • Title: Testimonials | R4All :: Getting started with R
    Descriptive info: What they re saying about us.. “The book would make the ideal text for a short course on data management and presentation – it truly packs an amazing amount of wisdom and wit between slim covers.. ”.. “This command-line interface is part of what makes R wonderful, but also what can make it intimidating to get started on.. “A final strength of this book is that it does not try to do too much, its aim is to get you comfortable with R, not to teach you new statistical methodologies.. Book Review in Trends in Ecology and Evolution.. , by Graeme D.. Ruxton, University of St.. Andrews.. THE BOOK.. “I ve honestly got to say that it has been extremely helpful in my reacquaintance with R! I found the conversational and colloquial tone of the manuscript very effective in getting points across to the inexperienced R user (ie.. me).. In the past, referring to other R textbooks has left me feeling even more bewildered and confused than I originally was, as they all seem to assume that the inexperienced reader knows everything there is to know about R before they ve consulted the book, whereas your manuscript explains everything SIMPLY from the start (I found this very important as I had very little, if any, remembrance of using R) in a very easy-to-follow and  ...   steepness of the learning curve.. A book that could help people up that curve would be very popular.. -REviewer 5.. The book is timely and relevant to a large number of courses being taught.. -Reviewer 7.. The way that the book is set up is good from the perspective of the things you are probably going to be doing in R.. R is very task oriented.. THE COURSES.. I thought the course was excellent and wish I’d started using R five years ago.. Thank you!.. “Very, very helpful.. Saved me about a year of my PhD!”.. Department of Biology, McGill University, Montreal (20-22 April 2009).. “ A brilliant demonstration of what multivariate methods are good for and how to implement them in R.. Andy Hector, Zurich University.. This is the best course I ve been on in the last 5 years.. Durham Anthropology and Biology (10-12 March 2008).. Spanish.. Faculty of Natural Science and Oceanography, Universidad de Concepción, Chile (20-22 April 2009).. Foi uma grande oportunidade para alunos e professores poderem assistir a esse curso no Brasil.. Sua filosofia permite que alguém aprenda o R de maneira intuitiva e perceba as suas muitas poderosas ferramentas.. O curso permite que alguém tenha uma transição suave de programas estatísticos orientados por menus para o R.. Marco Batalha, Federal University of São Carlos, Brasil (12th Nov 2008)..

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  • Title: Contact us | R4All :: Getting started with R
    Descriptive info: Name:.. *.. Email Address:.. Subject:.. Message:..

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