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  • Title: Home - Radicalism and New Media Research Group
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Who we are.. About us.. Paul Jackson.. Anton Shekhovtsov.. Mark Pitchford.. William Berridge.. Simon Sneddon.. Kirstie Best.. Nick Hartop.. Anne Eason.. Jane Callaghan.. Matthew Feldman.. Advisory board.. Consultancy.. Public talks.. Specialist training packages.. Reports and bespoke original research.. Hosting conferences and events.. Developing funding proposals and formal partnerships.. Informal Partnerships.. Bill Toyer, Our Enterprise and Innovation Manager.. Activities.. Conferences.. The British Far Right in Transition.. A Special Relationship of Hate?.. Populist Racism in Britain and Europe since 1945.. Think Global, Hate Local.. Fascist Radicalism and the New Media.. Speaking With Forked Tongues.. Publications.. Books.. Reports.. Searchlight articles.. Working papers.. Book series.. Mapping the Far Right.. Explorations of the Far Right.. Partners.. Searchlight Magazine.. Show Racism the Red Card.. Media.. Far Right Forum.. Far Right Forum.. A ‘neutral space’ for sharing ideas and best practice, one facilitated and monitored by a university research group, and designed to help foster such debate.. The British Far Right in Transition.. On  ...   printing and aesthetic styles used by modernist movements in the arts, to the mass propaganda techniques of twentieth century dictatorships, to the use of new media by current waves of far right and Islamist organizations, the nature of modern radicalism has repeatedly been marked by synergies that have developed between revolutionary, and extremist, ideas and new types of media communication.. In the media.. Dr Paul Jackson on the World This Week programme (Islam Channel).. Contact us.. Radicalism and New Media.. University of Northampton.. Park Campus.. Boughton Green Road.. Northampton.. NN2 7AL.. 01604 735500.. Director:.. Dr Paul Jackson.. E-mail.. Bill Toyer.. Tel: 01604 892166.. Mob: 07702 958517.. For media enquiries,.. please contact.. Tel: 01604 89 2575.. National news.. International news.. Austria: Two neo-Nazis get jail sentences.. Ban sought on concert of Hungarian neo-Nazi.. Serbian mercenaries fighting in eastern Ukraine.. Civil servant who made zionist plot remarks suspended.. Slovak media closing online discussions due to hatred and racism.. Back to Top..

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  • Title: About us - Radicalism and New Media Research Group
    Descriptive info: The Radicalism and New Media Research Group.. The interaction between new forms of media, and radical political and cultural perspectives, has repeatedly transformed the modern world.. Both in contemporary settings, and historically, this has been a dynamic relationship.. To explore and analyze aspects of this dynamic, the Radicalism and New Media research group was set up in 2009.. It was first and foremost conceived as an interdisciplinary research unit to foster innovative research and consultancy projects.. Based at the University of Northampton, it quickly developed a public facing approach to academic research, and so, working in collaboration with academics and professionals at a wide range of institutions, it has pursued both original, peer-reviewed analysis and pragmatic, collaborative engagements with UK based practitioners.. To date, the research group has developed a notable specialism in the politics of the contemporary far right, both in Britain and across the world.. This has included analysis of the growth and plateauing of contemporary social movements, such as the English Defence League, that have cultivated new communities of support primarily via new media communication.. It has also helped to foster new networks  ...   research group is now cultivating new project partners, and wider research concerns, to more fully map the synergies between changing media engagement, and radical politics and social activity.. Our diverse capabilities draw on the University of Northampton’s core expertise in modern cultural and political History, Law, Psychology, Criminology and Criminal Justice.. Developing this dynamic research agenda in a consciously inter-disciplinary manner brings together new perspectives, leading to innovative thinking in particular on the key issues of freedom and security that are being posed by new media developments.. We are keen to hear more from potentially interested partners, so if you would like to find out more about our work, or have ideas for collaborative research or consultancy, please do get in touch.. For more information.. :.. Dr Paul Jackson, Director.. School of Social Sciences.. The University of Northampton.. Bill Toyer, Enterprise Innovation Manager.. Enterprise and Innovation Manager.. Recent publications.. White Power Music: Scenes of Extreme Right Cultural Resistance.. Edited by Anton Shekhovtsov and Paul Jackson.. Great War Modernisms and 'The New Age' Magazine.. Paul Jackson.. The EDL: Britain’s ‘New Far Right’ Social Movement.. Paul Jackson (lead author)..

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  • Title: Paul Jackson - Radicalism and New Media Research Group
    Descriptive info: My research interests focus on the relationships between culture, politics and violence, combining both modern history, and more contemporary concerns.. Throughout my academic career, I have worked on projects spanning the global history of fascism, the European far right, the extremes of British fascism (both in the interwar and postwar period), and revolutionary politics in twentieth century British history.. As well as publishing my own research, detailed below, I have developed a number of editorial roles too.. For example, I co-edit Wiley-Blackwell's peer reviewed journal.. Compass.. :.. Political Religions.. , and am an editor of the Mapping the Far Right booklet series.. As Director to the Radicalism and New Media Group, I am always eager to become formally or informally engaged in a wide range of consultancy work with various state organisations, and charities, on issues concerning contemporary far right extremism and collaborative projects countering radicalisation.. Reports.. Lone Wolves.. Myth or Reality?.. , Gerry Gable and Paul Jackson (Searchlight, 2011).. The E.. D.. L.. Britain's Far Right Social Movement.. , Paul Jackson,.. et al.. (RNM Publications, 2011).. Monograph, edited volumes and encyclopaedias.. Great War Modernisms and  ...   in Europe.. An Encyclopedia.. Peter Davies with Paul Jackson (Greenwood, 2008).. Historical Encyclopedia of World Fascism.. Cyprian Blamires with Paul Jackson (ABC Clio, 2006).. Selected refereed articles and book chapters.. ‘“The Hooked-Cross, The Symbol of Re-Awakening Life”: The Memory of Ian Stuart Donaldson’, and ‘Conclusions’, in.. ‘Introduction’ and ‘.. 2083.. –.. A European Declaration of Independence.. : A Licence to Kill’, in.. The Framing of the Far Right Since 1945.. ‘Islamophobia and the English Defence League’,.. Religion Compass.. (forthcoming 2012/13).. ‘English Defence League: Anti-Muslim Politics Online’, and ‘Conclusions’,.. ‘Extremes of Faith and Nation: British Fascism and Christianity’,.. , 4/8 (2010).. ‘“The Exquisite Moment”: May Sinclair’s Vision of a New Spiritual Reality Forged through War’,.. Minerva.. Women and War.. , 1/2 (2007).. ‘“We Killed in Ourselves a World in Order to Raise Another, High as the Sky”: Corneliu Codreanu’s For My Legionaries (The Iron Guard) as a Case Study in Fascist Ideological Production’,.. Anuarul Institutului de Istorie din Cluj.. (2006).. ‘“Union or Death!”: Gavrilo Princip, Young Bosnia and the Role of “Sacred Time" in the Dynamics of Nationalist Terrorism’,.. Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions.. , 7/1 (2006)..

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  • Title: Anton Shekhovtsov - Radicalism and New Media Research Group
    Descriptive info: Anton Shekhovtsov.. Dr Anton Shekhovtsov.. My research interests include but are not limited to new radical right-wing parties in Europe, far-right culture in general and far-right music in particular, varieties of interwar European fascism (especially Ukrainian fascism), and New Right movements.. I am General Editor of the.. Explorations of the Far Right book series.. at.. -Verlag (Germany), and a member of the Editorial Board of.. Fascism.. Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies.. (Brill).. I am also an English to Russian translator specialising in Social Sciences.. Monograph.. New Radical Right-Wing Parties in European Democracies: Determinants of Electoral Support.. (Stuttgart:.. -Verlag, 2011) [in Russian].. Edited volumes.. Music and the Demonization of the Other.. (London: Routledge, 2014), forthcoming.. White Power Music: Scenes of Extreme-Right Cultural Resistance.. (Ilford: Searchlight and RNM Publications, 2012) [co-edited with Paul Jackson].. Radical Russian Nationalism: Structures, Ideas, Persons.. (Moscow: Informatsionno-analiticheskiy tsentr “Sova”, 2009) [in Russian; co-edited with Aleksandr Verkhovsky and Galina Kozhevnikova].. Chapters in edited volumes.. “From Para-Militarism to Radical Right-Wing Populism: The Rise of the Ukrainian Far-Right Party Svoboda”, in Ruth Wodak, Brigitte Mral, Majid KhosraviNik (eds),.. Right Wing Populism in Europe: Politics and Discourse.. (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2013),.. forthcoming.. “European Far-Right Music and Its Enemies”, in Ruth Wodak, John E.. Richardson (eds.. ),.. Analysing Fascist Discourse: European Fascism in Talk and Text.. (London: Routledge, 2013),.. (Co-authored with Andreas Umland) “Is Aleksandr Dugin a Traditionalist? Russian ‘Neo-Eurasianism’ and Perennial Philosophy”, in Arthur Versluis, Lee Irwin, and Melinda Phillips (eds),.. Esotericism, Religion, and Politics.. (Michigan: Michigan State University, 2012), pp.. 129-154.. “Far-Right Music and the Use of Internet: Final Conflict and the British National Party Compared”, in Paul Jackson, Gerry Gable (eds),.. com: Nationalist Extremism on the Internet.. (Ilford: Searchlight,  ...   (2011), pp.. 203-228.. (Co-authored with Andreas Umland), “.. National Extremism that Failed? Radical Right-Wing Politics in Ukraine and the Riddle of the Electoral Marginality of the Ukrainian Ultra-Nationalists in 1994-2009.. " [in Ukrainian],.. Politychna krytyka.. , No.. 17-34.. (Co-authored with Andreas Umland) “Right-Radical Party Politics in Post-Soviet Ukraine and the Riddle of the Electoral Marginality of the Ukrainian Ultra-Nationalists in 1994-2009” [in Russian],.. Ab Imperio.. 10, No.. 2 (2010), pp.. 219-247.. Apoliteic.. Music: Neo-Folk, Martial Industrial and ‘Metapolitical Fascism’.. Patterns of Prejudice.. 43, No.. 5 (2009), pp.. 431-457.. (Co-authored with Andreas Umland) “.. Is Aleksandr Dugin a Traditionalist? ‘Neo-Eurasianism’ and Perennial Philosophy.. The Russian Review.. 68, No.. 4 (2009), pp.. 662-678.. Aleksandr Dugin’s Neo-Eurasianism: The New Right à la Russe.. 3, No.. 697-716.. “New Right-Wing Radicalism: The Definitional Issue” [in Russian],.. Vestnik SevGTU.. 91 (2008), pp.. 141-144.. “Features of Political Culture and the Electoral Support for New Radical Right-Wing Parties in European Countries” [in Ukrainian],.. Politologychnyy visnyk.. 37 (2008), pp.. 237-246.. The Palingenetic Thrust of Russian Neo-Eurasianism: Ideas of Rebirth in Aleksandr Dugin’s Worldview.. 9, No.. 4 (2008), pp.. 491-506.. “The New Radical Right in Europe as a Subject of Domestic and Foreign Academic Research” [in Russian],.. Naukovyi visnyk “Gileya”.. 9 (2007), pp.. 299-312.. “Right-wing Radicalism: A Terminological Issue” [in Russian],.. 84 (2007), pp.. 154-158.. “Radical Right-wing Radicalism in Modern Greece: General Context and Prospects of Development” [in Ukrainian],.. 8 (2007), pp.. 182-195.. By Cross and Sword: ‘Clerical Fascism’ in Interwar Western Ukraine.. 8, No.. 2 (2007), pp.. 271-285.. “Religious Origins of the Taliban Ideology” [in Russian],.. 78 (2006), pp.. 257-265.. “Mircea Eliade’s Concept of a ‘New Man’ as a Form of Political Opposition” [in Russian],.. 71 (2006), pp.. 3-9..

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  • Title: Mark Pitchford - Radicalism and New Media Research Group
    Descriptive info: Mark Pitchford.. Dr Mark Pitchford.. Visiting Research fellow at King’s College, University of London.. Amongst other peer-reviewed article, he is the author of The Conservative Party and the Extreme Right (Manchester University Press, 2011).. He is also the Managing Editor of E-extreme; edits the.. newsletter for the Standing Group on Democracy and Extremism.. ; and acts currently acts as the Reviews Editor for the European Consortium for Political Research Book.. He has recently written a chapter profiling the EDL’s leaders and followers, which is part of his ongoing research..

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  • Title: William Berridge - Radicalism and New Media Research Group
    Descriptive info: William Berridge.. Dr William Berridge has recently taken up a three year post at Northampton after completing a PhD in Sudanese History at Durham in 2011.. His PhD research focused on the history of policing, prisons and homicide trials in colonial and early post-colonial Sudan, and this has been complemented by recent research on Sudan’s ‘morality police’.. He has published material on political violence in the Egyptian Revolution of 1919, and is now composing a monograph on the history of Sudan’s two civilian uprisings of 1964 and 1985.. His work deals with topics such as post-colonialism, Islamic radicalism, and ‘post-Islamism’.. He has travelled to Sudan on a number of occasions, and engaged in volunteering there.. Published Work.. ‘“What the  ...   of North African Studies.. 17 (2012), pp.. 239-257.. ‘Object lessons in violence: the rationalities and irrationalities of urban struggle during the Egyptian Revolution of 1919’,.. Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History.. 12 (2011).. ‘Sudan’s security agencies: fragmentation, visibility, mimicry, 1908-1989’,.. Intelligence and National Security.. (Available via Ifirst).. ‘Ambivalent ideologies and the limitations of the colonial prison in Sudan, 1898-1956’,.. Journal of Eastern African Studies.. 6 (2012), pp.. 444-462.. In Press.. ‘“Guarding the Guards”: the failure of the colonial state to govern police violence in Sudan, c.. 1922-1956’,.. Journal of Northeast African Studies.. (To be published in late 2012).. ‘The ambiguous role of the popular, society and public order police in Sudan, 1983-2011’,.. Middle Eastern Studies.. (Estimated publication date 2013)..

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  • Title: Simon Sneddon - Radicalism and New Media Research Group
    Descriptive info: Simon Sneddon.. I came to Northampton after a 2-year research post with the University of Cambridge, where I was the research assistant (and sole legal member) of an interdisciplinary project investigating Environmental Valuation in Europe (EVE).. I now represent the School of Social Sciences on the University Senate, and am the Teaching staff representative on the University's Governing Council, and the University Court.. I'm also a member of the Academic Advisory Team for the Radicalism and New Media research group, which is part of the School of Social Sciences.. Outside work, I'm a keen walker and have spent several weeks hiking (and living in a tent) in  ...   several 10k races and a half marathon in 2010.. I am also a follower of Northampton Saints Rugby Club, and Reading Football Club.. My RNM interests focus on the legal aspects of terrorism and radicalism.. I am currently working on research looking at the relationship of radical environmentalist groups and the internet, and this is part of a wider interest in environmental protest.. I am also involved in research outside the radicalism sphere, looking into topics as diverse as environmental law and student engagement in Higher Education.. I am keen to become involved on a formal or informal basis in further research and consultancy involving environmental radicalism..

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  • Title: Kirstie Best - Radicalism and New Media Research Group
    Descriptive info: Kirstie Best.. Kirstie’s teaching and research interests are primarily in relation to human rights, with particular emphasis on the balance between individual rights and the interests of the public and State, and the potential ‘chilling effect’ of the law on human rights.. She is a principal lecturer in Law, with operational responsibility for undergraduate and postgraduate Law courses, and currently co-ordinates the learning and teaching strategy for the School of Social Sciences.. Kirstie is a board member for the Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council..

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  • Title: Nick Hartop - Radicalism and New Media Research Group
    Descriptive info: Nick Hartop.. Course Leader and Senior Lecturer – Offender Management Applied Criminal Justice Services, University of Northampton.. Nick has been a practitioner within the Criminal Justice System for over a decade and has a history working with young people, homelessness, drug and alcohol users, Youth Justice Teams and as an ‘Offender Manager,’ co-ordinating the multi-agency supervision of ‘Priority and Prolific’ and other ‘High  ...   the ‘Offender Management’ programme at the University of Northampton, also working as a consultant in the field of criminal justice, lecturing, designing applied training and supporting external, community based agencies and the secure estate on behalf of the University.. Nick is a member of The University’s New Media Radicalism Team and The Centre for Children and Youth, based within the School of Social Sciences..

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  • Title: Anne Eason - Radicalism and New Media Research Group
    Descriptive info: Anne Eason.. Anne has a long history in working with offenders who fall within the category of public protection and has been an Operational Manager within the Criminal Justice Sector for several years.. She has managed a team of practitioners working predominantly with ‘high risk of harm’ offenders and had organisational responsibility for the Safeguarding Children agenda.. Multi-agency working through MAPPA and closely with other statutory agencies, Anne has a  ...   impact of the criminal justice system on victims of domestic abuse, the management of sexual offenders and the PREVENT and CONTEST agenda.. Now a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and the Criminal Justice Services at the University of Northampton, her academic background is initially Criminology and then completing an MA Community and Criminal Justice at De Montfort University, Leicester.. Anne continues her voluntary work in Youth Offending and with mental health..

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  • Title: Jane Callaghan - Radicalism and New Media Research Group
    Descriptive info: Jane Callaghan.. Dr Jane Callaghan.. Jane trained as an Educational Psychologist, in South Africa, and moved to the UK in 1999 to pursue doctoral studies in psychology.. Her academic interests are broad ranging, unified by an interest in critical and discursive approaches.. Her work covers issues relating to mental health, professional identities, race, gender, class and ethnicity, migration, and violence.. Current projects include internet usage and identities, and the construct of whiteness in post apartheid South Africa..

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