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  • Title: Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Racewalk West.. |SOURCE FOR BRITISH COLUMBIA COMPETITIVE WALKING.. ABOUT US.. JOIN.. RESULTS.. EVENTS.. TRAINING.. LINKS.. CONTACT US.. Next Event.. Vancouver Racewalk May 2, 2010.. Straight leg/foot on the ground.. The members of Racewalk West invite you to come in and enjoy our site.. We have a wide variety of skills and talents and we're more than willing to share them with you.. The title of this page describes the two basic rules of Racewalking.. The rules were put in place to assure that all competitors would proceed by means of a fair walk.. There must be continuous contact with the ground, no flight phase as you see in running.. A racewalker must also maintain a straight leg from the time the foot touches the ground until the hip passes over the foot, this gives us our characteristic wiggle.. And there you have it.. That's all the  ...   Columbia Athletics team.. Working closley with UBC Thunderbirds head coach Marek Jedzejek, Gerry was brought in to work with a very talented group of athletes who make up the most successful single event on the UBC Athletics team.. The 2007/2008 season saw UBC dominate the NAIA Athletics Chamionships on both the Women's and Men's side of the racewalk event.. The 2008/2009 season looks to be even better as a couple of new faces on the UBC Track team open the possiblity of a sweep of the Racewalk medals on both the Women's and Men's sides this year.. In order maintain this dominant position coach Gerry will be using a web based training management system from TrainingPeaks.. com, video analysis software from Dartfish.. com and several other state of the art training aids to design and implement a multi-year and year round development program for the UBC athletes..

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  • Title: About Us
    Descriptive info: About Us.. Racewalk Westwas formed in 1999by a small group of competitive walkers who saw a need for an organisation that could provide leadership for racewalkers in British Columbia.. Since our start we have been able to provide sanctioned events, workshops, information and most importantly, high-level quality coaching.. Our ahtleteshave been national champions and international competitors.. We also actively encourage masters, non-competitve and fitness walkers to take part in our training and other activities..

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  • Title: Join
    Descriptive info: Join.. We welcome anyone to join our club who is a resident of British Columbia and has a sincere interest in racewalking.. Your level of activity with the club is dependant on your interest and committment.. We have access to some of the best quality coaching in North America and we have some of the best walkers in North America in  ...   of our members are recreational walkers or hikers who want to gain an edge on the slopes.. All members are treated with respect and as individulals regardless of age or ability.. We also have a heck of a lot of fun, particularly as we pass some of the local runners in events or on workouts.. Competition Membership Form.. Masters/Fitness Membership Form..

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  • Title: Results
    Descriptive info: 2008 Results.. The listing below shows the resultsfrom the events listed on our events page.. Date.. Event.. Location.. Feb 24.. Victoria Racewalk.. (Road).. Galloping Goose, Victoria, BC.. Mar 16.. Burnaby Spring Racewalk.. (Track).. Commentary.. Bby Secondary, Bby, BC.. Apr 5.. SFU Invitational (Track).. SFU Athletic Field, Bby, BC.. Apr 26.. Seattle Racewalk (Track).. West Seattle Std, Seattle, WA.. May 10/11.. IAAFRacewalk World Cup  ...   May 24/25.. NAIA Championships (Track).. Ralph Korte Std, St.. Louis, MO.. Jul 5.. Canadian Championships (Road).. U of W Std, Windsor, ON.. Jul 11.. World Junior Champs (Road).. Bydgoszcz, Poland.. Jul 12.. BC Championships (Track).. Kamloops, BC.. Jul 19/20.. NACAC U-23 Champs (Road).. Toluca, MEX.. Aug 16.. US/Canada Jr Dual (Track).. Victoria, BC.. Sep 13.. Edminton International Racewalk (Road).. Hawrelyk Park, Edomonton, AB..

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  • Title: Events
    Descriptive info: 2010 Event.. The 2010 Vancouver Racewalk will be held this year on May 2.. We will be using the Coal Harbour course again this year.. The course is an out and back loop of 1.. 667 Km (3 laps for 5k) with the Start/Finish line located in front of the Coal Harbour Community Centre.. There will be womens and mens categories for Youth (17 and under), Junior (18-19), Senior and Masters (35+) all races will start at the same time.. Start time will be 10AM.. Vancouver Racewalk Registration Form.. Coal Harbour Course Map and Course Description.. Event Results..

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  • Title: Training
    Descriptive info: Training.. RACEWALK SPECIFIC:.. Basic Racewalk Warmup Drills.. - dymanmic mobility exercises to get you going strong.. Lydiard Training.. - generally a running training system but applicable to any endurance activity.. Morozov - Development of Young Racewalkers.. - Russian system basics for early racewalk training.. Elite Racewalk Training Overview.. - All the parts of a elite trianing program on a single page.. Coaching Philosophy Explained.. - Philosophy, Ethics and how they fit together.. GENERAL TRAINING:.. Perfect Practice.. - a UK article on the importantce of perfecting technique during training.. Training Concepts.. - a unconventional broad conceptual framework  ...   lap times for desired effort.. Treadmill Pace Chart - 10k #1.. - same as above but for treadmill workouts.. Treadmill Pace Chart - 10k #2.. - same as above with an extention of goal times.. NUTRITION.. :.. Training Diet Action Plan.. - a primer on the elements of an athlete's dietary requirements.. Meal Plans.. - a primer on designing meals based on the Diet Action Plan.. Iron Indicator.. - Iron requiremnts and sources.. Calcium Counter.. - Calcium requirements and sources.. Nutrition and Athletic Performance.. - long and technical but lots of depth and easy to understand..

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  • Title: Links
    Descriptive info: Links.. Here are a few links to sites in Canada and around the world that have information about racewalking:.. Canandian:.. Bytown Walkers.. (Ottawa).. Kinsman Racewalkers.. (Edmonton).. London Pacers.. Ontario Racewalkers.. (Toronto).. USA.. Exhaustive listing of US and Other World Racewalk Sites.. Racewalk.. com.. Dave's World Class Racewalking.. Athletics Organisations:.. BC Athletics.. Athletics Alberta.. Ontario Track Field Association.. Athletics Canada.. Canadian Masters Athletics Association.. International AmateurAthletics Federation.. World Masters Athletics..

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  • Title: Contact_Us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. We can be reached by email at: racewalk@shaw.. ca..

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  • Title: Map Content
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  • Title: Play Hard
    Descriptive info: The Philosophy/Ethics Relationship.. Philosophy.. Descriptive in its nature.. Contains values, aspirations and the means of attaining them.. Collected wisdom of self/others.. Ethics.. Prescriptive/Proscriptive in its nature.. Contains rules that set boundaries for behavior.. Imposed externally with personal augmentation..

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  • Title: Personal Coaching Philosophy
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