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  • Title: Radioactivists
    Descriptive info: .. The Documentary.. Blog.. The Film-Makers.. Events.. Screen it.. Press.. Order DVD.. Contact Us.. A Film by Julia Leser and Clarissa Seidel.. Protest in Japan since Fukushima.. Language.. Deutsch.. English.. Radioactivists.. RADIOACTIVISTS is a documentary film project under the German film-makers Julia Leser and Clarissa Seidel.. The two of us have been shooting in Tokyo from end-April to mid-May 2011, we have accompanied the rallies and demonstrations within that time, and we have talked to all those critical voices about the current situation: scientists, journalists, activists and bloggers.. The documentary »RADIOACTIVISTS - Protest and Discourse in Japan since Fukushima« wants to explore the Japanese protest culture under the effects of Fukushima and to illuminate the backgrounds of the current movements, protests and critical voices, which keep getting louder, not only in Japan.. The situation in Japan made clear that a new phase of political and social fight has just begun, which forces us to act now.. Follow @ginger_blonde.. Categories.. Announcement.. Discourse.. Event.. Interview.. Japanese politics.. Movement.. Photography.. Screening.. Teaser.. Trailer.. Uncategorized.. Tags.. 3.. 11.. 9/11.. Activism.. Alternative Media.. Amateurs' Revolt.. Anniversary.. Anti-Nuclear Demonstration.. Anti-Nuclear Movement.. Arrestment.. Art.. Capitalism.. Crowdfunding.. D.. I.. Y.. Documentary.. Drums of Fury.. Freedom.. Fukushima.. Illcommonz.. Japan.. Japanese Parliament.. Mainstream Media.. No Nukes.. No Restart.. Nuclear Policy.. Nuclear Power.. Nuclear Reactor.. Police.. Prison.. Protest.. Protest Culture.. Protest Movement.. Protest Songs.. Radioactivity.. Shibuya..  ...   well-established, compared to other countries.. There is merely one exception: S.. hir.. ō.. to no ran.. ( Amateur s Revolt ), a group of creative activists, who fight for more freedom in public space and an inventive.. Do It Yourself.. -culture in the alternative area of K.. enji, Tokyo.. The activists involved in.. Shir.. to no ran.. organized the biggest demonstration in Japan since the 1970s, which took place on April 10.. th.. , just one month after the earthquake.. This protest gathered more than 15.. 000 people demonstrating against nuclear power.. Furthermore, the mobilization of those anti-nuclear protests brings up a lot more subjects of discussion, for instance the work- and living conditions in the nowadays capitalism and globalization.. The documentary.. wants to explore the Japanese protest culture under the effects of Fukushima and to illuminate the backgrounds of the current movements, protests and critical voices, which keep getting louder, not only in Japan.. RADIOACTIVISTS Protest in Japan since Fukushima.. Germany/Japan 2011, 72 min.. Directed Produced by:.. Julia Leser Clarissa Seidel.. Editor:.. Clarissa Seidel.. Additional Photography:.. Arseny Rossikhin.. Associate Producers:.. Roger Zehnder, Yoshihiro Akai.. Graphic Design:.. Clemens Berger René Hänsel.. Original Music:.. Junsuke Kondo, We Want Wine, ECD.. Translation:.. Yasuo Akai.. Featuring:.. Yoshihiko Ikegami, Chigaya Kinoshita, Hajime Matsumoto, Keisuke Narita, Yoshitaka Mori, Human Recovery Project.. ©2011 Ginger Blonde Productions.. Legal Notice.. Webdesign by.. Lulisaurus..

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  • Title: Blog « Radioactivists
    Descriptive info: Japanese Government finally unveils plans for nuclear phase out.. Posted: 14th September 2012 by.. clarissaliv.. in.. ,.. One year ago it still seemed unlikely, but now Japanese government actually unveils its plans for a nuclear phase out in the 2030s.. In June 2012, we decided to end our documentary Radioactivists on optimistic terms, hoping that the anti-nuclear protests would grow bigger and bigger and eventually call the government s attention now, when we talk after film screenings, it s unbelievable, even for us, how far anti-nuclear protesters got.. After receiving 80.. 000 letters of citizens demanding the nuclear phase out, prime minister Yoshihiko Noda gives in and announces the government s plan for a nuclear phase out.. It seems almost ironic, that the politician who had been preaching the return to nuclear energy, now chooses this path to raise possibilities for his re-election.. Read the rest of this entry.. Isabel Pichler writing for RADIOACTIVISTS.. Posted: 4th September 2012 by.. Du Fuchs.. Tags:.. Human Chain.. March 11.. Prime minister.. Hi dear RADIOACTIVISTS out there!.. It s me: Isabel.. Some time has pased since Clarissa kindly presented my short-video Voices Against Indifference and I really feel that now it s my turn to give you some news!.. Since the last blog entry some time has pased summer has come and is nearly gone already if I see the colour of the leaves of the trees here in Northern Italy were I currently am.. In Japan, summer is not over, in contrary, it s still really hot and humid.. However, tens of thousands of citizens have continued to chant against the restart of Japan s nuclear reactors.. They didn t stop for summer vacation, but organized protests against nuclear power and the miss-action of the japanese government throughout juin, july and august.. Just to remind you:.. On June 16, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda decided to restart the Oi nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture.. On July 5 it became the first reactor to be restarted since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 of last year.. However, the protesters efforts are beginning to have an effect.. Massive Human Chain Around the Japanese Parliament.. Posted: 30th July 2012 by.. Restart.. On July 29, 2012, tens of thousands of anti nuclear power protesters formed a human chain around Japan s parliament building in Nagatacho, Tokyo.. The police attempted to herd them into a narrow  ...   Meanwhile, hundreds of people tried to block the entrance to the reactors in Ōi and stop workers from entering the power plant.. And of course people protested in other Japanese cities, in Ōsaka for example.. Live streams via Ustream made it possible to follow these demonstrations all over Japan for the whole weekend.. Under the slogan.. Stop nuclear power plants! Stop Noda!.. the Amateurs Revolt, which we focussed on in RADIOACTIVISTS, held a demonstration as well on July 1.. You can see some pictures.. here.. Another action took place at the other side of the world: In New York, people from.. Todos Somos Japon.. showed solidarity with the Japanese protesters and conducted a.. hunger strike.. in front of the Japanese consulate.. Articles in English are also available in.. Mainichi.. and the.. NY Times.. Voices Against Indifference.. Posted: 18th June 2012 by.. Unfortunately we have to start this blog post with sad news: After our last entry where we pointed to the cut off of the last Japanese reactor, we now have to announce the ending of this situation.. Last weekend Kansai Electric Company (KEPCO) turned on the reactors of the nuclear power plant in Ooi and thus ended the 6 weeks long period of a nuclear free Japan.. A collective of anti-nuclear activists published an open letter calling for solidarity actions and protests against this.. Please read.. for further information.. Besides that we re still trying to raise awareness for the Japanese anti-nuclear movement by showing our film RADIOACTIVISTS.. We were present at a screening in Berlin a couple of weeks ago in order to have a chat with the audience who had just seen the film, when a young woman voiced her critique that we ve merely presented one group of activists in the film although the anti-nuclear scene in Tokyo and Japan is very diverse.. She is very right in this point and we had a vivid exchange about this topic.. She has come back from Japan very recently was very active in the movement during her stay.. And she also made short film, that tells some background information about the organization of the demonstrations which we could not include in our film.. So we proudly present Isabel Pichler and her very interesting piece.. and hope that she will soon summarize the current situation of the Japanese anti-nuclear movement in a separate blog post.. Until then, enjoy.. Older Entries..

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  • Title: Events « Radioactivists
    Descriptive info: Upcoming Events:.. if you are interested in screening the film, click.. Past Events:.. March 11, 2014.. Screening of RADIOACTIVISTS.. 8 pm,.. KuZe.. , Hermann Elflein Str.. 10, Potsdam.. 7 pm, University of Wollongong, Building 20 Communications), Room 3, Wollongong, Australia.. December 14, 2013 March 30, 2014.. Radioactivists as part of the exhibition.. global aCtIVISm.. ZKM | Museum für neue Kunst, Lorenzstrasse 19, Karlsruhe, Germany.. January 15 and 19, 2014.. Broadcasting on.. TIDE TV.. Jan 15 at 10:30 pm, Jan 19 at 10:00 pm.. December 22 and 29, 2013.. Broadcasting on.. Alex Berlin.. Dec 22 at 9:45 pm, Dec 29 at 9:45 pm.. December 25, 27 and 29, 2013.. Dec 25 at 8:15 pm, Dec 27 at 3:45 pm, Dec 29 at 9:15 pm.. December 10-15, 2013.. Fernsehen in Schwerin Offener Kanal.. at various times, please check out the.. schedule.. July 05, 2013.. Screening of RADIOACTIVISTS.. (film-makers present).. at the.. Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften der Universität Halle-Wittenberg.. 7:30 pm, Universitätsplatz 9, Melanchtonianum, Hörsaal XVI,.. Halle (Saale).. June 25, 2013.. 7:30 pm,.. Lichtmess-Kino.. , Gaußstr.. 25,.. Hamburg-Altona.. March 12, 2013.. Fukushima and the Japanese Anti-Nuclear-Movement.. 7 pmVortrag mit Lichtbildern über den Reaktorunfall und seine Folgen.. 8 pm Radioactivists.. Nachbarschaftsetage Fabrik Osloer Str.. , Osloer Str.. 12,.. Berlin.. March 3, 2013.. (film-maker Clarissa Seidel present).. 6 pm, WerkStadt e.. V, Emserstr.. 124, Berlin-Neukölln.. October 07, 2012.. RADIOACTIVISTS reloaded (film-makers present).. 6 pm, video installation based on RADIOACTIVISTS Protest in Japan since Fukushima at the opening weekend of.. KunstDoc Leipzig.. , Eisenbahnstr.. 15,.. Leipzig.. October 12, 2012.. Screening of RADIOACTIVISTS at.. Berlin (film-maker Clarissa Seidel present).. (Double feature with Food and Radiation ).. 6:15 pm,.. Moviemento.. , Kottbusser Damm 22,.. December 10, 2012.. 8:00 pm, Luxkino am Zoo, Seebener Straße 172,.. Halle/Saale.. (an event by.. Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Sachsen-Anhalt.. ).. September 13, 2012.. (film-maker Clarissa Seidel present).. 7:00 pm, Moritzhof, Moritzplatz 1,.. Magdeburg.. September 18, 2012.. 5:30 pm, Kiezkino, Bertolt-Brecht-Straße 29,.. Dessau.. New York City, United States.. August 5, 2012, 1:15 pm,.. Community Church NY Gallery Room.. , 28 East 35th St.. (btwn Park Madison Aves.. ), NY, 10016.. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.. July 13, 2012, 8:10 pm,.. 2nd International Uranium Film Festival.. , Cinema of the Modern Art Museum – MAM.. London, UK.. July 07, 2012, 5:30 pm,.. East End Film Festival.. , Genesis.. June 23, 2012.. Hans Peter Zimmer Stiftung.. , Ronsdorfer Str.. 77a, Düsseldorf.. June 17, 2012.. at.. Occupy Berlin.. , 7th Berlin Biennale.. KW Institute of Contemporary Art Museum, Auguststr.. 69, 10117 Berlin.. June 08, 2012.. Grünes Kino,.. Grüne Neukölln.. , Berthelsdorfer Str.. 9, Berlin.. Tokyo, Japan.. June 06, 2012, 6:30 pm,.. OAG.. , 7-5-56 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo.. June 02, 2012.. 8.. 00 pm, Room 004, Ehrenbergstraße 26–28, 14195 Berlin Haus 5, at.. Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften.. , Free University Berlin.. May 25, 2012.. Screening of RADIOACTIVISTS at the.. 13th Japan Filmfest Hamburg.. 4:00 pm, PROJEKTOR, Sternstr.. 4, Hamburg.. Brussels, Belgium.. May 21, 6:30 pm,.. One World International Human Rights Film Festival Brussels.. , Goethe Institut, Rue Belliard 58, B-1040 Brussels.. May 17, 2012.. 6.. 00 pm, Room ESA-O 221 at Asien-Afrika Institut,  ...   Forum – Pace University: 1 Pace Plaza, Room E327 New York, NY (.. registration required.. March 8/10/14, 2012.. Prague, Czech Republic:.. | Category: Youth Quake.. Screenings:.. March 8, 5:15pm at Světozor velký sál.. March 10, 1:30pm at Lucerna.. March 14, 8pm at Městská knihovna.. March 13, 2012.. Screening of RADIOACTIVISTS (film-maker Clarissa Seidel present).. 7:30pm,.. Cinémathèque Leipzig.. , Karl-Liebknecht-Str.. 48, Leipzig, Germany.. March 11th.. Original Version in Japanese with English subtitles.. 7:00 pm,.. Koi Klub.. Yes but no-Party , HBC, Berlin.. 11:30 am,.. Cineplex Planken.. , Mannheim, Germany.. March 10.. 10am at.. FCCJ.. (schedule address see.. ), Tokyo, Japan.. The Foreign Correspondents Club in Japan.. March 8, 2012.. 9:30pm,.. Kommunales Kino Freiburg.. , Germany.. March 7, 2012.. RADIOACTIVISTS.. 7:15 pm,.. Kino Passage.. , Erlenbach, Germany.. March 6, 2012.. Kino im Sprengel.. , Klaus-Müller-Kilian-Weg 1, Hannover, Germany.. March 4, 2012.. RADIOACTIVISTS Sunday s matinee screening (film-makers present).. 12pm,.. March 3, 2012.. February 29, 2012.. 8pm,.. City 46.. , Bremen, Germany.. February 28, 2012.. 8:30pm,.. Programmkino Rex.. , Wilhelminenstr.. 9, Darmstadt, Germany.. Fukushima one year after the catastrophe.. - Discussion with Akiko Yoshida (Friends of the Earth Japan) and Koichi Koike (farmer from Fukushima); Parts of RADIOACTIVISTS will be shown.. 7pm, Kellertheater Hamburg, Johannes-Brahms-Platz 1, Hamburg, Germany.. February 27, 2012.. Screening of RADIOACTIVISTS and Discussion.. Aftershock Energy politics after the catastrophe of Fukushima.. with: Akiko Yoshida (Friends of the Earth Japan), Mycle Schneider (Nuclear Expert, France), Hubert Weigner (BUND Germany), Jürgen Trittin (Green Party, Germany).. 5pm, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Schumannstr.. 8, Berlin, Germany.. February 26, 2012.. 1pm,.. February 25, 2012.. 6pm,.. February 23, 2012.. February 7, 2012.. Presentation by Clarissa Seidel, Fukushima within Social Media, traditional media and society (in German).. 7pm, Tazcafé, Rudi-Dutschke-Str.. February 8, 2012.. Screening of RADIOACTIVISTS, presented by BUND Dresden (film-makers present).. Cinema Schauburg.. , Dresden, Germany.. January 27, 2012.. Screening of RADIOACTIVSTS.. 3pm, University of Trier, Hörsaal 2 in the A/B Building, Campus 1, Trier, Germany.. Screening of RADIOACTIVISTS, presented by Masanori Oda (Illcommonz).. 6pm, Tsukuba University, Central Campus, 2B409, Ibaraki, Japan.. January 08, 2012.. Screening of RADIOACTIVISTS presented by Grüne Hochschulgruppe of the.. European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder).. 9pm, Brot Zucker.. January 12, 2012.. 4pm, Freie Universität Berlin.. December 11, 2011.. Screening of RADIOACTIVISTS, presented by BUND Berlin.. 6 p.. , Moviemento Cinema, Berlin.. December 8, 2011.. Festival Screening of RADIOACTIVISTS.. This Human World Filmfestival der Menschenrechte.. , Top Kino, Vienna, Austria.. December 20, 2011.. Screening and discussion within the Dies Academicus, University of Leipzig.. 1pm, Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät, Raum 123 (Campus Uni Leipzig), Germany.. November 12, 2011.. Official World Premiere of RADIOACTIVISTS.. Nippon Connection s Japan Week 2011.. 8p.. , German Film Museum Cinema, Frankfurt, Germany.. October 18, 2011.. No nukes worldwide! Germany as a role model for the Japanese anti-nuclear movement.. Infoveranstaltung des BUND Berlin.. : Vortrag und Diskussion mit Kazuhiko Kobayashi und Vorstellung des Trailers zu RADIOACTIVISTS (Clarissa Seidel anwesend) | An event of the BUND Berlin: Panel and discussion with Kazuhiko Kobayashi, Presentation of the RADIOACTIVISTS-Trailer (in presence of film-maker Clarissa Seidel).. 19 Uhr, Crellestraße 35, Berlin (Berliner Landesgeschäftsstelle des BUND) | 7p.. Crellestrasse 35, Berlin, Germany..

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  • Title: Show it « Radioactivists
    Descriptive info: Show it.. Show RADIOACTIVISTS in your city!.. RADIOACTIVISTS wants to show the developments of the Japanese No-Nukes-Movement and wants to help and support the Japanese activists.. Please help us with organizing a screening of the movie in your own city! Just order a DVD of our documentary, get a cinema to screen it or find a location for a screening and  ...   a panel or info-event to get even more attention.. Radioactivists is under CC-license which means it can be screened for free if it is shown at a non-commercial event.. If you tell us the date of the screening we will publicize it on our homepage.. Just send us an e-mail to.. gingerandblonde.. productions@gmail.. com.. and we will provide further information.. Thank you!..

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  • Title: Press « Radioactivists
    Descriptive info: in the Press:.. Japanese Protest Culture Post-Fukushima.. Framed Magazine.. , June 2012, by Jane Marx.. Vom Erdbeben aufgerüttelt.. (in German).. Züricher Studierendenzeitung.. , April 11, 2012 by Pascal Ritter.. Der Aufstand der Amateure.. Tagesanzeiger.. , April 9, 2012 by Jan Knüsel.. Aufstand der Amateure.. Neues Deutschland, March 12, 2012, by Peter Nowak.. Studentinnen drehen Film über Proteste in Japan.. Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, March 11, 2012, by Maike Schulz.. “Radioactivists” – a documentary at the One World festival explores Japanese protests in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster Radio Prague.. (in English).. Radio Prague, March 8, 2012, by Sarah Borufka.. Radioactivists Das Beben nach Fukushima.. Mannheimer Morgen, March 10, 2012, by Uta-Cecilia  ...   Online (3sat), March 2012, by Kerstin Achenbach.. Anders als hier.. ippnw forum, März 2012, von Malte Hergaden.. Amateure in Bewegung.. Kreuzer Leipzig, March 2012, by Tobias Prüwer.. Empörung auf japanisch.. Darmstädter Echo, February 25, 2012.. Dinge können sich ändern.. Neues Deutschland, December 9, 2011, by Felix Werdermann.. Radioactivists in Greenpeace Magazin.. Greenpeace Magazine, November 6, 2011, interview by Vito Avantario.. taz.. de, September 10, 2011, by Felix Milkereit.. Japans Radioaktivisten.. Asienspiegel.. ch, August 11, 2011, by Fritz Schumann.. Proteste für ein anderes Japan.. Japanmarkt, July 2011, by Maria Trunk.. Aufstand der Laien.. Kreuzer Leipzig, July 2011, by Eileen Reukauf.. Als alles wackelte, griff sie zur Kamera.. Donaukurier, May 24, 2011, by Alina Wagner..

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  • Title: Order DVD « Radioactivists
    Descriptive info: Here, you can order a DVD of the film Radioactivists.. We ve produced a second edition without any financial support, so we now have to sell the DVD for a fixed price of 10 Euros.. Please add: shipping costs within Germany 2,50 Euro (total of 12,50 Euro); shipping outside of Germany 5 Euro (total of 15 Euro)..  ...   -button below.. Then, send us an email mentioning the donation and telling us the address where the DVD should be delivered to.. If you don t want to use paypal, send us an Email and we will get back to you with the bank details for a wire.. Please inform us in case you need an invoice..

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  • Title: Contact Us « Radioactivists
    Descriptive info: Name*.. Mail*.. Subject.. Message..

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  • Title: Announcement « Radioactivists
    Descriptive info: Archive for Announcement.. Japan Nuclear power free.. Posted: 7th May 2012 by.. Reactor.. Since the last weekend, Japan is officially nuclear power free.. On Saturday, the 6th of May, the last reactor in Hokkaido has been shut down.. According to the Guardian, Last-ditch attempts by the prime minister, Yoshihiko Noda, to win support for the early restart of two reactors at Oi power plant in western Japan have [.. ].. RADIOACTIVISTS goes CAPITALs!.. Posted: 27th November 2011 by.. After a sold out and successful world premiere in Frankfurt (a big thank you goes to Nippon Connection!) we are very happy to announce further RADIOACTIVISTS screenings: December 8th RADIOACTIVISTS will be screened in Vienna, Austria as part of the festival this human world.. It will be screened at 6 p.. in Topkino.. We are [.. World Premiere of RADIOACTIVISTS.. Posted: 3rd November 2011 by.. Discussion..  ...   Germany/Japan 2011, 72 min.. , Japanese with English subtitles, [.. Anti-nuke Demonstration on September 11: Official Press Release.. Posted: 4th September 2011 by.. Press Release.. This is the official press announcement by the Amateurs Revolt: The Amateurs Revolt organized the recent demonstrations on April 10 in Koenji, May 7 in Shibuya, June 11 in Shinjuku, and August 6 in Ginza.. In a country where a growing majority is now against nuclear power, demonstrations attended by ordinary citizens are a crucial [.. SUPPORT US!.. Posted: 17th June 2011 by.. Everyone! We ve been working hard during the last couple of months and still do.. But we want to show to the world what is going on in Japan right now: the biggest protests in Japanese history since the 1970s! We want to finish our movie and get it out there as soon as possible, and [..

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  • Title: Discourse « Radioactivists
    Descriptive info: Archive for Discourse.. In June 2012, we decided to end our documentary Radioactivists on optimistic terms, hoping that the anti-nuclear protests would grow bigger and bigger and eventually call the government s attention now, when [.. Hi dear RADIOACTIVISTS out there! It s me: Isabel.. Some time has pased since Clarissa kindly presented my short-video Voices Against Indifference and I really feel that now it s my turn to give you some news! Since the last blog entry some time has pased summer has come and is nearly gone already if I see the [.. This has been accompanied by the most massive protests Japan has seen since the  ...   society to the core: On April 10, 2011, the biggest grassroots-demonstration since the 1970s took place in Tokyo.. With more than 15,000 participants, the Genpatsu Yamero Demo marked a historical turning point in Japanese postwar history.. A [.. Speaking about people s movement: Jfissures Radioactivists in New York.. Posted: 26th March 2012 by.. First of all, the breaking news of today: Another reactor in Japan was shut down, leaving just one reactor -out of the 54- running.. As stated in this article, the official reasons are maintenance and stress tests, but also local governments and electric companies are facing a big public opposition.. There was one panel at [..

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  • Title: Event « Radioactivists
    Descriptive info: Archive for Event.. See how the events evolved in this wonderful video clip by KjeldDuits with English subtitles:..

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  • Title: Interview « Radioactivists
    Descriptive info: Archive for Interview.. RADIOACTIVISTS touring Germany.. Posted: 5th April 2012 by.. In the last couple of months we have been touring Germany with our film RADIOACTIVISTS.. We had a great time and met a lot of interesting people by showing the film in Bremen, Mannheim, Darmstadt, Freiburg, Erlenbach, Hannover, Leipzig and Berlin in squatted places, communities cinemas, in a cineplex and even in an old, [.. The aftermath of 3.. 11 (3).. Posted: 7th February 2012 by.. Geiger counter.. Gendai Shiso.. Mass Media.. We received a mail from Yoshihiko Ikegami today, who was one of our protagonists in our film.. Yoshihiko Ikegami resigned from being editor-in-chief of the famous philosophical magazine Gendai Shiso (Modern Thought) in 2010.. The philosopher and writer Ikegami became active in the anti-nuclear movement in 2011, contributing to the public discourse by criticizing the [.. 11 (2).. Posted:  ...   We asked her how she perceived last year s events, and [.. Posted: 16th January 2012 by.. At the end of 2011, we contacted all of our protagonists of RADIOACTIVISTS again, and asked them about their thoughts about the 3.. 11 incident in 2011, as well as their thoughts on possible developments in 2012.. We want to publish their replies on our blog, and today we will start with the interview of YASUO [.. Meet the Voices of Radioactivists (3).. Posted: 1st June 2011 by.. Society.. Sociology.. This movement aims to stop nuclear power plants, but also problematizes Japanese society and Japanese capitalism.. In the past, in terms of problematizing capitalism, we tended to think that someone would change it for us.. But now, we think that we must change rather our way of living.. So far we have used power freely, [..

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