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  • Title: Peregrine falcon recovery
    Descriptive info: .. Merchandise.. |.. Midwest peregrine falcon database.. BirdCams.. RRP Forum.. New.. Eagle Maps.. YouTube Channel.. Licensing Information.. 2014 Banding Report.. Nesting Calendar.. Raptor Recovery.. Nest Locations.. About Us.. Peregrine Falcon Facts.. Ospreys.. Site Map.. Build A Nest Box.. Links.. The Raptor Resource Project is a nonprofit, 501c3 dedicated to restoring the Midwest's.. population of Peregrine falcons and other raptors.. Welcome to our website!..

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  • Title: Merchandise
    Descriptive info: Home.. Nest Calendar.. Where is D1?.. Nest Maps.. YouTube.. Facebook.. Eyrie Reports.. What's New.. Falcon Facts.. The Raptor.. Resource Project.. P.. O.. Box 16.. Decorah, IA 52101.. Bob Anderson.. Director.. Amy Ries.. Webmaster.. ries93@gmail.. com.. Fundraising.. We have partnered with some artists to raise funds and celebrate the eaglecam this year.. Links are below.. Proceeds from sales will go to the Raptor Resource Project and Friends of the Trout Hatchery as identified below.. Raptor Resource Project.. Photography.. Miller Photography.. Amazing high-resolution photographs of the Decorah bald eagles.. Robin Brumm.. Beautiful photographs of the Decorah eagles from the 2014 nesting season.. Proceeds from sales of these photographs will benefit the Raptor  ...   endearing book that includes the daily "Whatta Day" summaries written by Sherri Elliott and posted to our Facebook page during the 2011 nesting season.. The Decorah Bald Eagles.. A beautiful coffee table book featuring over 430 photos on matte-finish paper.. Apparel, Mousepads, Mugs, and Art.. Sharon's Embroidery.. Apparel, mousepads, and mugs.. Friends of the Trout Hatchery.. Profit from this merchandise goes to Friends of the Trout Hatchery.. Three Little Eagles and How They Grew: Jacob's Story.. A darling children's book that narrates the story of the eagles to a little boy named Jacob.. Friends of the Trout Hatchery.. Purchase a t-shirt here and support the Friends of the Trout Hatchery..

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  • Title: About Us
    Descriptive info: Nest Calendar.. About Us.. Board of Directors.. Friends.. To contact the Raptor Resource Project regarding a talk, information, or assistance with a nest box project, please email Amy Ries, RRP webmaster, at.. Established in 1988, the non-profit Raptor Resource Project specializes in the preservation of falcons, eagles, ospreys, hawks, and owls.. We create, improve, and directly maintain over 40 nests and nest sites, provide training in nest site creation and management, and develop innovations in nest site management and viewing that bring people closer to the natural world.. Our mission is to preserve and strengthen raptor populations, expand participation in raptor preservation, and help foster the next generation of preservationists.. Our Programs.. The Utility-Peregrine Program (UPP).. A unique marriage between conservation and industry, UPP began at Xcel Energy's Alan S.. King Plant in 1990, when we provided a nest box for a Peregrine falcon named Mae.. In 1998 and again in 2003, we partnered with the Electrical Power Research Institute to complete a blood-metals study on peregrine falcons and produce a nest-site development and management manual for electrical utilities.. Currently, we provide training, consultation, and resources for power plants who want to begin their own raptor program.. The Mississippi-Peregrine Program.. In 1998, the Raptor Resource Project began releasing young peregrines from Effigy Mounds National Monument along the Mississippi river in Northeast Iowa.. The culmination of years of hard work and research, the controversial set of releases produced the first peregrine to return to and breed on a Mississippi river cliff - a nameless young female who settled on Queen's Bluff in Minnesota in 2000.. Although the cliff population has fallen in recent years, by 2011 falcons had bred on a minimum of 19 cliffs on the upper Mississippi river and its tributaries, and been spotted at many more.. We continue to manage this  ...   with bad weather and other animals, and cared for their young, who grew from downy babies to juvenile predators on the wing.. It was an amazing experience.. By giving ordinary people intimate access to the lives of wild animals, our work deepens the connection between people and the natural world, bringing benefits to both.. The Travels of D1.. Working with an eagle biologist, we trapped young female eagle 'D1' shortly after she started flying and attached a satellite transmitter to her.. This transmitter allows viewers to follow her journey now that she has left the nest.. The travels of D1 can be viewed on our website at www.. raptorresource.. org or on facebook at http://www.. facebook.. com/pages/Raptor-Resource-Project/103786266324668.. Executive Director: Robert Anderson [.. bio.. ].. President: Randy Christman.. John Dingley.. Jim Robison.. Ken Mueller.. Project Friends.. The Raptor Resource Project would like to thank the following people and organizations for assistance and encouragement.. You have made a difference!.. Mary Allen.. Jim and Judy Brandenburg.. Bob Chapman.. Milly Churbuck.. Darryl Councilman.. Trevor Davies.. Jim Fowler.. Chris Gormley.. Bob and Susan Hartzell.. Pam Heidenrich.. Eric Hennen.. Dave Kester.. Chuck Kjos.. Jim Hill.. Orlan Love.. Mike Miser.. Dennis Money.. Dr.. Mike Myer.. Ken Mueller.. Dan Orr.. Rodney Rolvang.. Pat Schlarbaum.. John Thiel.. Tom Thompson.. John Tradewell.. Dave Wistead.. Alliant Energy.. Anoka Electric Cooperative.. Coleman Foundation.. Dairyland Power Electric Cooperative.. DeadBroke Saddle Club.. Decorah Audobon Society.. Decorah Building Supply Company.. Decorah High School.. Decorah Izaak Walton League.. Decorah Middle School.. Effigy Mounds National Monument.. Electric Power Research Institute.. Friends of the Decorah Hatchery.. Gannet Foundation.. Iowa Department of Natural Resources.. Iowa Peregrine Recovery Team.. Iowa Public Television.. Iowa Raptor Foundation.. Kingfisher Fund.. Lansing Middle School.. Luther College.. Minnesota Power.. National Audubon Society.. Rochester Gas Electric.. Turner Foundation.. USFWS Upper Fish Wildlife Refuge.. Wisconsin Electric Power Company.. Xcel Energy..

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  • Title: Raptor Recovery
    Descriptive info: At the Eyrie.. The Eyrie.. Banding Reports.. 2014 Banding Summary.. 2013 Annual Report Banding Summary.. 2012 Banding Summary.. 2011 Banding Summary.. 2010 Banding Summary.. 2009 Banding Summary.. 2008 Banding Summary.. 2007 Banding Summary.. 2006 Banding Summary.. 2005 Banding Summary.. 2004 Banding Summary.. 2003 Banding Summary.. 2001 Banding Summary.. 2000 Banding Summary.. Falcon-Metals Study.. 2002 Falcon-Metals Study.. Mississippi River Hack Reports and related papers.. 1999 HackSite Report.. 1998 Slideshow of cliff-imprinting and Effigy hack.. 1998 HackSite Report.. 1996 Paper: Nest Site Imprinting.. 2000: Bringing the Duckhawk Home: River Recovery..

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  • Title: Travels of the eagles
    Descriptive info: Track the eagles.. Make an eagle map.. Cluster and.. PDF maps.. About our tracking projects.. Where are the eagles?.. Use the map controls at left to view the eagles, download kml files, get an up to date weather report, or add photos to the map.. Use the month selector to choose a month to view.. Who are the eagles?.. D1.. Gender: female: Hatched: 2011.. Tracked July 2011 to present date.. [.. More.. D14.. Gender: male.. Hatched 2012.. Tracked August 2012 to November 2012.. Four.. Gender: female.. Hatched 2014.. Map Controls.. D1 |.. Four.. Add Weather.. Add Photos.. Remove Date Labels.. Add Date Labels.. Month Selector.. Select month to track.. 11/01/2014 to 11/30/2014.. 10/01/2014 to 10/31/2014.. 09/01/2014 to 09/30/2014.. 08/01/2014 to 08/31/2014.. 07/01/14 to 07/31/14.. 06/01/14 to 06/31/14.. 05/01/14 to 05/31/14.. 04/01/14 to 04/30/14.. 03/01/14 to 03/31/14.. 02/01/14 to 02/28/14.. 01/01/14 to 01/31/14.. 12/01/13 to 12/31/13.. 11/01/13 to  ...   05/01/12 to 05/31/12.. 04/01/12 to 04/30/12.. 03/11/12 to 03/31/12.. 03/04/12 to 03/10/12.. 02/26/12 to 03/03/12.. 02/19/12 to 02/25/12.. 02/12/12 to 02/18/12.. 02/05/12 to 02/11/12.. 01/29/12 to 02/04/12.. 01/22/12 to 01/28/12.. 01/15/12 to 01/21/12.. 1/08/12 to 1/14/12.. 01/01/12 to 01/07/12.. 12/25/11 to 12/31/11.. 12/18/11 to 12/24/11.. 12/11/11 to 12/17/11.. 12/04/11 to 12/10/11.. 11/27/11 to 12/03/11.. 11/20/11 to 11/26/11.. 11/13/11 to 11/19/11.. 11/06/11 to 11/12/11.. 10/30/11 to 11/05/11.. 10/23/11 to 10/29/11.. 10/16/11 to 10/22/11.. 10/09/11 to 10/15/11.. 10/01/11 to 10/08/11.. 09/23/11 to 09/30/11.. 9/15/11 to 9/22/11.. 9/07/11 to 9/14/11.. 8/29/11 to 9/06/11.. 8/21/11 to 8/28/11.. 8/14/11 to 8/20/11.. 8/07/11 to 8/13/11.. 7/29/11 to 8/06/11.. 7/20/11 to 7/28/11.. 7/13/11 to 7/18/11.. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use Google Maps.. However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser.. To view Google Maps, enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, and then try again..

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  • Title: Untitled Document
    Descriptive info: Eagle, Falcons, and Osprey Cams.. by.. is licensed under a.. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.. 0 Unported License.. Based on a work at.. www.. ustream.. tv..

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  • Title: Nesting Calendar - Month View
    Descriptive info: Manage Calendar.. Nesting Calendar.. Month View.. Show Events in Category:.. For Date:.. Calendar Views:.. November 2014.. Sunday.. Monday.. Tuesday.. Wednesday.. Thursday.. Friday.. Saturday.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. Calendar displays events listed in the sub categories and parent categories of the selected category.. SuperCali Event Calendar..

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  • Title: Raptor Recovery
    Descriptive info: Nest Viewer.. Nest Information.. Cam Forum.. Band Lookup.. BirdCam Signup.. Videos Graphics.. Eyrie Blog More.. RRP Store.. Links of the Month.. 2729 Locust Road.. 563-382-6300.. Email.. amy@wordwell.. | Falcons (see below).. Recovery Reports.. 2006 Banding Summary.. 2005 Banding Summary.. The Raptor Resource Project (RRP) is a 501(c)3 foundation located in Bluffton, Iowa.. Founded in 1988, the Project's original goal was to captively breed and release the endangered Peregrine falcon, which was at that time on the brink of extinction.. In the early 1940s Joseph Hickey, a Wisconsin biologist, determined that there were more than 200 pairs of Peregrines east of the Mississippi River.. But by 1968 there  ...   western United States.. Peregrines did not return to the mid-continent until 1987 when MF-1, a falcon produced by Raptor Resource Project Director Bob Anderson, fledged three young from the Multifoods Tower in Minneapolis.. Over the next twelve years, the population expanded from one nesting female in Minnesota to an estimated 28 pairs in Minnesota, 13 pairs in Wisconsin, and three pairs in Iowa.. During this time, the Project produced between 15-25 Peregrines per year for release in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, New York, Alabama, and many other states, and expanded into raptor management, environmental education, and research.. To learn more about us and our programs,.. click here..

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  • Title: RRP Peregrine Map
    Descriptive info: Nest Maps.. PO Box 16.. Peregrine Map.. Raptor Resource Project Maps.. To view the adventures of D1,.. The map below displays the various sites at which we band peregrine falcons.. Click on a marker to view more details about the site.. Use the slider at the left of the map to zoom in and out on sites.. Use the map/hybrid/satellite buttons to change the view..

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  • Title: Falcon Facts
    Descriptive info: Peregrine Curriculum/Cam Observation Sheet (.. doc).. Video and slideshows of falcons and owls.. Cam forum.. (contains many images of falcons).. THE PEREGRINE.. falcon's scientific name is.. Falco Peregrinus.. , which means.. Falcon Wanderer.. Three subspecies are recognized in North America:.. F.. P.. Pealei.. from the coastal islands off Alaska;.. Tundrius.. , which nests above the tree line in the Arctic; and.. Anatum.. , which once ranged over North America from coast to coast.. In the.. 1960s, scientists discovered that DDT was interfering in the egg shell formation of meat and fish eating birds.. Healthy birds were laying eggs so thin they were crushed by the weight of the incubating adult.. By 1965, no Peregrine falcons were fledged in the eastern or Central United States.. By 1968, the Peregrine population was completely eradicated east of the Mississippi River.. In 1972, use of DDT was severely restricted in the United States and worldwide.. BABY FALCONS.. are called eyasses.. They are covered by white down when they are born, which is replaced by feathers in three to five weeks.. Although they have a high mortality rate, Peregrines have been known to live as long as 15 years.. They usually begin breeding at about two years old.. These three young are nesting high atop a power plant stack: power plants have the best production rates in the Midwest.. EYASES ARE.. helpless.. One parent (often the female but sometimes the male) stays with the chicks while the other finds food for the brood.. Eyases eat an incredible amount of food - but then, they double their weight in only six days and at three weeks will be ten times birth size.. Newly hatched chicks are wet and covered with white down.. But by three weeks of age, brownish juvenile feathers can be seen poking through the white fuzz.. By five or six weeks of age, the white fuzz has been completely replaced by brown feathers.. The eyases can be observed jumping around and testing their wings, getting ready to fly.. Above.. :.. This BirdCam picture of Smoke and Prescott was taken when the  ...   introduced falconry terms into popular speech: the word Hag or Haggard is the term for a mature wild hawk or falcon.. Horus, an Egyptian god, was a Peregrine falcon: the Eye of Horus is clearly a stylized Peregrine falcon's eye.. INSIDE THE.. egg, the Peregrine chick has its head tucked under its wing.. A large muscle called the hatching muscle runs from the middle of the neck to the top of the head.. About 30 days after incubation has started, this muscle contracts.. The chick's head snaps up and the egg tooth, a hard pointed knob on top of the beak, cracks the inside of the eggshell.. This creates a pip - a small hole with tiny cracks spreading out across the shell.. One to two days after pipping, the chick begins moving around in the shell.. The egg tooth scrapes against the eggshell, cutting a ring through it.. 33 days after the egg is laid, the chick breaks out.. AT ONE time, the type of falcon an Englishman was allowed to own marked his rank.. A king, the gyrfalcon; an earl, the peregrine; a yeoman, the goshawk; a priest, the sparrowhawk; and a servant the kestrel.. Notable falconers and enthusiasts include Frederick the Second (who wrote what some consider the first book of ornithology), William Shakespeare, Marco Polo, and Ghengis Khan.. AT RIGHT.. around forty days, young Peregrines begin flying.. Peregrine parents encourage flight by baiting the young with food, which is no longer neatly prepared and fed directly to the young.. It is a lot of fun to watch young Peregrines chasing each other and everything else! As in many other species, Peregrine young learn in part through playing - however, this play can be deadly serious when hunting is involved.. Peregrines hunt and eat other birds and are famed for their speed (stooping, or diving, Peregrines have been clocked at speeds of up to 220mph) and aerial prowess.. Here are some bird fact sheets from one of my OTHER favorite web sites, the Animal Diversity Web.. Kestrel Fact Sheet.. Barn Owl Fact Sheet.. Osprey Fact Sheet..

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  • Title: BirdCam
    Descriptive info: Osprey Wav.. Osprey Cam.. Boy Scout Osprey Pole.. The only member of its family, the Osprey.. (Pandion haliaetus).. is a large fish eating bird of prey that occurs worldwide.. Like the Peregrine falcon and Bald Eagle, the Osprey suffered greatly from the use of DDT and, like the Peregrine and Bald Eagle, is making a comeback.. Ospreys feed almost entirely on live fish that they catch by diving feet first into the water.. When an Osprey emerges, it shakes the water from its feathers and lifts off the the fish in its talons.. As soon as it clears the water, it arranges the fish in its talons to face forward to reduce drag.. Hear an Osprey.. When hunting, the Osprey will hover 50' to 150' over the water.. When it sees a fish it will dive like a falcon, sometimes going completely under the water.. Bald Eagles are often observed robbing Ospreys of their hard earned catch.. Like many other birds of prey, the female is larger then the male.. The female Osprey can have a wingspread of almost 5 feet and the male about 4 feet.. This photo was taken in the Spring of 1999.. Ospreys will often nest on artificial platforms.. Many individuals and organizations have worked together over the years to create an urban nesting population of Ospreys in  ...   Since Ospreys nest in the open, not under a canopy of trees, it is very important for the young to remain hidden, since they would make easy prey for another bird.. A young Osprey testing its wings.. The other chick can be seen poking its head out of the nest.. Both young.. A second Osprey.. pole was set up at Arden Hills,.. Minnesota.. RRP volunteer Ray Hermann coordinated a November Eagle Scout Project (Troop #408) for a second aluminum pole at the Army Ammunition Plant nature area.. This pole, on Sunfish Lake, is 1 mile from a similar pole which fledged Ospreys in 1998 and 1999!.. The following group of pictures shows Boy Scout Troop #297 from Roseville, MN, putting up an Osprey pole in the Fall of 1997.. The pole is located at the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (no longer in operation).. A pair of Ospreys nested here in the Spring, fledging two young (a male and a female).. The project was coordinated by Ray Hermann (pictures copyright Ray Hermann).. Carrying the aluminum pole to the nature outlook area.. Filling the nest box with starter sticks and branches.. Digging the hole to five feet deep.. Raising the pole Iwo-Jima style is a team effort!.. Backfilling and tamping dirt while leveling pole.. Project complete, ready for next Spring's Osprey nesting season!..

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