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  • Title: SAFEWAY2SCHOOL | For the safety of our children
    Descriptive info: .. SAFEWAY2SCHOOL.. Home.. News.. Pilots.. Results.. Consortium.. Contact.. Project Video.. 6th Project Newsletter.. Award.. Final Safeway2School Project Presentation.. A final Safeway2School.. project presentation.. was given at the 9th ITS Europe Conference in Dublin on 06.. 06.. 2013.. The corresponding paper will be published in the proceedings.. Conference homepage:.. http://www.. itsineurope.. com/its9/.. For the safety of our children.. Ludger Rogge, representing the European Commission, talks about traffic safety.. The "SAFEWAY2SCHOOL Bus" has displays that tell the driver where children are waiting  ...   discussed at the projects final event and User Forum in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, June 13, 2012.. Please click here for more details.. For more information about the project.. click here.. The aim of this project that is funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Research Program – is to make the school roads in Europe safer for children, from home to school and back.. European experts in traffic safety discussed and gave their opinions about the outcome of this project..

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  • Title: SAFEWAY2SCHOOL | News
    Descriptive info: A final Safeway2School project presentation was given at the 9th ITS Europe Conference in Dublin on 06.. Award for SAFEWAY2SCHOOL.. The European traffic safety project SAFEWAY2SCHOOL has been awarded ”Stora Trafiksäkerhetspriset 2013” in Sweden.. The prize goes to an organization that during 2012 focused on developing safety issues in traffic and other transportation systems.. Reflexsnurran - A Signalling System for the Dark.. Reflexsnurran is a reflex signalling system for the dark.. It will support the SAFEWAY2SCHOOL pilot in Sweden and will be included into the evauation of safety systems.. 9th International Conference Protection of Children in Cars.. Munich, Germany, December 1-2, 2011.. 2012 European conference on Human Centred Design for Intelligent Transport Systems.. The 2012 European conference on Human Centred Design for Intelligent Transport Systems, ITS, will be held in Valencia, Spain on 14 and 15 June 2012.. Infrastructure and Safety in a Collaborative World.. A new book on Road Safety, “Infrastructure and Safety in a Collaborative World”, by E.. Bekiaris, M.. Wiethoff, E.. Gaitanidou (Eds) has been published by Springer.. ITST conference in St Petersburg.. SAFEWAY2SCHOOL attended the ITST conference in St Petersburg.. The World Road Association (PIARC) XXIV World Congress.. Mexico City, Mexico.. September 26-30, 2011.. Interesting conference for SAFEWAY2SCHOOL related topics.. Transport Research Arena Europe 2012: Sustainable Mobility through Innovation.. SAFEWAY2SCHOOL will present several papers at this conference in Athens, Greece on April 23-26, 2012.. 4th Project Newsletter.. The 4th Project Newsletter is now available.. Sponsoring by Nokia.. We are very happy and grateful that Nokia decided to support the development and testing in Germany and Greece  ...   of Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna, Sweden presented a method for measuring the visibility of traffic signs.. RS4C 2010 Conference.. The RS4C - "Road Safety on Four Continents" conference was held at YAS Hotel in Abu Dhabi on March 28-30.. IIID Traffic & Transport 2010 Conference.. Interesting conference for SAFEWAY2SCHOOL related topics held in Vienna 9.. - 11.. September 2010.. Organizer is our partner IIID.. Workshop and User Forum Announcement.. On behalf of the SAFEWAY2SCHOOL Consortium, we kindly invite you to participate in its first User Forum and Pan-European Workshop that will take place on 10th March 2010 at Fraunhofer Central Administration in Munich, Germany.. Workshop on safe school tranportation.. The SAFEWAY2SCHOOL researchers are looking for public discussion, opinion and the needs of our users.. We invite you to join a workshop on safe school transportation on 10th of March 2010 in Munich.. For more information kindly contact: Lennart Strand (Lenart.. Strand@mdh.. se) or Eleni Chalkia (hchalkia@certh.. gr / +302109844360).. Project poster and leaflet.. SAFEWAY2SCHOOL prepares and presents the project poster and a leaflet.. Download the dissemination material here very soon.. First plenary meeting.. SAFEWAY2SCHOOL Consortium meets in Vienna, Austria for the first plenary meeting.. Centre of attention are the users, stakeholders and use cases for SAFEWA2SCHOOL.. Focus Groups have been conducted and the public workshop is prepared.. Official web site launch.. SAFEWAY2SCHOOL launches the official web site for the project.. You will find up to date information on topics related to the project and all public documents of SAFEWAY2SCHOOL here.. Visit us regularly and enjoy our user friendly web page..

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  • Title: SAFEWAY2SCHOOL | Pilots
    Descriptive info: Pilots are running.. Here are some impressions from the pilot sites:.. Pilot tests are carried out to evaluate the impact of the developed systems in a realistic environment.. They also provide an environment for demonstration.. SAFEWAY2SCHOOL project includes five pilot sites scattered all over Europe to implement and test the various subsystems.. Each pilot site has a special focus and all of them include different user groups to participate and use the system.. Here you can find an overview on each pilot site.. Description, pilot objectives, experiences from the pilot site and results will be presented successively while the pilots are running.. Austrian Pilot.. German Pilot.. Italian Pilot.. Polish Pilot.. Swedish Pilot.. The following SAFEWAY2SCHOOL subsystems are installed on the pilot sites.. They have either been developed within the project or discovered somewhere in Europe to be integrated into the holistic approach.. Together they provide a toolkit to enhance the safety and comfort of children using school busses for their daily commuting.. Intelligent bus stops:.. such kind of bus stop is equipped with a light indicator placed in the upper part of the sign that illuminates itself when children are approaching.. The goal is to put into evidence the presence of children to passing drivers so that they reduce vehicle speed , such device reveals to be very useful especially in case of fog,  ...   to function as signals, which are clearly visible and recognizable over long viewing distances resp.. high speeds, in order to effectively (early) warn drivers.. Driver Support Systems.. will be placed onto the school buses used in the test site.. The systems are aimed at making the drivers task easier during the school transport by providing useful information about children on board, bus stops, timetable, planned route, fuel consumption, speed limit… Two kind of driver support systems will be tested during the project.. Some parents, students, onboard assistant and service organizers will be provided with several smartphones equipped with a.. SAFEWAY2SCHOOL application.. specifically created for the project aimed at improving the communication among users.. Bus drivers, parents and children involved in the test will be provided a.. training kit.. specifically created to enhance the risk awareness during school transport and to explain how to use the suggested technologies in the most efficient way.. The.. Bus Stop Inventory Tool.. is used to find and classify bus stops from a safety perspective.. The bus stops safety degree is assessed on the basis of the risk of accidents and degree of insecurity for all types of passengers while waiting at a bus stop.. In-Vehicle Driver information and warning.. is a display inside the car and appears when the driver is approaching an intelligent bus stop with children waiting..

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  • Title: SAFEWAY2SCHOOL | Results
    Descriptive info: Videos.. Downloads.. Sample Study for Safe Bus Stop.. Success story.. Project Leaflet.. Project Poster.. 1st Newsletter.. 2nd Newsletter.. 3rd Newsletter.. 4th Newsletter.. 5th Newsletter.. 6th Newsletter.. Deliverables.. D1.. 1 - SAFEWAY2SCHOOL benchmarking database.. 2 - Comparison and analysis of user and stakeholder needs across different countries.. 3 - Use Cases (Summary).. 4 - Accident analysis report (Summary).. D2.. 1 - SAFEWAY2SCHOOL System Architecture (Summary).. 2 - SAFEWAY2SCHOOL System Specification (Summary).. 4 - Security and privacy issues abiding checklist.. D3.. 1 - Prototype Implementation of the Safe Route Planning and Monitoring System (Summary).. 2 - Surrounding traffic information and warning system (Summary).. 3 - On-board traffic safety systems (Summary).. D4.. 1 - VRU identification and monitoring unit (Summary).. 2 - "Intelligent" bus stop (I2V) (Summary).. D5.. 1 - HMI concepts.. 2 - School Bus Driver Notification and Warning (Summary).. 3 - VRU notification and warning (Summary).. 4 - Family and third party notification module (Summary).. 5 - Surrounding traffic info and warning visual and audio signs.. D6.. 1 - Driver Support System (DSS) Prototype (Summary).. 2 - OBU Prototype (Summary).. 3 - VRU unit (Summary).. 4 - SAFEWAY2SCHOOL system integrated and  ...   D10.. 1 - Project Presentation.. 2 - Project Management, Quality Assessment plan and Ethics Manual (Summary).. 5 - Final report.. Publications.. Anna Anund & Tania Dukic & Björn Börsbo & Torbjörn Falkmer:.. "Piloting smart safe school bus: exploration of security gains from implementation of a driver support system, additional technical equipment and intelligent bus stops.. ".. European Transport Research Review: Volume 2, Number 3 (2010), Pages 157-163.. This paper is also available electronically on.. SpringerLink.. Torbjörn Falkmer & Linda Renner & Anna Anund:.. "Estimated societal costs of a hierarchical measures approach to enhanced school transportation safety at bus stops on roads with high speed limits".. European Transport Research Review: Volume 2, Number 4 (2010), Pages 201-207.. Thomas Porathe & Lennart Strand:.. "Which sign is more visible? Measuring the visibility of traffic signs through the conspicuity index method".. European Transport Research Review: Volume 3, Issue 1 (2011), Pages 35-45.. Anna Anund & Tania Dukic & Sian Thornthwaite & Torbjörn Falkmer:.. "Is European school transport safe? – The need for a "door-to-door" perspective".. European Transport Research Review.. This paper is published electronically on.. Expert Questionnaire.. Priority Use Cases And Requirements (.. doc)..

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  • Title: SAFEWAY2SCHOOL | Consortium
    Descriptive info: National Road and Transport Research Institute, Sweden.. Centre for Research Technology Hellas.. Hellenic Institute of Transport, Greece.. French institute of sciences and technology for transport, development and networks.. Amparo Solutions, Sweden.. Fleetech AB, Sweden.. Swedish Transport Administration, Sweden.. Austrian Road Safety Board, Austria.. University of  ...   Technology Management of the University of Stuttgart, Germany.. Mizar Automazione S.. p.. A, Italy.. Motor Transport Institute, Poland.. International Institute for Information Design, Austria.. The Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic, Faculty of Health Sciences, Linköping University, Sweden.. The School of Innovation, Design and Engineering at Mälardalen University, Sweden..

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  • Title: SAFEWAY2SCHOOL | Contact
    Descriptive info: Project Coordinator.. Dr.. Anna Anund.. National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), Sweden.. Mail:.. Technical Manager.. Evangelos Bekiaris.. Centre of Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH).. Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT), Greece..

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  • Title: SAFEWAY2SCHOOL | Project Video
    Descriptive info: Loading the player.. Download the video (right click - save as):.. sw2s_video_small.. m4v..

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    Descriptive info: The aims of the SAFEWAY2SCHOOL project is to make the European schoolroads safer, from home to school and back home again.. The project, supported by the European Commission, has since 2009 been working in seven countries – Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Sweden – to develope safer school transportation systems..

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  • Title: SAFEWAY2SCHOOL | Safer roads for children
    Descriptive info: Safer roads for children.. Bus transport to and from school is a highly.. underinvestigated area in many EU-countries.. says Dr.. Evangelos Bekiaris, technical manager for the European research project SAFEWAY2SCHOOL that started in September 2009 and will run through September 2012.. The aim is to make the school roads of Europe safer.. It's much needed:.. According to the latest statistics (EU 2002) 35,000 children are injured on European roads every year, 250 of these children are killed.. The most dangerous situations are in the morning, when children go to school, and in the afternoon, when they return home.. The most common crash is when children cross the road behind the bus or in front of the bus in the afternoon.. In Austria 455 schoolchildren were injured in 2007 on their way to and from school, one died.. In Greece 1,450 persons have been killed in school transport crashes since 1990.. In one single crash in Greece in 2003, 20 children lost their lives.. In 2005 in Italy as many as 9,924 children were injured on the roads, 97 died.. Since 2004 five children in Sweden have been killed running out from a bus.. The big questions for the SAFEWAY2SCHOOL  ...   bus that doesn't come.. We need clear and easy to understand signs, along the roads, at bus stops, on buses etc.. We need communication between bus drivers and schoolchildren and parents.. We need education for all involved: bus drivers, children, parents, other drivers etc.. We need to change traffic habits.. And we need as many common rules and regulations as possible within the European communities.. To reach these goals we need support from authorities and from society in general.. Seven European countries are participating in this project that is funded by EU within the 7th Framework Research Program.. The budget is 3.. 7 million Euros (September 2009).. Since the start in September 2009:.. a crash analysis has been done.. a simulator studio built and "live" pilot sites for testing organized and now awaits live testing in four countries: Austria, Italy, Poland and Sweden.. input has been collected from various user groups and stakeholders, from workshops, focus groups, and through a questionnaire that was sent out to over 20 European countries.. new signage have been tested and will be tried in real traffic situations.. telematic systems have been developed.. all knowledge collected is the base for this project’s Use Cases..

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  • Title: SAFEWAY2SCHOOL | Final Safeway2School Project Presentation
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  • Title: SAFEWAY2SCHOOL | Reflexsnurran - A Signalling System for the Dark
    Descriptive info: The integration of the manually activated Reflexsnurran system shows the holistic approach of the project.. More details (PDF)..

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