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  • Title: Cook Islands Travel Guide, South Pacific
    Descriptive info: .. South Pacific.. Cook Islands Pictures.. Blog.. About Us.. Contact Us.. Sitemap.. South Pacific Search.. Cook Islands Travel Guide.. Home.. Cook Islands.. Geography.. Island Types.. Climate.. Flora Fauna.. History.. Colonization.. Dateline.. Government.. Economy.. Finance.. Tourism.. Black Pearls.. People.. Annoyances.. Travel Facts.. Highlights.. Activities.. Music Dance.. Public Holidays.. Accommodations.. Travel with Kids.. Booking Agencies.. Food Drink.. Services.. Visas.. Money.. Communications.. Media.. Getting There.. Getting Around.. Airport.. Rarotonga.. Rarotonga Intro.. Rarotonga Map.. Rarotonga Sights.. Avarua Map.. Ara Metua.. Around the Island.. Takitumu.. Ikurangi.. Cross-Island.. Attractions.. Sports Rec.. Scuba Diving.. Fishing.. Boat Trips.. Rarotonga Hotels.. Low Budget.. Budget Hotels.. Moderately Priced.. Medium Priced.. Upscale Hotels.. Deluxe Hotels.. House Rentals.. Food Drink.. Avarua Food.. Arorangi.. Muri Beach.. Cafés BBQs.. Entertainment.. Bars.. Cultural Shows.. Shopping.. Crafts.. Pearls.. Visas Money.. Post Internet.. Health.. Facilities.. Transportation.. Car Rentals.. Local Tours.. Aitutaki.. Aitutaki Intro.. Local History.. Aitutaki Map.. Aitutaki Sights.. Lagoon.. Sports Rec.. Aitutaki Hotels.. Restaurants.. Island Nights.. Aitutaki Services.. Rentals.. Lagoon Tours.. Reef Tours.. Atiu.. Atiu Intro.. Atiu Map.. Atiu Sights.. East Coast.. West Coast.. Lake Tiroto.. Takitaki Cave.. Atiu Hotels.. Atiu Food.. Atiu Entertainment.. Atiu Services.. Southern Group.. Mangaia.. Mangaia Sights.. Mangaia Beaches.. Mangaia Hotels.. Mangaia Crafts.. Mauke.. Mauke Sights.. Around Mauke.. Mauke Hotels.. Mitiaro.. People of Mitiaro.. Mitiaro Sights.. Around Mitiaro.. Palmerston.. Uninhabited Islands.. Northern Group.. Northern Intro.. Manihiki.. Nassau.. Penrhyn.. Pukapuka.. Rakahanga.. Suwarrow.. The Pacific.. American Samoa.. Easter Island.. Fiji.. Micronesia.. New Caledonia.. Niue.. Pitcairn.. Samoa.. Solomons.. Tahiti.. Tokelau.. Tonga.. Tuvalu.. Vanuatu.. Wallis Futuna..  ...   984.. Mitiaro.. 219.. 2,228.. 141.. 405.. 71.. 121.. 63.. 202.. 4.. 40.. Manuae.. 0.. 617.. Takutea.. 122.. 19,569.. 24,007.. After Tahiti, the Cook Islands is inexpensive, especially for visitors from New Zealand who have a chance to enjoy the many attractions when staying at a.. cheap hotel on Rarotonga.. It's a safe, quiet place to relax and you feel right at home.. The local greeting is.. kia orana.. (may you live on).. Other words to know are.. meitaki.. (thank you),.. aere ra.. (goodbye), and.. kia manuia!.. (cheers!).. Fast Facts.. Where.. When.. The time is the same as in Hawaii and Tahiti, two hours behind California and 22 hours behind New Zealand.. Why.. Rarotonga and Aitutaki offer good hotel facilities and excellent beaches.. Travelers can get lost and found on Atiu, Mauke and Mangaia.. How.. Air New Zealand delivers most visitors on its direct flights from Auckland and Los Angeles.. Pacific Blue arrives from New Zealand.. Who.. Cook Islands Maoris comprise 84 of the population.. All are New Zealand citizens.. island night, Aitutaki:.. dancing, culture, food, fun.. makatea of Mangaia:.. geology, hiking, nature.. Tapuaetai, Aitutaki:.. swimming at One Foot Island, lagoon trips.. The Needle, Rarotonga:.. hiking, geology, nature.. Titikaveka snorkeling, Rarotonga:.. marinelife.. Featured Map.. Travel Map.. text from.. Moon Handbooks South Pacific.. by David Stanley.. Travel.. Southern.. Northern.. TOP.. Copyright.. 2009-2014 David Stanley ~ web design M.. E.. de Vos ~.. Privacy Policy.. the reproduction of this material is strictly prohibited..

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  • Title: Sitemap of the Cook Islands, South Pacific
    Descriptive info: Cook Islands Sitemap.. Geography.. Fauna.. History.. Economy.. People.. Accommodations.. Services.. Getting Around.. Rarotonga Sights.. Avarua.. Sports Recreation.. Rarotonga Hotels.. Food.. Entertainment.. Shopping.. Transportation.. Aitutaki Intro.. Aitutaki Sights.. Recreation.. Aitutaki Hotels.. Moderate.. Atiu Sights.. Wallis and Futuna..

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  • Title: Cook Islands Travel Guide, South Pacific
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  • Title: Geography of the Cook Islands, South Pacific
    Descriptive info: These 15 islands and atolls, with a land area of only 240 square km, are scattered over 1.. 83 million square km of the South Pacific, leaving a lot of empty ocean in between.. It's 1,433 km from Penrhyn to Mangaia.. The nine islands in the southern group are a continuation of the Austral Islands of French Polynesia, formed as volcanic material escaped from a southeast/northwest fracture in the earth's crust.. Five of the northern islands stand on the 3,000-meter-deep Manihiki  ...   259.. 278.. 296.. 263.. 241.. 59.. 215.. 209.. 93.. 235.. 204.. 385.. 213.. 232.. 500.. 367.. 657.. 611.. 574.. 704.. 1,324.. 1,089.. 1,361.. 1,304.. 1,296.. 1,470.. 843.. 1,246.. 1,000.. 1,278.. 1,217.. 1,209.. 1,382.. 756.. 89.. 1,204.. 946.. 1,145.. 1,102.. 1,093.. 880.. 530.. 1,248.. 991.. 1,189.. 1,146.. 1,137.. 1,348.. 922.. 535.. 44.. 1,365.. 1,111.. 1,241.. 1,222.. 1,433.. 1,130.. 889.. 859.. 363.. 354.. 950.. 713.. 978.. 926.. 917.. 533.. 398.. 310.. 417.. 733.. Continue to.. Geography: Island Types.. Featured Book.. Papa Mike s.. Handbook..

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  • Title: Island Types in the Cook Islands, South Pacific
    Descriptive info: The broad blue lagoon of Aitutaki Atoll,.. courtesy of Pacific Resort Aitutaki.. Practically every different type of oceanic island can be found in the Cooks.. Rarotonga is the only high volcanic island of the Tahiti type.. Aitutaki, like Bora Bora, consists of a middle-aged volcanic island surrounded by an atoll-like barrier reef, with many tiny islets defining its lagoon.. Atiu, Mangaia, Mauke, and Mitiaro are raised atolls with a high cave-studded outer coral ring.. (makatea).. enclosing volcanic soil at the center.. The outer crust of earth is elastic, and when this envelope is stretched taut, the tremendous weight of a volcano is spread over a great area, deforming the seabed.. Thus Atiu, Mangaia, Mauke, and Mitiaro were uplifted during the past two million years due to the weight of  ...   small tidal pools.. Aitutaki and Rarotonga have protected lagoons where snorkeling is relatively safe.. The rich, fertile southern islands account for 89 percent of the Cooks' land area and population.. Manihiki, Manuae, Palmerston, Penrhyn, Pukapuka, Rakahanga, and Suwarrow are typical lagoon atolls, while tiny Takutea and Nassau are sand cays without lagoons.. All of the northern atolls are so low that waves roll right across them during hurricanes, and you have to be within 20 km to see them.. This great variety makes the Cook Islands a geologist's paradise.. Darwin's Theory of Atoll Formation.. As the volcanic portion of an island subsides, the fringing reef is converted into a barrier reef.. After the volcanic core has disappeared completely into the lagoon, the remaining reef island is called an atoll..

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  • Title: Cook Islands Climate Chart, South Pacific
    Descriptive info: The main Cook Islands are about the same distance from the equator as Hawaii and have a similarly pleasant tropical climate.. Rarotonga is refreshingly cooler than Tahiti and Moorea.. Rain clouds hang over Rarotonga's interior much of the year, but the coast is often sunny, and the rain often comes in brief, heavy downpours.. The other islands are drier and can even experience severe water shortages.. Winter evenings June-August can be cool.. On both Rarotonga and Aitutaki, the best combination of prolonged hours of sunshine, fresh temperatures,  ...   and from the east in the more humid northern Cooks; the rest of the year winds are sometimes from the southwest or west (often a sign of bad weather).. The summer hurricane season is November to April, with an average of one every other year, coming from the direction of Samoa.. In December 2001 Hurricane Trina roared across Mangaia, flooding the taro fields and turning the sea red with eroded soil.. An unusual series of five hurricanes hit Rarotonga in 2005 but the damage was soon repaired..

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  • Title: Flora and Fauna of the Cook Islands, South Pacific
    Descriptive info: The pandanus is a multi-purpose plant used in weaving, thatching, and for food.. Flora and Fauna.. The lush vegetation of the high islands includes creepers, ferns, and tall trees in the interior, while coconuts, bananas, and grapefruit grow on the coast.. Avocados and papayas are so abundant that the locals feed them to their pigs.. On the elevated atolls the vegetation in the fertile volcanic center contrasts brusquely with that of the infertile limestone.. makatea.. Taro and yams are subsistence crops.. The.. au.. is a native yellow-flowered hibiscus.. The flower of this all-purpose plant is used for medicine, the leaves to cover the.. umu.. (earth oven), the fiber for skirts, reef sandals, and rope, and the branches for walling native cottages on outer islands.. November-March, the flamboyant trees bloom red.. The only native mammals are bats and rats.. The mynah is the bird most often seen, an aggressive introduced species that drives native birds up into the mountains and damages fruit trees.. By 1989 only about 29 examples of the Rarotonga flycatcher or.. kakerori.. remained because of attacks on the birds' nests by ship rats.. Fortunately a local landowners' group, the Takitumu Conservation Area, took an interest in  ...   include the bristle-thighed curlew.. (teue),.. grey duck.. (mokoro rauvai),.. Pacific golden plover.. (torea),.. spotless crake.. (mo'omo'o),.. and wandering tattler.. (kuriri).. Among the seabirds are the black noddy.. (rakia),.. blue-grey noddy.. (kara'ura'u),.. brown booby.. (kona),.. brown noddy.. (ngoio),.. great crested tern.. (kakavai maui),.. great frigatebird.. (kota'a nui),.. masked booby.. (lulu),.. red-footed booby.. (toroa),.. red-tailed tropic bird.. (tavake),.. sooty tern.. (tara),.. white-tailed tropic bird.. (rokoa),.. and white tern.. (kakaia).. Unfortunately the activities of local sharpshooters have made the Cook Islands less attractive as a bird-watching venue, and spearfishing using scuba gear has done much damage to the marinelife.. To control this, five lagoon areas around Rarotonga have been closed to fishing and shell collecting since 1998 under a traditional system known as.. ra'ui.. In one of the.. areas, the number of fish species increased from 14 to 31 in the first two years.. Humpback whales can sometimes be seen cruising along the shorelines July-September, having migrated 5,000 km north from Antarctica to bear their young.. Pilot whales (up to six meters) are in the Cooks year-round.. In 2001 the Cook Islands declared its large exclusive economic zone a whale sanctuary.. Sharks are not a problem in the Cook lagoons.. Myths Songs..

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  • Title: History of the Cook Islands, South Pacific
    Descriptive info: Captain James Cook (1728-1779),.. as portrayed by John Webber in 1776.. Cook Islands History.. Though peppered across a vast expanse of empty ocean, the Polynesians knew all these islands by heart long before the first Europeans happened on the scene.. One of several legends holds that Rarotonga was settled about A.. D.. 1200 by two great warriors, Karika from Samoa and Tangiia-nui from Tahiti.. The story goes that Karika and Tangiia-nui met on the high seas but decided not to fight because there would be no one to proclaim the victor.. Instead they carried on to Rarotonga together and divided the island among themselves by sailing their canoes around it in opposite directions, with a line between their starting and meeting points becoming the boundary.. Even today, tribes in the Cooks refer to themselves as.. vaka.. (canoes), and many can trace their ancestry back to these chiefs.. Archaeologists believe Rarotonga was reached much earlier, probably before A.. 800 from Raiatea or the Marquesas.. The mythical chief Toi who built the  ...   his pilot, Quiró, visited Rakahanga in 1606.. Some 500 inhabitants gathered on the beach to gaze at the strange ships.. Quirós wrote:.. They were the most beautiful white and elegant people that were met during the voyage especially the women, who, if properly dressed, would have advantages over our Spanish women.. Then the islands were lost again to Europeans until the 1770s when Captain Cook contacted Atiu, Mangaia, Manuae, Palmerston, and Takutea "detached parts of the earth.. " He named Manuae the Hervey Islands, a name others applied to the whole group; it was not until 1824 that the Russian cartographer, Johann von Krusenstern, labeled the southern group the Cook Islands.. Cook never saw Rarotonga, and the Pitcairn-bound.. Bounty.. is thought to be its first European visitor (in 1789).. The mutineers gave the inhabitants the seeds for their first orange trees.. Aitutaki was discovered by Captain Bligh just before the famous mutiny.. Mauke and Mitiaro were reached in 1823 by John Williams of the London Missionary Society.. History: European Colonization..

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  • Title: European Colonization of the Cook Islands, South Pacific
    Descriptive info: Takamoa Mission House in Avarua erected by Protestant missionaries in 1837.. European Colonization.. Williams stopped at Aitutaki in 1821 and dropped off two Tahitian teachers.. Returning two years later, he found that one, Papeiha, had done particularly well.. Williams took him to Rarotonga and left him there for four years.. When he returned in 1827, Williams was welcomed by Papeiha's many converts.. The missionaries taught an austere, puritanical morality and believed the white man's diseases such as dysentery, measles, smallpox, and influenza, which killed two-thirds of the population, were the punishment of God descending on the sinful islanders.. The missionaries became a law unto themselves; today, the ubiquitous churches full to overflowing on Sunday are their legacy.. (The missionaries arrived from Australia, and since they weren't aware of the idea of an international date line, they held Sunday service on the wrong day for the first 60 years of their presence!) About 63 percent of the population now belongs to the Cook Islands Christian Church (CICC), founded by the London Missionary Society.. Takamoa College, the Bible school they established at Avarua in 1837, still exists.. Reports that the French were about to annex the Cooks led the British to  ...   southern groups were included in the boundaries of New Zealand.. During World War II, the United States built air bases on Aitutaki and Penrhyn.. A legislative council was established in 1946, followed by an assembly with greater powers in 1957.. After decolonizing pressure from the United Nations, a new constitution was granted in 1964, and on August 4, 1965, the Cook Islands was made a self-governing state in free association with New Zealand.. Today the Cook Islands manages its own internal and external affairs.. The islanders are New Zealand and Cook Islands dual citizens and have the right of free entry to New Zealand and Australia.. In fact, over three times more of them live in New Zealand and Australia than on their home islands.. New Zealanders and Australians, on the other hand, do not have the reciprocal right to live permanently in the Cook Islands.. The Cook Islands belongs to many United Nations agencies but has never applied for full U.. N.. membership as this might lead to New Zealand's withdrawing citizenship privileges.. In recent years the Cook Islands has sought closer economic and cultural ties with French Polynesia to balance its relationship with New Zealand.. History: Dateline..

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  • Title: Historical Dateline of the Cook Islands, South Pacific
    Descriptive info: Dateline: Cook Islands.. Polynesians reach Rarotonga from the northeast.. 1595.. Spanish explorer Mendana sights Pukapuka.. 1773.. Captain Cook contacts Atiu and four other islands.. 1789.. Captain Bligh discovers Aitutaki.. mutineers call at Rarotonga.. 1821.. British missionary John Williams visits Aitutaki.. 1823.. Tahitian missionary Papeiha arrives on Rarotonga.. 1888.. British declare a protectorate over the southern Cooks.. 1889.. British add northern Cooks to their protectorate.. 1901.. the Cook Islands transferred to New Zealand administration.. 1942.. Americans build airfields on Aitutaki and Penrhyn.. 1965.. the Cook Islands achieve internal self-government.. 1973..  ...   Islands.. 1989.. cultured pearl farm established on Manihiki.. 1990.. so-called Sheraton Resort project launched on Rarotonga.. 1991.. Australians and New Zealanders forbidden to use tax haven.. 1992.. 6th Festival of Pacific Arts held on Rarotonga.. 1993.. construction of "Sheraton" halted by Italian underwriters.. 1996.. austerity measures introduced to avoid financial collapse.. 1997.. Hurricane Martin devastates Manihiki.. 2001.. Hurricane Trina devastates Mangaia.. Cook Islands declares its waters a whale sanctuary.. 2006.. the TV series.. Survivor.. is filmed on Aitutaki.. 2007.. Air New Zealand cancels its flights from Fiji and Tahiti..

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  • Title: Government of the Cook Islands, South Pacific
    Descriptive info: Courthouse and Six-in-One Coconut Tree.. The Cook Islands' 24-member Parliament operates on the Westminster system, with a prime minister as the head of government.. The cabinet consists of up to eight ministers.. While almost all members of parliament are men, most of the chiefly titles are held by women, who are also the main landowners.. In theory, the 21-member House of Ariki (chiefs) should be consulted on custom and land issues, but in practice this seldom happens.. On all the outer islands there's an appointed chief administrative officer (CAO), formerly known as the resident agent.. Although each island also has an elected Island Council, the CAO runs the local administration on behalf of the local and central governments.. Politics.. Party politics, often based on personalities, is vicious.. The most dramatic event of the early years of self-government was the removal of Premier Albert Henry and the Cook Islands Party from office in 1978  ...   a government; the shock waves are still being felt on Rarotonga.. Albert Henry died in 1981, it's said of a broken heart.. Albert Henry's successor, Sir Tom Davis of the Democratic Party, served as prime minister from 1978 until 1987.. The Cook Islands Party, led by Sir Geoffrey Henry, a cousin of Albert, won the 1989 and 1994 elections.. Henry's tenure was marked by financial disasters and a population collapse.. The three main parties are currently the Cook Islands Party, the Democratic Alliance Party, and the Cook Islands First Party.. Office space, vehicles, expense accounts, jobs for relatives, and overseas travel are among the perks parliamentarians enjoy in addition to their generous salaries.. Parliament only sits around 18 days a year so there's plenty of leisure time for members.. At election time, some Cook Island politicians are not above resorting to bribery and intimidation if it helps protect their place at the trough..

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