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  • Title: The Squirrel Place
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  • Title: The Squirrel Place Text Based Site
    Descriptive info: The Squirrel Place Text Based Index.. Return to the Squirrel Place Index Page.. Squirrel History.. This is where you'll find a brief history of the tree squirrel, including information on the three most common species.. Frequently asked questions.. Some of the most commonly asked questions about squirrels.. From when they're born, to how long they live.. The Squirrel Family.. This page contains a list of all the squirrels on our Planet.. Their common names, and their scientific names.. Video Clips.. On this page you'll find some video clips from the Daylight Robbery series.. Produced by the BBC, in 1995.. Live trapping a squirrel.. What you'll need to know, before you attempt to trap a squirrel.. And even more important.. what to do with it!.. Squirrel Control.. What you should do, when a squirrel  ...   its family? This page has all the links you'll need.. Building squirrel feeders nest boxes.. This is where you'll find plans and instructions, for building some unique squirrel feeders and nesting boxes.. Squirrel facts and trivia.. Here you'll find many unknown squirrel facts.. everything from the largest squirrel to the smallest.. Just for the fun of it!.. Download a Skunny the Squirrel arcade style game.. Or download your own Secret Squirrel super sonic decoder.. Squirrel photos.. This page contains a list of the on-line photos.. Including squirrel toy's, trinket's and other related items.. Acknowledgments.. My thanks to all the people, and companies that helped make The Squirrel Place what it is.. The Squirrel Place 1995 - 2013 Dennis Owca Savage, Minnesota.. 55378 U.. S.. A.. Comments and/or suggestions should be addressed to:.. dennis@squirrels.. org..

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  • Title: A Squirrel Place video Section
    Descriptive info: These video clips are from the film, Daylight Robbery II.. Which aired in the U.. on the Discovery Channel in November of 1995.. It was produced by the B.. B.. C.. Worldwide Limited in 1995.. This is the second part of the BBC TV's program presented by Dr.. Jessica Holm.. The follow three files are in the REAL Player format.. This Plug-in is available for all computer systems, including  ...   you do not have this program, you can obtain a copy for free, at.. http://www.. real.. com.. The obstacle course from Daylight Robbery.. [350 KB].. The obstacle course from Daylight Robbery II.. [599 KB].. The candy bar caper.. [416 KB].. | Home.. | Control.. | Credits.. | Facts.. | F.. Q.. 's.. | Feeders.. | Games.. | History.. | Links.. | Names.. | Photos.. | Raising.. | Trapping.. | Video|..

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  • Title: A Squirrel Place Photo Section
    Descriptive info: Below are links to some great squirrel photos.. Abert's Squirrel.. Nelson's Antelope Squirrel.. White Tailed Antelope Squirrel.. Nelsons Squirrel.. Uinta ground squirrel.. Belding ground squirrel.. California ground squirrel.. Columbian ground squirrel.. Wyoming ground squirrel.. Golden Mantled ground squirrel.. Cascade Golden Mantled squirrel.. Mexican ground squirrel.. Arctic ground squirrel.. Mohave ground squirrel.. Richardson ground squirrel.. Townsend's ground squirrel.. Round tailed ground squirrel.. Thirteen lined ground squirrel.. Spotted ground squirrel.. Rock squirrel.. Eastern Fox squirrel.. Eastern Gray Squirrel.. Western Gray Squirrel.. Arizona Gray squirrel.. Douglas squirrel.. Red squirrel.. Southern Flying squirrel.. Northern Flying squirrel..

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  • Title: A Squirrel Place Control Section
    Descriptive info: The best form of squirrel control is prevention!.. Proper sanitation and property maintenance will prevent most problems.. Most urban squirrels owe their existence to humans.. We supply both food, and shelter without thinking.. A house is just another funny looking tree to the squirrel.. Why should the squirrel spend days cutting and hauling twigs up a tree to build a nest, when there is a perfectly good attic to sleep in.. Its warm, out of the weather, and they don't have to worry about predators coming in.. Just add a few leaves, a bit of fluff, and call it home.. Now what's for dinner? A dish of pet food left unattended, an open garbage can, or a full bird feeder is a free meal to a hungry squirrel.. Their common sense says this sure beats foraging and it's a lot easier.. Wow.. these humans are really great!.. If you read this far, then you probably have some of these problems already.. So, remove the food supply.. If it is a bird feeder, move it twenty or more feet from the house.. Close or cover garbage cans, and if possible make them inaccessible.. If you have a barbecue near the house, keep it clean and covered.. Squirrels have been know to eat the drippings and sometimes build a nest if they can get inside.. It doesn't take very long, sometimes just hours.. Maybe the squirrels are digging in your garden, or flower pots.. While you can't stop a squirrel from digging, you can discourage it.. Use hardware cloth, a heavy metal screening with a half inch square grid, to place in the flower pot.. Cut it to fit around the stem of the plant, and extend it to the edges of the pot.. Place it just below the soil.. Put some small rocks near the edge to hold it in place.. This same approach can be used in a small garden.. If the squirrels are eating your fruit as it ripens, about the only way to stop them is to cage the entire plant.. Most times this is not practical, and allowing them to have a little may be a small price to pay.. I know they can be wasteful, try to accept it as food tasting.. Other devices, such as high frequency sound emitters and animal scents may be effective for a short period of time.. Once the squirrel gets use to them, and they will.. They become ineffective, and you're out a lot of money.. The use of Squirrel Away or Hot Pepper Spray are also ineffective as deterrents.. They can actually do harm to both squirrels, and other animals, especially when these products get into their eyes.. Then how do you deal with a blind squirrel?.. The use of moth balls as a deterrent does work.. But again, only temporarily.. A determined squirrel will get used to the smell, or simply push the smelly stuff out of its way.. So if you do try this method, wrap them in a piece of metal screening to form a bag.. Then tie the bag to a solid object, make it as difficult as possible for the squirrel to move.. You will have to replace the contents every few days for it to be truly effective.. Another problem area can be exposed wires or rubber hose's.. Most common are those on gas grills, and stored motor vehicles.. But, low voltage lighting can be a tempting target for squirrels.. What the most squirrels are trying to do, is clean and sharpen their teeth.. They do this by biting through some material, (normally wood) then they pull their head back so the fibers slide between the teeth.. I guess you could call it the squirrel version of dental floss.. Most squirrels stick with small tree branches, but some have found the plastic coated wire or rubber hose does a much better job.. The only way to stop this problem is to.. trap.. and relocate the offending squirrel.. Once the squirrel is removed, the problem should end.. Once a squirrel has chewed its way into an attic or crawl space, again the only practical  ...   Stores.. One store in Minnesota rents the small Havahart 1025 trap for $15 per day.. Be sure to find one that is the proper size for the squirrel you wish to trap.. Too small of a trap may not completely enclose the squirrel and one too large may not be sensitive enough for a one pound squirrel.. Traps should come with instructions to bait and set them, be sure you under- stand and follow the directions.. Peanut butter (Skippy crunchy) is considered the best bait for a squirrel.. Placing a spoonful on the trip lever usually does the trick.. Your first step is to do a little detective work.. Find the path that the squirrel is using to your attic, crawl space or where ever it should not be.. To find this path, you must first observe your squirrel's routine.. Normally, a squirrel will leave the nest at dawn or shortly after in search of food.. This would be the best time to watch and wait.. Find a place where you can view your house and the entrance hole.. Be very still, and watch how it gets to or from the house.. E.. g.. climbing, jumping or both.. Once you discover this path, you should place the trap accordingly.. Always set the trap on a stable surface, such as the ground, on a porch or deck.. Never hang the trap!.. If you have the time, leave the trap opened and without bait for several days, so the squirrel will accept it as part of the landscape.. You should also consider what if any other animals might be in the area of the trap.. Since a cat, dog, or even a bird may be tempted into your trap.. You must be able to see or hear the trap operate, so it would be best to set it only when you have the time to watch or listen for it to operate.. Once a squirrel is trapped it must be removed as quickly as possible to prevent stress to the animal.. Be sure you are wearing heavy work gloves while handling the trap.. Be prepared to listen to a lot of complaining.. This squirrel is going to voice its displeasure non-stop!.. You must relocate the squirrel at least a three miles from your location, even further if you are in a heavily wooded area.. An ideal location would have a natural barrier, such as a river or lake.. If you're moving the squirrel within an urban area, try to place it across several highways or other busy streets.. You should give some thought to where you are going to relocate the squirrel before capture.. A place where it can find food, water and shelter would be in your best interest.. Don't give this squirrel a reason to return!.. It may be necessary to repeat this process if more than one squirrel is involved.. Please remember that if there are babies in the nest, they can "not" be trapped and must be removed by hand.. Then be sure to correct the problem that led to the squirrel moving in, as quickly as possible.. Be sure to wash the entrance area, with a strong solution of ammonia and water, or a household cleaner to remove any scent the squirrel's may have left.. If you have problems, concerns, or questions about live trapping.. Many local government agencies have people that are knowledgeable in this area and may be able to offer you additional advice.. If you do not have the time or are not sure you can accomplish this task.. There are professional animal or pest control companies that can remove squirrels for you.. If you consider the time and effort involved, it may be best to contact a local company for an estimate.. Generally, you can expect to pay between one and two hundred dollars for this service.. If you live in the Minneapolis area, "Trapper Jim" The Critter Gitter.. is one of the best in the State, at removing squirrels.. Call him at.. 651-456-9495.. If you've in the Orlando area, call David at.. 407-538-1694 He can help you, with all your squirrel issues..

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  • Title: A Squirrel Place About and Links Section
    Descriptive info: Southern Wildlife Management of Alpharetta Georgia.. This is a animal control business in the Atlanta Georgia area.. Verron can help you with squirrel issues, as well as other wildlife matters.. Its an economical, and effective solution for most home owners.. Hickory Squirrel Jewelry.. This is a new site for jewelry that is made from nut shells, that have been chewed open by a squirrel.. Very unique concept, definitely worth a look.. Can Stock Photo.. Foto search is a one stop shopping site for on-line photos.. They have over 1000 squirrel photos available.. Trapping Videos.. This is a site for trapping videos, it has some interesting squirrel videos.. It's the place to check, if you have some unwanted guests.. Kalandaka the New York squirrel.. This is a new book on Lulu.. com, by Peter Gallina.. From the author.. Join Kalandaka and his friends in this their first adventure and follow them on a journey that begins in Battery Park and continues across New York City.. Birds, Squirrels, n.. This is an on-line store, where you will find a wide variety of feeders, baths, and houses, for both squirrels and birds.. It has a very interesting and complete inventory, The Birds, Squirrels, n store, should be on your favorites list.. Cute Squirrels.. This site belongs to AA Animal Control in Orlando, Florida.. David has posted photos of some of the baby squirrels he has rescued, just follow the links on his site.. You may also be interested in his.. squirrel trapping advice,.. it's well worth a look.. Beasts of New York.. This is an on-line novel, by Jon Evans.. You can read it in its entirety, and for free.. Jon calls it a children's book for adults, I think it's  ...   the market, to reduce squirrel related damage, in a humane way of course.. If you have time, check it out the cool video's!.. Animal Search.. This search engine is dedicated to the animals of the world, and is a great source of information.. It also contains links to many free products, and services.. This site should be added to your bookmarks and/or favorites list.. Nearctica.. (pronounced Nee-arctic-a).. This site is dedicated to the natural world of North America, its plants, and animals.. It's easy to find answers to all your environmental questions.. This is a must see site!.. Herman Miller's Squirrel Page.. This is where you will find articles and information on every type of squirrel.. Plus links to Squirrel pictures and related web pages world- wide.. This is one of the Inter net's first squirrel pages.. Grey Squirrels Page.. Grey Squirrel's Page of Silliness.. Humorous site devoted to squirrel culture.. Also offering free electronic postcards (many animated) featuring squirrels doing unusual things.. You have to check this one out!.. Jon's World o' Squirrels.. Jon has put together a collection of squirrel pictures that is so unique, you'll want to visit again.. Be sure to read his mini essays.. They're very informative and fun to read.. Squirrel Fishing.. This is one of the more interesting squirrel sites on the Web.. If you like squirrels, you're going to love the site!.. This is a personal web site.. It is a collection of facts, stories, and other information.. They were acquired from many sources, some of which are listed below.. Its purpose is not to serve as a reference.. But rather to address some of the most commonly asked questions about this widely known, yet rarely understood little animal.. The Squirrel!..

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  • Title: The Squirrel Place History and Facts Section
    Descriptive info: The tree squirrel is a very special animal.. It is one of very few wild animals that have adapted to humans and learned to coexist with man.. It can live on both natural foods and handouts.. The squirrel is an acrobatic wonder to young and old.. Its large tail makes it the most recognized mammal on Earth.. It amazes us with daring high wire acts, as it races through the tree branches.. Its determination to find a way to get seeds from a so called squirrel proof bird feeder is a delight to watch.. The.. Gray squirrel.. has been traced back 50 million years, from a fossil record made in North America.. It is a rodent (Rodentia) in the Sciurus family.. The species called Sciurus Carolinensis.. The squirrel's common name can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, where Aristotle used the word skiouros, skia meaning shade, while oura means tail.. Thus the meaning he who sits in the shadow of his tail was recorded.. Centuries later the French created a noun esquirel to describe this animal.. From this the present word squirrel was derived.. The word Gray is spelled Grey in the English speaking counties of Europe as well as in Canada.. There are over 365 species of squirrels or squirrel like mammals through out the world.. These are divided into seven families.. The three most common squirrel families are the ground squirrel, the flying squirrel and the tree squirrel.. The Gray squirrel is probably the most common of the tree squirrels.. They inhabit most of the northern hemisphere.. The average Gray squirrel is fifteen inches long and weighs about one pound.. Its diet consists of nuts, seeds and fruit.. They will eat scrapes from the trash including bread, meat and even snack food.. The life span of the squirrel is approximately six years.. Most urban squirrels do not reach their first birthday.. This is due not to predators, but rather to automobiles.. Compared to its rural counterpart, which often perishes from the lack of food.. There is also the.. Red Squirrel.. (Sciurus vulgaris) they are smaller then the Gray.. Eight to ten inches in length, with fur that ranges from red to black.. Most will have a white belly and a long fluffy red tail.. Some subspecies can have red or black ear tufts.. These grow more pronounced as Winter arrives.. The Red squirrel is found in coniferous forests, where it feeds on the seeds and cones of the Pines, Firs and Spruce trees.. Here are some interesting squirrel facts.. Squirrel's belong to the order "Rodentia", with 1650 species, it is the largest group of living mammals.. It also comprises forty percent of all present day mammal species.. There are over 365 species of squirrels in seven families.. They include the tree squirrel, ground squirrel, and flying squirrel.. Plus many squirrel-like mammals such as the gopher, ground hog and prairie dog.. Squirrels are the most active in late winter, when the mating season begins.. The males will chase a females, as well as, chase off other suitors.. This ritual of chasing, occurs through the trees at top speed.. While they perform some of the most breathtaking acrobatics imaginable.. The period of gestation varies from 33 days in the smaller species of pine squirrels, up to 60 days for the larger species such as the common gray and fox squirrels.. Squirrels are usually born in the early  ...   located high, and on each side of their head.. This allows them a wide field of vision, without turning their head.. The gray squirrels diet consists of nuts, seeds and fruit.. It will eat bird eggs, bugs, and even an animal carcass if there is no other food source available.. The gray squirrel requires some salt in its diet, and may find this salt in the soil along roads where snow and ice may have been.. Squirrels chew on tree branches to sharpen and clean their teeth.. That's why you may see many small branches on the ground around large trees.. They will also chew on power lines for the same reason, this has caused many major power outages throughout the country.. A squirrel's brain is about the size of a walnut.. The average adult squirrel needs to eat about a pound of food a week to maintain an active life.. Squirrels communicate through a series of chirps.. The frequency, and the duration of the notes communicate everything from laughter to alarm.. Their frequency range is normally between.. 01 KHz.. and 10 KHz.. (kilohertz).. These sounds when used in conjunction with tail gestures, form the basis for squirrel communication.. If a squirrel has taken up residence in your attic or crawl space, the only practical way to remove them is by trapping.. A squirrel will break the shell of a nut with its teeth, then clean the nut by licking it or rubbing on its face before it is buried.. This action applies a scent to the nut which helps the squirrel find it later, even under a foot of snow.. The sweat glands of a tree squirrel are located on their feet, between the foot pads and on their paws between the toes.. When hot or excited a squirrel will leave wet tracks on a dry surface.. This scent is also used to mark the trees in their territory.. If a squirrels nest becomes infested with fleas or other parasites, it will move to, or build a new nest.. This is why there may be more nests then squirrels in a given area.. The gray squirrel has been known to build a nest in many unusual places, in an attic or a crawl space seems to be the most common.. Squirrels have also built nests in automobiles, chimney's, barbecue grills and under porches.. When a squirrel senses danger, its first instinct is to stand motionless.. If on the ground it will race to the closest tree, or other climbable object to escape.. If it is in a tree, it will circle the trunk with its body pressed tightly to the bark.. The squirrel's erratic path while crossing a street is an attempt to confuse the oncoming vehicle.. thereby causing it to change direction.. This is obliviously the squirrels biggest, and often last mistake.. The male tree squirrel takes twice as long, as the female, to groom itself.. They are the cleanest animal in the rodent family.. A squirrels teeth grow continuously.. Their incisor's will grow six inches per year, but stay short due to the constant wear they receive.. The most common type of squirrel bite is a result of feeding a squirrel by hand.. Never hold the food between your fingers, chances are very good you will be bitten.. A squirrel's eyes are always looking for predators and they rarely focus on what they are eating..

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  • Title: A Squirrel Place F.A.Q. Section
    Descriptive info: I need to find more information for a school report, can you help?.. Are squirrels color blind?.. How many different kinds of Tree squirrels are there?.. What is the largest squirrel on Earth?.. What is the smallest squirrel on Earth?.. What was the name of the TV show about squirrels?.. I never see squirrel droppings, where are they?.. Do squirrels hibernate?.. How can you tell a male from a female?.. Why does the squirrel have such a big tail?.. Do squirrels talk?.. How fast can a squirrel run?.. What do squirrels eat?.. Do squirrels ever fall?.. Can squirrels swim?.. How far can a squirrel jump?.. Do squirrels fight?.. Where do squirrels live?.. How long do squirrels live?.. What happens to squirrels when they die?.. When do squirrels mate?.. When are the babies born, and why don't we see them?.. What do you call a group of squirrels?.. What are young squirrels called?.. Does the male squirrel help take care of the babies?.. What is the difference between urban and rural squirrels?.. What is a territory?.. Why do squirrels hide their food?.. Should people feed squirrels?.. Should I feed squirrels peanuts?.. I saw a squirrel with one leg missing, will it be able to survive?.. Do squirrels make good pets?.. Is there one place that has more squirrels, then all others?.. Do squirrels eat other animals?.. I've heard squirrels referred to as vermin.. Is this true?.. Do squirrels kill trees?.. Do squirrels really fly?.. Why can squirrels eat poison mushrooms, and not die?.. Can I poison a squirrel that is doing damage to my house?.. On the Squirrel.. History.. page, there are several good resources that you can use.. Index.. Research suggests, that the squirrel has "dichromatic" color vision, and therefore can see in color.. This would compare to a Human, that has "red-green" color blindness.. How many different kinds of tree squirrels are there?.. Of the ten species of tree squirrels in the northern hemisphere.. The most common are the Eastern Gray, followed by the Red squirrel, the Fox squirrel, the Abert or Kaibab squirrels, Douglas squirrel, Pine squirrel, Japanese squirrel, Persian squirrel, Arizona gray, and of course the Western gray squirrel.. The largest squirrel is the Ratufa (ratufa indica) sometimes known as the Indian giant squirrel, it can grow to three feet in length.. This species is found in southeast Asia, and parts of Nepal.. The African Pygmy (Myosciurus, pumilio) is the smallest squirrel in the world.. Its head and body length is only two and half inches long.. With a tail approximately the same length.. They are found, in Southeastern Nigeria, Cameroon, and Gabon.. I saw a television program that showed how smart squirrel's can be.. Do you know the name of it?.. It was probably Daylight Robbery or Daylight Robbery 2.. Both were produced by the BBC in Great Britain.. They were last shown on the Discovery Channel, in the Fall of 1995.. DC have no immediate plans to show either film again.. There are some clips from this program on the.. video page.. Squirrels, like all rodents, have very small droppings.. They are about the size of a raisin, and light brown in color.. Since the squirrel is outdoors, and always moving, they can be difficult to find.. No, tree squirrels are active all year round.. You may not see them as often in the Winter, since they stay in their nests to conserve body heat.. There is no difference in appearance, between males and females.. About the only sure way to tell the sex of a squirrel is to turn it over and look.. The squirrel uses its tail for many things, its primary function is for balance.. This enables the squirrel to maneuver quickly without falling.. It is also used as a parachute, should the squirrel fall.. It can act as a blanket in the Winter.. Squirrels also use their tail to communicate with other squirrels.. Squirrels do communicate, by making shrill sounds (tchrring).. The pitch and the duration of these sounds have meaning to other squirrels.. Tail gestures are also a form of communication.. The most common tail gesture is the flicking which means get away!.. Squirrels look like they run fast and for there size and weight they do.. The average speed, at a full run, is between 8 and 10 mph.. There is an old story of an Illinois state police officer that once clocked a gray squirrel, with his radar gun at 20 mph.. as it ran across a highway.. Most squirrels  ...   this area.. The squirrel must keep other squirrels from invading this space.. Squirrels mark their territory by urinating on the surrounding trees.. This warns an intruding squirrel, that it's trespassing.. Gray and Fox squirrels hide their food in many places, so if another squirrel or animal were to find it, the entire year's supply would not be lost.. Sometimes they hide food temporarily, until they can move it to a more convenient location.. This is called scatter hoarding.. The Red and Pine squirrels will dig a shallow pit, this is referred to as a midden where they store the cones they've cut or found.. This supply will then be covered with leaves, or other debris, which creates a cold and moist storage environment.. This practice is known as larder hoarding.. Squirrels get food from many sources, if there is an abundance of food the squirrel will store it for the future.. So, feeding them does not make much difference.. The one thing you should never do is hold a nut with your fingers for a squirrel to eat.. Since the squirrels eyes are on the side of its head, it cannot see what is in front of its mouth.. A finger feels about the same as a shelled nut.. Only if they are unsalted.. To much salt is not good for the squirrel, it increases their heart rate.. This in turn, can contribute to an early death.. Squirrels, like all animals never show pain or disability.. They learn to do what other squirrels do, sometimes in different ways.. If a squirrel cannot adapt, then it will likely die.. No.. Although squirrels can, and do live in captivity.. It is an unnatural environment for them.. They need to run and climb.. They make poor house pets since their sharp claws, and teeth can do a great deal of damage.. They can even harm a human unintentionally.. It would be cruel to keep a wild animal caged where it cannot mate or interact with other animals.. On the other hand, squirrels kept in a cage for study or treatment will often live longer then their wild counterpart, since there are no worries about food, water, or weather.. Most Cities, Counties and States have rules about keeping wild animals as pets.. A permit is often required.. It would be best to inquire before you try to adopt a disabled squirrel.. In the United States the largest concentration of squirrels is in Washington, D.. Specifically, in Lafayette Park across from the White House.. Some call it the Squirrel Capital of the World.. Squirrels roam free and are well feed by the thousands of Government employees and visitors that tour the park daily.. Squirrels do not normally eat meat.. They will, when faced with hunger and no other source of food eat bird eggs, insects or pick at a carcass.. There are also reports of male squirrels that attempt to eat infant squirrels.. While this is true, it is so rare, it is not mentioned very often.. Is this true?.. Squirrels are considered vermin, usually by insurance companies.. They use the definition of vermin, "birds or mammals that are difficult to control", as a means to preclude a claim for the damage a squirrel can do.. Squirrels (the Red squirrel in particular) can destroy trees by tearing and/or eating the bark.. They can become a nuisance in some pine forests and may need to be controlled.. It should be noted that most squirrels live in trees, and therefore would not destroy their home.. In the United Kingdom the Grey squirrel has become a major problem to their trees.. Many squirrel's have been destroyed in an attempt to control this yet unexplained problem.. No, but some species do glide.. The flying squirrel gets its name from the folds of skin between its body and arms.. With its arms extended the flying squirrel forms a wing, similar to a bird.. The flying squirrel can glide great distances, as it searches for food.. Why can squirrels eat poison mushrooms and not die?.. Squirrels eat mushrooms, plants, and bulbs, that may be poisonous to humans.. This is due in part to their short digestive tract which seems to handle these compounds.. It is illegal in most States to kill squirrels by poisoning.. Where it is allowed, it requires a special license or permit.. It would also be extremely unwise to use poisons, since birds, cats, dogs, and other domestic animals will often feed on many of the same grains as squirrels..

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  • Title: A Squirrel Place Building Projects Section
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  • Title: A Squirrel Place Fun and Games Section
    Descriptive info: Try Aw Nutz.. A new game from Immersive Realms.. Download Link.. AW NUTZ.. Guide Skitters through chaotic countryside hazards and treacherous city traffic to reach the ultimate squirrel paradise, Nino's Nut Shop.. Beware! Nino doesn't take kindly to critters.. Or, if you have an IBM or compatible PC, download one or all of the Skunny Squirrel games.. Each is an Arcade style game from CopySoft software.. These shareware games are a few years old, but still fun, and challenging.. Or download  ...   Network.. You may need an unzipping program, to expand these files.. There are many good programs available, WinZip is a free demo.. Just click on the link below, to get to their download page.. Download: Back to the Forest.. [556K].. Download: Desert Raid.. [490K].. Download: Save our Pizza's.. [427K].. Download: Skunny Kart.. [1.. 4M].. Download: Wild West.. [788K].. Download: Lost in Space.. [380K].. Download: Pirates Gold.. [3.. 9M].. Download: The Super Sonic Decoder Card.. 1M].. Download: The Hint Page.. from CopySoft..

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  • Title: A Squirrel Place Amazon Books Section
    Descriptive info:  ..

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