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  • Title: Colloidal & Ionic Silver Testimonials - Silver Solutions
    Descriptive info: .. Translate Page.. Testimonials: Ionic Silver Solutions Silver Colloids.. Building the most authentic collection of Personal Experience In the World.. Website Search.. Main Sections.. ASAP Colloidal Silver.. Basic Battery Generator.. Mesosilver.. Natural Immunogenics.. Colloidal Silver.. SilverPuppy - Coyote Z.. Enterprises Generator.. SilverGen Generator.. Bacterial Infections.. Cancer.. Digestive Disorders.. Food Poisoning.. Hepatits C.. HIV / AIDS.. Lung Conditions.. Skin Conditions.. General Viral Infections.. Multiple Sclerosis ( MS ).. In cooperation with private researchers across the globe.. building the most authentic collection of personal experience In the world.. Colloidal Silver Testimonials.. Although when possible the staff of Silvermedicine.. org makes every effort to ensure accuracy in claims, we cannot guarantee the validity of the information presented, and therefore strongly encourage all viewers to exercise good judgment when evaluating the colloidal silver testimonials presented.. Testimonials are offered to the public as an information resource by private researchers, and are not presented as medical claims nor are they offered as medical advice.. Visitors should feel free to report any negative experiences with silver products as well, providing as much detailed information as possible regarding personal experiences.. Silver colloids, ionic silver solutions, and other colloidal silver products have been determined by the FDA to be unclassified drugs, and are not approved for use as medicine.. Silvermedicine.. org.. is not affiliated.. with any manufacturer of colloidal silver, ionic silver solutions, or colloidal silver generators, and is not involved in the sales of any products.. Featured: Dr.. Robert O Becker.. In his landmark book, Body Electric, Dr.. Robert O Becker documents the re-discovery of silver for use in modern medicine.. As well as demonstrating silver's antibacterial properties, Dr.. Becker discovered that silver ions have the potential to eliminate cancerous cells.. View our overview of.. Dr.. Robert O.. Becker's research.. conclusions, and then explore our document on silver iontophoresis.. Testimonials By Condition.. General Bacterial Infections.. Ulcers.. Multiple Sclerosis (MS).. Sinus Infections.. Testimonials By Product..  ...   Cured with Colloidal Silver.. - Flu and Cellulitus.. Nebulizing Colloidal Silver / Cayenne Pepper.. - Success with the CS nebulizer and cayenne pepper protocol.. Chronic Sinus Infection Cure.. Individual Diagnosed with Subdural Empyema.. Individual Diagnosed with Blepharitis Controls Infection with Colloidal Silver.. Johnny Silverseed on Colloidal Silver.. Subdural Empyema.. Colloidal Silver IV for HIV / AIDS.. Multiple Sclerosis Cured: Oral Silver, H2O2 Silver, IV with Natural Immunogenics'.. Argentyn 23.. Infected Foot Treated with SilverPuppy Generated Colloidal Silver.. Mouth Infection / Abscess.. Ear Infection / 3 Year Old.. Severe Pnuemonia-type Lung Infection: Oxygen Nebulizer Colloidal Silver.. Urinary Tract / Bladder Infection.. Urinary Tract Infection, Antibiotic Resistant, Hospital Strain.. Pink Eye Cured in 24 Hours with Sovereign Colloidal Silver.. Leukemia and Silvergen Colloidal Silver.. Recommended Book, Introduction to Colloidal Silver.. Reference Book on Colloidal Silver.. Colloidal Silver Information, News, Research.. content copyright 2007 AVRA and managed by.. Las Vegas Search Engine Optimization.. back to top.. Silver.. Colloidal Silver.. See also:.. Colloidal Silver Solutions / Product Reviews.. Member:.. Las Vegas Area Directory Resources - Add URL.. Featured: Up to 68% of the population may be magnesium deficient.. New in.. Nature's Toolbox: Remedies Cures.. Transdermal Magnesium Chloride Therapy.. Addressing a magnesium deficiency can be as easy as taking three relaxing magnesium chloride baths each week.. Read our new article on magnesium deficiency and magnesium's importance to an individual's state of health.. Website Visitor Details.. Testimonials Section Only.. Current Number of Visitors Online: 3.. Most Ever Online: 47.. View Latest Search Engine Referrals.. Feedjit Live Blog Stats.. Translate this page into your language:.. Search Silvermedicine.. org.. Please Digg this Article.. Post page to del.. icio.. us.. [ ].. [.. Top.. ].. Colloidal Silver medicine.. org Home.. ] [.. Medical Colloidal Silver Research.. Ozone Therapy Research / Generators.. Nature's Toolbox of Holistic Cures.. Partners.. ].. Sitemap.. -.. PR 5 Club.. Website Resources.. Nano Silver Particles Debate (Nanosilver).. Page Last Modified:.. 01/30/12 06:20..

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  • Title: ASAP Colloidal Silver by American Biotech Laboratories
    Descriptive info: ASAP Colloidal Silver by American Biotech.. ASAP by American Biotech Laboratories.. American Biotech Labs: ASAP Colloidal Silver.. Testimonials.. Oral use of ASAP Colloidal Silver eliminates symptoms of infection.. Intranasal use of ASAP Colloidal Silver eliminates symptoms of a chronic sinusinfection.. content copyright 2007 AVRA and managed by -.. Las Vegas' AV Website Design.. The Story of Ozone.. Explore the history of ozone and its potential for medical applications through our featured 18 page e-book written by Saul Pressman.. Discover how.. how ozone is used in the home.. , and.. how ozone works biochemically..

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  • Title: Basic CS Generator Testimonials
    Descriptive info: Basic Colloidal Silver.. CS made by a Simple Home Brewing Method.. Home Made Colloidal Silver Generator Basic CS.. An Example of a Basic Colloidal Silver Generator.. - Testimonial from a noted CS researcher.. Featured: Cayenne Pepper - High Heat Power for O2 Circulation.. In our research, we successfully addressed every lung infection we came across by using quality isolated silver with a nebulizer ( or oxygen nebulizer ).. Provided that the individual experimenting was able to follow instructions, nebulizing silver proved  ...   chronic bronchitis that failed to completely respond.. To rise to the challenge, we went on a search for the perfect complimentary therapy.. We thus ended up developing the cayenne pepper and silver nebulizing protocol ( the cayenne is NOT nebulized ).. Read our research page on.. cayenne pepper and lung infections.. Still have doubts about the protocol? Then read the words of M.. Hoal, who describes using this protocol to beat a long term problem with.. emphysema, bronchitis and a psuedomonas infection..

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  • Title: Mesosilver Testimonials - Purest Colloids
    Descriptive info: Mesosilver by Purest Colloids.. Testimonials.. Mesosilver Brand Colloidal Silver.. Throat and Lung Infection Cured with Mesosilver.. Featured: Olive Leaf for a Flu-filled World.. Olive Leaf Extract : Virii, Bacteria, Fungus, Parasites.. Olive leaf extract is one of the most potent anti-pathogenic substances nature has to offer.. Silver and olive leaf make a great combination to help combat even the most dangerous infectious diseases..

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  • Title: Natural Immunogenics Colloidal Silver: Sovereign Silver, Argentyn 23
    Descriptive info: Colloidal Silver by Natural Immunogenics.. Sovereign Silver Argentyn 23 Testimonials.. Natural Immunogenics Brand Colloidal Silver.. Sovereign Silver Argentyn 23 Colloidal Silver.. Sovereign Silver Argentyn 23 are both laboratory produced, premium quality colloidal silver products.. Argentyn 23 is only available to medical doctors ( MD's ), while Sovereign Silver  ...   authorized distributors.. Review of Argentyn 23 Sovereign Silver Products.. Multiple Sclerosis Treated with Colloidal Silver: Oral Use, H2O2 Use, Argentyn 23 IV Use.. The story of Nancy Delise: Multiple Sclerosis cured through colloidal silver use.. A few drops in each eye twice in a day eliminated pink eye..

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  • Title: Coyote Z Enterprise Silver Puppy Testimonials
    Descriptive info: Silver Puppy by Coyote Z Enterprises.. Silver Puppy Brand Colloidal Silver Generators.. Coyote ZEnterprises SilverPuppy Colloidal Silver Generator.. s.. Infected Foot Treated with Colloidal Silver.. Pedro reports that an infected foot treated with colloidal silver results in the prevention of an amputation.. Researcher report on using healing clay, H2O2, and Silverpuppy generated colloidal Silver with an abscessed tooth.. Featured: Activated Oxygen and Ozone.. Take a moment to explore the extraordinary potential of activated oxygen and ozone.. We now have a whole section dedicated to  ...   activated oxygen.. is.. Explore the benefits of.. ozonating drinking water and bathing.. Examine the great potential of.. ozone sauna therapy.. Enjoy our whole section exploring ozone technology, including explanations on the different technologies used for ozone production, and articles on the known benefits of ozone for use with the human body.. Read commentaries by individuals such as Dr.. Frank Schallenberger, Dr.. Majid Ali, Saul Pressman, and more.. Educate yourself in the most promising form of oxygen therapy ever explored by alternative medicine practitioners.. 01/30/12 06:19..

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  • Title: Silvergen Colloidal Silver Generators Testimonials
    Descriptive info: Silvergen Colloidal Silver Generators.. Silvergen Brand Colloidal Silver Generators.. SilverGen Colloidal Silver Generators.. Local application of Silvergen SG7 colloidal silver cures an antibiotic resistant ear infection.. A quart or more of Silvergen produced colloidal silver thwarts a case of Luekemia.. Lisa Cramer's experience with Silvergen Colloidal Silver.. Featured: Open Season for the Flu Viruses.. How to fight the flu.. naturally.. What can a family do when no medical care is available and the flu strikes quickly? New protocols to protect your family, and new methods to help fight the flu for those infected..

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  • Title: Bacterial Infections - Colloidal Silver Testimonials - Bacteria
    Descriptive info: Bacterial Infections Colloidal Silver.. Bacteria.. Successful treatment of bacterial infections with colloidal silver is dependant upon many factors.. The silver must reach the infection site and come in contact with the bacteria.. Further factors to consider:.. 1.. The silver must reach the infection site in a bioactive form.. 2.. Dilution must be considered: Variables dependent primarily on the immune system response and aggressiveness of the infection, as well as bacterial population density, may render diluted silver products innefective; in other words, enough of the colloidal silver must reach the infection to make a impact.. 3.. A supply of colloidal silver must consistently be delivered to the area in order to continue to reduce bacterial counts..  ...   Current Testimonials.. A colloidal silver homebrewing engineer shares how he and his family have used colloidal silver for years treating colds, foot fungus, pink eye, bleeding gums and more.. Gary tells his story how his cellulitis may be cured with colloidal silver use, and relays the experience of him and his girlfriend who nebulized colloidal silver to cure the flu.. Subdural Empyema Treated with Colloidal Silver.. Left for dead , Brent tells how he used colloidal silver to successfully treat Subdural Empyema.. Pseudomonas and Proteus Urinary Infection Treated with Colloidal Silver.. The use of colloidal silver helps individual to control the life threatening bacterial infection known as subdural empyema.. Current Number of Visitors Online: 2..

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  • Title: Cancer - Colloidal Silver Testimonials
    Descriptive info: Cancer Colloidal Silver.. Leukemia Treated with Colloidal Silver.. An individual uses Silvergen Colloidal Silver as a part of an anti-cancer treatment protocol.. Silver in the News.. May 2007.. A new provacative study was recently released featuring American Biotech Laboratories' ASAP Silver, and published in the peer reviewed journal Materials Research Innovations.. The study focuses on Ultradilute Ag-aquasols with extraordinary bactericidal properties, and the role of the system Ag O H2O ( Silver, Oxygen and Water ).. Read more:.. New Study Released - Silver and Oxygen Complexes in Aquasolutions..

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  • Title: Digestive Disorders - Colloidal Silver Testimonials - Digestive Disorders
    Descriptive info: Digestive Disorders Colloidal Silver.. Digestive Disorders.. No Current Testimonials.. March 2004.. A Silver polymer which releases silver ions ( Ag+ ) was found to be effective against the SARS virus:.. We tested the compound against a four-hour, eight- hour, and 24-hour exposure period and found no surviving SARS virus upon 24 hours of exposure to the polymer.. Zhang Panhe, professor at the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences.. Read More:.. Silver Ions Effective Against SARS..

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  • Title: Digestive Disorders - Colloidal Silver Testimonials - Food Poisoning
    Descriptive info: Food Poisoning Colloidal Silver.. Food Poisoning.. We have yet to come across a personal report claiming that colloidal silver was inneffective against food poisoning as a result of bacterial contamination.. Our research into what few histories are available indicates a rapid response via oral use of colloidal silver, provided that the silver was taken at the onset of symptoms.. Food Poisoning Testimonials.. No current testimonials..

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