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  • Title: Speak Freely
    Descriptive info: Speak Freely....

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  • Title: SF Main Menu
    Descriptive info: Choose a destination:.. Website analytics..

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  • Title: Speak Freely
    Descriptive info: Release 7.. 2 for Windows.. by Brian C.. Wiles John Walker.. Update:.. Check out the new.. VoIP Search.. on Google! It allows you to search for any Voice Over IP information without getting a lot of unrelated information thrown at you!.. News.. 01/04/2002.. - Version 7.. 2 released!.. Speak Freely is a.. 100% software-based VoIP phone.. originally written in 1991 by John Walker, founder of Autodesk.. After April of 1996, he discontinued development on the program.. Since then, several other VoIP "phones" have cropped up all over the world.. However, most of these programs cost money.. Most of them have poor sound quality, and don't support some of Speak Freely's basic features such as encryption, the answering machine, or selectable compression.. Out of fustration in the shortcomings of the other programs, and even Speak Freely, I decided to implement what I thought were  ...   Voice Over Internet Protocol.. VoIP is the technology that allows you to send your voice over the Internet instead of typing, like email or instant messaging.. The first VoIP phone experiments were carried out in the 1970's, but it wasn't until the mid-1990's that the average home computer was powerful enough to handle all that data.. Today, a growing number of phone calls are actually placed using VoIP phones or are carried using VoIP somewhere between the caller and the callee.. Search for "VoIP" and you'll find several web sites that describe VoIP in more detail.. Download Speak Freely 7.. 2.. Click.. here.. to go to the download site.. Our Sponsors:.. Movie Gold Mine.. -.. old movies.. ,.. new movies.. , and everything in between! The place to.. buy movies.. Buy.. Voice over IP books.. at Amazon.. Axvoice.. Copyright 1996-2014.. Brian C.. Wiles..

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  • Title: Speak Freely for Windows
    Descriptive info: Speak Freely for Windows.. 0.. by.. John Walker.. WWW Home page:.. http://www.. speakfreely.. org/.. Japanese Manual:.. netlaputa.. ne.. jp/~NTSK1020/manual/manual.. htm.. is a Windows application that allows you to talk (actually send voice, not typed characters) over a network.. If your network connection isn't fast enough to support real-time voice data, four forms of compression may allow you, assuming your computer is fast enough, to converse nonetheless.. To enable secure communications, encryption with DES, IDEA, and/or a key file is available.. If.. PGP.. is installed on the user's machine, it can be invoked automatically to exchange IDEA session keys for a given conversation.. for Windows is compatible with.. for Unix.. , and users of the two programs can intercommunicate.. Users can find one another by communicating with a "Look Who's Listening" phonebook server.. You can.. designate a bitmap file.. to be sent to users who connect so they can see who they're talking to.. Speak Freely supports Internet.. RTP protocol.. , allowing it to communicate with other Internet voice programs which use that protocol; in addition, Speak Freely can also communicate with programs which support the.. VAT (Visual Audio Tool) protocol.. 0 now available!.. This release is a 32-bit application which runs in native mode on Windows 95 and Windows NT.. Starting with Release 7.. 0,.. will be released only for 32-bit systems.. Users of 16-bit Windows 3.. x systems can continue to use.. 6.. 0, which remains available and can communicate with later releases without difficulty.. 0 includes support for United States Department of Defense Federal Standard 1015 / NATO-STANAG-4198 / LPC-10 compression algorithm, republished as Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 137 (FIPS Pub 137).. LPC-10 compression (an algorithm completely different from that the original LPC compression) compresses sound by a factor of more than 26 to 1 with fidelity, albeit less than that of GSM compression, perfectly adequate for voice-grade communications.. The extreme compression achieved by the LPC-10 algorithm allows the option of ``robust transmission,'' in which multiple copies of sound packets are sent, each containing a sequence number which allows the receiver to discard duplicate or out-of-sequence packets.. Robust transmission often allows intelligible conversation over heavily loaded network links which would otherwise induce random pauses and gaps in received sound.. Mailing lists now open!.. Two.. Internet mailing lists.. devoted to.. are now open to subscribers, one for general unmoderated discussion of all topics related to.. (also available as a periodic digest) and a moderated list reserved for announcements of general interest to the.. user community.. Please consult the.. mailing list documentation.. for further details and information on how to subscribe.. Remote echo servers now available!.. Servers are now running at the sites.. corona.. itre.. ncsu.. edu.. echo.. fourmilab.. to.. , and.. ch.. which echo back any sound you send ten seconds later, using the same compression and encryption modes as the sound you sent.. This lets you experiment with different modes without tying up a person on the other end.. Note:.. the.. server shares its Internet link with the very busy.. www.. Web site; as a result, due to outbound traffic you may experience pauses when using this server that you wouldn't encounter otherwise.. Notice:.. A great deal of work has been done to make.. work on as many computer configurations as possible, but given the extraordinary variety and uneven quality of sound cards and drivers, network interfaces, Internet Service Providers, Windows Sockets drivers, etc.. in the real world, and the fact that many of these components were not designed and have not been tested for real-time transmission of sound, you may have to do some fiddling with your configuration to get.. running satisfactorily, and you may discover that with your current configuration you can't get it to work at all.. uses only standard Windows multimedia and network services, but it pushes them much harder than do most other Internet tools.. If the hardware and drivers on your machine do not function according to Microsoft's specifications, there is nothing.. can do about it.. Further, if your network connection isn't sufficiently fast and consistent, and/or your computer doesn't run fast enough to execute this very demanding program in real time, you'll be disappointed with the results.. A 486/50 or faster computer with a 28.. 8 kilobit per second or faster Internet connection is ideal; you can run over a 14.. 4 kilobit per second Internet connection by using LPC compression.. If your computer is fast enough to run LPC-10 compression (a 75 Mhz or faster Pentium is generally required), you can send audio over links as slow as 4800 bits per second.. is a 32 bit Windows applications which runs under Windows 95 and  ...   help.. subdirectory will rebuild the help file.. If you decide to experiment with the source code, you're entirely on your own--I do not have the time to provide support to novice developers.. is a large, complicated, and tricky program which requires a substantial investment in time to learn your way around before you commence any serious development.. source code.. 0 32-bit source code.. 0 16-bit source code.. Table of Contents.. Introduction.. Hardware and software requirements.. Connections.. Creating a new connection.. Setting connection options.. Closing a connection.. Saving a connection in a file.. Opening a connection file.. Communicating.. Receiving audio.. Sending live audio.. Sending sound files.. Ringing remote users.. Testing using local loopback.. Multicasting to a group.. Broadcasting to multiple sites.. Viewing extended status.. Voice activated transmission.. Communicating with other network audio programs.. The answering machine.. Show your face.. Phonebook: Look Who's Listening.. Publishing your directory entry.. Finding on-line users.. Compression.. Encryption.. Why encryption?.. Varieties of encryption.. PGP key exchange.. DES (Data Encryption Standard).. IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm).. Key file.. Generating and exchanging keys.. Legal issues.. Patent issues.. Command line arguments.. Problems, problems.. Regular pauses in audio output.. Random pauses in audio output.. Compression slows down transmission.. Debugging: Viewing extended status.. Workarounds for driver bugs.. Internet resources.. Speak Freely Internet mailing lists.. Echo servers.. Hardware issues.. Viewing hardware configuration.. Measuring computer performance.. 8 or 16 bit sampling?.. Half- or full-duplex?.. Bugs, features, and frequently asked questions.. References.. for Unix machines.. Credits.. Bookshelf.. Development log.. is a Microsoft Windows application that allows you, with.. appropriate hardware and software.. , to send and receive audio, in real time, over a computer network.. If you're connected to the Internet by a sufficiently high-speed link, you can converse with anybody else similarly connected anywhere on Earth without paying long-distance phone charges.. Users can find one another, even if they have dial-up connections to the Internet, by.. publishing.. and.. searching.. directory entries on a Look Who's Listening server.. not only because you aren't running up your phone bill, but also knowing your conversation is secure from eavesdroppers.. provides three different kinds of encryption, including the same highly-secure IDEA algorithm PGP uses to encrypt message bodies.. By using PGP to automatically exchange keys, session you can.. to total strangers, over public networks, with greater security than most readily available telephone scramblers provide.. for Windows is 100% compatible with.. , currently available for a wide variety of Unix systems.. Windows users can converse, over the Internet, with users of those Unix machines.. Multicasting.. is implemented, allowing those whose networks support the facility to create multi-party discussion groups to which users can subscribe and drop at will.. For those without access to Multicasting, a rudimentary.. Broadcast.. capability allows transmission of an audio feed to multiple hosts on a fast local network.. In order to use.. , you need a personal computer with the following hardware and software:.. Microsoft Windows 95 or NT 3.. 51 or later.. Sound input/output card with Windows Multimedia driver.. Microphone and speaker(s) compatible with sound card.. Network interface with TCP/IP WINSOCK driver.. Sending real-time audio over a data network is demanding on every component in the chain, and the performance required of your computer and network interact in complicated ways.. For example, if you're communicating exclusively with other people over a high-speed local network and you aren't worried about eavesdropping, you don't need to enable either compression or encryption, both of which require a great deal of computation.. For such an application a 386 machine is perfectly adequate.. If your network link is slower, you'll have to compress the sound before it's transmitted.. The most effective form of compression provided by.. , that used by.. GSM digital cellular telephones.. , reduces the data bandwidth requirement by almost a factor of five but is so computationally intense it can be done in real time only on a very fast 486 or Pentium machine.. Encryption also takes time; the three methods available vary in the computation required.. Compression reduces encryption overhead since there's less to encrypt.. Whether.. will work effectively for you depends upon your CPU speed, network bandwidth, load on the network, and the compression and encryption modes you select in a complicated and subtle manner.. The best way to find out is to try it; if it works, great; if it doesn't, try again when you next upgrade your computer or network connection.. provides a built-in.. performance benchmark.. to assist you in selecting modes appropriate for your computer.. You can experiment to determine which settings work best by connecting to an.. echo server.. which returns any sound you send to it after a 10 second delay.. February 7, 1999..

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  • Title: SF Download Index
    Descriptive info: Download Speak Freely.. Choose the VoIP phone you want below:.. Most users will want to download the following:.. U.. S.. A.. : Release 7.. 2 for Windows with Crypto (806 KB Installer).. Otherwise, feel free to download any of the following (if one location doesn't work, try another):.. 2 for Windows without Crypto (790 KB Installer).. 2 for Windows source code (1090 KB Zipped)..

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  • Title: Speak Freely Development
    Descriptive info: Speak Freely Development.. Development Plans.. A list of future plans for Speak Freely that have been suggested by many people.. Development Team.. Meet the current developers of Speak Freely that are making free long distance a reality.. Task List.. These are the items that need to be completed for the next version of Speak Freely.. If you  ...   know.. Speak Freely API Spec.. This is the definitive reference for anyone wanting to incorporate Speak Freely into their application.. Latest Engine Header File.. This is the latest sfengine.. h file, posted mainly to show the current progress of the engine.. WARNING:.. The structures will change before the official 8.. 0 release.. Last Updated: January 12, 2000..

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  • Title: Speak Freely Frequently Asked Questions
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. Last Updated: February 6, 2001.. After many people have used a product over a long period of time, the same questions are often repeatedly asked by different users, as is the case with Speak Freely.. This document serves as the official FAQ list for the Speak Freely program.. It is by no means supposed to answer every conceivable question that could possibly be asked, so please let me know if you have a piece of information that you believe deserves to be added to this list.. My email address is.. brian@speakfreely.. org.. Contents.. 1.. What is Speak Freely?.. 2.. Can I call regular telephones with Speak Freely?.. 3.. How much does Speak Freely cost?.. 4.. Is Speak Freely Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliant?.. 5.. When will the next version be released?.. Why is there a version without cryptography (encryption)?.. If Speak Freely is being developed inside the U.. , how are you able to export it?.. 8.. Will there be a Macintosh (or whatever) version?.. Speak Freely is a program that allows two or more people to conduct a real-time voice conference over the Internet or any other TCP/IP network.. It supports a variety of compression protocols, such as GSM, ADPCM, LPC, and LPC-10.. The cryptography-enabled version includes IDEA, DES, and limited PGP encryption capabilities for protecting the privacy of important voice conversations.. No.. Speak Freely only calls other people using Speak Freely on a PC.. The only way to make calls over the Internet for free to a regular phone number is to use a service such as.. Dialpad.. Most of the free sites have switched to a paid model, so don't expect to call some of the more expensive countries, such as India, for  ...   volunteers to take over the project unless, of course, I get hit by a bus, as the saying goes.. The U.. and other countries have export controls on encryption software, so I can only export non-cryptographic versions from my web site.. These versions will be identified with "(no crypto)" after the version number under Help|About.. I will post links to sites outside the U.. that have the fully cryptographic versions available.. Originally, I was not actually exporting any encryption software.. Since Speak Freely was originally developed in Switzerland, I could make my modifications (which don't have anything to do with cryptography) and have someone outside the country patch in my changes with the original encryption modules.. John Walker, the original author of Speak Freely, has been gracious enough to do the patches for me.. Now that the regulations have been somewhat relaxed, I am able to provide the complete source code - including encryption - for download directly from my site in the U.. However, someone outside the U.. must compile the full crypto- enabled version in order to provide it for people to download.. So, there is still a lot to be desired with respect to the regulations, but it's better than it was.. If someone wants to develop one.. Right now, I do not have a Macintosh nor the development tools to develop software for the MacOS.. Plus, Apple is known for their expensive products, and I have no desire to cater to another proprietary O/S (Windows is bad enough).. If there is a platform you would like to port Speak Freely to, feel free to do so, and I will provide a link from the Speak Freely web site to your project.. Copyright 2001 Brian C..

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  • Title: Speak Freely
    Descriptive info: Mailing Lists.. To obtain additional information about Speak Freely, notification of new releases, and to meet other Speak Freely users to discuss problems and solutions, tips and tricks, and your experiences with the package, the following Internet mailing lists are available:.. speak-freely@fourmilab.. Unmoderated list for discussion of any topic related to.. Each message posted to the list is immediately copied to all subscribers.. To subscribe, send an electronic mail message containing the word "subscribe" in the message body (.. not.. as the Subject) to.. speak-freely-request@fourmilab.. You can receive the same information in periodic.. digest.. form by subscribing to.. speak-freely-digest@fourmilab..  ...   updated every several days depending on the amount of traffic received; when traffic grows to a sufficient volume to warrant it, daily digests will be published.. Subscribing to.. speak-freely-digest.. instead of.. speak-freely.. dramatically reduces the number of individual messages from the mailing list that arrive in your in-box, albeit at the cost of less timely delivery of information.. speak-freely-digest-request@fourmilab.. These lists are irreplaceable when it comes to support resources.. Often, there are other users who have experienced the same difficulties you may have, and help is only a keystroke away.. Have fun!.. Last updated: Thursday, February 15, 2001 by..

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  • Title: Speak Freely & The Year 2000
    Descriptive info: Year 2000 Compliance.. April 8, 1999.. Many people are concerned with the Year 2000 and what disasters, if any, that it will bring.. While I have my own personal opinions as to what will happen on January 1st, I will not state them here.. This page is for the discussion of Speak Freely and how it will perform after January 1, 2000.. Is Speak Freely Year 2000 Compliant?.. Before I answer that, let me ask you this: Are YOU Year 2000 Compliant? When you write the date down, do you use 4 digits or just 2? Let's take that a step further.. Do your credit cards expire in 00 or 2000? How about your driver's license, does it expire in 00 or 2000?.. As you can see, while  ...   operating system on which it runs does not properly handle the 4 digit year, then Speak Freely may not function properly.. Chances are though, if the O/S breaks, Speak Freely will not be the only program affected and would be the least of your worries at that point.. With that said, if you have received a copy of Speak Freely that is not from one of the official distribution sites, I cannot guarantee that it has not been modified by someone else in a way that would rely on a 2-digit date.. In short, if you received Speak Freely from someone else, ask them if their version is Year 2000 Compliant, or just try it out for yourself.. That's the only way you'll ever know with 100% certainty..

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  • Title: Speak Freely History
    Descriptive info: Speak Freely History.. A brief history of Speak Freely: When I moved to Europe in May of 1991 to help organise Autodesk's European Software Centre, I realised that one thing I'd miss is being able to listen in on design meetings and talk with individual developers without running up huge phone bills.. Autodesk had a dedicated 56 Kb leased line between headquarters in California and the European Software Centre which was used primarily for transmitting software updates but which was nearly idle in the overlap hours between Europe and California.. Since all of our software developers had Sun workstations which came with audio hardware, I decided to see if I could put the pieces together so we could talk and/or broadcast meetings over the leased line.. Since raw Sun mu-law audio requires 64 Kb and I only had 56 Kb to work with, I hammered in a decimation/expansion scheme to reduce the bandwidth to 32 Kb.. (It remains today, in a more refined form, as "Simple compression".. ) I knew very little about audio encoding at the time--obviously ADPCM would have been a far better choice, but I was ignorant of it and I'm not sure a public domain implementation of it existed in 1991..  ...   compiler which replaced Sun's original K&R cc.. I didn't really get back into development mode until the summer of 1995, when I discovered the public domain implementation of GSM which is still used in Speak Freely.. This, along with Phil Karn's DES (which I had used in a number of other programs over the years), and the Silicon Graphics audio drivers supplied by Paul Schurman made up NetFone release 4, posted on August 2, 1995.. This was the first version able to run on a typical Internet connection as opposed to a leased line, albeit still limited to Sun and Silicon Graphics workstations.. NetFone release 5 followed on August 28, 1995 and added IDEA encryption as well as fixes to features in release 4.. Netfone 5.. 1 was released on September 2, 1995, and was the first to include the log.. doc file.. The program was renamed Speak Freely as of release 5.. 2 on September 21, 1995 and all subsequent development is documented in the log.. The Windows version began as a port of NetFone 5 (aka 5.. 0) and all development following its initial release on August 23, 1995 is described in the Windows development log.. Last Modified: June 26, 1999 by Brian C..

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  • Title: Speak Freely Links
    Descriptive info: Links.. Products Based On Speak Freely.. Qtalka.. - They took Speak Freely and modified it very, very little.. Go2Call.. Com.. - A formerly-free PC-to-Phone calling service to several countries around the world.. The service uses Speak Freely as part of the Java PC client, and Speak Freely and a proprietary H.. 323 stack on the servers.. It used to use.. OpenH323.. as its H.. 323 stack.. Other Sites.. Here are some other web sites that are in some ways related to Speak Freely and/or other Open Source software:.. Fourmilab.. - John Walker's web site with tons of other free software he has written.. OpenH323 Project.. - An Open Source H.. 323 stack that will be used by Speak Freely 8.. The Amateur Radio Listening Post.. - Uses Speak Freely to broadcast Ham Radio over the Internet!..  ...   I want to add live voice radio communications to.. wxWindows.. - An Open Source cross-platform GUI development framework, much like MFC, but it works! :).. GSM 06.. 10 Lossy Speech Compression.. - The GSM library used by Speak Freely.. GIMP for Windows.. - The Open Source graphics program I use most to create the images on the web site.. WinCVS.. - Windows port of the popular CVS version control software.. Linux Online.. - The world's best Open Source operating system, and more stable than Windows.. Mozilla.. - The Open Source version of Netscape's popular web browser.. FierceVoIP.. - VoIP Business and Technology Report, is an easy to read twice-weekly email service that brings must read VoIP news to senior executives in the Voice over IP and IP telephony industry.. Copyright 1996-2005 Brian C.. All Rights Reserved..

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