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  • Title: Welcome to the NHS Tayside Sexual Health and Wellbeing website
    Descriptive info: .. Home Page.. Local Clinics.. Young People.. Sexual Well-Being.. Health Professionals.. Training.. Making Choices, Keeping Safe.. Adults-Older People.. Information for Parents - Guardians.. Sexual Problems.. Sexual Health and The Law.. Sexually Transmitted Infections.. Contraception.. World AIDS Day.. Reports.. Facts and Figures.. Links.. Glossary.. Comments.. Search.. Welcome to the NHS Tayside Sexual Health and Wellbeing website.. Temporary Service Changes.. Drumhar Health Centre.. Tuesday 9th December clinic closed until 10.. 30 am.. Monday 15th December (Young Persons )LINC Clinic finishing early at 5.. 00 pm.. Tuesday 16th December - Clinic closed until 1.. 30 pm.. Thursday 25th December Friday 26th December - Clinic closed for public holiday.. Ninewells.. From 10th November the Thursday walk-in clinic between 9.. 00 am - 3.. 00 pm at Ninewells will be suspended for 6 months.. On a Thursday the service will continue to provide.. Booked appointments for Long Acting Reversible Contraception and to manage urgent problems.. LINC clinic for under 18s.. The young persons walk-in is from 4pm to 6pm.. The MOT Clinic (Cairn Centre) 4.. 30pm - 7.. 3rd Party Reporting.. As of 1st August  ...   look at their new campaign? It has helpful hints and "how to" videos to help you start that all important conversation.. We want to encourage people to feel confident having frank, honest and positive conversations about sex and making them part and parcel of every day relationships.. Syphilis cases in Tayside.. NHS Tayside has seen an increase in the number of cases of syphilis in the second half of 2013.. This has been seen particularly in young heterosexual people aged 15-25.. If you would like further information about our local response please click on the syphilis statement link to the right of this page.. If you would like more information about the signs and symptoms of syphilis visit our.. Syphilis.. page.. LGBT Charter Mark.. Our Sexual Health Services have signed up to the LGBT Youth Scotland Charter Mark.. We are working towards this independent accreditation to ensure LGBT have confidence accessing our services.. NHS Tayside.. USEFUL LINKS.. Cool2Talk.. Sexual Health Scotland.. Get the Lowdown.. Free Condom Outlets.. TRANSLATION SERVICE.. Site Information.. Credits.. Disclaimer.. back to the top of the page..

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  • Title: Sexual & Reproductive Health Clinics
    Descriptive info: The Sexual Reproductive Health Service (TSRHS) offers specialist clincs in Dundee, Arbroath and Perth.. What s on offer?.. Free confidential, self referral service for everyone of any age.. All methods of contraception.. Screening Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).. HIV Testing.. Sexual Health advice information.. Free Condoms.. Emergency Contraception (including IUD / IUS).. Pregnancy Testing.. Referral for Termination of Pregnancy (TOP).. Support for unplanned pregnancy.. Menopause / PMS clinic.. Psychosexual clinic.. Learning Disability clinic.. Men Only Tayside clinic (for MSM).. Young People s clinic.. IN THIS SECTION.. Dundee.. Angus.. Perth & Kinross.. Men Only Tayside.. Learning Disabilities..

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  • Title: Young People
    Descriptive info: When we talk about sexual health with young people we say it is to do with everything about them that is to do with sex and relationships and the way their body changes as they become an adult.. Young people have a right:.. To be healthy.. To be safe.. To get information and ideas of all kinds.. To confidentiality and respect for their private life.. To use services (like their GP or special clinics about sexual health) to help them stay healthy.. To have their say if a professional person is making a decision that affects them.. Who are young people?.. When we talk about young people we generally mean people who are no longer children and have started to become adults.. It s hard to define this in terms of age but in terms of sexual health it might be useful to think of children becoming young people when they have started to physically develop sexually or have reached the age of puberty and continue to be young people until they feel fully physically and emotionally developed enough to handle all the responsibility of being considered an adult.. It s important to remember that all young people are not the same and that there are  ...   homeless.. There are young people who care for other people.. Young people are at school, further education, working and unemployed.. This site is for all of you.. Young people and sexual feelings.. Young people start to have sexual feelings at around 11 or 12.. For a lot of young people, when they start to get sexual feelings nobody seems to want to talk to them about it in an open or affirming way, some parents might find it really difficult to talk about sex and sexual feelings.. This means that young people start to get the idea that sexual feelings are something to be ashamed of.. As The UN Convention on The Rights of the Child tells us, young people have a right to information on things that affect them.. Sexual feelings affect every young person very much.. If you want to talk to someone you can go along to a young person s services listed on the website and talk it over with a friendly listening ear.. Check out these websites for more info.. cool2talk.. org/.. thecorner.. Am I ready for sex?.. Young Women.. Young Men.. How does the Law affect me?.. Where to get free condoms.. Other useful links for young people.. Parents / Guardians..

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  • Title: Training & Education
    Descriptive info: The Sexual Health BBV Managed Care Network provide a range of awareness and training sessions relating to sexual reproductive health.. The training is tiered to support staff working at different levels both internal and external to the organisation.. The training programme for 2014/15 will launch on Friday 16th May 2014.. The programme will be updated throughout the year.. If you would like more information about any aspect of our training please contact:.. Veronica Patullo.. Tel: 01382 424091.. Email:.. veronica.. patullo@nhs.. net.. SRH Training Programme 2014-2015..

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  • Title: Making Choices, Keeping Safe
    Descriptive info: Making Choices Keeping Safe (MCKS):.. Guidelines for those caring for people with learning disabilities around relationships and sexual health.. MCKS has been developed in response to the needs of people with learning disabilities and provides professionals with best practice guidance around discussing sexual health and relationships.. A copy of the guidance and the Sexual Risk Identifier Tool can be downloaded from the menu on the right hand side of this page.. Guidance.. DOWNLOADS.. Sexual Risk Early Identifier Tool..

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  • Title: Older People
    Descriptive info: Sexuality and Relationships.. There are no age barriers to sex and loving being sexual is part of what makes us human.. Sex can be important part of relationships, bring pleasure, intimacy, personal fulfilment and fun.. Older people are just as capable of loving passionately and  ...   intimacy can bring new, unexpected pleasures for example when there is less pressure to perform or they are no longer afraid of pregnancy, however sexually transmitted infections still occur through unprotected sex.. Older People.. The Prostate.. Andropause.. Dementia.. Infections.. Menopause.. Sex and Ageing.. Links: Older People..

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  • Title: Advice for Parents and Guardians
    Descriptive info: Talking with Children about Sex and Relationships.. Children learn about sex whether you want them to or not.. Sex is everywhere around us in:.. Newspapers and magazines.. Advertisements and billboards.. TV and Soap Operas.. Song lyrics and musical videos.. News items etc.. Children also learn about sex from each other, not all of it accurate information.. You as a parent have an important role in making sure your child has the right information.. This brief guide should assist you with when to start discussing sex and relationships and to respond comfortably to questions they may ask.. Sex education shouldn t be a one off talk but a gradual process of communication starting when your child is small and continuing into adulthood.. If your children grow up knowing that you are comfortable with what can be a sensitive issue it is likely that they will come to you when they need to.. Talking you re your child about relationships and sexual health For parents and carers of children.. -.. healthscotland.. com/documents/1138.. aspx.. and.. Talking with your teenager about relationships and sexual health For parents and carers of children between 10 and 13 years.. old -.. com/documents/1141.. 1.. Sex and Relationships What is it?.. It s about.. Feelings.. Relationships.. Body changes.. Growing and changing.. Keeping safe.. Who you can talk to.. Who can offer help.. 2.. What should I do?.. As a parent/carer you re in a good position to discuss sex and relationships at a time which is right for your child.. Start early.. Young children aren t embarrassed, so you needn t be.. Answer questions simply and naturally.. It s an everyday matter.. You don t have to say much, children are happiest learning in small steps.. Clarify what your child means e.. g.. Mmm that s interesting, where did you hear that? or.. like.. ?.. This can tell you how much they know and helps to give answers they will understand.. Use their comments and questions about programmes on TV, or reports of their day, or magazines they see to continue the conversation.. We know that everyday activities like going for a walk, or washing up together, encourages talking.. Have a line up your sleeve for difficult moments such as:.. That s a good question, let s talk about it when we get home.. And make sure you do..  ...   content you may ask at your child s school.. Good sex education in school can provide children and young people with accurate information about sexual health and relationships.. It can present opportunities to explore feelings and to develop strategies for keeping safe.. Young people want to know more about relationships and how to manage feelings.. You may feel concerned that by discussing sexual health and relationships you will encourage your child to start having sexual relationships.. Research demonstrates that the opposite is true.. Young people who have the information they need defer their first sexual activity until they are older.. Research also shows that many young people are not having sex.. The UK has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe and sexually transmitted infections are increasing among young people.. Giving your child support, information and help to feel good about themselves can lessen the chances of both.. 5.. How can I encourage my teenager to talk to me?.. It s important to talk to children when they are young because teenagers often find it hard to talk to their parents or carers.. It helps if they already know that you are always ready to talk to them.. It may be that your teenager doesn t want to talk to you it doesn t mean that you re a failure as a parent.. Part of the process of growing up involves becoming independent.. Young people need privacy and a chance to make their own decisions, but to have your support when they need it.. You can help by making sure that they know where else to get advice if they do not want a discussion with you.. Remember you are not alone.. You can ask to speak to someone at your child s school.. Other parents and carers or other family members can be a support for your child.. Young peoples friends are invaluable in listening and supporting.. Sexual and other health sources of support are detailed on this website.. 6.. Any other tips?.. Children and young people notice the tone of what you say, as much as what you say.. Try not to get impatient and don t put them down.. If you don t know the information say so, but find out for later.. Be as truthful as possible myths don t help an enquiring mind.. Information..

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  • Title: Sexual Problems
    Descriptive info: Sexual function is dependent on both physical and emotional factors.. Sexual problems are common in men and women and can cause great distress.. Types of sexual problems include:.. Loss of sex drive.. Inability to maintain an erection.. Pain with sex.. Inability to reach orgasm.. Premature ejaculation and many more.. Sexual function can be affected by illness, stress, medication and by relationship problems.. You can speak to your GP about any problems you feel you have.. He or she may refer you to the Psychosexual Clinic, the Erectile Dysfunction Clinic or to Couples Counselling.. You may find after speaking to your GP that you have gained the help you need.. However you may be referred for further help.. In Tayside there are  ...   Clinic can refer you to this clinic.. Erectile Dysfunction Clinic:.. If you have problems maintaining or achieving erections then the doctor and nurses at this clinic will examine you fully and issue a prescription for tablets or injections to help with your problem.. Your own doctor needs to refer you to this clinic.. Couples Counselling:.. Your doctor may suggest you contact this organisation.. You will be seen as a couple and counselled by qualified practitioners regarding your relationship and sexual difficulties.. You may have to pay for this service.. You can attend this service without being referred by your doctor.. Couple Counselling Tayside can be contacted at:.. 201 Blackness Road, Dundee 01382 640123.. 28 Kinnoull Causeway, Perth 01738 636363.. Links: Sexual Problems..

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  • Title: When age matters
    Descriptive info: Age of consent.. The term 'age of consent' means the age at which a person is legally allowed to decide to have sex.. In Scotland, the age of consent is 16 for sex between males and females whether straight or gay.. If either person is under 16, then the person over 16 is breaking the law.. The rules are different if one partner is or has been in a position of trust over the other.. Having sex with a girl under the age of 16 is punishable by up to 10 years in prison, and life imprisonment where the girl is aged under 13.. The common law offence of lewd and libidinous behaviour or practices means that sexual intercourse with a boy under the age of 14 is a criminal offence and is punishable by up to life imprisonment.. Persons in a position of trust.. If a person in a family setting has sex  ...   has sex with someone under the age of 18 over whom they have a position of trust, can be punished by up to 5 years in prison.. If the young person was a girl under 16 or a boy under 14, the person in a position of trust having sex with them can be prosecuted as having had sex with a child and can be imprisoned for life.. Free legal advice for kids.. sclc.. org.. We can help you with any questions about the law.. Freephone for under 18s :.. 0800 328 8970.. The Scottish Child Law Centre is an independent charitable organisation, based in Edinburgh, which provides services to the whole of Scotland.. The aim of the Centre is to promote knowledge and use of Scots law and children's rights for the benefit of children and young people in Scotland.. When age matters.. Age of legal capacity.. Rape and Sexual Assault.. Links: The Law..

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  • Title: Introduction to Sexually Transmitted Infections
    Descriptive info: Introduction to Sexually Transmitted Infections.. Sexually transmitted infections are very common.. You don t have to have lots of partners to catch one!.. Many infections have no symptoms and so the only way to be sure that you do not have an infection is to have some tests.. Even if you have no symptoms, this does not mean that the infection is not causing damage to your health or to your fertility.. For example, Chlamydia often does not cause symptoms, but can cause damage, which results in infertility many years later.. Condoms do reduce the risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection if used properly, however some infections can be transmitted during close genital contact or by having oral sex.. You should be screened for sexually transmitted infections if you are a woman, are sexually active and have any of the following symptoms:.. A change in vaginal discharge,.. Pain or bleeding during sex,.. Bleeding  ...   transmitted infections if you have no symptoms or signs but have:.. Had sex with a partner who has been found to have a sexually transmitted infection.. Have been contacted by the sexual health clinic and told that you may have been in contact with a sexually transmitted infection.. Had unprotected sex with a new partner.. Had unprotected sex in the past.. It is sensible to have a sexual health screen if you are planning a pregnancy and want to be sure that you don t have any infections that you could transmit to your baby.. If you have any questions about sexually transmitted infections, or have noticed something related to your sexual health about which you are worried, please contact a health advisor at Ninewells for further advice on.. 01382 632 600.. Introduction.. Chlamydia.. Genital Herpes.. Genital Warts.. Gonorrhoea.. Hepatitis B.. Hepatitis C.. HIV.. Bacterial Vaginosis.. Skin Problems.. Thrush.. Links: Useful websites & Apps..

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  • Title: What is Contraception?
    Descriptive info: CONTRACEPTION.. What is Contraception?.. Contraception is used to prevent pregnancy.. There are several different types of contraception available and people choose different methods to meet their individual needs.. How effective any contraception is depends on how carefully you used the method you have chosen.. Where can I get Contraception?.. Free contraception is available from your Doctor, the Sexual and Reproductive Clinic at Ninewells and The Corner.. Types of Contraception.. Comprehensive up-to-date contraception information.. Check out :.. fpa.. uk/helpandadvice/contraception/.. Free Emergency Hormonal Contraception Outlets.. Links: Contraception..

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