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  • Title: Tahoe-LAFS
    Descriptive info: .. Search:.. Login.. Help/Guide.. About Trac.. Preferences.. Register.. Wiki.. Timeline.. Roadmap.. Browse Source.. View Tickets.. GitHub Project.. Buildbot.. wiki:.. WikiStart.. Context Navigation.. Start Page.. Index.. History.. Welcome to.. The.. Least-Authority File System.. Tahoe-LAFS is a Free and Open cloud storage system.. It distributes your data across multiple servers.. Even if some of the servers fail or are taken over by an attacker, the entire filesystem continues to function correctly, preserving your privacy and security.. A one-page summary.. explains the unique properties of this system.. Download Tahoe-LAFS.. (v1.. 10).. Get Involved.. Join.. the tahoe-dev mailing list.. and subscribe to.. tahoe-announce.. Get the source code and.. start hacking.. Read Some Nice Docs.. index of docs.. Frequently Asked Questions.. News.. 2014-06-17.. — We're.. planning a Tahoe-LAFS Summit.. to be held in San Francisco, June 30.. 2014-06-05.. — to celebrate “Reset The Net!” day, LeastAuthority.. com.. announced an upgrade and reduced price.. for their commercial Tahoe-LAFS service.. 2014-05-20.. —.. Linux Pro Magazine.. :.. “Yet the times seem to be catching up to the project, and Tahoe-LAFS seems well-poised to provide the  ...   blog.. 2013-10-14.. — Tahoe-LAFS.. featured in InfoWorld.. 2013-10-04.. featured in New Republic.. 2013-09-27.. — Tahoe-LAFS is.. one of the featured projects.. at.. the GNU 30th Birthday Hackathon.. 2013-07-31.. LeastAuthority.. com.. announces their commercial LAFS service.. “S4”.. See also.. the News page.. Donate!.. You can donate to the Tahoe-LAFS project:.. Bitcoin:.. Flattr:.. PayPal:.. Volunteers.. About Us.. Hack Tahoe-LAFS!.. The.. contest.. Find a security flaw and win a custom prize and a place in our.. Hall Of Fame.. !.. Sponsorship.. sells service and support for LAFS as well as developing improvements for LAFS and contributing them back to the Free and Open Source project.. Google, Inc.. sponsored Tahoe-LAFS through its Google Summer of Code program in 2010 and 2013.. Atlas Networks provides dedicated server hosting for scale and performance testing.. Please contact secorp@secorp.. net if you would like to sponsor Tahoe-LAFS too!.. Last modified.. 11 days ago.. Last modified on Jun 20, 2014 2:25:26 PM.. Download in other formats:.. Plain Text.. Powered by.. Trac 1.. 0.. 1.. By.. Edgewall Software.. Visit the Trac open source project at.. http://trac.. edgewall.. org/..

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  • Title: Login – Tahoe-LAFS
    Descriptive info: Username:.. Password:.. Remember me..

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  • Title: About Trac – Tahoe-LAFS
    Descriptive info: Trac is a web-based software project management and bug/issue tracking system emphasizing ease of use and low ceremony.. It provides an integrated Wiki, an interface to version control systems, and a number of convenient ways to stay on top of events and changes within a project.. Trac is distributed under the modified BSD License.. The complete text of the license can be found.. online.. as well as in the.. COPYING.. file included in the distribution.. Please visit the Trac open source project:.. Copyright © 2003-2013..

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  • Title: Preferences: General – Tahoe-LAFS
    Descriptive info: This page lets you customize your personal settings for this site.. These settings are stored on the server and are identified by a session key stored in a browser cookie.. That cookie allows your settings to be restored on subsequent visits.. General.. Advanced.. Date Time.. Keyboard Shortcuts.. Language.. Syntax Highlighting.. User Interface.. Full name:.. Email address:.. This information is used to automatically populate some forms on this site with your contact details..

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  • Title: Register – Tahoe-LAFS
    Descriptive info: Register an account.. Required.. Username:.. Password:.. Confirm Password:.. Email:.. The email address is required for Trac to send you a verification token.. Optional.. Name:..

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  • Title: Timeline – Tahoe-LAFS
    Descriptive info: Previous Period.. Next Period.. View changes from.. and.. days back.. done by.. Repository changesets.. Milestones reached.. Tickets opened and closed.. Ticket updates.. Wiki changes.. Jun 30, 2014: Yesterday.. 9:46 PM.. Ticket.. #2247.. (pywin32 for windows isn't in documents - running or quickstart) closed by.. zooko.. duplicate: This is a duplicate of.. #142.. (pywin32 can't be installed with setuptools) ….. 9:40 PM.. #212.. (easy_install of a fat binary.. egg which was built on Mac OS 10.. 4 fails on.. ) closed by.. wontfix: both of the versions of Mac OS X mentioned in this ticket are obsolete.. ….. 4:49 PM.. #2254.. (Can't backup still suffering from.. ) created by.. CyberAxe.. […].. Jun 28, 2014:.. 6:06 PM.. #2253.. (fix legal/governance issues preventing merge of truckee) created by.. I think that Leif, the maintainer of the "truckee" fork of Tahoe-LAFS, ….. Jun 27, 2014:..  ...   in a "tahoe backup") created by.. Currently if you run.. tahoe backup.. on a directory, and the ….. Jun 25, 2014:.. 7:27 PM.. #2246.. (Twisted in quickstart/running) closed by.. #2249.. 3:35 AM.. (OSX: Installed distribution Twisted 12.. 2.. 0 conflicts with requirement.. nihraguk.. python setup.. py build generates the following error message: running ….. Jun 24, 2014:.. 6:25 PM.. #2248.. (when create-client got UserWarning for service_identity missing) created by.. jgillisp.. C:\allmydata-tahoe-1.. 10.. 0\bin python tahoe create-client :0:.. UserWarning?.. : ….. 6:10 PM.. (pywin32 for windows isn't in documents - running or quickstart) created by.. I asked a new user to try the setup/install process with no help just ….. 4:55 PM.. (Twisted in quickstart/running) created by.. I can't find anything about twisted in the quickstart or running docs.. I ….. Note:.. See.. TracTimeline.. for information about the timeline view.. RSS Feed..

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  • Title: Roadmap – Tahoe-LAFS
    Descriptive info: Show completed milestones.. Hide milestones with no due date.. Milestone:.. 1.. 11.. 9 months.. late.. (Sep 30, 2013 12:00:00 AM).. 65%.. Total number of tickets: 68.. -.. closed: 44.. active: 24.. improve the automation for continuous integration and release process so that it is easier to make a release at the push of a button; improve the unit tests.. improve the error messages, diagnostics, and transparency so that when users aren't getting what they want, they at least get information that can help them (and us) understand why they didn't get what they wanted (.. #1941.. ).. improve peer selection to achieve happiness whenever possible, including in repair.. integrate the fruits of the Google Summer of Code 2010:.. make mutable files (Kevan's GSoC project, now in trunk) more robust.. and make MDMF the default.. Release blockers.. 12.. 7 months.. (Nov 30, 2013 12:00:00 AM).. 5%.. Total number of tickets: 42.. closed: 2.. active: 40.. Leasedb; cloud backend; XSalsa+AES support.. 2.. 4 months.. (Feb 28, 2014 12:00:00 AM).. 6%.. Total number of tickets: 16.. closed: 1.. active: 15.. fully decentralized, location-aware and user-controllable introduction and server-selection.. accounting.. TahoeLAFSCapsTwoPointOh.. OneHundredYearCryptography.. dessert topping.. floor wax.. integrated pony.. soon.. Due in.. (Apr 1,  ...   that milestones are sorted correctly in queries.. ).. soon (release n/a).. 54%.. Total number of tickets: 71.. closed: 38.. active: 33.. This is for tickets that can't be resolved by releasing a new version of Tahoe that contains a fix: things that don't fit into the Tahoe release schedule.. Examples include improvements to Trac, to mailing lists, and to non-Tahoe code, unless these are changes that need to be made in conjunction with a specific Tahoe release.. eventually.. No date set.. 40%.. Total number of tickets: 230.. closed: 92.. active: 138.. This milestone includes things that we're pretty sure we're going to do eventually, but we're not sure about when.. Things in this category are reasonably well-understood and just require sufficient developer time to implement.. undecided.. 31%.. Total number of tickets: 802.. closed: 247.. active: 555.. This milestone tracks things that we haven't decided about: we're not sure if we should implement them or not.. Once we decide that we *will* implement them, they get moved to the "eventually" milestone.. Discussions about future features, crazy half-baked ideas, and vague problems that have not been analyzed yet, all of these go here.. TracRoadmap.. for help on using the roadmap.. iCalendar..

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  • Title: trunk – Tahoe-LAFS
    Descriptive info: Last Change.. Revision Log.. Repository URL.. Default Repository.. View diff against:.. View revision:.. Visit:.. master.. allmydata-tahoe-0.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. allmydata-tahoe-1.. 0b2.. 0c1.. 0c2.. 10a1.. 10a2.. 10b1.. 0c3.. 0c4.. 0rc1.. 2b1.. 0a1.. 0a2.. 0b1.. allmydata-tahoe_v0.. 1-1-UNSTABLE.. post-393.. pre-393.. tahoe_v0.. 0-0-UNSTABLE.. 1-0-UNSTABLE.. trac-3900.. trac-4000.. trac-4100.. trac-4200.. trac-4300.. trac-4400.. trac-4500.. trac-4600.. trac-4700.. trac-4800.. trac-5000.. trac-5200.. Name.. Size.. Rev.. Age.. Author.. bin.. 7008ffa5.. 16 months.. david-sarah.. Require at least Python 2.. fixes.. #1658.. Signed-off-by: David-Sarah ….. docs.. a724c09a.. 2 months.. warner.. release docs: recommend Twine for package upload.. Closes.. #2086.. misc.. 99479226.. 7 days.. hush current pyflakes warnings (list comprehensions) closes.. #2245.. setuptools-0.. 6c16dev4.. egg.. 5ab27f58.. Move embedded setuptools egg to reflect new version (0.. 6c16dev4).. src.. static.. 8587c63b.. 3 years.. Make bb-freeze (and probably other static packaging tools) work.. This ….. twisted.. 74aba7dd.. twisted/allmydata_trial.. py:  ...   TGPPL.. rst.. 16.. 9 KB.. 82579cec.. 8 months.. magic first line tells emacs to use utf8+bom Add ".. -*- coding: ….. CREDITS.. 3.. 8 KB.. 0c7793df.. Update my CREDITS entry.. Makefile.. 9.. 5 KB.. 7f10bf07.. Makefile: update comment for 'make clean'.. MANIFEST.. in.. 300 bytes.. 19b2ef97.. Remove darcs from setup.. py, remove darcsver egg.. #1908.. Also ….. NEWS.. 88.. 2 KB.. README.. txt.. 4 KB.. 8dca978b.. 14 months.. update some copyright dates.. relnotes.. 6.. f9af0633.. update docs for 1.. 10 release.. setup.. cfg.. 8d4f68bc.. update deps URLs to use "tahoe-lafs" instead of bare "tahoe".. py.. 18.. 0 KB.. 7db853a7.. 3 months.. py: include data files in package_data= with paths relative to ….. Tahoe.. home.. 72 bytes.. dc573554c.. 7 years.. rename bin/allmydata-tahoe to bin/tahoe.. #155.. Repository Index.. trunk.. TracBrowser.. for help on using the repository browser.. Zip Archive..

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  • Title: ViewTickets – Tahoe-LAFS
    Descriptive info: ViewTickets.. Custom Query.. Special Tickets.. review-needed.. (.. 10.. ): tickets with a patch that wants to be reviewed (see.. PatchReviewProcess.. ).. reviewed.. ): tickets with a patch reviewed and waiting to be committed.. news-needed.. 0.. ): tickets for which a.. entry is needed.. easy.. 66.. ): this issue represents some low-hanging (coding) fruit.. regression.. 15.. ): regressions relative to a previous release, or previous state of the development infrastructure.. test-needed.. 33.. ): tickets with a patch, but lacking sufficient tests.. unfinished-business.. 17.. ): unfinished business from a previous change (but not strictly a regression).. all open tickets, most recent first.. 1034.. ) or.. most recently changed first.. all closed tickets, most recently changed first.. 1190.. open tickets owned by you (if logged in).. open tickets reported by you (if logged in).. 7.. ): particularly relevant to.. https://LeastAuthority.. research.. 14.. ): things that might be good topics for a Master's Thesis or even a PhD Thesis, or at least a part of one.. p2p.. 5.. ): Is Tahoe-LAFS client-server or is it peer-to-peer?.. Keywords.. Each keyword links to all of the.. open.. tickets mentioning that keyword.. If you find existing tickets that are missing keywords, please feel free to add them.. new-user.. ): issues that affect users who are new to Tahoe-LAFS.. websec.. ): interaction between LAFS's security model and the web user interface or web API.. iputil.. 8.. ): having to do with automatically detecting the node's own IP address.. integrity.. ): could lead to the unintended alteration of data.. rollback.. ): could lead to unauthorized rollback to an earlier version of data.. confidentiality.. 28.. ): could lead to the unintended disclosure of file contents.. capleak.. 22.. ): could lead to the unintended disclosure of capabilities.. privacy.. 26.. ): could lead to the unintended disclosure of information other than file contents (e.. g.. how many files of what size you access at what times, the shape of your directory graph, the fact that you run a Tahoe-LAFS client or storage server, etc.. anonymity.. 11.. ): relevant to running Tahoe-LAFS nodes across anonymity-enhancing protocols such as Tor and I2P (should usually also be tagged with 'privacy').. security.. 62.. ): security issues not necessarily tagged with a more specific keyword (.. ,.. , etc.. preservation.. 47.. ): could lead to unintended loss of (failure to preserve) data.. availability.. 44.. ): could lead to a temporary condition of being unable to read or write to the filesystem.. reliability.. 40.. ): could lead to unpredictable failure of functionality.. anti-censorship.. ): could help with resistance to censorship or denial of service.. scalability.. ): scaling to large and/or geographically dispersed storage grids, or to high traffic volumes or numbers of clients.. location.. ): concerned with location awareness -- placement of shares according to topographical, geographical, bandwidth, etc.. constraints.. forward-compatibility.. 27.. ): relevant to.. forward compatibility.. of stored data or caps with future Tahoe versions.. transparency.. 35.. ): features that help the user see and understand the inner workings, such as visualization, statistics, explorability.. unicode.. ): related to Unicode.. i18n.. ): related to internationalization (usually also to Unicode).. usability.. 228.. ): concerned with ease of use (interface or  ...   tickets tagged 'reliability', 'availability' or 'preservation'.. 110.. tickets tagged 'performance', 'memory', 'space-efficiency' or 'scalability'.. 154.. tickets tagged 'i18n' or 'unicode'.. Platform keywords.. unix.. ): all Unices.. debian.. ): Debian Linux.. ubuntu.. ): Ubuntu Linux.. gentoo.. ): Gentoo Linux.. centos.. ): CentOS Linux.. archlinux.. ): Arch Linux.. nixos.. ):.. NixOS.. Linux.. windows.. ): Windows (native or not compiler-specific).. win64.. ): Windows 64-bit.. cygwin.. ): Windows using cygwin.. mac.. 12.. ): Mac OS X.. bsd.. ): all BSDs.. x86.. ): x86 processors.. x86-64.. ): x86-64 processors.. ppc.. ): PowerPC processors.. arm.. ): ARM processors.. eggs.. ): tickets about building binary eggs of dependencies.. Functionality.. helper.. ): related to helper function.. repair.. 38.. ): related to repair function.. verify.. 20.. ): related to verification.. introducer, introduction.. ): related to the existing introducer, or to node introduction in general.. upload.. 84.. ): related to file upload.. download.. 43.. ): related to file download.. cache.. ): related to caching.. alias.. ): related to aliases.. metadata.. ): related to metadata.. names.. ): related to file/directory names or paths.. leases.. ): related to leases or garbage collection.. accounting.. ): related to storage accounting.. cloud.. ): related to cloud services or the cloud backend.. logging.. ): related to logging.. ophandle.. ): related to operation handles.. statistics.. ): related to usage statistics.. http.. ): related to the HTTP protocol.. tahoe-cp.. tahoe cp.. command.. tahoe-ls.. tahoe ls.. tahoe-unlink.. tahoe unlink.. tahoe-mv.. tahoe mv.. tahoe-check.. tahoe check.. tahoe-backup.. 29.. tahoe-run.. tahoe run.. tahoe-*.. 93.. ): all.. tahoe.. commands.. Frontends and applications.. wui.. 74.. ): Web user interface.. ftpd.. ): FTP frontend.. sftp.. 37.. ): SFTP frontend.. sshfs.. ): filesystem access via sshfs.. dokan.. ): filesystem access via Dokan.. pyfilesystem.. ): pyfilesystem library (and its Dokan and TahoeLAFS interfaces).. fuse.. ): FUSE filesystem interface.. drop-upload.. ): Drop-upload frontend.. webdav.. ): (hypothetical) WebDAV frontend.. smb.. ): SMB filesystem interface (WinFUSE).. jsui.. ): JavaScript (probably Cajita) user interface.. webdrive.. ): allmydata.. com webdrive user interface.. iphone.. ): iPhone client.. music.. ): Cloud music player.. tiddly.. ): Tiddly-on-Tahoe wiki.. Dependencies.. sqlite.. ): sqlite module.. pycryptopp.. ): pycryptopp library.. zfec.. ): zfec library.. foolscap.. ): foolscap library.. openssl.. ): OpenSSL library.. ): Twisted library.. pycrypto-lib.. ): pycrypto library (not to be confused with pycryptopp).. zope.. ): zope.. interface library.. nevow.. ): Nevow library.. pywin32.. ): pywin32 library.. setuptools.. 39.. ): setuptools/zetuptoolz/distribute packaging.. Development infrastructure.. git.. ): git revision control system.. trac.. ): trac bug tracker and wiki.. coverage.. ): test coverage analyzer.. buildbot.. 21.. ): automated builds by buildbot.. travis.. ): automated builds by travis.. munin.. plugins.. irc.. ): IRC bots for.. #tahoe-lafs.. channel.. release.. ): related to the release process.. Tickets by Milestone.. undecided or blank.. 556.. 260.. 138.. closed for 1.. 50.. 54.. 68.. closed in 1.. 49.. Tickets by Component.. code.. code (general).. open tickets).. code-dirnodes.. code-encoding.. 53.. frontend.. code-frontend (general).. 72.. code-frontend-cli.. 101.. code-frontend-web.. 157.. code-mutable.. 51.. code-network.. code-nodeadmin.. 45.. code-peerselection.. code-storage.. 73.. documentation.. ) -- deprecated, use.. docs keyword.. packaging.. 81.. contrib.. dev-infrastructure.. operational.. website.. uncategorized.. unknown.. 65.. ComponentDefinitions.. for an explanation of what each component means.. The Standard Trac Tickets Page.. 2 months ago.. Last modified on Apr 19, 2014 1:41:39 AM..

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  • Title: Tahoe-LAFS Buildbot Welcome Page
    Descriptive info: Welcome to the Tahoe-LAFS Buildbot!.. the zfec buildbot.. the pycryptopp buildbot.. Supported Builders.. -- all the builders that we expect to keep green.. If one of these reports a failure, we fix it right away.. Whenever a patch is committed all of the test builders are run, and if all of the Supported test builders pass tests then the package-creation builders are run.. the BuildbotPolicy page.. on the wiki.. Unsupported Builders -- the builders that we aren't currently committing to keep green.. Hopefully they will level-up to Supported Builders in the future, especially if you offer to help.. offline build/packaging feature.. unsupported platform.. slow.. darcs-vs-HTTPS problem.. All Builders.. Unit Tests Waterfall.. shows change-triggered unit tests (including the 'make clean' test) on all platforms (including Unsupported)..  ...   features.. Performance Waterfall.. shows memory-footprint tests and throughput/latency tests, run after each checkin.. The throughput/latency tests are also run periodically.. Graphs of the results can be found on the.. Performance page.. memory-32.. memory-64.. throughput rate.. throughput rate for mutable files.. latency-per-file.. latency for mutable files.. creation time for mutable files.. (dominated by RSA keypair generation).. Latest Build.. for each builder is here.. Recent Builds.. are summarized here, one per line.. Automated testers operated by other people that are testing Tahoe-LAFS:.. Nix Hydra tester for Tahoe-LAFS.. — the.. Nix project.. maintains a patched version of Tahoe-LAFS as a NixPkg.. This is the page on their automated test system which runs tests on Tahoe-LAFS on NixOS.. Buildslave.. information.. ChangeSource.. Back to the Tahoe-LAFS Trac.. About this Buildbot..

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  • Title: TitleIndex – Tahoe-LAFS
    Descriptive info: TitleIndex.. Index by Title.. |.. Index by Date.. AboutUs.. AccountingDesign.. AdvancedInstall.. AllmydataDotComPage.. ArchLinuxArmInstallation.. BBFreeze.. BadContent.. Bibliography.. BitCoinPage.. BuildSystemTheory.. BuildbotPolicy.. CamelCase.. Capabilities.. CodingStandards.. CompileError.. Convergence Secret.. DelegationOperations.. Dev.. DirectoryNode.. Doc.. DownloadDebianPackages.. Extensions.. FAQ.. FileId.. FileTree.. GSoCIdeas.. GSoCIdeas/CloudApps.. GSoCIdeas/Notes.. GSoCIdeas2009.. GSoCIdeas2010.. GridBackup.. Grids.. HowToReportABug.. HowToWriteTests.. HowtoBuildPyCryptoOnWindows.. HowtoContributeABuildbot.. InstallDetails.. Installation.. InterMapTxt.. InterTrac.. InterWiki.. JavaScript.. KnownIssues.. LocalGrid.. Manual.. MeetingNotes_2012_10_23.. MemoryFootprint.. Munin_Stats-Gatherer_Readme.. Munin_local_plugins_README.. New.. NewAccountingDesign.. NewCaps/Rainhill.. NewCaps/WhatCouldGoWrong.. NewImmutableEncodingDesign.. NewMutableEncodingDesign.. NewbieDeveloperSetup.. OSPackages.. OldNews.. OneHundredYearCryptography/hashbasedsig.. OriginalWikiStart.. Ostrom.. Packaging.. PageTemplates.. Patches.. PeerSelection.. Performance.. Performance/Old.. Performance/Sep2011.. PkgSrc.. Proposed.. QuotaManagement.. RecentChanges..  ...   Summit2Day4.. TaggedHash.. TahoeLAFSWeeklyNews.. TahoeThree.. TahoeTwo.. TahoeVsDebianBuggyOpenSsl.. TestGrid.. TestGrid/BrokenOldData.. TipsTricks.. Trac.. TracAccessibility.. TracAdmin.. TracBackup.. TracBatchModify.. TracCgi.. TracChangeset.. TracEnvironment.. TracFastCgi.. TracFineGrainedPermissions.. TracGuide.. TracImport.. TracIni.. TracInstall.. TracInterfaceCustomization.. TracLinks.. TracLogging.. TracModPython.. TracModWSGI.. TracNavigation.. TracNotification.. TracPermissions.. TracPlugins.. TracQuery.. TracReports.. TracRepositoryAdmin.. TracRevisionLog.. TracRss.. TracSearch.. TracSecurityOverview.. TracStandalone.. TracStartingPoints.. TracSupport.. TracSyntaxColoring.. TracTickets.. TracTicketsCustomFields.. TracUnicode.. TracUpgrade.. TracWiki.. TracWikiMacros.. TracWorkflow.. Tutorial.. UbuntuPackaging.. UseCases.. VerifierId.. VersionNumbers.. Versioning.. ViewTickets2.. VolunteerGrid.. WeeklyMeeting.. WikiDeletePage.. WikiFormatting.. WikiHtml.. WikiMacros.. WikiNewPage.. WikiPageNames.. WikiProcessors.. WikiRestructuredText.. WikiRestructuredTextLinks.. WindowsBuild.. apparmor.. pyFilesystem.. 4 years ago.. Last modified on Aug 2, 2010 11:37:30 PM..

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  • Archived pages: 1196