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  • Title: TaiwanAirPower.org
    Descriptive info: .. Blog.. Procurements.. Accidents.. AIDC.. History.. Links.. Credits.. Legal notice.. Established since 1995 and maintained by.. Wei-Bin Chang.. All.. rights.. reserved.. Please send comments to.. w.. eb.. ma.. s.. t.. er@.. taiwanairpower.. org.. Last updated on April 12, 2008..

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  • Title: Republic Of China Air Force (ROCAF)
    Descriptive info: Home.. Air Force.. Army.. Navy.. Republic Of China Air Force (ROCAF).. Air Base Map.. Click on the Air Base name to see the satellite image provided by Google.. Aviation Order of Battle.. Air Force General Headquarters.. Air Combat Command.. Air Tactical Control Wing.. Communications Aviation Control Wing.. Weather Wing.. Logistics Command.. Air Defense Security Command.. Education, Training Doctrine Developing Command.. Sungshan Air Base Command.. Taoyuan Air Base Command (not current).. 443rd Tactical Fighter Wing.. 499th Tactical Fighter Wing.. 427th Tactical Fighter Wing.. 455th Tactical Fighter Wing.. 401st Tactical Composite Wing.. 439th Composite Wing.. 737th Tactical Fighter Wing.. Tactical Training Development Center.. Air Force Academy.. ROCAF Command Headquarters (Taipei).. Air Combat Command.. 1st Logistics Depot (Pingtung).. 2nd Logisitics Depot (Taichung).. 3rd Logistics Depot (Kangshan).. Air Defense Security Command.. Education, Training Doctrine Developing Command.. Tactical Training Development Center.. ACMI.. Section.. Taoyuan Air Base Command.. (Stood down July 1, 2005).. 8th Tactical Fighter Group.. 15th Fighter Squadron: F-5E/F.. 16th Fighter Squadron: F-5E/F.. 4th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron: RF-5E/F.. Sungshan Air Base Command.. Special Transport Squadron:.. Beech 1900C.. ,.. Fokker 50.. Presidential Flight Section:.. Boeing 737.. Makung Air Base Command.. Detachment.. 1.. :.. F-CK-1A/B.. Air Force Academy.. Aviation Training Command.. Basic Training Group:.. T-34C.. Fighter Training Group:.. AT-3.. Airlift Training Group:.. 2.. 443rd Tactical Fighter Wing (Tainan).. 1st Tactical Fighter Group.. 3.. 3rd Tactical Fighter Group.. 9th Tactical  ...   7th Tactical Fighter Group.. 44th Fighter Squadron:.. F-5E/F.. 45th Fighter Squadron:.. 46th Fighter Squadron:.. : A detachment is sent from the main island from April through October each year.. : Detached from Sungshan.. : These Groups were upgraded from the original Tactical Fighter Squadrons on November 1, 2004, in the largest restructure undertaken by ROCAF since 1999.. Each Group is commanded by a Colonel, but the number of aircraft assigned is not much different from that for a Squadron.. Although their official English designation is Tactical Fighter Group, the Chinese designation literally means Operations Group.. Aircraft Weapons Equipment.. Medium-range Air-to-air Missiles.. AIM-7M Sparrow: F-16A/B.. AIM-120C AMRAAM: F-16A/B.. MICA: Mirage 2000-5Di/Ei.. Sky Sword TC-2: F-CK-1A/B.. Short-range Air-to-air Missiles.. AIM-9P4 Sidewinder: F-5E/F, F-16A/B, F-CK-1A/B.. AIM-9M Sidewinder: F-16A/B.. R550 Magic II: Mirage 2000-5Di/Ei.. Sky Sword TC-1: F-CK-1A/B.. Air-to-surface Missiles.. AGM-65B Maverick: F-5E/F, F-16A/B.. AGM-65G Maverick: F-16A/B.. AGM-84A Harpoon: F-16A/B.. Unguided Bombs.. ISCB-1: F-5E/F, F-16A/B.. Mk 20 Rockeye: F-5E/F, F-16A/B.. Mk 82LDGP/SE 500-lb: F-5E/F, F-16A/B.. Mk 84LDGP 2000-lb: F-5E/F, F-16A/B.. M117 750-lb: F-5E/F.. BLU-1: F-5E/F.. Guided Bombs.. GBU-10 Paveway II 2000-lb: F-5E/F, F-16A/B.. GBU-12 Paveway II 500-lb: F-5E/F, F-16A/B.. Unguided Rockets.. LAU-3/A 19x2.. 75-in: F-5E/F, F-16A/B.. LAU-60/A 19x2.. Aircraft Guns.. DEFA 554 30-mm: Mirage 2000-5Di/Ei.. M39A3 20-mm: F-5E/F.. M61A1 6x20-mm: F-16A/B, F-CK-1A/B.. ECM Pods.. AN/ALQ-184(V)7: F-16A/B.. ROCAF U-2 Operations.. ROCAF F-104 Retire.. Last update: 02/03/07.. TaiwanAirPower.. Top..

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  • Title: Republic of China Army Aviation
    Descriptive info: Republic Of China Army Aviation.. Brief History.. January 1, 1956: The 1st Corps in Lungkang and 2nd Corps in Fengshan established Aviation Sections under their respective commands.. July 16, 1956: The ROC Army General Headquarters established its Aviation Platoon.. August 24, 1956: The Aviation Platton received two O-1 observation aircraft transferred from the US.. February 1, 1958: The two Aviation Sections were reorganized as Aviation Squads.. December 1, 1961: The Aviation Sections within the Corps Headquarters Companies of the 2nd and 8th Corps were expanded to Aviation Companies.. September 1, 67: An Aviation Training Class was established at Fengshan, where the Aviation Squad of the 2nd Corps was based, The class was dedicated to training army aviators.. January 1971: The Aviation Specialty was formally recognized by the Army.. March 1971: The Aircraft Maintenance Class in the Transporation School and the Aviation Training Class at Fengshan were merged to form the Army Aviation Training Center.. July 1, 1973: The 1st Aviation Group was commissioned.. April 1, 1975: The 2nd Aviation Group was commissioned.. The aviation units under the Amry General Headquarters, the 1st Corps, the 2nd Corps,  ...   July 1, 1998: The 1st Aviation Group was reorganized as the 601st Air Cavalry Brigade.. August 1, 1999: The 2nd Aviation Group was reorganized as the 602nd Air Cavalry Brigade.. October 1, 1999: The Army Paratroops and Special Force Command was reorganized as the Army Aviation and Special Force Command.. The Aviation Training Center was renamed Aviation Training Command at the same time.. Historical Aircraft.. U-6A (1972 to 1993).. PL-1B.. O-1G.. OH-13H (06/1972 to 09/1978).. OH-6A (03/1964 to 1991).. Boeing 234.. Aviation & Special Force Order of Battle.. Army General Headquarters.. Army Aviation & Special Force Command.. Army Aviation & Special Force Command (Arm Badge).. 862nd Special Force Brigade.. 601st Air Cavalry Brigade.. 602nd Air Cavalry Brigade.. Air Transport Battalion.. Special Force Training Center.. Army Aviation and Special Force Command.. 862nd Special Force Brigade.. 601st Air Cavalry Brigade (Lungtan).. Utility Battalion:.. UH-1H.. Attack Battalion:.. AH-1W.. Armed Reconnaissance Battalion:.. OH-58D.. Special Force Battalion.. Support Battalion.. Aviation Maintenance Depot.. 602nd Air Cavalry Brigade (Hsinsher).. Aviation Training Command (Kueijen).. Helicopter Training Squadron:.. TH-67A.. Maintenance and Repair Battalion.. Air Transport Battalion (Lungtan):.. CH-47SD.. Special Force Training Center.. Last update: 12/05/05..

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  • Title: Republic of China Naval Aviation
    Descriptive info: Republic Of China Naval Aviation.. The Fleet Helicopter Squadron of the Republic of China Navy (ROCN) was established on September 1, 1977 at Tsoying Naval Base under a program code-named "Seahawk.. " This unit received 12 500MD/ASWs in 1980, the 69th year since ROC was established in 1911; therefore these helicopters are all serialed 69xx.. In the subsequent years, the ROCN pursueed several modernization programs to build its so-called second-generation naval forces.. These programs were supervised by PFG-2 Management Office:.. The first program was code-named "Kuang-Hwa No.. 1", which was to supposed to build new destroyers or frigates ourselves.. This program was terminated since the Navy believed that it did not have enough experience and technology to build its own warships.. The second program was called "Kuang-Hwa No.. 2", which was the whole procurement plan of the U.. S.. Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates and French La Fayette class frigates.. The third program was "Sheng-Ying", or "Thunderhawk" in English, which was to purchase 10 S-70C(M)-1 ASW helicopters.. The serial numbers of these S-70C(M)-1 therefore are 23xx, where the 2  ...   Squadron as well as accessory supporting equipment and staff moved to Hualien.. In an attempt to consolidate all anti-submarine aircraft, the Naval Aviation Command was established in Hualien in April 1999.. Then, on July 1, 1999, the ROCAF officially transferred its Anti-submarine Group along with its S-2T to the ROCN.. The Group became ROCN's 1st Aviation Group, owning the 133rd and 134th Squadrons, which were formerly the 33rd and 34th Squadrons of the ROCAF, respectively.. The original Helicopter Group was renamed as the 2nd Aviation Group, while the squadrons under its command were not changed.. On March 1, 2000, the 702nd Helicopter Squadron was established under the 2nd Aviation Group to operate the new S-70C(M)-2.. Navy General Headquarters.. Naval Aviation Command.. 133rd Squadron.. 501st Helicopter Squadron (Light).. 701st Helicopter Squadron (Light).. 702nd Helicopter Squadron (Light).. Naval Aviation Command (Taoyuan).. 1st Aviation Group.. 133rd Squadron:.. S-2T.. 134th Squadron:.. 2nd Aviation Group.. 501st Helicopter Squadron (Light):.. 500MD/ASW.. 701st Helicopter Squadron (Light):.. S-70C(M)-1.. 702nd Helicopter Squadron (Light):.. S-70C(M)-2.. Maintenance Group.. 1st Maintenance Squadron (Pingtung).. 2nd Maintenance Squadron (Tsoying).. 3rd Maintenance Squadron (Hualien)..

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  • Title: National Airborne Service Corps, Ministry of the Interior
    Descriptive info: National Airborne Service Corps (NASC).. Organization of Flying Units.. Service Group.. Unit One (Sungshan).. AS 365 x 4.. Unit Two (CKS Intl Airport).. UH-1H x 3.. Unit Three (Hualien).. Unit Four (Taichung).. AS 365 x 3.. Unit Five (Taichung).. S-76 x 2.. Beech 200 x 1.. Beech 350 x 1.. Unit Six (Hsinsher).. UH-1H x 6.. Unit Seven (Tainan).. Boeing Vertol 234 x 3.. Unit Eight (Kaohsiung Intl Airport).. Unit Nine (Taitung).. Fleet Images.. AS365.. NA-101 (In Air Police Corps markings as AP016).. NA-102.. NA-103 (Photo by Jason Tu)>.. NA-104 (Photo by Jason Tu).. NA-105 (Photo by Jason Tu).. NA-106.. NA-107 (Photo by Jason Tu).. NA-108 (Photo by Jason Tu).. NA-109 (Photo by Jason Tu).. NA-110 (Photo by Jason Tu).. NA-510 (Photo by Jason Tu).. NA-512 (Photo by Jason Tu).. NA-513.. NA-514.. NA-517.. NA-520 (Photo by Jason Tu).. Boeing Vertol 234.. NA-603 (In National Fire Agency markings as NFA-803.. Photo by Jason Tu).. S-76.. NA201 (Photo by Jason Tu).. NA202 (Photo by Jason Tu).. Fleet Information.. Tail No.. Remark.. NA-101.. AS365N1 Const.. No.. 6354.. Former Air Police Corps AP016.. NA-102.. 6363.. Former Air Police Corps AP017.. NA-103.. AS365N2 Const.. 6444.. Former Air Police Corps AP019.. NA-104.. 6451.. Former Air Police Corps AP021.. NA-105.. 6457.. Former Air Police Corps AP022.. NA-106.. AS365N3 Const..  ...   313.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA905.. NA-506.. Former ROCA 405.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA906.. NA-507.. Former ROCA 396.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA907.. NA-508.. Former ROCA 336.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA908.. NA-509.. Former ROCA 338.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA909.. NA-510.. Former ROCA 423.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA910.. NA-511.. Former ROCA 375.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA911.. NA-512.. Former ROCA 399.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA912.. NA-513.. Former ROCA 319.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA913.. NA-514.. Former ROCA 380.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA914.. NA-515.. Former ROCA 341.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA915.. NA-516.. Former ROCA 365.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA916.. NA-517.. Former ROCA 351.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA917.. NA-518.. Former ROCA 306.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA918.. NA-519.. Former ROCA 340.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA919.. NA-520.. Former ROCA 376.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA920.. Boeing Vertol 234MLR.. NA-601.. Former ROCA 2302.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA801.. NA-602.. Former ROCA 2301.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA802.. NA-603.. Former ROCA 2303.. Transferred to National Fire Administration as NFA803.. Last update: 02/08/07..

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  • Title: The Blackcat Squadron: U-2 Operations
    Descriptive info: In memory of General I, Fu-En.. Pilots.. Missions.. Aircraft.. Losses.. Images.. Sources.. Appendix.. Established since 1996 and maintained by.. Please send.. comments.. to..

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  • Title: Major Military Aviation Procurements
    Descriptive info: Major Military Aviation Procurements.. 2008.. 10/03.. Items:.. Upgrade of 4 E-2T Aircraft to the HAWKEYE 2000 configuration, including provisions for the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System, avionics, navigation and non-navigation upgrades, and aircraft electrical, mechanical, and survivability upgrades, all necessary hardware installations, support equipment, spares and repair parts, installation and training, publications and technical documents, U.. Government and contractor technical assistance, and other related elements of logistics and program support.. Cost:.. $250 million (estimated).. Notification to Congress.. 30 AH-64D Block III APACHE Longbow Attack Helicopters equipped with 30 Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor (MTADS/PNVS), 17 AN/APG-78 Fire Control Radar and AN/APR-48 Radar Frequency Interferometer (FCR/RFI), 69 T700-GE-701D Turbine Engines, 173 STINGER Block I Air-to-Air Missiles, 35 STINGER Missile Captive Flight Trainers, 1,000 AGM-114L Longbow HELLFIRE Missiles, and 66 M299 HELLFIRE Longbow Missile Launchers.. $2.. 532 billion (estimated).. Follow-on spare parts in support of F-5E/F, C-130H, F-16A/B, and Indigenous Defense Fighter IDF aircraft, communication equipment, radar, and other related elements of logistics support.. $334 million (estimated).. 2007.. 09/12.. 12 excess P-3C aircraft with T-56 engines, 3 excess TP-3A aircraft (non-operational, to be used as airframe spares) with T-56 engines, 15 Data Link terminals, 19 Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems (MIDS)/Low Volume Terminals (LVT), 2 MIDS On-Ship Terminals, aircraft activation, aircraft life extension and avionics modification, transportation, mobile operation command center, Command Control Communications Computer Intelligence Surveillance, Reconnaissance, (C4ISR) network integration, training devices, medical services, support and test equipment, engineering technical services, supply support, operation and maintenance training, ground support C2 facilities, documentation, spare/repair parts, publications, documentation, personnel training, training equipment, contractor technical and logistics personnel services, and other related support elements.. $1.. 960 billion (estimated).. 08/08.. 60 AGM-84L HARPOON Block II missiles, 2 HARPOON guidance control units, 30 HARPOON containers, 30 HARPOON extended air-launch lugs, 50 HARPOON upgrade kits from AGM-84G to AGM-84L configuration, missile modifications, test equipment and services, spares and repair parts for support equipment, training, publications and technical documents, U.. $125 million (estimated).. 2006.. 04/28.. LAU-117 (V3) launchers used with maverick missile.. Contractor:.. Marvin Engineering Co.. , Inc.. , Inglewood, Calif.. $5,590,000, split among Chile, Poland, Taiwan, and Oman.. 2005.. 10/25.. 10 AIM-9M missiles and 5 AIM-7M missiles, continuation of a pilot training program and logistics support for F-16 in CONUS.. $280 million (estimated).. 03/11.. Aircraft Flight Line Maintenance for 14 F-16.. Northwest Florida Management, Walton, Fla.. $6,619,833.. 2004.. 02/13.. $6,806,318.. 05/04.. E-2T Hawkeye 2000 tactics trainer.. Northrop Grumman, Corp.. , Bethpage, N.. Y.. $18,167,134.. 10/19.. AQS-18V-3 Dipping Sonar Spares.. L-3 Communications Corp.. , Sylmar, Calif.. $12,867,000.. 12/23.. 2005 Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Sustaining Engineering (SE) Services for E-2T.. $6,615,000.. 2003.. 01/02.. E-2T Training.. $5,958,119.. 01/10.. 117 Warhead Replacement Tactical Telemetry Modules (WRTTMs) for AIM-120 and contractor support.. Harris Corp.. , Melbourne, Fla.. $11,998,336.. 01.. 02/11.. E-2T Logistics Support, Engineering Technical Service.. $4,000,000.. 11/24.. 182 AIM-9M-2 missiles.. Raytheon Systems, Tucson, Ariz.. $16,706,508.. 2002.. 03/22.. Rapid Runway Repair System.. Rapid Mat U.. LLC/Starflite Inc.. , Washington D.. C.. $43,050,924.. 07/01.. Upgrade of F-16 Mission Modular Computer 3000 to 3051 configuration.. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.. , Ft.. Worth, Texas.. $5,328,099.. 08/22.. One airborne instrumentation unit.. Raytheon Co.. ,  ...   and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.. $150 million (estimated).. 1999.. 05/27.. 240 AGM-114K3 Hellfire II air-to-surface anti-armor missiles.. Lockheed Martin Electronics and Missiles, Orlando, Fla.. $23 million (estimated).. 07/30.. Spare parts in support of F-5E/F, C-130H, IDF, and F-16A/B.. 07/31.. Two E-2T Hawkeye 2000E aircraft, two AN/APS-145 radars, two T56-A-427 engines.. Northrop Grumman Corporation, Bethpage, N.. $400 million (estimated).. 08/10.. 13 OH-58D.. Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.. , Fort Worth, Texas.. $21,701,474 modification.. 09/24.. Mast mounted sight for the OH-58D.. Boeing North American Inc.. , Anaheim, Calif.. $6,685,720 modification.. 12/21.. Two E-2T.. Northrop Grumman Corp.. $104,600,000 modification.. 1998.. 06/01.. 28 sets of Pathfinder/Sharpshooter pods.. $160 million (estimated).. 08/27.. 58 HARPOON missiles, eight HARPOON training missiles.. McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, St.. Louis, Mo.. $101 million (estimated).. 131 MK 46 MOD 5(A)S torpedoes.. Raytheon Systems Company, Naval and Maritime Systems Unit, Mukilteo, Wash.. $69 million (estimated).. 48 T700-GE-401 engines for AH-1W.. General Electric Corp.. , Aircraft Engine Business Group, Lynn, Mass.. $32,240,826.. 10/09.. Nine CH-47SD CHINOOK helicopters, three T55-L-714A spare turbine engines.. Boeing Corp.. , Ridley Park, Pa.. $486 million (estimated).. 1997.. 02/28.. Maintenance training for F-16.. Lockheed Martin Corporation, Ft.. $7,422,393.. 07/24.. 21 AH-1W.. Bell Helicopter, Fort Worth, Texas.. $479 million (estimated).. 30 commercial TH-67.. $40,301,243.. 09/03.. 13 OH-58D, 13 T703-AD-700 engines, 13 Hellfire launchers.. Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.. $172 million (estimated).. Nine AH-1W.. Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc, Fort Worth, Texas.. $76,925,000.. 11/10.. Services related to the continuation of F-16 training in CONUS.. 12/19.. 12 AH-1W.. $99,060,000.. 1996.. 02/29.. Integration support for 156 AN/ALR-56M(V) Advanced Radar Warning Receivers.. Loral Systems Manufacturing Company, Yonkers, New York.. $9,941,840 face value increase.. 03/06.. one Flight Control/Instrument Systems Maintenance Trainer, one Communication/Navigation/Electronic Countermeasures Systems Maintenance Trainer, and one Armament/Fire Control Systems Maintenance Trainer for F-16.. Hughes Training, Incorporated, Arlington, Texas.. $7,694,150 face value increase.. 05/10.. 30 TH-67, 30 sets of AN/AVS-6 (V)1 night vision goggles.. , Hurst, Texas.. $53 million (estimated).. 05/17.. 3 Improved Avionics Intermediate Shops for the F-16.. $24,750,000 face value increase.. 110 MK-46 MOD 5 torpedoes for S-70C(M).. Alliant Techsystems Inc.. , Hopkins, Minn.. $66 million (estimated).. 11/05.. 18 Night Targeting System/Cockpit Canopy Modifications.. Bell Helicopter Textron, Incorporated, Fort Worth, Texas.. $13,278,708.. 11/13.. Integration, logistics, engineering, test, and software support for Lot VII of AN/ALR-56M Advanced Radar Warning Receiver.. Lockheed Martin System Manufacturing Company, Yonkers, NY.. $9,444,680 face value increase.. 12/17.. Four C-130H.. Lockheed Corporation, Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company, Marietta, Georgia.. $118,200,000 face value increase.. Spare parts for AN/ALQ-184.. Raytheon Company E-Systems, Goleta, Calif.. $6,680,000.. 1995.. 01/11.. S/W modification to integrate AN/ALR-56M & AN/ALE-47 into F-16.. $6,785,706 face value increase.. 04/05.. Eight AH-1W.. $126,070,000 modification.. Long lead funding for 150 F-16.. Lockheed Fort Worth Company, Fort Worth, Texas.. $123,084,991 face value increase.. 08/03.. Spare LRUs for AN/ALR-56M Advanced Radar Warning Receiver.. Litton Incorporated, San Jose, California.. $6,663,295.. 1994.. 08/01.. 80 AN/ALQ-184 electronic countermeasure pods.. Four C-130H and four T56-A-15 spare engines.. $33,618,838 face value increase.. 1993.. Logistics support services for 40 leased T-38.. $70 million (estimated).. 1992.. 09/14.. 150 F-16A/B.. $5,800 million (estimated).. 09/18.. 12 SH-2F LAMPS anti-submarine helicopters.. $161 million (estimated).. Notification to Congress.. (Eventually this offer was not accepted by Taiwan.. ).. Last update: 11/11/05..

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  • Title: Military Aviation Accidents
    Descriptive info: Military Aviation Accidents.. 1970s.. 1980s.. 1990s.. 2000s.. 2000 to 2005.. 04/13/04.. F-5F.. 5398.. ROCAF Taoyuan AB Command.. made belly landing; 2 ok.. 10/12/03.. RF-5E.. 5502.. 1 ejected.. 09/27/03.. F-CK-1B.. 1625.. ROCAF 1 TFW.. 2 ejected.. 06/11/03.. 0827.. ROCAF Academy.. 2 killed.. 04/29/03.. 1617.. ROCAF 3 TFW.. 2 ejected injured.. 03/01/03.. NFA 901.. Nat.. Fire Adm.. overloaded crashed in a medevac mission; 15 injured.. 12/02/02.. 203.. ROCA.. crash-landed; 2 ok; 1 minor injury.. NFA 904.. crash-landed in a search mission; 8 minor injury.. 11/14/02.. Mirage 2000-5Di.. 2057.. ROCAF.. 2 ok; front tire burnt, blackening nose section.. 09/12/02.. 3407.. suspect bird strike; 2 ok; a/c w/o.. 11/30/02.. AS365N.. AP 020.. Airborne Police.. Crash-landed on a medevac mission; patient died of heart attack; 4 others suffered minor injury.. 11/14/01.. 2058.. ROCAF 41 FS.. ditched in sea; 1 killed, 1 missing; a/c w/o.. 10/05/01.. 5356.. ROCAF 737 TFW.. 2 missing; a/c w/o.. 08/23/01.. 613.. ROCA 602 Air Cav Br.. hit high-tension power line; 1 killed; 1 injured.. 08/05/01.. 404.. crash-landed; 3 ok.. 09/06/00.. AS365N2.. AP 018.. ditched in river during a drill; 4 ok; co-pilot killed.. 1990 to 1999.. 12/14/99.. Mirage 2000-5Ei.. 2036.. ROCAF 42 FS.. 1 missing; a/c w/o.. 10/15/99.. 2053.. ROCAF 2 TFW.. bird strike; ditched in sea; 2 ok; a/c w/o.. 09/24/99.. 343.. 3 ok.. 09/03/99.. UAV.. 003.. CSIST.. n/a.. 08/18/99.. F-16A.. 6680.. ROCAF 4 TFW.. crashed on runway; 1 injured.. 07/17/99.. 526.. ROCA 2 Av Grp.. crashed into dam; 2 killed; a/c w/o.. 06/01/99.. 6638.. ROCAF 22 FS.. crashed into sea; 1 missing.. 01/25/99.. F-16B.. 6813.. crashed into mountain; 2 killed; a/c w/o.. 12/03/98.. 5394.. ROCAF 46 FS.. bird strike; 2 killed; a/c w/o.. 09/04/98.. 0826.. 1 ok; a/c w/o.. 03/20/98.. 6828.. ROCAF.. crashed into sea; 2 missing.. 03/17/98.. TH-55A.. ?.. 2 killed; a/c w/o>.. 02/24/98.. T-38A.. 3821.. ROCAF 14 FS.. ditched in sea; 1 killed, 1 injured; a/c w/o.. 02/19/98.. R-CH-1.. 0748.. ROCAF 12 TRS.. crash-landed; 1 ok.. 10/10/97.. 1310.. ROCAF 102 TCS.. crashed on landing; 5 killed; a/c w/o..  ...   01/12/94.. 2311.. ROCN 701 HSL.. 1 killed; a/c w/o.. 10/14/92.. 0804.. 10/03/92.. 06/01/92.. F-104G.. 4312.. 05/28/92.. 5152.. 1 missing.. 1991.. 10/12/91.. 4369.. 09/07/91.. 4185.. 07/26/91.. 5255.. 07/12/91.. 10002.. 07/08/91.. 4391.. ROCAF 12 SQ.. 05/28/91.. 5191.. 05/24/91.. 5135.. bird strike; 1 killed.. 04/23/91.. 0831.. 2 ok.. 1990.. 12/26/90.. F-104J.. 4511.. 12/21/90.. 4394.. 10/02/90.. 5227.. 1 ok.. 09/06/90.. 08/24/90.. 4188.. crash-landed; 2 ok.. 08/21/90.. 1905.. ROCAF VIP TS.. 18 killed; a/c w/o.. 08/07/90.. 0845.. 07/23/90.. A-CH-1.. 0723.. 05/16/90.. 4387.. 04/03/90.. 3432.. hit high-tension power line; 2 killed.. 03/24/90.. 4368.. crashed in bad weather; 1 killed; a/c w/o.. 4381.. 4421.. 03/23/90.. 3430.. 01/16/90.. 500MD ASW.. ROCN 501 HSL.. 01/01/90.. 6906.. 3 ok; a/c repaired returned to service 02/04/91.. 1980 to 1989.. 1989.. 12/09/89.. 4319.. mid-air collided with 4505; 1 missing; a/c w/o.. 4505.. mid-air collided with 4319; 1 ok; a/c w/o.. 10/28/89.. 10001.. nose gear snapped; veered off runway; a/c repaired.. 08/07/89.. 4183.. crashed on t/o; 1 killed; 1 ok; a/c w/o.. 07/15/89.. 5415.. 2 killed; a/c w/o.. 05/23/89.. 4175.. 05/09/89.. 05/05/89.. T-33A.. 2 missing.. 05/??/89.. 5354.. 1 ok; 1 killed.. 03/28/89.. 4401.. 02/11/89.. 5120.. pilot defected to China; crashed after ejection; 1 ok.. 01/27/89.. C-119G.. 3215.. crew ok; a/c w/o.. 01/26/89.. 5390.. 1988.. 09/28/88.. 1987.. 07/13/87.. F-104DJ.. 4593.. 1986.. 11/26/86.. HH-1H.. 9505.. 1984.. 07/24/84.. 4342.. ROCAF 7 FS.. 1983.. 07/19/83.. S-2E.. 2147.. ROCAF 33 Sq.. a/c crash-landed.. 1982.. 11/22/82.. 5375.. ROCAF 23 FS.. 11/11/82.. 4350.. 1981.. 11/17/81.. 2142.. ROCAF 34 Sq.. 11/04/81.. F-104A.. 4247.. 11/02/81.. 5118.. ROCAF 1 FS.. 09/25/81.. 5366.. ROCAF 26 FS.. a/c w/o.. 1980.. 11/17/80.. F-5B.. ROCAF 44 FS.. 11/08/80.. 2122.. 1970 to 1979.. 1979.. 07/06/79.. 5124.. 1978.. 11/25/78.. 4252.. 08/07/78.. 5213.. ROCAF 21 FS.. 1977.. 11/13/77.. F-100A.. 0202.. 11/11/77.. 0201.. 07/23/77.. 0150.. 1976.. 11/05/76.. 4339.. ROCAF 3 FG.. 11/26/76.. O-1G.. 9319.. ROCAF 71 Sq.. 07/25/76.. 4334.. ROCAF 28 FS.. 1975.. 11/16/75.. 4248.. 11/01/75.. 4261.. 1974.. 12/27/74.. 327.. 347.. 1973.. 07/04/73.. T-28A.. 815.. 07/02/73.. F-5A.. 1278.. 1972.. 07/18/72.. AC-119.. 3164.. 1971.. 11/30/71.. 0111.. 11/20/71.. 4333.. 1970.. 07/03/70.. 0158.. Last update: 09/21/04..

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  • Title: AIDC Flight Service Business Department
    Descriptive info: AIDC Flight Service Business Department.. Astra SPX.. Towing Targets.. Fighters.. DELIVERY OF.. the last two production Indigenous Defense Fighters (IDF), 1502 (88-8134) and 1503 (88-8135), to the Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) on January 14, 2000, marked not only the end of a successful fighter development programme, but also the beginning of a new era for the manufacturer, Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC).. Chun-Hui Tsai, Chairman of AIDC, estimated that the annual business turnover in 2000 would decline by an estimated (New Taiwan) NT $10 billion (US$317 million) in the wake of the conclusion of IDF production.. So AIDC is working hard to diversify its business and transform itself from a mission-oriented organisation into a market-oriented enterprise.. Among the many changes taking place there was the establishment of the Flight Service Business Department on August 1, 2000.. Co-located with the aircraft assembly factory at AIDC's Yangming complex, the Flight Service Business Department is actually not quite as new as it may seem.. Its origin can be traced to the Flight Test Group of AIDC's predecessor, Aero Industry Development Center (also abbreviated as AIDC).. During the 'old times', the Flight Test Group had been responsible for the flight tests of aircraft produced by AIDC, including the PL-1B primary trainer, T-CH-1A basic trainer, F-5E/F, AT-TC-3A advanced trainer, and IDF (officially designated F-CK-1A/B).. Following reorganisation in July 1996, a move which gave AIDC its current name and placed it under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), the Flight Test Group was renamed Flight Test Department.. The latest name change is, in the main, to better reflect its new business scope.. A-3 0901 (08/13/1999).. A-3 0902 (11/26/2000).. AT-3 0825 (11/26/2000).. "We are now a service provider," said Kang-Ming Wu, Director of the Flight Service Business Department.. Wu, a retired ROCAF General and an experienced test pilot, has amassed more than 5,000 hours in various types of aircraft, and is best known as having been the test pilot on the first flight of the IDF.. Currently the Department has six qualified test pilots, including Wu.. Its fleet of military aircraft consists of three IDF prototypes, one single-seat production IDF, two A-3 prototypes, and one AT-3.. In order to offer a broader range of services, the Flight Service Business Department recently acquired a new Galaxy Aerospace 1125A Astra SPX special-mission aircraft.. F-CK-1A 10001 (11/26/2000).. F-CK-1A 10003 (11/26/2000).. F-CK-1B 10004 (11/26/2000).. In the company literature, AIDC refers to this Astra SPX as an 'airborne test-bed', an indication of its ambition to cross into the private sector.. Foreseeing the necessity of looking for non-military business opportunities after completion of the IDF programme, in early 1997 AIDC proposed to the MOEA its plan to acquire a business aircraft to attract more flight test contracts.. Business aircraft were considered because fighter aircraft were too small to be adapted for different customer requirements.. Aircraft under consideration included the Galaxy Astra SPX, the Learjet 60, and the Raytheon Hawker 800XP, all of which had flown to Taipei for AIDC's inspection.. One of the most important selection criteria was the ability to carry a 1200lb (544kg) external payload on each underwing hardpoint.. Another consideration was whether the delivery date could meet AIDC's schedule.. After an extensive evaluation, AIDC finally selected the Astra SPX and the contract was signed in February 1999.. Delivery of the aircraft took place in April 2000.. It was flown by Israeli pilots to Taiwan's Chiang Kai Shek International Airport as 4X-CUZ and subsequently re-registered as B-20001.. The SPX is the latest version of the Astra mid-size business jet.. It is powered by two Honeywell TFE731-40R-200G turbofans, each rated at 4,250lb ISA, and features winglets.. Typical cruising speed is 0.. 82 Mach (470 KTAS) and maximum IFR range is 2,949nm (5,461km).. Furthermore, the SPX has a maximum payload of 3,300lb (1,497kg).. Like all other Astra SPX, B-20001 features a Collins Pro Line 4 avionics suite in the cockpit.. According to B-20001's Chief Pilot, Chia-Hsiang Tsao, it has two Flight Management Systems (FMS) and two GPS receivers on board but has no Inertial Navigation Systems (INS).. Tsao also pointed out that, in addition to the standard VHF radios, B-20001 is equipped with UHF radios and TACAN, in order to serve military customers.. Leather seats in the cabin can be easily removed and replaced by various types of test equipment.. Provision is also made for the installation of additional antennae and wiring throughout the cabin.. Astra SPX B-20001.. Collins Pro Line 4 in B-20001's cockpit.. Leather seats  ...   A fuel cell in the centre of the airframe can hold four US gallons of jet fuel.. The IR plume is generated by mixing jet fuel with air coming from the air scoop on the tail and burning the mixture in the burner tube.. Fitting a 600,000-candlepower nose-mounted lamp converts the standard RTT-9 into a light-augmented target to be used with weapon systems without radar or IR aiming capabilities.. The 54lb lamp kit increases visual acquisition range to as much as six miles (10km).. The TLX-1 tow target permits realistic simulation of sea-skimming missiles.. A radar altimeter and a computer maintain the target within four feet (1.. 2m) of the selected altitude.. A telemetry transmitter sends altitude and wing angle data to the towing aircraft while a receiver receives commands from the aircraft to initiate or terminate the height-keeping mode.. Altitude settings are fully adjustable in flight.. Passive radar augmentation by a corner reflector and light augmentation by a nose-mounted lamp can be accomplished simultaneously.. All electrical components on the TLX-1 are powered by a generator driven by the ram-air turbine in the rear.. Customers for target towing services include CSIST, which uses the services to conduct development, test, and evaluation (DT&E) of its weapon systems, and the armed forces.. Although AIDC did not disclose the types of weapon fired at the targets, characteristics of the above tow targets should provide some clues.. A typical mission begins with the aircraft flying about 200 nautical miles (370km) to a restricted area.. It then reels out a target for 20 minutes, maintains on station for one to two hours, reels in the target for another 20 minutes, and finally returns to AIDC.. Fighter Fleet.. Although the last IDF has been delivered to the ROCAF, the F-CK-1s remain a familiar sight inside AIDC's Hangars No.. 17 and 18, where they are receiving retrofit work as part of a product improvement programme.. Upgrades which have been publicly revealed include a GEC-Marconi (now BAE Systems) Combined Interrogator/Transponder (CIT), Litton Improved Radar Warning Receivers (IRWRs), and the Rockwell Collins Instrument Landing System (ILS).. After the refit work is completed, test pilots from the Flight Service Business Department make a functional check flight of the newly-installed system.. If nothing goes wrong, the aircraft is cleared for acceptance by the ROCAF.. F-CK-1A 1417 being towed into position.. Technicians working on 1417.. 1417 following a undisclosed test mission.. As previously mentioned, the Flight Service Business Department operates a production F-CK-1A, 1417 (83-8031).. This aircraft had been assigned to the 8th Fighter Squadron at Ching Chuan Kang Air Base before it was damaged in a landing accident on August 31, 1994.. Since it was repaired, 1417 has been used by AIDC as a flying test-bed for new upgrades.. During the author's latest visit, 1417 was seen returning from a sortie for testing a new function which cannot be disclosed here.. The Department also retains the remaining three IDF prototypes, 10001 (77-8001), 10003 (78-8002), and 10004 (79-8004).. Theoretically, they are not AIDC's property but belong to CSIST, which means that the Ministry of National Defense (MND) could order the return of these aircraft when AIDC completes its privatisation.. However, the configurations of these prototypes are so different from those of production aircraft that it would cause maintenance nightmares if they were incorporated into ROCAF's flying units.. AIDC hopes that the MND will allow it to continue to operate them, even after it becomes a private company.. F-CK-1A 10001 (07/20/1998).. F-CK-1A 10003 (07/20/1998).. F-CK-1B 10004 (07/20/1998).. In fact, as designer and manufacturer of the IDF, no-one else in the world knows more about this aircraft than AIDC.. It could easily install a new system into any IDF, make the necessary wiring changes, and flight-test the technologies of the system.. During his two visits, the author saw different IDF prototypes being worked on, with panels opened and boxes removed or installed, showing that the Department was getting the best value out of these venerable aircraft.. It has been reported recently that the MND is providing NT$7 billion (US$ 222 million) to AIDC to fund a seven-year 'Joint Countermeasure Vehicle' development programme.. This vehicle is generally believed to be based on the IDF, with enhanced ground attack capabilities.. It could be equipped with the rumoured anti-radiation missile derived from the Tien Chien 2 medium-range air-to-air missile.. We can be assured that the Flight Service Business Department will have a major role to play in this programme!.. Link to AIDC's website.. Last update: 09/24/04..

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