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  • Title: Taayush
    Descriptive info: .. עברית.. About Ta'ayush.. Contact Us.. TA'AYUSH IS ON TWITTER.. Follow us for new articles,.. events, and more.. Please follow us here.. Israelis & Palestinians striving together to end the Israeli occupation and to achieve full civil equality through daily non-violent direct-action.. Search for:.. Home.. Activities.. Issues and Facts.. Support Us.. View ALL Activities.. Activity Spotlight.. Saturday, August 2 2014.. Tequ’a and Umm al-Ara’is by David Shulman.. Dizzy from the dissonance.. In the felafel shop off the main street in Tequ’a, the TV is perched high on the wall in the corner.. News from Gaza in Arabic.. A mother lies on a hospital cot, her face pocked with a hundred tiny, and some not-so-tiny, red wounds, probably from shrapnel.. She cannot speak, keeps fading off into sleep (let us hope it’s not death).. Beside her, a two-year-old child is crying, hopeless, holding her hand, looking at her face.. The young owner of the shop scoops balls [ ].. Continue.. The lives & livelihood of 3..  ...   BE A FAN ON FACEBOOK.. THE FACTS.. Learn more about the manifestations of the occupation and the political contexts in various times.. Read more about the movement.. ALERTS.. Get updates about our planned activities and how to participate.. GET INVOLVED.. Ta'ayush is a grassroots movement.. Take an active part!.. PRESSING ISSUES.. Read Ha aretz article about the Taboun in Umm el Kheir.. Read the article by Amira Hess.. more.. We Need Your Support.. Ta’ayush is a grassroots movement working to break down the walls of racism, segregation, and apartheid by constructing a true Arab-Jewish partnership.. For more then a decade, Ta’ayush has been working in area C of the occupied Palestinian territories, especially in the South Hebron Hills, to support Palestinian residents in their struggle to retain their homes and agricultural lands.. Palestinians in these areas face constant harassment and violence by Israeli settlers and the army, which aims to cleanse area C of its Palestinian population by compelling them to leave to [ ]..

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  • Title: דף הבית « Taayush
    Descriptive info: English.. אודות תעאיוש.. צרו קשר.. תעאיוש בטוויטר.. עקבו אחרינו לעדכונים, כתבות,.. פעילויות, אירועים ועוד.. לחצו כאן כדי לעקוב אחרינו.. פלסטינים וישראלים נאבקים יחד בכיבוש ולמען שוויון אזרחי מלא, במאות פעולות ישירות ולא-אלימות משנת 2000.. דף הבית.. פעילויות.. סוגיות ועובדות.. תמיכה בתעאיוש.. כל הפעילויות.. חלון פעילויות.. יום שבת, 14 ביוני 2014.. שום דבר כבר אינו מפתיע.. צפו בסרטון של פעילי תעאיוש המתעד פלישות של מתנחלי המאחז הבלתי חוקי אביגיל לאדמה פלסטינית פרטית.. מתנחל נראה בסרטון כשהוא מאשים את הפעילים בצילום פורנוגרפי פדופילי.. לאור האשמה חמורה זו עוכבו הפעילים על ידי  ...   כפופים לאינטרסים ישראלים כבר יותר מ-40 שנה.. לימדו כיצד.. בפעילויות סולידריות והתנגדות לא-אלימה, פעילי תעאיוש מסייעים לפלסטינים במאבק על זכויותיהם, לסיום הכיבוש, ולשוויון אזרחי מלא.. הירשם להודעות.. תרמו עכשיו.. עקבו אחרינו בטוויטר.. הצטרפו לקבוצת הפייסבוק.. העובדות.. לכיבוש פנים רבות, בהקשרים רבים ובזמנים שונים – לימדו עוד.. להתנגדות יש הסטוריה – קיראו אותה.. הודעות.. קבלו עדכונים לגבי פעילויות מתוכננות וכיצד להשתתף.. היו מעורבים.. תעאיוש היא תנועה של פעילות ופעילי שטח.. הצטרפו עכשיו!.. נושאים דחופים.. כתבה ב הארץ אודות הטאבון באום אל ח יר.. קראו את כתבתה של עמירה הס.. עוד..

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  • Title: Contact Us « Taayush
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  • Title: Activities « Taayush
    Descriptive info: Saturday, August 2 2014.. Posted in.. Activists' Blogs.. ,.. Agricultural Accompaniment.. Tequa.. Umm el-Arayes.. |.. Comments Off.. Saturday, June 14 2014.. Nothing Surprises Anymore.. Watch Ta ayush activists documenting an invasion of private Palestinian land near the illegal outpost of Avigail.. A settler was accusing them of taking pornographic and pedophilic pictures.. Because of this severe allegation, the activists were detained by the police and their cameras were taken.. after an hour they were released and the cameras were returned.. By Place.. South Mt.. Hebron.. Saturday, March 29 2014.. Zanouta by Edden.. South Hebron hills, the area of Dahariya, Zanuta s land routine of expelling Palestinians from their land by settlers and other occupation forces.. Agricultural.. By Activity Type.. Saturday, March 15 2014.. Otniel s settlers celebrating on Palestinian private land, soldiers seem to be impotent.. Otniel s settlers celebrating and chasing away Palestinian shepheards and flocks from their land, soldiers and other occupation forces seem to be impotent.. Umm El Amad, South Hebron hills 15.. 3.. 2014.. Umm el-Amad.. Saturday, March 1 2014.. Tuba, Shahin by David Shulman.. We find the shepherds from Tuba with their goats just over the hill from the chicken coup of Chavat Maon, of cursed memory and cursed present.. They’re scared.. In fact, I don’t remember ever seeing Palestinian shepherds so nervous.. Last week soldiers came when they  ...   Read the article on YNET in English.. Saturday, February 1 2014.. Watch Settlers control of Army Civilians in Umm al Arais.. Watch a settler near the illegal outpost of Mitzpeh Yair trying to scare away a shepherd from Qawawis and his sheep, claiming the land belongs to the People of Israel.. An Israeli army officer of the civil administration is asking the shepherd if he has agreements with another settler from the illegal outpost.. Qawawis.. Sha'ab al-Butn.. Wednesday, January 22 2014.. Articles.. Background.. Pressing Issues.. Umm al-Kheir.. Older Entries.. By Year.. 2014.. 2013.. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2006.. 2005.. 2004.. 2002.. 2001.. Agricultural Workdays.. Olive Harvests.. Aid Solidarity.. Convoys.. Infrastructure Building Re-Building.. Memorial Vigils.. Summer Camps Children Activities.. Information Activities.. Conferences.. Tours.. Protest.. Demonstrations.. Direct Actions.. Protest against settlements and outposts.. Protest Against the Wall.. Bethlehem Area.. al-Khadr.. al-Ma'asara.. Beit Jala.. Bethlehem City.. Borders.. Cities in Israel.. Kafr Qasim.. Rahat.. Tel Aviv.. Tira Taybeh.. Umm al-Fahem.. Western Jerusalem.. Courts.. District Court - Haifa.. Russian Compound.. Supreme Court - Jerusalem.. Eastern Jerusalem.. Abu Dis.. Issawiyya.. Sawahre.. Sheikh Jarrah.. Silwan.. Gush-Etzion Enclave.. Battir.. Hebron (al-Kahlil) Area.. Beit Ummar.. Halhul.. Hebron City (al-Khalil).. Khirbet Safa.. Tarqumiya.. Jenin Area.. Anin.. Nablus Area.. Qaryut.. Prisons.. ad-Damun.. Ramallah Area.. Biddu.. Salfit Area.. Bir al-'Id.. Jinba.. Karma.. Mufakkara.. Samu'a.. Susya.. Tuwani.. Tulkarm Qalqiliya Area.. Falama.. Unrecognized Villages Neighborhoods.. Dar al-Hanun..

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  • Title: Issues and Facts « Taayush
    Descriptive info: Saturday, January 18 2014.. Umm al-Ara’is, Khushiyya and Twaneh by David Shulman.. It’s not a good time to walk through the fields.. The first, tentative green shoots are pushing up from soft soil irrigated by last month’s fierce snowfall.. At Umm al-Khair, the huge field we cleared of rocks and thorns last summer is now a miracle of Irish green, wildly at odds with the browns and purples of the desert.. The light is wintry, crisp, more than sufficient to highlight the gap between good and evil.. Still, we find ourselves moving rapidly through fields, stepping as lightly as we can [ ].. Content.. Saturday, December 28 2013.. Israeli police tries to block Anarchists on the road to South Hebron Hills.. Watch the video made by Ta ayush activists Saturday morning 28th of December 2013, a few kilometers from Zif.. Ta ayush activists on the way to South Hebron hills.. Israeli police got an order to prevent Anarchists from reaching South Hebron hills.. Pressing Issues (Archive).. Saturday, November 16 2013.. Umm el Amad, Umm al-Ara is and Susya by David Shulman.. By a miracle of sorts, we had a mostly peaceful day in South Hebron today; such an event is so rare that I thought it might be worth mentioning to you.. In lieu of a more substantial report, let me just say that Abu Sharif and Fadil plowed  ...   defending the settlement consuming Palestinian lands.. The Oslo Accords (1993) between Israel and the Palestinians predicted that a five-year interim period would lead up to enacting the permanent agreement in which the West Bank (and Gaza) would be [ ].. 4 Comments.. Tuesday, August 27 2013.. SOS Firing Zone 918.. On Monday morning, we will go together to the Supreme Court to put pressure on the State to cancel Firing Zone 918 and let 1500 Palestinians living in the South Hebron Hills to stay in their homes.. The deportation can be stopped.. It is +972, the telephone area code that is shared by Israel and Palestine, vs 918.. Come one come all! For the event page: https://www.. facebook.. com/events/1410485679167945/.. 5 Comments.. Monday, July 15 2013.. Umm al-Ara is and Umm al-Khair by David Shulman.. July 13, 2013 Umm al-Ara’is and Umm al-Khair A man wants to walk on his land.. He knows they won’t let him.. The soldiers are already there, waiting for him.. Still, he wants to walk on his land.. Settlers have stolen it, and the soldiers are there for their sake.. Still, he needs to go there, it’s his land, it’s like a part of his body.. He’s not about to give up.. Week after week, on Saturday morning, we follow him to the fields.. Today, like every week, there are [ ].. 1 Comment.. Video Archive..

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  • Title: Tequ’a and Umm al-Ara’is by David Shulman « Taayush
    Descriptive info: The young owner of the shop scoops balls of chick-pea mash from a vast mountain of it in front of him, sets them afloat in the boiling oil of a deep black cast-iron fry-pan.. When they are ready, he takes them out one by one and, one by one, stacks them with precision in a row along the wide circular rim of the pan.. He is an artist.. He loves his work and he is happy to feed us.. We have come back with the village elders from an afternoon in the newly stolen fields.. He welcomes us with the gentle grace that defines Palestinian hospitality.. It’s the best felafel I’ve ever tasted.. Two tinted glass chandeliers hang from the ceiling over the white plastic tables and the black plastic chairs.. Outside, on the main street, a tractor rolls past.. Young men in black shirts come in to serve us.. They carry themselves with the dignity of the Mediterranean male.. They smile.. When we are finished and ready to leave, I go to thank the owner, I tell him it was wonderful.. “To your good health,” he says.. “You must come again.. ”.. Peace.. One hundred kilometers away, Jews and Palestinians are killing one another with the happy ferocity of hyenas and the gloomy self-righteousness of monotheists.. The dissonance makes me dizzy.. If here, why not there? “It could be there, too,” says Guy.. Why Tequ’a? For the usual reason.. After the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli boys, Israeli settlers, backed up by ultra-right politicians, announced the “appropriate Zionist response.. ” They have set up Tekoa V—three miserable caravans, a few flags.. The caravans sit in the middle of what was once a cultivated field.. To the west, hills of stone, a swirl of yellow and brown.. To the east, the desert, white and gray.. In the distance, the blue hills of Moab, across the river.. What is left of the field is level and cleared of stones.. It was hard work getting the owners of the land to come with us today.. They’re afraid.. These fields and grazing grounds abut on the settlements of Tekoa IV and Nokdim.. It’s dangerous to come here.. Guy and Ezra have both been savagely beaten by settlers in these parts.. Ezra warns me today: there’s a 50% chance that we’ll be attacked by settlers or soldiers or both, anyway they’re all the same.. We walk down the long rocky slope beside rusty barbed wire fences under a doomsday sun.. We come to a halt a few dozen yards above the caravans.. We know the soldiers will come, and they do, first one jeep, then two more.. Two soldiers clamber up the hill to accost us.. Ezra has ordered me to talk to them, to give them a short lecture about this place.. “Who’s responsible here?” they ask.. “No one is responsible, but I’m ready to speak to you.. “What are you doing here?”.. “We came with the owners of this land to see what is happening.. “You’re not planning to come down into the settlement?”.. “No.. But you should know that it’s illegal, an act of state-sponsored theft.. “All I know is that the Supreme Court granted a two-week extension before demolishing it.. “True.. That’s how all the settlements started.. Just wait.. And what do you think about all this?.. “Think? I’m wearing a uniform, so I don’t have to think..  ...   itself out.. We marched with Sa’id and the ‘Awad clan to the edge of their fields.. The soldiers produced their signed order and attached map of the Closed Military Zone.. Amitai ignored it, boldly marched into the heart of the wadi and sat there serenely on a rock until the soldiers came to arrest him.. One of them threatened him, saying that one day he’d rape him in a back alley in Tel Aviv.. But most of these soldiers—reservists were relatively mild today.. Gabi asked one of them if he didn’t feel something in the face of the women and children whom he was driving away.. The soldier said: “I don t have feelings.. ” Gabi said, “That’s when you’re in uniform, but I’m sure when you take the uniform off you do have feelings.. ” The soldier said, “No, even when I’m not in uniform I have no feelings.. I guess that sums it up.. The whole story of Israel is enfolded in that inner deadness.. It’s evident in the way the war has gone in Gaza, too.. You can do anything if you’re dead inside.. You can kill children and not notice.. What has happened to the Jews? Once we were light and witty and self-deprecating and terribly vulnerable and we used our minds and our hearts to survive, and now we’re heavy and earnest and speak mostly in the language of threats and coercion and, these days, revenge.. There are huge posters in Gilo, as you enter Jerusalem from the south, quoting the bloodthirsty verse from.. Psalms.. 18:38:.. erdof oyevai ve-asigem ve-lo ashuv ad kalotam.. , I will pursue my enemies and overcome them and I will not come back until I have exterminated them.. I like some verses of the Bible better than others.. Sometimes I weary of the whole sorrowful, surreal concoction.. At Umm al-Ara’is, after the ritual was complete, Amitai played soccer with the Palestinian kids; the ball kept getting kicked downhill into the deep desert.. Sometimes it also got kicked into the forbidden fields.. No one seemed to care.. Soccer on the brink, with everyone present, playing their part: Sa’id, dignified as always, and the ‘Awad people, still fighting to get back their lands; the settler thieves who stole them, uphill in Mitzpe Yair; the soldiers who are there to protect the settlers; us, who have come to confront the latter and to help Sa’id and his people; the birds and clouds and the raging sun, watching from above; the goats in their pens, the wheat threshed on the old stone threshing-ground in the.. khirbeh.. , golden in the midday light; the ravaged fields in the wadi, by now, at the height of summer, baked to a crisp.. I think the dizziness started then, before we left for Tequ’a.. And then there are the not-so-small miracles that also happen.. Some new volunteers have joined us, including a young woman, Noa, from a moshav near the coast who, I discover, has somehow found Ta’ayush and, more important than that, has found, against all odds (or maybe she always had), the unthinkable gift of thinking for herself, resisting the communal brainwashing at high tide now during the war.. God exists.. This entry was posted on Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 at 00:21 and is filed under.. You can follow any responses to this entry through the.. RSS 2.. 0.. feed.. Both comments and pings are currently closed..

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  • Title: Read “Ha’aretz” article about the Taboun in Umm el Kheir « Taayush
    Descriptive info: Read the article by Amira Hess.. This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 at 09:13 and is filed under..

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  • Title: We Need Your Support « Taayush
    Descriptive info: Friday, September 14 2012.. Palestinians in these areas face constant harassment and violence by Israeli settlers and the army, which aims to cleanse area C of its Palestinian population by compelling them to leave to areas B and A, and to seize its land for Israeli settlements.. Preventing access to agricultural lands and water cisterns, house demolitions, setting fire to tents, and physical attacks are all common methods in the authorities and settlers attempts to push the Palestinian residents from their homes and towards the area s urban centers, such as Yatta, Samua, Dura, and Dahariyya.. A life of dire.. poverty, unemployment and distress awaits those Palestinian who are forced move to these cities.. In the past few months,.. In the past few months, we have witnessed an increase in the severity of official state policy as well as an escalation in the violence of individual soldiers, police, and Israeli settlers on the ground against Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills.. Among other alarming measures:.. In June, the Civil Administration (the branch of the Israeli army in charge of many aspects of the lives of the Palestinian civilian population) announced its intention to implement demolition orders against approximately 70 structures in the Palestinian community of Susya.. If implemented, the orders.. will result in the actual demolition of an entire village and will effect.. hundreds of residents.. In July, Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak announced plans to demolish eight additonal communities in South Hebron Hills: Majaz, Taebban, Sfaye, Fahit, Halawa, Al Marqaz, Jinba, and Kharuba.. The land where these villages stand will be used as a military training area.. If implemented, these orders will render 1500 people homeless, and compel them to leave their lands and move to the urban centers outside of area C.. Four additonal communities on the outskirts of the designated training zone, numbering 300 residents, will be completly deprived of all  ...   Hills.. In the past few months we have accompanied farmers and shepherds to lands that they are unable access alone,.. including.. in some cases lands that have been avoided for years.. our activists prevented the arrest of several Palestinian residents, among them children as young as nine; documented numerous assaults on Palestinians; and launched, along with other organizations, a public campaign against the demolition of Susya and the villages located inside the designated fire zone.. As part of this campaign,.. hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians protested in the village against the demolitions.. , and.. thousands of Israelis appealed to the authorities to rescind the demolition orders.. This extensive activity relies on extremely limited financial resources.. The cost of every day of activity is approximately $250 (€200).. ;.. most of this sum goes to cover the cost of transportation.. We also have considerable legal expenses stemming from the arrest and prosecution of activists by the Israeli state authorities.. Seven Ta ayush activitsts were arrested in recent months during activites (.. four of them for erasing a racist graffiti painted by settlers.. ), one activist was.. recently.. convicted of calling an army officer a war criminal.. , and several other activists are also undergoing criminal proceedings.. Donations can be via bank deposit to:.. Bank Hapoalim.. Branch 574 (Hapalmach).. Account no.. 160213.. Swift code poalilit.. IBAN: IL61-0125-7400-0000-0160-213.. You can also send checks by mail, payable to:.. Ta ayush.. c/o Yehuda Agus, POB 360.. Timrat 36576.. ISRAEL.. Every donation, no matter how small, will help us continue our important work on the ground.. Your donations will not be used to pay overhead, salaries, or administrative fees.. Ta’ayush is an all-volunteer organization and contributions go directly to covering the costs of our.. activities.. and defending out activists in court.. In solidarity and gratitude,.. Ta’ayush.. This entry was posted on Friday, September 14th, 2012 at 10:38 and is filed under.. Uncategorized..

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  • Title: צרו קשר « Taayush
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  • Title: פעילויות « Taayush
    Descriptive info: לפי מקום.. אזור בית לחם.. אלח'דר.. בית ג'אלה.. בית לחם (העיר).. מעסרה.. אזור ג'נין.. אזור חברון.. בית אומר.. ח'רבת ספא.. חברון (העיר).. חלחול.. אזור טולכרם וקלקיליה.. אזור סלפית.. אזור רמאללה.. בידו.. אזור שכם.. קריות.. בתי כלא.. בתי משפט.. ביהמ"ש העליון ירושלים.. ביהמ"ש השלום ירושלים (מגרש הרוסים).. גבולות.. דרום הר חברון.. אום אל עמד.. אום אל עראייס.. אום אלח'יר.. אום זיתונה.. אום על-עמאד..  ...   אלבוטן.. ירושלים המזרחית.. סילוואן.. שייח' ג'ראח.. כפרים ושכונות בלתי מוכרים.. מובלעת גוש עציון.. בתיר.. ערים בישראל.. אום אלפחם.. ירושלים המערבית.. כפר קאסם.. רהט.. לפי סוג.. פעולות הסברה.. פעולות חקלאיות.. ימי עבודה חקלאיים.. ליווי חקלאי.. מסיק זיתים.. פעולות מחאה.. הפגנות.. פעולות ישירות.. פעולות מחאה נגד הגדר.. פעילות מחאה נגד התנחלויות ו"מאחזים".. פעולות סיוע והזדהות.. בנייה ושיפוץ תשתיות.. עצרות זיכרון.. קייטנות ופעילויות לילדים.. שיירות..

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  • Title: סוגיות ועובדות « Taayush
    Descriptive info: נושאים דחופים.. תוכן.. חומרי רקע.. מאמרים.. מיומני פעילים.. נושאים דחופים (ארכיון)..

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