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  • Title: TADS - the Text Adventure Development System, an Interactive Fiction authoring tool
    Descriptive info: .. TADS - the Text Adventure Development System, an Interactive Fiction authoring tool.. Search the TADS Manuals:.. go|Search TADS 3|Search TADS 2.. Download TADS.. Create Your Own Interactive Fiction.. TADS is a free authoring system for writing your own Interactive Fiction.. It offers a complete set of programming tools for creating high-quality IF.. The game.. Return to Ditch Day.. running on the Windows interpreter, which supports graphics and other multimedia features.. TADS Workbench, the integrated TADS authoring environment for Windows.. Interactive Fiction grew out of the early text adventures, which were some of the very first computer games ever created.. IF is still thriving through a community of enthusiasts who are actively creating new works.. Learn more about IF.. TADS is the programmer's power tool for IF authoring.. It offers a robust and modern language that'll be instantly familiar to anyone who knows Javascript or C++, and a full-featured  ...   16, 2013: TADS 3.. 3 is now available.. This is a small update, mostly to fix bugs.. This builds on 3.. 1, a major upgrade released in December 2011.. 3.. 1 has a huge list of new features, including Web capabilities that let you create games that run over the Internet.. A game can use the network features to become a network server, client, or both.. 1 also has a raft of enhancements to the TADS language that make it easier and faster to write games, and dynamic compilation technology that creates whole new possibilities for games and libraries.. See what's new in 3.. 1.. Download the latest.. tads.. org.. Copyright 2001-2013 Michael J.. Roberts.. |.. Privacy.. Terms of Use.. Home.. Overview.. Screen Shots.. Downloads.. Manuals.. Translations.. Examples.. Tech Support.. TADS 2.. TADS Links.. TADS Tech Blog.. IF Community.. MJR Games.. IFID Generator.. Visually Impaired Users.. Contact Us.. Bug Reports..

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  • Title: TADS Downloads
    Descriptive info: TADS Downloads.. TADS 3 Downloads.. Download guide.. My operating system is.. Windows.. Mac OS X.. Linux/Unix.. I'd like to.. Play a TADS game.. Write my own game.. Go back.. Results.. Other TADS packages.. Show full list.. IF Archive note:.. Many of the packages below are also available at the.. IF Archive.. , although the Archive's versions might not be as up to date as the ones here.. We generally send updates to the Archive only at major releases.. How to choose an interpreter:.. If you're only looking to play games with TADS (not write them), choose a Player Kit or Interpreter package for your platform.. In most cases you should choose a Multimedia interpreter, if available.. (.. More on Multimedia vs Text interpreters.. ).. Translations:.. For versions of the TADS 3 library in languages other than English, see.. translations.. Current release packages.. The current TADS release is version 3.. 3.. Note that third-party packages sometimes need a little extra time to update to the latest code after a new TADS release.. Information on which TADS VM or compiler version is in each package should be available on the package creator's Web site or in the package itself (release notes, About box, etc).. Author's Kit for Windows with Full Documentation.. This has everything you need to write TADS 3 games on Windows - the compiler, the Workbench development environment, the libraries, and other tools.. This Kit is packaged as an automatic installer for easy setup: just download and run this file to install.. This package includes full documentation, including.. Getting Started in TADS 3.. ,.. Learning TADS 3.. , the.. TADS 3 Tour Guide.. System Manual.. Technical Manual.. , and the.. Library Reference Manual.. [Version 3.. 3; June 4, 2013; 18 MB download, 66 MB installed].. Author's Kit for Windows - No Documentation.. This version of the Author's Kit includes all of the same tools as the version above, but omits the documentation.. Instead, this package includes links to the books on-line.. If you have limited disk space, you might prefer to download this smaller version.. 3; June 4, 2013; 7.. 9 MB download, 22 MB installed].. Player Kit for Windows.. This is the full HTML TADS interpreter, which can play TADS 2 and TADS 3 games and features full multimedia support.. 3/2.. 5.. 17; June 4, 2013; 2.. 0 MB download, 5.. 1 MB installed].. FrobTADS.. provides a full, up-to-date version of the TADS compiler and other developer tools for Mac OS systems.. The tools run as command-line programs, so this is best if you're comfortable with the command shell.. QTads.. and.. CocoaTADS.. download.. ) are full Multimedia TADS Interpreters for Mac OS X.. Zoom.. is another interpreter option for Mac OS users.. Zoom is a multi-system interpreter that plays games written for numerous other IF systems besides TADS, so it saves you the trouble of installing multiple interpreters.. However, Zoom plays TADS games in text-only mode - it doesn't provide Multimedia TADS features.. Spatterlight.. is another multi-system interpreter for Mac OS, similar to Zoom.. Spatterlight runs TADS games in text-only mode.. FrobTADS plays games in  ...   server "cloud", or you want to run a private TADS server for your own game.. You.. don't.. need this to create a Web-playable TADS game, since players can run your game on the public TADS cloud.. See the TADS 3 System Manual section on setting up a custom TADS Web server.. [June 4, 2013; 20 KB download, 43 KB installed].. TADS System Source Code (porting kit).. This is the generic C++ source code for the TADS 3 compiler, interpreter, and other tools, for porting the system to other platforms.. The package includes test scripts, system headers, and documentation files.. Important:.. You'll need the latest version of TADS 2 for your platform in order to compile this - see the.. TADS 2 Patch page.. for a download link.. 3; June 4, 2013; 5.. 8 MB download, 24 MB installed].. Adv3 adventure game library.. The library is included in the Author's Kits, so you don't need to download this separately unless it's dated more recently than the latest Author's Kit (above).. Note that you should always make sure you have the latest Author's Kit if you download a new version of this library.. 3; June 1, 2013; 1.. 2 MB download, 4.. 6 MB installed].. System and run-time library header files.. This is a collection of header files defining system interfaces.. This is included in the Author's Kit and source distributions.. 3; May 9, 2013; 339 KB download, 1.. 0 MB installed].. Documentation.. This is the full documentation package, including.. 3; June 4, 2013; 14 MB download, 46 MB installed].. Older packages (not currently maintained).. The following packages are out of date and are no longer being maintained.. These aren't recommended for current use; we mention them primarily for historical reference, and also in case anyone is interested in taking over any dead projects listed here.. TADS Workbench for Macintosh.. ).. This is a full Aqua GUI wrapper for the development tools on Mac OS X, created by M.. Uli Kusterer.. This is based on an older version of TADS 3, and hasn't been updated in several years.. (This would be a nice project to resurrect, since OS X is a popular platform for IF authors.. Contact Uli via his site if you're interested in adopting it.. ).. Author's Kit for Linux.. A pre-built Linux binary distribution of the the old Linux version of the interpreter, compiler, and tools.. Includes an automatic installer script.. This is the last build based on the old Unix porting layer, which has been superseded by.. [December 16, 2011; 3.. 9 MB download, 12 MB installed; based on the September 12, 2004 generic source distribution].. Author's Kit for Unix.. The old Unix version of the character-mode interpreter, and command-line compiler and tools.. This is a source-code distribution that works on a wide range of hardware and Unix variants.. This is the last release based on the old Unix porting layer, which has been superseded by.. 9 MB download, 18 MB installed; based on the September 2004 generic source distribution, plus Dan Shiovitz's terminal I/O patch of 5/17/2005].. Previous versions.. View and download past releases..

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  • Title: Interactive Fiction
    Descriptive info: Interactive Fiction.. IF Overview.. Interactive Fiction is a new narrative medium that grew out of the early "text adventure" games.. (That's where the name TADS comes from, by the way: it's the Text Adventure Development System.. "IFDS" just wouldn't be as catchy.. ) In a text adventure, the player takes the role of the protagonist.. The game proceeds as a dialog between the player and the computer, rendered in conversational English text (or in another human language), with the computer describing the situation and the player saying what the protagonist should do next.. As the old marketing spiel put it, you don't just read the story, you become part of it.. If you've never played or seen a text adventure or Interactive Fiction first-hand, a.. sample transcript.. might make the idea more concrete.. The early text adventure games were decidedly.. games.. , with the focus on challenging the player with a series of puzzles and riddles.. But the form these games took, as explorations of simulated worlds through prose seemingly written on the fly in response to the player's actions, suggested the potential for something more than  ...   by changes in the industry, which was rapidly shifting to the modern notion of a computer game as a multimedia experience; the text game publishers were squeezed out financially just when they were hitting their artistic stride.. But they left behind a fan base who weren't merely nostalgic for the text adventures of old, but also recognized the format's potential as a serious artistic medium, and had the technical skills to carry on with new post-commercial works.. Enthusiasts have been exploring that potential ever since, steadily expanding the medium's boundaries.. Today we call it Interactive Fiction because the term better captures the scope of the medium.. The defining feature of IF is still the text-centric, conversational style of play, but IF today can incorporate graphics and sound.. Many modern IF works are still game-like, but many others are not.. Some IFs are non-linear stories, some are character studies, some are sculptures in words.. Even with a few decades of history behind it, the medium is still full of surprises, and many feel that we've only scratched the surface of what it can do.. Copyright 2001-2011 Michael J..

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  • Title: TADS Overview
    Descriptive info: TADS Overview.. This section offers an overview of what TADS is, what it does, and how you can use it to create your own IF.. Note that this is just the marketing literature, not a tutorial.. For actual documentation, please see the.. page.. For Players.. If you just want to play a TADS game (and you're not thinking about writing your own IF), you don't have to know much about TADS.. All you need is a TADS Player Kit (also known as an Interpreter) for your system.. Once that's installed, just launch it and select the game to play.. Download a Player Kit now.. For Authors.. TADS approaches IF authoring from a programmer's perspective.. When we designed TADS, we started by asking why it's so difficult to write IF with a mainstream language like C++ or Javascript.. We applied the answers we found to the design of a new language.. The result looks a lot like C++ and Javascript, but has many differences, small and large, that make it better suited for IF.. TADS will probably appeal to you most  ...   them the degree of control they expect.. But they're also designed to be friendly to non-programmers - especially on Windows, where TADS Workbench brings the whole tool set into an integrated, menu-driven environment that has everything you need to write your game start to finish.. Read on for more details on various aspects of the system.. Games.. - the sorts of games TADS can produce.. Web Play.. - another type of game TADS can make.. Language.. - overview of the programming language.. Object Library.. - overview of the pre-built object collection.. Tools.. - information on the TADS tools.. New in 3.. - new feature highlights.. Versions.. - choosing between TADS 2 and TADS 3.. License.. TADS is free software, with published source code.. It has no ads, upgrade pitches, or other catches.. TADS places no restrictions on the games you create with it; you're free to give them away, distribute them as shareware, sell them commercially, or do anything else you want with them.. The TADS interpreter can be freely redistributed with your game, even if you publish your game commercially..

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  • Title: TADS Screen Shots
    Descriptive info: TADS Screen Shots.. Here are some pictures of TADS being used to create and play games on various platforms.. TADS lets you write and play IF on many platforms; we have examples here from Windows, DOS, Macintosh, Linux, and Amiga.. Note that a game that runs on one platform will work unchanged on all of the others, because the TADS "virtual machine" engine is the same on all platforms.. As you'll see below, numerous people have created versions of TADS for different systems, so this gallery also serves as a credits list and who's who of TADS development.. (You can click on the images below to view them at full size.. HTML TADS for Windows.. , running.. The Golden Skull.. , Neil K.. Guy's sample game for HTML TADS.. demonstrates some of the multimedia features of HTML TADS, including graphics, digitized sound, hyperlink commands, and text coloring.. HyperTADS for Macintosh.. , running Neil K.. Guy's.. Six Stories.. HyperTADS is the Mac OS 9 version of HTML TADS (for OS X, see.. or.. These screenshots are from Neil K.. Guy's award-winning 1999 Annual IF Competition Entry.. , which shows off the multimedia features of HyperTADS.. In addition to HyperTADS, the full suite of TADS tools, including the compiler and debugger, are available on the Macintosh, as well as a text-only version of the interpreter.. Thanks to Neil K.. Guy for these screenshots.. QTads for Linux.. Threnody.. , by John "Doppler" Shiff; and for.. , running Stephen Granade's.. Arrival.. QTads is Nikos Chantziaras's Multimedia TADS interpreter for Unix, and plays TADS 2 and TADS 3 games.. It supports the full Multimedia feature set - graphics, audio, HTML text formatting.. QTads is available on many Linux/Unix systems; it runs anywhere there's a Qt library, including Mac OS X.. Thanks to Nikos Chantziaras for the screenshots.. , running Iain Merrick's.. Forever Always.. on Linux, and Eric Eve's.. The Quest of the Golden Banana.. on BeOS.. FrobTADS is Nikos Chantziaras's 2005 rewrite of the Unix character-mode interpreter, featuring more features, greater portability, and an easier install than the old TADS for Unix.. It can run TADS 2 and TADS 3 games.. Thanks to Nikos for the  ...   store new values in variables, stop when a given expression has a given value, and more.. Workbench is integrated with HTML TADS, so you can use it to debug both traditional text-only games and games that take full advantage of HTML TADS's multimedia features.. TADS for BeOS.. Deep Space Drifter.. This screen shows BeOS with its Amiga "decor" in BeOS R5.. Thanks to Big Boy Toddy for the screenshot.. PocketTADS.. Katana.. by Matt Rohde.. PocketTADS, by David Batterham, brings TADS to hand-helds running PocketPC (also known as Windows CE) and PocketPC 2002.. Thanks to David Batterham for the screen image.. Amiga TADS.. , running Ian Finley's.. Kaged.. , which took first place in the 6th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition; and.. on the Amiga.. uses graphics and music on HTML-enabled version of TADS, but (like almost all TADS games that use multimedia effects) is still fully playable on a text-only interpreter like Amiga TADS.. Thanks to Ally for the Amiga screenshots.. HTML TADS for Windows, running.. The Windows HTML interpreter is capable of running any TADS game, whether the game is a graphical game or a traditional all-text game.. is text-only.. TADS for MS-DOS.. (in a DOS box on Windows ME), running.. TADS lets you run the same game on any TADS interpreter; each interpreter provides a user interface customized to its operating system environment, so games automatically adapt to the local look and feel.. You can even run games originally designed for HTML TADS on any interpreter; on a text-only system like DOS, the interpreter will simply omit the game's multimedia features.. TADS for Linux.. (in a Linux console window), running.. TADS runs on many Unix and Linux systems, and the source code is available and highly portable to new Unix variants.. Currently, the developer tools (compiler and debugger) and text-only interpreters are available, but multimedia (HTML TADS) versions are not yet implemented on Unix platforms.. Thanks to Michael Burschik for this screenshot.. Other Platforms.. TADS runs on even more platforms than the ones listed here.. If you have screen shots of TADS running on any system we haven't already listed above, please send them to us and we'll post them here..

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  • Title: New in TADS 3.1
    Descriptive info: New in TADS 3.. 1 added over 100 new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.. 3 is the third minor update, mostly to fix bugs.. Below are some highlights of 3.. For the full list of changes in each release, see the.. change history.. in the documentation.. Web Play and networking.. You can now design your game to be played over the Internet.. The game runs on a server machine, and players use an ordinary Web browser to play - there's nothing to install on the player's machine, since the game UI is built on HTML and Javascript.. See the Web Play overview.. The ability to play over the Web is actually just one way of using the new suite of network capabilities in 3.. Games can now act as network servers, clients, or both.. 1 has a powerful, high-level HTTP engine that makes it easy to use and create Web services.. This has potential for multi-user gaming and more.. Dynamic compiler..  ...   now get the names and values of local variables at any stack level, and you can get information on built-in functions and methods in a stack trace.. Language enhancements.. The language has bunch of new convenience features that make it easier and faster to write IF.. A few examples:.. New string embedding (" ") syntax streamlines conditional text, cycling lists, random selections, and other common types of "live" text.. "The door is if isOpen open else closed end.. " "You feel one of starving or famished or hungry at random.. ".. The embedding syntax can now also be used in single-quoted strings, making complex string construction a lot more readable.. A new "triple quote" string syntax makes it easier to write long passages of text by letting you embed quote marks without backslashes.. desc = """The sign reads "Beware of Frog".. """.. Operator overloading lets you create objects that act like built-in types.. Overview Main.. | Next:.. TADS 2 vs TADS 3..

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  • Title: TADS.ORG Copyright Notice
    Descriptive info: TADS.. ORG Copyright Notice.. Copyright Information.. Copyright Notice.. The information on this site is copyrighted 2001-2005 by Michael J.. Roberts, except where otherwise noted.. Use or reproduction of any of the information on this site requires explicit permission of the copyright holder(s).. Please refer to our.. contact information.. if you have any questions..  ...   under a.. Creative Commons Attribution 3.. 0 United States license.. , as described in our.. Terms of Service.. The TADS software is "freeware," which means that it's copyrighted software distributed for use free of charge but subject to certain restrictions.. The individual TADS software packages include license text files that provide full details..

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  • Title: TADS.ORG Privacy Policy
    Descriptive info: ORG Privacy Policy.. Privacy Policy.. Tads.. org Privacy Policy.. Our basic privacy policy is simple: tads.. org is a non-commercial service, and we won't attempt to exploit any of our users' personal information for commercial gain.. We're not selling anything, so we will never ask you for a credit card number, social security number, or any other sensitive information of that nature.. You can access most tads.. org features without giving us any personal information, beyond what your browser transmits as a matter of course in every Web page request.. Some features on this site require user registration (for example, you must register before you can report a bug through the Bug Database system).. You don't have to register if you don't want to use these features.. If you do choose to register, we won't sell, rent, or otherwise  ...   parts are not.. Beyond the information that's displayed to other users on the site, we won't share your registration information with anyone else (except in cases where we're legally compelled to do so, such as by a law enforcement agency or court).. We won't send you any email except for necessary administrative messages (for example, we send a confirmation message when you first register so that we can verify that you entered a valid address).. "Cookies" are small files that your browser stores on your computer on behalf of our server.. We use cookies for certain technical purposes in maintaining your session with our server.. The cookies we store don't contain your password or any other personal information.. (This policy applies to the main tads.. org site.. IFDB.. has a separate privacy policy, which can be viewed on that site..

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  • Title: TADS.ORG Terms of Service
    Descriptive info: ORG Terms of Service.. org Terms of Service.. By using this site, you agree to the terms below.. If you don't accept these terms, you are not allowed to access this site.. You may not "hack" the site, violate the copyrights of any of the material on the site, access without authorization any information that's protected by passwords or other technical measures, harass the site's operators or any of the site's users, or otherwise abuse the site.. We reserve the right to deny access to any user or users, at our sole discretion and without notice.. We may discontinue the entire service, or any feature of the service, at any time without notice.. You retain the copyright to any information that you create and upload to this  ...   manner.. You may not upload material that infringes any copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights; anything that's defamatory or libelous; anything that harasses anyone; anything pornographic, obscene, or indecent; off-topic commercial messages ("spam"); or anything illegal, including hyperlinks to illegal material or to sites that traffic in illegal material.. By uploading information, you warrant that it meets these requirements and that you have exercised due diligence in determining that the material is not in violation of these terms.. Furthermore, by uploading information, you.. indemnify us against claims.. arising from our use of the information.. (These terms apply to the main tads.. has its own Terms of Service, which can be viewed on that site.. If you have any questions,.. contact us.. and we'll try to clarify..

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  • Title: TADS 3 Bookshelf
    Descriptive info: TADS 3 Bookshelf.. The Books.. TADS 3 Quick Start Guide.. by Eric Eve.. This brief guide is probably the best place to start for newcomers to TADS 3.. It contains instructions for installing the system and compiling a basic game, an explanation of the other documentation, including guidance on where to go next, and a sample game newcomers can experiment with if they want to dive straight it.. Getting Started in TADS 3.. This tutorial introduction is a great starting point for anyone new to TADS 3 and new to programming.. The book opens with the basics of getting TADS working on your system and setting up your first simple game, so even if you've never done any programming before, this will help you get going quickly.. The tutorial then leads you step by step through the design of a full-scale example game, showing how to use TADS to implement the effects needed in the game.. By the time you're done, you'll know your way around the system and you'll be able to write your own games.. This book is accompanied by a sample game,.. The Further Adventures of Heidi.. The game's source files can be found here:.. Heidi.. t.. t3m.. This book can also be viewed in a.. PDF version.. This version is recommended if you want to make a printed copy.. Learning TADS 3.. Part tutorial and part reference,.. is a perfect place to start for confident beginners, and for people with a little more programming experience.. This book is designed for learning TADS on your terms - it's organized by functional area, so once you've mastered the basics, you can skip around to focus on the areas you're most interested in.. As you develop your game, you can return to the book as a  ...   These articles provide detailed, task-oriented information on topics of interest to most TADS 3 users.. TADS 3 Library Reference Manual.. This is an extensively cross-referenced and hyperlinked compilation of information on the Adv3 and system libraries.. The entire library is indexed here, with the latest information generated directly from the library source code.. Introduction to HTML TADS.. TADS 3 uses a variant of HTML as its formatting language.. These notes explain how HTML fits into TADS, and how you can use HTML formatting codes for text effects, graphics, and sound, and how the TADS variant differs from standard HTML.. (These are essentially just the original notes for HTML TADS 2, so they're a little rough, but they are updated with relevant changes for TADS 3.. Note that this isn't an HTML tutorial - but the HTML in TADS is pretty close to standard HTML, so you can learn it from any of the many tutorials on the Web for ordinary HTML.. Change Logs.. TADS 3 System Change History.. This is a chronological log of changes to the TADS 3 language, tools, and Virtual Machine.. Adv3 Library Change History.. A chronological log of changes to Adv3, the standard TADS 3 Adventure Framework Library.. HTML TADS Interpreter and Workbench Change History.. This is a log of changes to the HTML TADS user interface, which includes the HTML TADS Interpreter and the Workbench development environment on Windows.. Notes.. These books are copyrighted by their respective authors.. In general, they may be used and distributed without charge, subject to certain restrictions.. Please see the individual books for full copyright and licensing information.. Some of these books are offered in the "PDF" format.. To view PDF files, you need the Acrobat Reader software, which is available as a.. free download from Adobe..

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  • Title: TADS 3 Translations
    Descriptive info: TADS 3 Translations.. The standard library that comes with TADS 3 is set up by default for writing IF in English, but it's designed with translations in mind.. All of the English in the library is quarantined in a "language module", which can be replaced with another module for a different language.. Currently, one translation is available:.. German:.. G-TADS.. , a German translation by Michael Baltes.. Copyright 2001-2012 Michael J..

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