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  • Title: Philip Tagg site entry php
    Descriptive info: .. Loading tagg.. org/index.. html.. [tagg.. php]..

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  • Title: Philip Tagg's website
    Descriptive info: Update.. 2014-10-13.. ●.. Welcome × 45.. Local weather.. Courses.. :.. Montréal.. |.. Liverpool.. Supervision.. |.. Short courses.. Consultancy.. Online resources.. IASPM bibliography.. others.. Conditions of use.. Copyright.. Pay-for-knowledge: Why?.. Opinions of this site.. CVs.. Publications.. Contact.. Music publications.. Photos.. 'Tagg', TAGG, Taggs.. Gerard Kempers.. Miscellany.. Site search tips.. Philip Tagg.. Students.. Others.. español.. français.. italiano.. portugês.. svenska.. Glossary of Tagg terms.. Tagg s Tips.. +.. extraits en français.. IASPM@Journal.. net.. Useful links.. | ●.. Dictionaries.. América Latina.. Bibliography.. Course material development,.. Huddersfield Salford, 2010-.. Music Theory Terminology.. Musicalia database.. Music Examples (notation).. Texts.. Pics.. Audititis.. more.. Exasperia.. Austerity errors.. Justice for Private Manning!.. LabourStart.. Collateral murder.. Shadow bankers are our dictators.. When the Nazis came.. UK  ...   Web browsing searches.. Recent, varia.. Jan Ling (1934-2013).. Donovan Tagg 100 years.. Duo Seraphim.. - score (1962).. Everyday Tonality II.. (2014).. Music's Meanings.. (2013).. Who Got Da Funk?.. (2005).. Charles Hamm (1925-2011).. Theory: Who Needs It?.. (Johnson).. Materials by Lucy Green.. Kaire Maimets-Volt.. (home page).. ● No to UK hospital closures!.. Audio.. PowerPoint.. Tagg on YouTube.. Bike sound, guitar distortion.. Bodyform: What a scream.. Bulgarian semitone concord.. Dominants/Dominance.. Emmerdale commutations.. Fernando.. Form Médecins.. Gabriel's Oboe.. 42.. Guantanamera.. endings.. Kojak.. Commutations.. Intel Inside Analysis (all).. Lifetime recognition award.. Milksap Montage (all!).. Mixolydian Montage.. Scotch Snaps [1:14:54].. Tailor mouse.. other videos.. Bill Hicks on advertising.. Kochs: Godfathers of Greed.. Stop the threat to popular music studies in Italy..

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  • Title: No Frills, non-commercial and black
    Descriptive info: tagg.. org.. Thinking sound and sound thinking.. I assume people visit this website for information and ideas.. I also assume they can read English.. Graphics and animation are minimised to save time and money.. The No Frills idea comes from the low-budget UK supermarket chain Kwik-Save, acquired by Somerfield in the mid 1990s and since merged with the Co-op.. This web site started in 1998 and was first registered as.. org.. in March 2000.. On 17 November 2013,.. was ranked.. among the top 10% of domains on the intern.. et (#.. 3,099,798.. am.. ong c.. 30 million).. Its estimated worth was $4.. ,000.. USD.. It has a good.. Pagerank (5/10).. and over.. 90.. backlinks.. Its reputation was quantified as 80/100 (whatever that means!).. It has a good SEO score (.. 37.. %) and is certified as safe.. Non-commercial and independent.. I d rather pay  ...   keep this site running another year.. Thanks to everyone who contributed by downloading an ebook!.. Is there anyone out there who d be prepared to take over the running of this site? Or who has any idea of how to make its services available in any other way? It s one of the internet s most visited sites for musicology and popular music studies.. It generates a lot of encouraging feedback.. Still, I d like to dedicate more of the time I have left to producing materials and less to running this site.. Please.. contact me.. if you can help.. WHY IS THIS SITE SO BLACK?.. An ecological reason.. If.. Google Black Blackle.. can save terawatts of eneregy worldwide each year, I can certainly help by reducing global warming by a watt or two!.. If you run a site, why not go black, too?..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: MMMSP Publications.. 2000-2013.. MMMSP.. Updated.. 13 September 2014.. Donation rationale.. Download procedure.. Hard-copy books.. Formats devices.. Feedback errata.. MMMSP e-books.. Go to hard copy.. space for coming title.. : towards a tonal theory of what most people hear.. (Philip Tagg, 2014; PDF e-book).. 600 pp.. 148 210 mm.. ISBN 978-0-9908068-0-6.. Version 2.. 5.. 1, 2014-09-13.. Donate.. 3.. 75.. min.. (rec.. 8).. e-book: hard copy projected.. Music s Meanings:.. a modern musicology for non-musos.. (P Tagg, 2012; PDF e-book).. 710 pp.. 148 210 36 mm (5.. 83 8.. 26 1.. 4 in.. ) 1143 g (2.. 52 lb).. ISBN 978-0-9701684-5-0.. 90.. 8.. 25).. e-book: also in hard copy.. A Bang, a Whimper and a Beat:.. Industrial Music.. and Dystopia.. (Karen Collins, 2012/2002).. 251 pp.. ISBN 978-0-9701684-6-7.. Download this Kindle book for $3.. 14 from Amazon.. Download hi-res.. transcriptions.. Everyday Tonality (I).. (Philip Tagg, 2009; e-book).. ISBN 978-0-9701684-4-3.. Discontinued.. Replaced by.. Still available in Italian as.. La tonalità di tutti i giorni.. Rock in the Reservation.. (Yngvar Steinholt, 2004).. 254 pp.. 978-0-9701684-3-6.. download this book.. direct from author's site.. Ten Little Title Tunes.. (Philip Tagg Bob Clarida, 2003, e-book).. 914 pp.. 180 255 mm.. ISBN 978-0-9701684-2-9.. 4.. 60.. 11.. 50).. Fernando the Flute.. (Philip Tagg, 2000/1992).. 144 pp.. ISBN 978-0-9701684-7-4.. 1.. 5).. Kojak - 50 of TV Music.. (P  ...   that 100% of what you pay for an MMMSP hard-copy book goes to Lulu or, at an even greater cost, to, for example, Amazon.. 0% of what you pay goes to cover the costs of running this site.. (Philip Tagg, 2014).. ISBN 978-0-9908068-1-3.. Under preparation.. Available as e-book.. Music s Meanings: a modern musicology for non-musos.. (Philip Tagg).. 17.. 32.. shipping.. ISBN 978-0-9701684-8-1.. 148 210 36 mm.. A5 paperback.. 143 kg (2.. Also available as.. e-book.. 4 (March 2013).. For free electronic updates (v.. 2.. 1.. ), click.. here.. On-site printing.. If a book is unavailable in hard-copy and if you want it in that form (e.. g.. to put on a shelf in a library), please proceed as follows.. [1] Download, as described.. above.. ,.. the e-book you require.. [2] Using your own on-site facilities, print out and bind.. no more than three copies.. of the book.. [3] Catalogue, shelve and lend out the hard-copy.. according to standard practice.. [4] If you want to print more than 3 copies of an e-book,.. please either donate a proportionately larger amount or.. order a second (or third or.. n.. th) copy of the same title.. Please do not re-post or otherwise distribute digital copies of the book.. Such misappropriation is illegal and jeopardises the existence of this website.. (explanation)..

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  • Title: Tagg's 'No Friends' page
    Descriptive info: FACETWIT/TWITFACE.. and the target group CIA creation scam.. Why I don t tweet.. Everyone should understand that when they add their friends to Facebook they re doing free work for US intelligence agencies.. Watch the video.. [1 mins].. Heard of CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act)? Now [t]here are almost no restrictions on what can be collected and how it can be used, provided a company can claim it was motivated by 'cybersecurity purposes' , says the Electronic Frontier Foundation.. For more, read.. this.. I posted that in April 2012.. One person told me I was paranoid and maliciously spreading conspiracy theories.. Since Edward Snowden s revelations this year (2013) about the NSA, no-one s accusing me of paranoia.. If we didn t have such spineless governments brown-tonguing Washington I'd campaign to grant Snowden asylum in the UK.. Facebook is a great tool for intelligence gathering about individuals, says a CIA deputy director.. It s no joke.. Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.. are seriously detrimental to our civil liberties.. Corporations like.. Microsoft and Facebook.. have agreed to share all user activity and content with US government agents who don t need a warrant for such searches.. It s all in the name of cyber-security.. I'm aware of enough repressive measures taken in the name of your own safety to know better than that.. It s true: I have no friends.. because I prefer.. f r i e n d s.. Cyber-corporations claim they know who my friends are.. Bollocks.. They ve no idea what they re talking about.. I have no friends because the reality behind having friends in their system of social networking is for me and those friends to provide, free of charge, the vultures of coporate sales departments with yet another personally tailored and neatly defined target group.. A cheap deal for the capitalists wanting to make money out of us but not much good for me or my (real) friends.. No service is ever free: you always have to pay some way or other.. I prefer to pay up front for the service I need.. I'm sick of consumerism's propaganda pedlars pestering me to part with my cash for the benefit of the company they're working for.. They say the product or service is on OFFER [not SALE], that I will SAVE [not SPEND], that I will WIN [not LOSE], that there's CASH BACK [money coming IN, not going OUT], that I m getting something (that I probably neither want nor need) FOR FREE, that prices have been SLASHED to AS LITTLE AS 9.. 99, etc.. They seem to take me for a moron.. I resent that.. I don t want anyone who visits this site to be exposed, directly or indirectly, to the evil ethics and infantile machinations of advertising.. That s why I pay for this site out of my own pocket and why I don t do social networking on line.. I can make what I like and dislike public, as I m doing here.. I ve chosen to do that even though (or maybe because) US government bodies access this site on a regular basis.. I ve already been refused entry to the USA for having been a member of the communist party and I would not let myself be intimidated if I were subjected to other measures taken in the interests of freedom.. Anyhow, if you want to tell me what you had  ...   ).. In 2009 I Googled |.. +facebook + I had for breakfast.. |: about 1,200,000 hits.. The equivalent result for MySpace was 600,000.. Here are some other search results documenting the riveting content of social networking sites:.. Hits : |Search string|.. ----------------------------.. 14,500: |+facebook + Bob is an idiot |.. million: |+MySpace + I like sex |.. million: |+facebook + my favourite OR my favorite |.. 2 million: |+facebook + I go to sleep.. 4 million: |+facebook + my boy friend |.. 4 million: |+facebook + my girl friend |.. 7 million: |+myspace + I hate |.. 22 million: |+myspace + I really like |.. A helluva lot of personal details and opinion, here, most of them belonging clearly to the private, sometimes even intimate, sphere.. This vast amount of private personalia is strewn all over the internet, just like all those ill-concealed yet strongly emphasised private parts plastered on billboards all over the cityscape.. I don t see why we should have to be exposed to it, even less why we ourselves would want to put the private parts of our own lives on public display.. I don t want to know what someone I ve never heard of had for breakfast, nor if they like or dislike celebrity.. X.. , nor what they look like in their underwear or in the nude.. The web is, like it or not, a.. public.. space allowing comparatively democratic access to anyone wanting to take part in the.. global.. forum.. it provides.. This is my personal opinion about a public issue, not an exposé of my private parts or foibles.. How can exposing your private foibles on line be considered substantially different from walking down town with your private parts on display?.. Penultimate thought.. I think it s sad and ironic that so many individuals using online social networking seem to believe that the things of least interest to a general public are those they should publicise.. It s a crazy upside-down world in which the overriding mode of public presentation of human beings is one of decontextualised and desocialised individual subjectivities.. The opportunity of online networking to organise and to make the world a better place seems to be the exception rather than the rule in the world of TwitFaced FaceTwits.. Thank goodness this old man's glum view does not apply to thousands of other blogs and sites out there in cyberspace.. How many people really care about what I like ? Not many, apart from capitalists targetting my tastes and foibles so they can sell me, and the friends they hijack through me, stuff that none of us have asked to know about.. I don t see why I should let marketing departments or the NSA hijack relationships of shared values between friends.. Do you? Or do you only have friends because you have no friends?.. Twitter collects.. personally identifiable information.. about its users and shares it with third parties.. The service reserves the right to sell this information as an asset.. [A]dvertisers can.. target.. users based on their history of tweets and may quote tweets in ads directed specifically to the user.. (Source:.. Wikipedia.. entry referring to.. Twitter Privacy Policy.. Advertisers watch your every Tweet.. , and.. Twitter Vulnerability.. Twitter also stores your tweets so they can be accessed and analysed by the NSA.. How cute IS the ickle blue birdie-wordie?.. Squawk.. (Huddersfield, 2010-07-30, upd.. 2010-09-09, 2010-12-12, 2011-12-09, 2011-12-15, 2012-12-19, 2013-04-03, 2013-11-17)..

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  • Title: Teaching and related activities (2010)
    Descriptive info: Philip.. Tagg.. Teaching and related activities.. [Tagg] var så vennlig å foreslå en fremgangsmåte.. en metode tilpasset populærmusikk.. Yngvar Steinholt, Rockens rolle i Russland, Forskning i Norge, 2003*.. = broken link not found elsewhere on line.. Since January 2010 I m back in the UK where I m currently Visiting Professor at the universities of.. Huddersfield.. and.. Salford.. As a pensioner I m more master of my own time than before and therefore more available to do things for institutions other than those that employed me full time.. The things I might be available to do include:.. Lecturing.. Graduate supervision.. External examining.. Course consultancy.. I'm fluent in English, Swedish and French, semi-conversant in Italian and German, and able to read Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch and Norwegian (but not.. nynorsk.. ) without too much difficulty.. Cours donnés à l' Université.. de Montréal 2002-2009.. Course material development,.. Courses given at the University.. of Liverpool 1993-2002.. Music's Meanings.. Graduate supervision.. Some completed dissertations supervised.. If you are interested in pursuing research into a topic relating to my areas of interest (music semiotics, music analysis, music and the moving image, musicology of the media etc.. ), and if you wish to.. for consultation or about supervision, it is best, before you send any written proposal, if we can discuss your ideas either in person or over the phone (in English, ou en français, eller på svenska, oppure in italiano, oder auf Deutsch).. If you.. are.. interested, please.. first of all, letting me know at which phone number  ...   Norwegian, Portuguese or Spanish.. I have previously run such workshops for the:.. Cursos latinoamericanos de música contemporânea.. (Brazil, 1984);.. Queensland Conservatorium of Music.. , Brisbane/Gold Coast (Australia, 1997 and 1999);.. Diplomado Internacional de la Semiologia Musical.. , Escuela Nacional de Musica and Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México (1998 and 2008);.. Department of Music, University of Hong Kong.. (2003);.. Dipartimento de musicologia, Università di Padua.. (Italy, 2003), the.. University of Rio de Janeiro.. (UniRio, June 2004); the.. University of Montevideo.. (Uruguay, July 2004); Université de Tours François Rabelais (2007).. I am also available for one-off lectures and presentations.. You will find a list of my.. guest teaching and lecturing experience.. on this site.. Feel free to.. if you are interested.. Contact details.. Curricula vitae.. Liverpool courses.. Details of courses I used to teach at the University of Liverpool are no longer on line, except for.. However, most.. course materials.. and all.. student work.. from my Liverpool days (1991-2002) are still accessible from this site.. Memo about noise in the Pilkington Building.. (relevant to issue of low awareness of soundscape]).. Course material development 2010-.. Music Analysis.. Reception tests and VVA classification.. Interobjectivity: structures, musemes, IOCM, PMFCs.. Anomalies of Interval Counting.. Basic.. more stuff not there.. Music Moving Image.. Musemes in the Mission (PowerPoint).. stuff not there yet.. more stuff not there.. Music's Meanings - a 21st-century musicology for musos and non-musos.. Info download link.. *Translation of Norwegian quote.. : He was kind enough to suggest an approach, a method adapted to popular music (thanks, Yngvar!)..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Enseignement à l Université de Montréal.. 2002-2009.. Teaching at the University of Montreal 2002-2009.. matériaux d enseignement généraux.. [general teaching materiala].. questions de langue.. [language questions].. direction de thèse/supervision.. légende de.. symboles de correction.. /key to correction symbols.. other courses and workshops.. ABC de la remise de travaux.. Équivalences note/pourcentage à 'UdM.. karaoke.. Politique linguistique.. Code.. Cours.. [e].. MUL.. 1121.. Histoire de la musique populaire anglophone.. (History of English-language popular music).. 2109.. Musique et images en motion.. (Music and the moving image).. 6248.. Tendances dans l'étude de la musique populaire.. (Approaches to studying popular music).. 6250.. Analyse de la musique populaire.. (Popular music analysis).. Tutelle à la maîtrise ou au doctorat.. Masters or  ...   obligatoire).. 2007 [32k].. Assignment and Dissertation Tips (.. version 5, Nov 2003 [1Meg PDF].. en français.. version 2, mars 2006 [56k].. Introductory Notes to the Semiotics of Music.. remplacé par.. , chapitres 5-14.. version 3, July 1999.. décembre 2012.. Tagg s Harmony Handout | Melody and Accompaniment.. remplacés par.. Everyday Tonality.. 2000 [583k PDF].. janvier 2011.. Various EPMOW articles.. 2000 [75k PDF].. Récognition d effets de traitement sonore.. 30 ex.. mp3.. Planning a research project.. 2005 [in progress, HTML].. Musicology fonts / Polices musicologiques.. 2006 [-].. MS paper to print / Papier musique imprimable.. A4 portait.. A4 landscape.. US letter portrait.. US letter landscape (12 staves).. US letter landscape (8 staves).. 2006-7 [PDF]..

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  • Title: Resources sort page
    Descriptive info: Temporary online resource sort page.. This page is under construction and will eventually incorporate the.. EXTERNAL LINKS.. page,.. as well as some elements from the.. ONLINE TEXTS BY OTHER AUTHORS.. page.. Until work on this page is complete, please consult those two other pages.. Return to Philip Tagg's homepage.. (tagg.. html).. Go to.. DISCOGRAPHY/FILMOGRAPHY.. BIBLIOGRAPHY.. JOURNALS INSTITUTIONS.. RECEPTION TEST RESOURCES.. COMPUTER.. MISCELLANEOUS.. DISCOGRAPHY, FILMOGRAPHY.. Discography (discogs.. com).. brilliant when it comes to discographical data of audio recordings of English-language pop, rock, R B, etc.. Tagg's raw discography dump.. 5,000 main items (e.. albums, films), of the 55,000 subitems (e.. tracks, scenes) and the 17,000 names of artists, composers, etc.. that happen to have been in my own database.. Internet Movie Database (IMDB).. best info on films, TV shows, actors, composers, titles, dates, etc.. allmovie.. com.. look up actors, composers, film titles, years,  ...   Cini/IASPM).. The Progressive Rock Bibliography.. Music and Image Bibliography.. (Gillian Anderson Ron Sadoff, 2003).. Cognition/perception of underscore bibliography.. (Peter D Kaye).. for others, go (temporarily) to the.. External links.. and/or the.. Other authors.. page and type.. |bibliog|.. in the.. Find.. box.. (Cntrl-F.. to activate.. ); alternatively, try.. Journals Institutions.. (below).. e.. JOURNALS INSTITUTIONS.. Blank.. IASPM@JOURNAL.. - The official, peer-reviewed online journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (.. IASPM.. SoundEffects - An Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Sound Experience [site].. [.. Flyer.. ] [.. A3 poster.. ].. Blank.. Computer Tips page.. Fichier Patron Word : travail d'étudiant.. (Word Templates for student assignments, in French).. Fonts and characters.. Unicode arrows.. Keyboard layouts.. Tagg 2010.. -.. Blank ).. Word (Microsoft) template for student assignments.. (in French).. VVA classification.. BLANK.. Digital downloads piracy.. Bob Davis s funk PhD.. RIAA statistics 2008..

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  • Title: Information and Instructions for P Tagg's website
    Descriptive info: P Tagg s website.. information and help.. Background.. What is the.. point of.. this site?.. Text Formats.. HTML files.. PDF files.. ZIP files.. Searches.. How to find.. topics on.. this site.. Conditions.. of use.. SMS or.. short email to.. Counter.. How many.. visits to.. Opinions.. What others say about this site.. Domains.. Info tips.. SITE OVERVIEW.. Information.. This page: contents, see.. 2.. [1] Information about the courses (modules) I teach.. [2] Description, timetable, links to texts, etc.. specific for each course/module.. [3] Links to materials and resources relevant to teaching and research.. Online Texts.. Writings which can viewed online, downloaded, printed, etc.. Divided into 3 categories:.. [1] texts by P Tagg.. ;.. [2] texts by students.. [3] texts by other authors.. Links  ...   , list of publications (.. verbal.. musical.. [2] Links to sites relating to my family and me.. [3] Usable photo(s) of P Tagg.. [4] Other items of personal relevance.. 6.. New, temporary and miscellaneous.. : links that recently been added, or that will be put elsewhere on this site, or that cannot be sorted under the other categories.. At the top of most pages on this site there is a link straight back to the site s home page.. That link usually appears as one of the two icons shown here on the left.. Many HTML files also contain arrow-up icons like the one shown on the left here.. Clicking any arrow-up icon takes you to the top of the current page..

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  • Title: Conditions of Use at www.tagg.org
    Descriptive info: Conditions of use on this site.. ©.. more about copyright.. Site Definition.. By ‘on this site , at this website , etc.. is meant any file or files (text, image, audio or video recording) whose URL starts with any of the following prefixes: [1] http://www.. tagg.. org/ [2] http://tagg.. org/ [3] www.. org/.. General principle.. Many works authored by myself (Philip Tagg), or by my students, or co-authored by myself and another, and which appear anywhere on this site, are posted under a Creative Commons License.. The whole idea is to make as much information and as many ideas as possible available to as many as possible of those involved in education and research without them having to pay for it.. You are in other words welcome to quote, borrow, or otherwise use, free of charge, any materials (ideas, information, images, music, video etc.. ) appearing on  ...   author[s] and include link[s] or written reference to the relevant URL at this website as the source of any materials you use (attribution imperative);.. You are free to criticise or overtly parody, but not to otherwise unduly distort, misquote or misrepresent the content of what you use from this site (moral rights);.. You may not without permission use for financial profit or for any other commercial ends any materials published on this site (not-for-profit imperative).. To request permission in such cases, please.. If I am not the author, please contact that person directly.. I cannot mediate betwen them and you on your behalf.. Personal request.. If you use any of my materials, or those of my students, in your teaching or research, or on your blog, etc.. it would be useful to me and to the advantage of this site if you could.. let me know.. Thank you..

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  • Title: Background and Copyright Information (P Tagg's website)
    Descriptive info: P Tagg s website information:.. Copyright Issues.. Home.. Info.. Audiovisual.. Updated 2012-02-26.. WHY DO THESE WEB PAGES EXIST?.. Six reasons.. Reason 1 (professional).. Some people complain that they find my publications hard to get hold of.. This web site partially solves that problem.. Reason 2 (professional).. Other people, including students, produce some really good stuff that is difficult to get hold of.. This web site contributes in a small way to solving that problem.. Reason 3 (personal).. We are subjected to a lot of propaganda and disinformation via the dominant media which are owned by multinational corporate fat cats.. This site provides the opportunity to spread other notions of the world we live in.. Reason 4 (both).. It s the 21st century and dead trees aren t a good environmental idea.. Besides, standing in front of a photocopier in a small room is not good for my health and it wastes a lot of time.. I can also get information to my students quicker and cheaper (not for me but for the taxpayer) if I use this website.. Reason 5 (ethical).. I believe that.. freedom of information.. should mean exactly what it says, in this case that information, ideas and knowledge should be freely available (like universal health care) to all, rich or poor, powerful or disempowered, wherever they live and whatever their situation.. That s why I don t charge for any services available on this site.. Reason 6 (ethical).. I regard consumerist propaganda (a.. k.. a.. advertising) as a cultural, social and ideological scourge.. I think it is essential to provide.. non-commercial.. sources of ideas and information.. There is an unfortunate contradiction between reasons 5 and 6, which is why I have to ask for.. donations.. How do these web pages help solve the professional problem?.. In order to make as many of my own texts as possible available and in order to save time and expense organising photocopies, I have converted most of the articles I have published in English to online-readable formats.. I have also converted several previously unpublished writings for purposes of online accessibility (See.. Online texts.. Several key.. texts by other authors.. are also difficult to obtain (e.. Franco Fabbri's work on genre and style).. I intend to make more such work more readily available by publishing it online.. I also include important work by my own students.. Since published course literature is scarce for most of the courses I teach, and since I previously had to spend inordinate amounts of time in front of the photocopier, I have converted important handouts to web-readable format so that students can easily access such materials (See.. Sometimes students turn in work that may be of interest outside those following, or teaching, one of my courses.. It would be silly if  ...   examples may not be used for commercial ends.. A few extracts of recorded music under copyright by others than myself, which are used in analysis, or which students need to access in order to fulfil course requirements, are stored as MP3 files in password-protected folders on this site.. No financial gain whatsoever is derived from the presence of these MP3 files on this site, neither by myself nor by any body I may represent.. For one set of solutions to problems of quoting music in notated form, see.. MMMSP Inc.. For a more detailed discussion of.. conventional.. copyright law s effects on research and education in popular music, see the folowing documents:.. Copyright vs.. the democratic right to know.. YouTube, DMCA complaints, counter-claims: how to beat the big boys.. Mostly about how to keep academic clips up on YouTube but also contains general stuff.. Pay-for-knowledge: the other obstacle to internet information.. Fair use definitions in US Code ('Copyright Law of the United States', 2011), §107 (p.. 19) and §118 (p.. 74).. [PDF, government document].. Fair use: the transformative factor.. (Wikipedia explanations and citations).. The Electronic Frontier Fo.. undation (eff.. org).. Lessig s.. Free Culture!.. Wikipedia's.. Critique of copyright.. Copyright and research in the humanities and social sciences.. British Academy report (Sept.. 2006) says that the copyright system may in important respects be impeding, rather than stimulating, the production of new ideas and new scholarship in the humanities and social sciences.. Cory Doctorow's stand on copyright.. Fair Use in the U.. S.. Economy.. Economic contribution of industries relying on fair use (Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA), 2007: Companies benefiting from fair use generate substantial revenue, employ millions of workers, and, in 2006, represented one-sixth of total U.. GDP ).. Wipout.. musicandcopyright.. More links.. CONDITIONS OF USE.. see.. http://www.. org/CC-conditions.. I assume people come to this website for information and that they can read.. I have excluded animation altogether and tried to keep graphics to a minimum so that pages will load faster, all in an effort to save both you and me time and money online.. There is already enough clutter on the web! The No Frills idea comes from the low-budget UK supermarket chain Kwik-Save.. Non-commercial and independent.. I pay out of my own pocket to keep this website running.. I'd rather do that than become dependent on income from sources whose activities I oppose or on those who don't like some of the things I have to say here: for example that advertising, like the capitalism it belongs to, sucks.. The reasons I don t use MySpace, FaceBook or similar arrangements are: [1] they include advertising; [2] they force everyone to join or sign up to their system; [3] they don't allow for my free book download service.. See also.. (Twit-Twat, Blither-Blather)..

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