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  • Title: The Tahir Foundation
    Descriptive info: .. Read about.. his life.. and accomplishments.. Listen to his.. answers.. to common questions.. Understand.. the Quran.. through his translation.. speeches.. about various topics.. Read his many.. books.. and numerous articles.. Learn about his.. initiatives schemes.. About the Foundation.. |.. Submit your feedback.. Copyright by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community 1995-2004.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: The Tahir Foundation - About Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad
    Descriptive info: The Promised Messiah and founder of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani's blessed son, Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad (The Khalifatul Masih II and Musleh Mauod) married Hazrat Syeda Maryam Begum on 7th February, 1924.. She was the daughter of Hazrat Dr.. Abdul Sattar Shah, scion of an eminent Syed family.. In his Nikah sermon, Syed Sarwar Shah Sahib, a venerable companion of the Promised Messiah said,.. I am now advanced in years and would soon pass away, But those who live would witness the advent of Servants of the faith born in this wedlock with a Syeda as occurred before.. This is my resolute conviction.. And so this Servant of the faith was born on 18th December, 1928.. He grew up righteousness and virtuous under the guidance of his illustrious father and devout mother and with divine blessings.. Once, during his childhood, he was asked by a well-know Ahmadi Savant, Maulana Abdul Rahim Nayyer, Which reward would you cherish most for doing good work? Allah - Only Allah was the 10 year old's spontaneous answer.. The blessed personage is named Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad.. His erudition encompasses wide range of knowledge both spiritual and material.. After graduation, he obtained the Shahid degree from Jamia Ahmadiyya (Theological Academy) at Rabwah.. Then he studied in Europe for 2 and half years.. After completing his higher education, he dedicated his life to the service of faith.. In October 1958, he was given charge of Waqf-e-Jadid the department for propagation of the highest grades of virtue and for fostering welfare of Ahmadis.. From 1960 to 1969 he was vice-president and then president of Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya in which capacity he displayed remarkable qualities of leadership.. From 1979 to 1982, he was president of Majlis Ansarullah.. He served as Director of Fazl-e-Omar Foundation in the time of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III.. He was patron of the International Ahmadiyya Association of Architect and Engineers (IAAAE).. Allah has bestowed upon him extraordinary talents of speech and writing.. The books authored by him gave greatly enriched the repository of Ahmadiyya literature.. Some of the well-known titles are: Biography of Hazrat Fazl-e-Omar, Murder in the name of Allah, Maudoodi Islam, What Ahmadiyyat gave to the world, and The Moral Excellence of the Holy Prophet in Wars.. Hazrat Hafiz Mirza Nasir, Khalifatul Masih III passed away on the 9th of June, 1982 and the following day Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib was elected as Khalifatul Masih IV.. Under his able guidance and with divine help, the Jamaat is making great strides.. Progress and advancement is evident in every respect - geographically, historically, morally, and spiritually.. In this short article, I can only cite a few glimpses of Huzur's achievements.. Allah says in the Holy Quran,.. He indeed prospers who purifies it 91:10.. As such purification of soul is regarded the foremost guiding principle for the followers of Allah's prophets.. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV has exhorted the Jamaat to achieve this end in various ways some of which are mentioned here.. Huzur has emphasised the importance of observing congregational Prayer Service.. He has dealt with this topic in three phases - in Friday Sermon of 1st April 1983 and in various sermons since 8th November 1985.. On 17th June 1988, he once again stressed the need for establishing and strengthening communion with Allah through prayers.. With Allah's grace, these dynamic exhortations are producing good results and the general improvement in moral and spiritual standards of the Jamaat in quite evident.. The so-called modern society has shattered the dignity of woman under the illusion of equality.. The manner in which Islam has safeguarded the honour and esteem of woman in deprecated and subjected to misplaced criticism.. In his question and answer session and Press Conferences, Huzur has not only refuted this criticism, he has also enunciated the true status of woman in Islam.. He has exhorted the Ahmadi women to observe Purdah strictly and to safeguard the Islamic values.. In his sermon at the annual Ahmadiyya conference of 1982, he warned the Ahmadi women against the perils of western culture and conveyed to them the significance and importance of Islamic Purdah.. In consequence of this guidance, most of the Ahmadi ladies in western countries now meticulously observe Purdah.. Islam has propounded very noble teachings about family life and the Holy Prophet was a model of moral excellence in this respect.. Some people do not follow this good example and transgress Quranic teachings.. In his Friday Sermon of 14th February, 1986, Huzur exhorted the Ahmadis to completely root out this behaviour from their daily lives and foster graciousness between kindred and in-laws.. In response many families have forsworn their past attitude.. The Ahmadis as a group stand our from others as comparatively free from the shackles of un-Islamic customs and superstitions.. Shortcomings do arise at times and Huzur has particularly laid stress to eradicate them.. In his sermons of 8th March, 1985 and 10th May, 1985, Huzur enjoined the Ahmadis to eschew giving dowry beyond means, exchanging gifts on New Year Day or other similar customs.. The Muslims celebrate Eid twice a year.. The affluent generally move within the narrow confines of their own circle.. In his Eid Sermon of 1983, Huzur asked the wealthy Ahmadis to go to the homes of their poor brethren to wish  ...   Annual Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya gathering in Frankfurt and also visited Belgium and Holland.. In 1987, he travelled twice to European countries, USA and Canada.. This was indeed a history making tour as many new Missions were inaugurated.. He met a cross section of eminent persons and conveyed to them the Islamic teachings in a most persuasive way.. He was hailed in many cities of America where the day was declared Mirza Tahir Ahmad Day.. In January 1988, he set his foot in West Africa for the first time.. This tour of six countries spanning over five weeks was highly successful.. Tumultuous welcome greeted him everywhere, Gambia, Sierra-Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria.. Various Presidents, Ministers, Parliamentarians and Paramount Chiefs met him.. The President of Sierra Leone was with him for half an hour.. He offered him the use of his personal helicopter and also assigned Police Personnel for his security.. Throughout the country, the government made arrangements for his stay.. Likewise the government of Liberia provided him use of two Chauffeur-driven cars as well as a Police Squad for security duty.. There was meeting with the President and Vice President of Ghana.. In almost all these countries, Radio and TV gave ample and appreciative coverage to Huzur's activities.. Medical and educational institutions provided by the Movement for the benefit of the people were highly praised.. Returning from his tour, Huzur proclaimed:.. I perceive Light not Darkness in this continent.. Many outsiders came here and exploited the people.. The wealth of Africa was used elsewhere.. Allah has inspired a plan in my mind that the Ahmadiyya Movement would procure funds elsewhere in the world but utilise here in Africa.. Huzur created an exclusive department and charged it with fostering the renaissance and revival of the African people.. He also urged Ahmadi doctors, teachers and specialists in other fields to offer themselves for service in Africa.. Same year in March/April, Huzur visited Frankfurt and Glasgow.. In August/September, he travelled to East Africa and Mauritius.. This was the first time ever that an Ahmadi Khalifa had travelled to this part of the world.. He visited Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania besides Mauritius.. This was, again a very successful visit.. Some mosques were inaugurated.. Various Ahmadis got the opportunity of meeting with exalted personage and benefiting from his sublime discourses.. All these tours by the head of the world-wide Ahmadiyya Movement strengthened and uplifted the spirituality and created awakening among the Ahmadi masses.. These were instrumental in dispelling the wrong notions about Islam held by a section of the educated classes.. On occasions, the critics were confounded when Huzur expounded the correct interpretation of Islamic teachings and were impelled to embrace Islam there and then.. In the course of his African tour, hundreds of persons got initiated in Ahmadiyyat.. Whenever any prophet of Allah comes, he and his followers are opposed and derided.. It has been the same with Jamaat Ahmadiyya the followers of the Promised Messiah ever since its inception.. In 1974 the government of Pakistan embarked on their persecution which reached most cruel dimensions with the promulgation of Zia-ul-Haq's Ordinance XX in 1984.. The Ahmadis were tormented and persecuted continuously and life was made unbearable for them.. But they displayed amazing steadfastness and spirit of sacrifice.. In the face of such horrible oppression they stood firm like a rock.. Their fearless resolve stems from their unshakeable faith that they hold fast the rope of Allah in the form of Khilafat.. Under the guidance of Khilafat the machinations, intrigues and campaigns of derision are met with fortitude, highest grade of virtues and beneficence, reminiscent of the earliest Muslims.. The tortures perpetuated on peace loving Ahmadis grew ever harsher.. Some two dozen Ahmadis are martyred.. The Holy Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement is subjected to slander and blasphemous allegations.. Profane and foul language is used against other venerable persons of the Jamaat.. Such dirty propaganda is spread throughout the world.. The Jamaat does not posses enough resources to reply.. Yet our Imam, Khalifatul Masih administered cogent refutations to the White Paper brought out by the government of Pakistan.. This refutation was contained in a series of 18 booklets issued from London, and later published in one volume.. All efforts of their reformation having failed, all precepts fallen on deaf ears, warning of Divine punishments unheeded and having exhausted every other avenue, the Khalifatul Masih IV, on 10th June, 1988, now challenged all their TOP leaders for a Mubahala.. Let the matter be judged by Allah, The Best of Judges.. One month after the challenge of Mubahala, Maulavi Aslam Qureshi who had gone underground capriciously, reappeared.. It had been alleged that he was abducted and then murdered, and the name of the Head of Ahmadiyya Community was maliciously implicated.. Aslam Qureshi's appearance was an ignominious disgrace for the opponents.. The admonitory destruction of General Zia-ul-Haq on 17th August, 1988 (only nine weeks after the challenge of Mubahala) is the manifestation of another Grand Sign for the Truth of Ahmadiyyat.. Blessed are those who take heed of divine signs, recognise the Reformer of the Age and come together under the banner of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and those who are steadfast in their allegiance to the institution of Khilafat.. May Allah shower His Blessings on them.. Ameen!..

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  • Title: The Tahir Foundation - Quran Translation & Commentary
    Descriptive info: Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad.. ra.. was a well-respected and learned scholar.. One of his greatest achievements was the comprehensive translation of the Holy Quran into Urdu.. This eloquent and admirable accomplishment, successfully elucidates many of the gems of wisdom contained in the Holy Quran in a most beautiful and  ...   and Tarjamatul Qur an.. also recorded many live sessions in which he presented an in-depth exegesis of the Holy Qur an.. Not only would he would present his own commentary but he would compare and contrast them to other Quranic commentators as well.. Watch Darsul Quran.. and Tarjamatul Quran sessions..

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  • Title: The Tahir Foundation - Books & Articles
    Descriptive info: Christianity: A Journey from Facts to Fiction.. This book is a study in to current Christian beliefs on the basis of logic and reason.. Among others, the subjects of the Sonship of Jesus Christ, Atonement, Trinity and the second coming of the Messiah have been discussed.. An Elementary Study of Islam.. This book is an introduction to the five fundamental articles of the Islamic faith.. These are the belief in the unity of God, His Angels, His Prophets, the Holy Books and Life after Death.. It covers the basic teachings of Islam found in the Divine book, the Holy Quran, and the conduct and traditions of the Holy Founder of Islam.. saw.. The Gulf Crisis and The New World Order.. The whole world witnessed Iraq s invasion and the annexation of Kuwait on 2nd August 1990.. The following day, the Supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Community began a series of seventeen sermons on this issue.. These sermons have been compiled together and are presented in this book.. The author unmasks the injustices and double standards of both Eastern and Western nations.. Islam's Response to Contemporary Issues.. (english pdf).. This is a compiled lecture delivered at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre (London) by the 4th Successor.. of the Promised Messiah, Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.. as.. The book discusses the challenges in modern society today such as inter-religious harmony, socio-economic, political and individual peace and examines how Islamic teachings and attitudes guarantee peace in every sphere of human interest and aspiration.. Kalam-e-Tahir.. (urdu audio).. A collection of Urdu poems by Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (ra), the 4th successor of The Promised Messiah.. , on a variety of subjects such as the Holy Prophet.. , The Promised Messiah.. , his homeland in Pakistan.. These poems aim  ...   Sydney, Australia.. It discusses the continued need for the revival of religion and presents the Ahmadiyya point of view on the issue of the revival of Islam.. Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge Truth.. Does revelation play any vital role in human affairs? Is not rationality sufficient to guide man in all the problems which confront him? Numerous questions such as these are examined with minute attention.. All major issues which intrigue the modern mind are attempted to be incorporated in this fascinatingly comprehensive statute.. Seal of Prophethood.. English translation of the concluding address delivered by Hadrat Khalifatul Masih IV.. The Seal of Prophethood.. Shariah Relationship Between Religion and Politics in Islam.. A speech delivered by Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad Khalifatul Masih IV (ra) at the Inter-religious Consults, Suriname, on 3rd June 1991.. It discusses the enaction of Shariah Law in muslim countries and examines the question of how far this law can be incoporated into legislation for running a political government.. Some Distinctive Features of Islam.. A speech delivered by Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad.. the 4th successor of the Promised Messiah.. at the University of Canberra, Australia.. The speech discusses Islam as a universal, eternal and complete religion.. It also briefly examines Islamic teachings such as.. zakat.. vs interest, the Islamic concept of justice and direction in political matters.. Universal and Moral Values, Politics and World Peace.. Closing address delivered by Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad Khalifathul Masih iV.. at the Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Canada, Toronto, on Sunday 23rd June, 1996.. This speech highlights and discusses some verses in the Quran which are comprehensive and universal in their application that, without reference to any religion, convey a message of peace to all humans alike.. View the complete book listing at the.. Al Islam Library..

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  • Title: The Tahir Foundation - Question
    Descriptive info: often held sessions where guests could ask questions about the religion of Islam.. A portion of these question-and-answer sessions are collected on the Ask Islam website.. The website delivers over a thousand answers to common questions in Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad's.. own voice and is a great resource for layman and scholar alike.. Visit the.. Ask Islam website.. In addition to question answer sessions, the Digital Media Library.. also attempts to collect and catalog a larger variety of Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad's.. works.. These include his Friday Sermons, Homeopathy Classes, Urdu Classes and Quran Classes.. Digital  ...   Attainment of Inner Peace.. Awaiting a Khalifa.. Belief and Guidance 1.. Belief and Guidance 2.. Faith and Belief 1.. Faith and Belief 2.. Is Religion Created by Man?.. Salvation in Islam and Women and Equality.. Names of Allah and Trust in Islam.. Iran Fanaticism and the End of the World.. Stoning of Adulterors.. Cutting of Limbs.. Future of Western Society.. Khilafat.. Miracles and the Law of Nature.. Personal Sin.. Prophet after the Holy Prophet in Quran.. Why Seek Help from Prophets.. Islam and Witchcraft.. The West and the Faith in God.. Claims of the Promised Messiah..

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  • Title: The Tahir Foundation - Sermons & Addresses
    Descriptive info: 05-Jan-2001.. Waqf-e-Jadid USA: Spending for Allah.. 12-Jan-2001.. Forgiveness.. 19-Jan-2001.. Matrimonial Matters.. 26-Jan-2001.. Knowledge.. 02-Feb-2001.. Good Manners.. 09-Feb-2001.. Suspicions.. 16-Feb-2001.. Slander and backbiting.. 23-Feb-2001.. Shura and Advice.. 02-Mar-2001.. 09-Mar-2001.. Khalifatul Massih I.. 16-Mar-2001.. Trust in Allah.. 23-Mar-2001.. Envy and Goodness.. 30-Mar-2001.. Greed and Temptation.. 06-Apr-2001.. Rabubiyyat.. 13-Apr-2001.. Rabubiyyat Raheemiyyat.. 20-Apr-2001.. Raheemiyyat.. 27-Apr-2001.. 04-May-2001.. 11-May-2001.. Rahman and Raheem.. 18-May-2001.. Ghafoor and Raheem..  ...   and Raheem.. 22-Jun-2001.. Momin and Muslim.. 29-Jun-2001.. Raheem.. 06-Jul-2001.. Rahmaniyyat.. 13-Jul-2001.. 20-Jul-2001.. 27-Jul-2001.. 03-Aug-2001.. Rahman.. 10-Aug-2001.. Malikiyyat.. 17-Aug-2001.. 24-Aug-2001.. 31-Aug-2001.. 07-Sep-2001.. Hafiz and Hafeez.. 14-Sep-2001.. 21-Sep-2001.. Hifazat.. 28-Sep-2001.. 05-Oct-2001.. Muhaiman.. 12-Oct-2001.. Raqeeb.. 19-Oct-2001.. Qadoosiyyat.. 26-Oct-2001.. Sabuhiyyat.. 02-Nov-2001.. 09-Nov-2001.. 16-Nov-2001.. Ramzaan.. 23-Nov-2001.. Mujeeb.. 30-Nov-2001.. Ramzaan and Dua.. 07-Dec-2001.. Mujeeb and Dua.. 14-Dec-2001.. The Acceptance of Dua.. 21-Dec-2001.. Salaam Istighfar.. 28-Dec-2001.. Momin..

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  • Title: The Tahir Foundation - Schemes & Funds
    Descriptive info: M T A I.. N T E R N A T I O N A L.. MTA was the brainchild of Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifat-ul-Masih IV.. , and ever since its inception MTA has been a unique channel in many respects.. Its focus lies in producing programs that can be enjoyed by people of all ages at all times.. It recognizes that television plays a significant role in the world and has accordingly devoted itself to applying this influence positively for the purpose of educating its viewers.. MTA's future is not dependant upon commercial sponsorships or  ...   viewers in all parts of the world, without sacrificing standards.. MTA International website.. H.. U M A N I T Y.. F.. I R S T.. In 1993 during the growing crisis in Bosnia at the time of war Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad.. founded a relief organization by the name of Humanity First.. Its mission is to help ease the suffering and create a sustainable future for the victims of war, aggression, famine and natural disaster.. From Europe to Africa, Humanity First has extended its operations to sixteen countries and is actively working every day.. Humanity First website..

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