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  • Title: Typing Injury FAQ Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. The Typing Injury FAQ (frequently asked questions) is an educational site containing a wide variety of information about repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), resources for dealing with these ailments, and a broad description of assistive products to reduce injury risk and symptoms.. Articles.. General.. Information.. Ergonomics.. Organizations.. Services.. Resellers.. Archive.. Furniture.. Alternative.. Keyboards.. Speech.. Recognition.. Pointing.. Devices.. Accessories.. Other Products.. Software.. Kids.. About.. Site Map.. Related Links.. Last Updated:.. 27/07/2009..

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  • Title: Typing Injury FAQ Home Page
    Descriptive info: 10/31/06..

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  • Title: Articles - Typing Injury FAQ
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  • Title: General Information - Typing Injury FAQ
    Descriptive info: General Information.. Ergonomics.. Human Factors.. Contents.. Q A FAQ.. Glossary.. RSI Information.. Medical Resources.. Alternative Health.. Back-Pain.. Vision/Eye Strain.. Radiation EMF.. Disability/ADA.. Workers Comp.. Legal.. Political.. Support Groups.. Publications.. Mail Lists.. Newsgroups.. FTP/Gopher Archives.. References.. Welcome to the General Information FAQ!.. Advice for the initially injured, basic ergonomics information, and pointers to additional resources across the Internet and inside your local bookstore.. Provides information and website links related to office ergonomics, RSIs, medical and alternative health information sources, and related topics.. Lists additional information resources including support groups, publications, mail lists, newsgroups, FTP and Gopher sites, and some of the best informational websites in existance.. The educational material provided in this website is intended for informational purposes only -- consult a health professional familiar with RSIs for specific treatment recommendations.. If you are experiencing injury symptoms, consult with your health professional as soon as possible.. Even a few days can make a big difference between a rapid, easy recovery and a prolonged, difficult process of fighting chronic symptoms.. Q A on RSIs, Ergonomics.. Etc.. What are repetitive strain injuries (RSIs).. ?.. What are the injury signs that I should look for.. What should I do if I experience RSI-related pain.. What are typical injury risk factors within the office.. What can I do to avoid injury.. Ouch! Too late, I'm hurt.. Who can help me.. What kinds of products can help.. Where can I go to get more information.. Q:.. What are repetitive strain injuries (.. RSIs.. )?.. A:.. RSIs are not so much diseases as they are a response to excessive and repetitive demands placed on the body.. The hundreds of known repetitive stress injuries, or RSIs, all have a similar cause: excessive wear and tear on the soft tissues of the body (tendons, nerves, circulatory system, etc.. ).. They start when you do the same task over and over again, from clicking a mouse to craning to see the computer monitor.. If your body doesn't get a chance to heal, the damage adds up, and can eventually destroy your ability to do your job.. (.. CNN -- Working Wounded.. ).. RSI is a general, umbrella term for these host of injuries, other terms used for RSI include:.. CTD - Cumulative Trauma Disorder.. MSD-Musculoskeletal Disorders.. OOS - Occupational Overuse Syndrome.. RMI - Repetitive Motion Injury.. UEMSD - Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorder.. WRULD - Work-Related Upper Limb Disorders.. Following are some specific examples of injuries typically considered RSIs:.. Tenosynovitis - an inflammation of the tendon sheath.. Tendonitis - an inflammation of a tendon.. Epicondylitis - an inflammation of the tendons where they attach to the bones at the elbow.. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - a condition which develops when the median nerve is compressed within the carpal tunnel.. Cubital Tunnel Syndrome - involves compression of the ulnar nerve where it passes the elbow point near the funny bone.. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome - affects the nerves and blood vessels of the neck and shoulder.. Others:.. See the.. and.. for more terms and definitions.. (To Q A Top).. What are the.. injury signs.. that I should look for?.. Typical injury symptoms include tightness, general soreness, dull ache, throbbing, sharp pain, numbness, tingling.. burning, swelling, and loss of strength in your upper extremities (hands, arms, shoulders, and neck).. Some injury symptoms are not obviously work related - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is an example of this where hand numbness, pain, tingling frequently occurs at night while trying to sleep.. When physical activities (work, sports, hobbies, etc.. ) become excessive to the point of injury, localized fatigue is usually the first sign of excessive strain to the body.. Symptoms of localized fatigue are discomfort (aches and pains), loss of strength, and trembling in the affected limbs.. These symptoms tend to increase as the offending activity is continued and usually decrease or disappear within hours or minutes of stopping the task.. When symptoms of fatigue persist, even after normal rest, this may indicate a problem exists.. If you are still tired and in pain after a night's rest, the activity in question may be stressing you to the point of injury.. What should I do.. if I experience RSI-related pain?.. First, and foremost of importance: if you experience pain at all, then you absolutely need to go see a doctor.. As soon as you possibly can, the difference of a day or two can mean the difference between a short recovery and a long, drawn-out ordeal.. GO SEE A DOCTOR.. Now, your garden-variety doctor may not necessarily be familiar with this sort of injury.. Generally, any hospital with an occupational therapy clinic will offer specialists in these kinds of problems.. DON'T WAIT, THOUGH.. The information provided here, or any other published document, must not replace being diagnosed and treated by a medical specialist.. What are typical injury.. risk factors.. There are physical activities that have been identified as risk factors for RSIs as well as personal/medical conditions and environmental/psychosocial risk factors.. These are briefly discussed below:.. Physical activity.. (occupational work or not) risk factors have generally been considered to be the following:.. Repetition.. - performing repeated motions in the same way with the same body part.. Posture.. - placing a joint towards its extreme end of movement in any direction away from its neutral, centered position.. Force.. - performing an activity with excessive  ...   that you can go to a doctor and get fixed with little personal effort, RSIs are brought on and aggravated by a variety of stimuli/activities/reasons.. These factors occur throughout your day and must be identified and eliminated, or at least reduced as much as possible, so you can heal.. Unfortunately, RSIs often carry with them complications that flow into the job's.. workers' compensation.. ,.. legal.. , and.. disability.. issues.. RSIs are a fairly.. politically charged.. issue as well since Federal and State OSHA organizations are attempting to create ergonomic standards.. See.. What kinds of.. products.. can help?.. Hopefully the answers provided above have instilled an awareness that avoiding, or recovering from, RSIs is more of a process, than a simple one-answer quick-fix.. Products.. help address the.. injury risk factors.. described earlier, but need to be part of an overall program tailored to your injury and type of work performed.. Below is a list of typical products and brief descriptions.. Hyperlinks are provided for more information and to view representative products.. - What you sit in, the furniture that holds and positions your computer and office equipment, and how they are set up and adjusted, probably has the largest affect of all the products on your ability to work with reduced injury risk.. - Keyboards have a lot of design issues that have made them subject to many studies and litigation over the last three decades.. A variety of keyboard designs are now available to assist in avoiding awkward postures related to keyboarding.. It is important to understand that your typing technique and where you locate the keyboard for use is as important, if not more so, than the keyboard design itself.. Speech Recognition.. - For those injured computer users that have limited use of their hands, speech recognition is a valid tool to assist in getting the job done.. This is a complex technology and requires serious dedication, training, and help from those familiar with the available products.. If you're just curious, wait awhile before making the plunge new and better products are hitting the market at an amazing rate.. Pointing Devices.. - Squeeze it, roll it, touch it, look at it, fly it through the air in front of you, there is an amazing variety of devices that allow you to move your cursor around the screen.. Much of the problems encountered by computing may well be the fault of a little rodent (mouse), as well as how we use it.. Mice, trackballs, touchpads, and other devices require different physical demands and thus provide a change for hurting fingers and hands.. Whether you change devices, or hands in their use, you're still at risk if you don't watch your methods of use and give it a rest and stretch periodically.. Accessories.. - Helpful little items ranging from wrist rests to foot rests and many items in between.. Furniture, office, and computer accessories can help keep neutral postures and reduce static and forceful exertions related to RSIs.. Many accessories have been called quick fixes, bandaids, or crutches because sometimes with a little body awareness, proper typing/mousing technique, and getting the workstation set up right to start with, some of these little aids might not be needed at all.. - Sometimes it is just too hard to remember to vary your work at the computer when you're actively mind-melding/bonding with your silicon partner.. There is a growing list of software available to remind you to take a break, stretch/exercise, and train you in the finer points of ergonomics, all right on your own computer.. From freeware to corporate training packages worth hundreds of dollars, it's worth checking out what might help.. Make sure of the computer system requirements as some packages have lots of graphics, animations and video clips in them.. Those already injured should clear the excersizes with their health professional before using them.. - Some products are readily available at your local computer super store, or off of the Internet, however many of the larger and more specialized products are only available through resellers focusing on the ergonomic and healthcare markets.. If you know what you need then the catalog or website ordering may work well for you, especially if they have a good return policy.. If you need more assistance, look up your local reseller that may have a well stocked showroom so that you can try the products out first, as is generally recommended for many products (especially keyboards and chairs).. Many resellers will also let you borrow the items for use in your workplace to make sure it is the solution for you.. Where can I go to get.. more information.. There are many information sources online and off that are excellent.. The best resources that we've found can be found listed or linked to in the.. Information Content.. bar along the left of this webpage.. Of particular interest are:.. for more ideas on prevention and addressing existing RSIs.. for more information on these types of injuries.. for the offline information sources and links to online ones.. RSI Support Groups.. NewsGroups.. for a little more personal touch and support.. Also see what.. might be of interest to you as well as those found in.. The RSI Network newsletter.. archives.. Return to Table of Contents.. Also see.. and other.. Information Links.. Last Updated:.. 01/30/02..

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  • Title: Ergonomics  - Typing Injury FAQ
    Descriptive info: Standards.. Office.. Industrial.. Manual Material Handling.. Laboratory.. Construction.. Agriculture.. Maritime.. Forestry.. Education System.. Health Care.. Music.. Sports.. Training.. Tools/Equipment.. Anthropometry.. Biomechanics.. Programs.. Resources.. Acknowledgements.. Welcome to the Ergonomics Human Factors FAQ!.. Ergonomics is the scientific, interdisciplinary study of individuals and their physical relationship to their environment.. The word, ergonomics, is derived from the greek words ergos meaning work and nomos meaning laws ; therefore, we have the laws of work.. Ergonomics can be further defined as the design of the workplace, equipment, machine, tool, product, environment, and system, taking into consideration human's physical, physiological, biomechanical, and psychological capabilities.. Other related and similar terms are:.. Human Factors Engineering.. Human Engineering.. Engineering Psychology.. Fitting the task to the individual.. The application of ergonomic principles can result in:.. increased productivity.. improved health and safety.. increased job satisfaction.. increased work quality.. lower worker turnover.. lower lost time at work.. lower worker's compensation claims.. less likelihood of OSHA fines.. Industrial vs Office Ergonomics.. The cause and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders in industrial environments requires multidisciplinary cooperation and involve a much wider range of variables than office environments.. For example, environment issues like cold, vibration, and  ...   loading trucks.. Entire departments are dedicated to rework and repair.. There are product testers and inspectors, laboratory workers, and forklift drivers.. Some stand on ladders while others lay on their backs, stand at a workstations, or sit at a desk.. Different types of assembly processes have different risks for musculoskeletal disorders.. Progressive assembly versus non-progressive assembly, machine paced versus self paced, piece part versus hourly pay -- all have unique concerns relative to musculoskeletal illnesses and injuries.. Material handling and product positioning are two of the key areas of concern because of the force requirements.. Force, coupled with awkward posture and repetition is a recipe for the development of musculoskeletal disorders.. Some folks work on items so small that all work is done with the aid of a high powered microscope while others are installing large tires on dirt moving equipment.. You have the Swiss watch and pacemaker assemblers, the circuit board repair folks, the people that wire up communications switching units, and the auto chassis assemblers.. Each of these examples has their own risks for work related musculoskeletal disorders.. I look forward to input from all walks of industrial life..

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  • Title: Organizations - Typing Injury FAQ
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  • Title: Services - Typing Injury FAQ
    Descriptive info: Medical.. Welcome to the Services Listing!.. There are many professionals and businesses that provide services of value to the RSI community.. These include consulting, training, and other services in ergonomics, medical, alternative health, legal, and related fields.. Ergonomic.. Consulting/Training.. Cambridge Ergonomics Ltd.. The Maltings Burwell Cambridge UK CB5 0HB.. Tel: (+44) 1638 742222, Fax: (+44) 1638 742260.. camergs@dial.. pipex.. com.. http://dspace.. dial.. com/camergs/.. 16 years of experience in office-based health and safety.. Our services include risk assessment, RSI audits and expert witness consultancy/reports.. We also work on office design and layout projects.. We run training courses for office staff, VDU assessors and facilities managers as well as general ergonomics awareness courses.. Diversified Management Group.. 1875 Willow Pass Rd, Concord, CA.. 1-800-746-4346.. dmg-at-work.. California's Ergonomics, Voc Rehab, Early Return to Work Specialists.. Ergo Health Network.. 25522 74th Avenue South, Kent, WA 98032.. (253) 520-6840, Fax: (253) 520-6845.. contact@ergohealth.. ergohealth.. Ergonomic Engineering Inc.. 20 Gulf Rd, Pelham, MA 01002.. (413) 253-4286 or (800) 375-ERGO, Fax: (413) 256-1040.. ergo.. engin.. Ergonomic Sciences.. 2672 Bayshore Parkway, Suite 520.. Mountain View, CA 94043.. 800-ERGOSCI.. info@ergosci.. ergosci.. com/.. Helps companies design healthy work environments, with the goal of eliminating sources of physical stress and injury associated with operating computers.. Ergonomic furniture, accessories and services.. Ergonomic Specialties, Ltd.. 954 North DuPage Ave.. , Lombard, IL 60148.. (800) 707-7060, Fax 630.. 268.. 1810.. info@ergospec.. Providing professional consulting and training services to educate and guide its clients since 1991, including marketing, product design and distribution of a wide array of ergonomic products to solve various problems for its clients.. ErgoWeb.. 75 East 400 South, Suite 300, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.. (888) ERGOWEB or (801) 323-9444.. Fax: (801) 323-9713.. ergoweb.. inquire@ergoweb.. Professional consultation and training services.. Future Industrial Technologies.. 4930 Cervato Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93111.. (805) 964-3172 or (800) 775-2225, Fax: (805) 964-0974.. info@backsafe.. backsafe.. Back and Office Training.. Osmond Group Limited - Ergonomic Office Solutions.. 21 Johnson Road, Fernside Business Park,.. Ferndown Industrial Estate, WIMBORNE BH21 7SE.. +44 (0)1202 850 550, Fax: +44 (0)1202 850 560.. ergonomics.. co.. uk.. Association of Occupational Environmental Clinics.. 1010 Vermont Ave.. , NW, #513, Washington, DC 20005.. 202/347-4976; fax 347-4950.. aoec@dgs.. dgsys.. http://gilligan.. mc.. duke.. edu/oem/aoec.. A network of 57 clinics in the U.. S.. and Canada that evaluate and treat patients with occupational environmental exposures.. Most are based at major academic centers, are employer-independent, committted to research, patient-centered clinical approaches, and engage in vigorous efforts to educate patients and other HC providers regarding env.. occ.. health.. They also have an internet mailing list.. Check out.. http://occ-env-med.. edu/oem/occ-env-.. for their Internet mail list.. Biofeedback Associates of California (BAC).. musclelearning.. Specializing in muscle pain (chronic acute) in upper extremities, neck, back, pelvic floor, and head.. Muscle Learning Therapy (MLT) is a treatment model designed to reduce inappropriate muscle and sympathetic  ...   of Chiropractic with a very strong interest in treating RSI.. I combine chiropractic spinal and extremity adjustments with acupressure massage, trigger point therapy, exercise including yoga, relaxation, nutrition and lifestyle modification.. I have degrees in nutrition, medical technology, and chiropractic with certification in physiological therapeutics, and am a certified chiropractic extremity practicioner (CCEP) and yoga teacher.. My practice is in the Atlanta, GA area.. Alternative Health Information.. Allison Law Firm.. 331 Milam St.. , Shreveport, Louisiana.. (888) 529-2178.. allisonlaw.. com/index.. The Allison Law Firm, Inc.. is the recognized leader in providing competent legal representation to disabled workers.. California Applicants' Attorneys Assn.. (CAAA).. 801 12th Street, Suite 201, Sacramento, CA 95814.. (916) 444-5155 or (800) 648-3132.. Fax: (916) 444-0661.. caaa@caaa.. org.. caaa.. The California Applicants' Attorneys Association (CAAA) is the most powerful, most effective, and most knowledgeable legal voice for the injured workers of California.. Serving California's injured workers since 1966, CAAAA has been built with the support of its members who recognized the necessity of an active voice for injured workers.. California Workers' Compensation Advisory Service.. 336 Bon Air Center #354, Greenbrae, CA 94904.. Phone/Fax: (415) 927-8111.. cwcas@cwcas.. cwcas.. Primarily providing applicant's attorneys with various advisory services.. Eslamboly Barlavi.. 6500 Wilshire Blvd.. , Suite 450, Los Angeles, CA 90048.. 516 West Shaw, Suite 200, Fresno, CA 93740.. (800) LAW-TALK.. lawtalk@lawguru.. lawguru.. Eslamboly Barlavi was established in 1988.. There are seven attorneys, including a State Bar of California Workers' Compensation Specialist.. Currently we have offices in Los Angeles and Fresno, California, but we handle cases all over California.. Law Office of Steven Feinstein.. 1700 Montgomery Street, Suite 111, San Francisco, CA 94111-1021.. (415) 835-9490, fax: (415) 564-2982.. compensation@worker.. workcomp.. maxbizcenter.. Representing injured workers in workers' compensation claims.. Donald W.. Fohrman Associates, Ltd.. 61 W.. Superior, Chicago, IL 60610.. (800) 437-2571 or (312) 661-0450, Fax: (312) 661-0953.. dwfassoc@aol.. chicagolegalnet.. , is Chicago's premiere, full-service Personal Injury law firm concentrating in the handling of Workers' Compensation claims, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) claims and all types of Personal Injury matters.. Schneider McCormac.. 1700 California St.. , Suite 340, San Francisco, California 94109.. (415) 440-3440, Fax: (415) 440-3640.. 1190 South Victoria Ave.. , Suite 308, Ventura, California 93003.. (805) 650-3443, Fax: (805) 650-6252.. info@schneidermccormac.. schneidermccormac.. Schneider McCormac is commited to protecting the rights of the disabled community.. Their primary area of practice is Title I of the ADA, handling cases of disabled people who have been either terminated or refused a job on account of their disability.. They have offices in both Northern and Southern California and work on a contingency fee basis (i.. e.. there is no legal fees unless the client wins).. Legal Information.. ErgoBuyer's Services Listing.. ergobuyer.. com/services.. asp.. ErgoWorld's Consultants Star.. interface-analysis.. com/ergoworld/consult.. Office Organix's National Directory of Ergonomic Professionals and Services.. officeorganix.. com/directorye.. for product-specific training and services..

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  • Title: Product Resellers - Typing Injury FAQ
    Descriptive info: Product Resellers.. Ergonomic Products.. Office Furniture.. Catalogs.. Welcome to the Reseller Listing!.. Some products listed in the TIFAQ are readily available from your local computer super store while others can only be found in specialized ergonomics magazines and stores.. Following is a growing list of product resellers divided up by general product type.. Some listings are duplicated as needed by category.. for assistance in selecting the best products and workstation changes to fit your personal and business needs.. General Ergonomic Products.. Ability Technologies.. Box 44, 145 Sydney Road, Fairlight NSW 2094, Australia.. (02) 9907 9736, Fax: (02) 9907 9599.. graeme@abilitycorp.. au.. abilitycorp.. Ability assists people with disabilities to obtain maximum benefits from modern computer technology.. Our services range from research projects to technical support and training for individuals.. A.. A Solutions by WorkLink.. 2566-A Telegraph Ave.. at Blake Street, Berkeley, California, 94704-2900 USA.. (510) 848-8363, Fax: (510) 848-7322.. Toll-free 800-732-0522.. sales@worklink.. net.. worklink.. net/.. A one stop resource for ergonomic computing, electronics, assistive and adaptive technology, and voice recognition software/systems for your PC or Mac or UNIX machine.. Applied Ergonomics.. 8650 N Keeler Ave.. , Skokie, IL 60076.. (847) 679-5148, Fax: (847) 933-0018.. info@appliedergonomics.. appliedergonomics.. Office Reseller.. Air Technologies Corporation.. 27130 Paseo Espada, Ste.. 1405-A, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675.. (714) 661-5060 or (800) 759-5060.. Fax (714) 661-2454.. sales@airtech.. airtech.. A manufacturer/distributor of various computer ergonomic products.. AliMed Inc.. 297 High Street, Dedham, MA 02026.. (781) 329-2900 or (800) 225-2610, Fax: (617) 329-8392.. info@alimed.. alimed.. Ergonomic products, medical supplies and assistive devices.. Ascentient Technology.. P.. O.. Box 151228, San Rafael CA 94915-1228.. (415) 485-0643, Fax: (415) 485-0643.. chris@ascentient.. susan@ascentient.. ascentient.. Distributor of the MouseTrapper, a keyboard accessory that allows you to control your mouse and all it's functions without removing your hands from the keyboard.. Back Designs, Inc.. 1045 Ashby Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710.. (800) 466-1341, Fax: (510) 549-0837.. A complete resource and fitting service for ergonomic and health care products.. BackShop (Netherlands).. Postbus 4021, 3102 GA Schiedam, The Netherlands.. +31(0)10-470 26 11, Fax: +31 (0)10-471 67 75.. info@backshop.. nl.. backshop.. BTW/VAT 1187.. 83.. 385 B01.. KvK Rotterdam 24283470.. Computer and health resellers in Europe of ergonomic hard- and software.. Bidinoff Marketing Inc.. (800) 267-9912 or (403) 264-2650, Fax: (403) 262-6758.. sales@bidinoff.. bidinoff.. Ergonomic solutions for workplace productivity for a wide variety of applications, including server rooms, manufacturing, warehousing and materials handling and medical to name a few.. CESSI-Computer Electronic Safety Solutions Inc.. 2406 Dunwood Crossing #E, Atlanta, GA 30338.. (404) 250-1004.. or.. (800) BUY-ERGO.. Fax: (770) 986-9251.. ergologic@aol.. DMB Ergonomics.. 2560 Young Avenue, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-1844.. (888) 886-ERGO [3746], or (805) 492-5045.. Fax: (805) 492-1109.. david@dmb-ergonomics.. dmb-ergonomics.. Kinesis keyboards, Fox Bay keyboard arms, supports and chairs, Contour Design mice.. EDI Ergonomic Design Inc.. 10650 Irma Dr Ste 33, Northglenn, CO 80233.. (303) 452-8006 or (800) 645-5122, Fax: (303) 452-2296.. ergodsn@ix.. netcom.. ergodesign.. Computer Product Reseller.. Equipment Direct.. 2861 Saturn St Ste D, Brea, CA 92821.. (800) 424-4410, Fax: (800) 842-2412.. edirectinfo@aol.. equipdirect.. Saftey Product Reseller (Ergo/Computer).. ErgoCanada.. Micwil Computer Consulting.. 340 Ave.. Q South, Saskatoon, SK, S7M 2Y3, Canada.. (306) 222-3203, Fax: (306) 382-4995.. sales@ergocanada.. ergocanada.. O.. Box 25914 #225, Houston, TX 77265.. (800)ERGOPRO, Fax: (713)662-2451.. ergosales@ergopro.. ergopro.. Productivity, Health Comfort For the Office of the Nineties.. Ergonomic Resources, Inc.. 3588 Heatherwood Dr.. , Hamburg, NY 14075.. (716) 648-3257, Fax: (716) 646-6057.. info@ergoresources.. ergoresources.. Ergonomic solutions for the office, workplace and home.. Ergonomic Resources.. 711 So Tejon, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.. (719) 520-5009 or (888) 320-5009, Fax: (719) 520-5089.. ergore@aol.. ergonomicresource.. Office Product Reseller.. Ergonomic Sciences Corporation.. 1031 E.. Duane Ave.. , Suite H, Sunnyvale, CA 94086.. 800-ERGOSCI or (408) 737-9800.. Fax: (408) 737-9801.. Ergonomic Solutions, Inc.. 129 N.. Sylvan Drive, Mundelein, IL 60060.. (800) 755-4950, or (847) 566-4949, Fax: (847) 566-7235.. sales@goergo.. goergo.. Quality products at affordable prices that make computer users more comfortable.. Provides custom solutions tailored to meet specific needs -- they design and build desks, tables, countertops, and cabinetry.. ErgoOutfitters.. BOX 81335, Wellesley, MA 02481.. (800) WRISTPAD or (781) 235-1690.. Fax: (781) 235-3789.. ddoku@ErgoOutfitters.. www.. ErgoOutfitters.. Ergonomic products for the prevention of computer related injuries.. Ergo Shop.. 3401 K St.. NW, Suite 201, Washington, DC 20007.. (800) 670-ERGO, Fax: (202) 338-4138.. ergoshop.. ErgoShop.. (Italy).. info@ergoshop.. it.. Ergonomic Solutions at Work Inc.. 349 W Commercial St.. , E Rochester, NY 14445.. (716) 264-9750, Fax: (716) 264-9761.. hdavis4561@aol.. ergonomicsl.. Office/Industrial Product Reseller.. 960 North Dupage Ave.. , Lombard, IL 60146.. (630) 268-1809 or (800) 707-7060, Fax: (630) 268-1810.. lnfo@ergospec.. ergospec.. Ergotect Corporation.. 3309 Elm Street STE 350, Dallas TX 75226.. (214) 747-3746, Fax: (214) 742-3746.. info@ergotect.. ergotect.. Sells ergonomic products and provides product support services.. Assists those responsible for safety and comfort of workers in office, computer intensive and light industrial environments.. Delivers off-the-shelf and enhanced and custom product solutions.. Broad range of ergonomic furniture and accessories.. Works with corporations and organizations in the Dallas, Texas area.. Ergo Works, Inc.. 951 Old County Road, #142, Belmont, CA 94002.. (650) 631-9775 or 1- (866) ASK-ERGO.. Fax: (650) 631-9771.. service@askergoworks.. ergoworks@worldnet.. att.. askergoworks.. Products Services.. Fentek Industries, Inc.. 470 S.. Main St.. , Suite G, Cottonwood, AZ 86326.. (800) 639-0710 or (520) 639-0161.. info@fentek-ind.. fentek-ind.. is your single source for custom, standard, programmable, and ergonomic computer keyboards.. IMPACC USA.. One Washington St.. ,.. Greenville, ME 04441.. (207) 695-3354 or (800) 762-7720, Fax: (207) 695-2330.. info@impaccusa.. impaccusa.. Publications Office Products.. Internet Ergonomics.. 2116 Sandy Ln.. , Irving, Texas 75060.. 888-711-0208, Fax: 877-712-8465.. customerservice@internetergonomics.. internetergonomics.. Supplies the best quality ergonomic products and contributes to the awareness and education of the public in the field of ergonomics and RSI's.. Innovative Ergonomic Solutions.. 336 Encinitas Blvd.. , Encinitas, CA 92024.. (760) 632-8350, Fax: (760) 632-0267.. iesstore@pacbell.. iesproducts.. The best selection of quality ergonomic furniture and accessories to accommodate every size and body type.. Just Ergonomics, Inc.. 299 Old County Rd, #3, San Carlos, CA 94077.. (650-551) 8955, Fax: (650) 551-8954.. Offers a wide variety of products.. Jaymil Active Furniture, Inc.. 150 Dow Street, Tower 4, Manchester,  ...   Systems.. - Ron Katsuranis.. 2856 Diamond St.. , San Francisco, CA 94131.. (415) 585-2825, Fax: (415) 585-4735.. info@talk2type.. talk2type.. An authorized reseller for products from the major voice-recognition developers.. Waves.. +44 (0)1506 495 239, Facsimile : +44 (0)1506 492 974.. http://waves.. base.. waves@mail.. We are a Scottish (UK) based company, trying to be independent of any one supplier.. Zephyr-Tec Corp.. Headquaters.. (Other locations exist, see website).. 1660 Amphlett Blvd.. Ste 116, San Mateo, CA 94402.. (415) 655-2405 or (800) 520-5373.. Fax: 415-655-2406.. PJMunoz@Zephyr-TEC.. zephyr-tec.. Training, Sales, Installation, and Support.. Office Furniture Resellers.. Adaptive Living.. Rochester, NY.. 716/235-7270.. ERgoChair for Little People.. Alan Desk.. 8575 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, California 90232.. (323) 655-6655, Fax.. (310) 836-3748.. 8780 Venice Blvd.. , Los Angeles, CA 90034.. (310) 204-7277, Fax.. (310) 204-7279.. inquires@alandesk.. alandesk.. Whether you are looking for the latest in ergonomic chairs or other office furniture for the modern or traditional workplace, for home or office, Alan Desk provides the best office furnishings from respected national and international manufacturers.. BackSaver Products Company.. 53 Jeffrey Ave.. , Holliston, MA 01746.. (800) 251-2225, Fax: (800) 443-9609.. backsaver.. Chairs and body supports.. Body Trends Health Fitness.. PO Box 3588, Santa Barbara, CA 93130 USA.. (805) 569-1667 Fax (805) 569-9438.. bodytrends.. body@silcom.. com/balls.. Gymnastic Balls, Ball as a Chair, Ball Seating Research.. Charvoz-Dauphin.. 180 Passaic Avenue, Fairfield, NJ 07004.. (800) 631-1186.. Office seating.. Corel Seating, Inc.. 330 Ashland Road, PO Box 1991, Mansfield, OH 44901.. (800) 537-5573.. Seating.. Cramer.. 625 S Adams St.. , Kansas City, KS 66105-1402.. (800) 366-6700, Fax (800) 607-2821.. CybERGODirect Store.. 1-877-GET-ERGO.. info@CybErgoDirect.. cybergodirect.. Keyboard and monitor supports.. Ergonomic Logic, Inc.. 205 Vista Blvd.. , #101, Sparks, NV 89434.. (800) 527-6600 or (702) 331-6001, Fax (702) 331-9060.. European-design office chairs and workstation accessories including monitor stands, articulating arm supports, and foot rests.. Fixtures Furniture.. 1642 Crystal, Kansas City, MO 64126.. (800) 821-3500 or (816) 241-4500, Fax (816) 241-4027.. Global Computer Supplies.. 2318 East Del Amo Blvd.. Dept 51 Compton, CA 90220.. 800-8GLOBAL (800-845-6225).. Global is another supplier of just about any computer related supply you can think of.. They have the same posture chair that MISCO carries, as well as a full line of regular chairs and computer furniture.. The computer furniture includes the Work Manager, Ultra View and similar Comfort-Ease units, SnapEase PC Workcenter, PC Perma Cart, and a host of other computer stands, racks and furniture.. They also have some furniture which somewhat resembles traditional office furniture, including the Classic View desk, which has a glass work surface with the computer monitor located underneath and tilted up at an angle.. Global also has a separate catalog of Business Furniture.. This includes such items as button tufted wing back leather chairs and couches for your waiting area; executive tilt/swivel chairs; wood desks, bookshelves and other furniture; file cabinets (including fire resistant); carts; mail room organizers and so on.. Global Industries.. 17 West Stow Road, Marlton, NJ 08053.. (800) 220-1900.. Desks and chairs.. Health Trek.. PO Box 11400 Middle Camberwell VIC.. 3124 Australia.. +61 3 9888 8494 Fax.. +61 3 9888 9311.. sales@healthtrek.. healthtrek.. MediBall.. Husk Office Furniture and Supplies.. 327 W Clark, PO Box 886, Pasco, WA 99301.. (509) 547-7593.. Carries the Bretford, Hon and Tiffany lines of furniture.. Jaymil specializes in individualized ergonomic solutions in.. the New England area.. The Knoll Group.. 655 Madison Ave.. , New York, NY 10021.. (212) 207-2200.. Office systems and high-end home furnishings.. Marvel Group, Inc.. 3843 West 43rd St.. , Chicago, IL 60632.. (800) 621-8846, Fax (800) 237-0358.. Office furniture and seating.. Miller Casegoods Office Seating.. 1212 Lincoln Dr, High Point, NC 27261.. (800) 438-4324, Fax (800) 756-9715.. MISCO.. One Misco Plaza, Holmdel, NJ 07733.. 800-876-4726, FAX 908-264-5955.. MISCO carries a wide variety of computer supplies as well as printer stands, mobile workstations, secure workstations, ergonomic workstations, chairs, modular workstations and the Work Manager system from MicroComputer Accessories.. Among the chairs the MISCO has are a nice looking adjustable posture chair.. I always called this type of chair a back chair.. It has no back, and supports the user at the knee and buttocks in a tilted forward position.. Paralax.. 2550 W.. Midway Blvd.. , Broomfield, CO 80020.. (800) 972-7259.. Desks and workstations.. ScanCo.. PO Box 3217, Redmond, WA 98073-3217.. (800) 722-6263 or (206) 481-5434.. Computer tables and other furniture.. Skaar Furniture.. 600 Townsend Street, Suite 120, San Francisco, CA 94103.. (415) 487-9900, Fax (415) 487-9901.. Chairs, desks, monitor and keyboard arms.. Smart Interiors.. 1100 Alma St.. Suite 104, Menlo Park, CA 94025.. (415) 323-9222, Fax (415) 617-5674.. WWW: http://www.. smartinc.. Chairs, desks and cubes for offices.. com/industrial1.. com/kids.. 18, Sacramento, CA 95814.. Fax: (916)447-4402.. info@proergo.. com/kidsproducts.. Many products designed with children in mind.. The products are sized for them and designed with fun, bright colors.. These products are ideal for your home or school.. Catalog.. ADL.. 800-821-9319.. After Therapy.. 800-634-4351.. Aids for Arthritis.. aidsforarthritis.. The Comfort Store.. 1411 Grandview Ave.. , Columbus, Ohio 43212.. (614) 486-0402 or (888) 867 BACK (2225).. Fax: (614) 486- 0444.. info@sitincomfort.. sitincomfort.. A wide selection of alternative seating including HAG and Bambach saddle chairs, Balans, kneeling chairs with backrests, zero gravity recliners and even ball chairs.. Dynamic Living.. http://dynamic-living.. Offers hundreds of kitchen products, bathroom helpers and unique daily living aids that promote a convenient, comfortable and safe home environment for people of all ages.. Independent Living Products.. ilp-online.. Helping to make your life a little easier and more enjoyable.. Maxi Aids.. 800-522-6294.. Low prices and lots of adaptive stuff for computers.. Sammons Enrichments.. 800-323-5547.. Biblo's Reseller Listing.. bilbo.. com/resell.. ErgoBuyer's Product Listings.. com/products.. ErgoWorld's Products Listing.. com/ergoworld/prods.. Paul Marxhausen's RSI Page - Ergonomic Products Services.. engr.. unl.. edu/ee/eeshop/prod.. LA RSI Support Group's Products List.. geocities.. com/HotSprings/1702/links.. html#PRODUCTS.. MedCatalog.. Com.. medcatalog.. com/ergomoni.. Welcome to the Ergonomic Products Supplies and Information site on MedCatalog.. Com.. WorkSpace Resources.. Contract Furniture Dealer Directory [North America].. workspace-resources.. com/g1namer.. Contract Furniture Dealer Directory by regions with listings of major contract furniture, accessories and materials lines carried.. 02/02/02..

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  • Title: Archive - Typing Injury FAQ
    Descriptive info: Informative Files.. Product Literature and Reviews.. Pictures.. Web Archives.. Information Archive.. Furniture Archive.. Keyboard Archive.. Speech Archive.. Mice Archive.. Accessory Archive.. Software Archive.. Images.. Historical Archives.. (not maintained).. Princeton FTP.. Welcome to the Typing Injury FAQ: Archive.. For the past several years, pictures, programs, and documents have been collected of all sorts.. Some of these documents are technical medical literature, but the majority contain useful advice for anyone, injured or not.. Note:.. Princeton.. edu FTP Archive information is being integrated into the other TIFAQ Webpages.. See the Web Archive links in the other sections for more current, archived commentaries and information.. These links are also reproduced in the left column for your convenience.. adapting-at-home.. some simple ways to make things like mopping and tooth brushing less painful.. amt.. advice.. about Adverse Mechanical Tension.. more_info.. e-mail from Dr.. Peter Bower about this stuff.. references.. a bibliography for more AMT info.. ansi-standards.. a note about ANSI/ISO, EC, and MIL-STD standards.. armrests.. how to correctly use armrests.. arms-blurb.. info about the Assoc for Rep.. Motion Syndromes.. back-exercises.. three simple exercises for your middle back.. balans_chair.. information on the Balans chair.. bambach_saddleseat.. information on the Bambach Saddle seat.. bat-info.. BAT chordal keyboard from Infogrip.. biofeedback.. learning to listen to your body.. car-seats.. replace your car seat with something more comfortable.. caringforwrists.. pdf.. Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of above (I don't have the fonts to do this correctly, but it's still legible).. carpal.. info.. info on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.. carpal-myths.. a discussion of what carpal tunnel syndrome is and isn't.. explained.. very detailed information about CTS.. carpal-new-therapy.. new treatments that don't involve surgery.. self_care.. excerpt from Rosemarie Atencio's book.. carpal-steroid-therapy.. abstract of a paper discussing steroid (cortisone) treatments for CTS.. carpal-story.. one person's story of CTS diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.. surgery.. JAMA article on CTS surgery.. carpal-surgery-tips.. some general tips for recovering from the surgery.. tidbits.. TidBITS article on CTS.. ctdnews.. info about the CTDNews publication.. chord-keyboards.. interesting facts and references to more.. cumulative-disorders.. Cumulative Trauma Disorders: Are They Preventable? Yes, No, Maybe.. - a paper by Joy Linn.. keyboards.. large list of keyboards, more relevant for users with motion disabilities.. disability-mailing-lists.. large list of mailing lists for a various disabilities.. double-crush.. double-crush syndrome, CTS, and more.. dragon_ns.. early review of dragon's naturally speaking.. dragon-vocab-size.. should you buy the version with a bigger dictionary?.. dragon-vs-kurzweil.. a detailed comparison of both voice systems.. dragon-vs-kurzweil2.. an even more detailed comparison of the two systems.. dvorak.. lots of into about Dvorak keyboarding.. dvorak-microsoft.. one-handed Dvorak layouts for Win95.. exercise-discussion.. exercise in the workplace.. exotic-mice.. info on some newer mice.. feldenkrais-info.. some background info on how the Feldenkrais method can ease stress.. footswitch.. how to hack a footswitch into your computer.. footswitch-sources.. where to buy a footswitch.. glare-control.. hints about controlling glare from your screen.. glidepoint.. lots of information on the GlidePoint trackpad pointing device.. guitar-playing.. RSI vs.. playing guitar.. handeze.. info about Handeze gloves.. hmo-advice.. advice on picking a health-care provider in the USA.. industrial-injury.. one person's story of an injury.. injury.. factors.. why some get injured and some don't.. profiles.. statistics about what gets injured.. internet-safety-resources.. a huge list of pointers to Internet resources.. keyboard-commentary.. Dan's (increasingly ancient and outdated) opinions on the keyboard replacements.. keyboard-companies.. Simpson Garfinkel's article about companies building new keyboards.. keyboard-trays.. all about picking a good tray.. kinesis-sun-mappings.. some useful xmodmap calls when using a Kinesis Sun adapter box.. martial-arts.. using martial arts to combat RSI's.. microsoft-vs-generic-split.. comparison of Microsoft Natural and Taiwanese generic split keyboards.. mouseless.. mac.. keyboard shortcuts and tricks.. nervous-system-anatomy.. basic information on how the human nervous system works.. no-rsi-in-uk.. info about British judge saying RSI isn't real.. nonsurgical-treatment.. Various nonsurgical treatment options for upper extremity overuse injuries.. office-safety.. Worker-oriented solutions to office safety.. pain-discussion.. All about pain.. piano-posture.. Some observations about  ...   on the Apple Adjustable Keyboard.. apple-tidbits.. extensive info about Apple's Adjustable Keybd.. MacWeek review on the Bat.. comfort-factors.. comfort-features.. comfort-letter.. comfort-survey.. marketing info on the Comfort Keyboard.. comfort-review.. one user's personal opinions.. comfort-review2.. another user's opinions.. datahand-review.. detailed opinions of the DataHand.. datahand-review2.. follow-up to above.. datahand-review3.. another review of the DataHand.. datahand-desc.. description of the DataHand's appearance.. dragon2.. info about DragonDictate 2.. 0.. in3-press.. details about the IN3 Voice Commander.. keyboard-phone-numbers.. Tom Bell's list of keyboard vendor phone numbers.. kinesis-review.. kinesis-review2.. another user's personal opinions.. kinesis-summary.. a collection of opinions on the Kinesis.. kinesis-vs-maltron.. a comparison of two similar keyboard alternatives.. kurzweil-review.. info about the Kurzweil voice recognizer.. maltron-flyer.. maltron-letter.. marketing info on various Maltron products.. maltron-review.. mskeybd-review.. one user's personal opinions of the Microsoft Natural Keyboard.. ncc-digital-dictate.. the Digital Dictate add-on for IBM VoiceType.. vertical-info.. marketing info on the Vertical.. voicetype2-info.. marketing info on IBM VoiceType.. worksafe-australia.. how to get more info from Australia's govt.. workstation-setup.. how to arrange your computer/chair/desk.. Tom Bell's list of wrist rest vendor phone numbers.. Programs (in the software subdirectory).. UNIX/X Software:.. (Note: a2x.. tar and rk.. tar are both from.. ftp://ftp.. x.. org/contrib/.. so they may have a more current version than ftp.. csua.. berkeley.. edu.. ).. a2x.. tar.. a more sophisticated X keyboard/mouse spoofing program.. Supports DragonDictate.. a2x-RawPC-1.. 4.. a hacked version of a2x that can take input directly from PC keyboards via the serial port and an adapter.. dcm.. shar.. Dragon voice macros to accompany a2x use.. hsh.. a program for one-handed usage of normal keyboards.. kt18.. generates fake X keyboard events from the serial port - use a PC keyboard on anything!.. rest-reminder.. sh.. yet another idle watcher.. rk.. the reactive keyboard - predicts what you'll type next - saves typing (new version).. serkey.. like kt, generates fake X key events, but from a raw PC keyboard via the serial port.. spacebar_hacks.. patches.. patches for X11R5 to allow the spacebar to be both a spacebar and a control key.. timeout.. zip.. MS Windows break-reminder program.. typebreak.. Tcl/Tk program to tell you to take breaks.. typewatch.. tells you when to take a break.. xgdvorak.. turns your QWERTY keyboard into Dvorak.. xidle.. keeps track of how long you've been typing.. xwrits-2.. 5.. X-Windows program which pops up and tells you to take a break.. (new version).. watch.. OpenWindows activity monitor / rest reminder.. PC/DOS Software:.. accpak.. exe.. a serial port keyboard spoofer for MS Windows.. getup.. readme.. simple TSR program - remind you to take breaks.. Pictures (in the images subdirectory).. Note: you can see inlined images of these keyboards in the.. keyboards FAQ.. document.. ).. howtosit.. picture of good sitting posture (the.. document is better for this).. half-qwerty.. keymappings for the Half-QWERTY.. accukey1.. beautiful grey-scale picture.. accukey2.. chord-mappings for the accukey.. apple.. the Apple Adjustable Keyboard.. bat.. the InfoGrip Bat.. comfort.. the Health Care Comfort Keyboard.. dataegg.. InHand's DataEgg.. datahand1.. picture of the keyboard.. datahand2.. key layout schematic.. E2H_Grahl.. Grahl split-back ergonomic chair.. E_Grahl.. Grahl normal-back ergonomic chair.. ergologic.. the ergoLogic 7.. 1 keyboard (same as flexpro).. ergomaster1.. ergomaster2.. the Genovation ErgoMaster keyboard.. ergomax.. the Maxi Switch ErgoMax keyboard.. flexpro.. the Key Tronic FlexPro keyboard (same as ergologic).. fountain_hills.. the Fountain Hills keyboard.. generic-split.. a generic keyboard, made in Taiwan.. hand size chart for Handeze gloves.. pdf.. properly scaled Adobe Acrobat (PDF) of handeze.. gif.. kinesis.. the Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboard.. lexmark.. the Lexmark Select-Ease keyboard.. maltron1.. maltron2.. maltron3.. maltron4.. several pictures of Maltron products.. marquardt.. the Marquardt MiniErgo.. mskeybd.. the Microsoft Natural Keyboard.. mskeybd-proto.. and a prototype that didn't make it.. mykey.. ErgonomiXX MyKey.. somers1.. Somers EK1 Ergonomic Keyboard.. somers2.. schematic picture of the keyboard.. tony.. The Tony! Ergonomic Keysystem.. twiddler1.. Twiddler, front view.. twiddler2.. Twiddler, side view.. vertical.. the Vertical keyboard.. wave.. the Iocomm `Wave' keyboard.. wpdesign.. Workplace Designs' Floating Arms Keyboard..

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  • Title: Furniture - Typing Injury FAQ
    Descriptive info: Workstations.. Furniture Accessories.. Keyboard Mouse Supports.. Monitor Supports.. CPU Supports.. Lumbar Cushions.. ReSellers.. Welcome to the Office Furniture FAQ!.. What you sit in, the furniture that holds your computer and office equipment, and how they are set up and adjusted directly affects your ability to work with reduced injury risk.. The chair is your main body support throughout the day and positions you to your work.. Whether you have a computer on a desk, adjustable table, or adjustable keyboard and monitor supports determines what changes you can make to be more comfortable and productive at work or home.. This FAQ provides general furniture related information as well as an extensive list of products and manufacturers/distributors.. A direct link has been demonstrated between ergonomics applied to office furnishings and office productivity:.. Aetna Life Casualty Company, which has studied ergonomics since 1979, replaced traditional furniture with new workstations designed for computer use.. Managers claim the new furniture and other changes have accounted for a 10% to 15% boost in productivity.. (Anonymous, Aetna's Edge in Office Ergonomics,.. Occupational Hazards.. , October 1989, pp.. 133-135.. In a study undertaken for NIOSH, a group of data entry workers alternated  ...   Office Equipment.. office-ergo.. com/pros.. All ergonomic items have some drawbacks or possibilities for misuse.. This section explains some of the possibilities for office accessories and furniture.. Ergonomic Chairs.. com/ergonomi.. Chair companies --- and ergonomists --- are often guilty of throwing terms around without fully explaining the exact assumptions about why a given adjustment or feature is going to be good for you.. Here is an attempt to link the various chair features with the supposedly good things they will do for your body.. IBM Healthy Computing - Workstation Set Up.. pc.. ibm.. com/us/healthycomputing/ergstp.. Good ergonomic practice is important to get the most from your personal computer and to avoid discomfort.. This means that the equipment and the workplace should be arranged to suit your individual needs and the kind of work that you do.. We have compiled ergonomic guidelines to help you minimize physical discomfort that may accompany prolonged static postures and repetitive motions.. BIOFIT Resources.. BioFit Engineered Products offers these resources for your use.. How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair.. biofit.. com/newchoose.. Calculating Your Correct Seat Height.. com/newcalc.. Seat Controls.. com/newseatcont.. Please visit our sponsors as their support makes this whole resource possible..

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  • Title: Alternative Keyboards - Typing Injury FAQ
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