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  • Title: ucbiotech.org - Science-Based Information and Resources on Agriculture, Food and Technology
    Descriptive info: .. Site Navigation.. BIOTECHNOLOGY.. INFORMATION.. RESOURCES FOR OUTREACH EXTENSION, RESEARCHERS TEACHERS.. HELPFUL SITES.. Labeling:.. Informational resources available.. Review articles:.. Focused on food, environmental and socioeconomic issues of GE crops and foods.. Part 1.. |.. Part 2.. DNA for Dinner 4-H curriculum:.. For grades 5-8, covers topics from plant diversity to genetic engineering.. Each of the five lessons has 3 to 5 activities.. New Game: Who's In Your Family?.. A free educational game to teach participants about the diversity of fruits and vegetables, and how they are  ...   and cards available, in both English and Spanish.. Educational displays:.. “Genetics and Foods”.. and Genetic Diversity and Genomics” available with companion educational cards and teacher worksheet in English and Spanish.. Gene-IE Juice Bar:.. I.. nteractive activity to isolate DNA from common fruits and vegetables.. Academics Review website.. Testing popular claims against.. peer-reviewed science.. Biofortified website.. Provides factual information to foster discussion about agriculture, especially plant genetics and genetic engineering.. Animal Genomics Biotechnology Cooperative Extension Program,UC Davis.. Provides education on use of animal genomics biotechnology in livestock production..

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  • Title: Site Navigation Map

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  • Title: ucbiotech.org - GMO Labeling - USA
    Descriptive info: FEB 21, 2014 - CA senator introduces GE labeling bill SB 1381: 'A simpler, cleaner version of Prop 37' -.. Food Navigator.. California state senator Noreen Evans (D - Santa Rosa) has introduced a new GMO labeling bill claimed to be a simpler, cleaner version of Prop 37.. READ MORE.. FEB 7, 2014.. - Food companies propose voluntary GMO labels -.. The Herald-Dispatch.. People who want to know more about genetically modified ingredients in their food would be able to get it on some packages, but not others, under a plan the industry is pushing.. Large food companies worried they  ...   whether to use them or not.. Click here for more articles.. General news page.. Link to election results, November 2012.. To compare with California County GM Ordinances and Resolutions Map, click here.. The GMO labeling movement is a major issue in the news today.. Understanding both sides of the issue is necessary for the public and government to make informed decisions.. Please find below informational resources that focus on this important issue.. Click here to see larger map and links to individual state efforts.. Different issues will be featured from our.. Issues and Responses database.. All contain links to scientific literature..

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  • Title: ucbiotech.org - Annual Review Part 1
    Descriptive info: Genetically Engineered Plants and Foods:.. A Scientist’s Analysis of the Issues (Part I).. Link to e-print.. Click here to see.. Part II.. of the article.. If you have any problems accessing the article, please contact.. Barbara Alonso.. Lemaux PG.. 2008.. “Genetically Engineered Plants and Foods: A Scientist’s Analysis of the Issues (Part I).. Annual Review of Plant Biology.. 59: 771-812.. TABLE OF CONTENTS:.. 1.. INTRODUCTION (p.. 773).. 2.. GENERAL ISSUES (p.. 1.. Terminology (p.. 2.. Besides Genetically Engineered Crops, Does Genetic Engineering Play a Role in Producing Food? (p.. 774).. 3.. How Does the Creation of a Genetically Engineered Crop Differ from That of a Classically Bred Crop? (p.. 4.. Can Marker-Assisted Selection Be Used Instead of Genetic Engineering to Improve Crops? (p.. 5.. Does the Use of rDNA Always Involve Moving Genes from One Organism to Another? (p.. 775).. 6.. Which U.. S.. Agencies Have Regulatory Authority Over Genetically Engineered and Classically Bred Crops? (p.. 776).. 7.. Which Genetically Engineered Crops Are Grown Commercially? (p.. 777).. 8.. How Many Foods Are Genetically Engineered? (p.. 9.. What Is in the Crop Biotechnology Pipeline? (p.. 778).. 3.. FOOD ISSUES (p.. 779).. Did People Die After Consuming Tryptophan Made By Genetically Engineered Bacteria?  ...   Through Genetic Engineering? (p.. 786).. Were Foods Made From Bt Corn Removed from the Market Because of Allergenicity Concerns? (p.. 10.. Do Only Genetically Engineered Foods Cause Food Allergies? (p.. 787).. 11.. Can Genetically Engineered Foods Have Fewer Allergens than Non-GE Foods? (p.. 788).. 12.. Do Viral Sequences Used in Plant Genetic Engineering Create a Human Health Risk? (p.. 13.. Can Genetically Engineered Foods Increase Antibiotic Resistance in Human and Animal Intestinal Flora? (p.. 789).. 14.. Can Genetically Engineered Food Crops Be Used to Make Pharmaceuticals? Could They Contaminate the Food Supply? (p.. 15.. Why Doesn’t the FDA Require Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods? (p.. 790).. 16.. Are Organic Foods Healthier or Safer? (p.. 791).. 17.. Should Genetically Engineered Crops and Foods Be Banned Until They Are Proven to Be 100% Safe? (p.. 793).. 18.. Are Milk and Meat from Cloned Cows Safe to Eat? (p.. 794).. 19.. Is Milk from rbGHInjected Cows Safe? Why Isn’t It Labeled? (p.. 20.. Can the USDA Stop the Planting of Genetically Engineered Crops that Pose Health or Environmental Risks? (p.. 795).. 21.. Is Golden Rice the Only Way to Provide Vitamin A to People in Developing Countries? (p.. 796).. 4.. CONCLUDING REMARKS.. (p.. 797)..

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  • Title: ucbiotech.org - Annual Review Part 2
    Descriptive info: A Scientist’s Analysis of the Issues (Part II).. Part I.. http://arjournals.. annualreviews.. org/eprint/ESHx4FnZadAJZqvIsGRg/full/10.. 1146/annurev.. arplant.. 043008.. 092013" target="_blank">.. 2009.. “Genetically Engineered Plants and Foods: A Scientist’s Analysis of the Issues (Part II).. 60: 511–59.. 513).. ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES (p.. Will the Widespread Use of.. Bt.. Crops Lead to the Development of Insect Resistance to.. ? (p.. 516).. Could the Use of Genetically Engineered Crops Result in a Loss of Plant Biodiversity? (p.. 517).. Will the Use of Genetically Engineered Crops Result in the Population Decline of Other Organisms? (p.. 518).. Will the Use of Herbicide-Tolerant Genetically Engineered Crops Lead to Superweeds? (p.. 519).. What Methods Are Used to Help Plants Protect Themselves Against Pests? (p.. 520).. Does the Use of Genetically Engineered Crops Result in Decreased Use of Pesticides? (p.. 521).. Is It True that Bt Crops Need Additional Insecticide Applications? (p.. 524).. Can the Introduction of Virus-Resistant Genetically Engineered Plants Lead to Novel Viruses? (p.. 525).. Can  ...   When Pollen Moves From Genetically Engineered Crops to Wild Relatives or Non-Genetically Engineered Varieties? In Areas of Genetic Diversity? (p.. 529).. What Happens When Pollen Moves from Genetically Engineered Crops to Organic Crops? (p.. 532).. Can Organic, Conventional and Genetically Engineered Cropping Systems Coexist? (p.. 533).. Can Use of Genetically Engineered Crops or Organic Farming Lead to More Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems? (p.. 534).. SOCIOECONOMIC ISSUES (p.. 535).. Why Do Farmers Plant Genetically Engineered Crops and Who Profits From Them? (p.. Will Plants with Terminator-Type Genes Prevent Replanting of Genetically Engineered Crops? (p.. 537).. Why Are Genetically Engineered Crops Patented? Does This Affect Farmers in the United States or Developing Countries? (p.. 538).. Does the Export Market Affect Decisions by Farmers to Grow Genetically Engineered Crops? (p.. 539).. Who Is Commercializing Genetically Engineered Crops and What Is the Outcome? (p.. 541).. Don’t We Produce Enough Food to Feed the World Without Genetically Engineered Crops? (p.. 542).. 543)..

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  • Title: ucbiotech.org - Games
    Descriptive info: We have a flyer which highlights our educational resources that are available to borrow.. You may view it as a.. JPEG.. or.. PDF.. “Who’s in your Family?” is an educational game inspired by our.. “DNA for Dinner?” afterschool curriculum.. Participants will be given mystery produce and puzzle pieces in paper bags, which they must describe to other participants to help them guess what is in their bag.. After all produce has been identified, each person must try to find another fruit/vegetable “relative” that is in someone else’s bag in the group that belongs to the same family as their produce.. Puzzle-piece cards in their bags will help them in their search.. Download PDF.. Word file for creating custom puzzle pieces using your own choice of fruits and vegetables.. Dirt to Dinner is an educational game for all ages.. The game includes a colorful board displaying five different foods, miniature clay pots placed in front of each food and boxes that contain the seeds that give  ...   |.. Instructions (PDF file).. This interactive activity, mimicking contemporary juice bars, stands alone or can accompany the Foods display.. It teaches that DNA and genes are a natural part of our every day lives.. Bar includes materials needed for DNA isolation: blender, reagents, colorful beakers and tubes, and an educational handout.. Juice bar is available on loan.. The How Much DNA Do You Eat module is also available separately.. An extraction method for strawberry DNA is also available.. (Download PDF).. Instructional Video - click to watch!.. Additional DNA extraction information:.. Steven Ruzin, Biological Imaging Facility, UCB:.. Isolating DNA from Veggies (9MB).. (downloadable movie file:.. Mac (hqx: 13.. 3MB).. ;.. PC (zip: 9.. 6MB).. Strawberry DNA extraction (.. ).. Partial funding provided by the.. American Society of Plant Biologists.. Design by B.. Alonso, with thanks to: Dr Amanda J.. Able (Molecular Plant Breeding Cooperative Research Centre), Ms Belinda Barr (Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics), and Dr Heather Bray (Molecular Plant Breeding Cooperative Research Centre).. TOP..

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  • Title: ucbiotech.org - Slide Archive
    Descriptive info: Available below is an archive of PowerPoint slides on agriculture, food and related topics.. They are constantly updated by Peggy G.. Lemaux and Barbara Alonso and used in presentations (can be viewed by clicking.. They are provided as potential resources to be used in others' efforts.. They are organized by topic are are available for download as Powerpoint files.. You can preview the slides in each section by clicking on the first slide and watching the slideshow, or click on any slide you wish.. You can pause the slideshow at any time.. Acreage.. Powerpoint.. (11.. 04mb)|.. Back to top.. Updated 2/14/14.. Agriculture.. (1.. 4mb) |.. Updated 11/30/12.. Animal  ...   11/30/10.. Coexistence.. 1mb) |.. Updated 9/13/11.. Developed Countries.. (6.. 9mb) |.. Updated 1/14/14.. Developing Countries.. (14.. 2mb) |.. Updated 3/13/12.. Eating Local.. Updated 9/15/11.. Economics.. Environment.. (21.. 3mb) |.. Food Safety.. Updated 4/23/13.. Funding.. (3.. Future Approaches.. (8.. 8mb) |.. Intellectual Property.. (5.. Labeling.. (41.. Legal.. Legislation, Regulation.. (32.. 5mb) |.. Miscellaneous.. (42.. Nanotechnology.. Organic Coexistence.. (9.. Organic.. (68.. Pipeline.. Abiotic/Biotic Stress Tolerance.. Updated 1/15/14.. Animal.. (346kb) |.. Agronomic Performance.. Updated 2/24/10.. Biofuel Application.. Food Quality.. (21mb) |.. Herbicide Tolerance.. Horticultural Applications.. (4mb) |.. Medical Applications.. (34.. Non-GMO Advances.. (512kb) |.. Nutritional Improvement.. Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemicals.. Polls.. (26.. Precautionary Principle.. (788kb) |.. Stumbles Along the Way.. (43.. Sustainability..

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  • Title: ucbiotech.org - Teaching Aids
    Descriptive info: A new 4-H/afterschool biotechnology curriculum for grades 5-8 which has five lessons covering topics from plant diversity to genetic engineering.. Link to website.. A teacher handout, Fun Games with Foods Genetics , also available in Spanish, provides activities that can be used in conjunction with the baseball cards.. Based on educational display on genetics and foods, these “baseball” cards and the displays are available for teachers.. Each cards is based on a display module and can be used in the classroom and beyond.. Available in both English and Spanish.. Photos from May 2005 El Dorado Ag Day for third-graders.. Seed List (PDF file).. Tic Tac Grow is an  ...   roll large colorful dice to determine question.. Numbers are placed on colorful mats with plants or foods.. Players are asked to match the seed with the plant or food on the numbered mat.. Question difficulty can vary with ages of players.. Prizes for students are colorful necklaces with pink, yellow, green or black lentil seeds.. Game is available on loan.. Game created by D.. Choffnes, X.. Jones, P.. G.. Lemaux, M.. Perl, J.. Stonaker, V.. Wong and B.. Alonso.. The game was modeled after the “Tic Tac Grow” game, which comes with more seed options that make the game more difficult and a tic-tac-toe board.. Click.. for more information..

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  • Title: ucbiotech.org - Displays
    Descriptive info: Click on display to see detailed versions.. Describes the way foods have changed in the past and now in the present using the new genetic tools, using tacticle, visually striking and informative modules.. Display and accompanying cards are available on loan.. Some shipping costs can be provided.. Describes importance of plant variation to the future of foods and how and why plants  ...   and accompanying cards (available in.. English.. and.. Spanish.. , with card holder) are available on loan.. Created by Kent Bradford and Jamie Shattuck at the.. Seed Biotechnology Center.. at UC Davis, and designed by Peggy Lemaux and Barbara Alonso.. Describes how biotechnology can improve agricultural sustainability.. Powerpoint available for download, which contains all the modules.. Can be used for presentations.. Download (25.. 7mb)..

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  • Title: ucbiotech.org - Search
    Descriptive info: only search ucbiotech.. org..

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  • Title: About ucbiotech.org
    Descriptive info: This website, developed for the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Statewide Biotechnology Workgroup, provides educational resources focused broadly on issues related to agriculture, crops, animals, foods and the technologies used to improve them.. Available are educational tools and information and science-based information to promote informed participation in discussions about these topics.. For questions regarding content:.. Peggy G.. Lemaux, Ph.. D.. Department of Plant and Microbial Biology.. 111 Koshland Hall.. University of California.. Berkeley, CA 94720.. Phone: 510-642-1589.. Email:.. lemauxpg@berkeley.. edu.. For questions regarding reserving any of the outreach materials, or problems with the website:.. balonso@berkeley.. Funding Statement.. This website was created in 1999 and funded by either the University of California Division of Agriculture and  ...   do not reflect the views of the University of California.. Media Inquiries.. If you have any questions or would like to contact Dr.. Lemaux for an interview or advice on a story, please call at 510-642-1589 or send an email to.. Web Disclaimer.. The documents on this site may contain hypertext links to information created and maintained by other public and private organizations.. Ucbiotech.. org does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of this outside information, nor does it endorse their content.. Inclusion of links to particular items does not reflect their importance.. Use of links does not endorse any views expressed, or products or services offered or sold by the organizations sponsoring the sites..

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