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  • Title: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association Welcome
    Descriptive info: .. You are not signed in ::.. Sign in.. Welcome.. UAS Industry Events.. UAS and RPAS.. UAV or UAS?.. Purpose of a UAS.. Applications.. Commercial Applications.. Military Applications.. UAS Components.. Advantages of UAVs.. ASTRAEA Programme.. UAS Regulation.. CAP 722.. Airspace Regulation.. Aerial Work.. Light UAS Approval.. Pilot Qualifications.. Chicago Convention.. UAS Insurance.. Light UAS Insurance.. Large UAS Insurance.. UAS Training.. UAVS Library.. Membership.. Member Directory.. Member Profiles.. AJS Support Ltd.. Agent Oriented Software Ltd.. Docking Engineering.. Ebeni Ltd.. European UAV Systems Centre.. John Heath Ins Brokers.. Kiln Group.. KOREC Group.. MRL Limited.. Precision Precision LLP.. Resource Group UAS.. Roke Manor.. SkyCircuits Ltd.. Swarm Systems Ltd.. Ultra Electronics Ltd.. Join Now.. Membership Categories.. Membership Benefits.. About UAVS.. Chairman's Perspective.. Core Themes.. Representation.. Structure.. Affiliations.. Other Trade Bodies.. Preferred Partners.. Collaboration.. Communications.. Notable Events.. Contact UAVS.. Site Map.. Welcome to UAVS.. The following events may be of interest to both members, the wider UAS/RPAS community and those considering a future in this industry:.. 10 June 2014.. : London : Royal Aeronautical Society Conference RPAS Today - Opportunities and Challenges.. 23 June 2014.. : Brussels : UVS International Conference RPAS 2014.. 2 December 2014.. : Brussels : UVS International RPAS CivOps 2014.. For more information on events, please visit the.. Events.. page.. Representing all UAS/RPAS Interests.. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association.. (.. UAVS).. is a non-for-profit organisation funded solely by membership subscriptions.. It is independent and dedicated to promoting its members and their and the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) industry's interests and.. is the world's longest established trade  ...   skills between communities.. A recognised voice for the UAS industry in the UK at the political level to government and to the UK airspace regulators:.. Formulating the future use of shared airspace both in the UK and worldwide.. Addressing the public perception of UAS.. Promoting of the ecological, environmental, societal and humanitarian benefits of these systems.. Joining UAVS is easy.. Just follow the.. registration.. process on this website.. Membership categories are:.. Large Companies.. Medium Companies.. Small Companies.. Related Organisations.. Academic Institutions.. Sole Traders or Partnerships.. Individuals.. Students.. Subscription rates reflect the size of the member organisation.. UAVS welcomes members from around the world.. Information.. UAVS' website and.. Library.. carries a host of freely available and restricted circulation information.. To access restricted circulation information you do need to be signed in as a member.. Latest Industry News.. For the latest news in the UAS industry, UAVS recommends.. http://www.. uasvision.. com/.. UAS Vision is an independent global forum for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems community.. Its aim is to provide a daily news service covering all topics related to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).. A Good Read.. As much as this website has some information on the history and evolution of UAS, there are more.. authoritive tomes on the subject.. UAVS recommends two recent publications.. For more information on these books,.. click here.. Quick Links.. Join UAVS.. :.. Member Contact Details.. Membership Services.. :.. Linked In.. What is a UAS?.. Civil UAS Applications.. CAP722.. Copyright © 2014 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association.. Website by Buckle Consulting..

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  • Title: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association UAS Industry Events
    Descriptive info: UAS Industry Events.. Future UAS industry events that may be of interest are listed below.. UAVS's own events, Industry Days and Industry Seminars, are for its members only.. If an event listed on the Home page is not shown and you would like more information, please.. contact UAVS Administration.. To register for these events or to find out more information please follow the links provided.. If you are staging or hosting an UAS event and you would like it listed, please.. contact the Association.. Tue 10th Jun - RAeS UAS Conference 2014.. RAeS Annual UAS Conference :: London, UK.. Tuesday 10 June through Thursday 12 June 2014.. RPAS Today - Opportunities and Challenges.. Remotely pilot aircraft are still not yet a feature of everyday life, however the numbers in use is growing rapidly and the range of operations that they support increasing.. This conference, organised by the Royal Aeronautical Society s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Specialist Group, will provide delegates with essential information on the factors that are supporting the proliferation of civil use as well as providing clear insights into the regulatory and other constraints in place to ensure public safety and privacy.. The capabilities, opportunities and technologies are developing at a rapid pace and will be outlined by various experts from UK, Europe and America.. In addition speakers from UK Government organisations will present a vision of the support available, the requirements to be adhered to and the way in which regulations are developing.. The conference will begin with a keynote speech from the head of UK CAA and conclude with the views of the Minister for Universities Science, with papers on recent achievements, applications for both large and small RPAS, relevant technologies, the developing legal and regulatory framework as well as the critical  ...   This conference is organised within the framework of the European RPAS Roadmap.. For more ionformation go to.. http://rpas-2014.. org/.. UAVS endorses this event.. Tue 2nd Dec - RPAS CivOps 2014.. RPAS CivOps 2014 : Brussels, Belgium.. An international conference for the RPAS operators community focusing on the European Commission s European RPAS Roadmap, national European regulatory matters, civil RPAS operational matters, current future applications [commercial, non-commercial (corporate, governmental non-military)], current bottlenecks, technical and performance requirements, system sub- system developments, aerial work customer requirements, novel operations, operational experience lessons learned.. Panel discussions will permit active interaction between panel members and the audience.. The presentations and panel topics will broaden the awareness of current and potential RPAS operators, their current potential customers, regulatory authorities manufacturers.. The objective of the RPAS CivOps conference is to:.. Increase awareness relative to currently on-going civil RPAS operations [commercial non-commercial (corporate, research, governmental non-military)];.. Give current civil RPAS operators the possibility to state their requirements (re: regulatory matters remotely piloted aircraft sensors);.. Contribute to identifying the civil RPAS community to itself;.. Highlight the diversity of current potential civil RPAS applications and present business case examples;.. Disseminate information on the currently on-going civil RPAS-related regulatory activities in Europe and specifically the European RPAS Roadmap;.. Disseminate information on recently concluded studies pertaining to civil RPAS applications;.. Permit potential customers of RPAS flight services to express their requirements;.. Create a forum for current and future civil RPAS operators, RPAS manufacturers and the representatives of the organizations that are involved in preparing the future for civil RPAS operations to interact;.. Present novel civil RPAS applications;.. Discuss critical issues such as responsibility, liability insurance;.. Supply information of interest for the European RPAS Roadmap.. For more information, go to.. http://rpas-civops.. org.. View this anywhere via the RSS feed..

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  • Title: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association UAS and RPAS
    Descriptive info: Unmanned Aircraft Systems.. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems are one and the same thing but come in many different shapes and sizes.. Most have been designed for specific roles and applications but almost all of them can be reconfigured just through a payload interchange to perform a variety of other tasks.. Click on the links below to find out more about these advanced technology platforms:.. UAV/RPA or UAS/RPAS?.. Purpose of a UAS/RPAS.. UAS/RPAS Components.. Advantages of UAVs/RPAs..

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  • Title: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association UAV or UAS?
    Descriptive info: An Unmanned Aerial, or Air, Vehicle (UAV) is according to MSN Encarta an uncrewed reconnaissance vehicle: an uncrewed aerial vehicle that can fly over combat zones and staging areas, dropping supplies to troops, releasing bombs, carrying out reconnaissance on enemy forces.. This definition would have everyone believe that UAVs are only used in military scenarios.. This is far from the truth.. An unattributed definition used by the US military is: UAVs are capable of operating without an internal pilot; are tethered by a radio control link; and can be preprogrammed for both flight and payload operations prior to launch.. This second definition gives a much clearer perspective on the uses and roles of a UAV.. UAVs differ from ordnance and missiles in that the air vehicle is designed to come back and be re-used.. They also differ from remotely-controlled aircraft and especially small hobby planes in that they operate out of line of sight and at altitudes where a person on the ground cannot readily see them.. Like guided missiles UAVs are sophisicated systems incorporating lightweight airframes, advanced proplusion systems, secure data links, and high technology control systems and payloads.. These air  ...   as all-acronyms.. com has noted 10 including plurals:.. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(s).. Unmanned Aerospace Vehicle(s).. Uninhabited Aircraft Vehicle.. Unmanned Air Vehicle.. Unmanned Airborne Vehicle.. Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle.. Unmanned Vehicle.. Upper Atmosphere Vehicle.. For UAS, all-acronyms.. com has only one aerospace variant, Unmanned Aircraft Systems.. It is perhaps this definition that is the most important.. However within these extensions there is one very important word, Autonomous.. UAVs or UAS will in the future become fully autonomous.. Like advanced artifical intelligence these systems will be able to sense where they are, what they are doing, what they should be doing, where they should go to complete the pre-programmed task and how they can complete that task most efficiently and effectively and with a certain degree of luck return to base.. In the future the UAS rather than the UAV pilot will be the biggest decision-maker during a mission with the UAV pilot just monitoring what the vehicle is doing.. Industry and the regulators have now adopted UAS rather than UAV as the preferred term for Unmanned Aircraft or Aerial Systems as UAS encompasses all aspects of deploying these aircraft and not just the platform itself..

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  • Title: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association Purpose of a UAS
    Descriptive info: The purpose of a UAS is to deliver a message or package or collect data.. The delivery aspect is not only munitions as in the case of Reaper but it could also be the deployment of a life raft in a maritime search and rescue mission or the deployment of a marker flare to pinpoint a position for subsequent manned investigation or operations.. On a more benign perspective a loitering or long endurance UAS could also provide the communications bridge between two communications systems.. Providing temporary cell or mobile phone coverage is one application that has been muted for the future.. Collection of data is however the most important purpose of a UAS.. UAS can penetrate areas and locations that manned expeditions cannot do without exceptional  ...   is not a UAS even though the onboard systems have a lot of similarities.. These vehicles are not designed to come back.. The secondary purpose is that it has a commercial justification.. The user is paying for the delivery or collection service.. In terms of collection, the data has a value.. In terms of delivery the package delivered has a consequent or subsequent value.. This is where UAS differ from remotely-controlled or operated aircraft: UAS are involved in paid aerial work and any remotely-controlled aircraft carrying out a mission for payment must be classified as a UAS and must come under the national and international regulations and certifications governing aerial work.. What a UAS is.. not.. used for is recreational purposes where other specific operating conditions apply..

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  • Title: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association Applications
    Descriptive info: UAS Applications.. UAS applications are usually referred to as 3D or D3, dull, dirty and/or dangerous.. The primary applications identified and used to date all involve putting the UAV and its payload in environments where the pilot in a manned operation might be significantly at risk of losing his life or dying of boredom.. There is also a cost justification for using UAS.. They can have longer operational duration: they can require less maintenance:  ...   carrying out the mission with the minimum of human intervention and supervision: and they can be deployed in a number of different terrains and are not always dependent on prepared runways.. Some argue that the use of UAS in the future will be a more responsible approach to certain airspace operations from an environmental, ecological and human risk perspective.. There are of course marked differences and similarities between the civilian or commercial and military applications..

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  • Title: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association Commercial Applications
    Descriptive info: Civil and Commercial UAS Applications.. Security.. Security and Control.. Aerial Reconnaissance.. Aerial Policeman and Crowd Monitoring.. Aerial Traffic and Security Watch.. Search and Rescue.. Maritime and Mountain Search and Rescue.. Liferaft Deployment.. Rescue point marking.. Monitoring.. Civil engineering sites.. Waterways and shipping.. Oil and gas pipeline.. Forestry..  ...   Performance.. Litter on beaches and in parks.. Disaster Management.. Disaster effects management.. Rescue and clear up effort supervision.. Disaster damage estimation.. Crop Management.. Countryside and Agriculture.. Agricultural Activities.. Crop Dusting.. Telecommunications.. Telecom relay and signal coverage survey.. Survey.. Oil and Gas Exploration and Production.. Mineral exploration.. Geophysical surveys..

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  • Title: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association Military Applications
    Descriptive info: Military UAS Applications.. Battlefield Management.. Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Conditions.. Telecommunications Traffic.. Opposing Control Centre Communications.. All Terrain Search and Rescue.. Life Raft Deployment.. Waterways and Shipping.. Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Deployments.. Impact and Disaster Management.. Impact and Disaster Effects Management.. Rescue and Clear Up Effort Supervision.. Disaster Damage Estimation.. Secure Telecommunications.. Telecom Relay and Signal Coverage Survey.. Munitions.. Air to Ground Missiles.. Guided Shells.. Anti-Tank Missiles.. Air to Air Missiles.. Wide Area Munition Deployments..

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  • Title: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association UAS Components
    Descriptive info: A UAS is just not the vehicle that flies.. An Unmanned Aircraft or Aerial System can be divided into three succinct elements:.. The vehicle or platform itself.. Its payload, and.. Its Ground Control System or Station.. These three elements can be further subdivided:.. The Vehicle or Platform.. The airframe.. The propulsion system.. The flight control computer or system.. The precision navigation system.. Sense Avoid System.. The vehicle is the means to deliver the payload to its optimal position.. UAS operate at all altitudes and the propulsion system has to be tailored to the mission.. Electric engines are used for silent operations whereas UAS operating over long distances and at high altitude need jet engines.. The flight control system ensures the UAS follows the pre-programmed or Ground Control Station-updated mission flight path in the most economical way avoiding obstacles and other air users.. The Payload.. Electro-optical Sensing Systems and Scanners.. Infra-Red Systems.. Radars.. Dispensable  ...   usually in a dull, dirty or dangerous environment.. The payload is the most important element of the whole UAS as this determines the payback or the economic or other gains.. The vehicle itself does not deliver the message or the data: it merely gets the payload to the best location.. The Ground Control System or Station.. An avionics flight display.. Navigation Systems.. System Health Monitoring and Prognostics Display.. Graphical Images and Position Mapping.. Secure Communications Systems.. Inward Data Processing.. The Ground Control Station (GCS) in tomorrow s UAS environment will be part of an integral part of managed airspace.. It will house the UAS pilot and the UAS commander and will appear to the outside world as if both people are actually on board the air vehicle.. To achieve all this, the GCS must have secure communications with both the air vehicle and the international, national, regional and local air traffic management infrastructure..

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  • Title: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association Advantages of UAVs
    Descriptive info: Advantages of UAS.. The advantages of using an Unmanned Air Vehicle, relative to use of a manned aircraft, are that the UAV:.. does not contain, or need, a qualified pilot on board.. can enter environments that are dangerous to human life.. reduces the exposure risk of the aircraft operator.. can stay in the  ...   raster scan of a region, day-after-day, night-after-night in complete darkness, or, in fog, under computer control:.. performing a geological survey.. performing visual or thermal imaging of a region.. measuring cell phone, radio, or, TV coverage over any terrain.. can be programmed to complete the mission autonomously even when contact with its GCS is lost..

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  • Title: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association ASTRAEA Programme
    Descriptive info: The ASTRAEA Programme.. The ASTRAEA (Autonomous Systems Technology Related Airborne Evaluation Assessment) programme aims to enable the routine operation of Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) in civil airspace for commercial purposes.. UAS challenge the key regulatory assumptions that have existed for the last century by removing the pilot from the aircraft, operating the aircraft autonomously and moving the human supervision to the ground.. The ASTRAEA hypothesis is that this challenge can only be satisfied by innovation in key technology areas of sense and avoid, autonomy, communications, operations and human/system interaction.. A fundamental requirement of the programme is to ensure that UAS can be integrated into the existing manned aviation environment in an equivalent, safe and transparent fashion.. This will require a level of autonomy beyond that required by today s military systems and will bring with it issues of legality, security and safety, which will have to be addressed.. The ASTRAEA programme has taken a systems approach to addressing the challenge of introducing UAS into all classes of non-segregated airspace.. By the end of  ...   The technologies developed under ASTRAEA will also find application in manned aircraft, potentially enabling single crew operation of large aircraft, and in other domains.. This year s conference will take place at the America Square Conference Centre, 1 America Square, 17 Crosswall, London EC3N 2LB on 20 and 21 November 2012.. It is designed to share the learning achieved through the programme.. It will focus on the four key themes.. of.. Communications, Security Spectrum; Autonomy Decision Making; Ground Operations Human Systems Interaction and Detect Avoid.. Significant time will be spent on each with the opportunity to ask questions within each theme session, in addition to a general forum.. Additionally, plenty of the project partners staff will be on hand to discuss experiences in more detail in a less formal environment around extended meal and break times.. The amount of knowledge available for sharing has caused the conference to take place over two days.. Attendance will be free so early booking is recommended.. To read more about ASTRAEA and to see if registration is open,..

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