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  • Title: Michelle Teran / Ubermatic / About
    Descriptive info: .. Michelle Teran / Ubermatic.. performance, installation, projection, urban intervention, telepresence, video, process, participation, collaboration, art and social play.. Skip to content.. About.. Artistic Projects.. Contact.. News.. cv.. Michelle Teran is a Canadian-born artist whose practice explores media, performance and the urban environment.. Her work critically engages media, connectivity and perception in the city.. Her performances and installations repurpose the language of surveillance, cartography and social networks to construct unique scenarios that call conventional power and social relations into question.. Currently she is a research fellow within the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme at the Bergen Academy of Arts and Design, 2010-2014.. She is the winner of the Transmediale Award, the Turku2011 Digital Media Art Grand Prix Award, Prix Ars Electronica honorary mention (2005, 2010) and the Vida 8.. 0 Art Artificial Life International Competition (Madrid).. She lives and works between Bergen and Berlin.. Michelle Teran is currently research fellow at the.. Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHIB).. where she is carrying out post-graduate studies within the.. Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme.. , from 2010-2014.. In her research project Future Guides for Cities she proposes alternative ways to navigate  ...   s stories and paths through the city and with the world wide web.. A selection of her artistic works can be found on a.. separate artistic projects page.. Current projects:.. Mortgaged Lives: feature-length film based on the Spanish housing crisis and fight for the right to housing (in production).. folgen:.. lecture performance about following.. Urban Takes Helsinki:.. narrative documentary about personal online archives and city spaces.. The Little Yellow House:.. a story about a little yellow house and the person who lives inside it.. installation (in production).. For other current activities please visit the.. News section.. Archives.. April 2014.. November 2013.. September 2013.. November 2012.. August 2012.. May 2012.. April 2012.. February 2011.. January 2011.. October 2010.. September 2010.. August 2010.. May 2010.. February 2010.. January 2010.. November 2009.. October 2009.. September 2009.. August 2009.. July 2009.. March 2009.. February 2009.. Categories.. Awards.. (3).. Exhibition.. (21).. Installation.. (13).. Lecture.. (30).. Object.. Performance.. (31).. Projection.. (5).. Residencies.. (1).. Teaching/Workshops.. (16).. Telepresence/Web.. (18).. Video.. Writing.. (10).. RSS Links.. All posts.. All comments.. Pages.. Search.. 2014.. |.. Powered by.. WordPress.. plaintxtblog.. theme by.. Scott.. Allan.. Wallick.. Valid.. XHTML.. CSS.. Posts RSS.. Comments RSS..

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  • Title: Michelle Teran / Ubermatic / Contact
    Descriptive info: Home.. E: misha [at] ubermatic [dot] org.. T: +49 15226405505..

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  • Title: Michelle Teran / Ubermatic / performance, installation, projection, urban intervention, telepresence, video, process, participation, collaboration, art and social play
    Descriptive info: HOLA, QUE NOS QUEDAMOS.. 09-Apr-14.. It is with great honor to have spent many years visiting and working around MediaLab Prado.. This note comes at a very tragic time when MediaLab Prado is in danger of being evicted from the brand new building where they have been operating from for the last year.. This new facility, opened after 5 years of renovations and 6 million Euro of public investment, was intended as a cultural space.. The Madrid City Council, however, is currently considering it for major telecommunications multinacional Telefónica, to set up its new startup incubator.. This is not only a scandal, by using public funds to house a private corporation, but also completely discredits the valuable innovations that have taken place over the years at MediaLab Prado.. I first entered MediaLab Prado s doors in 2008 when I was invited to give a seminar within Inclusiva-net, a programme dedicated to the research, documentation, and circulation of network culture theory.. There I found myself within inspiring company of brilliant and creative minds coming from Madrid, the rest of Spain and different parts of the world.. The space seemed in constant flux; one moment a frenetic working space, then a seminar room, then a space for exhibiting the results of a two week work lab where different collaborative teams developed new prototypes.. This fluid oscillation between people, ideas and functions within the space was and continues to be the defining and unique feature of MediaLab Prado.. Visiting MediaLab Prado s website, one only has to see the magnitude of projects that have been developed there or the standard of contributors that play such an innovative role in developing a discourse towards the cultural, social and aesthetic dimensions of new technologies.. Since my first introduction to MediaLab Prado I have made repeated visits to the lab.. Marcos Garcia, Jose Luis de Vicente, Juan Martin Prada, as well as the entire staff at MediaLab Prado (to name a few) have always been very generous in their support of my work; inviting me to participate in various research groups and introducing me to different collaborators the facilitate my research;.. Visualizar.. ,.. Encuentro Sociología ordinaria.. Poéticas de la conectividad.. Grupo de trabajo 15M.. cc.. are some examples.. MediaLab Prado has always been for me and many many others an open space, a processual space where many interesting things can happen because of how people and ideas come together; it is a lab that flows into the city, and where the city flows back into the lab.. At the same time MediaLab Prado s extensive network spans across the globe, acting as a model for both present and future labs.. I write therefore this short missive in complete solidarity with MediaLab Prado and in complete dismissal of the plans of Madrid City Council.. Filed in.. Comments (0).. An Aesthesia of Networks: Conjunctive Experience in Art and Technology.. 24-Nov-13.. Buscando al Sr Goodbar.. is included in.. An Aesthesia of Networks: Conjunctive Experience in Art and Technology,.. new publication by Anna Munster.. MIT Press, publisher.. More.. Postdigital oder transhuman? Neue Perspektiven auf Medien, Materialität und Menschen.. Co-lecture with Marie-Louise Nigg on the significance of walking through the material and immaterial.. Place: Hochschule Luzern – Design Kunst, Baselstrasse 61b, 2.. Stock, Bb 206/7 6003 Luzern.. Time: 14.. 11.. 2013, 17.. 00 – 19.. 30 Uhr.. Link to programme:.. http://www.. hslu.. ch/d-ringvorlesungen_2013_fly_130820_web.. pdf.. Walking and Mapping: Artists as Cartographers.. 24-Sep-13.. Some  ...   shoes.. The performance is a deliberate mixing between reality and fiction, an interweaving narrative about desire.. The many protagonists involved in the making of the work create the stories told during the performance.. 17 Cities Michelle Teran.. Galleri s12 og BEK viser videokunst i vinduene til Galleri s12 i januar 2013.. Utstillingen er kuratert av Terese Longva (s12) og Anne Marthe Dyvi (BEK).. Sted: Galleri s12, Sparebankgaten 4, Bergen.. Fra: January 02, 2013 16:00 til: January 27, 2013 17:00.. Link to website.. The first exhibiting artist is Michelle Teran with her work, 17 Cities.. Michelle Teran is a Canadian-born artist based in Bergen and Berlin whose practice explores media, performance and the urban environment.. ubermatic.. org.. A Day with Microhistories.. March 27, 2013.. Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.. 10.. 00-12.. 00.. Magnus Bärtås (Sweden): A Short Introduction to Microhistories.. Michelle Teran (Canada/Germany): Folgen.. Behzad Khosravi Noori (Sweden/Iran): Whisperism – The Field Study About Iranian Filmmakers.. 13.. 30-15.. 30.. Suzana Milevska (Macedonia): Microhistories and the Internalized Macrohistories.. Lena Séraphin (Finland): The Don Quixote Complex.. Lina Selander (Sweden): Leninʼs Lamp Glows in the Peasantʼs Hut.. Microhistories gathers knowledge from artistic practice/artistic research and the field of history.. The objective is an investigation of how a mutual exchange can come about between the historical perspective/approach used in microhistory, and visual art, especially the video essay genre.. Microhistory has been used as a term for the way in which certain historians and writers bring attention to marginalized phenomena and stories and use them prismatically to gain an understanding of larger contexts.. The project will explore how this science can be linked to the video essay, as well as to artistic practice in a broader sense.. Folgen at Future Everything.. Date: March 21, 2013.. Time: 19:00 20:00.. Tickets for this event are free but must be reserved.. HERE.. New Interfaces for Culture.. Future Everything Summit, Manchester.. Time: 16:00 17:30.. Michelle Teran.. (Ubermatic) /.. Steve Crossan.. (Google Cultural Institute) /.. Drew Hemment.. (FutureEverything).. Chaired by Adrian Woolard (BBC R D).. Preserving and making accessible large repositories of digitised knowledge and culture is a huge opportunity but it presents an important challenge: developing new interfaces for reading and navigating it.. This session is one of a series of debates and events at the FutureEverything Summit exploring the idea of the Digital Public Space and the development of the internet as a place of engagement.. How can we imagine engaging and innovative experiences that will allow the audience to explore and interact with new Digital Public Spaces? Designers and artists are presenting innovative and experimental solutions through cutting edge languages and tools such as visualisation, augmented reality and mobile apps.. Presented in association with.. The Creative Exchange.. Rethinking Censorship: Aesthetics.. University of Copenhagen.. March 13-14, 2013.. Karen Blixensvej 1, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark.. The conference, ‘Rethinking Censorship’, is a joint venture of the research network Negotiating (In)visibilities (.. http://ni.. ikk.. ku.. dk/.. ), the research network (Self)Censorship and the Centre for Modern European Studies (.. http://cemes.. During the two days we hope to address conceptual, historical and contemporary aspects of regulatory and structural censorship in the fields of arts, technology and law.. In particular, the conference will explore European aesthetic aspects of censorship and new forms of censorship across the public-private divide as well as undertake related investigations of what becomes (in)visible in particular spatial and cultural settings, from the 17.. th.. century till the present.. Older posts..

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  • Title: Michelle Teran / Ubermatic / cv
    Descriptive info: Download cv here..

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  • Title: Michelle Teran / Ubermatic / Folgen
    Descriptive info: Folgen.. Lecture Performance.. related project.. , a 50-minute lecture performance, draws on the existing narratives of video makers found on YouTube to build a multi-layered media landscape of Berlin.. Through this process, the city becomes a place to be inhabited and experienced through an other’s narrative — stepping into somebody else’s shoes.. The many  ...   stories told during the performance.. Comments closed.. Trackback URI.. RSS 2.. 0 feed.. for these comments.. This entry (.. permalink.. ) was posted on.. Thursday, November 15, 2012, at 7:22 am.. by.. admin.. Net.. Specific: Communication Paths at Centre for Contemporary Art, Roskilde.. Future Guides for Cities public talk by seminar guest Michelle Teran..

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  • Title: Michelle Teran / Ubermatic / The City is Creative
    Descriptive info: The City is Creative.. Link to project website.. Link to YouTube Channel.. People meet in different ways now, even in the strangest of manners.. Imagine flying over a city and witnessing all the things that are taking place there.. Connect to Google Earth and find Eindhoven, a small city in the Netherlands.. As you get closer, a number of YouTube videos appear on top of the city.. Did you know about the man that juggles? That there is a flying saucer in a park? A young couple are moving into their new apartment? The people who like to dance tango or the person who is an aspiring singer? People broadcast their experiences.. What if somebody tried to contact them back?.. As an outsider to the city of Eindhoven, I found myself in a surprising situation of gaining access to three enormous and abandoned factory buildings, called De Hoge Rug, located within the Strijp-S area and former headquarters of the Philips company.. After spending some time exploring on my own and sometimes frightening myself by getting lost in the bowels of the buildings, I decided that I wanted to take some people in with me so they could also have this experience.. I found some  ...   contacted and invited to do a remake one of their videos within the abandoned factory buildings at Strijp-S, the former Philips industrial terrain and future site of urban development project ‘The Creative City’.. These reinterpretations are experienced through an exploratory interactive installation within the building site where videos were made.. This creates a double facade.. The video makers never imagined that their works would be exhibited beyond the realms of YouTube, and the public is exposed to the untapped creativity of the city.. In addition, a series of documents from conversations and interviews between the artist and creators brings together biographical information, observations and comments about the past, present and future state of The Creative City of Strijp-S as well as personal reflections on what it means to create, document and broadcast.. ‘The City is Creative’ is a project by Michelle Teran.. Commissioned for the.. Flux-S.. festival and developed at.. Baltan Laboratories.. through an artist-in-residence.. Artist.. :.. Flux-S curator :.. Jan Schuijren.. Director Baltan Laboratories:.. Angela Plohman.. Research and production assistance:.. Sarie Hermens.. Programming and physical interface design:.. Stock from.. Mr.. Stock Interfaces.. Wednesday, July 8, 2009, at 4:44 am.. BALTAN goes NATLAB The Space In Between.. Challenging Space in the Era of Google Maps..

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  • Title: Michelle Teran / Ubermatic / Friluftskino: Experiments in Open Air Surveillance Cinema
    Descriptive info: Friluftskino: Experiments in Open Air Surveillance Cinema.. View Flickr photo collection.. Car Wash - live video of the interior of a car wash.. A series of urban interventions throughout the city of Oslo.. The city of Oslo provides the source and the projection surface for an open-air urban cinema.. Using a powerful video beamer and video scanner, live surveillance intercepted from wireless CCTV cameras is captured and then rebroadcasted upon the city walls.. The live transmission ideally lasts as long as a feature length film and also takes it’s title from a cinematic source, according to the scene created by the surveillance camera.. Chairs are laid out and popcorn is served.. The extended time of the intervention is intended  ...   or through the viewer’s own physical or imagined intervention.. Spatial boundary conventions of private and public, inside and outside are challenged by the reality of the radio transmission which moves beyond walls and onto the street.. By accessing these images one is also offered a view into how the public depicts and represents itself through surveillance while also bringing questions of permission of access and ownership of these transmissions.. Developed for.. Urban Interface Oslo.. Bagdad Cafe - live video of a middle eastern take out restaurant.. The Cradle Will Fall - view of a baby s crib.. Carwash.. from.. on.. Vimeo.. Trackbacks closed.. Friday, February 27, 2009, at 2:18 am.. Life: A User s Manual.. Buscando al Sr.. Goodbar..

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  • Title: Michelle Teran / Ubermatic / Buscando al Sr. Goodbar
    Descriptive info: Winner of the Transmediale 2010 award.. Prix Ars Electronica honorary mention.. Shortlisted for the Future Everything award.. Winner of Turku2011 digital media art grand prix award, Participative Media category.. Buscando Al Sr.. Goodbar is a journey through Murcia, Spain that involves a search for the locations and authors of various YouTube videos produced in the city.. If the longitude and latitude coordinates are included with a video when publishing it on YouTube, then this video automatically appears on a GoogleEarth map and connects it to a physical location.. A link is therefore made between the YouTube video and where it was produced in the city.. A bus tour was organized by Michelle Teran, who visited Murcia repeatedly via GoogleEarth and started to get to know intimately some of the people living there through the YouTube videos they produced.. As the bus moved through the city, its movements along the streets were mirrored on a GoogleEarth map.. YouTube videos were played corresponding to where they appeared on the map and could be viewed on a large flat screen.. In this way the audience on the bus witnessed  ...   a video game, a man taught himself Arabic, two people fell in love, a festival happened on the street.. At certain points during the performance led by Irene Verdú, an actress from Murcia - the bus stopped and the public met some of the YouTube authors who presented them with a reenactment of some of their performances.. Through this intervention an intimate encounter was created between video producer and public by entering into people s homes and the various sites where these videos were made.. Concept: Michelle Teran.. Programming :.. Seologic.. Performer: Irene Verdú Soriano.. GoogleEarth vj: Michelle Teran.. Producer:.. Centro Parraga.. Created for Techformance, a project that looks at the relation of technology and performance in the territory of global communication.. Curated by Oscar Abril Ascaso for the Region of Murcia booth at the 28th ARCOMadrid.. map showing tour itinerary.. Baltor demonstrates his amazing billiard tricks.. The entire bus serenades one of the authors with the song that they performed on the video.. Luis plays the piano for the bus audience.. Goodbar (Looking for Mr.. Goodbar).. Friday, February 27, 2009, at 2:19 am.. PVN Electrum House..

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  • Title: Michelle Teran / Ubermatic / Project for a City. Girona
    Descriptive info: Project for a City.. Girona.. urban projection.. Link to Flickr collection.. I imagine a Parisian apartment building whose façade has been removed a sort of equivalent to the roof that is lifted off in Le Diable boiteux , or to the scene with the game of go in The Tale of Genji so that all the rooms in the front, from the ground floor up to the attics, are instantly and simultaneously visible.. The mere inventory – and it could never be exhaustive of the items of furniture and the actions represented has something truly vertiginous about it.. Georges Perec,.. Species of Spaces and Other Pieces.. During a two hour intervention, several building façades along the River Onyar in Girona, Spain provided the surface for an open air cinema.. A selection of videos depicting different interior spaces, drawn from a video archive generated by artists  ...   the kitchen on the outer surface of the building set up a new way of looking at the city, where the live projection became integrated with the architectural exterior in a way that bordered on the imaginary and poetic.. Video generated for the open-air cinema was published on a YouTube Channel and reinserted back into the city via Google Earth, creating a link between private, online and public (urban) space.. was commissioned by Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre for In Construction.. Recipes from Scarcity, Ubiquity and Excess.. Curator Rosa Pera.. Participants and contributors:.. Quico Estivill, Hanafi El-Kadaoui, Thais Roig, Shelley Hill, Carlus Camps, Ana Lacaze and Boira Restaurant.. details of live video from kitchen.. one of the recorded videos being projected onto a façade.. view of one of the videos on a GoogleEarth map of Girona.. Friday, February 27, 2009, at 2:16 am.. Parasitic Video Network..

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  • Title: Michelle Teran / Ubermatic / Life: A User’s Manual
    Descriptive info: walking performance.. Argos Walk.. Life: a user s manual.. is a series of performances that exposes and examines the hidden stories captured by private wireless CCTV streams and how they are overlaid with the more tangible and perceptible spaces of the city.. The title.. is taken from a novel of the same name by Georges Perec.. In his novel, he peels away the outer wall of a ten story building in Paris and proceeds to describe the interior of each apartment and the stories of its inhabitants.. As observers, we are led through a sequence of readings and views as we mentally navigate from one apartment to the next.. A tiny fraction of the radio spectrum has been allocated for public use.. Taking advantage of this unlicensed part of the spectrum, the result has been an increase in use of wireless devices that are transmitting on this narrow band.. The culmination of these autonomous and synchronous acts contributes to  ...   the unlicensed 2.. 4 Ghz frequency band.. Whether intended or not, a person that plugs in a wireless surveillance camera becomes a broadcaster who transmits live video out into the streets.. Walking through the streets and carrying a video receiver, an alternate view of the city and its inhabitants starts to unfold, created by these anonymous and unofficial broadcasts.. During each performance,.. the public is invited on tours through the city and shown different surveillance views.. A.. nomadic, female character walks through a city carrying a video scanner and uses it to intercept live surveillance transmitting from public and private spaces.. These live images are visualized on a mobile display, a shopping trolley, a wooden cart, a suitcase, etc.. Revealing hidden layers and forbidden fragments, she pieces together unseen stories from the invisible media present in the city.. Nominated for Transmediale Award, honorary mention Interactive Arts category for Prix Ars Electronica.. Berlin Walk.. Friday, February 27, 2009, at 2:17 am..

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  • Title: Michelle Teran / Ubermatic / Black Leather Projector Purse
    Descriptive info: Black Leather Projector Purse.. Related to.. Black Leather Projector Purse.. is a modified ladies purse with handheld projector connected to battery that allows you to walk through the city and project on its surfaces.. It was built for and used within two.. Life: a user s manual.. performances, a series of walking performances which took place in Nottingham and Berlin, where live surveillance was intercepted and projected back onto the architectural skin of the city.. Various juxtapositions and compositions were created from hybrid mixtures of physical and projected, interior and exterior, public and private spaces.. During a  ...   was intercepted and then re-projected onto different city surfaces.. Starting on the sidewalk, the image migrated onto the front jacket of one of the audience members so that the accompanying crowd witnessed a live image of the standing crowd projected back onto the body of one of crowd s members.. As the performance progressed, live video of two women talking in a cafe was projected into an empty store front and city street scenes were integrated onto a building wall covered with graffiti depicting city buildings.. Friday, February 27, 2009, at 2:06 am.. LiveForm: Telekinetics (LF:TK).. Peek-a-Boo Cantenna..

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    Archived pages: 366